Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, August 01, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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. C trftODIE. Editor and Publisher.
"sintered aa wenl-olua aaattar Jaat
urr , llll. at the poet oAles at Orocoa
City, Oroa. Bade IM Act of Maron
i im."
TBtW f KttCtlrTIOIt.
On Tw, by Btall
ix Moo tha. by snail
Four Hoot ha. by Mil
Par wa. by tiiloi ... ......
...W M
... IM
... I N
... a.
Flrat Paa, par mca tlrot tnaartioa....lS
rtrat Pui, par tuck) ad dad Inaarttooe. -lac
ftarwied pnaltxa any paaro. par snc
first htaartkn ..IM
eVfi-rrnl poaittoa aay pac. par aoB
added raarrtlooo la
turn paper other thaa drat pam. par Bach
rank Inatrtioa 11a
Haa paper othar tbaa flrat paaw. par aaeo.
taa paper
advied aa
Laxmla leo set- Owe; to rcewlar advar
Uaars ic ttae.
Waata. Far Bala. Ta Rant. ate.. eoa
ml a word rtrat fcasorUoo; oae-hojf eant
' wrd addtttoaaX
Hmtmm for edTarttelwa. at ba Waakly
Eaterprtaa will ba tha aana aa ta tha
daily, for advorttaements aat aapocially
or tha waty. Wriera tha aarartiaa nan t
ta transferred from tba dairy to tha woek
ty, artUioot cbaaaw. tha rata wUI ba as
aa bca (or nut af tha papar. and laa aa
lac for spoctai poslrksv .
Cook should aeeoaapaay order wbara
party Is uwkwovra la bwatneea efrtca of
ke Katorprtae.
Lacal advertising at less) advertlatna
T Circus adverttalmr and apactal traaalant
advarttainc at lie to Me aa Sneo, accord -mt
ta apodal conditions gotoraing tba
and Bankrupt BaJa
: Inch ftrat fnaartioa; addl-
jasMu aamtoaf aat matter ate tocfa-
Raws Itrana and aral! wrtttaa arthstaa
of aaerlt. wtth intaraat to local raadara.
arm bo gladly aocoptwol Rejected suaau-
amlpU aevor returned uwkme
lad by atuaoa to prepay pian
Aug. 1 In American History.
1801 Jonathan Edwards, distinguish
ed metaphysician, died; born 1745.
1903 Mrs Jsne Bock ("Calamity
Jane"), who achieved fame as aa
aid to Generals Custer and MUes In
their battles with the Indians, died
at Terry. 8. IX
(From noon today to noon tomorrow.!
Boa sets 7.11. rises 423: moon sets
1025 p. m.: 6 45 p. m eastern time.
- aaooa at Oral quarter In conoaeUarloa
Libra; 2C p. la, moon In conjunction
with Jo.lter. passing from weat to eart
of the planet. 1 degreex sooth there- j
of. Halley's comet In conjunction
with the nna In AngUKt. having been
telescoplcally risible thus far. but now
disappears for about 74 years, rianeta
Mars and Sstarn this month In Arie.
approaching a conjunction so near that
they wUI appear like a double star.
Encke's comet doe this month st peri
helion, period of 33 years: also ftsrn
ard's comet, period K.4 yesrs; perseid
meteors visible till 28th in nortbesxt.
Constellations visible, SO p. m, dur
ing August: Owerbesd. Hercules. Lyra:
north, Draco, TJrsa Minor v northeast.
Cassiopeia, Andromeda. Cepbeus. Cyg
Bus; east. Pegasus. Aquarlns, Delphi
Bus; southeast, Capricornus:' south,
Aquila. Ophluchus. Serpens. Sagittari
us. Scorpio; sooth west . Llbrs; west,
Virgo. Corona Borealls. Bootes; north
west. Canes TenatlcL Drsa Major.
