Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, November 18, 1911, Image 2

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evaTarere eaaaVaaa ew paara, oar Baaa
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iiWi4 aoairw aaty eago, oar haa
aaaa himiin
Baar mmt a(tr (kaa flrat oaaa. oar koak
I Ciiala ISr ar Ma: ta resjalae eer.
Waaoa. r aaoa. Ta Baa. Ma, ao
MM war tiro Omitlia. ewe-kaJf oaa
aaoO eaattaaasuY
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1 OJalwpi an art ee ( MOM
Okiijr. far w Heaiaaaas K aaaaaataaw
tar tk vaakQr. ,, taa MimiaiiM
h tiaaafan.a fiwaa lot aaUr So ae
i V. auaaal losses, tba tnlm wm oa
f oa kM far raoaf tfca oaoar. oa4 lot aa
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' 1"! rtnlt "mi 1 aiar aroar kar
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fs'!-' -lra mr oiu BaakraaA asar" oivar.
V' r oaaaaata aW ork ftrat ti a: aMh
aaartAooa aajoa aana ata oaak
Him aa4 v armtao arttaka
I 1 aaTaVa1ahaaaZwC laj'i ail laaaa a'"
U m aal ai U IbUovtac atoroa
llaia StroaC
I. vr. MeAMUty Clean
Sath aajl Maim.
". ' Mais Mar filxtfe.
1L E. Dama--CoiioetJoa-jry
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Nov. 18 In American History.
1777 Fort Lo. K. J, oppoaU Kw
' Tor Hfy. eaptmrad by tfc BrtOah.
ISBft-Oastcr ' AJaa Arthur, tweoty-
I '' Irkt pfwddcat ef tba Caltctf BtatM.
(' 04 : bora laa ..
V ; "1808 RV-ar4 Wataoa CnArr. antbor
'" .'V - a otfttor of tba Centary Mac
' "'atiai. AM la Na-a- Tortt city: bora
' xa
(Fran aeao today ta oooa tomorrow 1
Boo oars J rlaaa -aJ- mm. i4aa
-KiW a. n.: niot at oVarrndlaa: aooa.
oaii'a path 4owaward.
"Waea a'aociety won an makaa each
a pat of A monVry as to proride for It
a eupertlr fnraUbd rooa. an ivory
. '
bed for It to eteep apoa. -nv
T Jlahea
for It U oat from an!
or mor aerana to
1 ' . a,-w, '
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1 upon it. It 1
Indicates not atmpiy a weaa mina.
nod a fooliah bobby, but Is one of
thoa straws which show tba trend
' of life among people who are poeseaa
ed of far mora money than sense, and
who nave no Idea of their obligations
Such people by their manner of life j
ar Imitating th practice of the Idle
rich daring the degenerate days of
u - .nH .t.lrh nrarticra'
. .
were largely reaponalble tor bar e-
cadence. It la not to be aappoaed tbat
tbe Idle rich to thia country will exert
ao great aa influence, but undoubtedly
'the J get many Imitators and, what la
Tbe modern woman in order to l up to data abandons
much of tbat which is to be mont prized in her own aotil and which,
if she but knew it, i certain to be most admired by others, ercn by
the deeper snd better part of the moat worldly.,
MOTHERHOOD we once knew it and as it should be knnwn
it now s rarity, sod so the children suffer. WIFEHOOD aa we once
knew it snd at it should be known aecins almost noTongpr to exist.
