Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, June 23, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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    ' U.ClUHt'Hn V.yiTVXiliXirav ..umniw. tttvtts nr. ..,-
Waist Sale
$1.25 to $1.50
Fine White Sum
mer Waists for
a few days
Men's Suit
Men's Suits for
a few days
Coo Our Window Display
Ever Inm Thtrf
-V i I A ... . .
cairn on unr sid. ud Thursdar I Tha puh. c, h... .i.v
tbrwg gr.t rJolclng among tha tb Oiwego team last Sunday at th
i two ismiiies. Grand- fair ground. Tha horn Uara won.
fathtr Orn, of this city, tu kept Bcor. U to 10. Although tha gam
busy at th teleDhona all da mcjv. in.aina t
In. i con,r.,u..tloo.from bis friend. July th.. yar' Oun will b. flr.4 at
uunw. music win d rurnisbad by
Bresnanan and His Band of PHI
Tossers Playing Great Ball,
th Canby band. At tb fair ground!
n in auernoon tner will b all
kinds of races run for purses. Hon.
Henry wstbrook, of Portland, will
b tb speaker of tba day. At 1 o'clock
Canby will play ball against Chemawa.
There will b dancing In tba pavilion
at tba fair grounds, tba music to ba
lurnisnea by uarrett'a orchestra.
Herbert Kobblns. of Beaver Craak.
was In tbla city on Saturday.
"1 saw you at tba play last night.
Enjoy itr
No Woman In front wore a chan
ticleer bat. Man nait seat kept tint
wtib his few." .. .
Mrs. Morrison thla city, I. Hi
Mr. Crook, of Mullno. was In this
city on Thursday. s
0. Davis, of Cams, waa In this city
on business Tbursdsy.
Rolwrt Dullard, of Eldorado, waa In
tills city on Thuraday. .
Mr Kaiser, of Mullno. was transact-
Idk business ber. on Thursday.
! Wllholl stag will leave tha Electric
JlutaLeach day at 3 o'clock p. m.
George Stevens, of Beaver CreehTT
was In Oregon City on Tburaaay.
Mrs. Ray Fish, of Hubbard, was In
this .city on business Wednesday.
Miss Addl lowl. of Portland, was
In this city on Wednesday, tba guest
of Miss Louise Walker.;
Mrs. A. Jones and ranal Irish, of
Carus, were In this city on Wednes
day. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Moshberger. of
Bldormto, wer In this city on Tours-
Mr. and Mra. Clyde Engle. of Mo
lalla, were In tbla city on Wednesdsy
and Thursday.
IV. g A. B'immer, formerly OI ure-
roii City, has moved his office to 1017
Corbett building, roruana.
Attorney John F. Clark, who has
been at Potatello, Idaho, on legal bus!
neiia, baa returned to pragon City.
George R. H. Miller was among
the Oregon pioneers who attended the
Orexon pioneers' reunion held In Port
land Wednesday.
Miss Hatel Bullard. of Eldorado,
thn haa Hojn vialtlna? her cousins,
Kdlth and ladys Dullard, of thla city,
returned to her noma weuueaua.
Mra. Katherlna Ward Pope, of Port
Inrwi in thla citv on Tuesday Visit
h hnme of Mr. and Mrs
fhnrioa n. Latourett.
. Mrs. 8. V. 'Francis left on Wednee
dny fcir 8L Johns, where she will visit
until Sunday, being tbe guest of Mrs
MIms Mildred Kruse, who hae baan
teaching In the Illlnd School at Salem,
has returned to this city to spend bur
miiimer vacation at her home here.
Edwin Richards, who waa stricken
several wevks ago with paralysis, re
mains In a critical condition, at his
home on Twelfth and Main streets.
Muck Howell hss purchased a seven
pasaenger automobile and Is learning
to operate It. Mr. Howell has a gar
axe on bis place near tbe Barclay
-Mrs. Charles Davis, of Mblalla, was
In this city Thursday visiting friends.
A. Franxen, of Gladstone, who bas
been ut Hood River, baa returned to
bis bom.