We hare factories In this state
which today are struggling for exis
tence, nd which would be running
along smoothly. If each man, woman
and child In the slate would Insist
on having the home prod net. It Is
hot asked that onr people buy "Made
In Oregon" goods in preference to
goods made elsewhere, unless the
home product is equal In quality, ap
pearance and price to the same goods
made elsewhere. But even the casual
investigation of our citizens will show
that our manufactories In most lines
are turning out goods today the equal
of any In th country, and the Manu
facturers' Association only aska that
when sack goods are offered that they
be given the preference.
: a : J
The Oklahoma courts are resolutely
refusing to give recognition to "near
beer." And yet there ' have been
many pilgrim patrons of Oklahoma
bootleggers who haven't had a chance
to recognize anything at all near
The Democrats of Omaha, In con
vention assembled, have denounced
William J. Bryan as a bolter. Well.
- If Mr. Harmon should be nominated
On Entering Politics Woman
Loses Respect and Dignity -to
Which She Is Entitled
ITT should a woman lower
should a woman leave her
rrw plav the came of politics
into contact with men at the polling places! Why should
he long to rub elbows with men who are her inferiors intellectually
and morally t Whv should a woman long to go into the streets and
leave behind her a happy home, her children, a husband and every
thing that goes to make up the ideal domestic life? I think he AV
ERAGE man and woman will admit that it will be difficult to find
REASONABLE answers to these questions. -
I am HOSTILE to woman snffrage. always have been and will
continue to be. Some one ia always asking me why I oppose woman
suffrage. I am always wondering why they ask me that question. I
have written about the subject for years. I have preached about it,
and I will CONTINUE to urge that nothing be done which will take
woman out'of her PROrER SPHERE.
. . 1 I ill
for President, Mr. Bryan might be
nominated for vice-president to make
tbe ticket harmonious.
Senator Stone gave nolle that hi
"alliance with tha president" would
terminate m soon as tha reciprocity
pact passes tha Senate. Tbe Missouri
senator In this mat, no doubt, express
ing the feeling and poller of his party.
Whitaning tha Skin.
There Is nothing better th.m lemou
Jnlce for whitening the sklu nml ni;ik
Ins It smooth and soft, but It niut
never be applied uudlluted. It is oiucb
too strong.
Tbe best lotion to mis with It arben
It Is to be nsed on the fsce t rose
wster. To three parts of rwexter
dd one part of lemon Juice bli! with
soft Unen rsg dab thin alt over tbe
face, Then rub It gently Into tbe vfcin
BDtll all tbe moisture Is slworbed.
To obtsln tbe effect you desire yon
should wash your fsce thoroughly la
tepid water In tbe morning and then
apply some of the lemon Juice snd
rose water lotion. Instead of usluc i
soap and water for cleansing during
the day, Junt wipe your face over wltb
-the lotion, which you. wi
ill Cud
effectual In removing sll tbe dust.
At night, before retiring, wssb your
face thoroughly In hot water which
has been softened with toilet oatmeal
(or ordinary oatmeal tied up In a mus
line bsgi. dry well and then apply some
cold cream. Leave this on your skin
for Ave or ten minutes, then wipe It
off gently with a soft rsg.
Care of tha Lips.
Sometimes Ftrla with good tips spoil
their beauty by csrelens little habits f
which they are unaware and no one
baa been kind enough to tell them
A faulty closure of the nioutb will
alter tbe entire exprewlon. It gives a
look of heavy vacancy and stupidity
and Is often due to Improper breathing.
Biting or gnawing tbe lips or con
stantly moistening them with tha
tongue Is a bad habit, due sometimes
to excessive nervousness, but often to
a desire to mske the mouth bright red.
Such treatment not only makes the
Up thick and colorless, but tbe deli
cate muscles become distorted and
twisted, or a protruding mouth Is tbe
result. A few ' minutes" study before
the mirror a-ill show Just bow to hold
tbe lips In order to preserve their free,
delicate curvea.
Unwisa Naglect.
