Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, October 17, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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I J....,.,tMasaJBaaaaaMaa-
Table Sets
Center Pieces
Imoortrd Hand Work, Beautiful Designs, Latest
m T . TH T 11
novelty iiDicticcorjiiionit
To the Udlei of Oregon City we are able through a
very fortunate purchase, to offer a choice
Very Seasonable Gifts
Sutpeoalon Bridge Corner.
Tur the arrest an conviction
.mi i.arann or MrioM. who
Lawfully remove coplee of Tba
irning Enterpnee from iaa
IcmUoa of subscribers after
kper baa been piacea mere oy
a i
Cho.rful Doc I or. !
Nielsen A
308 Selling Blda., Portland.
Phone Main 6151. .
J. C. KrulM. of Htaffurd. u In tha
' t
Mra. J A. Jones and two sons, wbo
ii" uetin viaiiiug nr. and Mrs. U. U.
Miller, of Seventh and Center streot.
returned to their home at Niwberi
You benefit ou trada bulldloar.
Mra. C If. Hall whn ai ra.ntl
called to Madraa, by tha aarloua 111-
neas or ner aauKiiter-in law, Mra.
reari nan, returueu 10 Oregon city
Mr. and Mra. (leorge rullatn, of
Gresham, bava been at Gladstone,
vlslilng Mra. O. K. KreytHg, wbo la
vary in. Mra. I'uiiain la a siater-in
law of Mr. Kreytaf. f
BVir ailmitlim in fMarkarnaa rmtnlv
fltia healthy boy, alxht yeara old, who
la goon and oneaieui uermun aesceni:
father dead. Inquire 717 Fourteenth
street or Mra. Kata Parker, court
J l.vltt. tha merchant, who haa
been undergoing medical treatment at
Ht. Vincent a Hospital, Portland, suf
fering from abscess of thohead and
ear, waa alile to return to hla home
In I Iila city Monday evening.
kiln NmHU lliirirnvne. Mlaa Hazel
I'arrla. Frank Iiuarh and Walter Hart.
went to New Kra Sunday, where they
viaitea me parrnia or Mini uurgoyne,
Mr. an J Mra. John UurKoyne.' well
known residents of that phtce.
Mra. Mary Crane, of Cleotie, Or.,
who waa in mis city many ana ai
urdav vlaltlmr Mra. Mable Christen
n and J. K. Klsher. baa returned
In lir hrniiH. Mra. Prane la an aunt
of Mra. Chrlateuaen and J. E. FUher
la her brother.
W. A. Holmea went to Portland
Monday, whera he uurchaaed a atock
of Roode. Mr. Holmes had contemp
lated to mapoae or me sioca or goous
and devote bla time to hla atore at
l' lint ha haa decided to con
tinue hla buslneae here aa well aa at
Mr Mra. Walter Johnson, of
Portland, were In thUrclty Sunday,
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P.
Elliott, Hefore tbelr return to their
home Mr. Johnson accompanied E. P.
Klllott and hla three aona. Ilaba. Wal
ter and (iuy to Molalla, where they
enjoyed finning and succeeded In get
ting about 100 fine troiift
Mr. and Mra. Henry" Hughes, wbo
hay h...ri residents of Heaver Creek
for thirty-five yeara. have moved to
thla city, and are occupying a nouse on
k-tevnnth hat ween John Adama and
Jefferson atreeta which they recently
bought. Mr. Bcnneioer, iormeriy 01
llolton, haa taken poaaeaalon of the
HuKhea atora at Beaver Creek, which
ha recently purchaaed.
What le New In Lingerie Wale
Wanted Plowara.
Churmlnii Frew-li l'.wKile wnima of
sheer iiiaferliil an uunle villi One
tuck from I In- ahoiildcia and BuIkIm-4
div.-ii the front wlili a plaited trill
rdtwd with luce. Holding th" frill.
v.hi li extfiiiU out to the left liou der
LbA - tm-
bor-Well. bow are on today.
fatli-ol-Tbanke. doctor,.! feel much
bortnr-That'a food. You're lookloa
L b twtter too.-rilrgenc Ilia tier.
U'ath tir trails HnllHIn
K. Gm-nther. of Bhubel, waa In thla
Iy Sundnv.
Frank aim Henry gehoenborn want
Eldorado Sunday.
