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I . ftW days are almost giving eur oxfords and shoes
J During aur annual CLEAN-UP SALE wi ara giving bsrgal
shots tn Win up wwr siwh in nwrry,
ne In
See Our Bargain Shoe Window
tfsprailoa Bridge Cor. Oregon City
til rV 0,y Weede.
A. Miles went to Damascus on
Volt Dullard, of Logan. n in
Uv on Friday.
ami Mr. Took, of Mutlno, were
em City. Friday.
k Keorge llollman, of Beaver
k. aa in Ibla city on Friday.
It jars at coat at Rigger A Bon'a
ry. Bevenm atreet.
Hart. if Oraion City, made a
iu '.rip 10 ti'ii n rrinu.
ft, Gourhrr, of Mullno , waa In
rlty visiting friends on mday.
Dltiirb and aon, Ilarman. ot
ado. were In Ibla city on rn-
Frank Bullard. .who recently
d tu Redland. waa In tola city
lyde DrUroll, of Union Mllla, waa
kicllng bualneaa In Oregon Uy
M. .
ink llartlctt Water. Bold by an
i, gror.rlra and druggists.
B. Wler. of Murder. 8ou(h Dsko-
kss In thla rlty on Thuraday and
lonard l-ageson has gone to Walla'
Da, Waiib., where ba baa accepted
R. II. Miller baa gone to Wll
ahere ha will vUH for a week
i-n lays ,
H. Cwiit nit u Friday wru
for Carus. where ha apent tba
on Mi ranch.
knry Rtelner, of Heaver Creek, one
he prominent realdenta of that
waa In thla city Friday.
pn Just'n went to Woodburn
ualnesa Friday, returning to Ore-
Ci '7 .Tiitiy evening.
ir. and Mra. Follenabea. who have
enjoying an outing at Newport,
1 relumed to Oregon City.
thorlna Cavanaugh, of Uhvllle.
, aa In thla ci.y on Friday and
ered al the Electric Hotel.
you eat bread whr not set Royal
par The beat that moner can
at Harris' grocery. -ra.
MrCllntork, wlfa of the Rev,
Unlock, of thla rltr. la 111 at tha
ny home near Mountain View.
enry Hoere. one of tba well known
mora of Heaver Creek, waa tren-
mg business in thla city on FT
Hall, of Rock wood, waa In thla
on Wednesday evening, having
io suenn me counau meetlnc.
Mng one of the Oregon City coun-
n. Mr. Hull ! now In hualneaa
h - -
fiM.CInra Mltrhen will leave thla
'ling for gundv where aha will
Ind Hunday with her parenta, Mr.
Mra. Mitchell, and will ba ae
pnld home ,y her aleter. Gladys,
! vihh here Tor a week.
I" K A flnmn... ..1- - n.
... .....iivl, U UIVI i VI
CltV. ham nmwait tila in tfllf
f ouiidlng. Portland.
ii H in and Mra. J T. Annarann.
. . . -' -fr
r ii ireo Hrnett and Mlaa Ethel
l ifii on Thuraday morning for
" in ine Apperaon autornoblla.
7 Will vlalt man nf tha rltlea
the way and wlll'ba gona bot
P weelia
coinpanylng tbam to remain two
weeka at tha Ilacha cottaga.s j ,
WUbolt ataga will leave tba Clacirlc
Hotel each day at I o'clock p. uX ,
Mlaaea Cella and Uerlha fjoljamltb
lefon Friday evening for Ban Fran
rliio, "where they will attend the mil
Unary Jlaplaya. and will alao purrhaaa
their' fall Block. Ilafure returning to
Oregon City tbey will vlalt their
brother, Charlaa, at Bacratnento, and
alater, Mlaa Lena, of Ban Franclaco.
During tba Mlaaea Ooldamltb'a ab
Beuce, their bualneaa will be In
charga of Mlaa Anita McCarver.
lellcaeaen: L. A. Notile. 714 Main
afreet, baa Juat received from Wlaoon
aln 2,000 pound new cheeae, craam,
Bwlaa and llnmurger. Fine for lunch.
O. F. Johnaon, deputy aaaeaaor,
who baa gone to Btevena' Hot Bprlnga,
Wuab.. on bualneaa. will return to
Oregon CHy on Monday morning. Mr.
