Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, September 15, 1911, Image 2

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    :::araiiG bterprise
S. K. SROOtE, Edit and Pullc.
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Cm Tear, by Mil
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Hre bw eo4ad Wtferttoa
Platan paatttoa aay BOaT. I"
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fwftnl Boatttoa any
Uad lajairtla
wa papar ethrr taaa flret ,
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ftua aaaer acker Jwa Hre . par
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Par Bale. Ta Raat. . M
aa aa aaai
aaeb aMIttaaai.
Utaa far aanrUabm I
Sjetrprtaa will ba tba a
aaltr. for aOvartlaaasaata
v tw iit Wrtere tha aarart
t trumttnmA IM tba dally ta tha
hr miiibi ouin. tba rata wtll ba
i Weakly
m batba
' aa taeb far raa aT tba aaaar. aa4 laa aa
aacfe. for
ta naiarartaa.
LfW arruata at legal aatarttelaa
" nma advertlafec aa4 aoaotal traaaaaal
utwitatM at taa to lee aa tnca.
mm ta apodal aoadltloaa atrrarnana; tha
Tta Bala" aad Bankrupt BaW erar-
, taaaoemt mc tach Itret laaawiaa: aaa
aaattar Jae aaaa.
Kawa ttaaaa ana raU wrKtaa itiuias
af avaffl.
ba aWAiv aeaapbaa. Relacta4 am
an ala aavar raiuraad aaieaa aeraaatwi
a4 by eOJBoa ta srvaajr aoataam
Is on sal at tbo following sioroo
rf ofory day
Huntley Broa. Drag
w , v Mala 8 tree.
. ', J, W. McAnulty Ogara
e . Beronth and Main.
, gecrokt ConTectlooerr
4 - 7 - Main boar Sixth. .
M. X. Duna Coufectlooery
T . Next door to P. O.
. . ,aty Drug 8 tor
Electric Hotel
Schoenboni CoBfoctionery
SoTontb and -I. Q. Adama.
SepL 15 In JUnrican History.
Va4Tb American under Major
Lawrence repulsed a combined e
1, and land attack by the British and
their Indian allle at Fort Mon
gas, ntranc to Mobil bay.
1857 William Howard Taft, twenty
' . aerenth president of the United
State, bora In Cincinnati O.
1862-8nrrender of Harper Ferry and
. death of tbo commander. Colonel
! IXxon H. Ml!., ...
ipiOrtmocTat nominated Woodrow
. WOaon for governor or w Jeraaj
' rramcai William Dickons, rear ad
'': antral TJ- a N. (retired) died In New
York: born 1845. Caleb Power.
' four time convicted of the murder
' of Governor Goebel of Kentucky.
gnd 00117 pardoned, momlaatad
for congrea.
(Trotn noon today to noon tomorrow.!
Sun sets CrOC. rtae 67: moon rlaea
-10:18 p. m.: IjOT p nv. eastent time.
'kood at last quarter.
In Oregon; where the recall works
both day and night, tbey are threat
ening the recall of Lafferty from Con
gress, says th St. Louts Globe-Dem
ocrat. Lafferty la a man 36 years of
axe. old enough to know better, but,
being single, untied to any woman'
apron strings. Not long ago, during
- this special session which baa been
a. plague on all our Houses, be saw a
- rounr woman In Washington, admir-
ed her, and by return mall wrote
letter asking the privilege of a meet
' Ing. The young woman handed the
letter to her father. Th father, who
' appear to be a believer In publicity
gave ft to the press. This called out
' another letter written by Lafferty to
another young Capltolleone. There
baa' now been time for the echoes to
begin returning from Oregon where
, the Columbia River, once said
Bryant to bear nothing "save It
down daahings" Is nowaday a listening
to many other things.