' inunfc nrber. nronrletor and man
ager of th Arcady Preas, Portland,
in ,tl cit. vlalilna- friend. Wed
nesday evening. H formerly resided
In this city.
v.ri ij.innri.lta a student of the
University of Oregon, has returned
to Oregon City to spend his vacation
with his parents, Sir. anu mra. t,nini
I). Latouretle. .
u an.i Mra It VL Crosa have Kone
... ir.i..n. .vtiora lhav will attend tba
commencement xerclnfa at tbe Uni
versity of Oregon, whan their daugh
ter. Miss Juliet, will complete her
four years' couraa. '
k. .mi Mra- a w Jones, of El-
..... ... - " ' "
Wado, wer In thla city on Thursday
visiting Mr. ana Mrs. k. m. ooir.
Bfor hla return to Eldorado, Mr.
Jones made a uuainess trip io rwrv
u M.rv MrCarver. Of this city. I
vlHltlng with her son, Harry McCar
jeiVimljylfe, and Ut. and Mra.
fi..riu. itaiu-nrk of "Portland. She la
one of the early Oregon pioneers, hav
ing come across me piuma m o"i
...rf aitandd the Pioneer reunion held
at Portland In Wedneaday.
Word was received in this city on
..........i.. from Theodore Weed,
n muonun; ....... -
fomMTly reldnt of thli city, but
aa 1 1. . wain . BimiinK iu m
nuw Vil crrn'"il " - " .
a a... ai.a it.rn tn nifl wiie. wuu
war formerly Miu Myrue vurriu, y
Oregon iny.. - -"'
nine years ago. and the parents are
nmiid of their first child.
.v., r.
Born. June 22. to the wire oi vnr.
... hi. nitv. an eiKiu-vuuuu
dsughter, who ha. been given the
name of Nina wsrgarei. -
was formerly Miss Dorrls, daughter of
r.V'.j .... r m Mttw nf Bteven-
MT, IIU OTI". ' ' ----- .
s,n. Wash. This Is the first grand-
La at aton and Ons Safer Cardlnsls
Caut.d Leaders t Worry and Then
Blew Up Club Leoks Stranger Thsn
Diamond experts all over tbe couu
try bav been figuring only four tennn
New York. CliUngo.- I'ltiaburg ami
Pblladelpbla-ln tbe bunt for the pen
nant In tbe National league. I'.ut few
words bav been said shout ihv tft.
Louis Cardinals, yet that team baa
been going along lately, wluulntf with
surprising regularity. Any one who
thinks thai Roger Kreituibun's tenui
U out of tb race bas a nut bur guess
coming to blm. Tbey ar uol fur be
blud tha leaders at present, snd If
tbey continue to play as well as theya
bsv In tb past month It will not be
long before tbey ar right at the top
rung of tbe ladder, righting for tbe
main poaltlou. ,
Mucb credit for tbe showing of tbe
team belongs to Roger Bresnaban.
Tbls Is bis third season wltb the Car
dluale tb last of bis present con
tract. 11 started wltb absolutely
notblng-the worst outfit thai baa
probably gon to tb wars in tb Na-
tloual-teagu since tbe American be-
catu a major organization.
In Individual makeup be bas Im
proved tb club somewhat since that
tiro, but not marveloualy Tel eucb
Copyrtfbt by American Preea Asso
ciation, mi.
amino get
Committee Named To Find Out If
It I Feasible To Incraas
Width of Waehlngton
Street ''
ut th pojraUr tyl la horn
trchluctnr. I ipeclailze on
detignlng and building bunf
tlowg that are conrenicnt la
arrangement, bomellka la ap
pearance. At Moderate Cost
If you are thinking of -building
call and tee me, or phone
for an engagement.
Clarence Simmons
Ninth and Main Street. ,
Prion pac-Maln 1292.
liquor at my plao t ' . 1
Depot Saloon, lit Be vet -J t
a period of threw months.
,v.. . - CLAC3 crt i.