It'. A. Wllla. of Canbr. waa In thla
fr Sunday and Monday,
fry our 25c mercbanta lunch, at
b rani C'linrorllonerr. 7IIS Main BL
Mn. Hugh Koierta, of Jennlnga
Mxe, waa In thla city on bualneaa
FVir IK. luiaat tla hmlm at reaav
Mule prlcea call on Mlaa Blunm.
W W IT.varhart m nmmlnent real
Vnt of Molalla, waa in Oregon City
Mlaaoa Ilcrtha and Frida Puol
ont lo Plurbaa Bnnrtav where the
lulled their parenta. '
Mr. i:nd Mra. Emll Guenther and
o sunn, went to Bhubel Sunday,
'here they visited frlenda.
y n DnrMitld In
f imirnuu, V ... i. .,
Jhta city on bualneaa Monday.
I Jude C. N. Walt, of Canby, waa In
Fill city on bualneaa Monday. ' '
Trade building now la progreaa.
Mra. R. J. ooodfellow, who vlalted
r i v ri ' ti riuiiciiuw
ly, hnn returned to Oregon City.
im - - t . nil - I. I 9
mi, mm mra. r. A. uiin'i
Fninnn. ... I .VI. nltw anil
ivnnu., IIV 111 mi 1.1.7 - -
V reKlHiered at tha Electric Hotel.
I Mra. (Hen Yergen, of Aurora, who
km brcn vlaltlng her parenta at Carua,
waa In thla city Sunday on her way
Mlaa Nell Tauneld and Mlaa Hazel
Krancla spent Saturday afternoon and
Sunday with Mlaa Ilertha fcoerner, or
St. Johna.
VrA Yelkea. of Columbia City, waa
mnhi ihe flreaon f'ltr vlaltora Sun
day and Monday, reglaterlng at the
Hlectrlc Hotel.
f'harlea Kandall. of Bnrlnawater.
kn aral dava with frlenda
In thla city, returned to bla home Mon
day afternoon. -
Trada building will benefit you.
Xllia lyih Rlcharda. of Portland.
accompanied by Thomaa Luke, were
In Oregon City Sunday, gueata of Wit
Ham U. Howell.
It A. nerkman. a nromtnent reai
eatata man of Mc.Mlnnvllle. waa In
thla city Sunday, a gueet or Mr. ana
Mra. C. U. Miller.
Mlaa Holla Mattlev went .to Port
land Sunday, where aha waa tha gueat
of Mlaa ixniiae urace, a tormer acnooi
teacher of thla city.
rw.ti.ra any atvla. at tha Falla
Confectionery, 703 Main atreet
Mra. Charlea Ituchanan. of Cornel
lua. who haa been vlaltlng bar slater,
Mra. Charlea D. Latoureue, returned
to her borne Monday.
Mra. W. C. Green and Mra. William
Alldredne left Monday for Redmono.
Mra. Green, who haa been 111 aeveral
daya. la rapidly Improving. ,
v.. mnA I tnr trada hulldlnK.
Mlaa Veda Williams leavea today for
McMlnnvllle. where aha la a delegate
to the llaptiat State convention, which
convenea at that piace inia weea.
if in riaat with ua vou don't bava
to aak from time to time about your
account. You alwaya know. We use
tha McCaakey Charge Regieter.
Huntley Broa. Co.
Mr. and ' Mra. William Btraw. of
Portlnndwera In thla city Bunoay
... Mr anil Mra. William It.
Howell. Mr. Straw la superintendent
of tha Portland Iron Worne.
Mra. lien LaMar, of Hood Illver, a
niece of Mra. O. E. Freytag. who haa
beaelaltlng at the Fteytag nome, re
turned to ber home Monaay.
Mra. Charlea Spence, of Beaver
Creek, accompanied by ner ami"''.
Mra. Hortha Davis, of Carua. were In
thla city on bualneaa Monnay.
$50.00 Reward
Tn )hu narann that pan find a better
line of candlea than la found at the
Falla Candy 8lore. 703 Main atreet iha halilt and eat rood candy. You
will live longer and feel better. Tbey
are made freah dally at our ractory.
You get the real Macoy 1 when you
aa-ltTlaa tlATaft. Now don't forget Satur
day, our apeclal day. K you mlaa u
It la your fault, not oura. Fmlt-bar at
30 cent a a pound. Saturday only.
