Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, June 29, 1911, Page 4, Image 4

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Every man has time enough to
do hi whole duty. When he leave
a duty tindon or discharge k in
the consciousness that it is not at
we3 done ai it shocld be his lack o(
time w never the real reason (of ha
failure o hit shortcoming.
Didnt Llks Bacnsler.
In atitiqulty cltixeo who remained
bachelor all their lira were consider
ed unpatriotic.
The Blue Fan.
Blua arctic foiea are bred extensive
ly on tha Island of (he Alaska coast
These creature cannot be tamed, but
they are fed all tha year round and
trapped In special house in the winter
when their coats are la suitabl condition.
But She Dotsnt.
"Of all Inappropriate name I evei
beard our landlady takes tb bun."
aid the fat boarder.
"Vou mean ber drat name?" asked
tb thin boarder.
"Sure! Us rhyll!." Tonkers
.1 iiiiiiiimininiHiiilU
Chautauqua Will Open Next Tuesday
exceptionally Tine, Program Is Arr nged For Annual Assembly for
v 13 Days at Gladstone Park
Saving Father.
"Ton talked constantly through the
opera." said on young woman.
"Tea," replied the other. "I disliked
to do It, but It was the only way to
keep father from going to sleep In fall
view of tha audience." Washington
Baseball was founded on tb old
English game of "rounders," but bear
hardly any resemblanc to It la It
present form. The first regular base
ball team, called the Knickerbocker
club, was formed In New Tork. In the
year 1S43.
Nothing Is sillier than this charge of
plagiarism. There Is no sixth com
mandment In art Tbe poet dar help
himself wherever he lists wherever b
finds material salted to bis work. n
may even appropriate entire colamns
with their carved capital if tbe temple
be thus pnpports b" a beanrlfol one.
Goethe understood this very well, and
so did Fhakt-epeer before him. Fieln-
rtch nelne
Tve tost written a scathing letter
denouncing that newspaper, calling If
cowardly and spineless," said tbe in
dlgnant rttlsen.
"Did yon sign ywir name tn It T"
asked tbe stranger.
"No; I signed It "One Who Know.'
I didn't want tbe editor tn know who
wrote It." be replied Detroit Free
An Unknewn Tenaua.
young man Juat returned tYtfm col
lege was oat cycling on day when sud-
uv uo came to a steep gradient
v nue ne was descending b lost con
trol or nia machine and waa thrown.
irwo tnMO cam and found him lying
441 preaicament. When aaked bow
It happened be replied. "Well. I came
down tbat decline with tbe greatest
velocity ana lost my central gravity
waa precipitated on the hard mac- I
a aa mixed road."
Away, lad; let him alone." replied
" " ue men. -tie' foreigner "-
LMnaoa iaea.
Tw Brusque Not.
When Andrew Mjiar. tbe publisher
or Ut. Johnsons dictionary, received
the last proof aheet from Dr. Johnson
h wrote him this brusque not: "Ad
drew Millar sends bU compllmenu to
air. bauiuel Johnson, with the money
for tbe last aheet of the copy of the
dictionary and thanks God he has
done with mm " To tola die doctor
replied. -Samuel Jobnsou return tils
coniplinjeut to Mr. Andrew Millar ami
la very gmd to Oud. as tie doe by this
uoie. luai Auarew Miliar baa the grace
w luaua oo ror anything "
are the popular style In home
architecture. I specialize-ou.
designing and building bung
alows that are convenient in
arrangement, homelike in ap
pearance. , At Moderate Cost
If you are thinking of build
ing call and see me, or phone
for an engagement.
Clarence Simmons
Ninth and Main Street.
Phon Pac-Main 3292.
, Oregon City
Furnished with operating
room, ward and private
' Groduofe Nurses
Pac. 2243 , Home D-298
Cor. Vaughn and Twenty-fourth 8ta.
Jun 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. July 1, 2.
Oame Begin Weekday at av m.
Sundays, 2:S0 P. M.
" . 1 rrw to Bleachers
Opening Day, July 4th, 1911.
All G. A. R. Veterans wearing the button spill be
admitted free.
10:00 Spectacular Game of Baseball Teacher
vs. Lawyer.
