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in Ladies'
J. Levitt
Suspension Bridge Corner
will known farmer, wag among the
business shoppers In OrKon City on
Haturdsy. Mr. McCarthy brought
l(d of uata with him.
K. P. IlaamuMaeii, of Beaver Creek,
we In Ihla clly on Haturday. Mr.
Iteamiiaacn hag juat gold bla farm at
Heaver Creek, constating of i rg
to a Mr. HMiKliTmin, i,f Hlllsdule. the
prlce being $9000,
I'eler Forbes, of OIhhkow, Hcotland,
waa In the illy Hutimluy vlaltlng Hu
rliittiilint of Hi-boola Tooxe. Mr.
Forbeelme been in t,lg country only
IxMit a month. H aays lie Ilk eg Or
Mr.'KlNlii-r hikI two grandchildren,
of Graham, were anionic the Oregon
t'lly vlMllont on HiHurday, having
come to attend tho Rime ahow given
Ity tin- CUrkumiia County Hone Ho-clcly.
Mia I'.vh itciiHiin will present her
iniinjf hi a recital at the Presbyter
ion clninli, HutiirdHy, June 171 li at
tt o'clock. The pupil it will lie KhnIhI
I liy Professor Albert M. Hchuff, vlv
1 1 tt I hi . ihH public g Invited to lit
tellll. ,)
Mr. ami Mra. John Hurfua will leave
Monday for their home du KelloicK.,
Idaho. They have vlHlted ,ere for the
pant two weeks with tl, latter'a fatli
r Duulcl WllllaniH, ami other relit-
tlvos. lie for- coming- here thev visit.
d lelllllvi'K In
lorlii, II ('.
Washington and Vie-
Humpty Oumpty Geta a Laving Cup.
For tin arrest and conviction
of anv person or persons, who
unlawfully remove coplca of The
Morning Enterprise from the
premises of Miiliwrlliura after
paper hits been placed there by
carrier. .
paator. Reg. 710 Jeff ergon; 8. 8. 10
a. m., Mra. W. Cr Green, aupt.; morn
ing aervlca U a. m. Prayer meet
ing Thuraday p.m,'
Parkplae Congregational Hrv. J. 1.
Joiig paator, ra. Clackamas; . BJ. 10
a. m., Km.ry Trench aupt.-, praaihlng
e.rvlt:a rath Sunday, all.rnatliig b. 11 a. m. and 7: p. m Chrla
tlan Kndaavor Thuraday evening 7:1
p. m.
8t. Paul' Rev. C. W. Hoblnaun. tmr-
tor. Daily aervlcea: Murnlng pray
er, 7 a. ni.; Holy Euchartat, 7; 30 a.
m.; eve.ilng prayer, 7:30 p. m. Ban
duy aervlcea: Holy Eucharist 8 a.
m.; morning prayer, 10:30 a. ni.;
Holy Eucharist and sermon, 11 a.
ni.; evening prayer and germon,
7: at) p. m.; 8. 8 12 m.; Thuraday
evenings, germon at 7:30 p. m.
United Brethren Cnr. lghth and Taylor,
Kv. I,, y, Clarke pgaim, ra. l ortlnncl;
H. H. 10 a. m.. Frank l-.iki-r. Mu.
Lena, aupt ; murnlng arvle 11, y. p.
H. (,'. K. i p. m., avanlna aervlca 7.
Wlllamctta M. B. No rrgulnr prrarhlng
aervlcea. ft. 8. I p. tit.. Mia.,Kama
Zlon Lutharan -r. Jeffxraon and Eighth
lr..l, Kri. w. II. Kraxberaxr paa-
iit, wm. ,v jauarwin: n. h. a. I
In v Kriixtwiaer aupt ; morning arvt
10 30, avrnlna 7:46, Luther league 7
p. in
MORE THAN 1,500,000 SEE PA
RADES AND 13,000)00 18 LEFT
Ribbon Quilla and Knotg
Are Muoh Uaad Trimmingg.
f. . ,
local outers
C, A. Will, of Canby, wag In thla
It; on Saturday.
