Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, August 19, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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ast Qf End
... ..J uiiim uli.
.na niS ffiwi""" -f - - r
,.U"nd all ""btr af the family
u olna d0 buy,n th,t w,, ,, h,m B,r"' our
,Ml u.'.r. arir avar thla week.
Remember this store
as the Ladies and Children;
SojpfniJon Bridge Cor. .
A Far Cupid,
L Bird- hire, young frllo
fiat i
V ill Edwards, ot Carua, was In tbla
oa rtfday.
Yn4 grhafer, of Molalla. waa In tbla
oa Friday.
loaro Irish, of t'nlon Hall, waa
ills rlty o business Friday,
Mr. icd Mr. Krnoat Ouenther, of
kbal, were In litis city Friday.
t Roenre Hint son, Charlie, of
Lter Creek, ere In this city on
Vilbolt iUro will leave tha Elactrle
iel ch day ut ; o'clock p. to. ,
t. H. Bnodgrass. of Mall do. waa
nurtlng liuoim-xa In thla city on
a Jonea. of Heaver Creek, ac
npanlfd by hla family, visited In
t rlty on Friday.
in. Frauk K hoenborn, wbo baa
a vlaltlnt. r-lnilves at Sbubel, haa
urtrd lo Oregon eiiy.
Mr. John WiMxlfin la iendlng a
Hs it tin- much of her atatcr,
xUC, Hn n, near Newport
Sty, you ninker! Nobel haa juat
died I'orio Rico ctgare:
ry fln; In lot to suit. lw
Mr. 8 M. (illlett loft Friday for
iiiboro, whore she will remain for
'ut lea day visiting relatives.
Win ElllRiwn. of Sherwood, waa In
! dty on Krldny. Mr. Elllgeen la
of tha proniimnt fnrmere of that
Mr. W. II shivery and daughter.
" Lille Thnti-her, went to Port
i Friday, whore thfy selected their
i pods.
Mlaa Redonlii Shaw and Mlaa Beryl
tor. bo h.iii the paat two weeka
Nawport. returned In riiaion r?ltv
pay afternoon.
Mr. Robert Imllon, of Uoldendale,
., na arrived n thla city, and
guest i,l Mr. and Mra. rY A.
Moy, her parents.
Mr. Frank .lagKar. of Cams, waa In
Mly on Kil.lay visiting ralaUea.
Km. MlrhHHl Kroll. of ClaJrraont.
M Ihla city on Friday.
l Helen (iloiimn hua raturnad
Nt three w.,.ka vlalt with Mra.
r. Mictlrlhv. of Ralnm. at her
"liner home near Independence.
m. Roy U'oiiilwart anit hah anil
.C, A- Baxtur and dauabter will
P' thla mornliiR for Nawport,
ft they win remain fr a waek.
'M Maud Woodward ta 111. and
r'inMa itnrn V.,.. .1.... .
t ,,. , mmri, ,uiq Anna
rt. will hava charge of her
' UI lollrlr ut i.k- ii.M.i -a
L, fc ali'aiaa aUlllal liurtl
it,V,CIM,r" on Aunuat 15th. 17th
Yard between Dnllaa and
"m. a. t tit....
d. m ami llllier, Mill
lw..eM.? Ipft rrWy nlng for
Fiend. iiraau ana omur
TM ' . .
nma ? .v0HpOu when nat,y clipped and properly filled In with tha
or tho candidate you wlah to vote for, will be countad aa one
Nlni of candidate
Cu " en,!.pon yoi er Au'giiat
-" run. , oeou
- . . . .
I lh to
Nominate M1aa..
dress " '-'
1 "omlnated by.
Addriu ........ " ' "
,lri"4 to r .t,on bUnk. whn properly filled In and brought or
'too votes V'",f,t Department of The Enterprlae will count for
' '"data. n,y on ot theee blanka will be credited to each can. . w
Season Sale
want la alaan ui all sue lum.
is for the Men as well
, Orrgoa City
Mr. and Mra. William Patera, of tbla
city, who haa been apandlng aeveral
weoka at Ocean Park, Waah . whore
they an joy ad the aaa air. have return
ed home.
