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Gee but it's Cold and Rainy
JIot to in one of our swell overcoats or Rain-Proof
iliji-ons. A complete fall ihowing on display. ' .
NEVC SUITS, YCS. Another big shipment of
the Famous Society Brand Clothes in the new
See Our Window..
Many. Players Once In Fast
'"' Company Are to Return.
Ttirevgh Draft and Purahaae Both
Major Leaguaa Hapa to Ba Benefited
Naict Spring by tha Addition tarn
Vatarana ta Ba Olvan Another Trial.
....... a .a ..v a tm a -a
Tot Clio rreal n n'ctlon
Lf an lrm or peraona, who e
(unlawfully remove copiee or Toe
alurnlni Enterprise from the
r ..f .ubecr bare after
taper " PUcd th,r br
tsrrler. .
Na Wander.
Tboeograpbrr-Now please look pleas
Uin Id Iba l'hlr-Oau t do II. I am
it funny uiau wu a uewiiT.
A. Jmiaa, f farm, wssJ.Qblscl.jf
lUrry Klrbyaon, of Bhubel. was In
kn city Monday.
tins firbuebel. of Bhubel, was ' In
L city Monday.
Hugh C. Mitchell, of Caaadero, was
thi city Saturday.
Mrs. James Mallatt, of Mullno, wai
tali city. Monday.
Guitave Srhuebel. of Bhubel, wi
this city Monday.
Mr. Liid Mra. William Ouenther. of
LM, was lu Oregon City Monday
fcuuactmg buslneas. ,
Robert Guenther' and aona, of Bhu-
Irl, wrra In thla city Saturday.
Jlr. and Mra. V. A. Good, of
Lltm, vera In thla city Saturday.
Mr finiiiiilnaa and aon. Dart, of
War Cwk, war In thla city Mou-
FnA J, l ami. aon of Carua. wart
imoeg the Orrgou City vlaltora Mon
Mr. ami Mra William Guenther. of
Ibabel. were In Oregon City on busV
icm Saturday.
Sugar and fruit jars at coat at Dif
fer), Seventh etreet.
John Darnell, one of the well
noun ranm-re of Union Mill, waa
p thla rlty Monday.
Garald Wllrox. of HUlaboro. waa In
!! city Sunday, a gueet of Mr. and
lira. 8. T. Krancla.
Mra. Diana Hnvdar. of Aurora, waa
In thla rllv MiimUv tha mieat of Mr.
tnd Mra. William Klmaey.
Thomas Keoley, of Haclna, Wla.,
bo it rmlatered at tha Electric bo
ld, Ii making a tour of tha wait
Mn )l,.rmn rialier. Albert Srhoen-
n and William Stewart, of Carua,
nve aotio cm a dner and bear bunt
In the moiintulna.
Mix Charlotte Dakar, after a two
rMki' vIbU with relatlvea and
ffrknila In Tacomi. Waah.. returned
ro her home at Uladatone Sunday
Mr. arifl Mra nharlaa final tllnir and
tby son, Charles Frederick, of Bell-
wood, re In Oregon City Sunday,
or Mra. (looming s parent".
Mr. an J Mra. Ilnrnler of Green-
Prink fir I mm for marl v of Molalla.
ho recently ratiirnnrl from Fort
Knyon, cal., waa In tbla city Mon
day, and will take tin bla realdence
" Molalla.
MIm Miirln Th-irani. mil Francis
Unaltlln.. . i a 1 ah I a
"mi.iik, in 1'uniuna, were iu iu
ty 8aturrtfty and Sunday visiting at
nmne or tha latter a motoer,
JJri. A. (ioettllng, of Twelfth and
"iiini,uin atreeta.
af BM..1 ... a .
riainTiiaie, proprietor inn uwuui
f the Fluhordale farm, was In thU
munuiiy brinRlng wun nim Borat
( thft npfkilnAA rM im farm
r...Mut,v tnnvu a a waaa m " T '
klch waa hlnna-l in tha riap.kamaa
-iy imr.
