Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, June 25, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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Waist Sale
$1.25 to $1.50
Fine White Sum
mer Waist for
a few days
Men's Suit
Men's Suits for
a few days
&90 Our Window Displays
Call1 D.
ringing noise Id jour oar. go to HunU
ir iiro. today ana get a IIYOMEI
uumi ana anv cut catarrh.
To cur catarrh H TOM EI should b
breathed through th Hyomet Inhaler
'or a few minute, (our or five time
a day. Juat pour a few drop Into tb
narq ruober inhaler and breath It
It kill the germ-. Booth, tha it.
rltatlon; bvala the Inflammation; stop
iiawaing, spitting ana snuffling.
IIYOMKI keep the throat free from
mucin and prevents cruata la dob.
The cumplnU IIYOMKI outfit wl.uITi
Includes the little Indestructible hard
rubber Inhaler, a bottle of IIYOMKI
and alniple Instruction, for uae. coata
i.oo. ,
For the Children
Thr Children of
tha King Spain.
Nlrk Darnell, of Literal, waa
ibli city on Saturday.
Dr. Moray, of Molalla, waa In lain
city Saturday.
Mr. Frederick. Of MolalU, waa In
Ihia rlty Saturday.
Merllt Jones, of Mullno, waa In tbla
elty Saturday.
"Monro trl.h, of Unon Hall, waa
la thla city Saturday
C. W. Halm, of Caatla Rock, Waah.,
Ii In tbla city on buatnoaa.
Herbert Robbtna. of Beaver Croak,
waa In tbla city on Saturday.
Valentin Bohlender. of Beaver
Creek, waa In tbla city Saturday.
Wllholt atage will Ware tha Electric
Hotel each day at I o'clock p. m.
Mra. E. C. Warren, of Oak prove,
visited friend. In Oregon Cly on Sat
urday, i
II. Brennr, one of tha fannara of
tarua. waa in mia cny on oiuiu
on bealneea,
Mr. and Mra. Edward Howard and
two. aona, of Carua, were in Oregon
city on Baturaay.
Mr. and Mra Peter Dohlander, wall
known residents of Beaver Crack, were
In thla city on Saturday.
Ralph Eddy baa returned from tba
mountains near Elwood whare b
camped. --'
M. H. Hendiicka, of Taeoma, Waah
is In thla city on bualneaa, and I
rt-clatered at tha Electric Hotel.
Dr. R. A. Sommer, formerly of Ore
gon City, baa moved bit office to 1017
t'orbett building, poruana,
William nanlala. a well-known far
mer of Beaver creek, waa among; the
Oregon City vlaltor on Baturaay.
Fred W. Humphrya, who baa been
111 with an attack of grip, baa gone
Into the country for a few daye.
Mra. John Da via, of thla city, will
leave the flrat of the week for Junc
tion City, where she will vlalt ber ale
trra and grandmother.
W. !'. Klrrhem and daughter, of
Cl-ar. Creek, were In the city Satur
day. Mr. and Mra. Horace Mann and
Mla Krmnl Mann, of Pendleton, have
arrived In thla city for a vlalt with
Mr. and Mra. J. W. Cole.
Mr. and Mra. Cbarlee Ilium and two
children are In thla city vlaltlng the
lattera parepta, Mr. and Mra. J. M.
Murk, of tn Wert Bide.
George Kourtner, of Oswego, waa
In town Saturday on bualneaa In con
nection with having the will of hla
father admitted to probate.
Mla Edith Jackaon and alater, Mlaa
Letba Jackaon, left Saturday evening
for Woodburn, where they vlalted over
Sunday at tha Settlemler borne.
itlchard and William IJavla. who re-
aldea near Carua, were, In thla city
Saturday. Tney are among tne prom
inent growera of grain or tne county.
Mlaa Sedonla Shaw and Mlaa Rutn
iirlshihlll left last evening tor hi.
Johna. where they will vlalt the Mlaaea
uumi Adah and Uabella Webater,
f nniikane Waah.. are vlaltlng Mra,
Andrew, of Fall VlewTbey
are on their way to the N. E. A, con
vention in San Frauciaco.