1:00 Hand Concert Naval Reserve Band.
U. A. R Drum Corps.
"Th Star Spangled Banner," Ron Block
Reading of the Declaration of Independ
ence. "The Red. White and Blue." Prof. W. H.
, Boyer.
Oration "The Evolution of Patriotism."
. Gov. Richard Yates, of Ultuols.
3:30 Baseball Pric Bros. vs. Aurora,
6:00 Event for Clackamas County Boys.
100 yard dash.
Putting IS pound shot.
Running Broad Jump.
5: SO Six-mil relay ateeplechase. free for all.
Portland Y. M. C. A. and Chemawa In
diana have entered.
7:00 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
Lecture "With an Irishman Through the
Jungle of Africa." Dr. Gabriel R. Ma-gulre.
Second Day, Wednesday, July 5th.
8:00-11:00 Classes.
11:00 Scripture Recital, Rev. Edith Hill Booker,
of Emporia, Kans.
Parliamentary Law, Mrs. Emma A. Fox.
Detroit, Mich.
1:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
8:00 Lecture An Irishman's Trip Through
Europe." Dr. Gabriel R. Magulre. Cleve
land, Ohio. y
3:30 Baseball Dll worth Derbies vs. Gladstone.
7:1$ Band Concert Naval Reserve Band.
8:00 Dramatic Reading "The Melting Pot,"
-Mrs. Lulu Tyler Gates.
Third Day. Thursday, July 6th.
8:00-11:00 Classes.
11:00 Scotch Day Bagpipe Selections. Songs
Recti tat tons, and Highland Dancing.
Address "Bobble Burns," Hon. Wallace
McCamant, Portland.
1:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
2:00 Solo Mrs. Delphln Mark. Contralto.
Reading "Polly of the Circus." Lulu Tyler
Gates. ,
3:30 Baseball Crystal Spring Park vs. Aurora.
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
8:00 The Apollo Concert Company, of Chicago.
Fourth Day, Friday, July 7th.
8:00-11:00 Classes.
11:00 Club Day Solo, Miss Msud Dam match, of
the Monday Musical Club.
"The Scholarship Loan Fund," Mrs. Fred
erick Eggert, Woman Club.
"The Neighborhood House," Mrs. 8. M.
Blumauer, Council of Jewish Women.
"The Press and the Club Woman," Mrs
M. L. T. Hidden, Oregon Press Club.
1:15 Concert Apollo Concert Company.
2:00 Musical Selection Miss Alice Justin.
Musical Selection Mr. Warren Allen.
Address Mrs. Emma A. Fox. Detroit.
Address "Women In Civics" Mr. W. A
3:30 Baseball Price Bros. vs. Gladstone.
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band
8:00 Lecture "The Spirit of Democracy," Gov.
J. Frank Hanley. of Indiana.
Fifth Day, Saturday, July 8th.
8:00-11:00 Classes.
11:00 Boys' Day Admission, boy and girl un
der sixteen, 10 cents. "Work for Boys,"
H. W. Stone, Portland Y. M. C. A.
"The Boy Scouts," Rev. William Proctor,
Pacific University. ;
"The Knights of King Arthur," Rev. Lands
borough. "St. Martin' School for Boys," Rev. C.
. vvftQDinBon
"The Boy' Brigade,'1 Hugh Krumm.
"The Boy' Brotherhood' E. C. Hurlow.
1:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve-Band.
2:00 Lecture "The Patriotism of Peace." Gov.
J. Frank Hanley.
3:30 Start of seven-day Marathon for boys.
Baseball Dll worth Derbies vs. Crystal
Spring Park.
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
8:00 Reading "An Abandoned Elopement,'
Miss Beatrice Honey.
Concert The Apollo Concert Company.
8ixth Day, 8unday, July 9th.
10:00 Sunday School.
11:00 8crlpture Recital, Rev. Edith HIII Booker,
Emporia, Kans.
1:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
2:00 Music, Mr. W. H. Boyer. Tenor.
Sermon "Fishing for Men," DeWItt Mil
ler. 4:00 Concert Monday Musical Club. Mr.
Rose Reed Hanscome, Director.
Part I.
Chorus of 125 voice Selected
Mr. Ros Reed Hanscom, Director.
