Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, September 26, 1911, Page 4, Image 4

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oent physician, once related how be
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sheth." by lts daughter. nw 'r
lilt. III. "I told TUllrklTHJT liuw
I ml in I red til Ik ilmniinm not i-i I nm
very glad.' he replied. I '"' '"'
no opinion 'f It merit's u I li i'
rend It. 'Not rvnd ll" I ev lo-i I I"
great Miirii V.' ' tin ''
I ditml iioi I mte m. i ii ri" 'i
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Thesii Credit guides are made up
in districts covering nearly every
state In the Union. They are made
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paid hlin, Before a customer Is rated
he Is given notice by letter that be
will be rated and Is given a chance
to pay up his old account and thus
secure a good rating.
Each merchant and professional
man Is furnished with a copy of the
guide so that he may refer to It and
look up the-rating of any customer
or prospective customer before giv
ing any credit.
the Oregon City high school was
opened Monday with the largest at
tendance In the history of the school.
The new building, which Is one of
the finest In the state, Is thought to
have been the magnet, although It Is
generally recognized that the course
of .study, which has been arranged
by Superintendent of City Schools
Tooze, Ms not surpassed by any In
the northwest. The school was to
have been opened last Wednesday,
but, owing to defective plumbing, a
postponement was decided upon. The
pupils, which Is not always the case,
were somewhat disappointed over the
delay, but they were delighted when
they arrived at the building and
found the magnificent appointments.
The teachers lost no time in making
up the classes, anti-work will proceed
today the same as if the opening had
been made on the appointed day.
Hose company No. S completed ar
rangements at a meeting last night
for the benefit to be given Willis
("Doc") Mosler, the blind fireman, at
8chnoor's park Sunday. Speeches
eulogistic of Mr. Mosler will be made
by aeveral members of the company,
and there will he other forms of
amusement. Mr. Mosler was a mem
ber of No. 5 many years, and, until
he became afflicted, was one of the
most efficient members of the de
partment. That there will be a
large attendance- at the benefit Is
She Laughed
But the Day Came When
She Laughed No
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October II, 1911.
The evening I landed In the little
town in Artxoua where 1 promised to
take up my residence 1 was sitting at
supper with my friend Cbnruley when
the stillness without was broken by a
laugh. To say that It was a laugh I
nothing. It was the melodious piping
of a bird, the swelling of a note from
an organ, the ripple of wutrr over
rocks any, every sound that could es
press merriment. It was femlnlus.
girlish, and one who beard It would at
once become Impressed with the per
feet Innoceuce of her who laughed.
JMy host, seeing thst 1 was Interested.
smiled at me.
"Who is that?" I silked.
"That la our laughing girl, as we rail
her.- Her proper name Is Elsie Jenks
(tome ctn her our" pain killer, other
our mocking Mrd. The latter are
almlsta. assuming to detect st times In
her Isugb something beneath Its mirth
expressive of the Inevitable domn Unit
awaits as all something derisive, la-
deed, at times lste at night, when Elsie
haa been coming borne from a dance.
I have beard her break Into one of her
sudden peals of laughter snd bsvt fsn
cled after It died away that a mocking
echo follewed It."
"It seems to me." 1 replied, "the em
bodiment of optimism.
"Such Is the general effect upon us.
When we get the tines.' If we rsn
bear Elsie' Jcnks laugh we are lifted
out of oar despondency. If an Invalid
becomes discouraged Elsie Is sent for
Usually another person goes with her
on such bcesslons Ilea Hsrbeson
Ben Is very droll fellow. .He hs
a wsy of saying- funny things In s
fterulisr monotone. Pat Elsie and lien
at the hedl1e of one about to give np
ibe Unlit for life nnd He;i will sij'
something ridiculous, followed ly
peal of laughter from Els e, the two
together electrifying tho sick one mul
bringing ubotit a reaction.'
"Is there sny relationship between
tnese two merry ones?"
"leaver. Von wouldn't tlilntt it.
would you? Opposite umtnlly niunlKS
mate. A morose man often chooses a
cheerful woman, and vice versa. With
these two It's Just the reverse. Hen
says that all tie was brought Into the
world for wos to make Elsie laugh,
while Elsie snys that her port In life Is
to bring out Ben's Jokes, declaring thst
If It wasn't for her they would be lust
upon an nnsppredstlve world."