Tbe girl who tans or freckles easily
most never neglect her complexion for
a single day In summer. Summer
freckles are not so bad ss the perma
nent variety, but both can ami should
be svoided.
It In advisable to go collarless In
Rummer both to give the throat a little
freedom from restrain and nlso to al
low tbe neck to tan. ho tbut tbe dread
ful line between sunburn nnd white
skin Is safely avoided
The present pretty fashion of col
larless frocks Is a boon to the girl wbo
wishes to develop a well rounded
throat Linen collars will line the neck.
Any tight or stiff collar will spoil the
contour unless constant massage with
a soothing cream la persisted in.
Puffy Eysa.
PuSIness under the eyes Is usually
caused by late hours ' or eye strain.
Apply tbe following eye wanj to tbe
eyes twice a day: Ten grains borax,
one ounce camphor water not spirits
of camphor. An outward application
to tbe skin beneath tbe eyes wUI also
assist in removing tbe pufflness. To
this mix together twenty grains of tan
nic acid with one ounce of pure glycer
in and paint the skin beneath tbe low
er lid. nsing a fine earners hair brush.
Accompany this treatment with a
course of gentle massage to tbe skin
around tbe eyes and in a short time
all traces of the trouble will bsve dis
appeared. Hoe First Attempt.
Mr. Toungbride This coffee, my
love. Is er
. Mrs. Youngbrtde I know thst It la
not very good. desr. but I've boiled It
for over half sn hour and the kernels
haven't melted one bit. Boston Tran
scriot. e I
herself to sordid politics? Whr
home and go into the streets to
I nr should she lone to come
Mi , - . .i . . - ' I m wmm as.- . f
HIDES (Buying Green hides. So
to 6c; aalters, SVc to tc; dry hides,
12c to 14C. Shtep pelts, 1S to 75c
DRIED FRUITS Local prices are
Arm at from So to 10c on apples and
prunes. Reaches are Ivc.
SALT Selling SOo to 90c tor floe.
(0 lb. sack, halt ground 40c; 7S for
100 lb. Backs
Portland Vegetable tfsrkst.
$114611.50 per sack; parsnips. $1 !4
OIl.BO; turnips, 11.250 M50; beets,
VEGETABLES Asparagus. 90c
IL75 per crate; eabbage, uew, 12 per
hundredweight: cauliflower, Sl.oOO
11.75 per dozen; celery, California, 7ic
ft 90c per dosen; cucumber. Sl.SO
13.25 per dozen; eggpianL 15c per lb.;
garlic. 10cC12c per pound; lettuce.
50c per dozen; hothouse lettuce. 1.50
6)1 per box: peas. 9c 11c per
pcttnd; peppers. 30c25c per pound;
radishes, lie per dosen; rhubarb, l"c
iSc per pound; sprouts, 9c; tomatoes.
!;t? 13.25.
ONIONS Jobbing prices; Oregon i
12.75 per 100: Australian. 11.60 per
100; Texas, 12.25 per crate: Califor
nia, 12 per crate
Oregon City Stock Quotations
HOGS Hogs are quoted He lower.
From 125 lbs. to 150 lbs. SS. from
150 lbs. to 200 lbs. me.
BACON. LARD aiid HAM. are firm
VEAL CALVES Veal calves ortng
from 8c to luc according to grade.
BEEF STEERS Beet -leers for
the local markets are fetching IHcto
6Hc live a-elgnt. '
8HEEP nrtn at e to Se live
QH6tlTBfJiPorrjreg6n City.
POTATOES Best, Buying IH cents
pound. .
steady, selling from 15 to 15 30; very
little of cheaper grades.
OATS (Buvng) Cray, 123 to 111,
white, from 125 to 126.
BUTTER (Buying? Ordinary
ccantry brings from 15c to 20c,
fancy dairy from 20c to 12?. cream
ery 22c to z5c
EGGS Best grade 25 cents.