"' ' part a ' ' . .
Trio Roman za ..... ... . , , Marschner .k,
Frank O. Elchenlaub ..Violin '
C. Duncan Raft- . Cello
Harry B. Van Dyke ...... i.-... piano
Solo "O Divine Redeemer" Gounod
Mr. Raymond Sullivan, Soprano -Mis
Carmel Sullivan, Accompanist
Piano Solo (s) Caprice 8tavnhagn
(b) Erl King Sehobert-Llszt ,
f Mr. EI1 Connell Jese
Vocal Bolo (a) "The Pilgrim' Song." Tchowk
(b) "The Pipe of Pan," Edward Edgar '
Hartrtdge O. Whlpp, Basso
Miss Leonora Fisher, Accompanist
Bolo-The Worker" Gounod
Mlse Evelyn Hurley, Contralto
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
8:00 Snored Concert Apollo Concert Company,
of Chicago.
8vnth Day, Monday, July 10th.
8:00-11:00 Classes.
11:00 Piano Solo Pollaclnelle Kachmaulnoff,
Harry H Vsn Dyke, Portland.
Solo Vocal "Spring la Come," Neldtlng
er. Mis Naucy Iteala. Portland.
Address "The Scientific Selection of
Foods," Dr. Newton James Baxter.
1:15 Bsini Concert. Naval Reserve Baud
t:00 Lecture "rues of Ugliness." I Witt Mil
ler. 3:30 Marathon Race.
Baseball Aurora ia. Qlndstone.
7:15 15and 'Concert. Naval Ronerve Band. '
Sit-Llfa Portrayals from Dickens." William
Sterling Hat t is (A presentation of
Dickens' character In costume )
Eighth Day, Tuesday, July 11th.
8: 00-11:00 Classe.
11:00 "The Cause and Cure of CoMa." Demon
stration by trained nurse. Dr. Leua K.
1:15 Band Concert. Naval Rtrve Band
:.0O Music Mra., Mary Dearborn Schwab, So
prano. "Th Selene of Living, or th Art of
Keeping Well." Dr. William S. 8adler.
3:30 Marathon Race.
Baseball Crystal Springs Park va. Prlc
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
8:00 Music William Conley, Tenor.
"The Physiology cf Faith and Far," or
The Mind In Health and Disease." Dr.
William S Sadler.
Ninth Day, Wednesday, July 12th.
8 : 00-1 1:00 Classes.
11:00 "Child Culture"
K. Sadler.
(Women Only!, Dr. Lena
1:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band
2:00 "How the Body Resists Disease," Dr. Wil
liam S. Sadler.
3:30 Marat hyt.lce. , j
Baseball Aurora 'vs. Dilworth Derbiea.
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band
8:00 Music Mr. Elfrled Welnsteln. Soprano.
Dramatic Reading "La Saruarltlne," The
Woman of Samaria) Sarah Mildred Will
mer. Miss Wlllmer read the "Sign of the
Cross" last year.
Tenth Day, Thursday, juiy uh.
8:00-11:00 Clasae.
11:00 Farmer' Day Solo. Miss Zet Holllster.
Soprano, accompanied by Prof. Wilder
Address "Life at Home and Abroad." Mr
Clara H. Waldo, Regent O. A. C.
1:15 Band Concert. Navaa Reserve Band
2:00 Lecture "The Strongest Man on Earth"
Dr. Chaa. y. Aked, lata of London and
New York.
3:30 Marathon Rare
aseoaii iiiaostone vs. Crrstal Hnrlnr.
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band
8:00 Williams Jubilee Singers.
Eleventh Day, Friday, July 14th.
8:00-11:00 Classes
11:00 Solo. Mrs. Batti Allen, Contralto.
Address "Oregon Congress of Mother "
Mrs R. h. Tate, Pres. State Congress of
Mothers. '
Address Mrs. Clara H. Waldo.
i:J5Band Concert- Naval Reserve Band.
2:00 Music-Mr. HartrMg Whlpp. Baritone.
Lecture "Gladstone, HI Legacy to tbe
7 ,rttDf""h pPe." Ir. Cha. F. Aked.
3:30 Marathon Race.