The HOME in every detail suffera, and the home j tbe FOUNDA
' . There- is no home, too often, in thia country for the children or
tbe husband or, sa far aa that goea, for, the wife. '. And NAT
URALLY the husband ia degenerating. It ia leaa hia fault, for the
PRESERVATION OF HOME LIFE, tha transformation of the
bora facta a plae In which b WILL BE GLAD TO BTAV, , is
r rm-n'a tit ' ' '- - " .,-, -.'" r -
vwUm t aaore NMrt, they
a nit imuI of wnr aatarej dta
If a eorkU rvolaloa ee Aim c
rr hi tata eoantry the reeooaatblnty
for It will It asalaly with th claee
that niakoe aw of aaoakeys and dogs
laaa of chOdree, which, taraa Bight
fato day. which mlaaeee wealth, and
ku ao sera plea la smashing lo niece
m dmmfM
Tha o'.rarr of craft oc tba
ru'r, of charity In CliW-oo haa 14 to
taa oIlminaiKai or v
tho rlty'a charity UL
TbrM propl had bean rl1o
umL fk,ur aa4 othor oocoaIUa from
tha varkMia braacha avalntalnW by
tha city charity aapartaiont. Oa tha
roll oar fouad a pollcamaa. aa xfrll
aahlavife.amptoyad aa a poJkca mat
roa. Thry had rorold modlcaJ aar-
tc frra- Of tha total of &.44 aa-
daaTTtnt faalllaa found thara war
4 .(AM a bo aaJo;od a good lacotna.
Thara war 7 la which chlMraa
vera boMIbc rood poaltloaa and IS
had baak aocowata. aoaaa wHh do
poaiU hich aa $7.00, la aocna ta
ataac tha had of th family ra-
ralvad pay of aa muck aa $la par
it, yat ha rclad tba acrJ-
Uea of Ufa frM tha city a poor d-
partBMnl. Mora ahocklac yat 147 of
thaaa bafirUrtaa of tha city a boun
ty war found to ba tha owaara of
pro party.
Graft of thia kind la of th moat doo-
plcahl typ. And It la rrrrUtkona
of thU character that hampar tha
charltablf In thalr worh among tha
raaJly daaanrta poor, for puraa
(ring wbaa faara ar rouacd by auch
eipoauraa. '
A writer ta tha Spactator polnu out
taat boaae aarraaU kav on Croat
adraaus oarr otbor wag oaraora.
-They rJyiiw their employ ara.-
rcotball haa killed only Ura or
(our lata year, and tha taa.oa U al
moat ended; 'which eaoaea tba la
aa worth Ttmee to remark. -Another
crop abortace."
Aa Atchlaoa -woman, rwporta th
Weekly Glob, who Mee in fear of
gaa eaploaioaa. refuaee.t Usht tha
caa fumaca la her horn with Any
thing alee except aaiety matchea.
Thia from the Toledo Bind: -Mlaa
Lt,a LaFolletta waa aaletly married.
She laal aa noiey aa bar papa." And
aha la an actreea. too.
If J. P. Morgan la roally anxtooa to
know how to anac ramble ecga be
might drop a fine to Doc Cook.
A card club waa organlted at the
borne of Dr. and Mra. . u. ice un
Eleventh and Cnt r atreeta Tbora
day evening. A name will be decided
upon at the neit meeting, which will
h at tha horni of Mr. and Mra. Vatrb-
J - i . Vnv.mhl 9H
er. iuctuj r ' cuius. -
It la planned to nave tne roeerinRa
on Thursday evening, twice a month.
hundred waa played at the home
of Dr. and Mrs. Ice. the first priie
being on by Jesaa b. uarreiaon. n
the conaolation prize by Miss Gene
vieve Kellv. Refreslunenta were serv
ed. Those attending were Mr. and
if.. 1'. rK.r u. anil Mra J.aj. R.
Garrrtaon. Mr. and Mrs. Gay Reddlck,
Tretz. Miss Genevieve Kelly, Mr.
Charter Board Without Quorum.
Oalnz to the absence of a quorum
,h. ri.rtr Ifvard did not bold a
. .. .v.nn, Messrs
, Hardlna Anitrewn nd Toz were
tb only memtwra present. President
Hardinc probably will call a meeting
next week.
Marriage Is
Merely an
Worse, but
to Blaine
mander of Salvation
Army In U. S.
1 ii
New Wrltfht GUdcr Acropline
Needs No Power but Wind
Pteto ky A arnica a Prroa Asoaclatteav
FLTINtl ta aa aeroplane wltkoat a motor haa booM aoowa to b poastb a.