Mr. M. M. AlldredKe and daughter
nrmm who have been visuma "
ormer's alatera, Mra. woooworm uu
Ur nhrum. at Hood Ktver, nave rw
turned to Oregon City.
f5nw-irklna,-of-MarQuamone of
the prominent young school teacher.
fiuvmii county, who haa been
taking the teachera' examlnajlon. left
on Haturday evnmg ror ma
Mlaa Moble Francla, of tbla city, and
Joaepb Oerber, of Portland, have gone
to Sprlngwater, wnere mry
.k.. -.i.i. nar Rundav of Mr. and
Mra. William Kanaau.
trisiir iinlden. of Bend. Or., naa
arrived In thla city and la vlaltlng bla
-i-... ur s c ureenmau. nr.
Holden will remain In tbla city unUl
after the Chautauqua.
un.,1 n Hardin leavea Sunday
morning on the ateamer Breakwater
for Cooe Bay, having ootameu - na
tion there and expect, to be abeent
all aummer.
John Weber, the versatile c erk 01
i..-. hnnk d.nartnieni. win J'"
a oarty thla morning that will apend
he flay in aearco ui -
crawflab. ,.
Why can't baaaball club gat
a wluulug muoogerT Right un
der rir no la the anawer:
Why don't acouta Ond atar play-
era) ,
The reply I that they're both
too erarce.
Mr. Sijmera. prealdent of the
Cleveland club, baa eat blmaelf
tba, tank of gettlug for the Napa
a "manager who will be a fix
ture like Clarke. Cbauce. Me
fJraw, Mnck or Jennlnga."
But Mr Soniera ongbt by thla
time to realize that Macka. Mc
Orawa. Cbantea and the like do
not grow on lllae buabea any
more than atar playere cao be
picked off etra wherry planta.
Cleveland ' baa bad aeveral
mauaicera In Ita time aa an
American league club McAleer.
Armour. Lajole and MrOulre.
And then look at the kalaldo
acoplc blHtory of the Brooklyn.
Cincinnati. Waahlngloo. Boaton
and other team managemeftta
Read there wby Orat claaa man
ager cannot be bad.
Tbey are too rare.
ii n 1 1 1 1 h h n 1 1 1 h n i h
Jelly from berrlee picked wet la
lamoet aura to mold, and doeen't Jell
right. Thy to pick them dry. . ,
We can promlae you a clear, elea
akin and a beautiful complexion If you
uae ZEMO and ZEMO SOAP accord
ing te direction.
ZSMO u a turn neanuner ana
Bclentlflo preparation for the treat
ment of ecxema, pimple, dandruff
and all dleeaae of the akin and acalp.
ZEMO SOAP la th nlceet beat lather
ing antlaeptle aoap yon aver need for
toilet or bath.
Sold by druggma everywhere and
In Oregon City by Huntley Bro. Co.
LUKE :fl3B
A Widow and a
By M. QUAD .
Copyrkht. 1M1. by Aaaoclated U-
TO ENTERTAIN fOO , I prlvat affair. Tber 1 no mor
..... juatlflcatlon for th . publication of
viniTuna. .. . . ..w .
aucn accouma ksiu uwi lur yuu-
llahlng other prlvat matter."
ft.. n.nn rttw rvitahi I Tbla la th aaaertion nr a eommii
will go today to Mackaburg to attend I tee of the American Academy of Medt
a picnic In the park given by the Oer- L,M whlcn inveeUgated the queetlon
man oinicij vi iu.i iacide, and In making tu repon
thought that at leaat thirty wlU go her today equeated the prea of Am-
from thla city and mor ban 100 mem- erlcm t0 ntnln from further publlca-
ber of Portland eocletiee will attend. t,OB of WCB affair..
There la expected to be an attendance, your committee find." aaya th
of about 300. . . I reDort." that alienlata are practically
An Intereatlnc program naa been I .in. .. nninivn thr tha anc-
arranged, conalatlng of mualc and ad- gMttve effect of the reading of d
dreaaea. Dinner will be nerved In the ,UCide U a powerful factor tn
park, and every arrangemeui naa mu tne ctio,, f aulcldes among aua
mad for th accommodaUon of th ceptbi individual.
vtaitora. Tn picnio win do au -Attempta at leglalaUon ar practv
faahioncd" German ouHng and every- ... UMiea unlea preceded by Buck
Photo by Amorlran Praaa Auoclatlon.