7 ,e Mbm'-,1l''rth Derble. v. Prlc Bro
i:Z?,m C"nrn- Nav" Reserve Band.
8:00 Williams Jubilee Singers.
Twelfth Day, Saturday, July 15th.
8:00-11:00 Classes.
11:00 Address "State Institutions," Oswald
w est. Governor of Oregon.
A,r'nnZntlv- ,,hll'P '. Chaplain of
State Penitentiary.
l:15-Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band
2:00-Iusic Mix Eva Wells. Soprano.
Address "Educational Work at Home and
,,. r,nnn gram, Davis,
Milwaukee, Wis.
3:30 Marathon Race.
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
8:00 Y. M. C. A. Entertainment.
Grand Display of Firework.
Thirteenth Day, 8unday, July 16tn.
10:00 Sunday School.
11:00 Address Selected, Mrs
Davl, Milwaukee, Wis.
Edith Smith
1:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band.
2:00 Music Quartette.
8em"?Ir' W n- "Inaon, Whit Temple.
4;00 Sacred Concert under direction of Prof
W. II. Boyer, Portland.
7:15 Band Concert. Naval Reserve Band
8:00-8ermon, Dr. R. p. Shepherd, St. Lonls, Mo.
Jul4, 10:1)0
'J M Teachers v. Lawyer,
3:30 P. M. Price Br0. v. Aurora.
July 6 Dilworth Derbies . Gladstone.
July 6 Crystal Spring park t. Aurora.
July 7 Price Bro. vr Gladstone.
July 8 Dilworth Derble v. Crystal Springs
July 10 Aurora vs. Gladstone
July 11 Crystal Springs park v. Price Bro.
July 12 Aurora vs. Dilworth Derble.
July 13 Gladstone vs. Crystal Spring Park.
July H Dilworth Derble vs. price Broe.
July 15 Winning -Tvama.
Clos of Marathon. -'
Capture of a
A Scheme Thai Was
Well denned
I By George Ed ward Burn
I'opyrtalil lr Aniriivn l'ras Am-
lion. 11.
K'HUtl I I I II I H HH mil
When Bunker, the noted dHiMrad.
hot up the town of Kurvku, killed Hie
caililer of Phillips' Imnk and lielpe
hluiaelf to aoimi I'.Nt.iKiil hi euifeiu'
lelug his fourtb eiplult tu that iieltih
horlKxHl nit lilit a uiouth. It wns
thought by the t'ltUeua to fe liliih
time Miuiethliitt wna done to stop such
Irregular pnx'tvilluus.
W'lthlu hrtlf au hour after Buiiher
ami tlid-e analittants rtMlo out of I mn
a meeting wns eollel at tile ImIim
tm k and inenKUrea tnken I brenk up
the g:ing . A mm wn orguuUed.
coimWtlng of a duseii i lllxetiK, and I. it
er plucrd under the orders of a Ue
teetlve who was teleuraphiMl fur ami
tu a few hour reached Kureku l.v
pi-inl trnln. I'lene liobtiiiis, tlieti
auKxsu (( on twm rt.ooa.
arrival, bad captured a swindler- band
by stratagem, and It was hoped tha
he would be able to trap Bunker.
Robblus' first step was to Uxste the
desperado and his gang He therefore
sent out ruemlMTs of the m.ww In ev
ery direction to gather Information
nd coimnuulcate with blui at Kurekn
as soon as any intelligent w hatever
was received of the wherealotita or
movements of the murderers and pluti
Meanwhile Bunker, who tactic
after a raid were to go Into biding at
some presrrsngel place not far from
the scene of bis operntlons. occupied a
deserted sawmill In a wod A rsll
rood ran past the mill though on the
other side of a creek. Bunker's pur
pose was to keep quiet till It might
be auppoeed tbat be bud reached some
point many miles away, then stop a
passing train and ride out of tbe dls
trlct where he wss eeclally wanted.