Mra. T. P. Randall and daughter,
Velina, of tbla city, and Mlaa Nellie
Itoyd. wbo la vlattlna In thla city from
Portland, left laat nlaht for Heaaldo,
where they will apend a week.
fttaoley Wllllama, of Twin Falla,
Idaho, waa In tbla city tn Friday
the aueat of Meaara. Jonea and Kvana,
of tba Carua Creamery company of
Heventh atreei. Mr. Wllllama waa on
bla way home to I'tlca. N. y.
Dr. E. A. Boinmar, formerly of Ore
Ron city, baa moved hla offlca to 1017
Corbett bulldlnc. Portland. '
ProNraor C. F. Anderaon, who baa
been attending the aummer arhool at
the t'nlveralty of Oregon at Kugene,
returned to Orenon City on Friday af
termmh. Profeaaor Andaraon la one
of the eupervlaora of tba county.
Mra. O- D. Ety and two aona. Mar
ln and Kowland. who have ten vlalt
Ing with the former'a pa rent a, Mr. and
Mra. K. J. Moore, at Molalla. returned
to their borne In thla city on Tbtira-
day evening. They.were a.x-ompanled
to thla city by Mra. Kby'a alater. Mra,
Olive Foi. of The Dallea. and MUa
Ham Iter, a teacher of Kaalern Ora
Ron, who will vlalt Mr. and Mra. Eby
for aeveral day a.
Mlaa Jeaale Fouta and brother. D.
C. Fouta, of Bprlnawater. were In thla
city vlaltlng frlenda Friday.
Mra. M. Ladd left for Fortuna, fal.,
Tburaday evening at 8 o clock on the
Hteamcr Allanre. Mra. Tdd la '.
Iiig lo Fortune to lake charge of fie
milliner) erartment of the Fori una
Mercantile Company.
A. O. Mink, of Portland, waa In the
city on bualneaa Friday.
Owen llughea, wife and daughter.
if Beaver Creek, were In the city Fri
F. E. Parker, of Maple Lane, waa
In the city Friday:
J. T. Fullam. of nedland, waa In
Oregon City Friday;
The Oregon State Doanl of Health,
through Dr. Calvin 8. White, aecre
tary, haa laaued. an order prohibiting
the uae of public drinking cupa In
railroad tralna. In railroad atatlona,
achoola, etc., after September 1. The
order la aa followa:
. Whereaa, It haa been proven be
yond doubt that tne uae of'thu com
mon drinking cup la reenonalble for
the apread of many Infect loua and
contagloua dlaeaaea, particularly la
thla true of aurh dire dlaeaaea aa Con
many other; and that
Wbereaa, The aboltahment of what
la known aa the, common drinking
cup would be for the betterment of
the public health,
Therefore He It Reaolved. by the
Oregon Bute Board of Health that
the uae of the common drinking cup
on railroad tralna. In railroad ata
tlona, In the public and private
achoola. In all the educational Inatl
tutlona of the mate of Oregon la
hereby prohibited, from and after
September 1. 111.
That on and after thla data, no
peraon or corporation in charge or
control of any rallioad elation or any
railroad train, electric car or any pub
lic conveyance or In any public or
private achool or any atate education
al Inatltutlon ahall furnlah any drink
ing cup for public uae, and no auch
oeraon or corpo-atlon ahall permit
on aald railroad train or atatlon. or
on aald electric car or at aald public
or private achool or aald Ktae Inatl
tutlon. or on public conveyance, fhe
uae of tba common drinking cup.
pie Anneyanee.
The wife of a very Irritable landlord
In Ireland once received a letter from
a disaffected tenant warning her that
her hnaband would certainly be abot
but that nothing would be dona to In
jure or annoy ber In the least-London
Telfirrann. .
in urn.
. i
" ,,
w -....
PORTLAND, Aug. l.8pclal.)
The lkaverg had on their alugglng
toga today and overwhelmed the
Angela by a erore of 13 to I. Agnew
waa hammered out of tha box., Hevan
runa were mada by the botna team
In tba aeventh, the following being
the atory of the alaughter.
Krueger walka. Ifeltmuller makaa
a great one-handed catch of I'eckln-
peugna riy, running bark and grab
bing It off the right field fence. Krue
ger ateala aecond. Bhcehan double
to the right field fence, acorlng Krue
ger. Ryan walka. Murray jlnKlea paat
ahort, aendlng Bheehan V third and
Ryan to aerond and filling the hana.
Hleen hlta to Angew, who threw too
late to Abbott to catch 8hehun at the
plate, fhadboiirne alnxlea to right.