Wbeu tba royal children of Spain go
abroad tbey are uaually accompanied
by a Bound of cavalry, oateualbly to
guard agalnxt pmlble dangcra. but
really aa an eaeort tieflltluK their ex-
Famoue Pitcher of Washington la Not
Showing Up Wall. .
Walter Jobuaon of the Waahlngtona
1 nothing like the pitcher be waa liiat
year, lie neither looka nor pltcbea aa
be did during the campnign or lino,
nor la be apt to nntll be recover bla
vitality. Ilia recent alckneaa baa left
him weak, and be ahowa It In bla
That terrific epeed which made John
aon a great pitcher la not apparent tbla
aeaaon. Hla work la only ordinary
tbeae daya. and he la being bit harder
than he ever waa during the former
three eeaaona be baa been a member
of the Washington team.
He may ahow a flash now and then,
but thnt consistent effertlvenese which
made blm famou la lacking, and It
. Tha D. and 8. railroad bad d-lded
to eliminate a ten mile curve on Its
Une by a t-roaa cut of balf tht (II
tanc. The curve bad been made M
reach a boom town which bad laier
been Are a wept and then abundunm,.
The Widow Carter, relict of a fanner.
lived on the line of the rejected cut
off. It muat run between two lake
on ber farm, and the lxthuiu was only
aeventy feet wide.
There waa not a doubt on the part
of the railroad people that tbe widow
would aeli the right of way for $UM)
or so. one aay a company mj
paid ber a call. He. waa a tuau of
fifty, about tbe widow' age. and the
two bad not talked ten minute before
It developed-tbat they used to go to
school together aa children. When It
came to speaking of the right of way
the lawyer treated It a a trifling mat
ter. All other landownera on tbe line
bad aranted It for nothing, but in Mr.
Carter'B caae tbey would par ilw u
ah would bind herself to keep quiet
about It
"1 won't aay.eltber ye or no today,'
ah renlled. Tbere'a aometning
want to remember about our school
body will have a good time.
at I I rat rib VtiiiniP fiilkil III tlliS COUD
aaatvu I .... . .. . . a.1 . 1
try would doubllen enjoy the Eight of might be gooa poncy w mow uiiu t day-onie incident of importance tnai
mo it ail rV.tivi4 uilillira rn llontiis le- I era I weeks' Test. ... I n ... rnnnarted with. 1 gueaa I
JIT UM.". . ' - ..... . " " -
Th work toat Jonnaon la now uoiua tWnk ,t np tonjgbt. and yon cau
la forced, and a pitcher who force back tomorrow."
blmaelf la alwaya In dnncer of Injur- Uwyer departed; thinking the
lng hi arm. and It la apalnst ancb a lfiliaw a 0u odd In ber waya, and b
calamity that McAleer should guard ,n due nme next day.
"Look here, Sam Davla." Bald Mrs.
Carter aa the were seated. "1 waa
purty ure there waa Borne Incident,
and It baa come to me. You know
there waa a hill back of the echool
bouse at Wharton r-
"And we used to elide down on Bieoa
cavlv uu
aide their carriage, but the only aan
ger would be a possible runaway of
tbe boraea. Ho. too. In tbe case or tne
royal - Spanish bMe. Tbey bav
nothing to fear In the way of violence
except what might reault from auch
an accident.
In tbe picture are portrayed three
children of King Alfonso and Queen
Victoria, who la an English woman. On
the right la ITInee Alfonso, belr to tbe
throne of Spalu. now four yeare oia.
Next to blm la Prince Jaime, not quite
three. In tbe nurae'a aruia la Prince
Beatrice, who waa born July 21, AWO.
himself and hla club.
Buttsrsd aas and Tomato. .