- ....nasi mi ka UBUKUivt,
; -Jark, loft Saturday for Tacoma,
wh., where they attended the wed-
"mi nr MUa Tt.. I
with the Fermera' Bocletyj of Equity,
and who waa acheduled to give a lec
ture at the Hinveiy opera bttuaa tnia
evening and tomorrow evening, will
be unable to fill her engagement, ow
ing to bereavement In the family.
Mra. C'arlry waa advlaed Friday eve
ning of tha killing of a man by a
train near Ontralla, Waah.. and the
deacrlptlon of the man atiawere that
of Mr. Carley, and efforta are being
made to -locate Mr. Carley If ba la
Tlomaa Itavla, of Carua, waa In
thla city Monday.
The K. II. V. etenographera ' are
having aplendld aucreaa. The high
(raining work obtained at the Eclec
tic Hualneaa rulveralty glvea thoin
a pollah that meana aucreaa.
Theodora Mueller and aon, of Carua.
were In Oregon Clty( Monday.
Mr.,- and Mra. Wettlaufer, of
Clurkoa. were In thla city Monday.
Mra. II. Ijhb aget. of Oak Grove,
waa In thla city Monday on bualneaa.
Mlaa Deaa Warner left Saturday for
Slaver, where aba will leach achool,
Herman Schmidt, of Carua,- waa
among the Oregon City bualneaa vla
ltora Monday.
Tha I "or Hand law School la re
ceiving new publlcatlona ail tha lime.
It la a progreaalve achool that keepa
poeted. .
Jack Irlah, one of the prominent
farmera of Carua, waa In thla city
Hobert Brhuebel, of Weatport. Or.,
haa arrived In thla city, .where be
will vlalt for eom time, '-
' J. Hammer, who baa lived In thla
rlty for three and one-half yeara, left
Monday to. make bla home' In the
Mra. Edward Stuart, of Portland,
haa arrived In thla city for a vlalt
with Ler parenta, Mr. and Mra.
Thomaa Warner.
Mra. Maria Craeer and aon, Harry,
of thla rlty, vlalted at the borne of
Mr. and Mra. Dolph Muller In Port
land Sunday. ,
For the laat two yeara the Eclectic
Hualneaa Unlveralty, of Portland,
Oregon, baa aupplled the North writ
School Furniture company with eten
ographera. Roland Foraberg baa gone to Mount
Angel college, where be will take a
ran milaft anil famllv arrivMt Run.
day from Iowa, and have decided to
make tbelr home here. Mr. Qiiiett
waa here about one year ago on a
Mr. and Mra. Fred Olmatead, Mr.
and Mra. John W. Loder and son,
Jack, and Mr. and Mra. Pope bave
returned from a few daya' vlalt at
Ocean Park.
Mr. and Mra. O. A. Cheney. Mra.
Culley, of Portland. Mra. Cora Hud-
eon, or Montana, ana mibb t-ana rioi-
man of thla city went to Mount An
gel Sunday, where they vlalted Oren
Cheney, aon of Mr. and Mra. A. W.
Cheney, who la attending the Mount
Anael college.
Btudenta are enrolling now In the
Portland Law School .for the atudy
of law. Tha Portland Law 8chool
haa a three yeara' courae, and the
work dona la equal to that of tha
eaatern law achoola.
Mlaa Pearl Darde, of Portland, vla
lted Mra. J. Levitt 8unday.
'Ouinebacka" will be nuinervua at
the big luague training cuuipa next -t.ot ailed ".-auiebacke" of I he
claaa of Tom Ilugliea and Jimmy Cal
labau. but youngetera and aoiul v-t
who were up before and fulled to
make good becauee of Int-xiierieure 01
aer.dt.iita. Tbelr relfgatluu to tb
minora did not mean that they did
Dot bave tha Bluff In Ibciu. (hi tha
other band. It almply meant that they
wtre not quite npe lor raat rouipany.
