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If tbe Spaniard maj be regarded
Iodo4eot a a tb accusation might
b leveled against tbeir nelttiboc. tb
Port agues, with greater Just to. Ua
llcla baa supplied 1 "oritur I with labor
tor centuries, and tb wily little Gale
goa ar figuratively the been tn tbo
rortugues hlr. Koutbey tell a story
of ma Englishman at Oporto wbo asked
bla servant to i arrj a bos
"1 am a Portuguese, nut a beaatr
exclaimed tb offeoded native, who
walied a mile to and a tUlegu to carry
Ut burden.
Joy Ride
H Was Thankful When
Wh Over
Br clXrissa mackie
Copyright by Amfrirta Praaa Aa
ciattoo. uu.
Paul Ttnklemaa bad possessed the
handsome red touring car for tea days
and ha was still under Instruction fruni
' tb mechanician when be was Intro
duced to Helena Judd. To say that
ho immediately fell In love with ber
will explain what follows.
. The morning after his meeting wit
I Miss Judd Paul went forth to take hi
sixth lesson In the operation of the
- - machine He had reached a point
whera ha could run the car aluus a de
aerted stretch of country road with
Dlbbs, his Instructor, standing oo th
step beside the steering wheel." Tinkle
man's method la every undertaker
was slow and aureTanJ beuauallywao
ut In the end. ' It was very likely
that when Dlbbs had Imparted his last
lesson to the yoong man raul Tinkle
Bum would know mors about the run
nlng of a motorcar than the expert
himself. n
This morning of tba sixth lesson
found them runntng easily along just
the sort of deserted suburban stretch
. that raul liked. Cloe by- was a small
' red painted building plastered wltb
colored posters.
"Is that the Ilttl shop where yon
bought the cigars the other day J"
asked Paul of his im tractor.
Tea." replied Dlbbs.
, "Please ruu la and get somftore
will you? My pockets are empty.
. ", Dlbbs Jumped down, and entered the
buOdinc. Almost Immediately he re
turn ed.
V "No one but a boy Inside. He says
his father Is up st the bouse yonder,
and as he doesn't appear to want to
trust me la there alone I'll go up and
rout out the old man myself."
Paul, wrapped In huge fur garments,
leaned back and enjoyed the crisp ao-
air with its balm of sunshine.
3 llL.c
Suddenly be beard a motor horn, and
there swept past snd then barked te a
standstill beside him a limousine con
taining two ladies. One of tbem was
Helena Judd. and the other was ber
hostess of the night before, Mrs. Far-
Paul was out of his own car
i beside tbeir door in an Instant.
"On, Mr. Tinkletnan. I'm sure you're
going to be perfectly dear and help me
'out of a mum." began Mrs. Psrsons in
her excited manner.
"Command me." said Paul promptly
and was rewarded with a smile from
"Vm trying to get Miss Jndd to the
junction in time to catch the 11:10
train for town, where she has an im
portant engagement at 3. A few miles
back we punctured a tire, but Henri
thought he roukl patch It and get us
to toe station In time. Now the tire Is
flat again, and It Is 11 o'cloc k. Can't
you take Helena to the station? Now,
my dear girl. I know Paul will be de
lighted oo good of you to help us. No;
I will remain here while Henri tele
phones for another motor. Thank you
so much. Paul. Goodby, Helena!" Mrs.
Parsons cloned the door after the pro
testing Helena bad alighted a ad cora
plscettly watched Paul Tinkleman's
perturbed face as be assisted the girl
Into the tonncsu of bis csr.
He glanced up the bill where Dlbbs
bsd disappeared and then perplexedly
at the machine. His eye raogbt the
amused glance of Mrs. Parsons cbauf
feur. Possibly the man guessed that he
could not run a car. and he hesitated
to confess his helplessness before them
all, especially ber.
Ilnrry !" warned Mrs. Parsons. "Ton
haren't a minute to sparer
rani's Jaws snapped together, and he
bent down and cranked the car. He
could do that to perfection. It had
been his first lesson. Then, still sting
ing under the skeptical smile of neurt
he took his place at the wheel, palled
a lever, and. with one last desperate
glance bp the hill, he managed, more
by luck than skill, to get out Into the
middle of the road and dash awlftly
down Its length.
He kept to the middle of the road,
nis course wss nadevlatlng because he
clutched the steering wheel wltb des
perate bands and held It rigidly In
position. The road was straight and
ran, a bard, white oyster abell ribbon.
Into a blurred distance. He had for
gotten te Inquire what "Junction' Miss
Jttil wlched to reach, aad. as a matter
ef fact, he was not Intel with
the locality. When ten delirious miles
bad curled from uudor the tires
turned and shouted i bo, quest ion at
"Where U the Jm tlonr
"I tlja't know!" Her sweet voice
Cuttered In his ear. "I'm so sorry. Mrs.