..Ih.r.ln.l.w. It 1 Hel.
frlch. haa been undergoing medical
treatment at tba Hot Bprlnga Sani
tarium, and haa returned to Oregon
City, but there la no Improvement
In bla condition. Ha will remain
here for aoveral weeka before pro
ceeding to bla noma at Dnd.
ThcmaB J. Mr era, Mra. Myr, Kent
WlliMin and M aa Eva Al'Jredo will
uo to Milalla Mtnday to ainnd ten
layB. Mr, liyere ex porta to devote
moat of bla time to hunting 3rd flan
!ng. Va nivld Caufleld haa teturnol
from Foreal drove, where aha vlalte
Mr. W, M. Proc jr
John AWiander. of nerkeley t'nl
veralty, and Howard Itlgler, of the
I'nlverBlly of Oregon, vlalted C. E.
Latourette Friday,
Tlarney Short, of Maple I-ane, wa
lu the clt on bualneaa Friday.
P A. Tllllmun m-A.mA
ning fnr Powell River. D. C, wbera
nl accented a nnaltlon with tha
T mllla. Mra. Dlllman will leava
n r hnaband. .
Pft l : ' ...
J - -. uuy angar now. ira aura to
"Jjwr, 17 pounda for 1, beat gran-HarrlB-
frr R. I at.. .... j .
uwnw alia iwu uuiuiiii,
nenrinla mA iniHu uM
h4a.n" nd M," B611 Lon ,'ft
...r wewportr where tbey will
"7 tba mam
Lrt.L '""y make their haad
rr, at the Ocean View Houae.
I J. Tobln and' two children,
"n anil u.... .nt - -
lima, I 'l"Jr- wi iTf ior inair
"'n na been vUltlng her mother
i onnertlpii n. .v.. .
?JJ-. and will bring with her her
Jnn, who haa been vlaltlng
"d cofree and tea la ouf ' hobby.
7 Our iRn . j ,
I tL. ana gin lea. van I
f t. Harrla grocery.
''Oar Wood fin .h. k.. .
n Beach, Waah., the guat of Mr,
A Mra nr mm -
i w, iiacne, reiurnea io
l "n uty on Thuraday avenlng.
nllv returned to their
i,P4, homt '- 'w y.
jj n t0 r"turn to Umg Beach the
or net week, Mr. Woodfln ao-
ial). Ban Franclaco took another
tame from Portland today, tha arore
being 7 to 4. Beaton waa In poor form
and the borne team banged out 13
hlta. Melkle alao pitched poorly, al
lowing nine aaftlea. It waant an ex
citing game for the Bele led from the
atart They gathered In three In the
firat. The Iteavera got two In the
fourth, one In the fifth and one In
the aavauth- San Franclaco got two
In the fifth and two In the seventh.
The renulta Friday follow;
Pacific Coaat League 8an Fran
claco 7, Portland 4; Vernon . Ia
Augelea I: Bacramento S, Oakland 2.
Northweatern league Portland 4.
Victoria 0: Vancouver S, Taeoma 3;
Seal tie S. Spokane Z.
American League Philadelphia 5-5
St. Loula 11: Waahlngton 1-S. Chlca
go 0-2 ; lloaton 7, Detroit I; Cleveland
10. New York 3.
National League Plttaburg 6. New
York 6; Cincinnati-Philadelphia game
poBtponed, rain; no other gamea
Paelf o Coaat.
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with bla getting started at reorgani
sation. That waa the and of all work
Claaton aver gave n to do or al
lowed me (o do. aeked for work
on all occaalona to which there ara
many wltneaaea. I aaked for a chance
to handle the flah-cultural records, to
ba allowed to take up Inveatlgatlona
and to tie allowed to visit the ata
llona. e let me vlalt Bonneville
after he had done ao without taking
me but that waa all. When I aaked
to vlalt other atatlona be said the
men would quit If I did ao. I aald
then aend me and If tbey do It will be
up to the Commission to straighten
things out; but ne wouldn't dare. .
