Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, October 08, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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L . v
At the Portland Theaters
New ireanuns in
Ladies' Goats and Suits
Just received by express another shipment of beaut
iful ladies' coats and suits direct from New York.
Coats with the popular large collars and cuffs. Plain
tailored and fancy weaves. A beautiful assortment.
-asr ..i
" " : ; . J v
See Our Windows.
Suspension Bridge Corner.
rr the arrest nrt con"'0"01
nv person or person, who
.(..fully riimovs coplss of Ths
'"T1" 'ir-t-rnrlM from IS
ill e. ' " "
K hu pl.ced there by
trritr. .
Ln inak-DolUe. wby don't TOO
Irtlit your inuxlcl I said I'd give
tt penny nil hour In do o.
Vmi. mother, but fnther proin
U mf eiiiiles su hour If t oil till
tb plsno stool. New ork Moll.
recently arrived from Revelstoke, II
('.. and Is located hi Portland, whwt.
he will probably rvmsln during . ths
winter. .
II. A Montiioniurv ami sister. Mill
Ksihryu Montgomery, ths Utter re
cently si rived In Oregon City from
Ilia Knit, have ranted tha lower Dart
of Mr i. Mstllduy Chsrman's home,
which wsa recently occupied by in.
and Mrs, C. II. Melssner.
u l. t Jit la. hn has bn on an
Kailern trip, where tie attended tba
convention of the Improved Order of
lied Men In Ohio, returned to Orexon
City Saturday morning. Mr. Utile
returned ly way of Calirorms, anq
visited- bia oiil home town. mocktou:
Una Mi'hniHtrr went to Portland Fri
day, where he wus a delegate to the
meeting held by the liermau Bocie
ties of that pluce. The, affair was
largely attended by the Germane of
I'ortland. Miss Minnie Klemsen. of
thla city, ii bIho In attendance. The
affarrtTiiaed with a grand ball.
Mri. Kate iieveiis, wno nsa o
conducting a iMiardlng house on the
Went "Hide, haa lolil out to a family
by t)e name of Churchill, who recent
ly arrived In thla city from Yoncalla.
Southern Oregon. Mrs. Hevcns haa
returned to Willamette, where she
baa property Interests..
John Myron, of the Rogue River
Valley, arrived In thla city Saturday.
and while here vlalted his niece.
Mrs. Duane Kly, whom be has hot
een alnce she was a child. Me was
scrompnnled by his wife, and they
are on their way to Portland, wnere
Hurry Askln will present the brilliant somedy success, "The Sweetest
(llrl In I'urls," at The Hlllg Theatre, Seventh and Taylor Htreets, for
four nlKhts, beginning Bnnduy, October 8, with a special price matinee,
"The Sweetest Girl In purls,"
Harry Aikin's premier musical com
edy, In repeating on tour the aucceint
which It enjoyed for six months In
Chicago. In every city In which It
has been aeen, and It has played many
of the metropolitans of the, Middle
Went, the critical command haa been
fluttering In the extreme. Thla pro
duction, with the original cast, will
be aeen St the Helllg Theatre four
nights, beginning Sunday night, Oc
tober 8.
Take, for Instance, the opinion of
the Milwaukee rew
"It lan't often that a comuany goes
on tour without Change. 8hrewd man
agers have a habit of cutting down
ipeiines by cheapening Ue produc
tion through the cast, but In this In
stance the manager may aafely plead
not guilty. The funmaker who de
lighted Chlcagoers are still doing
stunts under the spotlights, a fact
which should be thoroughly appreciat
ed by playgoers. A full measure of
smusement Is served to them by a
well balanced, energetic company,
which seems to lack none of the es
sentials of success.
! "In these days of stage pictures of
tluzxllng beauty, lavmn expenditures
for unique costumes, and broad search
for the usual, even the big musical
shows which art slow and dragging,
have much to recommen I them. But
when the spectacular features ars
truly entertaining, the book funny
and the music good, there is reason
to rejoice,, especially when the en
tire company is what it should' be.
All Ibis applies directly to 'The
Sweetest Girl In Paris.'"
The Minneapolis News has said:
" 'The .Sweetest Girl in Paris' Is
.detrHed-s the-.hUhatermarkof
Chicago endeavor, mere nave oeeu
a great many high water marks In
riiinmrn anH m would not care to
undertake the delicate task of de
taching one from me otner. certain
ly 'The Sweeten Olrl In Paris" lsso
lavish and colorfully complex, and so
brimful of humor, and so manifold
In Its electric effects, that the specta
tor idvnniM mora or less bewildered.
bis critical faculties become numb,
and he ceases to tmna or care, bo u
fulfills the reason of his being, and
la of the best of Its kind."
f T i " ' , Saw fctAi a "
... - V . ,.