Waah two ounces of rice thoroughly
and cook It outll it la quite lender In
ome nicely flavored white stock
whlcn Is entirely free from fat. then
pase It throuKb a One wire sieve and
reheat It In a aaucepan containing an
ounce of warm butter aud a n;iliioon
ful of curry powder rod two tab'e
apoonfula of thick ateived ton'ato; stir
It well, add a little rnlt and b'ack
penper and nit soon as It la hot four
in tha beaten volk of an eKg. Re
move the ri e from the stove directly
tbe KK la tUofTiujfhly blended -with it
Butter some medium utr.ed molds (pref
rahlv the low ehapei. put a moder
ately tulck tayer of sieved tongue at
the top of each, then All them with
tbe rice, packing It In tightly, and put
Into a moderate oven for about ten
mlnutea. or rather lea tf tn beat la
fierce. On taking the mold from the
oven turn tbe rice out on to a hot
dish and cover the top entirely with
cresmy buttered ecirs. sprinkle lit-
ooDular education aa will cause a gen
eral demand for the leglalaUon and
will assist In tbe enforcement of law
when enacted. - '
Wants, For Sale, Etc
SMsiaaaaaaW "Saaaaat
Notice under tbaao cussM! hoadtaa
wtU be InsoMcd at one cent a word, flrav
iBMrtioa. half a ent additional BBaor
tlona. one Inoh cut II aor nonUk, nan
tacii oard. ( dhu por molh.
Caata must aeoonpaar ardor nntomm one
baa an opea aoooont with the por. No
financial responsibility for orrors; whan
orrora occur froa evrractod noUeo will O
prtnud for e4roau Minimum oharaw too.
WANTED $1000 loan on good prop
erty. Addrea A-10, car Enlerprla.
WANTED About thirty to fifty head
' of feeder aheep, age make no dif
ference. ' Animate must b thrifty .
and muat have fair teeth. Addrea
Box 68, Route No. 3, Oregon City
or-'phone Farmer 4-X on the Paci
fic States line or 2B 4 on the Mu
tual. " : '
WANTED Ton to know iaat we buy
all kind of Curio a, that w ar In
the market for aeeond hand rnrnl
tnr and Tool. W also bav a
good assortment of aeeond nana
Furniture and Tool on hand tor
al to thoee in need. Com and
see; perhaps w have Juat what yo
want Indian Curio and trinket
for sal cheap; som that ar vary
unlaue and also very rare. QEOROB
TOUNO, Main near rift tic -
tie finely minced parsley over the top HEREBY noUfy n ouinea mn
rk.4 k. Ground.
L . , Ma., .nria haa ttil tn Itself la not a drawba
iU u.-guu. .r-w- -------- - . , .... ..,., im-eina-
. . m . n . nHnM . ur , uiiuu. . .... - -
Deal VI . .
Tbe prlmlUve ostrich aimpiy acratcn
ee out a bole In the sand, aeveral lay
ing in one neat '
Sand martlna build tbelr homes on a
Band cliff, boring bole to a distance
of three or more feet.
Meadow larke build their structures
of dried graaaea, which are likely to
be bidden In clover.
Amariiian Coach Likes the
With Imagination.
One of the beat football and baae
.. h. in tha onnntrv recently
stated that be would rather have bla amj boards at recean and after chool
than mid. . I "Rn we did."
ucu ... .wu- I . .1. -
-Th combination.". aald b. "1 too "One noon you ssaea u.o w " "
much for most men. but nervousness your slea uauway uu"" "
ack. to my npaet, and I loat a dib cu a-
mind. I Ilk athlete wtth tmagina-1 vl( chewing.
m .a r.mru.rament. It la their lm- Th Uwver laughed and flapped bU
aginaUon that give tbem stag fright, tut the widow bad a very serloua
but It Is alao tbelr imagination tuat aC0 as ane went on:
and serve very hot.
and dealer that I will -not be rea-
ponslbl for any debt or bill con
tracted by my wife. Uuu V. Mold
enhauer, after June 10. 1S11.
ultimately leads tbem to do almost tbe
impossible when tbe great teat comes.
It I of especial value in games u
which the men come Into phyalcal con
tart.Jlke football, baseball, baaketball
and laeroaae. The flrat contact. with
th nlavar of the opposing team naual-
W aettlea the stage fright nnleas the
man t bopeleaa. and after that be has
his nerv.' not hU nerves, to ran naca
Tbe titlark' grassy. iuow lined u-i
la placed flat upon the ground nwsy
nn in chilly Labrador.
