Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, May 31, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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E. t. BROOIE, Editor and Publisher.
"Kntared m eecfltid-elaaa' matter Jan
uary . 111. at the pwt errtce at Oreeoa
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first Inaartlon lie
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Run paper thrr thaa flrat pac. par Inch
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fleers So Una.
Waata. For Pale, To Rant. ee., ana
aant a word flrat Inaartlon; oew-baif oeM
- aach additional.
Rataa for adrertlatna m ha Weekly
'. tnlerpHee will, be the umt aa la tha
dally, for adyertlaementa art especially
far tha weekly. Wliere tha advertisement
la transferred tmm tha dally to tha week
ly, without cfaanse, tha rata will ba te
an tnrb for run ef tha paper, and Ito aa
lack for special poelttoa.
Caab should accompany enter wkara
. Mrty la unknown In boatneaa afrtca of
in arnterprtse.
al advertising at I real advertletag
Ctrrua advertising and apaclal transient
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: Tire Bala" and Bankrupt ale" adver
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lUul - a.M. . . . . . ... ft.
Nawa Itema and wall written artloiaa
m awn, wun intiiaai io tocaj reaaera.
win ba gladly accepted. Kexcted maau-
ataipta tiever returned unieaa aecompen
aa ay aivjnoa ca prepay poataaia.
May 31 In AmierfCan History.
JW-Job.a AlbJoa Andrew, war gov
ernor of Massachusetts, born: dM
' 186T.
1961 First emu of fatal violence la
New Tork irrowlne; out of civil war
iOapate. Man sbot dead la saloon
ror anti-union sentiments.
1962-Battle of Fair Oak, alao relied
Seven Floes.
1SSP Great flood at Johnstown, Pa.:
laaa of Ufa eat) na ted sometimes aa
. Mrt aa &.000-. property damage.
r. Sioooo.ono.
(From aoea today o aooa tmnorrow.1
Co aats 720. rtoea 427: moon aeta
112S p. aa.-. plaaets Merr-ory and 8at
ra awa) rWDjr before the aoa: ran'a
dedlaatkia. 23 V grata north of re lea
tial aqoator.
7 So Iraag aa politic and aelf-lntereat
. is loTolred in the manafetnent of lo
eal KOTernmentaJ affaira, Juat ao long
. . win the -oota" carp acalnat the "Ine,
' and Jnst ao looa will there be India
criminate erlticam, without reasonable
and tare bida ' were submitted by
Deall Co., tha Buffalo pitta Co., and
the concern that ban (Ilea the Fort
Wayne cruaher. The Reliance ma
chine of the Buffalo .Pitta Co. that waa
purrhaaed la warranted for flira reara.
and was the toweet-prced machine of.
fered. The road roller, nurchaaed for
$3350. la the beat emrlne oa tha max.
ket. welaha Im tone, and four ma
chine of this manufacture are sold
tmt of every fire marketed. After
carefully tnveatlcatlnc the Court con
cluded to buy this machine, ebtaintnc
more pressure on tha rear wheels.
even at a alight advance In coat-over
aome of the other machines offered.
The Portland nan who was paid
$250 worked three weeks and hired
two saaistanta at his own expense, rte
mad an exhaustive examination of
the suspension bridge, and submitted
very complete report, which la on
file at the court house. The Court
believes thala, the Information so-
cured, more than double the amount
paid the expert was saved to the tax
New bridges hsve been erected
without competitive bids. This Is en
tirely within the law. In many cases
bridges were found that needed Im
mediate repair, and, in some In
staheca, reconstruction, and under
the bidding system considerable time
would have been lost In advertlaln
for proposala. Tha Court has built
new bridges In less time then would
have been consumed In the sdvertlsing
alone, and the public has been dla.
comrooded very little In comparison.
Hsd. this' policy not have been pur
sued, the Court would have been com
pelled to cloae aome of the most dan-
serous bridges.
