Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, May 07, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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ROOIC, Kdlter and Pwbllenee.l
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,4-alaaa aaatter Ju.
the pMt affioa at Qrwi
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City. OrMot. tmdar th in of
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Heart tq Heart
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run tr sotscttmtii.
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by mall.
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nrat Pa. par inoa nrat taaarttoa. . . ,11a
FIret fan, par Inch added liutnlou. .10c
PrjfTd poalttaa any paga, par Inch
Drat mMrttaM iu
rrererrea poeuian any pan, par too
added meerttona ie
hub papar oiner than nrat nan. par taoa
nrat htaartkm lie
., hub papar other thaw nrat pan, par at oh
ad dad tneertlona .to
Looala lto pr Una; to ra-u1ar adrar-
nana aa uaa.
Want a Kor Bala. Ta Rant, ata
eaat a ward final In aortic; oae-half aant
arn anaiiionat.
Ratea for adrarttotnc In .ha Waakly
Baterprtea will ba tha aama aa la lha
dally, for advertlaamanta art eepecially
far tha woakly. Whera tha advertisement
ia iranararred rrom tha dally to tha waak
ly. without chant, tha rata will ba to
aa men roc ran of tha papar, and lag an
aaca ror aptciaj pool t ion
Caah should accompany arder whara
party la unknown la bualnaaa office of
ine Kniarpriaa.
LWl adrartlalnc at legal edvertlatng
-wArm - a tie Mtoraut-
Tbat wee una of lb big algae at tha
child welfare eihlblt bald recently In
New Turk
Too who lira la tbt wide open apace
of tha countryside or you wboaa lawna
or yard give room for children 'a Joy
ful play, wbai do you know of child
Ufa ta tba tenement districts of tba big
Clrcua adverttatna and aaaclal transient
advarttslns at He to tOc an Inch, accord
ma io epactai conditions governing tha
"Flra Bala" and Bankrupt Bala' adrer
twamenta He Inch llrat Insertion; addl
ttoaal tnaartlona aama matter 3aa Inch.
' Nawa llama and wall wvlt'ea art I r Ira
or maru. with local raadara.
wiu aa g.aaiy accapwa. Kajacted manu
sertpta navar ratumad unleaa aocompan-
n ay alamos io prepay rinrraail
r '
May 7 In American History.
1774 WHHani ltiulrilt;t. uavul hero.
wru: died IJvtt.
1SW - r'rao-e Kilx.-ilicih Hnrnnv.
"Aunt Funny." xnl!ir writer fur
cbUdlvll, illwl; Ihiiii .'J.
1910 Thorn-, lu ruK. (iii.t-r iie;ii
tenuent r .New ..rk .(.v. kinu
tbrouKbuiit tbf iuuir Mr- iusiv
tor' U.vromt. dit-d in New Vtirk;
born l.sai -"
(From iiood today lu uooq loniorrow.)
Eon aeta oas, rlaea 4:46; moon acs
S.Ol a. m.
Tba activity of acveral gentleman
of Clackamaa County tn atrirlnK to
recall two county official la not to
be commended. The atench raised by
the recall in Eatacada Ja Jreah In the
noattila of many, and they are still
at it in Tacoma. The reeult will be
that it will In a short time be 'difficult
to persuade a capable man to seek an
office, for he stands face to face with
la tnoee regiona1lra children wboaa
only place la ta the foul dark rooma
frequently Infested with disease or la
the atreeta....
la a alujjle block In New York city
areor eilat-271 cblldrent .
Tba population of a air el.ted iin
ty aeat town of the middle west chil
dren alooa. to aay nothlug of adults-
Is conireated In a dlatrlct no blinrcr than
the court bonaa etinare, and there la no
plryrround but the atrewi.
And listen!
With uo other lnyirnmnd. of 71
children arnvltl lu York In July.