Tb bank a wallow bore for It bom opon.
their ueau In a bed of moss upon the
V ground.
The Savannah bunting oniy miguuj
hollows ont Its pasture neat, a mere
suggest lou of a cup.
Swamp sparrows orten seiecx a uwujo
Mongolian Athlete Given Plaoe en All
Amerioan 8oooee Team. .
TalC great Chlneee player. Tann.
haa been selected a left back In tb
All American soccer root nan team, i uanwbil th widow conaulted a law
-And ao vour old railroad baa pot
to pay m a thousand dollars for the
right of way. I'm roIiik to Ket even
for that lost gum."
-A hundred dollars 1 a bin price.
widow. It's land that .nke no
nexaft tit
"But I may decide to make UMof
It, No; tbe railroad ran have it fora
thnnnnd dollars, but lint a cent le."
"It can coudemn the land under tbe
law. you nuderxtaud. aud In that caae
. . ... 4.... . t,
It wouia jjet h ir
Wll let "em ko abend
The railroad coiuiiauy didn't care to
go ahead until It had exhausted other
mean. It would nil lta tlKurea, and
It would aend other lawyers i -
Fruit Meringue.
Take two pound of any kind of
fruit gooseberries ure very good
lumD augar to taste and about balf a
gill of water to each Kuud. according
to the Julcinesa of the rruir.
Put tbe water and mi par into a
aaucepan. l tiipm oon ior m mm-
ote. then d.l the fruit and coo very
gently till tender. Beat tbe white of
three egg f " rrotii ana buu
three tableeDOonfuls of sugar. Put
tbe fruit Into a fireproof dlsb; preaa I farm LOANS Dlmlck It Dlm,c.
tb meringue over It. Bake In a alow Lawyers. Oregon City, Or.
Ticket For Sale
PERSONS wishing to aecure ticket
for the excursion to be given on
July Fourth to Camaa, Wash., may
purchase same at Btreblg' market,
oven till tbe meringue feels crisp and
Is of a delicate fawn color. Serve Tory
cold. t
Cantaloupe Salad.
MONET TO LOAN On first mort
gage; $500 snd upwards: one year
or longer. Apply t on.- Crow A
Hammond, Attorney at Law, Bv
Ter Bld. Oregon City.
Select four cantaloupe of uniform
else; chin, then cut off a email actkn
that may serve as a lid. Fill each
cantaloup with whipped cream which
haa been sweetened and mixed with
finely chopped ginger and marabmal- HARRy jONEB--BuIlder and 0nral
Catarrh I Probably th Cau
Rid or in tBus.
If you hav catarrh and bav con
Btant ringing noises In your earl look
Into the matter nt once.
1 nrettv aur lgn that catarrh
.preadlng and I. -naklng It.. w.y
ii.....wfei t naa m:iibikcuiii r.uw
i.. a from th noB to th ear.
,.,v. ..tarrh ants to tha ears par
tial doafneaa follow. It you have
-Jt t.. .r I i.nllMrlBt lea rue comiuum.
lurruuuum vj i..... . . - i n.
Tb vesper sparrow ha a nest or fort, winner or tne cn.ui.uusK
neatlv woven rraaae quite nat on toe n aner a tie wuu
aund. J for three of tbe poaltlona. tbow of
The thrasher or brown thrush builds right halfback center halfback and
on the ground unlea, cats drive her to outalde left. Tann played brflUMUy
- in .11 tha ramea h took prt In tnl
year. - -
amid the root of upturned tree quite which baa been selected by the Inter- ln TuUge. He was one horse
1 . . k . w.. IU.IM .111 1MB IU1UK
utwyer, vui u- t . - -
h wanted moat to know. In certain
state a railroad cannot aecure tbe
right of way through a dwelling houae
by condemnation proceeding. If the
owner aak an exorbitant figure the
value Is to be aet by three adjacent
landowner. Thl law applied ln the
widow' ca. or aoon would. 8be at
one ordered lumber to build a shanty
n that isthmus, and within a week
ah waa living ln It.