POULTRY (Buying Firm with lit
tle good stock offered. Good hens are
bringing 12c Old roosters are ia poor
demand, broilers bring from 16c to ISc
with good demand.
WOOLr ( A'ool prices are
ranging from 14 to 17 cents.
FEED Shorts 129 to 130; rolled
barley. 131.50 to 132.50; process bar
ley, $33.00; whole corn. 139.00:
cracked corn, 140.00; wheat 132.00
u 133; oil meal, 153; Shady Brook
dairy feed, 11.25 per hundred pounds.
HAT (Buying.) Timothy 116 to
117; clover 19 to 110; oat hay, best,
112; mixed, 110 to 112; alfalfa. 112 to
Demand Good For Fat, Smooth Steers
and Cows.
The Portland Union Stock Yards
Company reports as follows:
Receipts for the past week Lave
been as ofllows: Cattle 1915; calves
288; hogs 902; sheep 5077. and horses
While receipts In cattle were com
paratively liberal no choice stuff was
offered with the exception of two or
three cars of cows and heifers. This
preponderance of thin and half finish
ed stuff makes for a lower market as
much of it has to be disposed of for
reeding and grazing purposes. De
mand is good for fat. smooth steers
and cows, as buyers are always ready
and willing to pay the price for that
class of stock. The veal market Is
steady to strong with tops as 17.25
for best light will finished calves.
Bulls are selling from 13 to 13.50 and
stags from 14 to $5.
The hog market continues to ad
vance, best swine weighing around
200 pounds, now selling for 17.65,
while smooth heavy hogs bring as
high as 7 cents. Supply inadequate
to tbe demand.
The sheep market showed unexpect
ed strength when ML Adams lambs
brought 15.75 with lighter offerings,
bringing from 15.05 to 15.35. A large
bunch of wethers sold for 13.35. Ewes
all the way from 1.50 to 3 cents for
the best grades.
In the horse division drafters and
drivers continues to head the proces
sion in point of demand.
177 Steers 1180 15.75
33 Steers .1225 5.60
93 Steers 1159 5.50
80 Steers 1080 5.35
127 Calves 216 7.00
28 Calves 306 5.25
10 Bulls 1140 3.60
3 Stags 1200 6.00
89 Heifers 933 6.15
70 Cows 980 4.75
121 Cows 1040 4.50
86 Cows 965 4.35
123 Hogs 190 7.65
I 80 Hoks 207 7.25
2 Hogs 285 7.25
3 Hogs 333 7.00
483 Lambs .. 82 5.75
157 Wethers 97 3.35
579 Wethers 94 3.25
552 Ewes 93. 2.70
This coupon when neatly clipped and properly filled la with the
name of the candidate you wish to vote for, will oe count ad ss one
vote. 4
Name of candidate a
Address ? , d
This coupon Is void after August 4th.
Cut on lines. Don't roll. Send In flat.
4, a f.
1 wish to Nominate Miss
Nomlnsted by
Address , .
This nomination hlank whan
- . i ... ' - u i u oiiu unjuRDi or
mailed to Contest Department of The Enterprise will count for
2.500 votes. Only one of these blanks will be credited to eecb csn-
4aa4 4d. xddddddd
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Mobtoaa ondar tba olaa alDad hiaai
will ba lnaaid at aaia east a word, nbaS
Inaarttan. hall a aa aaiUkauU baaar
ttona. iM tech oar. II par oioaitb. hJf
toil aord. I naaaj l par walk
Cash atuat aaapaar ordar aalraa ana
has aa open account with tba papar. Ha
financial raapaoalblllty for ermro; whart
arrora eomr fraa oarr.atrd noUoo will b
prlalad for potroa. Minimum anara IK
WANTED Collectors to T col
lection of all sorts of curios, an
tiques, and Indian trinkets: stsmps
for stamp collectors; coins for
numismatists, arrow baada for arch
eologists, etc I buy and sell all
sorts of curios; also all kinds of
secondhand furniture and tool a.