Regular 60 cent kind for thla occaalon.
Something extra.
We hove Just received o new stock of 'dry
floods ond shoes nnd hove reduced prices so
that they ore within the reoc of oil. Drop In
ond see these goods whether you wish to buy
or not. Our price on oil other goods that hove
been In effect during our sole, will be the
some until further notice.
W. A. Holmes
Tnrio arracr oa aaiam
and gradually beoomca narrower to
ward the walat Hue, la au IrtMU inaer
tlon about two Inches wide. .The
sleeves are tucked down tbe center, and
at the wrtat la a thrve Inch plaited m'
flu i.f tha material.
Klowera made of ribbon and worsted
come In wreath efTecta for trimming
the dainty bonnet ahapea or tne ata
a rharmlna- little bat of the flower
pot variety haa tbe top of lie crown
maria of nuffed black velvet, iwio
thla crown epiwjar rows of dull gold
laxllchtl -leathered around the
frame. The underfaclng of tbe bat
Ohera la really no brlmi la or enirreo.
THuin colored chiffon
Pant Poln-t In bla fall millinery crea
Hnna la exnloltlnff the aame oriental
effects that are so marked a reaiure
of bis gowns. A bat seen recently
with hla elicuatnre In the crown naa a
hlffh unturned brim of aealakln. Tbe
tall round crown U covered smoothly
with Bulgarian embroidery snowing
uhdued colorings. To further neigni-
an tbe effect there U a scrawly pattern
dona In dull gold aoulacne braia over
tha amhrolderv. There Is no trimming
it. a small black bird with outspread
wing perched at one. aide or tne
Two tnntca SDDear uion many or
tha newest aklrta of aulU ana gowna
Thla skirt girea the tunic effect yet Is
mnde all lu one; consequently il can
i utilised for one material or ror two,
and It la much more economical and
comfortable than tbe complete double
aklrt would ba. JCDIC CHOLLET. ,
Tki. Uintiin nattern Is cut In slses
from B to 10 Inches walat measure. 8-nd
14 cants to this odlc. lvln nurnDer. iiji
and It will ba promptly forwarded lo you
k.. n.n t i v.BMt! an addltlooal
two cent aiamp for latter posua. which
Insures more prompt aauvarj.
" iliif IIP
Crrrl(BI HaN li aaaW Bl Mara
LOTS OF MEN have wem
the Shape-maker suit; and
its growing in favor; trousers
that stay up around the waist
without suspenders; a good idea.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
make it for us; we tell it for your advantage.
Some very anappy over
coat to show yju, too.-
' ' .4
Suits $18 and up.
Overcoats $1650 and up.
Oregon City' Big Department Store.
Thi Store I the Home of
Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothe.
Nnuimhir 3. Mornina Sssslon.
10:30 Pralaa service and greeting,
Mra. Q. McArthur.
10:46 Reaponae, Mra. D. C. Latour-
ette -Oregon city.
10:50 Address, "Things, . Worth
While," Rev. - Charlea a.
Basket Dinner.
Aftarnaon Rassion.
2:00 Song Service, Mra. 8. P. Davis,
' Oregon city.
2:15 Address, "Boy and Man," Rev.
George paddoca, gtaie free.
(Continued from Page 1.)
O. D. Eby. who la the owner of a
five-acre tract at Clackamaa, baa on
exhibition In hla office aamplea of
applea from bla orchard. They are aa
large and the flavor la aa One aa the
celebrated Hood River applea. My.
Eby also baa aamplea of tba Beurre-
Clargeau peara, which are large and
.iihnni hlamlah. .and are of delicious
flavor. The Live Wlrea of tha Oregon
fit rnmm.rclil Club will be given a
sample at tha weeniy ainner loaay or
.... naara. which will be aerved In
aeveral different atylea. Mr. Eby plana
to aerva torn Of tne peara rosea, no
haaeri the tilace where the fruit
waa grown about three yeara ago, ana
at that time tha orcnara waa in a run
down condition. The treea were
trtmmari anraved bv an expert and
tha work being auperlntended by tbe
owner. The beat of apray waa uaed.
nil tha rxoDB at the present time
ahow what can ba done with an or
chard, after it baa deteriorated. Bom
tha flnaat varletlea of ande have
been planted there, among them being
i n Vlnnt
Uravenateina, Araensay - uuu, jviu
of Tompkins, Baldwins, an or wnicn
won blue rlbbona at tne recent county
Fair. Mr. Eby a "SeeK No runner
nrf "Ran navls" attracted much at
toniinn at tha fair, hut no Dremlums
were offered for theae varletlea. On
the Beurre-Clargeau peara ha won a
rfl rltihon.