Orvllle Wright has broke the worlds gltdlac racord ta hks trtala at
Kill Iterll bill of the roreotly Impravod Wright gllOOT. Wbotbar a
au it will be practicable to aoe thia typ of aeropUm aa a aolaohwia
aerial oroat-tbe roar of tbe ewglne of tbe ordinary aeroDtan otracta graatiy
from Its efflrprary la actual warfare th North Carolina expert mo ta aa
already shown that aa at la tor m thU new asarblne may aoar tor a distance at
luo feet and reiaala la lb sir wltkoat motive power otbor thaa that ftiralabed
by tbe wld far aeveral mlaatoa. One glldea la a Mplaa mack aa one aalla
la a yacht Mr Wrtgbt takea hla piar la tbe gilder oa aa of th sandy
bills of tbe Kitty tlawb regioa. the machine la launched tar apace by aa a
sJstaat ta the teeth of a stiff hrsMa. and tha aviator wtoer ta accordant wuh
th wuvd praaaare agalaat hks caavaa wlaga.
mucins OF ROSE
Court No. 2. KalghU of-the R
cava a dance and aocial Thuraday
evening la Willamette Hail The
speaker were: 8aprem Commander.
Jodxe Wt ch bum and Secretary Kalta,
of Hortland.
TV Oregon City Coart No. t Baa
the dtatlactloa of being th flrat court
of the order to Install women aa
members. Seven women were Initiat
ed at th meeting Tharaday evening.
, Talks.-
By rxrtroi a. tore.
Last moot b, ,wba Rear Admiral
vTtaSeld fVoU Kchley rroaned ever to
tha other aide, hla coanirymen. In
spired by oaatlmenta of grief and
gratitude, gave him tbe full meaanre
of honor that waa denied him llvlnz.
Tbe laureta that eboukl have ro we
ed bU brow were bang apoo hla tomb
There la avu. parallel cu la all ear
Note lhh:
When ewey atmk the apaeUh Cert
In tbe harbor ef Manila he waa re
ceived upoa hla return aa If be were
a Roman eooqoemr. He waa loodi-d
with gifts and honor. He was placed
upon a prorata I aa aa exalted patriot.
But fVbley-
Scarreiy bad tbe echo of tbe Brook
lyn's runs died along tbe shore of
southern Cuba, where waa atrewn tbe
sbsttered remnants of Cervera'a fleet,
than the voire of detraction and alan
ter was raised to rbeat the gallant
Srhley of tba credit for hla famoua
And why?
Tbe mallrn Influence that sought to
give Commander Pampaon more than
was bis due tried to acvompllah their
purpoee by alandering fti hlrv an In
famoua attempt.
la this ratial of defamer were aooie
of tbe nervlle. If not hired, agents of
tbe public rreaa
How splendidly In tbnt time of un
Jost attack did tbe cn-at Amrrlrao
Bailor deport hlmaelf: Helf retmlnnl
as In tbe atreaa of battle, the benitr
Sibley mrt tbe rbarre with a mnnly
dignity tbat would not ait to mnn
ness and tbnt mnird Ha own aoawer.
One of tbe grrateal ara flrhtcr- thr
world has aen and one of tbe nolileat
characters patiently bided the true
verdict of "history.
And the American navy
Tbe navy waa always proud of
Schley! And In Its great display of
grief at tbe formal obsequies It sought
to mske op to him what civilians had
nail and farewell!
He will forever stand a heroic figure
In our naral hlatory a hlatory wboae
Illustrious annals bold tbe record of
many a brave and noble fighter of the
Happy the man. and happy ba
He who can caO today his own ;
He who, secure within, caa tar,
Tomorrow, do thy worst, (or 1 have
hved today.
. Dry dm.
Enemies ef tha Oyster.
Tbonsanda of oysters perish la th
sea by tba attacks of a atrang enmy
called cllona. a kind of sponge. air It
burrow e into aad gradually destroy a
th snails, causing them to fall to
Airy "Raiment,"" .