Some of the bridges la the southern
part of the county axe too lia-bt. and
the heavier road machines cannot at
this- time be transported over them.
Up to thla time there has been mora
Important work In other sections of
the county. The bridges are beln
strengthened, and whenever "It la ne
cessary to send the machines to
southern "Clsckamas. the critics of the
Kintf and Queen of Spain Are
Worried About Son's Health
' ! V e-.;,JJ ' r ?j
t. Vllaf.Ja'l,-v.;; J-t e J fta ,K: i ' ,V, .V V 5 aj. ...v (,,-L . , Y. , I
E1NO king and queen does not mean happiness or the ebeeuce of wet
wvi uvuuin. rwr tasiaacn, we sing ana qosea or npain are just
now greatly concerned about the health of their younger son. Prmce
. auuw, ma uij two. i nvogo Boariy uiree years oio, tne ooy naa
never spoken, snd there have been rumors that he Is a deaf mute. He has
been fragile since bis birth, snd It has taken great care to keep him alive. Ills
father, the king. Is not stron. Indeed, the statement that he has tuberculosis
has recently been published, end It Is cart sin that the youthful monarch he
la only twenty-Ore year old has been compelled to tfke tbe beat of care ef
himself, and he spends ss much time out of doors aa be ceo. Prince Jaime
la to be taken to Swltserland thla summer, where it Is said that an operation
will Ka narfnrml In Kiuia. nf miivtn. ft. a A I M 1 I . k. 1. 1 - . v .
P.- ' I , - - v. mvmv wm MW WU1MIII Ul ilyVU. pif
nurt maw k. ,mw.i , I . . . . .. .. .... . '
. , "" uaam wiu wranj wa uwuwr, wuo in a oaugnter or iTinceas ueory of usttsnburg,
be found to lend the machinery where I youngest sister of King Edward VII. of England. Is worried, ss snv mother
it is reouirfHl- I would be ander I ha rlirnmiitnMa Tha nlornra. alwwa ,iu. ,k.
This has been well Illustrated In
the flings that have been made against
' , the county administration, who have
.patiently borne the no pleasantness
and onjnstness of harsh words, but
. rwlt bas been that the friends
; of system have come out Into the
open In defenae of the men whoa-
" greatest crime has been a desire to
evolve order out of chaos, to operate
the affairs of Clackamas County at a
, minimum expense, consistent with ob
; talning decent and effective results,
- sad to finally reach a point where
they can point with pardonable pride
to results that carry their own story.
In a recent newspaper Issue a string
of questions hsve been hurled at the
Clackamas County Court, thongh the
questioner could easily have given
satisfactory answers with less than
an hour's Investigation. While The
EnternriM dnM nnt m. . .
.. - j m inae as
self-appointed defender of the Court.'
this newspaper believes that It is the '
right of every man In public life to!
refute, when he can, stories that are
. really derogatory to hla character and
to hla reputation as an official To get
ai in bottom of this matter, 'we pro
pose to reply to these questions, dis
posing of them briefly, but none the
less effectively. These are the questions:
Were road machines bought whh
. out competitive bids?
Was $ 350 paid a Portland man for
lees than one day's work in Inspect
ing tbe river bridge in this clty
Have new bridges been erected in
the county at an expense of over $200
without competitive bids?
Are the road machines as purchased
so heavy that they cannot be Uken
CrOSS the COUOtr lirMm art I.
of the Molalla RWer?
.i5!!!.,b Comm",ll Club stand be
hind the coonty offlclala In this mat
ter, as stated in The Enterprise?
iran-TV1! d,,,n. Porchsses and
transactions i connection with road
ork In the past two or three years
i. ,.-frrordance w,t nl as tbe
v. is I
Is required.
As individuals, there is no doubt
but thst the members of the Commer
cial Club are heartily In aympathy
with the efforts of tbe Countv Court
lo systematize road construction. The
club, as an organization, has not gone
on record. If it should be celled upon
to do so, a have no fear aa to the
result. ""The Commercial Club could
not afford to refuse Its sactton to such
a meritorious effort.