Tha s-roiind aurroundlna the apple
and pear treea la being cultivated, and
during the past year tne treea nave
H.innii ranldlv. It la tha Intention
of Mr. Eby to plant aeveral" varletlea
of berrlea. He planted an acre in
trawherrlea. most I v of the "Gold Dol
lar" and ''New Oregon" varletlea last
year, and be gathered about twleve
crates of delicious fruit. Thla ground
la wall adanted to berrlea. and some
of the flreBt that are brought Into the
Oregon City marketa and Bent to tne
u...n.nj ara Brown in inia
dlatrlct. Raapberrlea. Loganberries
and the Phenomenal berries win De
planted the coming season,
i Mr Fhv haa fust had completed a
handsome bungalow, the contractor
being Clarence Simmons,-or mis city.
Tit. voraniin nnens from a reception
hall that leads to tha living room and
dining room, an arenway neing-Between
theae two rooms. At the rear
i. . i.rn notch Kitcnen. un tne sec
ntlil flVtf1 Ba rati two larae aleeplng apart'
V 1 VI iiw. ------ - -
im nnonlnar from a nailway. . an
alcove of which la In tha front of the
building having a large window, and
commands an excellent view of the
surrounding country.
Eyelet tmbroidary Trims Silk ultB
and Drosaaa.
pt.i.1 rfMls-na In laces ara expected
to be a atroug feature or winter iasu
Trimmlni In one aided effecte U
murh wwn on all Bldea. Indeed, there
la a general fashion tendency toward a
chic one aldedneas.
Tha aklrt model attracting moat at
tantinn timt now U a hlk'h walated nar
row garment ornamented with one or
two llnea of buttona from walat line to
Km tn front.
Many blousea of atrlped meeaaUBa
2:55 Addresa, 'Tntermedlata Work."
Pror. F. J- loose, vretson
City. I
Music. ' '
3:25 Roll CalL
Reaponaa by delegates.
Appointment of Commltteea.
- BTwanlna ftaaalon.
7:30 8ong and Devotional,-J. W.
L4Mer. county in-esiaeni.
SDecial Mualc. Choir.
7:45 "Boosting,- H. K. Crosa, Ore
gon City.
Bnalal Mualc. M. Fl Choir.
8:15 Address, "Tba Golden Gate
ConvenUon," Kev. m.- a.
Saturday, Not:A, Morning Seealon.
9:30 8ong Service, Rer. Henry
Rrml Half Orove.
9:45 Business Session, Reports of
Commltteea and Election of Of
10:45 Addresa, "Some Rural Prob-
lema and How to BOlve
Them," O. W. Boring, Bor
11:15 Addreaa, 'Graded Work," Mlaa
Amy Purceii. uregou ivuy.
Basket Dinner.
Afternoon Beeaioa. .
2:00 Song and Praise.
2;i5 "No 8uch Tiling as m ma
Child." Mrs. O. K- JTazeiie,
2:45 Address, "Tbe Quiet Hour;
How to use it, i- xioui
mental anxiety and Buffering.
"That tha said plaintiff frequently
remonstrated with the said defendant
and endeavored to persuade tha said
defendant to remain at borne and take
ca of ber domestic duties between
tbe said plaintiff and tha said defen
dant but ahe, the aald defendant, bas
absolutely refused at all tlmea since
tbe aald marriage to perform any of
ber dutiee aa a wife In taking care of
tbe borne of tha aald plaintiff and In
stead thereof haa frequently, without,
the knowledge or consent of the sale?
niaintitr rnna awav from and left
their home and gone to 8an Francisco,
In tbe atate or cauiorma ana remain
ed there for daya without the aald
plaintiff knowing where she waa ex
cept the 'said plaintiff knew that she
waa somewhere In tha city of San
It Is understood that Mra. Alisky,
who filed auit for divorce here the
.m. Ha her husband filed ault. asks
$5,000 auit money. $1,000 attorney'a
fee and $250 alimony a montn. sne
said sometime ago that Bhe intendei
tn ana n.r htiab&nd'B oarenta for $100,-
000 for the alleged alienation of hla
affections. She also charged tnat inev
v.i MoH in aenarate her and ber
husband by threata of disinheritance
and other meana. .
