Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, October 19, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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Tabic Sets
Center Pieces
Irnporlrd Hand Work, Brautlful Designs, Utest
Novelty Table Decorations. 1
To the ladle of Oregon City we are able through a
very fortunate purchase, to offer a choice
Very Seasonable Gifts
Supenilon Bridge Corner. . ' ,
!r : 1
I lul Kvsns. th Mt, Loula Z
Cardinal' outfielder, U Joker.
You'd never suw-t him of lo-
lug a bone bead, but he pulled
O'i of this
els of J
p I a y a one
diy trying J
to steal
o c c u I ixl i
flui d f'j.'i by
M a a a e r
L I U r
t a r t d !
from firm
to second before the runner uu
the keyatone bad departed and
waa aD easy out J
Running frum the bench to-
ward Hresnahnu ax the latter
returned. fi-ellng Ilka 30 cents,
Evan yelled. "That'll cost you
S'Jft. old topT ?
Whnt'a tbatT" liotited lire-
Dalian, aor aa a boll
"Twenty-flv beans out of your
envelo for t hut boiietieHit
work. replied startlutf
for Ida piMltlon.
'Nnv. who' a runnlnc tbla
teatuT" demanded the manager
That's all liiruL Juhi n-uiero
ber that fine!" Evsns shouted.
The outcome waa the retult-
Una of Evan' flue. He waa too
muc h fr Breanaban, and Roger
enjoyed a Inngh over the antlca
of hie player. J
a Pr4rik the Oreat,
Prederk-k l tie Great looked with se
ra. i Indifference a all I bat bla ene
mies mlyhr my of blm. One day. aa be
rod lliroimh Iterllu. be saw a crowd
of people KturtiiK Ui at Miuielblnif ou
tbe wall and ou Bending- lila groom lo'
liKiulie wlni t It waa (mind It t t a
caricature of blru-elf The placard waa
mo hlKti thu It waa dtitli nit to rend It.
so KrediMli k ordered It to lw plarrd
lower In order tbal the ieile nnulil
not hure to atreicb their ne k. The
word werejiardly spoken when wild
a Joyoua about (be iiurnrd wux putted
down and toru Into a tliiuand piece,
wblle a lieiirty rlicer followed Ibe klu
aa be rode uwuy. t '
The Antiquity at Man.
Man wua looked Upon u uld when
It waa ahowo that Ii- conlaiuN
rary wltb the mammoth in the glacial
period, but recent lUwovene prove
bin) to le Immeasurably older and
to baft lived wltb the forerunner of
tba mammoth., eleptni uiitltiu and
tbe Kiruu-ao rhlnoero. rbmorerja
etruacua. Me found til way lulo ureal
Britain wblle tbe Hrltlxh lalunda were
atjll a peuluaula. and the Thamea waa
a tributary of tbe Klilne. and Ih the
ancient alley of tbe Thamea iiuraued
(be deer or fled from the inre ta-nr
aud the tiller. Thla we know from tbe
bouea and atone tmpleuif ula found Id
nndlaturbed around fur below ' tbe
present surface of the soil. -Century
n.nnir. af Thunder.
Wifer (durlna a atormi - Gracloua!
Tbat waa an awfui clap of tbunder; it
frightened terribly. Hubby-Non-uni
mr dear. Thunder can't burt
you. Wlfey-lndeed: Dldo't you aer
bear of people being tbuudeintmca
'iff jr f
ir..r ihe arreat an conviction !
V an peraou or peraone, who 0
tlaafully remove; coplaa of Tba
k..min Knlemr la from - loa i
kunilae of aubacribara Mier
kper baa been placed iBr oy
Saving Tim.
Nielsen &
SOS Selling Bldg., Portland.
Phone Malif 6151.
Poaltlene of Man Wh Ar Captaining
Oiffarant Fotbatt Team."'