Notle f Final Settlement.
Notice la hereby given that tha un
dersigned administrator of th aetata
of Mary Vogbt, deceased, haa 014 kls
Una) account with th Clerk of th
County Court of Clackamas County,
Oregon, and th Jndg of said Court
has set Monday, th Ird day of July,
111, at th. Courthouaa la Oregon
Cty, as tb time and placw for hearing
any and all objections to said final ac
count and th discharge of said ad
ministrator. "
Administrator of th Eatat of Mary
Vorht, Deceased.
Attorneys for Administrator.
I have been a mn of many occupa
tions, though 1 have bad more to do
lib tbe sea tbau wltb tbe land.
Once was owner of a schooner tbul
1 used for pesrl diving, my divers be
ing north African Bedouins.
My working ground was off tbe
cosat of Trlolltapla. Pearl diving
Ik a bard life, and only those who are
desperate engage in It. Tbe boss t
obliged to be very severe wltb bis
workmen or tbey will take possession
of blm. bis ship and everything In It.
1 bad oue man named IiHined. a little
muscular African, black as I be ace of
ipadea. w bo undertook to maater'me.
There was trouble, after which 1 bad
blm arrested, and taken Into tbe town
of Tripoli, and be received a full dose
of buatluado. -
It waa not long after tbla that one
nlgbt. the weather being very hot. I
preferred to sleep on deck. I put
down a mattresa. but 1 was cooler In
a cbatr. All 1 bad on wsn a pair of
tbla pajamas and low shoes. 1 lay a
few hours In sleep, awaking about
midnight. The men were asleep be
low, and 1 was alone on deck. For
an hour I caugbt cat nape from time
to time, not losing myself for more
tban ten minute at once. At on of
thee intervale between Bleep I saw a
round black ball on tbe gunwale on
year Roger tbrowa a scare Into the rh oort bow. 1 being starboard amld-
opposltloo and threatens, st teasi ror I ship.
An ordinance providing for tb pur
chase of a chemical fir engine for
the Elyvlll district was Introduced
at a meeting of th City Council
Thursday evening. Another ordin
ance providing for the purchase of
Is light, about lib a momn.
Th payroll for employes engaged
In tbe actual construction of th road
approximates $2,000 a month. "
Th chief engineer of tb road is
J. U fttacer, formerly employed In th
same kind of work by th Hill system.
Tbe superintendent of construction ts
Ixuls Osberg, an experienced man.
6,000 feet of hose was read for the Illy tbe end of .the present month
first time. It was ordered that the ere will be completed about three
a . . it M . . I in I lew ui lilt? KioMiv umju ie uuo, huu
deelgn of tba certificates for the x- th tvnxmM cost of that work
empt firemen be chosen by th com-1 will not exceed 12,500 per mile.
mlssloners and the firemen. Th first work bridge have been
Upon motion th City Attorney was -.nated .na in.ta peman.
ordered to report on the legal pro- three mnes of the road there will b
visions regarding the neglect of prop- only one trestle. Work is being car-
I ( . . . f V . 111
erty-owners to remove grass in tn nea on i u"r m. uu wm ir
, ....... i i. it nunno soon. ine airecwri aiaw
sireei. w iUl oi ine.r v..m. .u- tn.y aMurMlc. of
grass, waa sam, wouia ue uauaeroua Moiaua r-ople that MolalU would
In case of fire.
Work to Be By Contract
- Tb council ordered that Fourteenth
street be constructed by contract, and
build the road from Mullno to Mo
lalla when they were assured of the
completion of the road to Mallno.
E C. Bye tnen presented . to tna
Club the possibility of organizing a
, , ... . ... I company of the Oregon Naval MUItla
resolution providing for tha asking ,Q ctHb club Toted to
oi dius was auoywau. .nrtnraa tha movement.
TTrxin motion the street committee
was ordered to report on the sewer on v
Twelfth atreet. between Taylor and
Jackson. The City Engineer was In
structed to make an estimate as to
the cost. Recorder Stlpp was request-
$10 REWARD . - .