Two days after the robbery boy
who was fishing In the creek saw men
at tbe mill.. Tbe youngster slipped
down off a stump on whli-b be sat aud.
nnseen by tbe men In the mill, dodging
sometimes In tbe water aud sometime
under th bunk, made bis way out of
tho wood. He bad fished there ofteo
and had never seen any on In the
mill before. Everybody In the region
knew of tbe Eureka robber, and the
boy suspected that the met he bud
seen were the robber In biding
On th fourth day after tbe robbery
a farmer walking along tbe rallrond
track not far from tb mill met a rod
beaded man who bade him good morn
ing and seemed disposed to rbst. tliuil
ly turning the subject to the where
about of Bunker aud hi men. The
farmer told him It was generally te-
IIedttinTrh gung-hsrl" gof-so- fnr
away with their plunder that It wns
not likely to be recovered. When the
two parted tbe red headed uiiin. who
was one of the gang reconnoltertng.
went to tbe mill and reported to Bun
ker what be bod beard.
It wa determined by Bunker and
bl men to stop tbe afternoon train
nd leave the region on It Half an
hour before It wss due the four men
left the mill, crossed the creek, and
when tbe train came along Bunker
signaled It to stop. The engineer obey
ed tbe signal, and tbe robbers got
board, one ninn climbing to the en
rin. another to the baggnge car. while
Bunker and bl other assistant, the;
ftrd headed tnnn. entered the only m
senger car.
The conductor a soon a the men
entered the train asked Bunker whnt
he meant by stopping the trnln.
"Do yon supine we were going to
walk Ave miles to n station T"
The ronductor grumbled, but the men
paid their fure, and there wss nothing
more said about the matter.
At tbe next station two farmer aud
'neir wlven got bord. After a con
sultation Bunker sent the man with
him forward with a message to th two
other. Tbe train passed th next sts.
Hon without stopping. Tb conductor
pulled tb cord connecting th eogln.
but with no effect. Then Bunker said
to blm:
"Conductor, I'm In charge of thl
trsln. We're not going to do any
more stopping Just now, and we're go
ing to move at full siiee.1. You sit
down there and keep quiet." '
Tbe conductor otieyed the order, but
one of the fur mer protested. He
said that be and hi wle were ticket
ed for tb station Just passed and
didn't wish to go any further. Bunker
told blm to shut up ho fiercely flint
b obeyed tbe order at on e.
Tbe 'man who bad gone lorwsrd
earn back and a4d something to
Bunker whl h aeemed lo he sml fac
tory. The train waa' running at full
l eel, and the two men were evldwut
ly in in li plemd nl their rhulu fur
i'ripe. 1-:i U held revolver III bis
ti mhI. I In. nnh no one dititiM Kiel
tvill. due i'f trie runner alves gave
im lileiice of bysierlcM, while the other
tl'in'iirhitf to rely upon being a worn
tu. berated the rtMer soundly. Her
j kUiihI ItcKited her In lie ijilli't. while
the himlwml of lift' other Mount u tried
in keep Ills wife from a iolliime, Tin
(ew other pssHeiiiter In the i-nr il
illl. unt diirlug lo move a llnyer. At
fur the luiiiliii'tor, be nt crunched
town III a aeal Ireinlilliig like M leaf
One of the funnels ami tils wife
were "on one side of I he enr, and I lie
Jllivr mlr were a few mwla tteliliiil
litem on the oppiMlte slile, Ixilh In-Iiijj
uesr the inlil'tlii. Biiuker sIimmI wllh
bU back sk'slust the . forward door,
while the nil beaded man stood In
miliar ililim with regnrd to th
rear iliHir. Tho wouuut who bud pro
tented gut up from ber sent and turn
eil It. over ik i Hint she would ride
1'iickw ard. The ruhtierit iiisde mi ob
i'tloii to this. Mild the liUKliuiiil meek
ly iiciil.-H oil.
The two cimple were uow riding
fare to fine, one couple looking at
Hunker, while I lie other looked at bis
Hkltniit. The train was going at a
furious rate, and whenever It ram to
rune (he Mtdier fun ml It dlltlcull
to luiiliitaln their.HMltlini4, After one
at tlu-e luriia, with M coiiHueiit dta
turbauc of Hie uieu's equilibrium,
two shots rang out altuullaueously.
In a twinkling the ststus was
cliangiHl. Bunker sniik on th fl.n.r.
and bU pal. who beard the glsss la
the top of the dxr behind blm rrark.