In going over tbe list of captalna of
tb football teams it la abowo that
twenty-all cbone tackle, wblle nine
teen otbera picked enda and tbe aam
number balfbaxka aa captain; guar
Judge Grant Dlmlck and Llvy Stlpp,
of Oregon City, were here-Tueaday on
OIL Matthewa left Tueaday for Hot
Mayor George Brownell, or uregon
City, waa her Sunday afternoon,
nan Mattbew left Monday for a
ten days' trip to. tbe mountain.
t still r-am nhAll and A. L. Bo la ted
left Monday for a two weeks' trip to
Vnnpf '
-aw r vp v
Mr.and Mr, Roawkrana and Mr. L-May of Streib-ls buildlng.lwo six
w - n 1 A S n .1 - I m.wv krtnalniTa I n tha fit rdi h Aiidl
kcntK fur trailA inllHlne
II. C. Palmer, of Molalla. waa Id thla
ly Wedneaday.
Vi. C. Itimcn. of Albany, la In Oregon
ly ou biiHineia.
II. R. Hold, of Eugene, was In Ore-
Ki t My Wednesday.
llJidlea' high top tan shoea, 4 pair,
w. A. Holme.
III. Hilton, of Seattle. Waah.. waa In
p city Wednesday.
llert rmnmlna nf Reaver Creek.
In thla city W'edneaday.
P. I. and Arthur Head, of Albany,
f-r In thla city Wednesday.
Trr our 9K marrhinll' lunch, at
e KallH Confectionery, 70S Main St.
I Mr WdlllH. of Highland, waa In this
ft on lniHliiesa Wednaaday.
Mr. and Mrs n tlirmnn. of The
kllea, are vlHltlng In this city. '
Mr. ami Mrs 1 irtcfieann have
loved Into the Dullard residence.
Fred Dullard haa gone to Eldorado,
here he will visit, ,hla son, Robert.
Mr. and Mrs John Ktchaaon have
ne to Cortland, where thoy will vialt
I'miN and relatives.
Mr. mid Mra. Frank Billiard, of 1
in U. n m In lkla U'AflliaaSlMa V.
r - m v l lull VH ii w..i.v- r -
lify recently moved to Highland. '
Trudo bulldlne- now la nroareas.
The Itlble Sunday School clasa of
(Mint ii In vlaa, Bntiitaf srhool will
ft at the home of Mrs. J. 11. Qulnn
pan. ,
ruiikHiiiifu, w. .119 W r
fln-Mlnoa, arrived In Oregon City
i"my, and will visit here uniu up
bl.r 20.
Mrs. Henry Wetxler lert Friday
'P-nlll y f.M U ii n WannlaMi mrVtaaral Slhal
' e a" nil l f BULinvui tt sv w
HI remain for aeveral months vlatt
H reiitttvea.
W. Cheney, formerly of Oregon
Ky. tint whose borne la In Portland,
h Ar a I. . I t i . . ln f h 1
no irv in DllsmenH, w
(r on business Wedneaday.
Oyitnrs in. mt ttta' Fall
"nfectlonerr. 709- Main street
Mrs 1 w i n .11 n aaaftla. who
p been visiting her grandparenta,
ft. Snrl A rm k D rw.lltlli) of this
..tin, m IV- mnit.i -
tT. haa returned to her .home.
I iiasii s iea aiaoiea on
rreet hnv k... ..niul hv Fred
"lg. and the interior of the build-
l being thoroughly renovated.
0fn Adklna, of Mulino, waa 1n thla
IV UA j . i . i I . kwnihAf.
t'f nriiiifniiHi TlHUlIlg 111" miwi...
.lim ,ir h . . I waA
f"'" . tianer, wnoaa iu i"a
lurd Tuesday by a horae kicking
Trade building will benefit you.
Mr. and Mra. D. C SMIea and son,
enh. hiv. ...i. in v,i rttv from
foui I'luk MloV ' mnA ar BTieSt
P' r- J- ti. Toore 'and O. T. Toon.
rr- Stllei . a brother of the Mer.
snd Mrs. E. Carlton, of Portland, were
can by visitors Tueaaay.
J Illsnn aMlal renreuntatlva of
lha Uirlh..l.m 1 Xing Diatanca Tele
phone Company was In Can by Tues
day, looking ar,ur properly miereaia
Albstrt Tmi and bride arrived Mon
day night from Georgia.' Mr. Lee la
a well-known realdent of Canby. bav
Ing lived Here moat ot nis uie. his
wife was a Mlaa Craft, of Georgia.
