Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, August 05, 1911, Image 2

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CatararbN will be the aajae aa hi ta
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for the weekly. Wber the aaTertl t
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annate ate tach first baaerttea; addl
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Km Mama aad weU wrtttea art! ale
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wlU be aladty accepted. Refected aaaau-
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Aug. 5 In American History.,.
1749 Thomas Lynch.
1T77-Battle of wOrtokany: defeat of
' ; tba British: American commander.
f Geoaral Mrbolaa Herkimer, mor
tally woondVd. x
' 1S63 Battle of Baton Ron: General
Thomas WnUams killed: born 131S.
194-Famr)t'a battle ra Mobile Uy.
. 1888 General Philip Henry Sheridan.
U. B. A, died: born 1831.
l91V-Joaerh Edward Slmmona. flnan
eler. -dledt bora 1841. Prenldent
. A Tift dedlrated monument at Proe
Incetoam. Maxau to the ptlirrlma.
(From noon today to noon tomorrow.)
Son nets TOT. rtaen 47: moon aeta
. 1.O0 a. tn.: planet Merrnry befdrm to
be Ttolble. aettlnir abortly aCer the
tun. and so continuing till 20tn
The support of home Industry is
,the duty of every citizen. We live by
r-the Interchange of trade. There Is
'.' small need indeed for the people of
. Oregon to go outside their state for
' the everyday requirements of life, and
if the Oregon people would Insist on
"Made in Oregon" goods being sold
them, retail dealers everywhere would
.keep up their stock to meet the de
mands of their trade.
Cities and states are built np by
Ihe pay-rolls within the state. Prop
erty valuea are kept up by the pay
rolls of the factories. Farm values
are kept, np by the demands for farm
. products from the cities, the manu
; facturing centers. ' The whole prob-
lem is one which even casually stud
' led will prove to any' citizen and to
every m;tn, woman and child within
. the state that his support of "Made in
Oregon, goods means that hla own
. prosperity will be greater. It is a
' "wheel within a wheel" proposition.
Insist on "Made In Oregon" goods.
Instead of continuing as a single
organization the Standard Oil Com
pany will divide itself into thlrty-flve
parts. No donbt, the consumer will
find lota of comfort in the change.
The fact that Indiana is the only
state in which snow is reported as
bavins fallen this summer makes It i
look chilly for sny contemplated pres
idential boom for Senator Kern.
Wlsconsln's new Bureau of Home
Economics has Just reported thst the
women sre responsible for most of
the extravsgance of our rapid Ameri
can life. Is this one of the evils that
the suffragettes propose to reform?
Australia has enlisted more than
100.000 youths between 14 and 18 !M
Business Men Should Observe
Golden Rule
By E. H. CARY. Chairman of United States Steel Corporation
HERE should be established
tween business con tietitors a friendship which compels one
to feel the same concern for his neighbor that he has for
j himself.
For example, take any two meu engaged in competitive business,
tmt who are sufficiently acquainted to have the entire confidence of
: each other. la there any doubt that in the daily conduct of their affairs
.' neither would be disposed to do anything unneighborly or unreasons- j
' W toward the other or that the acquaintance would bring to both
better results than could be realized if they were unfriendly or en
gaged In bitter and DESTRUCTIVE competition t
, . If they are In frequent discussion on questions in which they sre
; INTERESTED, jfreely interchanging opinions and frankly disclosing
conditions concerning their business, will not the individual conclu
, aions reached by each naturally be of a higher order and MORE
SATISFACTORY In every particular f
Argument, IF SOUND, applies with greater force whenever s
large- number of persona are in, the habit of meeting one another with
the nme spirit of friendship which exist1 with reference to a mailer
yeere aC m U tai beginning' of
standing amy. Australia aaa tie Jap
oar. There Bight b a greet future
for Mr. Hobaoa ta that country.