UMkel vainly for w tutevrr had flrI
But a sei-oml shot sloped hi obaerva
lion. The farmers' wlvea, who bad
dune the hooting, unbuttoneit tbrlr
dreaiwa and threw Iheui off. dlxplsy
lug men's i lolhlng. while their attend
ants, oeu!iig the forward dour, rushed
over . Bunker's body to Hie neit car
One of them, stopping before the dur
of th tuiggnge car. threw It open,
while the ot tier stood with a corked re
volver iMilntlng Into the i sr.
Tb rtJblH-r who was stationed there,
having hi back lo the ftirtner. wa
defeuaeleaa and ole)e nil order lo
throw up Ms hands The baggage
tuau disarmed him. while one of the
furiue.-a went out through tbe forward
dor aud climbed over the back of the
tender Tbe engineer occupied out
Ide of tb cab. while the mller guard
ing hi in aat on the other aide, both
losing forward. Th din prevented
lb newcomer from being heard." s ml
he bad an opHrtunlty to demand the
surrender of the robber, though tbe
latter held a rocked revolver lo hi
right hand Crouching behind a pile
of coal, the farmer took aim si the
robber, then yelled .at the mp of hi
vo- for surrender. The robber he
itated fur a moment, but, aellig that
every rhame was agnlust blm. com
plied. Then tb engineer, at a bod
from tb stoptied th train.
W iuut return lo tbe operation of
Plerr Bobbin Through the boy who
bad seen the robbers In th saw mill
he bad gained a knowledge of their
whereabout, lutultlouk told him of
tbelr plnu Believing that they had
(tie money they hnd taken ou their
erns and desiring tha I they should
not hsve an npfurlonlly to get rid of
It, be preferred to lake them while on
a train to surrounding them In tu
...III m . .....
uiiii. rm urn ai enc loin nis plsus sc
He placed four good men, disguised
it lb slatiou ou each aide of th
vlnt where they would lx likely to
Ixmrd the train, uot knowing which
woy iney would go. Knrtl train waa
wati-hrd. snd tb eitru man on the
liK-omotlve gave away the presence of
the robliers. The engineer, tbe bag
(nguiiiaii and th conductor were til
In the plot, No one of them was to
make any reaiatauee
Bobbin aud a picked man plated
th women' psrts. It was Bobbin
who made ImM to protest against lh
cttou of the robliers, and II waa he
who when In the cor with Bunker snd
the red bended lusn had arranged and
by preconcerted signals announced the
Mark, though It bod been determlpcd
that those wearing wemen'a d reuses
should fire the first shots, owing to
tbelr he Inn tietter able to conceal
weapon and draw them more quickly.
When the members of the posse col
i-riB-i m Uie psssenger car it was
found that Bunker hnd been killed out
ngnt and tb red beaded man badlv
wounded. All the robbers were search
ed. and every package of bills ther
I had taken from -the-bunk -wh YHnd
Intact. As soon aa all wna ready the
train was backed down to the station
im nassea. wnere telegrams weraseirf
announcing th capture, and a new
trnln waa made up to take the passen
gers and the prisoners bo Eureka
Tbe directors of the bank paid lib
erally for the recovery of the afolen
money, and the boy whnne Indolent
amusement of fishing hnd led to the
cnpliire received a check Inrge enough
to give blm an education.
If ws not long before every one of
in rohhers who bad been raptured
anv was convMed and sent for a
long term to tbe penitentiary
nrnn iiniA-TT"
MAT mnm n ON
vnnmriON OF WCU0.
out CU.n Cu, .d M.n.
gratut.i.d or lMttBet of
port-Atl.ndnct 0)i
John Hera. knuw.. .. ..
u i , in
im as viiuii ii.. .l .
'I . weigh, champion " 7 '.'a
rt land, in mllt t r B,nllk of
U...I....-.I-.. ... ... " "i Armun
'""""""J II I U II C ll.,r.. . r
shoulder. ... lo n u Z T'
ni. In fourieei, m
""," ''lv iiilnni
Although Hinllh showed in,,, h .L,
a annareiit fr ..' " " h
Attendant Olsappolntlna.
in orir in eniuiilr ,i.
n weigh, be. we,,,,
wer barred In order tha. Hmlih S
b etiablml to uh 1,1. t ". u m
hoM. Thi. .: : : ""
.enefl. for Berg never .M '
IKirtuully for the hol.l -r... ".
danc was dtai.i.oi.,n.. .
reason (he i.rell,iilii-ri-. t.,..J .
been scheduled wer eliminated
Merg luted huminxr Ui. ... .
i , -- iia in
old moa, effectively i- u-w-T
wa referee Br" ,.".'