Sine Uttl Paul wrote hla compoal
fjoo od snow bis mother bopes be may
baa poef. ""'' ' '"
I don't really know what anow la,
he begao. "bat 1 think It may ba air
wUh clothe on." ,. s.
' An Optlaal DslHslan. ' " '
Unsteady Scot tto atrsBger who la
helping him alougirni , ' terrible
bleeged to : mon. for takklng ma
alrrrn. and wad f taH Jmit asktnf
yer Iwia brothee to tak' the itber?
Phlladelpbla rr. , ' 1 '
v.. ;-a.
la a brief bat exciting base ball
gam Friday afternoon oa Cane ma h
Park field, the Barclay school team
won from th McLoughlla Institute,
by a score of t, to 3. Th game waa
called at tba ad of the third lubiug
oa account of darkaeaa. hTcLoughlln
piled p thro ran la the Bret taalng.
and In the second Inning Barclay tied
tha score, and with three men oa
bases K obeli nk whipped oat a three
bagger that won l he gam for hla
team. Moody umpired tha gam,
Story aad Story war .tha battery tor
McLoughUa, aad Myers, KobeUnk'and
Vatcher for Barclay.
-a, ,... e
aaaaaaaa a
Tailored Suite of For the Latest Nov
elty In Peltland.
Tbe fur novelty of Ike aeaaoa I a
tailored i-wtuLiw' a:auV ut brtaidtaU
rut exatly tike suits of rlwtb or slrk.
It la aa rxrua!ve vogue thai will not
be taken up riret by tbe very wealthy
woman a bo affrt-ta faddish f lot bra.
It will be lntrrelln- aewa to pro
apet tlve parrbaarra uf furs to team tbat
muffa will rontlnue la be large, with a
aort padding giving a little thh koeaa.
Stu f tbe eSertit o twvugb lr i-otly
furs ar made Into tbeae Hat. roundlah
muffs, with a dW. heavy frinte of tbe
same rolur acruaa the bottom.
The big. fal bohaler muff haa la-ro
replaced by another atyle. a Irlangitliir
creation, which la btrga. roomy and
rather smart with Ita deep point hang
ing low when rarrled.
Nerkile-es are either very wide la
scarf abape or tbey ar tiny cravats
doublb aarasTan coat.
aboutourjr fly Inchea wide, fitting
snngly around the neck.
The abort coat tbat Is finished with a
ahawl collar la a favorite of th sea
son. It I adapted to both th useful
and dressy suit In th Illustration
on of tha new rough suitings Is fin
ished wltb collar of silk and fancy
braid. 4UDIC CHOM.ET.
This Msr Manton pattern la cut In s'saa
from M to 44 (nrhae bust meaaure. ent
14 rents to this offlre. alvlns nnmlwr, Jtet.
snd It will be promptly forwaritrd tn ynt
by mall. 'If In haate und an aitillt'onil
two rent stamp for Irtiar pna'SHi-, wiiCH
Inaiirea more A'iry,
' Hl '' Gilding th PHI.
' Diner I suppose you are accustomed
to. getting very large tips. .Walter
Tea: the patrons here ar very gener
ous. Diner Then yoa ran easily over
look tbe trifling one I am compelled
ta give yoa. Philadelphia Telegraph.
Instinctive Action la Oeatlf.
Tb cannon ball ' which plan red
through th bead' and tore ouM th
brain' of Charles XII, did Sot prevent
bin from seising Ms' a word hlti.tThe
Idea of attack and the necessity fbr
defense Were Impressed upon hat mln'
by a blow which we would natural!
adppoaa'io 'htv beed to tremendous
and Instantanonna to leave th least
Interval for thought. .' '
wu aa - J as aoa oaoa a aaa, a,
-toaaw halt a oawt stall! ill oaoar
WANTED Tom lata and lva poovle
to my eolWttoai f st ro-aaUa
olaa, India tnahet. ,:d aum
aad cwrtoa of v'. aorta Wlll bu)
or sell la thlt'iiua Ha sod
bargaiaa la fvraUur
ana tools, .neurg uns. Mailt uH
WASTKtV-nreeamaVln ta day.
flrst-claaa work guaranteed. Mra.
