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    MORNING JENTEUriltafc, SUNDAY, JUNE It, 1011.
, '.
A Fourth of July
By Clarissa Mackie
Copyrtakl by A a sites a Pr am-
I ctatntv. 111.
Ttrj. watt. I tw4 Lacy I wM
as t eorprtssd a Xmi a seed fee to
: r r ta rnx. i daVkw wai
j n lalak." rmlkrM Martha Fans
j 1 gwem aheH 'think yoo re a mighty
poor prolix. wlkr" Hery Uugbvd
shortly and drwr ul of the yard.
II dk) ot rvie pam ib Seow cot
tax. iDMHi a tsrwed to lb left
ami took th loos way arwond. II
f weald bar stated at born that d jj
N lit to bar snow a Allc (hat b did
j not ear to g uuie b accompanied
i aim, bat be ba4 been appointed on
' of lb Judge of lb raoe. s b could
Dot very e41 refuse. 11 hoped Alio
would bear of It and understand.
Ills mother watched . hint drive
Th grass waa starred with dam-1
lions, and
' imHiLl thm leta-i m.iI and ah rtirv
tataiiL ami ttw th flrmt .m I brw riu
a robin hopped Into her heart a: doubt of her own wH
among tb yeilow Wo-rai Mr S ,,om Martha Fan bad always been
cor watched tba red breasted bird wira ,nnveot onto beraetf and ber f.iinliv
resentful eye that finally filled who Uer son Henry vn different from the
tear. I meek husband who died and tlx
1, "Seem aa If U Unt Juat right for a obtulsaire daughters who had
bird to b ao happy when the Lord te rlod and vn away Henry had n
nice happiness to Alice not that she ' dotuioant spirit of til own. but she
bowa It, because she's too proud, but j bad exacted hla promise not to marrv
I understand; seeni aa If all the Usui ; without ber consent, and then after hi
went oat of ber rac tb day Martha j engagement to Alice Secor had been
Fan cam orcr and told ber aaeian accepted fact fur three year she
thoogbt It waa a atep dowo for llenr.v j bad aet ber fac again! It
to marry ber. Humph aa If a Secor: stw waa Jealous of tb girl and of
waan't belter blood t ha a a Kan any j Henry 'a derotloa to tier. So sb hut
day!" j mad family pride and money the e
Tb door opened Juat then, and Alice i bid of ber displeasure, and after
Secor cam Into the room. surprising , awhile, when ahe bad explained ber j
her usually buay mother with Idwvrtewt to Alice herself, the en sac-I
bands folded on ber knitting.
lira. Secor resumed ber knitting
with furious energy. "Get any mail?'
aha asked.
"Nothing except tb paper;" respond
d Alice In ber low roice.
"6e anybody yoa knewT naked ber
Bother, with aasumed Indifference.
"I net Henry ran." abe said, with
n not of sharpness In ber role.
What did be hart to say. Alice T
."Nothing, mother. I Just bowed to
kJm and passed along."
Mrs. Secor said eagerly. "Ar you
going to do anything. Alice?"
Ber daughter lifted ber bead proud
ly. "No. mother; Ta going to let tb
Lord take car of tb matter."
meat was broken off She wondered
bow if sb waa any happier Trj. he
had ber son all to herself, and be bad
passionately declared that be would
marry nobody else. But b was
changed from lb happy young man
of three months ago. and In hi aerl
oils, brooding fac ahe read bitterness
and sorrow. She was afraid, and she
was ashamed, and yet she did not
kbow bow to make amend. Perhaps
It would come out all rijrht. she argued,
although she had douNs. for the Se
cor were proud, too, and wo-ild nsrer
make tb first advances
Dusk was falling when Henry drove
Into th yard again
After Henry had eaten bis supper
Tb older woman redd coed. Sb f:t ; be went with his mother to the high
reboked. -Tb Lord helps those that hill back of the barn to watch the dis
ktp tbemserres- It aint a day of mir play of rockets from all around tbe
des," ah said. ralley.
AoJc Secor looked across the lawn , They roared np Into tb firmament.
at th stretch 1 road beyond to i broke Into rainbow showers of stirs
I or sent streamers of red fire down to
earth with their dropping sticks
That ooe fell oa tb barn. Henry r
cried Martha suddenly. "1 wish I d
let yoa renew tb Insurance oo it as
yoa wanted to. but-tbere. 1 guess It's
goo eat. Oh. look Henry; It's awful-
. Uk a Judgment!" Sb pointed upward
wberw by a acrang freak of circum
stances six great skyrocketa, like blai
' tug comets, tor toward tb cenltb
, from an points of tb com pas a Just
a bore tb Fan boose and barns tney J
i poised as Instant and then broke all
The Tenty third Annual Conven
tion of in IHH-esie of Oregon, In
which many Ore iron City residents
ar iniereated, will b held on n.xt
Thursday and Friday, In Trinity Par
iah lloua. Portland. Tba following
la from th official program:
Annual Meeting of tb Woman'a Aux
iliary In th Pro-Cathedral of SI.
Stephen th Martyr -,Vdneday.
June 14. morn I nit and afternoon.
Sermon by th Rer. C. W. Kobln-
aon, of Oregon city.
It Is expected that John W. Wood, of
New York, wll be present and ad-
dresa th meeting.
Preparation Service
St. David s.' Wedneaday. Jun 14th.
$ p. m.. The Ulshop a Annual Ad
dress. Thursday. Jun 15.
Trinity Chapel, Holy Communion;
a. m. nuslneaa session at 10 o'clock
in Trinity Parish House.
,, Huslnea session at 2:30 p. ra.
St. Andrew's Itrotherhmvl Servic
in Trinity Chapel, 8 p. m.
Friday. Jun lt. ,
Trinity Chapel, Morning Prayer at
Itusinesa seanion at 10 o'cKck In
Trinity Parish House.
Business session at 1:30 p, m.
Missionary Meeting at St. Marks
Church. Si. m.
t onvcntlon Missionary Service at
St. Mark s Church, corner Twenty,
first and Marshall streets.
Speakers: The Rlftht Rev. P. T.
Roae. D. I).. Itishop of Alaska.
Th Venerable Archdeacon Horvfall
Marshfleld. Ore icon.
The Rev. K. V. Shayler, SuJdark a
. nurrn. Seattle, an.
Tbe Rlitht Rev. Charles Scadding,
I. D.. Bishop of Oregon.
At the Portland Theaters
m-r-XTt r-',trr,- i -ja t.t-.- i.-r -.t-t - wsr -aassacas
S3?) !
A A. A. s IKw
f j
- J
S tat lb scg I Ibeg
The Moaning
Jlanese lady and tdecked with
flowers; Kdaard Reckner, Jr dressed
In pink wearing largo bat with pink
rosea, and th little cart he rod In
waa of the asm color and drawn by
Camilla Freel and Thelma Melllwii.
these little lota wearing whit with
Memorial aervirea will be held to
day by the Woodmen of tbe World
of Oregon City. The services will
start at 3 o'clock at' Woodmen Hall
and everybody is Invited to attend.
Th Rev. C. W. Robinson, of St. Paul a
Church, will deliver the DrinclnaJ at.
together In a fiery rain that fell on the dress and Mrs. Leon Dea Lanes will
Fan farm tmlldlnga like a heaven sent give a solo. Another feature will b
disaster. the unveiling of a monument to Nt.n.
I M-kk rr . I lev Mannin r v n
vo iinn , iami was iwrui. rrieu I . - - ....imUC,
Martha, almW hysterical with fear th flowers will be
i -We better get down , tb bouse and 1 " 1 7. " xmenla
that everything's all right I wish Woodmen f ,h- TvX'm v.! "i'
j M let yoo renew tb Insurance." eat membership of any order In the
j Oenry spoke not a word aa they bur city and It is expected that the at
rau uuwa ui mKum. n or a mey reacu- imusare me serrtce lor th dead
ed tb barnyard the barn waa afire In I ir pass that of - any previous
iu Kiaarz. Mora, i wiLk"
lay a nder th summer sunshine.
TW large boos and barn were paint
ed whit as aoow. and th fences
IfifQ , a doten places where the cinders had
Ignited the drj ahinglea. While Mar
uu new io teiepnone to toe nos com
pany Henry tore open th barn doors
and led the irightened stork Into tbe
pastures. Then be rolled tbe carriages
to a place of safety, threw a canvas
marked tb various lnclosares with ud- ' cover over them and turned to the
rarjlng regularity and whiten. Dun house.
eow dotted th rolling pastures In the Through the dormer window of the
Background. Tb wide pen barn , attic there glowed a red lisht. and a
doors showed a glimpse of carriage. Utti tongue of flam Ik-ked the roof.
and there waa tbe distant pounding of ; He called bis mother, and they worked
hones hoofs from tb stable. frantically to remove their choicest
A sudden booming eoond rent the ' possess tons from th boose, for tber
air. and th robin on tbe lawn darted was nothlns els to do until help cam
toto th SPPC tree. from the village. Suddenly Mrs. Secor Jl iRomin"
-vtnare tnatT" asked Mrs. Secor ana auc appeared ana worked aide
Heart to Heart
I would. die for you." h said
"No doubt rou would do so." sb re
plied. "I bllv you. But would you llv
"A cannon. I think, mother. To
Morrow's tb Fourth of July, you
l doat suppose yoonj go over to
tb bora trot same aa nanal with Hen
ry.' remarked Mrs. Secor.
"Xo, I'm not going." said Alice.
"I wonder If Henry will ask Lacy
Jennings to go. Martha Fane thinks
th Jennings are all right, they're ao
wen off."
Alice did not reply. 8b waa men-
by side with tbe mother and son.
When tbe bose company cam It
brought half of Llttl River with It.
and before long tbe bouse waa deoud-
ed of It contents while the fire burn
ed slowly downward, checked llttl by
Utti by the streams of water pumped
from tbe artesian well.
Tbe three women. Martha Fane. Mrs.
Secor and Alice, huddled In one cor
ner of the yard. Somehow or other
their arms had become Interlaced, and
Under the surge of a mighty Impulse
there b those who would die for a
great lore or a great cause, but to lire
for tbe caus or for tb loved one
that la different.
Said the great Lover:
"Greater lore hath no man than this
that be lay down bis life fur bis
Tou say that mean that love sal
itself by death. Tea. If necessary
It means more.' The lover may lay
down hla body If need be. but greater
one Martha Fane's quivering lips had
tallr comDDtlnr tb vslne of th Fsn : pressed against Alice's dark hair.
farm and wondering bow Martha "It's Judgment on me for being than that be may lay down tils life In
Tan could ever estimate tb worth ' proud-" ,b moaned continually. living sacrifice. He may Isy It down
of land and bouses far above tb lore Lo after midnight the fight ceased, on the altar of dally aelf denial. It may
and happiness of ber only son. ' Tb b-rn neP ot "moldering be. through years a sacrific not of
It waa a cloudy Fourth of July, and
the nolFy demonstration of tbe pa
triotically Inclined only added to tbe
general amokinees and depressing
beat of the day.
ruins. The bouse waa gutted by the
devastating fire, and tbe household fur
niture of careful Martha Fane was
heaped about the yard.
Henry came and ' placed his arm 1
around bis mother. "I guess we're
For three years paat Henry Fane I f000 DOW' ,nnrT " he obbd
bad taken Alice Secor to tb horse
trot at tbe height. Once be bad a
colt entered for th races, and when
he had triumphantly placed tbe win-!
death, but of life.
Which means heroism.
I have before me a 1 write the let
ter of a woman who aays: "I am tired.
of hearing about self sarrl(W In
many cases where there Is denial for
others you merely make th'e others
more selfish, and you get no thank,
Certainly. "
And that I why sncn sacrifice u a
hardship and heroism la needed. A
Farewell Week at th. Baker In Rich
ard MansAeldY Success.
The closing week of th eminent
character actor. Jolin Salnpnlis, with
h Baker Theatr Company, will open
rt Sunday-mattnmv and by special -pink wreathee on their heads and gar-
reqtiest ne win be seen In Richard lands of pink ruses; Pearl Wlckham.
Manfield'a famous sorreas. "A Paris i.rettllv decorated cart containing
lan Romance." playing th role "of th doll; Carol Ely In her buggy of pink
old roue. Baron Chevrlal. Aa la well ' roses and aatln streamers. In charge
known among t heft r goers of a doen-0f ber stater. Eloise. who wor a b
years ago. MansftVd first sprang Into coming dres of pink; Oal Ashbaugh.
fame In this play, sad th part la one (,n bicycle artistically decorated with
that requires an rt of th highest roses; Ryl Reddlck representing a"
cass. .o one wi.o is ramuiar with j driver, wor whit, carrying' a whit
Mr. Salnpolis' snjerb character por-; whlp. and hla llttl sister. Doris, and
irajaia aoubis for a moment nis abll-' Ktnma Ellla, representing bis horse, i
iy lo.giv a iruiy remaraatrte per-; Then llttl girls .wrr attlfed In I
lormanc or io roie. ana tnia is not ; white, wearing garlands of. UFranr
omy an opportunity tor itaser patron roes, th reins of which er pink I
iw witness m pisy. mst waa me sen- satin streamers.