Iarmu"- The bcevio stole awsy the
rest uf I he eeuteox e.
Paul groaned and bent to his la.,
resolving to enter the rirst dec-it rrwa
rood he cunie to. Uallroad Ju-H-ilon
were uxually situated on a wen trar
eled road, and he could nor miss It
Pvrh.-u there would be a signboard.
TUove were slgub.vnrds. but the speed
of the machine was such that tlier
whlzsed past his line of vision like tl
tury white birds.
The clock tu front of bttn denoted
11 .-00, and he was still rushing nting
the road st goodness knows how many
miles an hour when be felt the pres
sure of a light hand on his fur clad
shoulder. There waa a whiff of freh
rtoleta with her voice aa sbeepr
agala. this time anxiously:
"Perhapa we had better go back. Mr.
Tlnkleton. Tm afraid it Is too late
to reach the Junction. There la the
train whistle now""
He tried desperately to reduce his
speed, but somehow his wits forsook
him. and bla pull was at the wrong
lerer, and their ouward rush was ter
"Oh. don't pjeaaer came the voice
from behind. "Don't try to catch the
train! Look OutT
He had slightly turned bis head when
she spoke and had not noticed a road
that crossed the highway. A farm
wagon along this road wss hurrying
to arold collision with him. Miss Jndd'a
warning cry came too late.' The motor
car graced the tailboard of the wagon,
and the vehicle swung violently aside
and dislodged a pyramid of crates,
and the onward eight of the red car
was followed by loud denunciations
from the enraged farmer and the
frightened squawks from a hundred
After that his way was troubled with
many narrow escapes from disaster.
The road seemed suddenly alive with
vehicles of every description, and their
avoidance of a -serious accident was
due more to the skillful driving of the
people they met than to any ability on
Paul's part. He bad the middle of the
ne wondered desperately . what -be
could do. He had pulled aad pushed
at every lever, and atiU they rushed
"Mr. Tlnkleman" this time she spoke
angrily "will you please take me back
to Mrs. Parsons?"
- "I'll tryT he called back, and be
determined to turn around at the very
next open space the road afforded.
They had left a little village where
whole galaxy of stars bad beamed
upon Paul's frantic passing, and the
road ahead was straight and narrow
and bordered on either side by. the
high stone wall of a private estate
There was no evidence of a space large
enough to whirl tbe car about at top
Just then tbe Urtle bsnd pressure
wss en bis snonlder again, and this
time it was followed by a firm
dutch. Then something brushed his
cheek, and a daring feat had been ac
complished. Miss Judd had calmly
climbed over tbe back of the seat snd
is beside him. and the csr w
going like a red streak, raul wss
angry because of ber temerity snd
with himself for being the cause of It.
'Are you Intoxicated, or don't you
know how to run this car?" Mis
Judd's determined voice whipped him
like a lash, and he turned and said to
her tbe words he should hire said In
tbe beginning, "I don't know bow to
run the blamed thing, and I don't know
what to dor
"I do!" abe said via-orooslv. "Chant
places wltfi me there and there!
Paul found himself meekly permit
ting her to tike the drlvera seat In the
rocking car. steadying ber wltb his
strong arm. which had proved so use
less la this dilemma. With skillful
hands darting here and there, the big
car responded to ber touch and slowed
down snd finally stopped panting In
tbe sbsdow of a high arched entrance
gate In the stone wall.
raul turned a very white face toward
her. "What can I say to you, Mb
Judd? he asked humbly when her
gesture silenced him.
"As It happened." she -Staid breath
lessly, "you were not to blame. I was
thrust upon your care before you bad
en opportunity to explain.
Of course Mlsa Judd was at the
wheel going back. They took their
time. They brokeeno speed limits,
snd she cleverly avoided the main
road on which they bad broken all
speed laws snd crept back to tbe cigar
shop by devious, quiet ways.
An anxious Dlbbs waa at tbe little
shop awaiting them, and Paul never
forgot his look af amazement as his
employer ran tbe. big machine up to
tbe path, for Helena had Insisted on
changing seats with blm at the last
"Ton may take us up to the Parsons'
place. Dlbbs," said Paul nonchalantly
as be took a sest beside Helena la the
Dlbbs stared. "To the parson's, sir?
Wblch one? There's a Methodist
"Mrs. Parsons' place Break watm!"
thundered Mr. Tlnkleman with burn
ing face, snd as be looked down at bla
companion he suw that she was con
vulsed with 'slighter and only a pink
cheek was visible. Then they both
Of course the Inevitable end of this
Is before many months tbe pur
son came to tbem, and as Paul Tlnkle
man stoutly maintains that every "Joy
ride" should end sa his own did It
would seem that a marriage license
should be attached to every chauf
feur's license.