W. C. saom, Kooaevolt Uee, Or
ami City. . , ; ' ' 1
WANTKte fV' HU ping, 1
or t room, aa aoar center of towa
aa poaathie. Addraaa R. a ft. C
-i ;-
WANTCO buys aad gtrla. Here
la yoar chanoa youugter to
make yoar Chrtaimaa . taoaay.
aay. Th Morning' Kntr
oiio win par jo a bit com
mlasasa roc brtntgns ta trial
subeatyUoa. " If ywa want
to knew avora khoit U'tall or
wrlta to tha CtrculaxloS M sa
gger of lb Moral kg Baler
prts, Oroaua OU, aad War
all about a bat yoa will have
to da Th asor rati tara la
th ator yoa will mak aad
yoa Caa svk a 4 tt'yuw
husOa. . -
rem ait
rOR SAJUC A. fwad .lor. aUcats
oen aad haaca ravta Oorag a gross
buslaea U froan to US0 per
month fur ante at I'M caalk Seat
- Including tw Mvfag reams. I IT. Ix
rated aa carMao lu iBieklp settled
reside ace alairte, a, moaay -maker
for maa aad if, ar for two lad lea,
- run her psrUcular addree 1117 K.
Aider. Port a ad, a caO after p. m.
FOR 8ALJ& OoaU woay. good coadt
tkaa. baggy aad barooaa, iii- Pboas
txregoa Oty. Mala int
FUl'ND Bach rootalnlag men 'a
. cloth lag. i laqatra Broaa A Klooa
tra's aaeat morke', and pay fox ad
vertisement. - '
r AKM WiJttLimTtkm
Lawyera, OraTa City, Or.
o. a m,
a fteraajhed. laae
etatea aanlad, saaa-
oral law
Oear Baak as
ITRXM A CmTCHCX; Aturaoyaat
lie, Psatsaajsr advokat. wtM era
Uraj ta an arva asak oaliaotioas
0aa Otv. Oroaoa
HARRT JOlfBS Bonder aad ilenarai )
Oaatraotor. Eatlmat chooifallj '
give oa all elaeees of keJUtea
work, aoaerwt. warka as a rataforead .
Re. PVta Mala ll
"' umml-mt-TTi ia
kaaaa aoaw a'Jia aLwiaa kfca
miii -la' cue laiik ntr Sar anara. (art
arrara ftae oanaaaad aaaa WOS ka
orwttaal tar asWsav aaaal aas eoaewa lea
between tbe light Afforded by an ordinary car
boa incandescent and tbe brilliancy of the new
MAZDA lamp. The latter radiates two and
one-half times as much light with the same
amount of electric current.
A 40-Watt MAZDA Affords Twice the Light
of the 50-watt carbon lamp now in general use
andcostsone-fifthless Joburn.Wc recommend
its use to our customers, as it more than cuts
their light bills in two, making electric lignt so
inexpensive that no home, however humble, and
no store, however small, can afford to be with
out it.
-Ask us to show you tile iciew MAZDA
lamps and clusters.
w tit ,. I f
& i07ER,,CO.
MAIN orriCC 7th ond Alder Streets
A State Sank taeha aothing af tha
security sir reed ky eevemmeM aua
arvislen. It I andar tk dlreet ae
I'ei af IK State Sanhlng Department,
and sahjeet t rigid arladiaal aaanv
Ustlens af Ua aapsrt awditara, tone
e that all th law aafaswarding da
altr a' malld arlth,
Th safety your Interests I aa,
eared at
The Bank of Ofegon City
pan am aim a m I ml II " " as i siqj
D 1. LA TV I'ajrTTS Pi lallaot , P. J. MBYggL Can.
of oregon arry ,sqregon
CAPITAL. aaaVaOaVaa.
aaaraar waa
B. H COO PVL Far Fir moaraaae
aad Eaal Bssaia L4 aa baadW
yowr ptoaortlea ! bay, aU aad
Maaaa. txnea aa
aatawa Cty. Oaajaaav
CM1CA0O TAI1RS ul wade to
order from 110 aad up. Wa also do
Cleaning, preaaing aad repairing
. Three doors south of poetoflr. ;
gggifc-Tiv.'.-'isM,. ' ""m '" a.w,'t a
J. AIJ1A SARER. teacser of wind and
- string lastrumenta. dlrwctor of band
and orrheatra. Wl.l faraUh mualo
for aay occaaloa. CH at Klectrli
ilel ii if , mmi'in
Dafytna le Oistienary.