The political enemies of Lafferty In
hia district have started a high moral
- campaign against him. It baa been
. brought out that, at home, be once
' forced his attentions upon a stenog
rapher. This moves Lafferty to the
making of a confession. Admitting
that he did pay court to the stenog
tions were honorable and that the
lady coo Id b calling herself Mrs. Laf
ferty today if ah bad only aald "yea,
W rather Uk thl in Lafferty, and
w hv not consulted the Congres
sional ' Directory to find whether be
be Democrat or Republican, either
A man' a man for a' that," and
g man must forego th blessed prlvl-
.leg of popping th question In order
to rnn tor Congress In this country!
either honorably ambition wlll'dl;
or tbo problem of raco aulcld will
loom larger than It doe. ,
- "Now bring pa your rocallr y
Lafferty. after making that open on
fesslon which la good fof tha oul la
answer to tb threat Uat recaU
petition will b circulated against blra
In tlm- for th November lcyon.
Th wbol' nation, from a to aea,
111 applaud hint.' . Tor thl la not
local tsru only. It U not confined
to Lafferty' district nor to Lafferty'
:te. What If It aball ba spoken
1 established that a man shall be
t'--"U to Congrbsa becatts
'- wlf.
many rebuff I UU tha IncwnlW
w would offer to amblttoa? Is thla
th premium we would place npoo
pub He eervlo? Mr. Roovlt should
go to LafTerty's district and appeal
for aim la tha nam of tbo stork and
th agl. Aad wo, aa oa pooplo.
hoold alt ap tbo night after that ro
call lectloa. straining our oar to
hoar th welcom nwa that Lffrty
Our nary Is getting to bo ao largo
that tbo tossoIs hv difficulty In ma-
neuTOiing In Hampton Road. A big
ger training ground will bar to Do,
Governor Deoeeu. of Illinois, baa
broken a leg Juat a b ta on tbo edge
of tbo hardest running ho ha over
bad In his career. Has Deneen'a
luck changed?
-OaO -
Tbo farmer of Pennsylvania and
New York aro organizing a company
to superintend tha marketing of tbelr
products. When trust meets trust
then cornea the tug of war.
Tbo clergy In Newport seems to
have taken up. on Sunday, tho cry
gainst the Astor wedding. The in
cident 'ft almost forgotten elsewhere.
But Newport must be exclusive, joa
know. ,
Admiral Togo Uke back to Japan
some valuable poinier In regard to
the American national game. This Is
much better than to stock up with
Information about fortifications, ma
nevers and secret explosive.
Judge dantenbeln used tbo big
atick yesterday on tbo obstructionists
who have been blocking tho Broad
wa bridge In Portland.
' Springfield Is booming. - Hard sur
face pavements will change tbo ap
pearance of the UtU city.
Salem la to bav a Carnegie library
and that a ooa as she Is ready for
Let'er Buck. ' Pendleton 1 the cen-
tr of tho West Uls week.
The Southern Pacific ta to put up
new passenger depot at Roaeburg.
Oregon City will get her turn some
The highwaymen are attracting 'at
tention all along the route.
Eugene I
welcomed tbem Tuesday evening.
Portland aad Salem people turned
loose at the State Fair
Biggest crowd ever.
She Is it really true that the blind
can determine color by the ene of
touch? Be Certainly. 1 once knew
blind man wbo wa able to tell r
redbot stove by merely putting hi
finger on It ilnsrted Bit.
SuDscrib for th Dally Bntarprlea.
East Ready
to Open Its
Arms to the
United States
Former Governor of New
CE average American has little ACCURATE knowle-lge
of the oriental countries and their .plt Many of us get
our impression from what we hear the missionaries saf in
our churches, and we are prone to think f tho oriental as a
"heathen." Nothing could be FURTHER from the truth. Whether
a man ia a heathen seems to depend upon the point vf view, and sm b
characterization often carriea a
: : r ,i I ff -,.nnn, u,a -re from Ill's
oriental look upon US aa a heathen, and I suppose we are trom 1 1 1 s
The truth ia the oriental U a WONDERFUL man industrious,
ober, farsecing in bnainesa and altogether to be rcftied with. Japan
baa proved this, and China would if she had ha'.f a evince.
It ia wonderful what busy mart of trade all the citic and towns
of the orient are. Great Britain ia the one iation that has UNDER
STOOD this, and she haa been pushing to secure this trade for inora
than a century. Other nations are just beginning to fully realize it.
The United States has GREAT OPPORTUNITIES in this
direction in the FUTURE if she will only embrace them. We are
the nearest to these oriental markets and. have the articles they need.