The dealings, purchases and trans
actions of the Court since January 1
have been entirely in accordance with
the law. This csn be proven br an
examination of the records, alone, and
without evidence,- it matters little
-what may be offered for or aeainst
the contention or question.
The Enterprise hopes there will be
an end to this constant bickering.
While light should slwsys be shed
upon public matters, no one should
raise superfloua queries that are ao
easily answersble. If the newspaper
that raises these questions would take
the trouble to ascertain for itself the
true condition of affaira. there would
be no necessity of bothering the read
ing public
7 w w-w .-. pa - e - ws saa) i u aaa wwniru, RM UIVIURT
would be under tbe circumstance. The alcfure above a bow tbe unfortunate
VOUBC Sdoa of royalty and hla hmlh.r Alfnnen nrlne nf tk. a. . K.le a
the throne. They hsve one sister. Princess Beatrice, born July 21, lOOA
AH firms handling road machinery
had an onnortnnllv l i. ....
t w auuuiil DluSj
hy ,h- J? ,he pUt to b 'ven
h J T of tbe S010' Class of
1 H'gn,Schoo Thursdsy night, will
be one of the most classic and also
If-.-0?' hmoro Plays ever pre-
Z:"l ""son -y. Sheridan s
Enriiah utJTr 10 S-'Peares in
English liters turn. anH ki. .j...
. uiiimim
u. iaaa bji ntnara
The play opens with characters In
a pecui ar predicament Captain Ab-
Lla,Ji "P""1. "an taken the
,l c-u ffn Beverly. The satis-
Kf , . ' xPanUo of this part to
bis friends cans ..k . . i .
" ""uuie to
.U(1 ,nucn amusement to the au
dience. When Lydla, who Is exceeS
.fn7 ",rafnt,. out thst Cap
tain Absolute and Beverly are one
" l"Z, Pron. she refuses to
an?,... nam of Captain Ab-
!Sl2i' "d.CBIl!M 'nt"r humorous
w MT9' aiaprop, who Is
noticeable In xher usage J u
word, mostly In tbe wrong place 1'
.5w W
. . . r Position as Sir
"" T7 AMO,u' that the captain
Should marry Ul.. r . .
fnr..n. . ' a"suian tor ner
Sir Anthony visits the captain and
Ufea to Induce blm to marry a young
Udy whose name'he does not reveal.
The captain, of course, refuses, and
the knight (mediately gels in a rage.
The captain finally rinds out his fath
er wlbbes him to marry Miss Lan
guish, and he tells his father he is
willing to obey him. bu! hss a hard
time eXDlalnlna- tha reaanna far hla
quick chsnge of mjnd. - This Is finally
done, however, but Miss Languish re- f Captain' Absolute
fusee ttf give her consent until the !,Faulkland ......
lu.uun iu a uuei, ana She 1 Acres
men consents.
Acre, furnishes much amusement
throughout tbe play by his peculiar
wsvs, and especially In the duel seen
where he tries very herd to keep a
brave front while hla heart Is almost
continually In his mouth.
Faulkland is a very lovesick gen
tleman. Whn a ... .
because he thinks that his Julia may
come to some barm, while. In truth,
he is always Jovial and In the best
of health.
The scene of this comedy Is In
Bath. England, which w.. . r
t " a w aan isjisuas
resort where man v tvskrwLrxr..
their health while others went there
urreij ior mrersion and others for
Elaborate costumes have been ob
tained from a Portland coatumer.
which nsures the andlence that It will
be a first-class trodiietinn
' I'uder the sbla diret-ttirahtn r Mr.
Cartlldge. one could hardly hope for
anything but A 'tiiKf success. The
tickets are now on sal at Huntley's.
Ths prices are 35c. and tbe seats
should be obtained Immediately aa the
many friends of th Senior Clsss sre
expected to fill the opera house.