Tha vounr counla went to Portland
on tbetr honeymoon Tuesday.
Paul Ifslh nlriaat aim of Mr. and
Mra. George Kalb. of Macksburg was
atruck ana aiuea ny s large nooa.
mere ne waa woraing in a logging
camp. Tbe body waa snipped nome.
Th. fnnral waa held at. Mackahura.
and tba remain were Interred ln the
7 nn ..m.lArff at I unhv
The Ladle' Aid of the Christian
church meeta October 26 at the borne
of Mrs. O. R. Macka. Lota of work on
band. All members urged to attend.
Tha W C T IT meeta ai-lha home
of Mr. M. J. Lee Friday afternoon.
OctoDer zo. .
Preachlnv at th Christian church.
mornlnc and evening. October 2. Rev
IlankAe nnttnr.
Prurhlnr at Lli. lialhodlat church
every Sunday morning and evening,
lav I . i-raaiaAT. naaior.
Mra. suabauer, ot cmngonion, la
visiting her slaters, Mrs. Chsrles
Hurls and Mrs. Wilson Evana. Mra
Sn.hmi.r fnrm.rlv lived at Pftnbv.
a. Hueii naa aiaoosca 01 ni prune
cron at s good price. He had about
five tona or dried orunea. ror wnicn
be received 8 1-X cents a pound. He
aava ha Inst about two tons on ac-
Miml rj tha ralna annlllna- them.
Carl Lucke. bougnt aoout tnree ions
and a half of hogs Tueaday and ex
nota about two tona to come ln Wed
neaday. There was also other urge
ihlnmenta from the Southern pacinc
depot Tuesday morning.
T r limu and Mlaa Martha Rvan
were married Saturday, October '14,
at Lenta, and have gone to Tbe Danes
tn visit Mr. limes' mother and elster.
Mlaa Martha Zander, of Island
atatlon, and Fred Bowers, of Sellwood,
were msrrled Wednesday evening at
the bride's home.
Mlaa nartia I .&rkln. who has been
111 of typhoid fever, Is improving.
Mrs. Kllao Is 111 st ber borne, and
Dr. Stearna Is sttending.
I Thnnulav nMnbnr 2ft. tha Mothers
and Teachers' Club will meet In the
Artei rnntlna business
est. To err Is human, but an honeat cM or CA RLI,1B or parncsroa mualcal program win be given by
error la Juat. as expensive to pay aa and pieaaituie or urajnaor. gome of the puplla.
the other kind. Our McCaskey Reg- Mll A(.,.,Mm. The Milwaukle Grange will give an
later eliminates errors. Huntley Broa. ierui. .- -"-" all-day meeting Saturday. October II.
Co. v" iruiiuacsB 01 iwm a"-- i rjinner at noin. Subject for discus-
.i..n whtla ends are leudera or nine .in "rim nnnds.
Guard Robert T. Fisher is captain of The Boya" Club elected officers at
. . v,... I their mentlna Monday evening as fol
Harvard, ana osui l" . J", r;in .U-,
log a tour of the Weat.
Mra. R. P. Martin .of Portland. Is
visiting hr parents,-Mr. and Mrs.
F. A. Miles.
. Mra. I). C. Lalourette la visiting In
You benefit on trade building
Mra ft. WTl5rare-went to Portland
to ace Mra. L. Wink at the St. Vlii-
reiit iiosn tal. Mra. wink will be able
to rome to thla cltv the latter part or
the week, and will apend several
weeks at the Grace home before re
turning to New Era. She I rapidly
gaining atretigth.
U'a'ra hnll ln crabs todav. Come In
and get one. Macdonald'a Flab Mar
Albion Gerber, formerly of thla city,
but now of Independence, la In thla
-itv vlalilnv his e-randnarenta. Mr. and
- w r . -
Mra. J. A. Romnn, of Mount rieasani.