George Young, Main, near Fifth
WANT-aniaii advertisements for
thla column. Prices "try reason
able. Bee rates at bead of eoltmn.
Read tbe Morning enterprise.
WANTED You to hno thst the En
terprise Job printing department Is
the most complete to tne State,
outatde Portland. Try i'r our
next printing.
WANTED PoaiUon by npn-lemcd.
nurse, or as companion (or elderly
lady or housekeeper for small fam
ily. Inquire at Enterprise or tele
phone Main 2353.
WANTED One hundred hopplckers
for John Waiting's hop yard. Fine
mountain water, fruit free, and one
of the beat places to camp In state.
8. R. Green, 'phone B-i:6.
FOR SALE One South wick hay press;
one 10-horse power gasoline engine.
11400.00 outfit for less than half.
Will Bell or trade. Address Enter
prise office.
FOR SALE Space In this column
Sell that old plow or harrow; you
don't uae It since you purchased
your new one.
LOST Sunday, between Presbyterian
church and Mr. Yoder's place, a
black handbag, containing pair
gold frame glasses and two hand
kerchiefs. Return to Mrs. J. P.
RoehJ on Pearl street snd receive
FARM LOANS Dlmlck A Dlmlck.
Lawyers, Oregon City, Or.
O. D BTBY, Atioraey-at-Law. Money
loaned, abstracts furnished, land
titles exsmlned. oats tea settled, gen
eral law business. Over . Bank al
Oreaoa City.
U'RKN A 8CHUa7BEL. Attorneys-st
Law, Deutsche? Advokst, wttl prao
Uoe In all courts, make collection
and settlements. Office In Enter
prise Bldg Oregon Ctty. Oregon.
HARRY JONBS Builder and Genersi
Contractor. Estimates cheerfull
given on all classes of building
work, concrete wsiks ana reinforced
concrete. Res. Phone Main 11L
!. H. COOPER, foe Fire Insursner
and Real Estate. Lot ns handle
your properties we bay, sen and
exchange. Office la Enterprise
Bldg.. Oregon City, Oregon.
Notice of Application for Vacstlon of
NOTICE Is hereby given that the un
dersigned petitioners have petition
ed the City Council of Oregon City
to reduce the width of the Alley in
Block 66, of Oregon City, Oregon,
from 26 feet aide to 10 feet wide,
and that said matter will be heard
and determined at a special meet
Ing f' aM Council to be held at
the Council chamber. In Oregon City,
Oregv. on tne 10th day of August,
1911, at the hour of 8 p. m. of
said y.
Dated, July 11th. 1911.
hundreds of dollars In hard
cash! The TRAIL, to It, any
wideawake boy can follow.
Don't worry any loager where
to ret real money or whatever
article you want. Come to me
and get It. Parents Investigate!
for this self-same ROAD has
led many a boy to a bank ac
count. Come with your boy
It you choose. Come early.
Huntley Bros., Oregon City, Of.
f , 4 4. a, , , d d a
nmn.,1. mii.j i m , v. .
M i- ..I 11 II a
Charming PlaiUd Freak s
Blue and Wh.ta Parsala.
OIBL'B rtHCAI.B riHBna. ,
Thla rharnilnir drtwa for B llttl girl
Is of One percale. led with a plulu
bapd or nlue. Tne Mouse cioaea m
the front at the left and Is adortied
with a t""tla row ..f viry tiny but
tons. Tbe nek Is finished ..with s
round collar of the mslerlnl piped in s
double Hue. Tbe elbow sleeves have
turned back cuffs. The plaited skirt
and blouse are In scarate pieces, the
former being finished with a neatly
piped belt.
Crewn Princsss ef Rsumsnls, Wbe En
joy Maating Tham.