The cast of characters sre:
Sir Anthony Absolute .
tiuthwell Avlaon
Iiuslness In Oreaou City . Virtually Day. Receivers
ttf fresu fruits snd country prtHluce
nere obliged to keep their places open
fur a few hours so as to inks cure of
shipments of perishable stuff.
liespite the 'holiday, retailers were
In the market fur tarries, and the sun.
ply was practically r lex lied up. Uhm1
t'sllfornlas sold In iHu-tlsnd at $1.50
to ll.yo a crate, Willamette Valley'
mill at $3.00 to $3.50, and Hood River,
White Salmon snd Mosler berries at
$4 to $1.50. .
Fruit dealers look for much heavier
offerings of berries from local terri
tory Wednesday and thereafter, and
rtH-elpta from California are expected
to grow steadily smaller. With berry
neuiher. dealers count on a good de
mand, but there Is every reason fur
the belief that the supply will be fully
adequate. ' .
Quetattuna for Oregon City.
POTATOES Ileal. $:.60, good
$1 35; con:mon. 3. Buying,, carload,
sv!ec. $M0; ordinary. $1 0.
steady, selling from $S to $5 50; very
little of Chaanar aradaa rawd la
higher and rising slowly. Ilran brings
from tit 50 to isr&fl. ahorts l:s to tin i
roneu parley to 3J 31. process
barley $33, whole corn , $31 to $31,
cracked core $3$ to $33.. Wheat $33
to 3X
HAY (Buying.) Timothy $1$ to
$18, Clover. $11 to $11; oat hay. $14
io us; niueu. in to u; alfalfa, $15
OATS (Rtivlni) Vrar. from 115
to 37: white, from $26 to $23
BITTER (Buying) Ordinary
Country brtnsa from IS to zn
tancy aairy rroro ior to c. cream
ery ZZc to 25c.
EGGS ttiuyingi re ranging from
iac u jiht, according to grade.
POULTRY (Buying Mrnt with lit
tie good stuck offered. Hens will bring
14C. If in 01 Ira anod rondlllnn mm
Old roosters are p.or at 8c to 10c. broil!
era nnng rroro ejc to U4e. with food
i ueoinno.
WOOL ( ool prices are
. ranging from i:a lo 14e.
t MOHMR-IBuylng-Prtces on mo-
bslr hsve bnen -eay up, aome having
brought aa h'th ha 39 locally. Quo
tstlons are S7yfC and demand la strong
" HltiES -IBuytng Green hides, 5e
to 6c; saltsrs, 54c to 6c: dry hides,
13c to lie. Sheep pelta, S5 to 75c
IWtlEI) FRriTS-IxKal prlceaar.
nrm at from o to 10c on apples and
v r-rnrnea are inc. .
SALT Selling fioe to Joo tor fine
People who "Invec
In "tsffrrisst premising abnar- .. '
are ususlly ...appoint,,'. "'- lsr
They fall to t the Interest they ,Mpetsd and
monsy passes to athsrs. "o tsntroi u iit .
The monsy sswsr should take no chsnees with
When you .spoilt your monsy s Tw,, cortHtaai-
Inos Department of thl, bank, It Hmtin Vndsr !! i U
earns o sura and steady rale of Intsrsst. Tha f ou' "troi, .JJ
In this kind of on Invf stmsnL ,r prHi.,
The sooner you begin, the sooner will you b. i-'
growing bslsnce. V ' ,n PMnl, '
The Bank of Oregon City
9 ' I nPW-1 t)D t.lta. feu.lJa.
. i
Transaata o 0ersl Sanklna Bualnaaa. ...... .
" lluy B .
Of egon City Wood and Foel Comor
Your wsnts supplied with any quantity of 4 faat a.
tv 'n weaf u. ,J
nveran any pari ai viy. rriees, ressonsbls.
Satisfaction ouarsntssd n. .