Prudence 8tokea Brown Will Lecture
Hare Tomorrow.
. Prudence Stokea Brown, the well
known Socialist leader, will speak to
morrow - aftemooa at 1 o'clock at
Knapp HalL She will explain the
offer of tbe National Socialist Lyceum
Bureau. This Is tha biggest organis
ing campaign aver undertaken by tha
Socialist party. -"V
Tha Enterpriae baa a position open
for you. Call at once. ,
Hotel Arrivals.
Tha following ara registered at the
Electric Hotel: V. A. Labeire ana
wife. Pomeroy, Wash.; C. A. Well,
rmhi' T? nrnauanhanher- ft. Hwalee.
R. McFarland and wife. H. C Berk- .
man, McMlnnvllle; C L Payne, jr.
Warnlrlr ntnn fit- lrad Telkea.
Columbia Clty;,E. W. ZuxeL Port
Tha danra to li riven next Satur
day evening at Bunch a Hall, by Frank
Buacbr Jrand Milton Price promlaea
to ba a great success. Tba dances
given by them In the past two years
v.r. nrnimnrl anrraaaaa. Tha bast
of order Is maintained and everybody
bas a One time. .
. - - '
8. M. Long to Thornton J. Robinson,
160 acres of section 28. township a
south, range 1 east; $7,100.
A. J. and Katie LAIS to A. U. uaoo
and Mary Alice Babb, 7 acree of sec
tions 7 and 8. township S south, range
1 east; $10.
John and Martha Main wood to
Harry and Minnie Cochran. 5 acres
of section 4. township 4 south, range
1 east; $750.
L. G. and Nellie Evans to Emma
Holton, 5 acres of aectloa 32, town
ship 4 aouth, range 4 east; $10.
J. A. Luchslnger to Franklin Muel
ler, land in Clackamaa county; $640. .
John Glasa and Mra Hulda Louisa
Glaaa to Ray Keelh, lot 4 of block 17.
Eatacada; $50.
John and Amelia Klnr to 1. I. snoe-
maker, 40 acres of aectiou 10, town
ship 4 south, range 5 east; ii.iuu.
Ella N. and J. D. Voce to Hedley
and Carrie Holter. 40 acree of section
28, township 1 south, range 6 eaat
Ella N. and J. D. Voce to Hedley
and Carrie Holter. 40 acrea of section
28. township X south, range 5 east;
Vanda and William Walters to Sam
Case, lot 10. block 2. C. I. Tooaa Ad
dition to Oregon ICty; $L
ara helnir ahotrii to be worn with
tailored coat nnd aklrt Biilta.
rha mlciilv Iioiih auit ror tne imie
plrl nt'ver lone- Its Tome Tht one la
ercroilii'cl.v wnuirt. The llnne W mnde
r.T'i ;t ri"r'it i-fenli'S t l,M" I "'' IH'
V-v-1 .' Y- 'i lire l-cl p ht. unit
.. . .,..1 .... t. l'H it, .i ri''i u
i, . '
, i . i
Patronise our aavenlsera.
Here is the Only
Bargain House
Compare our prices with others and
you will be aura to trade here. New
and second . hand furniture of all
kinds. Granite, glaaa and light bard
have big co:no;i
What promlsea to ba the moat auc-
cuesaful convention of the Clackamaa
County Sunday Schoola will be held
at Oak Grove, November S and 4.
Each achool In entitled to two dele
gates, and achoola having more than
fifty nimbera may Bend an additional fnr avarv fifteen members
above that number. Tba officers are
J. W .Loder, president; a W. Boring,
vjce-piealdent, and Mra. W. A. White,
Every effott to attract trade helps,
even if it only draws a child wish
for candy. Electric light for wind
ows and signs should be given a
chance to he useful. Every mer
chant cannow get double electric
light at no increase in cost for elec
tric current by using M-AJZDA
lamps. Made in all sites. We
have them and will be glad to tell
you about them.
MAIN Of PICE 7th ond Alder Streets.
' v.-
E. W. Mellien
Opposite Tba Grand
617 Main Sf.
MHirmiirj-wi"1""'' i
( The program will be as follows: