Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, May 30, 1911, Image 3

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iVew Arrivals
just arrived and now
hoanttfnl IsrlU. r.,.4.. j
wiii-'w " -i - "u; luaue sunj.
mcr dresses in French ginghams, the new
.miillAfln(i fanrv lium ...:it. li
..-TT- - , mm Klin una
Notice Window Display.
Suspension Bridge Corner
rrnliriik fa", of Seattle. Is visit
in klk ni'iilKT, Mrs, M. E. Case.
miik Mulur and wife, or Clarke a.
irt In U-o city on wonuay.
Good f(l potatoes l.W per MCH
M Wer
Mr. t'"ii t'u of Clarke's,
trrt in this. city on Monday.
Mia Kai' Casto, of Milwaukee, U
rliltlng Mif Elisabeth Warner, of
Mount I'lt'UNMtit.
The produce- Union sella berry-
fcorgi Urrgory, of Mnlslla, who
ktttxH'M In this city on business, left
tor bin liniiix Monday morning.
Mr. lUrst, one of the well-known
mld)iii of I'nlon Mllla, wti In this
diy Monday.
TIM ITiHiure I'nlon sells Arstuste
H Lead.
Mltit ( l. niiMitlna Bradford, of Port
bad. i Mi Hunday at Locust Farm,
0 fumt of Mm. Elizabeth Warner.
Fml Siha'er, the aawnilll man o'
olall.,aa In this city on buxlneas
'MuBduy, having crime In hl auto-
Tts Trod lira Union Mill Hay and
Rubcrt Hrhoonborn and wife, of
Carua,wer Injhls city on Sunday.
I mltlns: i ti former's parent , Mr. and
Km. Richard Hchotnborn.
Mr. and Mra. J. p. Keating and two
Alldrrn. Hodiay and Virginia, of
ronluiid, spent Hunday In tbla city
with rt-liitlve. returning to their
MIkh 11,-xa Kelly will leave on Sat
urday for Vancouver, British Colum
bia. lu-r she will visit. Before re-
tarniiiK to tier home, Miss Kelly wilt
run at Victoria and other points.
Mr. nml Mra. Mike Gross, Mr. and
Mn. li. nry llennlngsen and Mr. and
Mra. Walter Hymes went to Portland
a Htiml iy afternoon, where they vis
ited friends. .
If you have acreage or amall tracts
of land for sale close In, list them
with ni. s I have a good Inquiry for
mall tract a. J. L gwafford. Eighth
and Main, Oregon City.
Mr. and Mrs. Melons and their son
nd hla wife and four children have
arrived In thla city and taken pos
aailnn of the former'e farm, recently
porchaatd from Mra. C. B. Myers, at
Mount Pleasant. The McLanes are
tram North Dakota.
Mra. Augusta Warner, wlxo baa
awn a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles.
Albright at Hood River for the past
ek, has returned home. Mr. and
Mrs. Albright formerly resided In this
city, and they are now among the
prominent growers of the famous
Hood Wyer apples and strawberries.
They have a beautiful home at that
For n J we will
4 months subscription
By CsUflee ,
at 45c the month
A BtautrfulCMna . pLAQUEDecorated "ndwinely.
There are a variety of patterns to choose from.
Make your selection eariy. .'!".'"
Sobscribert May Have Them Too
' To any present subscriber who will bring us four .
new subscriptions we will, present " one of these
beautiful dishes.
QgcRgn fig. pntctprisc
For The Lad 1 es
being shown in our
"Illi ks at CollMge" was doIUhtfully
nnidi-nrd Monday night by local ama
tours nt Hlilvcl.y opera Hoime. The
theatre was crowded and every per
son In the audUmi-e was pltiased with
the performs tu-e, ,
Ksthryn Hliuiolt, as leading ludy.
desi-rviis imperial iiientloii.
All the oth.-r members of the cast
did well, and tli pluy.. was success
from every Mtaudpolnt. The proceeds
will go to the firemen's monument
One of the feature! of the evening
was the chorus, compoaed of Miss
Myrtle lluchaiiun, Miss Ituth Bright-
lilll. Miss Merle Krk. MIhm Mrllm
WestetiKard. Mlxs Juno C'harmiui,
MIkh Florence WeateiiKard. Mlxa CU
rrajt. Mia Alice (iovttllng, Victor
(lault lielnx the sol Int. The chorus
was under Uiv direction of Mrs. Nleta
Harlow Ijiwreiiie, and the numbers
given were greatly appreciated by the
large audience. The sololMt and the
young ladles were forced to respond
to encores. "Htop, Stop. Stop," the
solo part being sung by Victor (iault
and chorus, fairly; raptured the audi
etire. Mr. (inult's rich buss voice was
full of enpreaHlon and feeling. Mrs.