Ph0' yMrsrstfi
Homo at 1 10 Ca, ... '
Cor. th isd C ,
Pseiflo Main $50J . -
""a city.
I -4-1 - I actual r.nry ami rJSiwtTLSiffn'' fisi!
'a a.M n k4 u T,rri T JZ T kaaieaana kA , ...
a4aaaeia.-.j .
::tProoM l a I
M aiua.. . A. I waS
to umnovpgitn r
l,r.L Clark
Sir Lucloua OTrlggerT.". .'Fred Baker
Koy scott
David vrT-. . Milton Nobel
Tbon,a Roy Welsh
Mrs. Mala prop lie as Warner
Lydla LanguWh .., Ethel Kidder
Ju"a ..a...... Hazel Tooie
Lntr Madge Brlithtblll
WASHINGTON. May 50. Strained
relations between Justice John M.
Harlan and the other eight members
of the Supreme Court of the United
States have resulted from tbe biting
vigor of tbe oraj,; Tews expressed by
Justice Harlan In the tobacco trust
esse, according to authentic Informa
tion today.
Thornton II.,. . .l
. i ..... m ww ,u suo .far nn.
Harold Smlta ! ssck. half gmuod 40c: 75 for
v-r iu. aacHB.
Portlsnd Vsoetsble Msrkats.
..8, . VWJKTABUSa - Csrrots.
$I.25ff$1.S0 per sack; parsnips, $1.15
?.,.,50'' ,urn,P". $!5$1.50; beets.
$1 50. ;
fVKGETABLES-S'Asparsstis. ftAcb
$1.75 per crate; eabbage, dew. pef
...iw.n,ni; ratiiinowrr, fl 0f
$175 er do-en celery, California', 75
0c per duaen; cucumbers. $1,501
$-.25 per dosen; eggplant. Sc per lb r
garlic. locfin tM.r
... - ------ r r'u" i ipiiure,
6te per docen; hothouse lettuce. $.50
, '"'; pess. scfllc per
Poll nil; Derinetra. .tOeT!tK .
radishes, ue per dosen; rhubarb, tc
tmattmm sprouts, oc; tomstoea.
$7(1 .1.25r
..0TAT0E8r"fon' JobMni Price.
$160 per hundred; n-w polatoea. 7c
43t7V4e per pound. .
ONIONS-Jobblng prices; Oregon
$2.71 per 100; Australian. $3.50 pe"
- iee aaas.
K9 C ZZl itZZllttttH mrrrr-r
I " tahyelr and aaar
. nnrania and H,4 laalda auk '
aatircUluuallt.,f n.l.. .,1.1. . 1 V
EES.:r-?."i" ..".r." Lr s.n.11
V-k.-Il ZT.T V ?."""f "e air
. : siiuwing iQf aVip iu
SB brtllnarvtiM. f . HF K. 1 " 1
I 1 iir! I
. - 1
SB at A aaak e
. - w aas.
ST f) leyOM
!laa taw. ILA-L .
mm w aiae aa Mr
lV.V"T",,i --J-V-Ur ' 'Silbla-na-wa,--SJ
riMiiui 1.1 inrT nMiAiinni i
u-uuwi-aJK LijaLJllL$
100; Texas, $2 25 per crate; Califor
nia, $ per crate.
Oregon City Stock Quotations. -HOGS
Hogs are quoted Vio lower.
From 125 lbs. to 150 lbs. Bc, from
ISO lbs. to $00 lbs. mo.
VEAL CALVES Veal calves bring
American People Are
fareat Tax Dodgers
, By Covernor E. N. FC5 ef MsaMehuieit ,
It bas been estimated that T.ILUOX 'Mh'r cf t::,
able property in MassucrbuHotti ntoatxa taxut iiin. Tbn ....i...
port of the investments in otocks and bon.l- uru nioiu-y in banks ewajM
taxation. '..'. ,
f. j.j. i ' ....... ..
. a v iiiui m rttw w n m . a. . . a - . .. a ... ... ... . . .