For th arrest an conviction
w of any person or persons, who
ed to notify th management of the . unlawfully remove conies of The
Clackamas Southern Railway Company a Morning Enterprise from th
time, to ran them all Into their
cavea. Tbe very first sesson. wltb that
awful excuse of an outfit. Roger bad
ijr r .... 1
Now, to a half awake sallorman a
black ball on tb gunwale of bl ship
Is a curious object. 1 wondered wby
It didn't roll along tbe luclloe. In
stead of doing so It rose, looking now
like th round top of s fencepost.
spreading out below. By tbls time I
was sufficiently awake to realize mat
the object was a black bead and
ahouldera. blacker for a full moon
that shun behind It.
From tbls point my faculties came to
m Ilk lightning. -J. bav. often since
wondered thst what for want of a bet
ter nam I will call an automatic rea
soning should bav made me prepare
for tbat whicb I bad not thought out.
Bad 1 taken tbe step to lead op to
tbat preparation tbey would have been
aa follows: "That is a Bedouin tnier.
wbo will kill me to enable blm to car
ry off some trifle." In a twinkling my
to confer with th City Engineer In
reeard to tha nroposed crossing Bi
Twelfth street. The re-surfacing, of
renter atreet was referred to tne
Street Committee.
plan to Widen Street.
A committee composed of Messrs.
Mvers. Anderson. Roake ana tn
premises of subscribers after
paper has been placed there by
Ask Your Physician
It la not necessary for any woman
Wants, For fete. Etc
If atloe andar Uw) SUaatfUd ln.Slii
Will be maa,(c4 at aa oaal a war, flm
erMoa. Hair a aaat aMIUoaJ kaaer
na. UM htch ear. II aar moatk hmJ
Inch card. ( nnas ll par aaontli.
Cash must aaeomaaar arSar aniea ne
haa aa opaa aoooaat wltk taa papar. Me
rtaajiolal responsibility for errors; where
errors occur free eorraetad aotio will s
prlntad for aalrtm. aUnhBua eharce U.
WANTED Board for boy by
month. Address Box 321, City.
WANTED $1000 loan on good prop
erty. Address A-10, care Enterpris.
WANTED Ton to know mat w buy
all kinds of Curios, that w ar la
th market for second hand Furui
tur and Tools. W also bav a
good assortment of second hand
Furnltur and Tools on hand for
sale to those in seed. Come anJ
see; perhaps w have Just what yow
want Indian Carlos and trinket
for aal cheap; soma that ar vry
unique and also very rax. OBOROB
YOUNG, Main aear Fifth atreet.
I HEREBY notify an ousiness men
and dealers that I will not be rea
ponslbl for any debta or bills con
tracted by my wif. Iaaat V. Mold
enhauer, 'kfter June 10. 1911.
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I want a furnished house
5 or 6 "rooms modern.
No Children.
M. L Bowman
Room 9, Beaver BWg.
L: r f
Yoms fortKc Asking
' Fot ni w wlUJglTflYoa with ,
6 months subscription
By Mail
. at 25c the month
4 months subscription
By Carrier ,
at 45c the month
A Beautiful China PLAQUEDcc01' id "ds.mely.
- There are a variety of patterns to choose from.
Make your selection early. v
SobscrlberslMayiHave Them Too 7 '
To any present subscriber who will bring us four
new subscription we will present one of these
beautiful dishes. : ,
( . frX i
feasibility of Increasing the width of statement me make. I n fact, she can
Washington street from 30 to 40 feet easily satisfy heraelf uWti. f??
A remonstranc to the Improvement of Rexall VegeUble Compound. If sh
. .. . .... .nKmi ant will come to us. let ns acquaint her
referred to the committee on sireeia. i" .UB.. - "
The Street Committee was Instructed preparation, and then ask her physic
to confer with C. D. Latourette, at, lan hl opinion of the treatment.