Iawrenre, who Is a vocal Inatrurtor
of much ability, showed she had giv
en her chorus excellent Itmtriit-Mnn.
The rant was a follows:
Tom llorton, who writes- ads. .... . '
., Harold Swafford
Krltx Jordan. . ..MIhs Eva Alldredge
Carl Moore
Hiram Hicks, the Itralno breakfast
food r. ; . M. J. ljn:elle
John Walker, Ills mananer ........ -
.. Delias Armstrong
Josh Anderson, an enthuslnxtln yell
. a ni msi . .
it-Hiief ........... t nuiiiBB -nmuuii
T'erry Kolitiitis, late from jdeab Hos-
ton Oscar. (MMMif in
HiiHiliii HrtKKS. a grind.. John Hunch
Adnplh Hopkins, who U always
hunury Ardun Hickman
Pmf. Hlddiriil, who gets matters
complicated .... ..t'liailca Kllion
Peters, the proprietor of "The Pal.
Fred Mijrun
f'hiirllu I'adUt, a breexy young
IMirter on the Dally Shriek
, Kdwln HtiHch
Frerk, a newsboy .. Adalbert Gordon
A Hrush, the bill Mstcr, I Wilt
Payste ,
June Grant, a senior interested In
Tom Horton .Miss Kathryn Slnnott
Polly Potter, a Junior Interested In
Frits Jordan Miss Eva Aldredge
Florabcllu De LaMaytre, a waltreaa '
at -The Pal" Miss Clara Fields
Miss Daisy Armstrong, who uses
ilang Miss llunny owenoy
Susie Sprigglns, a freshman with a
crush Miss Margaret urown
Claire Johnson, a stage struck girl
Miss Bula Scnucpei
Mrs. Cobb, keeper of the qusrters..
Miss NOrs liannuen
Chester Palmer, of Centralla, was
the fortunate bidder Xor the painting
of the fair buildings near Chehalls,
Wash. The grounds will be put In
first-class shape for the fair, Septera
ber 11-10.
The Clarkston (Wash.) factory baa
large Eastern shipment of broom-
corn seed which It Is amtous to dis
tribute among the farmers as an In
centive toward developing the broom-
corn Industry.
for the Asfdaag
gtre yoo with
6 months subscription
' "' By Matl
at 25c the month
A Neat Trick
Pupyrlght by Amwlmn pr.M AilM.
cUlion, Imt,
When railroad were hmi built the
car was a string of slugec,,,,, t1U4 Jolu.
d toMcihiM-. We In Amerba at the
very U-glunliig abniiiloued fhu form
and opened His car from end tu ua
lu Kurni they still rt-tuli, tliw atUL'n-
coach pnttern. Tlielr cwi. bes uro built
In ,ouiinrtiiiiits, IIiowkIi iIiom,. on
through truius are i-onuei-ti-d by a pan-
M" hI. Their wnv trails
are the , u, ,.y Wt.ri H((hiu
elKhty yi nrs ngo,
I whs traveling one duy In a way
truln mul I.H-ked In M oiii.iirtrneiit
WilU one other paaspfiKep, n youiltr
P nfter the trnln stiirtei)
she iiMk.xl If ,u mlu-lii HiuokH a ciga
rette. Wlieii u roiiiiirtitient U used
for siiiokinu over there they put tip h'
notice o thiifeftV-t. .1 felt pleised
tbnf nhn wru n smoker herxelf. grnutel
her permUnlon at om-e and drew forth
a rlgiir.
"You must first hnve a whiff wlt'i
me," she n 1.1, "then you tuny hinol;,.
your elifur." Hhe bnn.l. d m, ,M.
hot of (-Igiirettes. "These tre some
thing very tine. Try iiiie."
I si-ccpted flie offer, the Woman
turni-d aw-iiy from tne to put the )mx
hack In the satchel '-from which nhe
had tnken If nriif tiHk a clgaretto for
herself while her bit. k was toward
me so that I coiildli t see herXdolng It.
1 IlKhtivl lulus nml nw soon ns I tienn
to smoke felt a rtelMotis limpnor. I
shoulit have sums (im1 that something
was wroiiK and thrown the weed
sway, hut 1 was enraptured and soon
fell Into a de!l ions trnii'e.