THE old fashioned clothes game was a good deal different. Today
iV nnlv a nuestion of color and fabric when vou come 'here for
j j . , .
clothes, because
Hart Schaffner & Marx
iinine lee. of Canby, la the guest
Mini Alice Govt t ling.
l M llnrless. of Molalla. was In
a city on business Saturday.
Ferguson, of New Kra. was In
city on business Saturday.
ml. lulu iinvwsrd. of Clackamas,
Li In this city on business Saturday.
nier anv atvle. at the Falls
knrM-flnnerv a7n3 Main street.
Petri Selvy. who has been at Mc-
unnville. has returned to Oregon
Id." A. flieiiHV. who la maklnChls
fmt In I'ortland, was la Oregon City
VI' X HhvU one of the Dromlnent
frmeri of Carua, was In this city
lun Cniheriiia nibliona. of Green
Lint, Is very III at ber home, and her
pndlllnn Is serious.
IMIii C. Goldsmith has new nevel
! In nillllnerv arrlvtna dally.
Ill, . ...I vi,. I." i fV,ifl..M laft
I- m. rj. V,.
turday tilghtrr for Seaside where
y will remain for aeveral days In
Mr cottaue.
Mrs. Henry Plpka, of this city, who
ai been vlnltlng at ths home of
harlen plpka. of Eldorado, baa re
urned to Oregon City. "
J. M. Taylor, at one time a real
fnt and property owner of this city,
ut whine home Is now at Portland,
' In Oregon City Saturday.
Mrs. Frank Jaggar, of Carua, waa
b Oregon city Saturday, and while
ire vUlted with Mr. Jaggar's moth
r, Mrs. Jaggar, of Fifth street.
Try our 25c merchants' lunch, at
lis Falls Confectionery, 703 Main St
Mrs. Leon DesLarzes, well known
n mimical circles In this city was
"Jured Saturday by falling down the
Pi at her home.
MIm Frances Brownell returned
'rldllV frntn I'r.rllnnH ajh.r. she Bt-
hnded the Phi Alpha Delta dance
Hd at the Portland Heights Club.
Mrs. J. E. Jack and father, Goerge
It B.M1I i - ui.iani
r'"'rn m inborn R, WBI1., rnru
joroe Saturduy n!ght, aftr a moat
Mr titi.l W... n era t a Vat
mil iTl I B. Of. I s CslllWW sj w
'rly tuduy for the upper Molalla In
iir aiiioinouiie, where tney win
'pend tb day fishing. Mr. Elliott I
"is of the champion nlmrods of Ore-
Mrs. Morris Rnharla. who has been
vlaltliiK hnr .lunshtar. Mra. Mulr. of
""il Is visiting Miss Rose Miller, of
'in ami Madison sirets.
Leonard Ijtgeson, who has been for
vera! months , night clerk of the
"' noioi at wana waua, w'-i
returned to Oregon City and Is
-Riiig m me Oregon iiiy "
tors. ,
Call on Miss C. Goldsmith for your
FH hatst-th latest v and exclusive
"yles. i
Mr, end Mrs. George Trimble, of
Mllwood. and Charles mim)le. HI
"lis City, Or., who ha,ve been In this
'Hr visiting at the home of Mr- and
Mr- .1. M. Trimble, have returned
,0 their homes. '
John Ratharv mhn Is connected
'ih the Simon 8aw Company, tol
pftland, Is In this city, having been
cHd here by Illness of bis moth
r. Mrs. Estberg, who was painfully
Jilted by a cow near her home at
Willamette a few days ago.
4 The store of M. E. Dunn,' at klT
Mln street, will be closed Suuiuy
,rnm 8 a. m. to 11 a. m. Mr. Dunn's
J"othPr wno de(1 ,t gbsnona, Wis.
'"t Wednesday will be burled at that
E. A. Smith, formerly of this
J'jr. was In Oregon City rlslUng
'rlends Saturday. Rev. Smith. bss
A A (ft A A it
RANCH. darkness. A play with a longer lire
I Is '"The Flower of the Rancn," for It
Superb Musical Comedy at The Baker was produced In New York two year.
Nsxt Week.