IJOtiaegueutiy be goea back lu a"
velop. Well, there were many aucb
men pulled back by the draft or pur
chaae during the laat few wwka
Cleveland haa aeveu of them. In
fart. Catcher O'Neill of Wort-eater
waa an Athletic recruit, na were
I'ltrhrr f!illamre of Ri-rantou and
I'tlllty Player Hyde Ilarr of New Or
leana. Third Uaaenian Manuacb of
New Orleana haa been a mvmber of
the New York Ulanta aa well aa the
Atbletlca. Outfielder Wllllauia waa
It b the Browna laat aprlng. while
Catcher Konnick of Dayton waa given
v "i ma univ Wliu W ca m
"T R A vem I aaMi. TaW Aht.
W W 11 ui Oi I aaawe
'I tha iiimmAr anil vhn la her
J'Ma. The marriage took place Sun
Mr. Miller and Mra. Jack will
remain at Taooma for aevaral weeks,
. r. and Mrs. Charlea 3. Parker en
twined at dinner at their home
OlindftV M .-J a. Tnaa rtaaTtiall
.nl children; Edith. William and
or pieaaant Rldga. Or. Mlaa
nartna t. , . ... r .
n n Br"r ana Mine em n,
Portland; Jack Dloklnaon, of Par
inn m . a i
ir. inn Mra uaai Mm. jonn
. viib mmyium u'w"i -saaa
C1 Dwlirivlti. .. 1 .A n.l..aa
fp' Mra. Charlea Caruthera
""xmond. of Portland, came to tbla
V n their automobile Sunday and
snaai . -
me dav with Mr. and Mrs
inl Cnrothara nf Tanamah. Mr
wArOtha,-., ... a a a ,n
,i -" ana ivir. uaymona wem w
Jamea Llndaey place near Spring
,?". ber. they purchaaed 11 of
!" 'argeat muakmelona, and a melon
l,"t Wai anlnvarl '
, .
0- T. Carley, who ra conhaotad
fhiof nf Police flhaw became a
veterinarian Sunday and showed rare
aptitude for that kind of work.
Fu er A They Uroa. drove a nunarea
or more muiee tnrougn me city to
tvnrk nn a railway at Salem and a
tnamhor nf the Humane aocletv com
nlalna.1 to the chief that aeverai oi
the hapleaa animaia were aimerm
from chafed ahoulnera. Tne artuciea
nimiii vurt drawlnw waaona. and
when the chief called the foreman to
account he admitted that they snouia
have treatment. He accordingly un
hitched tha suffering mules and had
Mh.n attarhail tn the WaKOna. Dut
for the dlapoaltlon of tha foreman to
rin .hit waa r irht. Mr. Bhaw WOUIU
hava hnd the mulea detained here
until they were cured.
nn- rareat clubhlnff offer. The
urnrnln-a Ymtarnrlaa hv mall and the
Weekly Oregonian, ooin until novein-
ber 1. 1912. for rniy S3, uuer cioaea
October 81, 1911. .
in fi acres cleared, balance
slashed and aeeded, all under good
rnia A rnnm honae. barn and chick
en house, granary and good well, all
In good order ana no wbbio mou.
level and on good road, one mile from
riinbimal flniithnrn R. R. -MH
mile to achool. One and one-half
miles to town. 2600 caah.
In Oregon City, four acres, house and
K.m .three nnwa. one mare, buggy
and harneaa and all tool a. Crop all
In. Price 12000. half cash, balance
terme. Call or address t -r.vnua
Roon 11, Stevens Mdc-, Oregon City.
i ,P.T
I UJ K aT ar r aa? irrv,v ItaC.' . 1 w -w'm aw ' . a. J
OW comes a week of gay ety, when people for miles will
flock to the big Qunty Fair. You want to appear at your
Yon will make the occasion one of business as well as,
pleasure by making the purchase of your Fall Suit and Coat, and
to-secure the garments that are not only correct in style and per
fect in fit, but also made in a quality that insures long, continued
for women, misses and children fills these requirements, and,
above all,in it you obtauT full "value; -r :
The Hart, Schaffner & Marx suits and overcoats for men
have mastered the clothing art and become ,a household . word
for good clothes, correct in style and perfect in fit, and made in
quality that insures lasting service. - . ; .