- -" uccu vcrjr VUJUlU.t SO COTnmOD tnOt It
tardlj regarded ss a SERIOUS ;OFFEXSR ' Tbe average man
regards it as wrorig to lie deliberately to an asaesSor about how much
"property he Tjo-seaoea, but he doea not consider it a serious thing to
.Tade in any other way than perjury his tax obligations. ;
I Bfl x. inrwawaaaaassa. i. aai wawj mr
. - X . Ill
i SB X. Ill
x s Ill
D X X ,
I saw aW .III
II -
m , x y "ii
i ai as - KH.,.M...........n in
z . ii ' in
. .. ... II ' .-
II UOn ttbrOWVOUrmatfJTlna. II 'II
luuicais away. ihere is II II
I much valuable information in II
I ttayyi U ..ill t . .... II ' II
aia will never De nil Ml i Ih. II . . Ill
I II .. II . , !I
II ea eisewnere. The cost is little II ' ' I
III wan a , f .11
ill .11 uincs ii won Knnn , . - 11 . 11
II . . . . , S ..,"..' X II
W ' " - ' : : .XT
from le to lOe srcordlng ts tTsif.
UEEr STEERS Beet atesn IH
tho local markets are fotchlm lt
IVtO live s-eigaL '
SHEEP Aie urm at to k I
welghL .- . ,
BACON. LARD and HAM, in l
Importation of Dressed Seet IhrM
...I. 11 A... Waa ftjUfe
yaiwea nm sn.n iw
Tk. tnel.,l I'nloh Klni-k TlTW
C'oropADy reporta as follows
' Receipts for the week sin
22S4 cattle, 49 calves, Ills hot.
The csttie msrset is SDoet 54 rrtti
lower than laat week. A number
the sellers msks the charge tkutw
market Is 80 to 70 cenis lower, w
there has hewn a difference at "
quality of the cattle. Tbe sus e
gsged In the live stork builoen e)
. .. . i .iltas
noi eonsiaer me lowering ui bi
i . .... m. . ii.. iK. ha
Hiimixeu evil, i nejr nuw -
that It would bo poor business to Kl
feeaers ror neit season s operauv--ibe
basis of prices thst bsve pr'1"
.i . . . . i - ThM la US
inruuKUUiit in apiiua.
the fact that the ametlis of tfw e
sumsrs of beef would not jniU'r M
prices that hsve been prevs'""!
rbrtlsnd. and the Imporlatloo
. . . ... J In.
a res sea Deer rroro nw."
points has . demonstrsted -th
range of values have been out
The hog market hss been itedr
kl.h.. rn. amnnth lilt WaUhlOf I"
pounds brought 6.75 pound, i .
Tbo sheep msrket has been S
throughout, with a reedy tsilM
anything that has been offered.
.1.. ... ..i.l. v -
rno estabiisnment oi a .'
. ...ala....rlara St PO.
lurninnr, wun ur"'i""'""" .
land Union 8tock Yards. ,n
IniDortant hsDDenlng In live itocK e
oles within two years. This compr
with which Is Idontlfled ths beKf"1
elai ' i-.....i. r,,rilsnd snd '
Swifts at Chlcsgo, expert" to
available a million dollnri to '
lodned to cattle feeders In tbe Pf
. . . . . am ei r
rvnrinwesi. its icu" w
od to check tho oulgo of thin ci
to territory not tributsry to tbii
knt , . ' :
Social to Is Given forif1
a . . ... .natlol Will
a pie ana ice cmain ---
. . . . . i e,j.M Awanln.
given at un unci rnu; "TV
the benefit of tho school. A t
ful program hss been-arranged '
u large attendance lo oxpected.
The Orecion 6
Fruit and Prodr
Arsenofe of Lead
Derry Crcles
l!-yt Crclncndfcco
-v ...... . , . : r ---r
I f -- sw. leP-Mk p,U
' I I r . vaiwlllkj