Ryan acorlng and on Heltmuller'a er
ror, Murray and Hteen aoore, Chad
bourne going to aecond. . Undaay foul
out to MeUger. Rappa awnta the ball
over ihe right field fence lor a borne
run. acorlng Chadbourna ahead of blm.
Krueger out, Delmae to gmlih. Seven
The reaulta Friday were aa followa:
Pacific Coaat league Portland 13.
Loa Angelea 2; Oakland 3. Vernon 2;
Sacramento 1, Ban Franrlaro 0.
Nortnweatern Ieaue Portland 1.
Vancouver 1 : Spokane 7, Tacoma I
Seattle 13. Victoria 3.
American league Boalon 9, le-
troit a; Cleveland 6. New York 4;
Chicago 7. Willadelphla $; Waanlng
Ion 3. Ht IiOula Z.
National League Itoaton B. Chlinco
2; all other games poatponed; ra'n.
Pacific Coast.
Won. liat. P C
Vernon .... 77 r.l .cr,S
Portland , , . 7 6 JA
Oakland .... 7.1 . C8 .519
Ban Francisco 73 CK .t.14
Bacramento .... .... Ut -7! .-47
Los Angelea SO 85 .197
Won. Ixwt. P.O.
Vancouver .... 76 4H .til.t
Tacoma 73 62 .r.Rl
Seattle 6fl .5 4. I
Bokane C5 59 .R2t
Portland 59 62 .48X
Victoria 30 98 .211
First Baptist Corner Main and Ninth
strecta. Rev. 8. A. Hayworth, pas
tor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:46
p. m. Sunday achool at 10 o'clock
Young People' meeting at
8 p. m.; evening service,
union nutting, in Scvonth street
park. At the morning aeivlce the
pulpit will be occupied by the Rev
8. P.-Davis, who because of failure
of health, haa not been engaged In
the active work of the ministry for
several years. He waa at one time
pastor in thla t-lty. Hla laat pas
tor waa In Philadelphia where be
waa located for about ulna years.
Cathollo Cor. -water ana Tenth 8 la.
Rev. A. Hlllobrand pastor, rea. 912
Water; Low Maaa I a. m with aer
mon; High Ms 10:30 a. m.; af
ternoon aervtce at 4; Masa every
morning at I.
First Congregational Church. Morn
ing aervlce at 10:30 o clock. Eve
ning aervlc at 7:45 o'clock.
Christ Sv. Lu in arm Cor. El (tub ana i.
Q AJamS . irreu. ' l av. r. Bchiuldt
pastor. ra. U J. Q. Adaaia; 8. 8.
k.iu a. ni : praachliisi atHnuuna of flrai
ami Ihlirf Huwtaya at 1:10 In Knsllah,
(bar Sunday aarvlcca mornings at !.
ariin nroai-lilna In Garman.
First Church of Christ. Scientist
Ninth and Center atreeta. Morning
aervlce at 11 ..o'clock. Wedneaday
evening meeting at o'clock. Read
ing room open wvery afternoon ex
cept 8unday from I to 4 o'clock.
Owman Rvangallcal Tor. Bltlh and
Maitiaun limn. Kv. V. WUvwlca paa
tor. rra. Til Madlaoa; 8. 8. 10 a m.,
Harman Bi-nradvr, alunrmi street, aupl.j
momlns aorvlce 11. yoing people at t
p. m. and ureai-hlng at I p. m. Praysr
tn rutins Wrdnraday at T:10 p. m.
Gladstone Christian Rev. A. H. Mul-
key, paator, rea. Gladstone. Sun
day achool 10 a. m., N. C. Hendricks,
aupterlntendent. Morning aervlce,
11 o'clock. Brotherhood services at
Mountain View Union (Cong.) 8. &
3 p. m., Mra. J. H. Qulnn, aupt.;
Bible Study every Tburaday after
noon. Methodist Main street cor. Seventh,
Rev. E. F. Zimmerman paator, rea.
cor. Sixth and Waahlngton; 8. 8.
9:45 a. m., C. A. Wllllama, Olad
atone, aupt.; morning aervlce 10:45,
Junior League at 3 p. ra. The eve
ning aervlce will be held In the city
park, In union with the other
churches of the city. -
Preabyterlan 8eventh atreet cor. Jef
ferson. Rev. J. R. Landaborough,
pastor. Rea. 710 Jefteraon; 8. 8. 10
a. m., Mta. W. C. Green, aupt.; morn
ing aervlce 11 a. in. Union
meeting In 8eventh atreet park In
evening at 7 o'clock, in charge of
the Presbyterian church; Y. P. 8.