With our fall opening sales we are making it a speciaj
object for you to trade with us this week. Every department of our big store is now specially
arranged for quick service and reliable goods at lowest cash prices; Before going to the fair
make this store vour headquartersi meet your mends,- use- ourieiepnones, ic5uuuap, jrw
. . i i f . ii
parcels and make your visit pleasant and proritable. ,
P -.' - Oregon City'c Big Department Ctoro
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rhotoe by American Praaa Aaaoctatloav
thbbb rtaraita wao wili, bb otvan ab-
uTHna ohabob im raaT voMraax
trial by Cincinnati Third Daaeman
Dunting of Worcester waa Uken south
by Brooklyn laat aprlng.
Detroit geta a "comeback" In ntcher
Duduc of Montreal, who waa with
Ciudnnatl for a aeaaon, . Chicago gets
a pair In Pitcher Hovllk. formerly of
... a . . . fTl. I D.a.Hian
waaningion. . auu iuiru iaKu.ou
Rath, who was tried out by the Atb
letlca and Napa. St. Louis will try
out First Daaemaa Danslg of Sacra
mento, once with Boston, and Pitcher
Drown of Akron, who waa a Cincin
nati recruit a year ago. ,
Washington gets First Iinaemna
Flynn, late of Pittsburg: Shortstop
Foster, formerly a Yankee, aiid Out-
elder Moeller. once with the Plratea.
That' im more "comeback" recruits
lu the National league, the Hat being
beaded by Otto nea, bought by Doe
ton. The Rustlers bave also hooked
First Basemen Houaer of Indlnnnpolla,
who oed to be with the Athletics.
Brooklyn has taken the most men.
FMveta' recrnlta are Paige, formerly
ef the Giants and Napa; Inflelder Roll
Icy, formerly of the Chicago White
Sox; Outfielder Welcbonce, a former
Philadelphia National; adder Slttln.
once a Nan: ntcnor uarmicnaei. ineo.
by Cincinnati; Earl Tingling, another
ex-Nap; Jerry Downs, with ueirou
for aeverai years; Catcher Boh nig-
glne, another former Nap. and Catcher
Shaw, a vetersn who pinyed witn at
leaat four big league clubs before he
landed with Toronto.
Other Nstlonal league "comebacks
are Pitcher Maxwell or paw ora.
Outfielder Hyatt of rittabnrg. Out
fielder Cravath of Pittsburg. InCelder
Klrke of Boaton and Pitcher Comptoa
of Cincinnati
raa haata on tha nlatform that Will
be constructed for that purpose.
A track meet will b held 'Satur
day morning. Gold medanj will be
awarded for 100-yard dash, 200-yard
dash. 400-yard dash, running broad
Jump, pole vault, hammer throw,
shotput, 12-pound, high jump, potato
race, and one-half mile race, one-halt
mile bicycle race
The baby show will ba among the
attractlona Saturday. Secretary La
telle has been besieged with appli
cation blanks from proud parenta,
who are to have their children enter
for prlatea. Last year the baby enow
proved a decided succeaa. Mora than
100 children were entered. ' Mra. A.
J. Lewis will hava charge of thla
department thla year. Automobile
racea are on the program for each
afternoon during the fair.
Ellott ft Parka hava obtained a
special car to be used In the races
at the fair. It la a Ford racer called
"The Spider," and arrived In the
city Monday. '
E.- M. Dandle. Portland; Sidney Hln
non, Portland; J. K. Moore, WUllam
Wheeler. J. H. Setter. Mr. and Mra
John Thomaa, Dr. J. C. Walton and
wife, city; L C. Rotn, woocDurn; v.
T. Trent, Dallaa; W. L. Freeman,
Molalla; B. E. Edwards, wife and
family, Salem; V. A. Goode and
wife, Salem; M. N. Buck. Salem;
Esle Johnson, Camaa, Wash.; W. J.
Smith, O. F. Spence and wife, Port
land; John Peters, Irwin Bttsel;
Thomaa Feeley, Racine, Wla.; Hugh
C. Mitchell, Casadero; C. P. Weaten
Mary and E. Corand to Iver H.
Benson, 80 acres of sections 35, 38,
township 3 south, range 1 east; flO.
Eatxcada State bank to Estacada
achool district No. 108. land In Zo
brist addition to Estacada; 31500.