. Puln a. Piiwr IU loruiuio. . aivct . wun.u -
Company in rerd to' thi Tlng the VegeUbi. Compound Is put up. 1. ith.
company ha. constructed on
street near Ita mm. '?"'.rX' ?-Zr7ZlZ. Z
reliability of thla treatment bas Been
demonstrated tn hundreds of cases,
and today so posllve are we of th
results one may expect from a treat
ment of this preparation, mat w
offer to refund any money you may
to have been forgotten until Dr. Carll I have paid us for Rexall Vegetable
brought It up. Dr. Jaru caiiea s- uompouna. tl nrns w proauoo ww
tentlon to ihe rail on Eighth street I ncial results In your own case.
k th. rnurt house and urzea inai i Bear in mina inai Kexaii vegewDie
the council be asked to examine the I Compound may be obtained only at
i n.Kirfln,r hltrhlna- nnat and I mir atnra Tha Rexall Drug Store.
pajsmas werrlylng on the deckv-t J -r-t-rjthera-iB various-parUpLth 1 price. $100 per bottle. Huntley Bros.
tandlno- naked in my snoea. anew
that the thief would not be Incuui
bered with clothing., snd I must not
civ blm tbls advantage over me. I
knew tbat he bad swum to tne snip;
therefor It was not likely b would
have any firearms' with him.
struggle would be muscular.
1 abould bav cried out and arousea
those below. Strange to say. thla aia
not occur to m as quickly as th other
Dolnta. and when It did I was too late.
A black naked figure Jumped over tbe
runwale and darted like lightning to
ward me. When he reacnea m ine
moonlight flaxhed on a steel blade wltb
which be atruck at me. I caugbt ms
forearm with my fist: but. tb arm be
ing oiled. It slipped through my clutcn
to the shoulder. 1 saved myseir rrom
being stablied by holding my enemy
FOR SALE House, two lots, on eor
. ner, house almost new, 11x28 two
rooms, brick flue, young fruit trees,
garden In, other - improvements;
beautiful scenery, clow to school.
For location inquir Wlnklafs star.
West Side. Price $496 cash, Rv.
Harvey Buck. Oregon City, Oregon.
FARM LOANS Dlmick . Ss plmlck.
Lawyers, Oregon City, Or. ;
I Company.
Ownre oner rropeny. notice or APPLICATION
The committee then reported inai i . iquob license
there was not a property owner from NotiCa is hereby given that I will,
the woolen mill on the soutn w tne next regular meeting of the
Rn.i'h'a at or a on the north Who would I rnnnri annlv fnr llcenaa to sell
Tb permit the erection of posts or rails nQUort at my plac of business, 711
in front ot nis propeny. i ma i Maln 9tr6et, for a penoa oi six monios.
ment evokea immeaiaie reaiwuBw. . 1 A. NUBttt
Larsen. of Larson A Company otlerea
sireei ana ------i LIQUOR LICENSE.
the use of a halt block front on Fifth
atreet for railing.
A motion to urge the Congressmen
to push the matter of dredging the
Notlco la hereby given that I will.
at the next regular meeting of the
City Council, apply for ucens to aeu
liquor at my place or business, jui-
, , . I iiuuur at mj i)w v .
Clackamas rapids was carried.. . Building, 405 Main street, for a
The second matter up for discussion " th-
was the Clackamas Southern Railway
project. The committee appoiniea re
ported mat owing to a buhuuu.....
ine it had had only two hours in which
to look over the books of the com-
J. AfiUlUUk
MONEY TO LOAN On first mort
gage; $500 and .upwards; on ywr
or longer. Apply at once. Cross A
Hammond, Attornajr at Law, Bea
ver Bldg Oregon City.
FOR RENT Seven-room moasrn
house on 14th and Mala streets,
Oregon City. Inquir room 1, Bea
ver Bldg. C T. Toose Co. -
HARRY JONES Bulldr and OwneraJ
C tratoT. Eetlmata. cnawrruuy
glTwa om . aU claaaa of traiiaing
work, eoaverat walks ana rwinforeed
K.. pnoaw Man in.
i. Dt BTBY. Attoraey-at-Law. Moawy
loaned. . ahstracts fartah4. land
-.lsA MtalM aattlad. aaav
eral Uv bastsaaa. Ovr Bank f
Orwcosj City.