On July 5 tba Commission, with
Flnlev, Clanton and myself, started
out on the Houthem Oregon trip. I
waa ordered to go and thought I
would , be called on for Information
relative to proponed hatchery sites,
etc. On the trip I waa asked for no
advice concerning any of the places
vlalted. attempted to talk to sev
eral members of the Commission, but
waa not allowed to do ao. I have
never talked concerning fish-culture
with a single member of the Commis
sion. I have talked some little with
some of them concerning kinds of fish
and hablta of some kinds. When It
cornea to claaalflcatlona of sdacIm.
that la not flab-culture and I am but
a layman. While on that trip I sub
mitted to Indignities that no gentle
man would ask of any one. I' did
thla almply through determination to
prove that my atand bad been rlxbt
and honest and to show beyond dis
pute that I had not been and waa
not the trouble breeder.
When the Commission vlalted the
fells at Oregon City I took the liberty
of asking tha rif.vartiinant'a rfprflnll
W. ' U P.C.
Portland M il -550
Vernon .69 56 -552
Oakland .... 67 62 .619
Ban Franclaco 62 64 .692
Bacramento ... 69 64 .4X0
Loa Angelea ..... .. 61 76.402
Tacoma . .
Spokane ..
Seattle ...
Portland .
Victoria ..
. . . 66
..' 29
Orange Meats Today. '
The Maple Lane Orange will hold
a meeting at the .Grange Hall today,
when the third and fourth degreoa
will be conferred on aeveral candl
datea. " A dinner will - be - served -at
T. E. Huxley and Ida L. Huxley to
L. H. Durd, 40 acree of- aeetlon 36.
township 3 south, range 4 eaat; II.
r. F. Hesseltlne to Fred liar
greaves, aouthweat quarter of north
west quarter of aeetlon 8, townahtp 6
aoutb, range 3 eaat; $1,
Oeorge M. Shaver to Laura E.
Shaver, land In Boardman'a Addition
to Jennings Lodge; $1.
M. 8. B. Lawton, Ward Law ton and
Helen Lawton to Carl W. Joehnke,
and Helen Joehnke, tract 24, Lawton
Heights; 1760.
George H- ElHceen and Katberlne
Elllgaen to Clackamas county, land In
n. H M Inkier D. L C. Including 63.21
acrea of aeetlon IS, townahlp 3 south,
range 1 eaat; $1,
Frank Reea- to Maxwell Telford,
land In section 8, township 4 south,
rangsj 3 eaat; 360.
"feuaene Damoura and Mary C- Da-
moure to E. B. and Ida M. Holmea, 40
acrea of aeetlon 80, townahlp 4 aputh.
range 3 Mat; $2,400. .
Joalah and Amelia Martin to James
Shepherd, lotg 1 and 3 of block 3,
Windsor; 31.
Joalah Martin and Amelia Martin to
James Bhepherd, lota 3, 4, 5, of block
Wlndaor; $1,000. ,
George. W. McBride and Laura W.
McBrlde to Ora E. Knight, land in
Clackamas county; $10. T
. - - . .. i, t ,
Read the Morning Enterprise.
tatlve to be present, believing that
nia Knowledge or local conditions
would be valuable and feeling In visit
ing bla borne town the courtesy waa
due him. He did not feel be could
come unless asked by tbe Commis
sion, 'so that he would know tbey
wanted blm. I approached one mem
ber of the CoinmliMlon who waa not
Interested and aald he waa not the
prealdent of the Commission. I aaw
the prealdent. who regretted he had
been thoughtless enough to overlook
the matter and auggeated that I try
to get him. After seeing tbe consid
eration given him I regretted having
taken any part In the matter.
Dismissal la Kept Quiet
With, my dismissal the matter waa
kept entirely out of th papers. One
of the Commissioners happened to
paaB through Medford ahortly there
after. A Medford pap-r and I think
the one edited by a defeated aaplrant
for a position on the Commission was
the first to have the news. Economy
was the reason given. Why did they
not tell me It waa economy?