Later I met both of these young peo
ple, and they seemed to me to be pro
creators of optimism. They were evi
dently made for each other, a I'sul and
Virginia, so wrapped in each other as
to be uninterested In others. And yet
I doubt If either resllzed bow abso
lutely they were united. I never beard
that there was any engagement be
twen them, and sometimes I wondered
If this love had ever been spoken, even
resllzed, for I can understand bow
love may be so pure ss to be. like gen
Ins, unconscious.
"What would become o' this town.'
asked a crusty old fellow, "if them
two should be eliminated T
I lived In the place a couple of years,
Anting which It hsd a hsrd struggle
for existence. Every one was tempted
to give up trying to make a town of it
but whenever a person signified an In
tention to move on Ben Harheson
would crack a Jnks and Elsie Jenks
roald burst Into a laugh, and the dis
couraged one would brar op and con
clude to persevere awhile longer. In
deed. It was said that Ben and Elal.
were literally the life of the town. But
for them the town would die.
Arlsona at that time was suffering
from ronghs. Billy the Kid flourished
and there were more. If not equal to
him In hardihood, at least of Ms kind.
Borne one suggested that If Ben nar
beson were msde sheriff he wonld find
.W.4!' ,eniD on th '! of
the villain, and stopping tb. nuisance.
When the matter was proposed to Bea
rould do nothing without
might sy a lot or luiugs
. . . . . ..i i- 1 1 M.uata but If
raicuiaieii i"'' , -KM
were ttt reviit lo help with
b'er In u.'. U Ihey "'' rnt nrtt
loeer, h- was persuniled M atvept
the ilii'Mt. flme KM tuougbl there
uffy' 'v wherein they could
The flrt perion lien brought In was
Jack lleiinwy. a desperado whom the
sheriff raiiglit so stuKlel wlin ll.juor
thst he vs In spnlile it mnkliig any
r.iiman.e. Hen put him lu Jsll .
l.-cp off his drunk, snd when be got
U'r Hen snd KM went l' see him
If lleunewy had not been Ix-hliid lnm
he would have lro lliem to pieces.
Jsck made fun of blm. ami Elsie
laughed. It wna li"t long In-fore Ihs
prlsouer caught' Ih lf"lii ""'I
laughed. . and within half no hour
was holding his sides with tiiurrlment,
"Whsts thstr ssked one passing
the Jail
-Ob, that's Ben Hsrbeaon and Klsle
Jenks. They've go Ihst bloodthirsty
llennessy to laughing, and he can't
stop." i.
Having thus opened the letter side
of Ihe villain s nsture with the wedgs
of laughter. Hen and Elsie wre kind
to him. with Ihe result thst on thell
securing a release and their fellow
townsmen's promise thst llennessy
should uot he prosecuted for his
crimes he left the Jsll and became an
estlmsl'le HIen. There were tueny
other conversions by the lovers, and
tvery msn converted stuck to an bou
eat life. Klnce Hen and Elsie In Ibis
way captured the principal devils to
thst region the rltlzeiis of the town,
being free from having their places
of business raided, found themselves
lu a position to mske a llvlog and be
gan to prosper.
From that time this mirthful pslr
were worshiped by those they bad
served. 1 did not hesr anything about
preparations for their union during
their work on criminals, but after Ibej
had mads nearly a dosen g"d men
out of as msny bad ones they were
msrrled. There- wssu't -a mnui - In
the place who didn't give them wed
dlug present, and a man who bad
started a lank gsve a thousand dol
lars, saying that the couple'e servke
to blm hsd been worth many times
Ibst sum.
Bo Ben and Elsie went to housekeep
ing with every msn, womsn and child
In the town their friend. Many a
summer night before going to sleep 1
heard Elsie's laugh ring out on Ihe
still air. One night after It had died
away I beard that "mocking echo"
Charnlsy bad spokeu of. I wss
plunged by It from balmy optimism
Into frigid pesalmlam. Tbe final die
solution whkh awaits us all waa made
vivid to me as nsvsf before. "After
all." I sighed, "for every laugh there
la sob." ;
The occasion of Elsts's Isugh was
this: Ben wss going out to bring In
desperado. Elsie looked worried. To
cbeer ber Ben cracked a Joke whlrb
was followed by Ihe Isugh I beard.