He will leave within a rew aaya ior
Portland, where he haa accepted a
oosltlon In the printing office of hla
II HH 11 rr J vjnr y ik uviuvi. ,
' You and I for trade building
i-nr adnntlnn In Clackamas county.
fine beslthy boy, elgbt years old. who
la good snd obedient uertnau descent
rather dead. Inquire 717 Fourteenth
street or Mra. Kate Parker, court
Mra. E. E. Cawood and daughter. of Portland, who were In
thla city vlaltlng with the former's
sunt. Mrs. K. L. Newton, leu weanea
dsy morning for Portland, where they
mint remain a few daya before leav-
l. fr. V'anrmivar. It. C. which Will
be their future home. Mrs. Cawood
.... fnn.ri Mlaa Kate Welch, and
was a daughter of tbe late Dr. John
Welch, a dentlat of tbla city
Th. titatnrltv nf merchants are bon
.,eW ..J
LOTS OF MEN have worn
the Shape-maker suit; and
it's growing in favor; trousers
that stay up around the waist
without suspenders; a good idea.
Hart Srhflffnpr ft Marx
make it for us: we sell it for your advantage.
Some very snappy over- .
coats to show yju, too. . '.'
Suits $18 and up.
Overcoats $1650 and up.
-v. " '
Oregon City's Big Department Store.
This Store Is the Home of
Hart Schaffner & Marx Qothes.
room bungalows ln tbe Btrelb Addi
tion, i
Farmers are busy plowing and seed
Potato to Da are green .although
apuda are being dug.
Charley McRoberts snd nis momer
have bought tbe G. W. Bentley place
near town constating of nine acres. -
Mr. Henry Dale has moved to the
Yoder neighborhood.
Haxel Meyers wblle helping to gath
er nrunea fell out of a tree and sus
tained a fracture of ber arm.
Mlaa Dolly Marquam came borne Sat
urday from 8ilverton where she Is at
tending school, to remain over bunaay.
Cal Wolfer called at James Mitts'
Sunday to see-Jake,
Gravel hauling baa been poaiponea
for awhile. ' -
Prof Palavan haa been vlaltlng tne
schools and reports good 'esults for
the first -few weeks.
Mr. Konschak and daughter attend
ed aervjcea at the German church Sun-
Mr, nreier and daughter caiiea on
Mra. Jim Mitts last Friday.
Jake Mitta visited bla parents fTi
Hav nirht retumlna- to Mr. Bower'
Saturday where be Is boarding.
I .V. UnUII. v.A tt tha
fjlackamaa Southern grade la made.
Our school atari ea wun a larger mv
tendance than ever before. The school
building haa received a fresh paint
ing. E. K. Dart la painting bla residence
a wheat straw color.
. Barber Wood baa moved Into bis
new dwelling. Louis Dougherty has
Ju?t finished, painting this beautiful
L. W. Bobbins' new dwelling In
North Molalla Is taking from above
the concrete baaement
Dr. Powell Is having a fence built
In front of his residence
-W W' Rverhart haa ouit the big
Shaver farm, with a aale last week,
when J. R. Cole proved to be quite
a good auctioneer.
C. H. B. Thomas and bride have re
turned to 8eatUe where they will
make their borne.
Mra. Sarah E. Parker of Cottage
Grove, bas been vlaltlng hor sister,
Mrs. Thomaa. of Oak Point farm, re
turning borne via Portland to vialt
her grand daughter for a few days.
Mra Rdimonii died in ber seventy-
fifth year, audoenly of neuralgia of
tha heart. Her remalna were ship-
pld to ber former home tn Iowa.
Deceased only , lured here ror a iew
months but waa much esteemed by
all who knew ber. She leavea three
sons and three daughters.
Joseph Do Shayer hauled lumber
last week for Arthur Miller's new
Mr. Bews is building a, fence.
Mlaa Alice Cooper" returned from
Portland laat week.'
Mrs. J. W. Miller entertained ber
eon. Auguatlne and bla wife the Utter
n.rt cf tha week
Birch Roberts la in tbe Hood River
country packing apples.
Mrs. Cupp is enienaiuuis
daughter and a friend, Miss Harris,
from Salem.