So one can estimate the volume of possible trade with China and
Japan which the United States MIGHT have if it was PROPERLY
fostered and developed.
them. '-''-f " ' '
I - .will be found and "Mj
Western Society Girl Has a
Trained Coyote as Her Pet
rw aroattl roa Ilk to have a
amall wolf or a Boston bull or
not usually regarded aa dealrable pel a. but when caught young " -ooaalbl
to tamo tbem alias Kathleen Laird, a aoctety bud of PpO.
kaoe. Wash, baa a coyote that ab prtxee highly 8h la a Bepbew of Andrew
Laldlaw. a mllUonatr borwemaa and mine operator. The coyote was five
to her when It was In Its tnfsncy. and her kind treatment won the ""'V1
maTe heart until today It la devoted slsve and I her companion on dtliy
walk She baa taught the coyote to do a nomter of trtcke. and It la as affec
tionate and playful aa aay pnppr The accumpanrliia picture waa taken to
eeoilv at th bom of Mia Laird's oarenta
There . w an unconfirmed report
Thursday of om hop bualneea at
Salem 'at 3Sc a pound. No other busi
ness ja reported on the Coast aa buy-
eHTire wilting to ae aampteinbe
fore paying the present high price.
Nevertheless there 1 ome business
offering at 35c but no trade ar re
ported outalde of the Salem transac
tion. Dealers are dot hurrying aale. as
the crop la coming .down extremely
light In thla state. JHerman Klaber,
the well known hop dealer and auth-
ority on Coast crops, reduced hla es
timate on ine uresoa pruuucuuu
7e.000 balea. Thla 1 a drop of nearly
30.000 balea within a few week.,
urhll. UttU Knalneaa haa keen re-
ported In the bop markets elsewber.
trad la generally firm and prices, aa
a rule, ar being safely maintained at
previous high figure.
HIDES (Buying Green bide. Se
to 6c: malters, 5Hc to 6Hc; dry hides,
12c to 14c 8btp pelts. 25c to 75c
DRIED FRUITS Local price are
firm at from Sc to 10c on apple and
prunes, peache are 10- -
SALT Selling BOc to 90c for fine.
SO lb. aack. half ground 40c; 75 for
100 lb. sacka
Portland Vegetable Market.
Copyrlfbt by American Prasa Aaaoclatlon
wrong impression. I suppose the
f V"' Cl -a
V ''. '
- -
.at .
coyote aa s PetT Would yoo preter a
a colli or a aacnanunnr tw -
$1.25611 50 per aack; PMn'l"f
eilio: turnlpa. l ll M: "bta.
ONIONSJobbtng prtoa; Oregon
H75 oer 100: Australian, $150 -r
Id.-: Tia. U K per iat: Cmor
nla. $t per crata.
Oregon City Stock: Quotation
HOGS -oga ar quoted
rrom l 1 l&0 ,bt- tr"BI
160 lb to 200 lba. IV40.
BACON. LARD ed 11AM. rflrm
VEAL CALVfJ'al oalvaa sun
according W grad.
.IWM - - m
DEEP STEERS' te7 '?!
th locl maraeU ar fetching Hc to
t Uv, etgt.
SHEEP r arm at e t e
Ouotaitena wr 9ro" "-
POTATOES Beat, Buying 1 cent
steady, aelllng from $S to K JO; very
llttl of cheaper graaea.
, OATS (Buyng) ray, i;s w
Wi?- IBS-t - Ordinary
v-4 im. to 20c.
fancy dairy from, tor to tic. cream-
ery tJ to JSC
FflCft Beat grad 25 cent.
POTJLTRT (Buying rlnn with lit-
tie rood stock offered.' Good ben ar
bringing 12c Old rooater ar In poor
demand, broiler onng imm ioc w iovi
with good demand. . I
WOOL (Buy:iigj ooi price are
ranging from 14 to 17 cente.
FEED-rShorta $29 to $30; rolled
barley. $31.60 to $32.50; procea bar
ley. $33.00: whole corn, $39.00:
cracked corn, $40 00: wheat , $32.00
to $33: oil meal. $53; Shady Brook
dairy feed, $1.25 per hundred pounds.