The next afternoon Hen waa brought
In mortally shot by tbe men be hid
attempted to rapture and died In
few hours In bis wife's arms.
I had sesrrely beard thst Hen W.IS
dead when I ssw Elais galloping along
tbe street, followed by every convert
she and Hen bad made. I devised Pie
errand on which tbey were bent. and. 1
being mounted. I determined to fi
with thrm. The man who had kllletl
Ben called Mississippi Jake-got wtre
thst revrnge would be taken uon
blm for -the murder and gathered a
doxen or so of bis pals to put u a
fight We came upon them croud ed
on the other sldo of a bridge apannlng
a creek and were received by a volly
Tbe crackle had not subsided wden
Elsie gsve a laugh so wild, so piercing,
that it froze me with horror. It nras
the mocking echo I bad heard tbe ntgbt
before, only Instead of an echo It eas
a wall, tbe wall of a broken heart
Simultaneously with this. Elsie gal
loped forward, a corked pistol In sicb
nana, distancing the rest of us wbo
endeavored to ride ahead of her. In a
charge like that It was not lo U. ex
pecieu. wild ss she wss, that she
would do much damage to her enemies.
But ber mlud wss so Intent on vonge
ance that It conquered madness. Bhe
emptied every chsmber of the two re
volvers, and with so true an aim thai
nearly every shot took effect
I saw a man rise up from heh'nd a
low stone wnll whom by dewrlpHons
hsd hnd of him I knew to he Vlss
slppl Jnks. He had his cyc bent on
our woman lender and, railing a rifle,
was about t- fire at ber when I yulck
ly drew a lend on him and drepped
That ended the fight The r'llalns
that were left-they were but few
scnttered In nn adjoining wood.
Then we rods back to towij, tb
widow like a statue of stone. Kb rode
through the streets lined by cltlxena,
all with heads bowed, anf. entered her
desolnte dwelling alone.
Since then I have talked with Cham
ley abont this alngular case. He says
"What a pity that this merry laugh of
Elslo's should have sometimes ended
with that mocking eehor Charuley Is
a matter of fact fellow and haa no
realization wbstevei of the depth of
meaning there is under his words
"But." he adds, "the Isugb waa alwaya
there, while few ever spoke of what
on rare occasions followed If In oth
er( words, the main parts of onr Uvea
are blythe and merry.
"The laugher." 1 replied.' "wTa bat
twenty wh..n the trouble came. Haa
she ever laughed since T'
"vy ""''J'. ") hss not"
"Will ihe evar laugh again r
"I think not"
Perhaps ,h. will. Sometimes w
Plrk np the thread of happiness after
t baa been dropped, but no one ever
lived who did not Anally drop It for-
(Continued rr. . V
not divine. Jonathan M . j
knit together In u.v H
though the natural fctlr J JN
was willing for his rrl.sT
become kin. hli Uq,
no trare of leslouav uT,.
relation !..Mn twZ,
to decrease In ordr ,i..t J of thiA,U
leader of Jsra... j.,' S
found In pure ov. i
frlen.ianlps vanish soone, 7v
such are like scentless fin-l
with beauty when t,a wV
but when tha .-Mil V " (
wither away. Wavln. . .,
Divine frlendslihn .. . 1
mutual love. Hurh never fuiV
rise to a higher l.v.l M i,
friendship between naliini kJ
because spiritual and ntor
are atronger than physical -Jc
Is friend that stlrketh eksJl
a bnither." Ostnoa an4J!
exemplify this truth. Trs.
ship never dies. Though tk, 2
and iieatllentlal brsath of '
circle and play around tlx tLr.
true love.. I rue frlatuhhlp mJ
all such and refuse to Ull, t
The Cutty tool.
The cutty stool wss the seat of re
pentance formerly employed In tbe
Scottish church for the exposure of
offenders against tbe moral law. Tbe
transgressor, having been deprived of
church ordinance, and duly taken to
privately, waa then compelled to
make a public acknowledgment of tb.
misdeed print to being restored, to
favor. Each culprit did k.
occupying the cutty stool In tbe pre,,
nc. of tb. whole eonffp..M- .-
wal openly lectured h h. mi..-.
on th. enormity of tbe offense.
the fetid br-ees of calmrt
poisonous miasms of hypocrlit'
first rumor nf dlalnoit.
Collage Chums laparsts.