C. E., 7 o'clock, leader, Ambrose
Parkplaca Cangngamnif Rev. J. T,.
Jonea pastor, rea. Clackamas; R. M. 10
a. m.. Bmery French eupt.s preaching
servlcea each Bunday. alternating be
tween 11 a. m. and T:S0 p. m Chris
tian Endeavor Thursday .evening 7:30
p. m.
8t Paul'a Rev. C. W. Robinaon, rec
tor. Dally aervlcei: Morning pray-
er, T a. m.; Holy Eucharist, 7:80 a.
m.. evening prayer, 7:30 p. m. Sun
day aervlcea: Holy Eucharist 8 a,
m.; morning prayer, 10:30 a. jn.;
Holy Euchartat and sermon, 11 a,
m.; evening prayer and aermon.
7:30 p. m.; 8. 8., It m. Thuraday
evenings, aermon at 7:30 o'clock.
United Brethren Cor. tdshth and Taylor.
Rev. I F. Clark naatnn rea. Ptrtlnd;
H. 8. 10 a. m.. rrank Pnrker, Maple
I-ane, supt i morning service It. T. P
8. C. K. t p. m.. evanlne service T.
Wlllsmette M. C No regular prearhlna
aervlcea. 8. 8. I n... m.. Mra. Reams
. aupt. .
Zlon Lutheran Corner Jefferson and
Eighth atreeta, Rev. W. R. Kraxber
ger paator, residence 720 Jefferson.
Sunday achool 9:80 a. m., Rev.
Kraxberger, auperlntendent. Morn
ing aervtce 10:30. Evening 7:45.
Luther League 7 p. m.
.The Mlaea Florence and Lena Ken
ner, of Rlaley, will leave Friday for a
week a vlalt with frlenda at Seattlo,
Dr. and Mra. Felblg and Mlaa Hon
ayman, of Chicago, 111., will apend tha
i..b'a nil af riond Can Inn.' Mlfc
Honeyman expecta to ascend the
mountain. ' . , ,"
Woman With a Revolver Proves
Her Superiority to Men Rivals
3hotoe by Aaaertoajt Preaa Aaaoolatloa.
WOMAN haa again proved her superiority to aaere man and In field
that aba seldom Invades. She haa abowa a a kill la shooting a
revolver that trouaered niarkaiuen could not equal. Mra. Chapman,
aa English woman, recently took part In a revolver match In the
eounty of Middlesex, England, and aba won the medal offered by the National
Revolver aaaoclatioa. Bbe was the only woman la the contest, and she bad a
aoore of mescaline competitors. The picture abowa ber aa aha took aim at a
target The other picture la of W. O. Raven, the champion revolver shot of
the world. Be waa not In the competition la which Mra. Chapman woo her
laurels or the result might have been different
Prof. Butler waa a visitor here Fri
day. He will return to tie parent'a
home and remain until school opens
In September.
George Horgan, ' pf Tualatin, was
here Friday. M a Wt Jo ls -brother
Charles Horgan and family.
Mra. William Cederaon spent Fri
day with her aiatera tn Portland.
Mr. and Mra. Alexander of Sixty
ninth atreet, Portland, were here Fri
day morning on bualneaa.
Mlaa KHgore and Mlaa Cook were
Portland visitors Friday.
The Portland Railway Company la
putting aand and gravel In front of
the atatlon.
Dr. and Mra. J. H. McArthur apent
Sunday with West ley McArthur at
Ridgefleld, Wash.
' Dr. H. M. Russ. of Montaville. la
vlaltlng hla daughter Mra. E. C. War
ren, .
Mlaa Anna Kuka waa given a bli to
day surprise August 13, at her homo
at Courtney. The gueata were escort-
ed to the river and on the return to
the home refreshments were aerved
and a ploaaant afternoon apent
Mlaa Honeyman. of Chicago, ill., a
cousin of Dr. Felblg, la spending the
summer here.
The Girls' Band la practising Tues
days and Friday. They play for the
Grange at Damascus on August 26.
Mi", and Mrs. Emmona and litre
son went to Washougal. Wash., Fri
day morning, to apend the golden
weddlns- of Mr. Emmona parents, re
turning home Friday evening.