Crown Princess Mario of Roumsnla,
daughter of tbe Iste Duke of Kaie-
Coburg;.tba. la the friend itT Amer
Iran a Km-entlv society lesders In
Bucbsreal let It be known thst tht
Americsn women ' la tbe Kountsntsn
capital need not eipect sorlnl recogni
tion. About this time Invitations were sent
out for a social at which. It was ei
pected Princess Marie herself wss to
be a guest of bot.or. According to cus
tom, the nsmes of the proposed guests
Photo by American Praaa AaaoclatloA.
to the function were submitted to the
royal lady. She scanned the list snd
then remarked:
"I see the nsmes of So-snd-so are not
"They are Americans, your royal
highness." was the reply.
"They ore dlstlnguiched guests in
our capital. If their names are not
Included In this list of guests I shall
not attend the reception." declared the
princess, returning the lint with sn sir
of finality that bad Its effect. Every
American woman of any social stand
ing at all was Immediately Invited to
the affair, and the princess made a
point of singling out tbe unpopular
Americans for gracious attentions.
Like Queen Mary, the beautiful Rou
manian crown priiH-ess Is n woman of
remarkable intelligence. Moreover, she
Is extremely tactful and clever; It Is
said If Ferdl.iHbd ever comes to tbs
throne of Roumnnln she will l the
power behind the throne; Her daugh
ter, the Princess Elizabeth, who in
lerlts lunch of her mother's beauty, la
ow seventeen, the same sge as the
belr to tbe English throne. A msr
rlsee between the two would not be
onplesslng to the English people and
would certsinly be desirable for Rou
msnla from a diplomatic standpoint.
The suggestion that a match be ar
ranged with Princess Mand Alexan
dra of Fife, second dnughter of the
king's sister. Ioulse. duchess of Fife,
has not been received with much en
tbuslnsm by the English people, wlih
whom tbe Fife connection la .not very
popular. However, rumor now nays
that the lovely Princeaa K'lml.eih Ix
engaged to Prince fSenrue. eldi-st son
of tbe crown prince of !ree e
Ins Same Hols.
An Ineaperieui-ed jouug fellow sat
railed upon to make a speech at a tmn
quet at which Speaker Cannon wu
proept In fact, tbe spesker sat nexi
to the young man.
"Gefasemen." began the young fel
low, -my opinion Is that the generality
f mankind in genersi Is disposed to
use advantage of the generality of"
Tbe spesker grabbed the boy by the
arm and. pulling him down to hlni
"Fit down. son.. Too are coming ont
of the as me bole yon went in." Ex
Vj':' ' ' '
No Guesswork
about your money msttsra whsn y.
art a depositor hsra.
v..r hills are all "X ". Veue ahesk, whan rsturn.a. k.,
soT.s a rscVpt. No trouble .bout .h.nBe. n. dl.puts. sbou,
mania, no qusttlon as lo your money hat eon., or h,
yoU rec.lvd. Your p... booh and th. .tub. of your
lwy. t.M b awry. (M a,nq
The Bank of Oregon City
ll C LATtM'HieTTC PrUrt.uV r. J- mm J EH, Cu,
CAPITAL, S60.aoa.0a
Tr.,oU s 6-e.r.l Ssnhlng --slneas.
Mr. and Mrs. r'red Ileidermsnn. of
Kedtamt. were In this city Monday,
purchasing household gmtds, tnelr
home having b-en ileatroyed by
fire on Sunday. The only arllcles
saved were the bed clothes, stove, and
a few pieces of furniture. Neighbors
were attracted to the scene ot tne
Ore by the slarm given by Mr. llnlder
miinn snd his wife All the dUhes,
food, clothing snd bedTooin furnitureT
snd msny trinkets ers destroyed.
There sa no Insursnce on the bouse
or furniture.
Tbe fire started from a stovepipe,
snd ss soon ss the roof bsd been
Ignited the flames spread rapidly, and
the houae was consumed In a short
time.' The outbuildings were saved
by hard work of the neighbors. Mr.
and Mrs. lleldermann, while In this
city purchased a tent, and will camp
until a new house Is constructed.