Th railroad ent on another lawyer,
who offered 200 for the right of way.
Mrs Porter waa firm. Then another
lawyer and $400. Mra. Carter
Railroads often selx by fore what
they covet and then fight It out to
aelertlnc tbe bushes
Klnaflshera build on banka. tunnel
ing In aeveral feet, like aeveral other
member of blrddom.
Stag Fright Affect Youngster.
New player aometlmea do badly at
th atart from pure stage fright. Ar
thur Irwin tells of a rattled player
who came under his notice when he
was coaching Pennsylvania, Peon bad
a game on with the Pblllle and the
player booted everything which came
hla way -Vbaf tn matterr- iw
Irwin after the game. "Couldn't you
waa tn re-
Yotntfs fodiii Asking
A S K.
For nJ w"wUCglir0 wlth
4 months subscription a
v-, II aeleix ..''-..'
' at 45c the month - . '
6 months subscription
at 25c the month
Sentence Building.
Each word of the sentence must
begin with the Initial letter of tbe
word given by tbe, leader In each
round. For convenience let the hoate
begin; then tbe player on her rtfihl
gives the second word, the next player
tbe third, etc.. so that the sentence
will be completed only when It reaches
... i . .hiattr started It.
Great care must be taken not to give my uniform.
a word that will end the sentence, ss
the leader la tbe only one who la sup
posed to finish It But If a player
cannot avoid flniahlng a sentence be
must pay forfeit or JroP out of th
Buppoae there are alx player (any
number may play) and th leader aya
"boy." No. 2 "beat." No. 8 "bumble."
No. 4 "bee." Tbu No. 4 Is out or
nava om forfeit, a h haa flnlahed
the aentence,
an... k.I knri host till m- I fur next season.
b ''aZ bringing 1. to th. lead- bou for Lincoln ZTr
. . . . . Hininns the n. is also Imorovlng In bla fleiaing.
er to anisu. xuw . ... ,
entence ar tb mor fun. . -Otve me hitter and pitcher. and
I'U have winuinn nui. j- ..r th White Sox. Which
gri saaa v wi
. a. M mO as Aaah '
e toerar " . . . ... An lt In this
ply. "I don't even rem.moer putunguu courx. .V" .hot-
case, w. - -
gun for a mil. .round and was ready
for battle. She actually Bred a charge
of bird shot that entered the legs of
three trespassers and sent them howl
ing Then tbe railroad people got a
minister from the village to go down
nd talk with the widow. He saved
hi. breath, even If be didn't earn hia
money. The moment .he understood
his errand she aald.
"Now. parson, you don't want to butt
thla Tour bualneaa is to preovu
lows. Put the cantaloupe In a freeser
or bucket, pack ln equal quantities of
Ice end rock salt and let tand for on
hour. Serve upon a platter filled with
crushed Ice and garnlab wltn nastur
tium and their leave. Or tn canta
loupe, could be filled with whipped
cream stiffened with lemon or any
weet Jelly.
Raapborry end Currant Salad. "
Half a pound each of raspberries.
td or white currant and atoned cher
ries, two bananas, two orange, half
a can of penr or pineapples, Re
move the stalk from the raspberries,
currants and cherries, feel and rut
the bans naa and orautfea Into very
mall piece, taking out tbe oranse
Cut alao ihe er or ili.e.M'i-' '""
amall dice. I'm the frnli i.i -J
bowl and pour otvr ' "t '"
apple or pejr Jul e. ii kmi.U
the Icelios f'-r !..' hmir iieforv '
Contractor. estimate caeerruiiy
grva on all euu of Dull ding
work, eoncret araJka ana rlaforo4
eonerete. Ran. Pboas) Manx 11L :
O. D. KBT, AttornratLaw. Mey
loaned, abstract fanla4. land
titles xamlnd. Ut attl ta
era! law bualneaa. Over Beak at
Oregon City. " '
Law, Deutacher adrokaL will prao
Uc In all eourta. inak eoBeotlou
' and aettlementa. Offle la atatr
prise Bldg. Oroaoai OHy. Orgo. ...