HAY (Buying.) Timothy $1 to
$17; clover $9 to $10; oat hay, beat,
mixed. $10 to $12: alfalfa. $12 to
SALEM, 8epL 14. (Special.) Ac
cording to members of th 8tate Fair
board, the largest number of Port
land people ever assembled at tb
State Fair was recorded today when
all special trains reached thla city
from the metropolis. It la estimated
that the attendance on Portland day
will reach the 15.000 mark. On all
trains hundred of Portland people
arrived, and noceeded at once to the
fair grounds. In snit of the fact
fact that every available) vehicle and
streetcar waa placed in commission
to carry Portland peoole to tba fair
grounds, crowds of visitors wer com
pelled to wait their turn.
Long before the Portland trains ar
rived th crowd within the ground
waa larger than at any time yester
day. ' Several hundred Portland peo
ple arrived last night, and the hotels
and roomtng-houaee are filled to over-J
flowln. The Hotel sMrlon waa block
ed with guests, and many apent the
night In the lobby.
More Interest Is being taken In the
livestock exhibits this year than on
Portland day laat season. A soon as
the visitor arrived they mad haste
to the stock barns and Inspected the
ITocTfngfWnTCh the fiptalouTTnalfi
' Ion wu the of lntereit(
Parkers' showa also receiving a ahare
of tb attention of the vlsltora, while
the fair grounds restauranta wer do
ing a record-breaking business. Tb
visitors made the fair ground their
dining place. Instead of waiting In
town for their fare.
Franklin Organization To Glv Three
Parformances In Thla City.
Commencing next Monday the at
traction at Shlveley's Opera Hous
will b the Franklin Stock Company.
Tbla organization la one of the beat
In the West and I composed of th
highest of talent and those who go to
the theatre, to see excellent acting
win not be disappointed. The com
pany com to Oregon city after a
series of brilliant engagement and
th endorsement of th critic where
ever the company baa appeared, la In
Itself a sufficient guarantee of the
merit of tb entertainment Tb
player have been telected with un
usual car and th managera. Messrs
Crist and Bartholomew, bav spared
no expense In gathering together aa
fin a company aa ha aver played
thl part of th country. Tb play
"Dor Thorn," "Th Girl of th
Hill," and "Don't Tell Vty Wlrtf
torost of brt at all tlmo. h
comedy I wl blndd and amusing.
The nmeut la tor tbro porfornv
ances only. 8U will bo on slo at
Jon1 Drug Company. fYlday.
Husband k Divert.
Abandonment la charged by WH
iiam-u. McAteo. wboAaa fil ut for
divorce from Ivy McAieo. The r wjre
married In Parkersburg. W. Va.. Oo
to be; t. -
ftad tbo Morning Butorprla. -
CKaraotarlatU f the Ntw 8ida frills
f th aaaaan.
8UW frll.s will 1 .me f le luilr
tllnt lteua lu fall nkwer aud ar
uitt-le In two effevta-tlnwe fr wear
with taUored suits and tboae of a uor
dreiuy cbaraoter.
IJttl Umuet ol silver yai with rur
0es of fin lace falling over the balr
are very dainty and attractive.
High stiff collar are numerous ur
spite the popularity of th Dutch or
law nock.
- A pretty way to dn over a last year
Jacket la to ad. a deep aquaro collar
of some light material and po"1 covrr
(ha wltli a collar to match th suit cut
arrrooo raoc.
I la tb.rr deeo Dolnta. Thla I mor
dressy If the points sre flushed with
tassels and mor up to dnte for all
kloda of frtng nd tusaeU sre the
height of style.
checked material trimmed wih
pUln mn i0 jUBt as fuUln
ble ,nli wnter a, ti-y bnve la-en
tDe past aumiuer. The gowu II-
i,tritton abowa this tomlilimtlun
Tb blouse Is a very simple uffiilr
made In peasant atyle. Tb skirt all
gored, with th new slit front width.
Tbcae May Manton patterns are rut I
sit from 14 to 42 lnrhra bu't mraaurt
for tha waist and from 22 to JI ln li. t
walat measure for tha aklrt. Brnd 10 rami
each for tneae pattern to thl office. lv
In number, skirt 70. J and walat ium. and
thy will ba promptly forwardrd lo you
by mall. If In haate and an additional
two ert Ilamp for letter poataa-r. arlilcb
Inaura mor prompt dallvrry
Th Autu.nn Bridasmaida Ar Wairing
Lac Cap Outing Hata.