Every hut reduced t Mla C,
VA lJnn. of Clear Creek- waa
tk! ritv oti Saturday.
Mr. ljirklna. of Clarkea, waa In thU
dtr on Saturday.
Great Rale on all millinery giMida.
MIm C. tloldamllh.
Mra. HyPand datiKhter, of (Irahr.m,
w In thla rlty on Huturday.
Bneat (iuetilher, f Bhubel, waa
li Oregon "i'lty, on Haturday. j
William Stewart and family, of
Cam, were In thla city cm Halurday.
Wllllnni Jonea. of Mullno.' tranioict
e4 biiKlncaa lu thla city Hattirdtiy,
J. (kivla and Claud Drlatcl, of Caru.
tare In thla rlty on Saturday.
Chirv lwla, of Tortland. la In
tar rlty laltlng J- K- Callavan.
Mr II. K Bry. of Walla Walla.
Waah. waa In tbla city on Friday
Md Saturday vlaltlug frtenda.
Mr. T. C. Courtney and dauubter,
Helen, of Heat tie. Waah., apent Fri
day with her alater, Mra. J. II. Krena.
RiHlney KeatlniC. nfr vlaltlng rela
Uvea In thla city, haa returned to hla
kome In I'ortland.
Frank King and family, of Turner,
have returned to Carua, where they
formerly realded.
W K. A. Sommer, formerly of Ore
mn City, baa moved hla office to 1017
Corbet! building. Portland. . J
Wlllliim (luenthor and family, of
Schubel, were In Oregon City on Sat
wday. '
Albert Janea and wife, of Eldorado,
war in thla city on Saturday on their
ay to I'ortland, whera tbey anena
ti the Itoae Carnival.
Martin Mrle Jonea. of Carua. waa
l the thla city on Saturday, having
brotmht no varletlea of wild flower
tor exhibition at the Uoae 8how
William Jonea, of MtJIno, waa In
Ihla city on Saturday, having brought
fine dtaplay of wild flowera to x
Hill at the Homo Show:
Mr. J. E. Calavan and daughter
lotna, leave Monday morning for
Prim evtlle to vlalt her parenta. 8ha
will return about July 1.
Thomaa McCarthy, of Graham,
Flrat Baptlat-Comer Main and Ninth
atreeta. Itev. H. A. Haywortb, paa
tor. preaching at 11 a. m. an4.7:4S
p. m. The paator will preach In the
morning aervlce on tho aubject,
"The Iml ChrlHt." In the evening
Mra. Jackaou Hllbaugh, of Seattle,
will apeak. Thla will be a temper
ance rally. All the temperance
forcea o the city are Invited. Mra.
HllbaiiKh la a national lecturer ror
the W. C. T. V. and la a apeaker of
rare ability. All are Invited. The
Sunday achool meeta at 10 a. m. The
Young People and Juniora at 6:45
p. m. Tueaday evening the United
Hrotherhood banquet and program
meeting of all the Hrotherhood of
the city. 8 peak era for thla occaalon
are Mr. Atklnaon, Col. Wood, of
Portland, and Dr. (leorge 11. Pratt.
evening R p. m.
Catholic Cor. -rrater ana Tenth St.
Rev. A. Hlllebrand paatot, rea. 911
Water; lw Maaa 8 a. m., with aer
man; High Maaa 10! SO a. m., with
aermnn; afternoon aervlce 4 :00.
Maaa atery mofnlng at 8:00.
Congregational T'or. Main and Klrvrnib
etreeia. Kev. Win M. Proctor paator,
rra. aoa Third:' A. a. U noon, John Uw
ry aupt.; morning arvlre 10.10. avrti.
Ina 7 10. young people f:M Weekly
i nuraaay i i .aw v.
prayer mwtlng
Chrlat Kv. Lutheran Cor.
VJ. A .la ma ar-la.
laalor. rra. ai j
ElKhlh and J.
f.ev I'. Bchmlilt
Q Adania: H H
I Ai V til
PORTLAND. Or., June 10. (Spec
ial.) The atrenuoua week la ended.
The greateat Itoae Featlval ever held
la over. It waa eatlmated tonight at
the rloe of the electric parade, that
the vnrloua pageanta had been wit
nerniKd by more than J.5Mi,(xiO per
dona. Thla la on toe banla of 250,000 apec-
tator for each pageant, aa an average.
Kor two of the paraded the alghtaeera
numbered, approximately, 200,000
thehe being the automoble and the
civic prcM-eaalona, while the flrat elec
tric parade and the vehicle parade
were aeen by 300,000, and the chll
dren'a parade . by 225.000. At leant
300,000 wltneaaed the parade tonight.
The featlval brought lietween $3,
OOO.Oiio and $4,000,000 to the elty. Its
coat to the city waa about 140,000.
Deaplte the fact that the program
for aetawav day connlated of only two
daylight affalra, the brilliant farewell
to Rex Oregonua thla evening aerved
to hold over tena of thouaanda of vIhI-
tora who did not arrive here In time
for the triumphal proceaalon of Tuea
day night.
lota 1, 2, 7, I, block 13, Oregofi City;
110. . ,
Ella E. Mott to- Kezlah Mott. 49.65
acre of section 9, townablp 4 aoutb,
rnaa 1 eaat; ft.
Ella E. and Kezlah Mott to Ed. D.
Penman, land In aectlon S, 10, town
ablp 4 aoutb, range 1 eaat; fl.
M. E. and Cora I). Ileatty to J. W.
Wheeler and wife, 95.91 acrea of ec-
tlona 34, 35, townahlp 2 aoutb, range
2 eaat; $10.
C. a and IJIltan B. Hall to Port
land Cement Company, land In section
3. townahlp 2 south, range 1 eaat;
J. C. and "Mary A. Chalupaky to
Henry D Aden, lot 3, 4, 6, block "C,"
Wllaonvllle; 13200. ,
J. II. and Mabel C. Pllklngton to
Clackamaa County, land in aectlon 19,
townahlp 2 south, range 1 eaat; $1.
R. P. and Hlna Raamuasan to B. V.
and 8. ganteanon, land in aectlon 23.
townahlp 3 south, range 2 ea.Ht.
(Continued from Page 1.)
Beautiful Bungalow Built on River
Near Covall.
Mr. and Mra. Henry Wetzmr hve
gone, to Covell, where tliey will giud i
the aummcr on .their country place
near the river. Mr. WeUler h's ere-t-ed
a four-room bungalow which has
a dining imrch, au.l a. sleeping porch
24 feet long and 10 feet wide. There
la a spring near the biingti'ow of Mr.
and Mra. Wetzler, an the water M
piped to the home. Mr. nnd Mra. J.
U. Garritaon and won, Henry Merle,
Mrg. Vllllmlear and family, Mr. and
Mra. Oarretaon, Mr and Mm, Thorn
ton anj family, of Portland, and Mr.
and Mrs. Hare, 'cf PorMnnl. uae
bomea near Mr. Wetzler's. Tbo fam
lllea have a lann-'h and three r-.v-boat
and they have delightful boat
ing trlpa.
eral women were found in on of his
nocketa. He also had an extra -pair
of garters. He attlrat told the sher-1 Friday to attend the Postmaaters' con
Iff that he had walked from fortiano, ventlon
Adam Knight, of Canby, went to
Portland Wednesday. Thursday and
to a.'m'; nreaehlng afl-moona of flrat
. . A.inAmm 1 Jo In Kncllah.
oiher Hunday arvlcea momlnaa at 10 3
with prrarhlng In Herman.
Christian Science Nlnlh and Cen
ter street. Sunday service li a. m.
Sunday achool 12 noon. Wednesday
evening 8 p. in 'i1
n..a awannellcat-Cor. Eighth and
Madleon etrrela. Kev. X. WlevealeK paa
tor. rea. 711 Madlxm; . H. 10 a. m.
Herman gchradrr. M.mroe atreel. eupi
urvin. II. voi-na rooplo at
n tn and oreachlna at I p m. Prayer
n...iln Wrdneadav at 7 10 p. m.
ftladatona ChrlstlanRev. A. H. Mul-
L.v tmator. rea. l.iauaione. oun-
day' achool 10 a. m., N. C. Hendrlcka,
stipterlntendenL Morning service,
11 o clock. Brotherhood services at
7-45. Rev. Ernnlch, of Portland,
will aneak In the evening. Special
mualc by the choir. ,
Mountain View Union (Cong.) 8. 8.
S p. m.. Mrs. J. II. Quihn, aupt.;
Bible Study every Thursday after
noon; K. C. Dye will preach at 7:)
o'clock Sunday evening.
Methodist Main street cor. Seventh,
Rev. E. F. Zimmerman paator, rea.
cor. Sixth and Washington; 8. 8.
9 45 a. m.. C. A. William, Glad
stone, supt.; morning service 10:45,
Epworth League 6:30. evening ser
vice. 7.30. Prayer meeting Thurs
day 8 P- n- Morning sub
ject. "Our Debt of Gratitude." Eve
ning po'lar aervlce. Dramatic re
cital by the paator of the third and
fourth chapter of "In Hla Steps,
or What Would Jesus Do." Solo,
Master Kenneth Woodward. 8 year
old. Solo. "Gathering Jewel." by
Mrs. Zimmerman, violin accom
pnnyment by Prof. Dougla.
DMihvtiriin-Seventh street cor. Jef
ferson. Rev. J. R. Landaborough,
Yotttfs for the Asking
For and we wtll givejyotf wtfh a t
months subscription
By Carrier (
at 45c the month
6 months subscription
By Mail
at 25c the month
The smart outlnif Dat 1 trimmed
with a quaint yet original bow. tut1
novelty ot tbe bow etiuunclug tbr
value of tbe lint. Those illuntrated
here include a rtblioii quill and a Out
tertly bow wblcb were dealgniHl t
Ora Cne Tbe toug. straight effect
la knnvn aa tbe rtcht uulll. It I
adnpted for trtmnilng tbe right baud
able of a bat and stands atraigm up,
like an arrow pointing to tbe any. It
may be made of any uumter of har
monizing colors or of vartoua abades
of tbv au me color.
All the rlbbou must be of tbe same
width. Three shades of green, three
shades of brown and three shades ot
yellow may bo used lu one bow. Tbe
ends are pointed, and each strip Is
pulled down a quarter ot au tneb be
low the strln lust oeneatn it.
The bow at tbe twttom roust oe or
one pronounced color. Tbla arrange
ment ennbleM one to use up soon euua
of ribbons.
Tbe butterfly bow Is light In welgnt
and daluty and airy in appearance
The Hotly of the butterfly Is made or
tucked wire ribbon. Tbe two loops at
the top and tbe two at tbe bottom ot
the butterfly bow are placed Bat. one
loop being Just outside and larger than
the one Oral made. The body of tne
butterfly Is made by winding the no
tion round and round to construct a
fonndHtlou to which the wings may be
attached. .
The wines are made of four pieces
of No. KM) ribbon sewed together, encb
strip lielng eighteen Inches long. The
two ends are cut In a tasnion aminnr
to tbe outlines of the wings of tbe
butterfly. The shirring at tbe hottoro
when drawn up give the wings the
proier flare
It Is noticeable that ribbon conceits
of thla sort nre a teature on some .
the most exclusive models, riooons
forming one of the most popular trim
mings of tbe season
- . 1
.4 . J U I.. l.
A Beautiful China PL AO U Euccorai :H "aU5'""yi
There are a variety of patterns to choose from.
Make your selection early.
Subscribers May Pave Them Too
To any present subscriber who, win nnu
new subscriptions we will present one of these
beautiful dishes. . .
Qtegon (ftty Enterprise
where he lived on Front street, yes
terdayj and said that he had been In
Mllwaukle the day the crime waa com
mitted. However, when questlonea
about the crime he denied any knowl
edge of it, and then said be was only
Joking about having been In Mllwau
kle on Friday.
Had Been In Asylum.
The prisoner aald that be waa a
business man and had an office in
the Chamber of Commerce In Port
land. Sheriff Hancock later learned
that the man had once been an in
mate of an Insane asylum. Tbe per
sons living in the house on Front
street. where the suspect lived, de
clared that he had boarded there, and
they alno corroborated the story that
he had been In an asylum
Manv other clues were Investigated
by the authorities, but In all casesHBe
men susoected proved atlbiea. une
man. a mulatto, for whom the detec
Uvea searched almost all day, went
police headquarter In Portland last
night and easily s-oved an alibi.
The negro for whom the auth
orities searched, waa seen . about
10 o'clock Friday night by. sveral wo
men living near Ardenwald. He acted
peculiarly, and upon departing walked
up the car track in the direction oi
W. E. Will, who lives at Wliis-
burg. near Ardenwald, notified Snerin
Stevens, of Multnomah acounty, ana
Sheriff Mass. of Clackamaa county, of
the presence of the negro, and depu
tie were placed on every car run
nine on the Cazadero and Oregon City
lines, w hile Police Captain Slover de
tailed the entire night reller to cover
the carllne and suburb on the east
side, hoping to catch sight of the man
seen by Willi and tbe other Arden
wald residents.
Proffers of Information believed to
have some bearing on the case have
been coming: Into the police and sher
Iff'a office ever since the discovery of
the crime. All are examined, but most
of them, when investigated, are found
to be useless so far aa any bearing on
the case Is concerned.
Farm House Examined.
Sheriffs Stevens and Mas visited
every farm house within a radius of
four or five miles of the little cabin
In which Hill, his wife and her two
children. Philip and Dorothy Rlntoul,
were killed. Houses that were locked
were entered by mean of a pas key,
and every room and closet searched
for alans of te tale clotnlng. Notn
tng was found, however? that would
tend to fasten suspicion on anyone in
the neighborhood
Miss 'Ethel Ferguson went to the
Rose Festival In Portland Wednes
Carl Luckee was in Portland Wed
Mrs. Heman Lee was burled Wed
nesday at 2 o'clock. The pallbearer.
were: Mr. Cttle. Mr. parmeuter, Mr.
Graham, Mr. Mack, Mr. Burgoyne, and
Mr. Dick. The floral offering were
very beautiful. All the children were
able to attend tbe funeral, although
tt was delayed so that the son in
Southern Oregon could be preent.
Mr. Vaughn haa taken hi
race horses to MacMlnville. Mr. Wood
went Tuesday and Edward Kelt wnt
Miss May me Combs left Thursday
for Seattle to visit her sister, Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. John Williamson were
In. Portland to the Rose Festival
Thursday. '
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roth have a
baby boy, born Wednesday morning.
As Fresh-As Summer Roses
In Early Dew
Such ore the groceries sold ot this store. ,
. The delicate aroma of the coffee, the delicious
taste of the butter all the appetizing points
of good sweet clean food are carefully pre
served at this grocery. Even our canned and
carton goods ore kept in lowest quantities
that they may be constantly renewed. Every
thing is pure and clean cleanliness Is next
to godliness here.
All our groceries are aa .delightfully freeh aa a
wild roee aparkling with daw on an early summer
morning. Let a trial convince you. Send or come
with an order, or phone and a messenger wilt call.
tlons. One toch ear. 11 ear montni nan
Inch card. ( nnuj at per month.
Cash muat aecoropaay oraar innai an.
haa an open acooont with tha papar. No
financial rcaponalbUlty for errors; where
errore occur free corrected noUee will b
printed for patron. Minimum eharse He.
Mrs. W. P. Brown and aon Donald
K.. of Coffeyvllle. Kan., arrived here
Tuesilay and will spend the summer
with her sister. Miss Flora Kligore.
Nearly all residents of Oak Grove
went to Portland Thursday to see
tbe parade, the main attraction being
the Oak Grove float.
The school will close Friday and
the pupils will hold a picnic that day.
The araduatlng exercises will take
tomorrow evening in Green a hall.
Mr. Smith, of Portland, was here
Thursday morning after an absence
of eicht years.
Mr. Henderson, salesman for Wad
dems ft Kerr, was here on business
Mrs. Ida Inman was an pregon City
visitor Thursday.
J. A. Peterson, of Mllwaukle, ts
puttng irr the foundation on . M.
Cederaon'a new home on Second ave
W. H. Moore and two daugt'ers,
from Montana, are visiting here thii
week. Mis Moore left here two
year ago for Montana.
Mrs. A. Elizabeth Cosgrlff will open
a delicatessen ana luncn room toaay
n the Green building.
WANTED 11000 loan on good prop
erty. Address A-10, care Enterprie,
An Effective Pattern In Irish Crochet
Thla pretty pattern In Irish crochet
ince Is most effective for trimming a
Jnbot The rose In tbe center Is tJrst
made, and then tbe filling about It ta
..mniied with Dlcot cbalna. Tbe acal-
wanted Eznerlenoed girl or wo-
wan for eeneral housework at row-
land;- good wages and pleaaant
Dlace. AodIt 1006 Main St- Oregon
City or 693 East Salmon St., Port
land. m ,
WANTED You to know mat we buy
all kinds of Curioa, that we are in
the market for aecond hand Furni
ture and Tool. We also have
a-ood assortment ot aecond hand
Fnrnlturei and Tool on hand for
aale to thoae in need. Come anJ
see: nerhana we have lust what you
want Indian Curio and trinket
for aale cheap; aome that are very
unlnue and also Terr rare. GEORGE
YOUNG, Main near Fifth etreet
garden In, other Improvements;
beautiful scenery; close to school.
For location inquire Wlnkle'e store.
West Side. Price $495.00 cash. Rev.
Harvey Buck, Oregon City, Oregon.
FARM LOANS Dlmick Dlmlck,
Lawyers, .Oregon CUy, Or.
MONBJY TO LOAN On first mort
gage; $500 and upward; one year
or longer. Apply at once. Cross k.
Hammond, Attorneys at Law, Bea
ver Bldg., Oregon City. , ;
HARRY JONES Builder and General
Contractor. . Estimates cheerfully
given on all claaaee of building
work, concrete walks ana reimforoed
concrete. Rea. Pboe Maka ill. :
FOR " SALE Four-year-old German
coach horse, at a bargain, weight
about 1200 pounds. Inquire J. H.
Graw, Bolton.
FOft ALfc
Real Estate Transfers.
The following nre the real estate
transfers that have been filed In tne
office of the county recorder
John Rwenson to Christian and Emil
Eliason, 39 6-7 acres of sections 9 and
10. townshtn S outn, range 1 east,
John W. Loder and Grace E. Loder
to Rebecca Dubre. lot 6 or mock 6,
Falls View addition to Oreeon City; $1.
Henry and Willi Ingala to Thomas
H. Brents, all of west nan oi section
19 tnwnahin k smith, range 1 east; $1
R. C. Chanman. J. A. Talbert and
.1. n Landes. trustees Clackamas Cem
eterv Association to Frank M. Bailey,
lot 1 of block ill, nl the outh 12 1-2
feet of lot 112, ClacKama uemeiery.
A R. Pollard to Aiex wuum "
Notice is hereby given that the
County Court of Clackama County,
Oregon, will receive plan and es
mates for remodeling and repairing
the County Court and Jail of aid
All plan and estimate must be
submitted on or before 10:30 o'clock
on the 21st day of June, A. D. 1911,
at which time said plans and esti
mates will be considered by said
The Court reserve the right to
reject any and all plana and esti
mates. The basis Tor such plan and est!
mates may be obtained from any
member of the Court by calling
upon them or either of them at Ore
gon City.
County Court of Clackama Coun
ty, Oregon.
County Judge.
Notice Is hereby given that I will
........ i .r...i,n n9 acrea of sections i ot ih tiAvt reeular meeting of the
i9 ii tnwnshln 3 aouth. range 1 ritv Council apply for a license to sell
east; $1000.