Notice Is hereby given that I will.
----- ... . . t J ..J t.1. v -- ...
off from me witn my uauu unuer u. .ny and the report w 0niy pari.. . -- BeAOnf of
With my other band I I the board
arm at tbe shoulder. The man. wng- Q B. DIMR, secretary oi e rau- -- for McenBe to sell
gllng. was liable at any moment to wgy company submitted a report from Qf bu8lna.if Tha
the Doara oi uir-cw.- rh.h wina House. 417 Main street.
TJTUDN A BCHTJKBKL. ' Attorneys-at.
Law, Dentscher Advwkat, wfll pea
tic In all courts, mak c0otlowa
as4 sattlernestes. Otfle la En tar
aria Bid. Orecoa City. Oroa-
E H. COOPER. For Fir tnsuraaer
and Roal Batata. Let as handl
yoar propertiee we bay, sU and
axekang. Offlce la aTfaterprls
Bldg., Oregon City. Oregon.
' i. ttti. 117 Main atraat.
:;. convincing speech on th youw" ZllJii.
I free himself.
..nt hla throat. It. too. was oUed. strong and convincing speecn ui f m0ntha
I . . I i, .nri .Un. nt the roaa. uom rw i -- - - n1.nv
Pinched it long enougn io 4 the wm ground. . -
tbe man drop nis anire. - nnin- belna- their Important ...,.iTinu rnn
At tbls moment tbe rascal s face was "; ;,: noti . ?2rii
to the moon, snd I recognlted Hamed. rBB.n. Clackamas Southern ;,w" ." , ,K. 1 will.
Be hud not come for plunder; be bad Rallway 1, continuation of the orlg- lso"ce "tn reKUfar meeting of tbe
come for revenge- My in now ae- ,nai company organizes sevtj ..- CounCi aPPiy for licence to sell
ago, of whlcu r. w- swm v
Photos by Amerlcen Preaa Aaooclatlon.
tended on my preventing hla getting
I . ... . l I ....If Kn HCWlM I Am
the snire. 1 pi . ""r k.,j r directora have
Netlc of Application for Liquor
NOTICE Is hreby given that I will,
at tb next regular meeting of the
City Council, apply for a license to
sell liquor at my place of business.
The Mount Hood Saloon. Fifth and
Main streets, for a. period of three
months. .
. U. JUSTIN. ,
blm and It and clinched with blm. His The present LT
-.-..- . r. u0is naTioa.La aao hod- was oiled all over, snd be slipped ""uf frT n.n. nt tha old com-
. 1 ... , , .i.. 1 oiner vaiuauiw " - . .
bomb or bib aian- , thmnirh mv arms use an eei muu . j h, .vr debt against
the team
cash for
tbe old com-
directors re-
.. nnA that averv debt against
. . m Wnif ha 1m-tlnir b- lm"' u . ...n
th. i.r. on tlDtoe and rrom toe la lung ior iu -- tne game nas peen iuhj
. ... . ...kiinn daahed out tween my legs. I caught an a n aie .... '..y t27J0a
Ilk. champions It was not tbe men and held him ndff,to bis fu gum pR,d ,n
playlng-lt was Just Rogers lunpira- lengrn. nis ar.u. preliminary work Dy
Uon. lie got out of the team all the I. few Inches of th. knife. He Jerked Pftny amounted t0 ,27,B(
-11 in (h,x mtn 1 a Hut inai nis angle so iuw - - Tne rormer uwm -
Httla and when It burnetl out coald not c.unt on holding It long and , d ,nd the present hoara was
Ut year Roger had an Improved quick grasp for hi. shoulder then wu- rector. 10 s A
club, but one still wens tn two vuai tbe otner let g - taxoayer. of Clackamas county,
departmente-blttlng and pitching. U th other shoulder, falling on him at vreftent directors ot the cor-
bad probably th worst outni or seven th, same time. poratlon are: ueorge a. --'"
inning fllngers In either league. The Here were two of us J,nf0' president; O. D. Eby. P""'
the knife. 1 sua over uw - w. A. Humwj, , ""T rr
... in clinch the weapon, nimtck. .ecretarr: Frank Buscn, UT.
anu anciufT- --- -- " . i, v o,lf
farther swsy. . . . tft nal(i ln jn cash.