For- bridesmaid lai e cum are In
vogue. Tliey drop over the hair In soft
platted frills and are trim mod with
rows of silk or niouMMetlue flowers.
Soft felt hats for Ihe mountains com
In all the lovely shades of tlie present
fashion. Home or tuene ft-It are o
oft and ix-till fill In texture that they
look alnioHt like velvet.
Some of the hnmlaonieSt coatume
arc reversing the uhuiiI order of put
ting the It- tit fnbrtc hImiv the heavier
one and ni-e miiklnp skirts of conrse
heavy lac and tunic of aatlu. The
Russian blouse effect I liked for auch
purpow, A'd trlmPilntts ur put on a
flat a possible, unless they ar In th
hap of rufllea or pnffs, and then they
ar cnry.
Th new eklrta ar to b narrow and
atralght All walata ar still blgh. a
high In fact as tbey ever were.
, Simple loose coats ar the beat for
tlfly tot. Illustrated la a model that
may be made either with or without s
cape, and It Include aleeves that ar
comfortably loose though amartly cut
This Mar Manton pattern la cut la sis
for children of alx months, on a, tw and
four years of sse. Band 10 eanta to thla
office, glvtnt number, Tiot. and It will ha
promptly forwarded to you by mall. If in
haata eond an additional two eant stamp
for latter poatags, which hwura mor
iivmpi oaiivary. i
Money represent human powr. It
I of vital Important to you whether
It fore la irtd for or against you.
Money saved I your frUnd. ready to
help you when you need help moat
The Bank of Oregon City
R ft. LATOUaWm PfsaSaaat
CAPITAU t0.)O.0tt
TraaaMta a eirl whl olr..
Heart toHeart
rna -luby'a Miant laalhar shoe. Tlnd-
ar plaaaa raiura i --
tirlnted tu a
Chicago newapa.H.r. and hereby bang.
p. m .iv
I U BUiri aa iu
a tal of babj." grief
Tb mother tiik her lltil tlauiinrer.
Huth, on a Runduy rr a mr nut.
Ituth wore shiny UK! sh.e. whU b
loved a a. some babies U.v The
were the Iduls that she wrhllel.
Ruth's attention waa attracti-d to th
eunductor's bra buttotia. th trieo
to "niske frlentls" with tii conductor.
her metbiHl being t wsve.her feH.
And thus the tragedy.
The Iscee were Ittoaencd by Ituth'a
waving, aud one of the ! came off
At Aril neither Ihe baby )r the
mother discovered the Um. Th n th
former waa shocked lo nt ber hoe-
leaa foot A seen h was roado In the
rar. The shoo waa gne, aud the -by
cried bitterly. ;
n iw. r tflui'hwl rvrrt una.' siiio
the newspaper reamer. "I have bought
aa- """ "
Ituth a new pair, said Ihc nniner,
"but she 1 nt sntUned. I am afraid
w aball not find the mlaMtog "-
Of roura she was not aatlxni-d.
Whst Is a flue new doll beside th
loved and lost, the woru. shabby Peg
gy, disreputable to strsugvra, but dsr
to the heart of Ita chlldlb ownrrr
It takes tlm and hlloMohy and
sometime many tears to train tb
wounded tendril around a new objeii
of a (I cot Ion.
"Nonsense." says Scrooge.
"Much ado alut a bagMicll. Silly
sentiment, t lmt' all."
Kentluietit, yra. but not willy. I.lttls
Ttutb'a grief Is very resl to her. Tb
Scrooge ron has ton a? ago forgotten
that ever be was a baby. Ill memory.
Ilk bis soul. Is rallouxed,
Llfe Is largely made np of aeutlment,
except In the Oradgrtnd ami rVrooga.
Poor bsbyl
In babytand I no shield of philoso
phy to Intrrpoae and ssv from tb
poignant sorrow of a first !.