Most musical comedies flit gaily
Into view, have a butterfly life for a
season or two and then vanish Into
ago, then played a whole summer at
the Garrlck. Chicago, and Is now bak
ing a complete tour of the atates and
Canada. "The Flower of the Ranch"
has the merit of possessing a well
kirA ir-Ar nrrfpA nll.wnnl niialitv. service. workmanshiD and fit.
1 IU V Is UllbUUJ uvtfc'W. .vw. -J J - - A
All there is left for you is to pick out the suit that you like and we'll
put you into some of these fall suits that will make it hard for you to
" , ' , ' ' ' '
Hart Schaffner & Marx Suits $20 and up. Overcoats $20 and up.
Herman Wilde Suits $10 and up. Overcoats $10 and up.
developed story, with characters
drawn consistently and Incidents free
from exaggeration. The songs have
a fascinating charm add. all In all it
Is a play that really makes theatre
going, worth while. At the Baker all
thla week, opening Sunday, matinee.
Bargain matinee Wednesday.
u-ininm mil Vanda Walters to
Charles and Lucy Hollls. land in Wil
liam Holmes IX U -.. lownsnip o
south, range 2 east; containing 1
acre; $10.
Charles E. Hollia and Lucy Hollls
to Vanda Walters, 25.80 acres of sec
tions 19, 30, township 3 south, range
I west; $10.
Edward Graves and Etta Graves to
Phillip H. Tucker and Lelah R. Tuck
er, 20 acres of D. L. C. of Jamea Shir
ley and Leuvtna Shirley, township 4
south, range 1 east; $1,300.
Oregon Iron & Steel Company to
Portland Cement Company. land In
section 3, township i soutb, range 1
east; $10.
Rudolph Koerner to Mary Koerner,
block 2. Darling's Addition to Oregon
City; $1. '
Oregon Iron & Steel Company to w.
Motrin. 14 acrea of lota 6, 7. 18.
Bonlta Meadows; $10.
George L. Kingsbury and Jennie
Kingsbury to Harry Kingsbury, .35
acres of section 30, township 1 aouth.
range 2 east; $1.
Byron A. Barlow to Hugh Fltsger
aid, land in section 6, township 3
south, range S east; $160.
. Emily A. Davis to Charles Brum
baugh and Ella Brumbaugh, lots 1, 2,
3, 4. block 4, South Oswego; $1,500.
George 8. McVey to Sol Hart,
northeast quarter of southeast quar
ter of section 23, township 2 south,
range 5 east; $10.' - '
Barnhard Fallert to Anna Fallert,
land In section 29. township 2 sooth,
rang 3 east; $100.
J. E. Slefer and Blanche N. 81efer
to Samuel and Lydla E. Ensley, 15
acres of section 2. township 2 south,
range 3 east; $2,500. , ' J,
tbev will visit Mr. Hayea, father of
Judge Hayes, of this city.
S. M. Ramsby. chief deputy Internal
..u.n. niiptnr. wno has been en
joying several days' vacation In The
Dalles, where ne nas oeen no..u...a
the Wasco County Fair. Mr. Ramsby
states that the fair was a big suc
cess, und there was a large attendance.
V v
" 7th and Taylor streets.
Phones Main 1 and A1122.
4 NIGHTS beginning Sunday, OCT. 8.
Special Price Matinee Wednesday.
Harry Askln presents
The Musical Comedy Hit
With the- Chnrmlng Comedienne
tiiiyiw rniOANZA
Excellent Company Complete Pro
duction, i-rivrn.
Evenings: $1.60. ll.Wl.7So B0-
Wednesday Matinee: i.w. iiw-.
a Nights beginning Thursday, Oct. U.
Matinee Saturday
The World Famous Dancer
and her
100 I'eopie i""
Own Symphony Orchestra
" Prices: r
rvamnss and Matinee:' $2.00. $1.50.
' ae a r Am r.
OCTOBKK 10. io.
Harry Bulger In
OCTOBER 19, 20, 21
Max Dill In
Portland, performing the ceremony.
Relatives and lntlmabe friends were
present. After congratulations wers
received all Joined In partaking of a
fine dinner. Mr. and Mra. Brown left
i m .v.. avontnir fr Portland. ' The
couple received many Beautiful pres
ents, consisting ot silver, coumw.i
and linen, Among those present were
Mr. and Mrs. K M. jones, mr.