satlon of the country for many years. ' RoUnd Wllwm. on of th youugesi
but to se It played In a manner that bicycle rldera of th city, waa among
win be a credit to wreryone concern-, the bicyclists In th parade. 11 wor I
ra in n Tn lemoie and realistic white, and hla bicycle waa a maas of
banquet scene Is one that will long lFrance rosea, a very pretty design.
rememoereu by everybody fortu-, There sere many mor children of i
... euUKn i se u. sua in ueatn this city In the parade and who at
of the cruet lieartlesa old roue who iracted great attention.
stands In the way of so many others'! -. h M,k.. rMA -k. .
happiness. U accpt-d a kind act h Showlno,
of Providence, leaving no unpleasant t'anemah had a good showing, but
Impression with- tbe audience The ' ,h c"r" wer ut children
last act brings th play to a happy 1 no1 hT l,m" ot th ,rt'
logical ending. There are many ,n of Prd. Tbey appeared
strong. Interesting scenes, and un- ,'"'r' however, and tbelr prettily dec
usually good part for the supporting i orated doll bugglea and wagona war
company. Including Misa Hop Miss ' nrfUf admired. Th llttl folks were
Rainier. Miss Fowler. Miss Andrews.
and Frank Ienlthorn. William Dllla.
Frank Burke. Dan Bruce and all th
others ho have won such warm
places In the heart a of the patrons
of Baker Stock Company. This will
be the closing week of the season for
stock, and matinees will be given aa
usual Wednesday and Saturday.
"not a penny of insurance on any
thing and not a place to lay my head
Mr. Secor took ber arm and gently
led her toward ber own honse. "Poor
nlng purse in Alice' lap the occasion ' or rich Mar,h r"ne' D,Jr " mother, for Instance, whose dnlal of
had been aa Joyful to ber as to th- " " ,ODB; " 7u WUDl 10 "WT " "nappreciatea ty ner children
tail, strong young farmer she bad I ,jDCI Benjamin win watcn nntu sue bas gone beyond thi lr ken.
promised to marry. I 0Ter u ruin nd the furniture. He Buffer a settled anguish.
ooesn 1 mina. necause ne can sleep all
day tomorrow. Maybe It' all for th
best. Martha. Tou know you never
liked th upper floor of that bouse.
Ton can build It to suit now.
I guess It's a Judgment come direct
This year, however. Henry Fane aet
forth on tbe drive all alone. Hla
another's Insistence tbst be should aak
Lory Jennings to accompany him had
lll'red blm from Irritation to posltir
anger, and b had spoken harshly to
her for tb first time In bis life
"But what will she tblnkr com
pUloed Martha Fan.
Tblnkr repeated Henry Impatlent
ty. -Why a boo Id Lory Jen nlng ex
pect me t take her to th trot when
I never taken ber anywhere In my
KfeT I asrver took bot on girl, and
If I aa't bar I dnl want any."
Tbe greater lore requires that she
shall lore herself tbe last
Whoever faces an irksome taik for
the sake of other, whoever live to
do the thaoklesa service, w hoever
stints to keep wid open the door of
i from heaven to straighten out a whoia opportunity lor th children of tomor-
lot of things." amid Martha Fane meek- row those ar tb heroes of the great
ly, nne looaea dock over ber shoulder 1 er love.
at Henry and Alice following. "Too Who ar they
take good car of Alice. Henryr ah They are all about yon next door or
caned In a meaning ton, and Henry Just around tbe comer. Tbe aaeriflclai
responded with hla old boyish thaerv fnrrender la common. Every w ner
i great n-vers piori in in tread
"All right mother. I wUL"
Are Yoa a Subscriber to the
If Tb Msralsf Ewtrpet la to b aa successful aa th Interest of Oregon
City aeisaa K mmwH needs hsro th nopport of aJL Th aw dally has
a big work kef or it k hooatiag Oregon city and Clackamas Covnty. Tour j iu grrator.
UWDglB tor utwgrs.
mill of tb dull, dun days an e'der si
ter of the family, a coated man
at his desk, tbe woman with ber full.
Only you cannot see.
Too see only the sordid loll If in
th lor In the toll that ! gr.-M 'kI
beautiful. .
Greatness of whatever klid costs.
Th grsftrnes of love is n t-n
tion And fhe coat U tbe iu:iuie .
7HllYotf Help Boist your oxrn Interests?
Two Cooples Gt Licanaa.
Marriage Ilcena were grantad to
rr a tlaattsst tlat th Jataraansr Bstaa-pria will k sold to said In advance Gladya L. Smith and T. V. Grant; As,
r "XSn a foUowa: . . . Ignsta Scbrader and Oben Tonkin on
. year $JH 1 Saturday by County Clrk Mulrey.
Read tb Morning Esrprk,'.
(Continued from Psge I.)
Iest IS Caroline Teslouts7 Mrs. IL
oeruou u. i lass new rose Four
sward to Mrs Ueorge A. Harding
Mrs. J. H. Walker, Mra. O. B. Dlmlrk
Mrs. Fred MrCajHland.
urn 11. 1 liiss uarge kos-s r,txl
awards to Mrs. Joseph Lynch
t.rt-en. Mm. j. . Walker, Mrs. R. U
w 1 1 rn .
Section, I. Clasa Wild Flowers
Thre awards to Sallle Lang, Linden
in aiiBiHnd, irvln Howell.
tfela prizes for best general rol
lection of roses grown outside of Ore
gon City, In Claekaraaa County Mrs.
A Shewmnn. first: Mrs. Ijas
Special prl.e. trophy loving cup, for
nest iz l arollne Testouts. Mrs. L.
richens. 3irs. t'lcken. having on
this prize two year. in succession
gets the loving cup.
Special prii-.; for best six yello
nynnd tea row Mrs. g. y. Scrlp-
111 re.
Crowd Sees Parad.
The floral parade waa participated
in by many of th children of this
cny and tanernah, headed by the
GlrU' Band of 0,1k Grove. The atreeta
were thronge.) with Demons to see
tne parade, the ifirt one ever given
by children hen-. The ladlea in charge
" tne arraiiKt-taenia deserve great
crf-oir ror the iatereat they took In
the work. The parade was In charge
or .ir. uiarenr Fair, Mr. J. L Wal
oron. ir. a. H. Walker. Mr, o. D.
e-nj. Tnere ere doccarta. wheal,
barrow, doll huggle. carta, bicycle,
tricycle. wgon, gaily decorated with
fWuw. and nresentlna an at
ap,-arance as the procession passed
mumf me aireet.
Among those who had little floats
wer veima Randall, with doll buarr
containing a Jun bride doll; Dorothy
"""i in a Deautiuny decorated ex
press wagon with arches made of nlnk
roses, and the wagon drawn h i
. . - . ... "...
mil oromer. Meivui: Weldon Rsiut
aged two years, seated In his llttl dog
cri wnicn was decorated In yellow
and wblt bunting and rosea of cor.
responding shade, and this being
urawn oy nis pet dog "Trlxy," who
trotted along and seemed nronit nt
his drlrer; Leatbel Cross, attired In
white, wearing a wreath of pink rosea,
and a garland of th same, tier doll
buggy being elaborately decorated
with LaFrance rose: Lntta p
her Teddy Bear In a buggy, decorated
with roa; Martha McLarty, doll car
rlag with pink rosea; Sammy Kc
Larthy. gaily decorated wheelbarrow;
Mali Walker. LaC-ranr ma. A akawywass
ed doll carriage; Alt Curtla, with dee:-1
oTsi4, floral hoop; Evelyn Vl!lla",H
in charge of Mrs. Charles Spencer and j
Mrs. Lake May.' Among them were:
ten glrla wearing white and carrying
ropea of rosea, w ho were awarded the
I2.GO prlxe fur the best out -of town j
representation. Tbe glrla were Misses
Ktta Dickson. Iota Smith, Gertrude 1
Neadeau. Irotby Smith, Iulse Kin-1
xey, Nadeen Blanchard, IXmalda Nea- i
deau, Naomi Bowers. Amy Tate and
Alice Klrby. One of th feature of
the exhibit from Canemah waa the
prettily decorated wagon containing
little May Owen, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. R. R Owen. The canopy was
of roses while th remainder of the
vehicle was In ribbons of bright col
ors. In It were Charles and John Tate.
This was one of the priie winners.