Mr. Bodley and daughter, Jessie,
are here from Portland, vlaltlng tbe
boys and putting up fruit
Jsmes DeShayer and family of Fir
wood, apent 8unday with bis brother.
iiFAirc rmiPiFTifl'i-
F. C. EckhotT house on' Center
street, between Seventh and Elghtn
streets. Is nesrlng completion. The
lot Is one of tbe most attractive ln tbe
cttyT-and tbebouse-aaas-io tne ap
pearance of tbe street, which bas Just
been improved. . A cement . wall baa
been built around the property and
cement walka to the veranda and on
one aide of the bouse. There la a
Urge front veranda and tbe Urge re
ception nail IB DSSUUIUL A J
leada from tbe aecond floor Into tbla
room and also to the kitchen. At the
rear of the hall Is a clothes closet,
a tin nn t h annth aid are the living
and dining room, which are Urge and
airy, commanding a Una view or me
city. On the second floor are three
Urge bedrooms and bath opening from
a hallway. The house will be lighted
by electricity and have all of tbe mod
ern conveniences. Tb residence was
planned and built by Mr. Eckhoff.
...... - -. i
Hotel Arrivals.
The following are registered at tbe
Electric Hotel: E. C. Wood worth,
mm - t n v . 1Thm T m.m XJ fa
n - i n . n r fa u.
Woodburn. P. I. Head, Albany; Arthur
Head, Albany; O. C Ragen, AiDany;
s-red Rebabe. Molalla: B. C. Palmer,
MolaUa; a W.-Boyer and wife. St.
Paul, Minn.; Henry Pfelffen, .Port
land; B Socha and H. 8ltUn, Seattle.
Waah.; W. Hoekin, city; J. R. Bold.
ttiiMim- n Harmon 'and wife. The
Dalles; John Ellsworth and wife, Port
land; J. W. Aspland, Portland; M. O.
Gareson, I'onianu.
Our greatest clubbing offer. The
Morning Enterprise by mall and the
Weekly Oregonlan, both until Novem
ber 1. 1812. for only $3. Offer close".
October 31, 1911. , '
Small Stores Gain Business
by the bright electric light for signs and win
dows. . Now that MAZDA lamps ! are avail
able nothing is easier to obtain than profitable
lighting. These new incandescent lamps we
now offer to otir customers tinder very favorable
4JW.W iV"'- Harvard, ana . -' ' -'; S. -pre.l3ent, Cow.n Harvey;
rr. tka nuraAn that Cttn find ft better tbe ssme poon. leaaa ioe v..r AIfr-d oettman. and a
ii.. .van ta found at the I Indiana. ' - I .,. Unwiril Pnniwtr. Tha club will
. ' . . n. il.l. I t-ti,.i.arKarll Arthur HOWS IB Yflle'S I irIHu (Vlnh., the habit and eat good candy. You eader. SprackUng la piloting Brown 0 fn tne clty llaii The program
.. . . . 1 .m.mA TI1.I I . I . , .. V. El llp.ll ItlA W Aflt I 11. I . n. n.iln m.mrl ..nil., mil.
Will live longer ana iobi ubhi. I nniversuy, imutu wll cuunini ui uiuniv auu luiiuiuuii.,
are made fresh dally at our factory. rolnt eaVen and Kay Morrison the The recclpta will go to the club fund
IU u u l Hi u .i.i.iui h. ttj
w e liv. sold to Thomaa Rob-
arta aanlnr nartner of Roberta Broth
ers' firm, of Portland, a nve-acre tract
with a modern bungalow on Kenog
lake. Consideration 1 11.500. Mr. and
Mrs. Roberts will make this their fu
ture home.