Jnlug. annouiiced sti..r n,. ' '?
hat he had signed tentative ttrZ
nenl with both Hack eiii-tii.ii. - -
iotrh for the wlmmr ..t . .
ween these men In rhlru,. .
phin " ,,,',,'"c,,'l" chMi-
out I Clsan Cut.
Th winner will
large purse and a roinld..rble ,14,
bet In th city offerln ih. 1 . 1.
ucrmnul for th match hl.-k .m
probably Iw held on Thank.glvlai
I lay. Berg has not Im.i.11 il..r..i4
sine he Brst met Oolch severs! yean
sg. Hllire then li has met (iotrq a
handicap matches and has been t
turned the winner.
Th bout hr wa rlean-rut and la
lerestlng throughout, Manor Un
Ing wa congratulated by several
wins present for the eirellence of th
sHirt. n It Is probable' that he wlli
glv another ethlbltlon here In lh
near futur.
Mr. J. L. Waldron Solves 8Hktpal'
Ian 0omtrlcal Squsr.
Th 8hskeseare departinetit of th
W'omtn Club Intended ,0 o lo lh
Oaka on Monday; but owing ,0 th
Inclement weather decided to hold a
meeting at the home of Mr. II. g,
Straight. At noott delirious repast
wss served, after1 which Mrs J, U
Waldmn solved the ' gometrlcal -8hakepearlan
squar. The remainder
of (he afternoon wa devoted lo (co
rral discussion of literature. On of
lh features was the presentation ot
silver mayonnaise bol and spool
to Mr. UH. Jones. Instructor of th
class, the presentation speerfa beisf
mad by Mrs. Clinton ijilouretl. .
Those present were Mrs. I. K. Jooe,
Mr J. V. Norrls. Mrs. Wllllsm Aa
dersen. Mra. Clinton Laourett. Mrf.
J. I. W'aldron. Mrs. Msry Hhsnk, Mrt.
N. V. 8coit, Mrs. . I. Brightblll, Mrf
II. K. Straight, Mr. K. I" lUndi, Ml .
Ada Bedwell. . i
Bead th Morning enterprise.
will be on sale at
Gladstone Park, or
you may have it de
livered to your tent
every morning by
tbe special
A Child's Voeabularv.
The average child of all year use
rwer than 400 word In hi dally con
Clr Tns for Whistlsr.
A boot CSV- lime Jimie McNeill Wbls-
uer. me srtwi. wa caiiMing a wnsstlou
with the painting wlib h he tailed "A
Harmony In Black and Ited." "A Not-
turne in lllue" 01 some hui h inline he
bad a mlsaiiderstaiiding wlib his club
regnrdlug dues. The nei reiary finally
wrote fo Mr. Whistler saying nm, (h
ciuo would be gmd to re five from him 1
an arraiigement In gu.d finJ lir "
. ' '" '--L . U : .
A Hus f Shells.
A retired sea captain ' living near
Edinburgh. Scotland, concluded tbat
on of tbe room In bis hous waa too
dark. and. not wanting to whitewash
or to paint the wall opposite tb win
dow so a to reflect tb light into tb
room, be covered th wall With ce
ment and In It placed a layer of whit
abll, says St. Nicholas. Tb result
wae so pleasing and b bad- ao many
eeasbsll which be had collected from
tariou psrts of tb world tbat he eon
tlnnH tb work nnttl hie rottag and
tardeo bectm the wonder of th re-
that will be maintained
During ,
----- a
A full report ol cmjA
y events will be pub-J
ll.ka.rl wrw rlar.'
I I0M VV. w T w W J
. 1 '-'
uraer now ana w
. range for delivery.
You will want extra
copies to send away
Call, write or phone
Morning Enterprlp
Circttlatioa Depsrtmtflt
) J
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