Among those having decorated doll I
carriages were Faith Dougherty. Locy I
Tate, Laura Kinxey. They were dec-1
orated with bachelor buttons and
roses. Hermit Jones, a little young-1
ster of Canemah, came In for bis
share of honors, and had a prettily !
decorated bicycle.
The parade formed at the corner I
of Tenth and Main atreeta and went I
up Main, where the Judges were sta-'
tloned near the Willamette building,
and after countermarching returned to
Willamette ball wber It disbanded.
The Oak Grove Olrls' Band certain
ly made a hit In this city, and batore
departing favored several of th busi
ness houses with splendid selections,
and their number a were well received.
The manner In which tbe little glrla
handled their musical Instrument
would make many a professional man
Will You Help Us
Boost Your Own
By carrier, I year $3.00
By mail, J year 2.00
Real Ettat Transfer.
The following are the real estate
transfera that have been filed In th
of fine of the county recorder:
W. F. Wonacott et al to C. If. Wona.
roll, land In section 35. townshln a
south, range 4 east; $.1000.
F. T. Johnson to H. W. Holden. 1
acre of Fielding tract. Clackamaa
county; $1. ,
H. W. and Kthel Holden to V. E.
Ames, 1 acre of Fielding tract; $2350.
Oregon Realty Company to Ethel
F. Ham, 156.62 acrea of. section 6.
township 7 south, rang 4 east; $10.
W h, Ross and Lulu Rosa to
Thomas Roberts, blorka 2. . . 7 In
J. It W. Sellwood'a Addition to Mil-
waukie; $10.
Jessl M and A. L. Marsh to Chas.
Olson, land In section 14, township 5
soutn, rang l eaat: II.
Austin C. Mllllron to Ernest D. and
Ida M. Hart. 80 acrea of section 7.
lowaanip t soutn, rang i eaat; $1.
Ernest D and Ida M. Hart to Aus
tin C. Mlllron, is acrea of section i.
owosnip soutn. rang 5 east; $1.
. w. cuugniin to I). B. Elledge. lot
i, n, 15, 16, block 2. Nob Hill; $l
Iurence Bowman to Todd mH Hkm
M. Todd, north half of block S of lot
11 aw.
Jamea M. and Nora Heckart tn n
Fl. Botiemlller, lot I of block 2S.
Falla View Addition to Oregon CUy:
Melissa I. Shortlldg to Chsrlas P.
and Hllma 8. Bsnden, iota 6 and 7 of
hlock 34, Central Addition to Oregon
City; $1.
nesth Vornlnf CntarprT-' '
Send in Your Name
and Remittance
4 To Introduc Th Morning
Enterprise Into a larga majar-
Ity of th home 'a Oswsxm
City and Clackamaa aooarr Ch
management ha oidd tn
mak a special prto for th
dally laauo, for a abort ttma
only, where th aubxsrtW aays
a year In ad vane.
By carrier, paid a year In
advanc. 11.00.
By Ban, paid a raar la ad-
ranoa, $$.04.
People who gar oar oenva-
aar a trial tnbacrlpUoa for 00
or mor month, at tan eanao a
wk, can hav th dally daw,
red for a year for $$.04) by
Paying a year la ad ran c.
People who gar oar caara
er a trial anbsorlpdoa. by
mall, for four month at a 44
lar, may bar tba pa par lor a
year for $2.00, If paid a year la
Subscriber to th W41y
EnUrpris may . chang thalr
aubscrlptlooa to tba daily, re
ceiving credit for half time on
lb daily that th wkly la
paid la ad ranoa. Whan thy
ehooaa to add cash to th, ad
vanc payment aqua! to a foil
yaar'a advance payment thy
may tak advantage of th $$
rat. ; .
W make this apaelal prtoa 4
ao that paopla who bar paid 4
la adranc oa aoma oCbar daaty
and w1h to Uko tb Morass 4
Bntarprlaa, may da ao wish, . 4)
to great atpanaa,
Is on sal at the following
every day
'Read tba llorr.:. j C
Huntley Broaurufs
Mala Street.
J. W. McAnulty Clgsri
Seventh and Main.
-'lcrest Confer tlonery
Main near Sixth.
M. K. Dunn Confectionary
Next door to P. O.
City Drug Sior
Electric Hotel.
Walter IJltle ConfectloMfl
614 Seventh Street
M. Vol k mar Dru
w Berenth near
Tha following ar regUierfJ. g
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