Two college chums s.r.
at the aame tlms and septrtut
lllng lu different "tales. Om va
Into business and u MetssZ
The other. In another tut ntw
the profession of law. HuU
brilliant, bwsme a victim of aj
vices. Slid Impoverished, U4 Ik
graced went to a nslghborlnt
here he by cbsnre fouM klikv
mer chum. Twenty fir. yw u
elspaed since they parted. TUsj
fortunate man presented k!al
bis old chum only to rsrslni
shoulder and a disdainful rat
Though successful In puis, k
merchant will be Judged by I (g
of . love Jura.- lack of dlvhsi tntj
ship for his college nuts
never fsllslh. Hut purely svlOiis
llsncea are unreliable and Uann
The fair weather frlsad. UktUo.
which abandons the autai fssi
because there la no hoesy .
sucked therefnitn, will furuks j
when once he discovsr w frAt
lie derived front the unloa. tx k
low friendships, Iismoa ko4 frusj
must forever constantly rsbtU
Divine friendship li aistatmiasti
part by expression. Thst vim)
unexpressed dies. Thll nprssst
must not take the form of tosxa
criticism. It Is not the duty i
friend to gstber up all Ihs v a
sip of the community an4 ast
that Into your ear. It HJsgg
easy to gather a bouquet of flnst
ss to collect lot of think M
thorns. Do ttot-tblnk that y sri
befriending your neighbor kr ms
Ing a gossip peddler, rwlt fttsaj
and complaining la quits suftWsxi
destroy a mutual friendship, ust I
rapable of becoming a suttt t
chief Joy. If properly BoorUssl I
la Ihe duty of a friend to appndm
the virtues and encourage 1st sk
of mve, rather than fill hi lain
nlrlons of his follow! aod SSikX
to feel that he haa no frtsBdi a at
world. We all hsva dsfsrtinsl
true friend will wsrn of duiswi ,
sins and Immoralities, hut sstllt
so In tbe spirit of love n MX
tbe spirit of fsult finding. 1
covereth a multitude of slai' as
will forbear to condema ewtet
Trve friendship Gives.
True friendship exists aol sa
for what It can recelv. as to rtj
It can give. What th. woral is
today Is for this spirit of
devotion of man to man. to !-
more and more universal. TW
the goal of creation. Ooi
author of all lov.. Asaodatlos IW
In tbe formkHon of mstttil frts
ship, but this heroic ?T !S
lesds men to volunteer the ist
of their live, for tb. I00.
manlty who have not yet
resiHinslve to such service,
. . . k. . .imMtnl illS I
aptrea oniy oj n "i - jj
of such a aacrlflce for th
which Jesus haa made. tb"V?
not a field where such "J
It la a soil destructive of tnm
which bless, and produces eoj
which bl!ghta the hPPln JV
clety. Therefore culllv.ta jaw
relatione with the Ood of
ao doing tha human heart JJT
the dwelling place of Ood u
world blessed with all irW
good. He ahuta himself wV "J
Ood and a glorlotia deatlny eto "
up hla compassion from th "
(Continued from Pf
The latter was atruck oajbj tjj
and aeverely Injured. 0(a
also hurt Blchner flM JJ
damage, agalnat Moor. th.
lowing that on which the m
etirred, and the latter ! ,
u wr. nichner f'rjl.
damagea alleging that tb .Wo j
hi. head had Injured Mm
ly and threatened to mpslr W "J
Ing capacity. He aald that
been earning 125.000 1"' j
It la evident that .,.
tenda making a detsrnilwa , (
the possession of tha lTZU j
lively aession of court W '
day. At leaat one-third of I
en. are expected to M . !
ance. and the cement Titt
have several of Ha reprew
here. . The fences were
day by men employed by
pany. '
"live wires" to ;
start worktc::t
Pursuant to a
,.11 of P"l
Hedge.. . tha "Ue WlrM tf g
Commercial olub will rne pj
noon tfl plan the work P
and winter. The members "j,
at luncheon and arrange a
of work. Much suVaWK
pusned laat year 07 j- vv-
and It la expected that
of the Commercial club
with rrester sUCCeSS in ..W
campaign. All mombsr?
alaatlo over the proiP01
"onr greateat elubWnf jf 0
Morning Enterprise by Ncfr-
Weekly oregonian, - ff f f
ber 1, 1911, for only $3 u,
October Jl, ItiK