George r.'l.t and llrsre Valole tn
troduced the atrssge w-rd -greenlb-la
place of "greenery" lot their writ
lor p hake, pro re wrote 'hist" and
"dreat" and la aakl to have signed hla
as we la sliieea diffrrent waya. and
Cartrle was fond ef surh terms aa
Meoaiblrat' and "iHtlab'eal.- Even
Quern Victoria often spelled separate
"ana-rale fMckena lalroduced the
most erceatrtc pua tostUm whea writ
ing -iVkwk-k." Jsne Auslea wis very
rtlsl ta tbe re of the word "eirea
slveljr" when she obviously meant "t
reediQxty." sad the critics bare arm.
ed Mlao Marie frrl!l of using "per
Splenic Jl" lu-trad of "pereplcertty
b is our du lo b k-appy aad
there is ao duty we ao Batch uader
rat as this duty of beaag happy.
By beinf happy we sow aaony
mom baaarnts upoa th world which
retnaia unknown area to ourtrlves
or when thry ara dnclosed surprise
nobody so much a the beaWarhaf.
A happy" aiaa of woman at k rata-'
ating locus of good wifl. aad hat or
her entrance into a ruum is as though
another candle had been kghted.
Robert Lmms Strvensoa.
0etKea Apology.
C"ethe once sioiosiied to a friend
for riling a long letter bees use he
hai no llibe lo orttr a abort on.
There Is a
Oa) from f A. at. ta t a. a
1031X1 OrTllE PEC?U
oriqon. citv is scoma
To the Kdllori 7
I notice a your Issue of Novaa.
It aa announcement to the start Ika
a mooting of the Ra'l Hide lllghea,
Aaaorlatlon waa lo ba bald la u,
I'ommerrlal Club parlors, eta, etc
I have ao doubt la my oa aia4
but thai I ha 1'acinc Highway U1 ati
graud thing for a favored f
don't to think thai befora Or'tent
City tecomea ao enthusiastic over the
Pacific Highway that It wuaJd w I
good thing to attend lo some af lu
ow roads first. No one aho has
us the South Road leading ta Mo
lalla and Highland ran fall to botim
lb dlsgracofal stala of tha rued W
rioting to thia ell), and mora esses
Tally aa Th mohiettr y)u fca (k,
city limits yoo. strike Ike el Un
County Road.
How la It. Mr Editor. I bat Onus
City Shows auch a wonder! lack at
appreelatloa of the farmer,' traan
Wo have asked repeated! for oifra
hltrhlag space for our teams, hot Ore
gon City lakeav-au hMKl and that tl
low lb mala traveled road to b h
surh a disgraceful slala of rtpalr at
lo bo a terror to an aho have t m
It. I have oftea seen la the Moratat
Knterprtao auch rommaada aa ap
port yoar bom to a," "PatroalMoer
advertlsera. but any should tl fara
era patronise Oregoa Clly store Vai
I be buslneaa men do not car whetW
Ihe road leading Into towa la ptsstob
or thst there Is any place for hla M
hitch hla learn when he gets thara
spend a good deal of money la Cast
and Portland, all of which ruhlftltj
belonga to Oregon City, aad east b
mora I Indue my neighbors ta at
likewise and shall continue lo as m
until Oregon City takee a tuatbls a
Ibe undenlat fact tbat II la tar
better to take good car of th kin
Ihst la la their hand, thaa ta ha reach
Ing out after two thai ar la tat
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Very respectfully.
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