Wa grownup meet tb loaa of a sbo
with complacency. So utilitarian ar
we grown we prefer tb new one. And
w are hardened ao Ibat the loaa of our
immortal souls sometime give u leas
concern than tb loss of th shiny ho
to Itutb.
If the finder of thst little morcl
only knew how baby la dltreedl
Ordeal f Fir.
Throughout lb dark age of Xurop
an accused person bsd to carry a piece
of redhot Iron some distant- In bis
band or to walk tiltie feet barefooted
over plowshare at v-blt beat Tb
band or foot waa bound up and In
spected three daya afterward. It the
defendant bad escaped unhurt b waa
pronounced Innocent: If otherwise.
hie Uiasppssrtng Puis.
"My!" exrlalmed th doctor. "Yoo
have hardly any puis today r
"Well, don't you remember, doctor."
replied tho patient, "you took It wbeo
you w'r b,,r yUrday r - Tonkr
Thay Might Dlsappssr.
'Tou want lb pocket to ran no
ano oown. i upposeT" aald tu tailor.
air, mr irritonie customer r-
. 1 a ...a.
plied. "1 prefer atatlonsrv iMK-kata.
You may mak tb aliu perpendicular,
nowerer. urt,
First OatreieaV
Cl!atbenes. Athenian atatesman. In
troduced th custom of octraclsm and
waa the first to be banished thereby.
Every man takes care that hit
neiohhoT ahall not cheat him. But
a day comes when he begins lo take
care that he do not cheat hit neigh
bor. Then aL goes we.L He ha
chanted his market cart into a
chariot of the sun. Em mon.
..... nunmn panarn la cut in aSa
JM. snd It will ba promptly forwarded t
"""' " ,n hM, " a add
wZh ::L? ' lyttar poC
...way iromp aa.lVwTjr,
"",''n P":r la cut In sisa
fr0" Inchaa bust massurs. and
I U 0fflc' lf1v", ""nf. Till,
and It will ba promMlv forwardi
lb tm tfaa .
.1."!!". I1 ,n hMU uni sddlUonal
...... bhviv aiumpi aaiiTfir.
J..J1.IS aa .a
Aflmlnlntrttlon of in oth n
. ... riuini in WJ0,
Roam Kohaa.
Echoea In l.
Mm- k! : toou, nay mm.
r - ...v v O lira.
f. J. MCTBA. Cm,
OpN (roan A. M.
t f , n
Palronia our advanlsars.
Wants, For Sale, Etc
HeUaa aadar ikaa ttaaaina
will be Inaa 14 at aaa aaal a vara, g
InaarUoa. half eent a4ulai haat
ttnaa, tat barb ear. II aar MaauTul
ae ear. naaa si Bar avaiia. '
Caak aniMM aaraatftaar arSar anhaa) aM
ba aa aaaa amaal with laa aaaar. a.
tataaaial rawialbUllr tar arrarti akia
arrara aeour traa ewrrai aia wis H
aetata lor aatraa. auainiuai aaaraa Ua
WANTKD-lo ocor. ,o - ,
lection of all ort of curlot. a
ttqu. and Indlaa trinket; auapa
.tor. atamp ooiiectors; coioi tar
numismatists, arrow-bead for arta
ologlst. tfl. buy and Ml! all
sorts of curio; also all kta4i a!
second band furaltur aad toola
Oeorg Young, Main, Bear ruu
WANTZl-aaai aavartlaemtst a
tbla sohai
abi. Sa rata at bead of r
taad tb Morning Bntarprt,
WANTED You to kaow thai u k
lrprla )ob printing dapartmaat a
tb meat coraplBl la ta ttsu,
outald Portland. Try It for yew
ait prlatlag
mini - -t anm-arw i
won SALE.
FOR SAIJC Spar In tbla eolaaa
811 that old plow or barrow; yss
don't uaa It atnc you parch
your nw oa.
u.f-"- j. -as v- i i asaaaw
FARM IX1ANS Dlmick a Dtauea,
lawyer. Oregon City. Or.
O. T. VBT. Aoray-t-lsr. Msaw
lond.' abstracts ram laa. bat
tit baa siIb4. atat nii, p
ral law boat Over kk
Oregoa City.
taw. Dittarr aavwssi. wiu r
tie la all aourta aw
sad etHmata Offlo JJ
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