Dr. McArthura aunt from Canada,
is visiting her relativee here and also
In Ridgefleld. Wash., and Portland.
Mra. McArthur and Mra. J. H. Ms-
Arthur were Portland visitors Friday
Mrs. Chambers haa- been entertain
ing Mlaa Parkhlll from Toronto, Can
ada. Mra. Bill Spldell and two children
were Portland vlaltorg Friday.'
Rev. J. D. Corby, of Portland, held
aervlcea In the grove at Kelso laat
Mlaa Ellen Jarl. or Portland, la
ependlng her vacation with relative
Mlaa Minnie Llndholm waa home
vlaltlng laat week. .
R. E. Jan. our prosperoua ana very
buy merchant, left 8unday for a two
weeka' vacation. He will vlalt Salt
Lake City, Utah, while away
Ed. Hardea haa returned to George
to start the threshing machine thla
Grain harvesting la the order of the
day here at preaent -
John Nelaon la preparing to move to
Orient thla week, where he haa pur
chased a half Interest In a grocery
A number of Kelso people have been
over to Bull Run looking over the
Improvementa there.
Mra. Melnke, of Eagle Creek, waa
In Kelao laat week vlaltlng frlenda.
Chaa. Burkhardt and companion, of
Barton, called on Joel Jarl Sunday.
Johnamd a mill haa closed down.
Grandma Bottemiller la out from
Portland to visit ber. eon and family,
W. H. Bottemiler, for a abort time.
Mr. Bergman la atacklng oata.for
Mr. Bottemiller.
Mr. Bottemiller la cutting oata for
Mr. Larklna on Monday.
Mr. Haag went to town Monday,
Mlaa Mary Marshall. la back home
from Oregon City. ,.
Mr. Marshall la cutting grain on hla
other place In Highland.
Mra. M. Bottemiller and family at
tended a reunion laat Sunday in Ore
gon City, given at Mra. Emma Thom
as' reaidence and aerved with a big
dinner at noon and la the afternoon
they had anto rldee and they all en-
Joyed It fine for they have not seen
each other for yeara and thoae who
were preaent ware Mr. August Bot
temiller and aor Albert from Ridge
fleld, Waah.
Mr. and Mra. W. H. Bottemiler and
family, Mlasee Ida and M.iry, Edwin
Claudius and Kenneth, from Clark ea;
Henry Bottemiller and ton, Wealey,
and Mlsaea Laura and Esther, from
Sell wood; Mr. and Mra. Ed. Botte
miller and family, Harold, Charlie,
Clarence and Olive, from Bel I wood;
Mr. and Mra Emll Bottemiller and
daughter, Doris, from Portland; Mrs.
Lena Keller and son, Fred, and daugh
ter, Florence, from Mllwiukle; Mrs.
Mary Galnard. from Mllwaukle, Mrs.
Emma Thomas and eons, Gilbert and
Herbert, from Oregon City, Mr. and
Mra. Howard Andrews, from Wood
stock; Mr. and Mra. Dave Bottemil
ler and aona, Arthur and Everett, from
Oregon City, Mlsa Dora Kholhaae
from Bertha, Minn.
Mra. H. Frey, of Camp ldleawhile,
celebrated her sixtieth birthday Sun
day, Aug. 13. A number of old frlenda
and some of the young people were
invited In and a very pleaaant day
waa apent. Mr. and Mra. M. Keiaeck
er were among the old frtnda prea
ent John Krueger, of Portland, waa a
guest at Camp ldleawhile Sunday.
A surprise party waa given in hon
or of Mlaa Flossie Helghton at Camp
Workawhlle Friday evening.
J. H. Aldiich, of Portland visited
hla daughter, Mra. Vernon Miller, aev
eral daya laat week.
Mr. and Mra. Earn Kruae, of Staf
ford, apent Saturday and Sunday with
the EUtnga family.- ' "
Frank Elllng was on the nick list
laat week.
Mr. and Mra. Helghton, Mr. and
Mra V. Miller apent a fw days In
the mountains picking blackberries
laat week.
Mr. and Mra. D. D. Searls, who have
been spending a few weeka at Bright
wood, are spending a few daya at E.