Tlio woman kept her eyes on me and
presently asked me to hnnd her a tiov
el she hud left on the sent beside rue.
I couldn't move even-a fltiger. Kh
had evidently exiMvtcd ns much and
hnd asked tun in h tw her the Issik to
see If I were nble to o so. As soon
ns she was satisfied Hint I was power
less she took off her dress nnd hat nnd
threw them oi.t nf the window. There
was n man's cost nine undcriu'sith the
dress, ami It was evident that th pre
tended woman was a innn. He took a
felt bat out of his tag nnd pttt It on,
then, taking n paper out of his coat
pocket, he put it In mine.
All this was done tietween two sta
tions alsiut ten miles apart, although
the train went pretty slow. When we
reached the second station tlie man
got out of the train, leaving. iiiestlll
powerless. w-as Just ns cons Ions nf
the situation as if I hnd not Inhaled
the clcnrette. "1 surmised Ihst tho
nian was a criminal fleeing from Jus
tice and had put paters In my sx-ket
that would cause lilt puriicm to think
that I was the innn they were looking
for, Why lie wished them to think so
1 fiitn'Lediio lie twiitixe they' were hot
on the 'pursuit nnd he w ished to gain
time by throwing them off the track.
.The trel-i seemed to In delayed In
starting aprln. It Upton red to me that
It must l-w wnltln- for something.
What was tnv tiorr r to see. several
men come to the diwir of the conipnrt
nietit lsl by Hi in-in wh bad drugged
me. '- .
"Th-itV, the mm."'!". H''d.
The effoft of the lt:iretfp hnd passed
off sntlliiently to riuilile lue(to protest,
nut the man Interrupted me.
"I tell yon." he said to a he others,
"he's the notorious Cartouche, who a
day or two agifest-aped the French
police. rJ saw him In court once and
knew blm the moment he entered the
trnln. If you don't believe me senrrh
him. He may have something that
will identify hltn on his person."
My blood ran cold. I knew of Car
touche, who was under sentence of
death. I was ordered out of the coach,
but as I had not recovered the use of
my limbs they were obliged to pull
mo out Tbey placed me on a baggage
roller and 'went through my pockt
A letter addressed to Jaques Cartouche
was found on me. At that moment the
train pulled out and my accuser. Jump
ing on the footboard, went off with It
I was taken to the town Jail. On the
arrival of the next train police officers
arrived. The moment they saw me
they knew they had been tricked. I
toM them my story, and they knew
by my description of my accuser that
he was Cartouche himself. But the
train on which they came bad gone
on and they were obliged to wait for
the next to got on In the chase.
I considered myself lucky to escape
as easily ss 1 did, for the police be
lieved my story, saying that It was
Just like Cartouche, who had played
that and similar games before.
By a very singular coincidence I saw
Cartouche again, though some years
later I returned to America. On the
steamer I found the stern fenced off
with csnvss. There wss an opening
between the canvas snd an sfter cabin
through which I could look Into that
portion of the dock which had been
fenced off for the use of the steerage
passengers. While looking thr6ugh
this aperture who should I see but a
Jtiau whom I Immediately recognised
as Cartouche.
I was sorry I had seen blm, for I felt
It Incumbent on me to. prevent MS
landing In America. Had he been going
the other way I should hnve heid my
peace. But as a criminal coming to
my own country my duty as a cltlsen
was to Inform the immigrant commis
sioners of bis Identity. On reaching
New York 1 tbld my story and the
criminal was sent back to the port
from which he sailed. Wrmt became
of him after his return I don't knew,
but he was smart enough to cheat the
gallows more than omJ. snd he may
bare used another ss he nsed me.
rtewtng In East
Kates Is Also
PORTLAND. Or May 27. (Spe
clal.) The Northwestern Fruit Ex
change of PortlandArerafrts as fol
lows: -
In our last bulletlnvcoverlng the
fruit crop outlook for nil. we prom
Ised to bsve a roporyctkcernlng Eu
ropean fruit crops, wjflch Tollowa. The
Information set forty In tris report Is
gleaned from various 1 authentic
sources, and conftned by n English
operator who recitl.r paid lis a vlalt
It will be refiemDerea inai. iruu
crons In Ecal last y sari were ax-
ceedlngly light In fact, fol a large
portion of the season there was vir
tually a fruit famine in England. This
year conditions appear to be reversed.