Now as to economy do tbe sports
men those who pay for the anglers'
and hunters' licensee know that their
money eupuorta a puullclty depart
ment. I have aaked a representative
of one of the great dallies In Port
land If they would not gladly print
news covering tbe accompiianmenta
of the fish and game departments
statementa of what haa been done
and what Is being done, and If they
would not be willing to aend a re
porter to get auch new a. I waa In
formed tbey would and take It for
aranted that any of the papers will
do ao. In face of thla known atti
tude on the part of the press It haa
aeemed necessary to employ a pub
licity man to tell the huntera and
fishermen and farmers not ao mncn
what haa been accomplished aa what
may be accomplished. It ' la not a
newspaper man who la employed, but
a publicity man LwieM. - rieao
the man who wrltea the "Bay Ocean"
advertisements, etc. Aa to tbe real
purpose of auch work those Interested
will have to draw their own conclu-
slona aa I have done. Take the Eve-
nlng Telegram of July 23 and The
Oresonlsn of July 23. Remember that
Head wrote The Telegram article and
part of what waa In The Oregonlan
and decide If It la a caae or build
Inc un the flab, and game Interests or
of building up. an Impregnable per
sonal machine. 1 In reading over the
great amount of such matter In The
Oregonlan of the aaje menuonea, re
member that "State Superintendent
of Hatcherlea Wiener" did not aelect
any site on Spring Creek and did not
discuss the matter with the Commis
sion. That at a banquet In Klamath
Falls he almply stated without any
authority from the Commlaslon that
the alte "could be developed In a
doen waya." RemembeV alao that
"State Superintendent of Hatcherlea
Wiener" and "United 8tatea District
Warden O'Malley" were not conault
ed relative to, the flah way at the falla
In Oregon City by R.JD- Clanton.
maater flah warden, and aee bow
much real newg you bave..
Canoe Tiltintf and Water Push
Ball Are Summer Resort Sports
i '
. t "v. 'jZi 7
Fbotoa by American Preas Association.
ANOE tilting, a variation of a sport popular In medieval times, bas been
revived at summer resorts. Tbe conteatanta ride In canoee instead of
on boreee. Armed with long poles instead of lancea. tbey try to upset
tbelr opponents juat aa knlgbta'of old tried to upset their rivals.'. Aa
the upneta are frequent tbe conteatanta wear bathing suit ao that no damage
la done, and they have only to right their canoes and climb aboard again to be
ready for another encounter. Water puah ball la another game that la popular.
It la tbe same aa posh ball on the ground and la very simple, consisting of one
aide trying to force the huge globe In one direction, while the other aide tries to
posh It tbe other until a goal la reached. The pictures of canoe tilting and
water pneb ball shown above were made at the Larchmont Yacht etnb on Long
Island sound. Tbe other picture abows a game of puah ball aa played by tbe
etudenta at Colombia college. New York.
Delightful Entertainment - Given at
Home of Mra. Hendricks.
About 60 of the ladlee of the Chrle
tlan church of Gladstone met at tbe
borne of Mra. N. C. Hendrlcka at Rlv
ervlew, Parkplace, for an all-day
meeting, and to attend to the regular
business of the society. Arrange
menta were made for a "awap" aoclal
to be held at Gault'a ball on Wednea
day, Auguat tr One of the feature of
the day waa the dnnner, whlch.had
been provided by the Isdlee. This
waa partaken of at noon. The Mia
alonary Society began Ua meeting at
3 o'clock, the Rev. A. H. Mulkey con
ducting the devotional exerclafa, and
Mra N. C. Hendrlcka conducting the
business session. Rev. Mulkey epoke
on "The Life of Jacob Kenoly, of Af
rica." Mra. Cartmel introduced Mlsa
Weybur.i, a vlaltlng missionary, who
apoke ery entertainingly on "Eaat
ern Women n Eastern Landa."
Before the departure of the women
for their homea their picturea were
taken on tbe lawn, wmcn win oe -remembrance
of one ot the most auc
cesaful mcetlnge ever held by the
Ladles' Aid Society of the Chrlatian
church. There were about 60 in at
tendance, many ot wnom were irom
Parkplace. . ' -
Davis Marries Couple.
M-y Koenlg and J. F. Koenlg were
married at the Baptlat parsonage on
Friday afternoon. Owing to the ab
sence of the paator,' Rev. 8.-A. Hay
worth. Rev. 8. P. Da via performed the
ceremony. ' x
The Teat
Madge 1 refused Jack eight tlmee
before flnaDy aaylnf "yea."