X. H. COOPER. For Fir lawaranef
and Real Eatat. Lot aa aandl
your propertle w buy, H and
exchange. Office la stater aria
Bldg.. Oregon City. Orgo-
Read the Morning nterprie. f
American league pitcher ar com
plaining bou yolng In'0 ,n box
"cold." To save tlm Ban Jonnaon
aay tbey can't pitch- 0v ball to
-warm np."
t Cobb's voung brother Paul baa
But the sentenre might been slgned'by the Washington team into
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beautiful dishes.
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DANK or ORCGO ;tin,.
Sin " isponoo- If" j .i ilka savlna Qlv m a
tlm of James I. of England. 1608. Th I team
. t.i.kkit. hak4 in I SiMnk n of th cork center
vsktifs ann i waui t uiaav. gavaa w -
. h twe.nrT.fnnr hour of I NHl Hull
m uiv at v t.w -
r . ..... . i . I trtvtlll
tb day.
II la batting ovr of goodness and heaven and ne'-
Mine la to beat tne raurosu.
right back home and leave me to run
tblnga here."
Then the railroad offered $300.
"Juat balf mrt Ogure!" w. tb wo
man', reply. , , .
Then tbey called for a commisaion i
I ney wirr
aaya: "It cornea
off tbe
When "the Die wa. cur- ground like.. Idlilara J
lu" . . hit. ii.h ...T th- mil I oon i
,n:o7b. .imp.; when TT tei. you I've bad th..l com.
" t " -
ksirtn to alna.
rhymee were Intended merely to Illus
trate natur.1 pnenomenon.
' Conundrums.
wt,mt i. ths iiifrerence betweea-eaoth
and egg? Truth crushed to earth will
rise again, but egg won t.
What wa tb difference between
kjoab'a ark and Joan of Arc? On wa.
made-of wood: tb other waa Maid of
Orleans. ..
Th City of Net All. -Tomorrow
1 11 do It." say Bonnie.
"1 will by and by." aays Bth.
1 "Not now-protty soon," aaya Jennt.
"Is minute." tors little Both.
Oh, dear little people.- rometnbor
That true aa th stare In the sky ,
Tha little atrsoia of tomorrow.
Prstty soon, by and bx,.
Lead one and an -
As straight, th.y say,
'A the Klnfa highway
' To the elty of Not at AOf
,1 me so fast that 1 didn't hav urn
. . H..n ,n it Don't yon tbe
trouble- even the outfielder ar hT'
mg with bounding ballf
.i tn i and value.
.i. former and were good frieoda
of Mr. Crter. Tbey put th
o onn tine of their reaaon. wa. tb.t
I don't exaggerate the pa-sing of trsln.lwould
Osh In the two iasr
Another was tb.t the whistles of the
locomotives would p'" the widow
from besting her clock strike end
mljrht et her rooster to crowing an
honr ahead of time. '
When the award was maue
. .ai. u-in. nw.
t-inn,n,n " r l - n ajrf.
t. ions llabtnlng killed only 169 peo the railroad company wanted to t
" -" . . nnl a I .. - . - at ria
tn thl. wnoie cvuuuj. - iwnir fu-w
chance, of deatb by Hgnin.oa
than two in a million. The chance
of death from liver, kidney or .tomach
trouble 1. va.tly gt. ut 0O
Electric Bitter, b ,. M 0rt
... of West Burlington, la.,
proved., .rt.ur-ortor.gav. Mm -paj
-t dnn'i want but a thousand." Mid
the widow. "That baa been my flgr
right. along. However. I "nt Rm
Andrews to bring the money and fell
me he's rolcbty sorry alut that gum.
and If It waa to do over ag'ln he'd help
m to find the cud If It took all day.
a nft f-arrvM- Andrews appeared and
height month, of ". offering from Uld rtown the yellow backs a.d mad
virulent liver trouble and yellow jaun-,,0raest kind of an .pologT.
and . month later tne ranrunu
using the short cut and th engine
were . tooting at Mrs Carter a. .be
tood In ber door.
dice. He wa. then completely cured
by Electric Bitter. . iney re
.tomach, Hver. nerv snd kidney
rmedy. and biooa punner
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