Oregon'a Popular Beach Resort
- An ideal retreat for . outdoor paa
tlmea of all kinds. Hunting, Fishing,
Boating, Surf Bathing, Riding, Auto
ing. Canoeing, Dancing - and Roller
Skating. Where pretty water agates,
moss a galea, moonatonea, carnelana
can be found on the beach, pure
mountalu water and the beat of food
at low prices. Fresh fish, clama, crabs
and oysters, with abundance of vege
table of 111 kinds dally.
Camping Grounds Convenient and At
tractive. e
wth strict sanitary regulationa
from all polnta In Oregon, Washing
ton and Idaho oa sale dally.
from Southern' Paclflo polnta Port
land to Cottage Grove; alao from all
CAE. atatlona Albany and weat
Good going Saturday or Sunday and
for return Sunday or Monday.
Call on any 8. P. or C. aV E. Agent
for full particulate aa to fares, tralna,
achedulea etc.; A'ao' for copy of oux
tlluatratad booklet.Y"Outlng la Ore
gon," or write to V ,v t
Vm. McMurray
Portland Oregon,
''ve"7 '-2-v " TTU
THERE is a difference between fresh
canned goods and old stock. Only the
newest is the best-having that delicate natur
al flavor of the fruit, or vegetables. Know
ing this, we buy only from factories which can their goods lm- '
mediately after they are picked or grown factories which
are known to work under conditions of perfect cleanliness.
You may rely absolutely on oar good a. We keep a large
. variety rather than an extensive stock constant renewal be
ing our policy. Next time you nse our canned goods note tne
fresh, natural taste the character of them all.
Prfces this week are reasonable see the following!
Corn, can
Tomatoer can
Psas, can
...10c and 15c
...10c and 15c
. 15c and 20c
J. E. SEELEY, Grocer
Oregon City - Weinhard BUg
' Spend Youf Vacation
The Pacific Ocean.
First claaa hotels, cottages and camps at Seaside and Gearhart
THE North Bank Road
Runs fast tralna through to the Beach parlor observation cara and
modern coaches.
$4.00 dally, season limit 33.00 Saturday and Sunday, limit Monday.
Special folder will be aent on request
W. Coman, G. F. & P. A, 5. P. & S. Ry.;
3 ALEM, September 11-16, 1911
D. Hart'a. ,
' Mr. and Mra. Anton Malar apent
Tuesday and Wedneaday In Portland.
Mlaa Fredeika Elllng ha returned
to Portland after a two weeka stay at
their aummer home near Flrwood.
Herman Radlbuach, of Sandy, spent
Sunday at Theo. Koenlcka'a.
Will Bell, of Sandy Ridge, and Mlaa
Alt made a trip, to the mountaina Sun
day, L. Prldemore'a mother, of Seattle,
Wash., and an aunt and niece of Salt
Lake City, UUh, are visiting at Three
Mlea Gladya Glee son, who haa been
vlaltlng Marie Koenlcka the paat few
weka, haa returned ,to her home In
Mr. and Mra. E. D. Hart, Miss Searla
and A. C. MlUlron drove lo Bull Run
Chaa. Berthold la vlaltlng at O.
Mr. and Mrs. Earn Kruae and Mra.
F. Elllng and daughtera visited John
Murphy, of Welches', laat week. Mr.
Murphy haa been 111 for some time.
Homer Ballou, of Eagle Creek, vis
ited at Geo. Kelaecker'a Sunday.
Hule Caasedy and Homer Ballou
went to Brlghtwood the first of the
. Several farmers are ready for the
thresher. '
The Molalla bridge Is undergoing
repalra aa It la badly needed. Mr.
Harnack'a threshing machine could
not be taken across only In aectlona,
so It became necessary to have' It
condemned to heavy traffic and closed
for repairs. . .
Miss Lucy Mitts, who has been
working at New Era, has returned
Mrs. L. L. Irwin and daughter. Hat-
Richards & Prtngle'a
8eata on sale at Jonea Drug Co.
Reeervad Seats 75o and 50 ;o Chil
dren 25c
Sunday, Aognst 20
tie, of Barlow, visited at Mra L.' E.
Armstrong's one day last week.
. - Mra. Armstrong, of Washington la
visiting her. mother-in-law, MrsAU E.
rorresi jjumon, 01 aioiana, apeni
a pleasant time at Jim Mltt'a laat
Wednesday night and Thursday, .
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Rlggs and
grandchild spent Friday afternoon at
Jim Mitts'; sir ...
Beana, can
Asparagus, can
Sweet. Potatoes,