Mra viavirla Tnhnann waa In Port
land Wedneaday afternoon on bust-
are maae un foint ei.vcu
You get the real MScoy when you Van(Jorbllt team of Naahvllle; Anunp-
. n ... Atmt ffirfTAt RatUr I . . . mm . 'Wmm L
come nere. ruw .. i nil. is Ilea (lea DT iiaiioarm .louii
day. our special day. If you jntsa u 0el(, con, West
It is your fault, mi our. rolnt Fran!cIn Held la.tyear; Sewa-
Somithlng extra.
roast universities. California and l.e
hind stsnford. are slso led by nair-
backa; Chicago la being led by Tackle
Charles Radanischer. snd so is "
annul n h A I Ruser.
m. . v . ' - ,ti Mlnhltran rnnm 1M I naaa
..nder the leadership of Tackle Fr?d Jacob Rlckard sold three acres to
Conklln. Jr : Cornell, too, baa Tackle Samuel Stuckney. of Oklahoma; con
William E. Munk aa Held leader, , '"t
rrinceton re-elected Its great run- A..:".. " t,..
. L r,-- ...M. tna n an V. Hi. IWUOlu.mi.
7 m k vir h,ck' E(WI" n"rtf , h hi . I Tuesday on business
The Willamette Dancing Club vir- Biu 0f Pennsylvania ha a dnshlng Th0 0ran(a wm g
Wiiiamene uhuciuk Hill or renmji"'"" i The Grange will give a reception to
tualiy naa neen ornuii-.u - general in r.ugene urn ""
ter. This club gsve last winter of tn Dest fullbscks ever developed
moat delightful series Of dances ever M)k Murphy. Minnesota
given in this city. All 9nmm who - Pickering as captain.
M .LTororH while Holy Croa. baa Wllllam P. Joy.
7 uVed to W "a .dance at Busch's Dartmouth's csptaln. Kowarti iy uai
" lL... .ai.akaabaa St fi ii I laV AWlinlMi Ilka Doaltlon.
Hall one night every imw - v-K
the dates will be snxea ai in.
nieniH'H ' w
ra. fi. the Oplv
there will be more than 100 membera. ntlt 13 , " 1 a
A track meet will' be Aid at the
Baptist church tomorrow nlgbt. be
ginning at 7:30 o'clock. Rosa Eaton
will be tbe capUln of on aide and
Ellen Dempster will be In charge of
the other. A ocial time will follow
the meet. . ' '
Our greatest clubbing offer. Th
Mnmin Rnterorlse by mall and the
Veekly Oregonlan. both until Novem
ber 1, 1812. 10' only J. uu.r
October. 31. 19H- .
. - -
Bargain House
Mr. and Mrs. James Saturday after-'
noon at the Grange Hall.
Women of Woodcraft will give an
Autumn Leaf dance saturaay evening
at City Hall.
Th. United Artisan will give a
mssouerade at CKy ' Hall Saturday
.v.nlnir rVtmhar 2X.
Rev. Baker, tne evangenai, win give
a aarlna of three lectures at the
nrano-a hall nn rtlble sublects.
Jamea Mathews spent the weeaena
In Dnrtland
Evangelical Church; Rev. E. Rade-
v. naatnr flnndav arhnol. 10:30
unuui . w '
a. m., preaching at 11:80 a. m., T. P.
A.. 7 o. m.. services at s p. m. bub-
Mid-wees aervirea,
crlces with others and
... . . A .m.rm M.n "Tha nvll
Vnil Will D BUie mil ll.M. WWm m-W" ljvv - " -
you win " " m..Hn XTadnnadav avenlna
.d aecond hand furniture or an Thur.d.v ev.ulngi
kinds. Granite, glass and light hard Teach.ri training Friday evening. All
v . 1.. r.i-rflalltr Invited.
WIIV. ' .IV VWI Mi ..... . -
W. A. Ruaon. of Portland, was nere
Friday on business. . -
W. H. Connsell Is still hauling cruan
edrocg on our streets,
wun. . BMndier is hulldlns an sd
( t i us -
, dltlon to bis borne and improving his
E. W. Mellien
Opposite The Grand
More Electric Light
can now be obtained for every dollar yoti pay
for current than ever before. The MAZDA
lamps give more than twice the light you have
ever before considered it possible to obtain for
a given expense for current. We are now ready
to tell you how you can get the benefit of this
great advance in electrical development.
MAIN omCE 7m ond Alder Streets (
. and he and his family are mat
- 1