Workers en Stilts.
Thousands of men la England earn
their living during a considerable por
tion of the year by their ability to
walk and work on tall stilts. Most of
them are employed Id tbe bop fields of
Kent sod other districts, where they
bare displaced tbe blgb stepladders
formerly In nse. During tbe pole
stringing season the stilt walkers,
twelve feet from tbe ground. rfonn
the work wltb ease snd without hots
of time or motion. A trained stiltinan
will do the work of four or five men
working vttb sutnlsdders,
Read te Morning oterprtra.
y inter
mmmmmmmHmmmmBSmmmmmmmmimmmm '
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November I, 1912
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forgot Har Ordars.
Dorotbj was mo nomeaM-ic at ber Dm
party and .-tied so oltterir tlist the
hostess' Bother suggested tbat It
would be better for ber to go borne.
Dorothy screpted tbe Iden. but a few
mlnntes later upon answering a timid
ting at the door tbe bostess' motber
found Dorothy bathed In tears.
"Well. Dorothy. 1 am glnd to seeyoot
again. Did you deride t come' bark'
to usT"
"No'm'm. I f f forgot t-to say I
b-bad snrb a nl-e tlme'-Hrownlng'a
The Broken Heart.
A girl wbo bad refused young Lan
sing said to a friend: "1 bare broken
bis heart I fear."
"You have. Too certainly bare." tbe
friend replied. "You've broken It tight
in half."
"In half? What do you mean!"
"I mean tbat be takea to girls out
to tbe theater every nlgbt now. Ei-change.
Learn to act promptly. In the
affair of thk lif e a -prompt decision
is often more, important than a right
decmcm. One man makes up his
mind and acta, it may be wrongly,
but if so he finds out hi mistake,
correct and retrieve it before an-'
other man ha acted at all. It ia
possible to waste a great amount of
time by thinking and still more by
talking over acboot. Firs! thought
are sometime wiser than second
and generally wiser than third.
Oysters a Feet Lena
Ijibndlst missionaries in America
wrote to Kuroi in naT that (hey bad
ejitfu uyter m foot king. I'liey suid
tliey were very pinstnlile and fully as
good as the Kngllxtt (flr1ety. An ear
ly writer mre tie hml seen oysters
thirteen iiu-iiex in lengtti In Virginia,
where In l'ii omn.t, uf the fnmiKhes
settlers found In theyter bunks a
mesns of preferring life.
color st ens ess.
Poets sing of tbe deep blue sea. hot
It Is not always blue . Millions upon
millions of inirrosroplc algae or sea
weeds and Hiiiiiiiiistlc plants gire the
Ked sea its peculiar tint, and ibe ti
low m- of i'liinu w as Id to be colored
by the floods of tbe great rivers whU b
wash down vast quantities of mud
lleneraily speaking. "e ocean is blue
In ratio to its saltiness.
Finding More Matarial.
"low Inrge Is your Mammoth rare?"
asked the foreign tourist.
"Nobody know eiactly." siild the
native. 'It's so large, though., anil
people get lost In It so easily. ' (list
when a man Is about to explore It he
makes his will aud wishes bis weet
Ing friends goodby."
"Most aMhtnlsblngt I never heard
tbat before:"
"Oil. well, of ruurse. It ln'i quite
so bad a- that. I was only Joking"
(Kutry In foreign toiirtnv ootHxmk:
"Another i-urious i-uxiotu aiming Amer
ican Is thut wtien they tell h aiimx
Ing lie they call It a Jike."i-rhicngi
Tribune. I ,
I Puplla To Give Racltal. .... . . llsT'
Miller, 30.6J acres 01 "
shlp 4 south, range 1 . ''
..ji.m. acre' of t1"
Puplla To Give Recital
Invitations have been Issued for i
recital to e given by the punila uf
Oscar Wood fin for PYlday evening at
the Congregational church. Mr. Wood
fin waa recently in charge of an en
tertainment given at the Gladstone
hall for the benefit of the choir of the
Christian church, and which proved a
most delightful affair.
Our greatest clubbing offer. Tho
Morning Enterprise by mall and the
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October 8. 1911.
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tnlargtd Poros. '
Camphor water, nsed frequently dur
Ing the day. will decrease tb alze of
enlarged pores of ,tbe nose.
We have the best atjow
A price. Lay In
winter apply
Korrect Poultry Food.
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and mud tiveu
tlflo direction
.1. W
;;v.d "bookie. ggj
""i . ..Intel, f"
i ".
" liar
Writ r.,Zd
IK'l urn-"
the roethoJ
iuuiM tm
tk Banatoriu- -
ly on the w"1 1 "L. fl
o..w. R. n-"'Si n
special "ur. on
to be had t t)M ,t
mot LAKK, oiaort.
WALTER M. PIERCE. Prcs.-11r.