The Knights snd ladles of Security
of this city will go to Portland by
special car Monday to attend a meet
ing at which arrangements will be
made for the big gathering to be held
on September n, at the W. O. W.
Hall In Portland. There will be BOO
candidates Initiated at the meeting lo !
September, which will be alven in I
honor of the visit of the national ot-!
During the past year the local or
der Initiated many members, and
holds the record for new members
this year. Many nieinlvers from this
city will attend the meeting In Sep
temlier. and already arrangements
are being made to charter two extra
cars to carry them to Portland.
PORTLAND. Or.. July 31. (Spec
ial (.Immediate construction of a
railroad from Eugene to Marshfleld.
at a cost estimated at Is.Ooo.OtHi, was
authorized by the Southern Pacific
Company through J. P. O'llrlen, vice
president and general manager In this
city today.
Preliminary surveys slresdy have
been made and six engineering parties
sre In the field locating the perman
ent line.
Although the definite course through
which the new rosd will he construct
ed has not yet been selected, Mr.
O lirlen said that the general . route
will be along the Siuslaw River. I
tha.n.k oW t .
...i.uRu me voasi rtange to the roast
thence south to Msrshfleld. where It
will connect with the Coos Hay, Rose
burg A Eastern rtallrnari m.u, ,..,...
Ing a line two miles long from Marsh- ; 1
fle d In M vrlla
" .--J... I Willi,
Z FRUGAL EILI rHIPIfC a pr,,n,lHr, of .ubscrlbers aft
i, i PPr haa been placed ther. M
" 1 1 carrier.
wmana managar Bankad Hit 8a. j . .
ary Until End ef Scaton
Sklp-r I'.ill imin
sger h ml rii,ti(; i, ,,( lnt. (),.
hs club. I imii-il fr ha frugnl
Ity and slo f,.i nix .kill a h
hunter nnd frii.r The first
enr Krhlpke wh In Omnlm he
drew ulxmt lUl fr()1 ,,B
i.xiirke tor ei t.,e innn.M
id .!
iei tne riM of In-, wilnrv remain
In the hiindx of the owner of the 2
Omahn teum When i,H was -
bnnded to him at the end f ,,e
esson Kklpiwr Temnrked;- "V.-T '
that's more money limit ever j
saw. The flr-t thing I will do Ik t
to go rlwlit home un.l bu, enmiKi, I
eonl to liiHt uioiher all winter" :
.... " J
auu tie did
Ths Ordor ef th Shall.
Employee, of the Kn, work. In
Germany csn earn, be dlstlngnlshod
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Open from f A. M, W f $ k
Cor. Vaughn snd Twenty fourth
July 24, 28. 2e. 27, 2s, 21
Qamss Sag1" Ws.kd.ys at I a
Sundays, 2:10 P. M.
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'350 Morrison St Portlanil
Buy a Home
While Paying Rent
$100 down and $12 a montl
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for electricity. IM 82x105 ft
Borne fruit on place. Weil s
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A snap at. .
E. P. Elliott and Son
7th and Main 8ts.. by 8uip
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unlawfully remove copies of TV
Morning Entemrlse from tbs
Is on sale at the following stor
r every any:
Huntley Dros Drugs
Main Street.
J. W. McAnulty Clgsrs
Seventh and "Main.
Secreat Confectionery
Main near Sixth.-
M. E. Dunn Confectionery
Next door to P. O.
City Drug Store
Electric Hotel. T
Walter Utile Confectionery J
KM Ravanlh dlvaat '
M. Vol k mar Drugs j
Seventh near Center. j
Schoenborn Confectionery J
Seventh and .1. Q. Adsms. . J
The Hens Know.
Correct ChlcRcn Food
Makes Hens Lay
Baby CMt Grit, M.t MM
Beef Scraps and Oat Coats fr
Dealra n Wool, Flour, Hs
Or.ln, F..d, Co.l, ', SuJ'
Commission Co-
i Oregon City.
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