Mr. Caauoa says that perhape the
bmt nronunciatloa of "Arkansaa" to
as It the nam wars spelled "Arkan-sasa.'-
This has been particularly
true since JeS Davis has been in the
"The Maa On Horseback' should
be the hi 11' policeman.
Flrtt Baptlat-Corne Mnin and Ninth
streeta Re. 8. A. Hayworxn. pa-
tor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:45
smut Kchool at 10 a. m.
H. E." Cross, superintendent, Chris-
ilnn Endeavor at 6:45 n. m. The
pastor being away on his vscatlon,
the Rev. P. C Stanard. formerly
pastor at Newberg. and now agent
for McMlnnvllle College, will oc
cupy the pulpit. Young People's
meeting to be led by MIbs Edith
Smith. It will be a consecration
Catholic Cor. -eraier aaa Tenth Sts.
Rev. A. HUlsbrand pastor, res. 11
Water; Low Mass Un, with ser
mon; High Mass 10:30 a. m.; af
ternoon service at r4; Mass every
morning at t.
First Congreuatlonal Church- Morn
ing service st 10:30 o'clock. Eve
ning service st 7:45 o'clock,
Chrlat aw- Uutnerar Cor. Elphth and J.
Q Adamartrret. P. Schmidt
rotor, rea. SOS J. Q Adama: 8. 8.
it a. m : pteachlna aflernopoa ot flret
.kiwi B?,na.v. at 1:10 In Enallah.
other Sunday aervlce aoornlnss at
First Church of Christ. Scientist
Ninth and Center streets. Morning
service st 11 o'clock. Wednesdsyf,
evening meeting at 8 o'clock. Read
ing room open every afternoon e
cept Sunday ' from 1 to 4 o'clock.
Morning subject. "Love,"
German Cvanoel leal Cor. KUMh and
Madiaoo etreeta. Rev. F. Wtevealck paa-
tor. rr. 711 atadlaoa; . a. iw a- an..
Herat aa Schrader. Monroe etreet. eupt.j
morning etrrtce 11. yovn peopleat 1
p. m. and preaehina at S p. m. Prayer
ateetma- Wednesday at T:M p. at.
Gladstona Chrittlsn Rev. A, H. M in
ker, pastor, res. Gladstone, sun
day school 10 a. m., N. C Hendricks,
suptertntendent- Morning service,
11 o'clock. Brotherhood services at
Mountain View Union (Cong.) S. 8.
. S p. ex, Mrs. J. H. Qulnn, supt;
Bible 8tudy every Thursdsy after
noon. E. C. Dye will preach at 7:30
o'clock In the evening.
Methodist Msln street cor. Seventh.
Rev. E. P. Zimmerman pastor, res.
cor. Sixth aad Washington; 8. 8.
' 1:45 a. m.. C. A, Williams, Glsd-
stone, supt.; morning service 10:45,
Ep worth League 6:30, evening ser
vice 7.30. Prayer meeting Thurs
day 8 p. m.
Presbyterian Seventh street cor. Jef
ferson. Rev. J. R. Landsborough,
pastor. Res. 710 Jefferson; S. S. 10
a. m- Mrs. W. C. Green, supL; morn
ing service 11 s. m. T. P. S. C. E.,
7. leader. Ambrose Brownell; eve
ning worship, 7:45.
Parknlaea eenareoarsna1 Rrv. J. Tu.
J on re paator. rea. Clackamas; 8. 8. It
a. m., Emery French aupt.; preacblna
, aerrlcea each Sunday, aJtrrnatlng te
iwn it a. m. and 7:lt D. m Chrit
ttan Endeavor Tburaday evenlns 7:10
p. m.
8t Psul's Rev. C W. Robinson, rec
tor. Dally services: Morning pray
er. 7 a. m.; Holy Eucharist, 7:30 a.
m.. eveulng prayer, 7:30 p. m. Sun
day services: Holy Eucnantt s a
m.; morning prayer, 10:30 a. m
Holy Eucharist and sermon, 11 a,
m.; evening prayer and sermon,
7:30 p. m.; S. 8.. 13 m.'; Thursday
evenings, sermon st 7:30 o'clock.
United Brethren Cor. lhtn and Taylor,
Rev. U F. Clarke oaetor. rea. Portland;
B. n. It a. m.. Frank Pirker. Maplr
Lane, aupt ; mornlns eenrlce 11. 1. F
8. C. E. t n. m.. evenina aervlce 7
Willamette M. E. No reiruiar preachlns
- arvlrra. 8. 8. I a. m.. Mra. Ream
Zlon Lutheran Corner Jefferson and
Eighth streets. Rev. W. R. Krsxber-
ger psstor, residence 720 Jefferson
Sundsy school 9:30 a. m., Rev,
Kraxberger, superintendent Morn
ing service 10:30. 'Evening 7:45
Luther League 7 p. to.
West Oregon City School Hout
Services conducted by J. O. Stasts
st 3 o'clock, followed by Sunday
Hotel Arrivals.
The following are the arrivals at
the Electric Hotel: E. H. Hunt, Se-
attie; F. S. Parrett, A. R. Klrby, Ed
win Claussen, C. E. Dunlap, H. Witt,
F. T. Wlthraw, Robert A Knew, Frank
Gardner, M. Cury, E. A. Doollttle,
L. Riley, George Smith, E. M. Wil
liams, IX K. Bill, Gladstone; H. D.
Kelly. E. E. Williams, Portland; W. S,
McOonegle, Tawn ton, Wash.; J. iD.
Howard, Portland; W. A. Hall and
wife, Seattle; Mrs. N. Ludwlg and
children. H. E. Wler, Hurley, 8. D.;
Catherine Cavanaugh, Lobvllle, la.;
A. J. Sanders, Clackamas; Paul Mum
power, W. E. Man (tuna George Staten,
H. Hendricks, Tacoma.
and crtntinuonsly maintained be
HIDES (BuylnsOreen hides. Se
to c: saltars, IHe to (He; dry hides,
lie to 14e. Shvep pelta, S to Tto
DRIED rRUIT Local prices are
Arm at from So to 10c on apples aad
prunes, petcbes are Its.
8ALT Belling too to pOc tor flae.
SO Ih, sack, half ground 40e: 75 for
100 lb. aacka
Portland Vegetabls Msrksta
tl.ISOSl-W Pr ack; parsnips. I1.1J
f11.60; turnips. l.t50fl.SO; beets,
VEQETABUsa Asparacus. 90cO
11.71 per crate : bl4re, new. l per
iwwwiuu ,,
! I1.7S per doien: celery. California. 7c
'OfWc per doten; cucumbers. $1,400
$1.15 per dosen; egplnt. 15c per lb.;
rarllc. I0c312e per pound; lettuce,
SOc per doien; hothouse lettuce, 1.50
fits per box; peas. t01le per
pcimd; peppers. SOcQSSc nr pound;
rsdishes. 15e per dosen; rhubarb. le
IfSe per pound; sprouts. c; tomatoes,
ONIONS Jobbing prices; Oregon
12.75 per 100: Australian. $3.(0 per
100; Texas. $1.15 per crate: Cattfor
nls. $3 per crsts
Oregon Cltv Stock Quotations.
HOG8 Hons are quoted He lower.
From 115 Iba. to 150 lbs. He, from
150 lbs. to 100 lbs. IHe. .
BACON. LARD aad HAM, are Srra
VEAL CALVES Veal calves' Ming
from 8c to oc sccordlns: w grade.
BEEF 8TEERS lee! steers for
the local aiarketa are fefchlng Vc to
64c live wetgat. -'
SHEEP tiw nrtn at c to 8c live
Quotarten. ear oredon Clt. .
POTATOES Best, Buying IH cents
steady, selling from $5 to $5 30; very
little of cheaper grades.
OATS (Buyng) Cray, $23 to $24.
white, from $25 to $28.
BUTTER (Baying) Ordinary
country brings rrom ic to ,
fancy dairy from lOr to 11?. cream
ery 12c to 16c
EGGS Best grade 25 cents.
POCLTRT (Buying Finn with Ut
tie good stock offered. Good hens are
hrinrinr lie. Old roosters are tn poor
demand, broilers bring from 10c to 18c,
with good aemano.
WOOL (Bur.'i prices are
ranging from 14 to 17 cents.
FEED Shorts $29 to $30; rolled
barley. $31.59 t0 532.50; process bsr
ley. $33.00; whole corn. $39.00;
cracked corn. $4000; wheat $32.00
to $33: oil meal, $53; Shady Brook
dairy feed, $1.25 per hundred pounds.
HAT (Buying.; Timtnny tie to
$17; clover $9 to $10; oat hay, beat,
$11; mixed. $10 to $11; alfalfa, $11 to
Claimant of Bantamweight Champion
ship May Tackle Digger Stanley.
Johnny Conlon. who claims the
American bantam - cbsmpionsbip. la
plsnnlng s trip to England, where be
hopes to srrsnire a juau-h with Plgffer
Stanley, the British title holder. If
Coulon m&kes the trip he will find
that Stnnley will Inslttt on the English
limit. US pounds at 2 o'clock. 1 Conlon
always bs Insisted u 115 rinp side
as the American limit, though 110 is
the generally recoicntzed weight in
this country. At thnt It is believed
that the little Chicago man can whip
Stanley st the letter's best weight.
Btst ftea'er Tske Short Lead
The licst stealers In the American
lea roe do not get the blfjreM lead off
flrot bae. German? Srhaefer gets
farther off first than sny other plsyer.
Bobby Wallnce snd Wld Conroy lead
farther off than Cobb. Collins or Speak
er. ' Iaan.v Hoffman, former Brownie,
got as far off first as Scluefer.
Food snd Strength.
Remember tbsi the rood you tske
one day MupplleM ibe xirt-ngtn you put
forth the next. It Is iu-un mltske
to take a henry mesl vu the dsy of
heavy work. The time to tuke It Is
the dsy brfore. Wlxe Nlnblrnieii know
this, sod vbeu a Dor- ban a loug
day's drive before blm tbey give bltn
only what is i-alled a "check feed." a
very llgui meal, to be followed at algbt
with a heavy one. So there sre two
good reasons for a man s not eating
much on tbe day of straws, it sdds
nothing to his strength on that dsy,
and the process of digestion cells tba
blood to work at the stomach when ev
ery ounce of It la needed at tbe brain.
New fork Post.
Why Hs Psled.
Wife-Wretch! Show me thst letter.
nusband-Wbat letter? WifeThat
one In your hsnd. It's from a woman.
I csn see by the writing, and yon turn
ed psle when yon saw It Ho"bsnd
Te: here It I. It's your dresemsker's
j NIL New. York ,Mntl.
't Ht4'tttvvv4Tt41irvvivvH
. o . . i
This coupe vhen nestly clipped and properly filled In with the
name of the candidate you wish to vote for, will oe countsd as one
t " .
' Name of candidate ,.,' 4
Address , .. ...........
' '
This coupon is void sfter August 10.
Cut on lines. Don't roll. Send In flat,
t v
e e ' 4
I wish to Nominate Miss
Address .....
Nomlnsted by
This nomlnstlon blsnk, when properly filled In and brought er
mailed lo Conteat Department of The Enterprise will count for
X.5O0 votes. Only one of these blanks will be credited to each can- v
edldste. ' .
' .' ' ' ;- ' "
Wants, For Sale Etc
wlU be tnetrd at a f
leaertlaa. hall a eil .t4ulor,aJ
tteaa. oa bteh ear. If per ateata
toteh ear. t naee ti per avJaia.
Caah aim aceuaipaar erSer anlree an
aaa aa aaea aceaant with thepaper. Me
am , . i.i u am art of a: wnert
- - - - - - anla Will w)
print rd tor pair, atlalieum ehare lee
WANTED Collectors to see my col
lection of ail sorts. ot cunoe. an
tiques, and Indian trinkets: stsmps
for stamp collector"; coins for
numismatists, arrowaesds for arch
eologlsts, etc. I b.v sod sell all
sorts of curios; also U klpds of
second-hand furniture snd tools.
George Young. ( Main, near fifth
WANT-aaaii advartlaements for
this column, prices ery reason
able. . See rates at bead of ottma.
Read the Morning enterprise.
WANTED Tou to hno thet the En
teprise Job prlnUof dtpartment Is
the most complete lu 8tata.
outside Portland. Try It for your
next printing.
WANTED Position by experienced)
nurse, or as, companion for elderly
lady or housekeeper for small fam
ily. Inquire at EnterprUe or tele
phone Main 2353. . j,
WANTED One energetic man oi
woman who la 4otaiiy innuenuaj
at every shipping pol-tt In Oregon
ana wssnington to irprwrm mi
Farmers Society Or Equity, tjott
al ramunaratlnn aaanred. O. W. rl
and Harry T. Miller, district organ
isers. Oregon City, Oregon.
FOR SALE One South wick hsy press;
one 10-horse power gasoline engine.
$1400.00 outfit for less than half.
Will sell or trade. Address Enter
prise office.
FOR 8 ALE One riding pony, three
. years old. for $30. Mr. F. D. Miller.
Dover, Or.
FOR 8 ALE Good two-tested spring
wsgon, $36r-Iowa dairy separator,
good as new, $37-50: new snd used
t-sewing machines, $4 to $35. J. H.
Mattley, 1010 8evsnth street. Ore
gon City.
FOR SALE House, two lots on cor
ner; bouse recently built, 12x28,
brick flue, fruit trees; other Ira
- provements,- fine, view, near -Win-"
kle's store. West Side. Price $475.
Harvsy Buck, Oregon City. .
FOR SALE At hslf vslue, easy
- monthly payments, store building
on Msln and Ninth: 2 years' lesxe;
store for rent or will divide. Cm
price, for some months. See r iret
National Bank.
FOR SALE Space In this columo
Sell that old plow or harrow; yrm
don't as It since you purohssad
your naw one
FARM LOANS Dlmlck at Dltnlck,
Lawyers, Oregon City, Or.
O n ERT. A ttorner-at-Iaw. Monti
loaned, abstracts furnished. - Isod
tit Ins exsmlned. estates settled, gen
eral isw buslnesa. Bank l
Orecon mv
C'RBN SCHUEBEL, Attorneys-st
Law, Deutscber AdvokaL will prac
tice In sll courts, msks collection
snd settlements. Office In Enter
prise nidg., Orecoa C1V Oregon.
H4RKT JONES Builder aad General
Contractor. Estimates cheerful!?
rtven on sll clssses of building
work, concrete wslks ana reinforced
concrete. Kea. Phone Mala 111.
H. COOPER. For Fire Insurance
snd Real Estate. Let us hanM
your properties we buy. sell snd
eschsnge. Office In Fn'erprire
Wdt.. Orepon CI'T. Oreeon
Notice of Acceptsnee of Street Im
N"tloe Is hereby given thst the City
Engineer of Oregon City, Oregon
has filed his certificate of the com
nletlon and approval of the work
done by H. Jones,, contractor for
the improvement of Taylor street,
Oregon City, from the north side
of Seventh street to the south side
nf Twelfth street, and the City
Council of Oregon City. Oregon, will
consider tbe acceptance thereof.
snd sll objections to the acceptance
of saldlmproyement, at the City
e ,
. i a
s. lim.
rounril of aald city, on AugTit i'
1911. at I o'clock p. m.
Any owner of any property with
in tbe assessment district of ssld
Improvement or any agent of such
owner., may at such, time or any
time prior thereto, appear and Hie
objections to the ecyeplsnc of
such Improvement., and such ob
jections shsll be considered snd all
the merits determined by the coun
cil at the above named time and
' This notice la published In lh
Morning Enierprlae and the lime
and place were fixed by order of
the City Council of Oregon City.
;t L. STII'P. Recorder.
Ettle Coales. plaintiff, vs. Albert J,
Oowles. Defendsnt 1
To Albert. J. Oowles. Defendant:
In the name of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby required te ap
pear snd answer the complaint filed
sgalnst you In the above entitled
suit, on or before the Ind dsy of
September. 1911. ssld dale being the
expiration of six .weeks from the
first rubiest Ion of this summon,
snd if you full to appear and answer
said complaint, for want thereof the
plaintiff will apply to the Court for
the relief prayed for In her com
plaint, to- It:
For a decree dissolving, snnulllng
snd setting sstde the marriage con
tract now and heretofore exist lug
between plaintiff and defendant.
This summons la published by or
der of Hon. J. V. Campbell. Judge of
the said Circuit Court which order
waa msde and entered on the list
day of July. 1911. nrat publication
to be made July 12nd. 1911. .
Iortland. Oreson.
Heart toHeart
For 8 tboumind nr sMlronniuers
hsve tried to Oud Ihe venter of tbe uul
Where Is tbe ceuter?
You are the center.
Also I iui the center of the nnlrerte
r-of my universe.
Wblcb Is to say there Is more
one center of tbe universe. There sre
as many ceu'ers ss there sre M-ntleni
lu a siibconaclous sort of way we sll
recogulxe this fact I'uconwlmuly
each of us draws aliout him certain
There Is tbe small circle which rep'
resents our relation lo our Immediate
family or friends, and there la the Isr
ger circle wblcb stsnds for our rHu
tlon to our iielKhlMirluNNl and city, ami
so on. And flnully, with Its great
sweep, there Is I be greet circle whom-
.sre only we may know-that . repre
sent a tour relation lo Ibe wide nnlvere.
Out alwsys
In tbe center of these concentric cir
cles i3 you. ,
Tou sre the hub.
And thst Is no egotistic view, tie
csuse, outside Cod hlDittelf. I bore is no
blinrvr thing In tbe uiilrerae thuu s
man. '.
You are Ibe axis on which turn ull
things, and sll things are made for
you sir, sunshine, day. ulylit. xinr
planets Just Ihe ssme ss if you were
tbe only man In tbe world. '
Is It not so?
Even the Cod of sll things Is In s
very res I tense your God.
The great trouble with us Is Hint -
often gel sway from the center wMicre
we belong. Then there Is trouble mid
friction, luck of harmony. Instead of
staying at the center we try lo get to
one side, thinking we may And a bet
ter position.
You know what sn eccentric Is?
In mecbsnli-M It Is In hnvlng a point
on wblcb tbe wheel revolves st one
side of the center. That makes the
wheel run unevenly. It wabbles.
'Just so do men sod women often
wsbble. They get away from tbe cen
ter of things. Thnt Is what Is the mat
ter with tbe odd. the Irregular, the
erratic Is eccentric. If he Is
eery eccentric he tiei-omes Insane.
, Stay In the center.
Do not go wn billing o(T after this fud
and that Into. So Ioiik um voii ata.r l;i
your rltrht plm-e there la ,4 In you
and harmony about jmi. mid all ihln
are yours. nl nnneht run bnrm you.
Stand fast In the renter.
Telephoning In Chins.
In China nln-n the siilci,er rlnes
up exchange the oiernlor tuny be ex
(lec.ed lo SNk:
son of ihe uiiNin snd stars de-irey
'Tlohl. two three."
Pllence. Then tbe exchaue resume-.'
"Will the honorable peron gradoiM
ly forgive the luadi-quncy (,f Hie in
sljnilflcsnt service snd eriult thlx bum
led slnre of tbe wire to lu'o m nm,
thsf the never-to-be-suOlclenilr-i-eiHwr
ed line Is busyr-t.levelnnd I's'lu
Qsy Birds ef the Olden Time.
Extravsgance tn dress prevailed In
the reign of Edward 111..' who ascend
ed the English throne early In tbe year
Men then wore silk hoods, psnliol
red coats with deep'sleeves snd nar
row waists, short hose, long pointed
shoes, bushy ben rut snd1 talis of hair
at tbe back of their heads. TT
Tbe Isdles." says s poet of thst
period, "are like pescocks and mag
pies." Tbey were attired In turbsns
or loftsttalters, with ribbons floating
from tbero like stresmers. tunics. bslf
Of one color anl hair .. ' ......
. ...... v. aiiuioer. and i
ur-M, emoiasonea tones or belts from
the front of wblcb daggers wer sus
pended . Dlslectt In Chins.
There are ss many different dlslectt
spoken lo Chins as theie sre In tbe
whole of Europe.
rSHheerib for the Dally Enterprise.
Yu hsve noticed thai those who set ahead in th werii
nsnsrslly thots who are feed msnsgsre whs hsve Isarnsd t
car ef thslr Inoemee, . ,
It Is senosdsd the world over thst the best way te taks
ens's leesme snd hsve a frewlna "- kak
Thsre sre Just ss msny rsssena why YOU should bsvs m
eount st this bsnk ss there are why any ef eur hundrsds at u
fled depositors should. '
Corns In and 1st ua tell thsm te you.
The Bank of Oregon City
IBM- LU H-J--K l.W-W- -
O C UTOl'METT- PreaMeot
I reneoel s 0sl Bsnainf Susie
The Ilosrd of Directors of the Willa
mette VsjU-y Chautauqua Assembly
will meet "if t o'clock nrat Tuesday
afteriKHin to settle Ih unnuisneu
buslueaa or tbe recent meeting at
(iludntime I'ark. There Is little bust
aess to give sttentlon and the meeting
will not Inst long. The rct-eul assent
bly was one of most succesful
ever given, snd plaus sre siready be
Ing uiade for Ihe one next summer.
Ataursnrea hsve been received thst
several more buildings will be erect
ed on ihe ground, snd .other Improve
ments will be msde. "The WlllemeUa
Valley Aaaenibly It one of the most
succeantul chautauuua orgalilxatlona
on tbe t'ei'lnc Coast.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 - The sight
of a Democratic House sud a Kepub
lican Senate psaalug tariff revision
bills over sn expected presidential
u la predicted by leailers In both
Houses of Congress today. It is be
lieved thst the t'uderwood cotton re
vision bill will not pass ihe Senste
because the Southern Itemocrst
there are diHliirlliieil to tske It up
at this time.
It Is freely predicted, however, that
the coalition of lieiuut-rata and Insur
gent Republicans which wss formed
n the heimieTor Ihe pssasge of the
wool tariff revision bill snd ihe farm
ers free list bill will be held togeth
er snd probably will be sufficiently
strong to psss these ineesures over
the veto that la generally expected.
' it mis la a contingency that actu
ally threatens the standpatters Is evl
ut.t iiMisy from the action of regular
leiders who sre csnvsatlng the llouae
and Senate for pledgee against the
I' o'iilnue.l from paKel.
N"o doubt each of you has numerous
promlNta from friend, to give you a
subscription Ister on. Now a the
time to presll upon them to msks
good that promise, for hot only will
It be the means of helping you to win
a genuine dlsmond ring, but win go
s long way toward winning one of
oe inner vaiuaote prices ss subscrip
tions count doubl from now until 6
p. in.. August it. pon't waste a min
ute of your time from now until the
close of this special offer. If you I
follow this advice you will march on
to victory HepeVmber j and be ibe'
happiest person In all Clackamas I
. raising Chickens,
When Jsne essayed to rslne m,mm
Her husband thousht to "rae the!
It. i.. t .. . I BIO REWARD
uiraens. a.
At.dHcrai h .,t .n y oi any parson ot persons,
,)dB ) " "V saruen uniswrully remove copies of Ti
For tho'ohn rabiedi both. audit TJT i
He sometimes tinik to
With his wlfe'a plans-like many a
man; '
' Women must tlo aa Ix-st they cun.
Jane wished a gi.od house (or her
John Khook )., Ik-h.I H,,n answered,
So Phe fixed up the old ptg-ahed
(1 he. boss were butchered, aold or
With roosts, a place f,- scratching,
Jno! - i- . .. , '
""wnflll?;" Mhi"1 ,h"
When whiter ralnt came wandering
Her ciil.ks were sheltered "in the
jHne her""1 Krn'" ar-'' ,n
Thepulle't. thnnkci ber. filled the
Th nrio. T " s"'ierea in:
Tbe price aoared upwrd day by
a j
Th-HWthaKh ' ft'l'lnt say.
Dickens' "KOt hed "r""d ,h
"MOregrar0.4b,e'" "U ,,n
nWnenddnri l "' mm'.
When prices fal If he'll
thunder!" r e
Hew Wheat r... ..
A clssslc account of the distribution
of wheat over the primeval world
hows that Ceres, having taught her
fsyorite. Trlptolemus. the art of acrl
'ora snd the science of breadmak
ing gav hlra ber chariot. . celestial
brendry;iBa",trlbU,lnr tb,,
etrth ' "n0n, na,loni 01 th
r. J MBYBJC Caa,
capital, lo.ooe.ou
Oven tevrM f A. ta.
Cos. Vaughn and Twentylssra
August 1, 47 1, 4, a, l
Oam ss Bsgln Weskdayi at I si
Sundays, :M p, m.
Boys Udf It Free to Bksr
Urea went rlthr e Vtfceatln ShettV a
euullleor aaiiif leThnewl ICteaSM
Mrwliis Marblue wrilrle I
Oranfja, Maa.
ktaar wlnt mm h( et mmm mti9nm
autlitr. PKliaeKew II eee m a
. tiatrananwwnaHl '
eld hy Mla-arlee4 a. alert at
i - rua hum sv
. !
JiO Morrison St. rortltl
Buy a Home
While Paying Ret'
. ,
1100 down and $12 a smst
tskes this comfortable sli-rts
bouse and lot. House Is rW'
for electricity. Lot etilOl V
Some fruit on place. WeU I
cated on Madison 81 t"
A snap st yh.
E. P. Elliott and !''
7th and Main Bts., by Busy
slon Bridge.
hesds ' n UU'lr bl,M ! roT -"eat an- convWt
paper baa been placed there I
Is on ssle at the following it
every day: j
Huntley Dros. Drugi '
' Main Street. . ' '
J. W. McAnolty Clgan
Beventb and Main.., j
Secrest Confectionery
Main near Sixth.
M, E. Dunn ConfeotlonstT
Next door, to P. 0. ,
City Drug Store
Electric Hotel.
8cnoenborn Confectlopsrr
j nsventn ana Q. aosdis
The Hens Know.
Correct Chicken Fc:
Makes Hens Liy ,
Bssf Sorsps and Oat Qrosti
- - - 7 uni, m--- -
in rveoi, ri'i
rsin, Feed, Coal, Salt, wnr
Commission C
Oregon City,
Are you a subscriber to
ng Enterpriser If not you no"',
and let as put your ntaie oa
criptlon list Immedlateir