Hajel Tooie to William
Honor at my place or ousinesa, ou
M. Smith, Maln street for a period of six months.
lop are simply re-enforced chain
wblcb have been covered with double
crochet A row of three acallopa for
the top aectlon of the Jntait which may
be made of handkerchief liueh. with a
tow of two beneath and a single acal
fop below, makea a bnndnome Jabot.
WANTBD-8" adv-rtleemenU for
thla column. a reaeon-
able. Bee rate at of eolnnw.
Oregon City
Furnished with operating
room, ward and private
rooms. '
Graduate Nurses
Pac. 2243 Home D-298
Cor. Vaughn and Twenty-fourth Ste.
June 6, 7, 8, , 10. 11
Games Begin Weekday at S:30.
8undays, 8:30 P. M. v
Boy Under 12 Frea to Bleacher
, v-dneday.
Go TO Your Phyalclan.
Ask hi opinion of a remedy for the
ailment peculiar to women that con
tains In Judicious amount uch In
gredient aa Black Haw. Cramp Bark,
I nlcorn Root, Squaw Vine. Blue Co
hosh, Golden 8eal and Cinnamon Bark.
He will tell you that these are Just
the ingredlenta used by specialist In
treating such ailment and that the
good Judgment shown In their aelec
tion haa been demonatrated by count
aaa benefited.
Rexall Vegetable Compound I made
after the formula of a anccessful phy
slcan who ha made a epecalty of wo
man' aliment, and contains me in
gredients mentioned above.
It worth haa been demonstrated
many times by your friend and neigh
bor, and. If you have aed o cb .
remedy, we ask that you rj Rexall
Vegetable Compoun at our risk.
If It falls to benefit you, we will
.nn.ntiv rnfiind vour money.
snM nniv at our Btore The Rexall
Drug Store. Price, $1.00 per bottle,
Huntley 8-' ' ,
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Nntlcoe und.r these eiaeetfled neeatnaa
will be inee'tad at one rent aji
Insertion, hall a oent additional inaer
ACREAGE One to Ave acre In sight
of nreeon Citv. $150 and $200 Per
acre- rood level land: one mile
from car line. Clyde 4V McRae, 1003
Main St. Oregon City.
, g . i . jm asg gtT3
FARM FOR SALE 80 acres, 7 mile
south o. iireiron city on Moiaua
road and 1 mile east Inquire Mr.
S. G. London, Oregon City R. F. D.
No. 3. box 1U.
O. D. BBT, Attorney-e.t-L,w. Money
loaned, ataatracte rnrntah. land
title examined, estates settled, gen
eral law business. Over Bank at
Oregon CJty.
FOR SALE House, two lots, on cor
ner, house almost new, 12x28 two
rooms, brick flue, young fruit trees.
rj'REN A SCHTJEBEL, Attorny-at-Law,
Deutaeher Advokat. wtl pree
tloe In all courts, make eeOeatlome
and settlements. Of floe In Enter
priae Bldg, Oreson City. Orefon.
H- COOPER, For Fire tneuranee
nnd Real Eatate. Let aa handle
your properties we buy, Xk a ad
exchange. Office In Baterpriae
Bldg Oregon Cy. Oregon-
Read the Mornjng enterprise.
1911 Mitchell Automobiles
Have you ever looked Into the details of conatroctton and the
..mechanical features together with the handsome appearance
of the Mitchell Automobiles to find the reasons why they are
being bought by people throughout the state, who know the
value of a food car. If you are at all Interested we will be
pleased to demonstrate the car to you with full information
and can assure you that it is well worth Investigating before
buying. The car is absolutely guaranteed to do what we say
If not we, are here to make gooa. wnen we ecu
car we will take care of your car one yaf free of
it will.
vou a
Other moJel. cheaper. Fully equipped F..O. B. Oroe. City.
Phone ua for demonstration anel werwHl call at your home for
Some Gooi Barrfaina In Second Hand Car
" ; ' '1 :
G. G. Miller, Agent
Garage Cor. 6tK anJ Main Sta.
V v