E. L. and Bertha Fraley, land in
Fraley'a subdl vision to Estacada; $1.
H. EL and Adella tubba to Almon
J. and Edith Darling, lota 8, 9. 10.
11, block 14, Zobriat addition to Ea
tacada; 32300. '
Mra. H. E. Stubba and II. K.
Stubba to A. J. and Edith L. Darling,
lot 12, block 14 Zobriat addition to
Estacada; 3200.
A. J. and Edith L. Darling to H
E. and Adella 8tubba, lot 8, Morrow
Glen Tract, containing 10 acres;
33000. ' ., - a . .... ; ' '
E. L and Bertha Fraley to Esta
cada State bank. .38 acra of Fraley'a
subdivision to Estacada; $1.
John W. Manldlng and Mary K.
Mauldlng to Emma U Greene, lota
1, 2, 3, block 2, Mauldlng-a addition
to Idlewild; 31- "
John Mauldlng and Mary Manldlng
to Arthur' L. Canfleld, lot 4 and tha
north 15 feet of lot 6. block 3,
Mauldlng'a addition to Idlewild: 31-
Otla Townaend to Charlea Noblltt.
land in soctlona 83, 33, township 8
eoutb. range 1 eaat; 3L
Louisa, Morrell to C K MorreU,
lot 2, Oregon Iron ft Steel company's
First addition to Oawego; flO.
ugntar than Cent,
One of the atrangeat treea In exlat
ence la the ambaah. growing In tha
shallow waters of Lake Chad. In Afri
ca a body of water which when at Ita
maximum extent covera 10.000 aqua re
milea. and yet has on the average a
Jeptb of only alx feet The ambnah
tree grows bo rapidly aa to attain Ita
s.u .i.a twenty-five feet high, with
. a i. . fnnt in diameter, la two
-Th. wood wbeu dried la un
;iil In Itchiness, ita density being
only two-Oftha that of cork. - -Read
tha Morning ICnterprire.
LONDON, Sept 25. The clergy of
cnsinni whn have been making
atrenuous efforts to put a quietus on
the proposed beavyweigni ngn. do
tween Jack Johnson and Dombadier
Wella. the English champion, won
their victory today -when it waa
announced that the fight wlll not taae
place. The announcement comes
from a result of tha aUnd taken by
Winston Churchill, the home secre
tary, who declared that If the pro
motera did not abandon the propoaed
fight, be would hava both Johnson
and Wella bound over to Keep me
peace. It Is undcratood that an offl
ent declaring the
match off will be made by the pro-
Tha iiu of tha attack by tha
clergy waa an account of the moving
pictures, which they claim wouia in
still brutality Into the minds of chil
dren. The picture rlghta had been
sold for 3100,000. .
n..'. ttranfaar cluhhlne offer. The
unnin. Rnrarnrlae bv mall and tne
Weekly Oregonlan, both untllNovem;,
her 1, 1912. ior oniy j. uuer ciu.
October 31, 1911. : '
- 1 i
Hotel Arrivals.
Tha following ar registered at the
Electric hotel: i- A. Blackshlre and
family, Houston. Texas,; C. A. ,W1U,
t B. 11.
Stenographers and
rs T Great Demand
What Da Yoti
Think of This?
Acre track In alaht of Oregon City,
1-2 mile of car Una on Installments;
also 23 aeree 12 mile from car line,
with 800 eorde of wood, 8100 per
jcre. ' For theee and othere Inquire o
Clyde, 1003 Main etreet, Oregon City.
Business firms ore recognizing the superior
training of our Business university over the .
work of the busi less colleges. Our standard
is higher; our worh is muctf more thorough;
our work Is norecomplete; and our students
ore more proficient in every way.
just tne school for the earnest young man or
lodVaWho desires to ieorn and hove the high
est and best training at reasonable, tuition
rates You are sure of .individual help
and instruction. You know the large schools
cannot give It. You should Investigate our
work. Do it how; do not wait. In session all the
year In day and night school.
630 Worcester Block. Phones: Marshall 2751; Home A3446.
'iwm' i ir'lJti-i.i: