Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, November 04, 1911, Image 4

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:fc:lh!)6n8s th Good
lb ca O ADrtcao ton.
deny CrHlos Pvadiat He Will Eells
LmI IimhI MfiiwMi Yale U
tsswkjwtai e e4Brw4Qs)M Fj)C 8P99J wlUJBfJI
, lag Butler m4 Mifiir Two Star.
Tb football Mm baa bow ad
raacod tar aoogh to get a lie oa
bat f BMa a ika dl (Terra! teams
W procbW ia ba rocnpetitora lor All
oasra. Of coaraa sosa of
an who now abaw sack great
are likely to tall by tbe way
aua aa tn enamptooebip gaate ap
proach, and etban who ara aow tolling
faithfully oa Iba acrab taama will uka
their placaa when th day of tb big
roil around. ' At tba same tlma
- ; J " mm
-ly'-y y::fiv
I A (
Ysaaswest fctjf AAMrtHaaB AaWOflftftttaW.
ara i
, gssnra rouaaca.
oaaa player who.' atecpt for
ara pretty aura to
r At frtacataai that ara three
: arb hav attractad tba attandoa of tba
Hear apache aa account of tbetr brtJ-
Haat piaylag. They ara Pendleton.
PaaflaM and Bakar. . PcndJetoa. of
eaana. waa wall kaowa aa account of
, Mb brUllaat pUytnjr laat season. But.
If poaalbla. a promise to eve better
tbat record. Tbla yaar tba roaches
hav snored bin to quarterback, and
- ta bia aw poetrJoa ita promta lo do
sac-re apartacalar work tbaa at balf
back but falL Paadlatoo Is oo of tb
oa iba gridiron today.
of all aa la a 4 a irk stsrter aad a
woaderful dodger. Tba two other na
who ara dlaplaylajr nuexpectea apcad
ara Bakar aad I'eaSaid. Baker la fan.
aad, walla aot aaaeatJally a Haa break-
Didn't Know His
Own House
Oartmiht by Aawrteea PtM Aom.
. . cbuioa. laL
There lived yaara a( at TbeTJapiP
a pretty Ptirrh clrl aamed Katrlna
VeJd.-r. Katrtaa Botwltbatamllnc that
tba bcaaty of bar forta waa obatnioted
by a dtea patttcoata aad ber ahaHlr
feat were core red with woodeu mIhx
waa really a comely girl ao comely
tbat wbea Ary Taa RchoonhoTen ia-
ad ber booaa ona day padtlltnx m tba
canal ba quite fell ta lore with ber.
Not loat after tbla Ary met the girl
at a dance where tba Bound f the
woodea aboea on tba flonr waa Itke the
bammerlnc la a carpenter' ahop. Tha
roapla danced together. Ary whirled
Katrtna around Ilka a top.
Whether ao much whlrllnn turned
tba yoang people'a brains or whatever
tba caaaa. they fall violently tn love.
Bat ta Uollaad young gtrl cannot
marry without a dowry, and Katrt
aa bad bo dowry. Old Van 8chon
boraa, who aotd cbtena, waa well off
aad could have art tba couple np very
readily, but ba would aot Ha told hla
bob tbat If ba cboaa to marry a dotleaa
girt ba might do ao, but they would get
nothing from him.
Tha old man, though ba waa aa al-
oermaa ana morn respected on ac
count of bia position, waa given ta
ttpllng. ' There waa a place near hU
booaa -where ba mad to drink achaappa
till lata at night tbea go borne and to
bed. Ha lived In a row of dwelling,
all prectarly alike and each built with
Ra gabla end on tba afreet.
Ona night Ary determined to play a
prank oa bia father, fie bad ao object
la doing ao except fun. bat before ha
ba got through there waa a mora tin-
at rero It than mere fun.
Van Srboouboven wbea ha came from
tba taproom waa naed to counting tba I
houaea till ba came to tba sixth, wbh h
was hla awn. 8lnce they were all alike I
ba bad no other way of determlntnc
bla own domk-Ce. Tba door waa one
at tboaa double onea rat la tba middle.
One night wbea tba cheer merchant
want bom fall of aebnappa be count
ad the boosea. aa naval, and wbea ba
reached tha sixth endeavored to put
bia key In tba lock and open the door.
Bat ba was along time finding the I
aayooi,'ana when he did the key
didn't lit ft. Then ha noticed that
Instead of hla owa double door thai
on be waa trying to open waa a aiagle
while he waa standing stupidly
trying to gat through, hla Dutch noddle I
bow aa could bar mad a mistake la
bia count aa upper window aasb waa
ratoed and a bead tn a nightcap put
oat. Then a cracked voice called:
" no is trying ta break Into m
noose r
1 beg pardon." aald tba man bfcw
"I thought tbla waa my house.'
"Aad who ara youT"
Tm Van Scboonbovaa. tba alder
And n pretty alderman you are to
b breaking tba peac at night prowl.
tng around breaking Into people'a
bouse. I have a mind to call the
watch and bar yon taken In."
Pray don't do that I'ra only ml
taken tbla bona for my own.
Do you maaa to tell ma that you.
who have been born and lived ever I
since in the same house, don't know
where you lire?"
I seem to bar been mistaken."
Ton mean tbat yoo have been aj
long at tba taproom tonight and have
drunk ao many bottles of schnaDD
tbat yon are fuddled."
"Cant yoa direct me to my house r'
"Not I. Do you suppose that I am
going to Ami myself and go down and
walk you. an alderman of this respect
able city, to your own house f
This loud talking aroused tboaa living
aezt door, and np went their sashes
and out went tbelr beada to learn who
was disturbing tha peace. It waa Ary
that bad been talking to his rather.
He had taken the double door off
binges and put on another one. Tbea,
watching for bia father when tha old
man came, he had lectnred him In a
feigned voire. Those living next door.'
being perfectly sober, bad recognised
Ary'a voice and entered heartily Into
the joke.
"1 know who you are," said a wo
man's voice next door. "Tou are Van
Ichoonnoven. with but one son. who
winded to marry Karrlna Vedder. a
glr! far too good for such a father-In-law.
You who ara an alderman should
e an exnmp'e to others Instead o
getting drunk and breaking tha peac
of the town at midnight"
Here an Idea entered Ary'a bead.
"Ves; that Is right. Von are keeping
two lovers apart, and tomorrow you
will be paid for your meanness. This
matter will be tbe talk of the town.
Bat I tell you what I will do. I will
give you a bed here till morning, and
If you will then promise to mend your
ways we will keep our secret."
This brought tbe " old man around.
ITU son threw him a key, with which
tm opened the door. and. mounting the
atslr. found hlmelf In bis own room:
The next morning Ary went down
early and rhsntred the door. The wo
rn who IhhI done a part of the talk
ing came in nrnl told him that If he
did not cotfienf to hla eon's marriage
and do well lr the yonng couple she
I would Jell tbe town b had come home
I so drunk that he didn't know his own
j houe.
I n n a. .
tun wnonrtnoven mnoe a virtu- o;
nr. be la doing bia shsre of tbe attack
' Tba worrUneni over the continued
' absence of Captain Bart bas been re
lieved somewhat by tbe splendid play
ing of reo field at fullback. Thia
yoaagarer. who la 001 particularly
heavy, baa proved a good line plunger,
a&d to open field work be la a wonder.
On tba Tale team there are few mea
who stand out conspicuously above
tbetr fellows. Instead of na ring one
or two shining lights, tbe whole team
eoema to shine wwb about tbe aame
roster, lo tbe back Held, tbongb. Is
ooa man. rollback Anderson, who la
dally attracting tbe attention of tbe
coaches. Be learned moat of his foot
ball at the University of Wlacoosin.
bat la still eligible for tbe Tale team
Bo baa been used In all of tbe Ell
games to dare and seems to be tbe
only mao who can be depended upon
to gain consistently on line plonees
Two other men who are displaying
good qualities are Captain Howe, the
voteran quarterback, and Pbllbln. tbe
latter a brother of tbe Pbllbln who
played ao well for the Ella In 1900
Bowa. In addition to maintaining his
high standard of directing the team
play. Is kicking field gosls In clever
Butler, tbe Cornell quarterback, prom
tsea to become tbe best football player
the Irbacans ever dereloped.
At tbe University of IVnnsylvanin
there la one man who 1 .wtshlnlnit
every other player on tbe team He
la Captain Mercer, last year the pick
of many critics for All American full
back. It Is doubtful If there la s
faster man In football too on tbe
American gridiron than Mercer Thl
year be heems to be In' superb" rondl
doa. Be starts quickly and gets ni
hla speed wonderfully, Be has Inrrese '
ed hla value to tbe team aearly SO per aecessity and gave the promise. But
how his house came by a donMe door
at ntgbt and had a single one In the
morning, though he smoked many
pipes over tbe problem, be con Id never
Afte ten months of continotis publication, IWof ning Enterprise, tfc:
BIG LITTLE Qackamas County Daily is read in more than a thou:
and Clackamas County homes every day "
. .
. "7 '. " I ' : "
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Saved' From tha Sea.
Oeorge Klrlnn. gunner. U. S. N.. who
died In 1H. waa a young boy nt the
outbreak of the Greek revolution, and
one lar us 'be and his mother wen on
the liesch of their Islnnd home they
were warned of the sironch of
band of Turks. The mother Toned
her boy Into a boat that whh near mid.
piacliic hltn on tbe bottom, thrust lilm
oft, remaining herself to await her
fnte and distract attention from the
child. He drifted from the shore and
wus finally rescued by a Ismt fnmi one
of the American -rtilMcrs then In the.
Medlterrrie;ui, Mr. Mlrlnn entered
the navy as a boy and ol con
duct Iwcame a warrant otlli er, aervlng
with rellt until his death. i
cent by mastering tbe use of tbe
straight arm In warding oft tackier
faTercer does this better than any man
Peonaylvaala aver had except Hollan
back of the 1908 team.
Umftaal aperii
The Widow-I auppoae yon are fa
miliar with warfar la all Its traripua
forma, major T
' Tba Ifajor Not all. madam: not alL
I am adit ta tba bachelor rankaEx
" A tiaan Ultirma,
' ' Blnka (who baa given Jlska a dgai
-ToaTl find, old chap, tbat la aome
thing ilk a cigar. Jlnka (after few
pntrat-By Jr, ther la a Blight re.
"nc.. What la ItT-Boyal alaga-
Leave your worries at borne when
you travel. Tou can get a fresh sup
ply anywhere.
Hi Ungrsmmatital Nam.
There are soma sort) a rues which Jar
on the susceptibilities of purist. A
story la told of aa Osford don who.
after bearing tb viva voce of ao un
dergraduate named Uttler. thus ad
dressed bim: "Mr. LJitier.,your I J reek
proa la disgusting, your Latin prose
1 disgusting, your traosislm la die
rastlng. and your name la ongrammar
IcmL London Rlark sod Whit -y
A Narrow Esesp.
A grocery man In a small town In
Jersey had an exhibit of eggr In hla
show window. One day he removed
tbe egga and Oiled the window spue
with a brood of tiny chickens. A col
ored woman Who dealt 'at tbe store
happened to paaa and stopped, aghast
"Well, fo' d lan'a sake." she ex
claimed. "If dam egga hain't done gone
an' batched T
"Well, what of ItT amlllngly queried
a bystander. '
"What of Itf cried the colored wo
man. "Why, Jea flnk what a narrer
cape dat de angel cake dat 1 mad
de odder day had from bein a chicken
potpler-Phlladelpbla Telegraph. ;
I Mar Werk.
"I wish these people bad nor com
pany." complained tb boueemald.
"WhyT asked tb cook,
"When nobody alt la tb chairs I
bar to dost them off myself." Wash
lagloti Herald, '.
Mieanax. '
'Alcohol bolls at ITS degree Fahren
belt 89 degrees lower tbaa tba tem
peratura at which water boll
First Baptist Church Ninth and Main
streets. Rev. 8. A. Hay worth, pan
tor, Iilble school at 10 a. m., classes
for all agea. H. E. Croe, euperlntan
dent Preacblna at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m. by the pastor Rev. Hay
worth will preach bia second of a
aeries of sermons In tb evening
on "Why more men are not Chris
tians." .
German Lutheran Church (Ohio
synod Rev, H. Man, pastor. Bar
vices will be held at 10:30 a. m,
Biindty school at 9:30 a. m. Tbe
""pastor hopes to so many children
at Sunday school. ' '
Cathollo Corner Water aad Tenth
atreeta, Rev. k7 Hlllebrand pastor,
realdence 912 Water; Low Maaa I
a. m.. with sermon; High Maaa
10:10 a. m.; afternoon aarrle at
4 ; Maaa every morning at I.
'tret Conoregatlonal Churelv Morn
ning service at 10i30 o'clock.
First Church of Christ BalenWsL
Bervlc at 11 l Wedneaday vning
meeting at o'clock; reading room
open every afternoon . except Bun
day from 9 to 4 o'clock. . "
German Evangelical Corner Eighth
and Madison street, Rev. 1.
Wlavaslck pastor,-rasldanc 711
Madison; Sunday school 10 a. m.,
Herman Bchrader, , Monro atrL
auperintendent; morning servle
11; Young People at T p. m. and
preaching at p. m.; prayer meet
ing Wedneaday at 7:30 p. m.
Gladstone Christian Rev. A. H. Mul
key, pastor; Blbl school at 10 a.
m.; preaching at 11 and S.
Mountain View Union (Congrega
tional) Sunday school l-p.
. ' - '
Mrs. J. II. Qnlnn, superintendent:
Bible Study every Thursday after.
Methodist Episcopal Church-Rev. E.
F. Zimmerman, pastor. .Sunday
school at 9:45. Preaching by tha
pastor at 10:45. Junior League at
First Presbyterian Church--Rev. J,
R. LandHhoroush, pantor. Morning
worship st 11; Sunday school at
10 o'clock, Mrs. W. C. Oraen, su-
.' perlntendent;. Y. p. s. C. E., at 6:45
S p. tn. Epworth League at 6:30 p.
m. At 7 : .'10 evening service.
Parkplace Congregational-Rev. J. l
Jones pastor, residence Clackamas;
Christian Endeavor Thursday eve
ning 7:30. Sunday school 10. Emery
French superintendent; preaching
services each Sunday, alternating
between 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. ra.'
t Paul's RevCW. Robinson, rec
tor. Dally services: Morning pray
er, 7 a. m.; Holy Eucharist, 7:30 a.
m.; evening prayer. 7:30.; Sunday
services: Holy Eucharist I a. m.;
morning prayer, 10:80; . Holy
Eucharist and sermon 11 a. m.;
evening prayer and sermon at 7:30;
Sunday school m.; Thursday
venlnas, sermon at 7:30.
United Brethren Corner Eighth end
Tayior, ksv. u f. Clarke pastor,
residence, Portland; Sunday school
10 a. m., Frank Parker, Maple Lane,
superintendent; morning service
UU- c- a 9- m.. evening
senrtc 7,
Willamette M, E-No regular preach-
ui rTices; ounuay school 3 p.
m- Mrs. Reams. snnarintanii
Zlori Lutheran corner Jefferson and
r- niaui sireeta. Rev. w R irn.
berger pastor, residence 720 Jeffer
, son; Sunday school 9:30 a. m.. Rev.
Kraxberxer, superintendent; mortv
Ing servle 10:80; evening 7:45:
Luther League 7 p. m.
West Oregon City School House J.
O Staats will preach at 9 o'clock
Sunday school conducted after ser
- uon. ' .
Sarah A. and F. W. Malon to
Eastern Investment, southwest quar
ter of southwest quarter of seclioh
$i oo miuth' ran,
lluldah M- Malone an4 Jamaa Ma
itVnt ot outhwe.t
Muih rl-u 35. township
outh. range 5 east; II.
veitmen. rt ' t0 '
VMtment Company, southwest quar
ter of southwest quarter of
82. township t south, ran I
11.00. ,
John C. Karr and Maude Ksn-
Eastern Investment Company, w
west quarter of southwest quarter a
section 93, township I south. riM
aat; 1. m
Ernest and Emilia rhUtrota
Hammon Pallson, land In skUos i i
and 1 township I south, rants I
Thomas Kloh and Nettle f. KWIJ
Thomas F. Hope and Luna Hoy
acres of a L. C of J. 8. Rlaley.
ship 9 south,, range 1 east; li
Treatment at Hot Uka, Including medical attention, board M
" ,w than yon would pay to llv at any first eU
TM fc"n U tna 1 ent to 1160 per day.
n the rsfelerla ara served from 90 cents np and In th. grill
uul grill prices. Baths rans-frora B0 cnU to, 1.00.
Wc Do Cute Rtctf aatisci
ft -I
Hot Lnk Mineral
and mud given under w
llflo direction bsvs w
thousands. Write for w
trated booklet descrlptlre o:
Hot Lake Sanatorium sm
tha nstbods employed. H'
Lak Sanatorium Is scc
albl. aa It Is located dtr '
ly on th main Una of tr j
n.w n. s ti. railway,
al rAtl I aan Fsiltfft ratal ar
m iiwuiai rsavHiaivH
to b bad t all (
tALTCR M. PICCCC. Prcs.-Mj:r.