Ethel Why did you change yonr
Madge-I didnt I waa merely aee
Ing If he would change bla.-Boaton
Transcript V , .
pauonne our advertlaera. .
Streetcar patrons have noticed for
several aya tha conductora carrying
In their hands red tickets with some
considerable printing upon them.
Many have wondered what these mis
sives were for, and anon Inquiry the
conductor baa Informed the. patron
that they are tlcketa to the annual
picnic of the carmen who are banded
together under the name of the Broth
erhood of Electric Railway Employes.
He tendera one of the tlcketa to the
Inquirer at the price of ten cents,
which will admit the bearer to The
Oaka. A program baa been arranged
for next Thuraday, consisting ot vaud
eville stunts and numerous other
thlnga which will lead to a happy
Th recelpta from tbe sale of tlck
eta are placed In tne alck benefit fund
of the aaaoclatlon. In Portland the
brotherhood haa a membership of
1,400. It takes care of Its sick mem
bers by giving a benefit of $10 a week
for twenty-alx weeka, l.f necessary,
and alao levies an aaaeaament which
amounts to $1,000 for, each death.
The annual picnic' haa been a
source of profit to tbe brotherhood,
and Manager Cord ray not only do
natea the use of The Oaka for the
occasion, but tbe company contributes
$500 toward the expenee of holding
the picnic. The entertainment com
mittee haa been working for eorae
time to arrange a program which
will be worth many times the ten
cents charged, and an attendance of
from 15.000 to 20,000 la anticipated. -The
public la cordially Invited to
Inveat Ita spare change In a ticket or
two to help ao worthy a cause.
Mra. Klrbyson Elected Prealdent of
' The Splrltuallstf campmeeting, In
session on tha grounds at New Era,
will close on Sunday evening. Thura
day waa ladles' day, and there waa a
large attendance. Several prominent
women apoke. A cbicKen dinner waa
served at noon. v
The election of officers and bual
neaa session waa held by the Wo
men's Unions at 2 o'clock. The fol
lowing were elected to aerve for the
ensuing year: Prealdent. Mra. George
Klrbyson: vice-presiaeni, Mra. con-
don, of Portland; aecretary. Mra. L.
Irwin, of Barlow; treaaurer, Mra. uoi
llns. of . Portland. ' In the evening
"The Old Malda' Convention" waa pre
sented, and there waa a large and en
thusiastic audience. Dancing follow
ed in the auditorium.
Pleasant '
L Child Mamma, what la a common
Mother A common person la a per
son that we do not aaaot-late with.
Why do you sk T '
Child-Tnuw Mr. Nextdoor said you
was a coMiniiiii tTon -
Mrs. Howtett la ateadlly Improving
and we hope she will soon regain
her usual good health.
H. 8. Gibson, having received word
thai hla half-brother, Albert Garrett-
eon, waa very 111, left laat Friday for
San Jose, cat., wnere ne win apena a
few days with his brother and family.
Mr. and Mra. J. P. Woodle, Mr, ana
Mra. Ray Woodle and Baby Leslie.
Myrtle, Nettle and Joey Woodle vla
lted with Mr. and Mra. Guy Woodle,
of Dover, Sunday.
Mr. Clark baa started out with his
hay baler and la baling for those farm
era' who wish their hay baled.
Mr. Jones bad some hay baled on
Fd. Douglass waa vlaltlng In the
Molalla conntry over Sunday. -
Walter and Will Douglass and Peter
Paul Peschel have gone to the moun
tains on a hunting and Ashing expedi
tion. ... ..
Noah Stingier, Ben Jaaquea, Ben
Anderson and a man who la .staying
at Mr. Wllbern'a, have gone on a ten
daya' Jaunt upon the Clackamas.
Mlsa Bins Douglass waa calling at
the borne ot H. G. Huntington laat
Thursday afternoon.
Mra. Murphr called on Mrs. How
let t laat Tueaday afternoon.
E. E. Elliott and wife were np to
Jones' Saturday evening.
The Roberta boys were working for
H. Q. Huntington.
Mrs. ITdell and children apent Sun
day with James Gibson.
Hazel Drlscol. of Portland, spent
Thuraday and Friday with Hazel Mul
len, s
Judge Kelso waa In Oregon City
on bualnesa Wedneaday.
Tbe Alumni aaaoclatlon met at
Crystal Lake Park Friday evening.
An interesting program was given.
Refreshments were served and gamea
Indulced In ill! a late hour. .
Muril Lakln was taken seriously III
Tuesday evening, but waa some bet
ter Wedneaday morning.
Dorothy and Mar gory wiaalnger are
visiting their aunt, Mrs. Charles Bell,
of Hood River.
A. L. Harper opened a butcher ahop
In tbe O. Wlaslnger building Auguat
Tbe aide walk In front of the grange
hall waa finished laat Wednesday by
the men members and tbe ladlea fur
nished the dinner.
Mra. Jennie Davis, who went to
Aberdeen, Wash., la 11L She will re
turn home aa soon as ahe la able-.''
Claud Rider, of Portland, purchased
the Fred Roberta cottage on tbe Fos
ter road and wilt move hla family In
thla week. Mra. Maggie Johnson made
the eale.
A daughter, waa born to Mra. Row
ley, of Qulncy addition. ' -
Fred Piper la building a bungalow In
tbe Shlndler Kerr tract. . '.
Clarence and Marcua Maple went
to Canby Saturday, staved all night
with their uncle, W1U Maple, and on
Sunday morning they walked to tbe
Molalla river to flah. They were
caught In the rain and fonnd only
Mr. Kane, of South Dakota, who re
cently purchased two acrea of John
Scott, la building a two story dwelling
and rushing the, work ao as to get
his family aettled before school com
mences. '
-Glen and Ruth Elking were vislt
lfigT. E. Maple In Portland Monday.
Mra. J. C Elklna la ill. 8 he la plan
ning a trip to the beach In a few days.
Mra. Williamson and Mra. Orr, of
San Diego, Cel., were vlaltlng Mrs.
Maggl Johnson .Tuesday.
Hazel Wyman, of Gladstone apent
Friday evening with Mrs. Ella Maple.
Grading atreeta In the Strelb addi
tion la being done slowly.
Sam Alexander rftrd family went on
a picnic to the Sandy River Bunday
with the Order of the Knights of the
Sam Alexander and Roy Blackerby
were Milwaukle visitors Wednesday.
Charles Douglass, of Dufur, Oregon,
spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mra.
E. C. Warren.
A flr destroyed the house of Jay
Upton at Risley station, Tueaday
morning. A gasoline stove exploded
and atarted the blaxe. All the furni
ture waa burned and everything de
atroyed, only a few plecea of allver
ware were aaved. Mra. Upton waa
away from home.
The Methodtat Sunday echool held
a picnic on the river Wednesday af
ternoon. ' ' l'
Iaaao Hill and wife, of Courtney,
returned home from the beach Tuea
day. -
M. Montgomery and wife are mov
ing to Albany, Oregon.
Earl Suter, John Weber and Floyd
Hanaon went for a two weeks' outing
near Ranler, Oregon.
Dr. H. N. Rubs, of Montavllla, la
visiting hla daughter, Mra. E. C. War
ren. '
. Mlsa Laura Warren, of Baker, Ore
gon, la vlaltlng her mother, Mra. M.
Warren and brothers and alater. -
Mr. Mitchell baa opened the butcher
1 "' ' .' a : '
rJ X
I" 1T '1 ITl .'CaaV
CONSIDER well before you buy veg
etables. Thinkfor a moment of how
they are bought and kept. Vegetables
should be fresh and moist with the appear
ance of having just come from where nature grew them. That is,
when they are well kept the way we keep them.
1 1
- s W -
. Tnje 'a the reason why all our vegetables look as If they had
IJuet arrived with' all that delicious, fresh, natural flavor you
like ao well. And we take good care that not s moment la
lost' In their delivery to you. Send a trial order.
Oregon City " - . ' " Wetnhard BUg.
Spend Your Vacation
f; The Pacific Ocean.
First class hot els, -cottages and camps at 8eaalde and Gearhart.
THE North Bank Road -
Runs fast trains through to the Beach parlor observation cars and
, modern coaches. ,
RotfndTrips " ,
$4.00 dally, season limit $3.00 Saturday and Bunday, limit Monday.
Special folder will be Bent on requeat.
W. L Coman, G F. & P. A , S. P. & 5. Ry.
shop' and will pay the highest cash
prices for dressed pork and veal. Give
him a call for fresh meats.
Garland Halmwell and Mlaa Nina
Hollowell, with their parenta, Mr. and
Mra. J. M. Hollawell, left for Long
Beach where tbey will spend a two
weeka' outing with friends.
Mrs: Horace Ruasell and her son,
Henry, Horace Hamilton RnaaelL of
Waahlngton, la., are visiting at tbe
home of Grant Olds. ' '
Miss Hasel Toose gave a picnic to
her Sunday school class, the Loyal
Sons of the Gladstone Christian
church. The boya met at Mlsa Toottfa
home and then proceeded to Rock
Island In the Clackamas River where
refreshments were served The boys
present were Willis Rockwell, Dale
Olds, Harold Rockwell, Archie Davis,
Clarke Hughes. Ralph Johnaon, Wil
bur Wilson, Charlie Carothers, Clyde
Morrell and WUUe Davis.
John Dann haa resumed his duties
with the P. R, L. 4k P. Co., after a
vacation of thlrtr daya. ' '
Mra. P. D. Hull went to Portland
on bualneaa Wedneaday.
Mlaa Cecil Miller, of Portland, la
vlaltlng at the home of Mlaa Hilda
' Horton N. Graham waa In Gladstone
on bualneaa Wednesday.
Kelso people were much alarmed
over a forest fire In the wooda near
here laat week. -
Mr. Jllller haa completed a fine new
residence for Martin Mlkkleaoo and
la erecting a large meat store for L
E. Hoffman, of Sandy. .-
Leo Rath went to Portland Sunday
to vlalt hla alater, who haa Juat moved
from Idaho.
Ed. Hardee, of Georgo, la building
a large sawmill for Jarl Bros. Jfc Rath,
Joel Jarl la pleaaed over bla hay
crop. Hla big barn la filled and he haa
more than 20 tons for Bale.
' John Nelson .got tired of farming
ao be haa purchased a half Interest
In a atore at Orient and will move
soon. He haa rented hla farm here
to Gus Ludwlgson.
Mlsa Emma Miller and Fred Hoist,
of Portland, were married at tne
brlde'a home last Saturday. A large
crowd of frtenaa were present. The
young couple will make their home In
Portlcd. -
R. E. Jarl aold ten tone of hay one
day last week. .
A young woman relative from New
Tork la vlaltlng at the Nelson borne.
Cherries and blackberries are plen
tiful. . .
Rev.'Peaple Is giving lessons every
Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:30
In vocal training and explaining the
composition of mtinlc. Twenty-Bve per
sons are taking advantage of thla f-p-portunlty.
The farmers sre Improving the
school houae, church and parsonage
The buildings are being painted, and
new fences are being built
Mr, Mulkey, of Rose berg, la vlaltlng
bla brother-in-law. Earl Shlbly, this
Orsgon'a Popular Beach Resort '
An ideal retreat for outdoor pas
times of all kinds. Hunting. Fishing.
Boating, Surf Bathing, Riding, Auto
Ing. Canoeing, Dancing and Roller
Skating. Where pretty water a galea,
moss agatea, moonstones, carnelana
can be found on the beach. Pare
mountain water and the beat of food
at low prices. Fresh fish, clams, crabs
and oyatera, with abundance of vege
tablea of all kinds daily. J.-J, , ;
Camping Grounds Convenient and At
tractive. wth atrlct sanitary regulations
- -.'
from all points in Oregon, Washing
ton and Idaho on eale dally.
from . Southern Paclflo .points Port
land to Cottage Grove; alao from al!
Oi- sr E. stations Albany and west.
Good going Saturday or Sunday and
for return Sunday or Monday.
Call on any 8. P. or C a E. Agent
for full particulars as to fares, trains,
schedules, etc.; also for copy ot our
Illustrated booklet, "Outing Is Or
gon," or write to ; . . ;
Wm. McHurray -
, Portland Oregon,
Sunday, Aogost 2P
Richards' & Pringje's
Seata en eale at Jonea' Drug Co.
Reserved Seats 75c and M;e Chll