Weather conditions bsve been ex
tremely favorable, and the season is
sufficiently fsr advanced to obviate
any particular danger. Apples snd
peers sre looking extremity well, and
the plums will be unusually abundant.
These same condition exist for the
moat part In the principal producing
countries on the continent.
Iri France all sort of fruits promise
a big yield except apricots.
Holland Is a considerable producer
of applea, and theluresant prospects
are for the largest Irop on record.
. All In all, conditions In practically
all of the applo-ralilng states east of
the Mississippi ner sre very flat
lerlng Indeed. Nrfwr y0rk atate con-
tinues to report al very fine showing
for fall fruit and
reenlngs. The con
sensiis of opinion
seems to be that
liaidwitis have
loomed Irregularly
shy. The, Hudson
due for a big crop
and will be a IHj
River counties ar
this year, and It
oka as though they
are going to havl
West VlrglnlaJ
Virginia Maryland
a have excellent
and Pennsylvad
showings, as hafe also Michigan and
Illinois. It Is a little early as yet to
say anything Concerning the New
England states. However, they have
had a very heay bloom. The Impor
tance of Mains as an apple-growing
atate Is beginning generally tc be re
cognized, and (he Indications are that
In the. future! It will become very
prominent. I
Ctah expects to ahlD a record.hroak.
Ing crop thla tsar. Official estimates
plac the prospective Increase over
laiu ai zuu cars. Tno annle oron Is
expected to be slightly larger than
issi year, and the Peach cron verv
much larger.
It Is estimated that more children
attended the public school picnics
Monday than ever before. The after
noon was devoted to games, and Ice
cream and cake were served. All the
children had a good time, and they
declared that the plcnlca were the.
best ever held. The first and third
grades of tne Barclay school held
their picnics in the Twelfth Street
Park. The members of the other
grades had an. Indoor social st the
school. ,
Some of the puplls-of the Eastham
school went to . the Seventh Street
Park, some to the Twelfth Street
Park and the remainder to the 8ev
enth .Street Park. Superintendent
Tooze has allowed a half day for pic
ulcs to members of all the grades.
Oregon City
Furnished with operating
room, ward and private
Graduate Nurses
Pac. 2243 Home D-298
Cor. Vaughn and Twenty-fourth Sts.
May 30, 31, June 1, 2. 3v 4.
Games Begin Weekdays at 3:30.
Sundays, 2:30 P. M.
Boys Under 13 Free to Bleachers
191 1 .
During the months ef Msy, June, July,
August and September, on dstes
shown below, the
, . -
will sell round trip tickets from
Oregon City Via Portland
,as follows!
Chicago $ 73.00
Council Bluffs 60.50
Omsha 60.60
Kansas City ', 60.50
St. Joseph 60.50
St. Paul 60.50
St. Paul, via Council Bluffs 64.40
Minneapolis, direct 60. W
Mlnnespols, va Coune I Bluffs 64.40
Boston ....i , 110.00
New York 109.00
St Louis 70.50
Washington, D. C. 108.00
Msy 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23v 24, 26, 27, 28
and 89.
June B, 7, 9, 10 12. 16, 17, 21, 22, 28, 29,
ml 90. "--- ..,-
July 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, 19, 20, 26 27 and
August 3, 4, S. 14 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23,
28, 29 and 30.
September 1, 2, 4, 8, 6 a d 7. .
Stop-overs Tlthln limits In either dl-
.... rectio. Final return iimu
October 31st
For fsrss one way through California
Inquire of any Southern psoino
agsnt, or write to
General Passenger Agent
, Portland, Orsgon.
James H. Carey, of the Willamette
Pulp Paper Company, made an In
teresting and instructive address st
a meeting of the Men's Brotherhood
of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Monday evening. Mr. Carey told of
the genera progress that Is being
made, and declared -that the world
wa better off than ever before. Vice-
President Roark, of the Congregation
al Brotherhood, also spoke, calling
attention to the benefits of brother
hood. While the attendance waa not as
large as Rev. Zimmerman had expect
ed, a great deal of Interest was mani
fested in the meeting, and the ad
dresses were thoroughly enjoyed. The
musical numbers were unusually
good. A supper prepared by the La
dles' Aid Society was one of the best
ever given at the church.
Prof. F. M. Webster, Prof. Geo. 8.
Reeves snd Prof. A. H. Klrkland sre
among a party of entomologists sent
out by the government to help eradi
cate the alfalfa weevil In Idaho.-
Notice of Application for Liquor Li
cense. Notice Is hereby given mat Marie
Erlckson will apply to the County
Court of the County of Clackamas
County. Oregon, on Wednesday, ,2th
day of June, 1911, for a license to sell
spirituous, vinous and malt liquor and
fermented cider, commonly called hard
cider. In less quantities tnan one gal
lon, at Clackamas Tavern, In Aber-
nethy Precinct, sald.County. This ap
plication is based on the following pe
tition therefor.
To the Hon. County Court of Clacka
mas County. Oregon.
We. the undersigned legal voters,
residing In Abernethy Precinct, Clack
amas County, Oregon, hereby petition
your Honorable body to grant Marie
Erlckson a license to sell, in Aber
nethy Precinct at Clackamas Tavern,
spirituous, malt or vinous liquor or fer
mented elder, commonly known as
hard cider. In less quantities than one
allon. It being understood that sales
shall only be for use with meals snd
not at or over any bar.
Names. . - Names.
E. Rivers Geo. McKlnnus
Ed H. Furgeson C. R. Llvesay
Wm. McKlnnus
L: McKlnnus
Eddie Himler
J. H. Dunn
P. C. Praeger
E. E. Dune
Joseph Meindle
C. H. Daucbey. Jr. 8. Llllle
Sam Case-, Alfred Ladd
Chas. Waer
F. A. Wallett
J. C. Plence
Frank Ferguson
M. Rivers
W. E. Rauch
C. C. Lake
L. E. Combs '.
Frank E- 8mltb
Geo. E. Marshall
E. R. Case
E L Chase
j. Q. Patterson
Wm, Mann
Fred Hogg '
F. V. Monger
C. Straight
C. Al Caseday
N. Adams
F. F. FlBher
W. Jetke
G. A. Oldenberg
Aug. Bolle
F. H. Louis Blane
C. Glass
C. Rittenhouse
O. L Smith
Welter Glenandt
C. D. Smith
Frank Wilson
Wm. Boyer
C. O. Rlnehart
August Bolle (2)
Alex Beaton
C. Boener
G. L Wltherall
E. C. Swartx
J. Rhlnes
John Nelson
John M. Davis
Hans Kraft
K. J. Tabnson
A. Flaherty
Frank Bowers
F. W. Hubbard
H. Lubblng
M. Dietrich
J. H. Barnett
8. J. Jones
John E. 8mltb
J. P. Serres
Mike Genshelmer
C. A, Mann
A. Rlgg
E. B. Barnett
C. E. Smith .
John "Holland
P. E. Porter
Thos. Hlmmler
W. H. Smith
M. Everett
T. T. Pankey
J. W. McAnulty
Theo. Huerth
I. O. Smith
L L Smith .
A. E. Daggett
W. L. Daggett
W. W. Smith
H. D. Marston
C. E. Relllng
Fred Hogg, Jr.
Otto Hogg
F. T. Relllng
John Straight
Wm. Etters
B. M. 8hort
Chas. E. Hepllng
P. H. Oldenberg
F. A. Jones
James Monger
Oottlelb Zunnt
8. Glass
A. Richardson
A. Bolle
W. E. Boerner
J. S. Moore -H.
A. Kroger
P. M. Murray
Frederick Hupp-
Karl Schaffer
M. L. Smith -J.
J. Walker
L. Furgeson
W. M. Holstm
H. Himler
H. Huerth
a H. Gray
F. T. Prenschoff
J. Rlttenhonse
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned executor and executrixes
have filed their final account In the
ma i to nf th. will and eBtato of Ur
sula Babler. deceased, In the County
court of - the State of Oregon, for
Clackamas County, and that the said
Court has appointed Monday, tne tnira
day of July, 1911, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
for the hearing or objections to sucn
final account and the settlement
Jos. E. Hedges, Attorney.
Three-Fourths Are Women.
r.Mhi nWmra 'anion? the medl-
ai nw.uliiii atlmata that of those
who seek the services of a physician
three-fourths are women.
Many of these women are without
question In need of surgical treatment,
but perhaps the majority of -them will
be greatly benefited bp medical treat
ment only. ' 'm
In the course of treating such ail
ments, physicians hive demonstrated
beyond question the value of certain
drugs In their treatment and, follows
in- k. (nrmnli tinwl rv s nhvslclan
especially successful in -such cases.