I bad the advantage or mm, ola"'" xhe method of accounting protect,
him hatween me and the deck. lie The meiuu i doubJe
eunld not easily slide on the latter tnj transactions being kept
baring me on his back, but be was so th- gurvey8, maps, plats, pro-
sllppery tbat I found If difficult to M bookti ngbts of way and
nn.iin on him. Never l.w ' nmnrti. helonglng to F. M.
- Swift w; transferred to th. present
warTthe knlf.. H gained soma inch- I company, in consideration , . aU a.
s and was about to grasp It when 1
.nocked it fnrther away.
I now determined to risk all on one
oulck move. Putting a hand on each
f bis Shoulders I or
a tremendous pull, shooting my head
airentlons wr Sal lee and Harmon
Last year. too. Roger mad hla annual
play. Early In tne season ne un.w
bis men hard, and at one tlm h had
very club In th league ear Pittsburg
guessing ss to th posKlbllitles of his
finish. But tb team was uoi
strong enough to stand up. snd the su
perior quality of Brooklyn's pitching
above that club In sixth plac. abad
of th Cardinals.
This year with a tesm tbat l a
replies of last season's club, with tbe
exception of three good P"" BT".
naban Is one more ravishing the
lesgu with hla terrors.
Th. fsn are asking them-eives if
tbls la a third flash In the pan-if tb
natlr strength ln tb club makeup is
sufficient to nsbl It to Stand up un
der campaign for a one-two-thre
brth. , .
P. Felster's 5, 10 and. 15 cent stor
Is now completed. H has a fln new
building and a larg un-to-dat stock
of goods. ' ' .
Bernard Davenport, who has been
working In Oervars, haa sold his busi
ness there and it turned to Canby
with tho expectation of carrying on
the jeweler's business.
can U slock.: That th. capital stock
wT transferred to W. A. Huntley,
trustee, expect one share of stock to
each director- In order to qualify th
directors to act in tbat capacity.
Stock Held By Truate.
Th remainder of tb stoca
and shoulder oeyona hj ",,""'" .:"tJ ,b-trustee and whenever any
ZV.a- v-imo- it under my chest. I held by tha truac .-.-.Hon
L 11 and the victory was mina
In so In-tstvl my anemy sllpnedm
j... . iair. a rone snd ran use
" '""."'.ha'.hin'. side. I followed
. hefnr. I reached tbe gun-
wale beard splash and knw that be
nAd . - t
Not fearing tnat n wmi i.-. -
of thrc.pTt.1 "..ock ot th. corporation
Is purohased, ll is purra 1.
trustee, and all money therefor Is
paid to W. A. Huntley, treasurer, of
Tb company nas ibuu
Hon stock. No stocs aas
to any person unless th corporation
l ... -.1.,. thr same.
receives "'''"- .i, their tlm
vlllslti. hnf thev did not nno mra. 1
1 1 1 1 1 FJ. JtJIIIIIIIII'r,
IT would be a difficult task to adequately describe
the great possiblities for advantageous , buying
that await you in this store today. Every, item
even to the smallestd etaU, that goes to make our stock
complete and our, store service perfect, has received
the most careful attention.!' Nothing useful has been
omitted, nothing superfluous has been included. vHre
is a partial list of what you will find?-- , .
Valenclnes Locc 5c values for one dozen
0 '
. I .. H ... 1M. ....... '
yords ......
Torchon Locci
A lot ot Valenclnes Lcci per vJ.
........ ....... .
6J7 Mta Street ; : ! ' c-:-: 3 C