Humphry Jones, of Portland; Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Jones, of Wardner, Idaho;
Mr. and Mra. D. E. Jonea, Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Brown, Mrs. Tremayne,
Mr and Mrs. Steve Londergan, Mr.
and Mra. Hal Llndsley, Mr. Will
Jones and Mr. Fred Llndsley, of Sea
side. -"
Robert Jones and family, who at
tended the wedding left for their
home at Wardner, Idano, Wednesday
night, where Mr. Jones will continue
his work at the Bunker Hill and Sul
livan mines, as asaustant superinten
dent and foreman.
ed term. Harvey E. Cross was elect
ed superintendent . of the Sunday
scnool. 1 ne reports irora me various
auxiliary societies of the church show
much activity and great progress.
The pastor announced tentative plans
ror the winter s evengensm auu
spoke of the unity-of action which
has always characterised the church.
An - enthusiastic ana systematic ef
fort Is being made by the officers of
tha ohureh tn rally all the members
to special work this fall and winter.
Thla la paiiv inv inn im nroCTam
will Ineluda the Sunday Bchool hour
and the regular hour for preaching.
MI8S Veda vwniHina is uuiug
lent work as superintendent of the
Intermediate department of the school
and also serves as Sunday scnooi vis
A pretty home wedding occurred at
the home of Mrs. D. Jones. of Bea-
a. WAilnAfidav at I
o'clock, when Mis. ena Jones,
pungest daugh er ot Mr and Mrs.
D hL jones . ' ,
gar Brown, the Rev, R. M. Jones, of
W. C T. U. To Meet.
Tha woman's Christian Temper
ancs Union, of Oregon. City, will meet
at the Baptist church Tuesaay aner
ntKn, October 10, at 2:30 o'clock.
The Enterprise has a position open
for you. Call at onqe.
tv.' annual mantlna- of the First
Bnptlst church waa held Friday night
The roll can snoweu uumij-iuur
Tha- nrasent memoersuip la
.4. -r t,inh mn live In Clackamas
county and the rest are aoattered
over Oregon ana otner siaies. . i u.
t tha treasurers showed that
the year has been fairly prosperous
from a financial sianapomu iui
a small Indebtedness, part of which
waa Incurred by the improvement oi
the church. Miss Amy Pureell was
appointed church missionary.) She
will devote her time to visiting and
will assist In the young people's
work, conducting mission study and
Bible classes. John W. Loder was
re-elected treasurer of current ex
penses with Leo Burdon assistant.
Miss Edlfti Smith was re-elected
treasurer of benevolence. S. P. Davis
was elected deacon for a full term
of three yeara. W. W. Marrs was re
Lincoln Roll .was
elected deacon to fill out an unexplr-
Get busy now. Logan Is on, the
man anH nn mistake. ' Fix the location
In your mind for future reference. If
"the proof of the pudding lies In the
the "Droof" was at Canby
sure in the Logan booth. Grains and
grasses of every variety, also rruit
and voaatahlns. The members ' of
Harding Grange have cause to feel
proud or the excellent snowing maue
by this locality. Te Clear Creek
rvaamarv alan have cause to feel
proud of the high score received.. 96
per cent, which speaks higniy tor tne
A heavy frost Wednesday night wlltJ
prove a Disappointment to rnany-oi
the good housewives here who were
waiting for late corn and tomatoes
for .canning.
Automobiles with chain tires are a
menace to our Improved roads. A
few automobiles can soon undo all
the work In a short time as the chains
ihma the travel out Of the track and
scatter It In all directions..
Even the Stork delivers his parcels
by auto now. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
AnHararm war vtslteA hv his Maiesty
October 1 and a llttel daughter left
to gladen their noma.
School begins Monday In Lower
Logan. '
Potato digging and pmrre drying
keep some of tha farmers buttling
early and late.
Mr. F. S- Hutchlna came home from
Canby with blue ribbons on his
Ouernsey herd. . ' '
News was received here of the
deaih of Peter 8mlth at Cocur De
Aleno last week which was the result
of an operation.
L B. I). Stenographers and
Bookkeepers If Great Demand
Business firms ore recbanWng the superior
training of our Business university over the
work of the business colleges. Our standard
is higher; our work Is much more thorough;
our work Is more complete; ond our students
ore more proficient In every way. ,
Just tae school for the earnest young man or
lady who desires to learn and have the high
est and best training at, reasonable tuition
rates. Y6uore sure ot individual .help
and instruction. You know the large schools
cannot give it. You should Investigate our
work. Do it now; do not wait. In session all the
year In day and night school.
630.Worcesler Block. Phoncii Marsholl'275li Home A5446.