Rexall Vegetable Compouna nas neeu
placed upon the market
Many women have learned by ex
perience that their aliments were of
such a nature that they themselves
might administer satisfactory treat
ment. While we do not recommend
such a procedure, but strongly advise
that you consult with your physician,
we cannot speak too highly of the
nt Rstl Vea-etable Compound
4or use In such cases.
Please remember that Rexaii veg
etable Compound can be obtained only
at our store The Rexall Drug Store,
iKti liU - lid
We Love The Children
MANY of the shoppers who visit
out store daily are bright little :
men and women. And they are shrewd
buyers, most of them, in their way.
Tl ey are always welcome here and .
you may rest assured that every at
tention will be shown to an order for
warded by them-just as much as would
be given yoorself. It is convenient way of getting
groceries in a harry and js esed by many of yoor
neighbors. . . " .
JmE" Si
Large bottles i.00. Huntley Bros.
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Notiraa under ths classified h.sdhiit
will bo Insvied at on. cent a word. flrW
Insertion, half a cent additions! tnr
Hons. On Inch ard. tl Pr month 1 nJI
Inch card. (4 MhI It Pr month.
Cash must accompasy ord.r unka on.
hss an open account with th. papsr No
financial responsibility for errors; whm
.rrora occur fr. corrected notlc. will b
prinlrd foe patron. Minimum cnaro i.e.
WANTED Strawberry pickers, write
or phone Isaac Lane, Clackamas,
Oregon. Phone Farmers 269.
WANTED : Woman to do plain sew
ing and make children's ciotbes.
Phone Main 3044.
WANTED--Glrl or woman for house
work; must be good, clean cook.
Phone Main 3044. Address box 409
WANTED Yon to know tnat we buy
all kinds of Curios, that we are In
the market for second hand Furni
ture and Tools. .We also have a
rnnA assortment ot second hand
Furniture and Tools on hand fori
sale to those In q,eed. Come anJ
see; perhaps we have Just what you
want Indian Curios and trinkets
for sale cheap; some that are very
unique and also very rare. GEORGE
YOUNG, Main near Fifth street.
FOR SALE Two fine residence lots
9th and Washington Sts very cheap.
Terms. Enquire 418 7th 8L
FOR 8ALE Top buggy, almost new,
1911 Mitchell
Have you erer looked into the details of construction and the
mechanical features together with the handsome appearance,
of the Mitchell Automobiles to find the reasons why they are
being bought by people throughout the state, who know the
- value of a good car. If you are at all Interested we will be
, pleased to demonstrate the car to yon with full information
' and can assure you that it is well worth Investigating before
' buying. The car is absolutely guaranteed to do what we say
-it will. If not we are here to make good. When we sell
you a car we will take care of your car one year free of
charg. '
'PrJc. $1650 r ; ,;,
Other moJel. cheaper. Fully equipped F. O. B. Oregon City.
Ptone os for JsmoiT.tration ana we w3I call at your home (ot '
'. yon. ' ;
' . " , '"' " -
Some Good Barg-ai'ns la SconJ Hani Cars
- C. G. Miller, Agent
Garatf Con fetti and Main Stu
and single harness. Inquire Jack
ft Albright Store, 7th 8treet
ACREAGE One to Ave acres In sight
of Oregon City, $150 and $200 per
" acre; good level land; one - mile
from car line. Clyde ac McRae, 1003
Main St.. Oregon,. City.
FARM LOANS Dimlck Jb Dlmlck,
. Lawyers, Oregon City, Or.
Money to loan.
MONEY TO LOAN On first mort
gage; $500 and upwards; one year
or loneer. Apply at once. Cross as
Hammond, Attorneys at Law, Bea
ver Bldg., Oregcm City. '
HARRY JONES Builder and Genera
I" Contractor. Estimates cheerfully
given on all classes of building
work, concrete walks ana reinforced
concrete. Res. Pnon Main 11L ,
O. D. EBY, Attorney-at-Law, Money
loaned, 'abstracts furnished, land
titles examined, eetates settled, gen
eral law business. Over, Bank ef
Oregon City.
XTBJEN BCHOEBEL, Attorneys-at-Taw.
rjentscher xdvokaL will Brae-
tic in an courts, make collections
and settlements. Office in Enter
prise Bldg-.. Oregon City. Oregon.
X. H. COOPER. For Fire lnsuraacr
and Real Estate. Let ns handle
your properties we buy, sen and
exchange. Office in aterprlee
Bldg., Oregon City. Oregon.
SuDsrrlbe for the Dally Enterprise.