1900, half wer an-fHtitl for playliiK
The world hnx wrpt at the aorrowii
of "Poor Joe. enmpcl'cil by the burly
policeman to "movo mi." mid here h
aorlety In the irtil of bis iwtnilnieni
arreatlnir little rhildren for 'iilH.vltiK
irainr mi the only ili):iMiiid they on it
Another exhibit bone a and huw
of child life children forced at a ten
der ajre to work" lu factories and sweat
For Instance:
Some of the mere tola work on wit
low plumes, knotting forty-two sep
arate fllamenta for a cent, or at the aire
of four and Are years tbey make arti
ficial rlolets 144 for 2 ceuts or they
work twelre hour picking beans of
coffee from tbe sweeping.
And tbey die like Bleary :
Much la belna; said about the coo
serration of our natural reaourcea, but
bow will vtm -compare the material
wealth of srtll and forest and atjecam
and mine with "a better crop of boys
and ftirla?"
la a tree worth more than a cbtldT
TIi' uuty bpt'fiil feature or this New
York exhibit .which finds Its parallel In
all lurye cities is that one- half tbe
world learna bow the other half live.
And to know the-awful needa of these
neglected children Is to find a way for
"The RIk Urol her1 society yon. and
I must be responsible. We are our
brother's keVper.
Scion of the House of Gould
Weds Daughter of a Princess
W 1 L J
$m 7 'i
c. v5 I I ; 1 ' . Hi! M
' -" -r v.. -:-v. '
t " . . . a
A. 8. Ashley, of Maker, was la this
cliy today and visited M. J, lelle,
uHTeiarv of tha nublUity department
of the orcauu City fonuuerclal Club.
Mr. Aahlev. who la publicity man
auer of the Ciiininerclal Club of Haher,
ami r.irmarlv aecretarv. la arraiialiia
to leave on trip throuia tne i uueu
atatea lecturing toor. lie will
take with him over ISO views of Ore-
Kon. including many from Clackama
County aa wall aa borne of this city;
liiclmlln, the paper uiltle, wwlen
in I II. electric Dalit pUnt and tha falls,
Kiting tho MHple lu the far Baal some
Idea t tbe couuty. lie win aiao nii
views from I'ortlnuu. TUcse win oa
iiaed with hla stereoptlcon lecturea,
which he ctmieruplatee giving la many
of the-ICaslerii'clilaa.
Although Mr.. Ashley haa ieen n
'resident of Oreifun luta.few yearx
I'S ,
There'5 One Form o! Invcstm-,
whlah la abMlirtaly tsf tor tvarvaa. Ivl
It navar alumpa In vlu.
Its Integrity la unqueatlenee.
Tha retMm It aartaln.
Principal la always available.,
It haa ne alaman'l af apaeulatlen.
It la a SaTtngt Accotmt tn
The Bank of Oregon City
Th Oldest Bnk la Tha County
O a luATOURBTTB Praeldeat,
x r J MlVa
anaaato a Oaneral tanhlns ualnaea.
Open Iran. . A.M.',,, fc
Glad-U-KUM Club Entertained.
Mrs. B. TVAvitJon entertained the
Glad-U Rum Club on Friday evening
at her home on Fourteenth street.
The evening was devoted to aewing.
ana an enjoyable time was had
Copyright by America Prase Association. 'MIL
AT GOJJLD, second sou of George J. Gould and graudaon of the founder
Uia Jortune. took the daughter of a prlu.-e as liU bride, ha v.
lag thua excelled hie slater Vivien, wbo receutly married mtA Iel4a.
an English aoblemaa To ba sura. vuuna Mr i:..ui.i- i.ri.u iul. n mu
bat she baa tba royal blood of Hawaii tn her venis. Hawaii urvcr m much
f a nation, and bow It la a territory of the United sutee. and there' are u.
more uuee. but royal blood la still royal blood. Mrs. Jv ;..uij bef.-re1 br J
aVkav sala aa. a.. .M a l arv . a ...
aaie iougias uraoauu sue Inherit. 1 ber Ihwiiij frtnu
oer oraioer. rormeny tne IHnceaa Kalklland. other Ke Mlaa Kir
She also Inherited a considerable fortuue from her father, who
ror eome time. Her mother married again, her aw-oud IiuhIuimI belnt: IIuIhmI
Vos' xw rh artist wbo baa paluted several orirait of liW .t-Li us dior.
Mlaa Graham waa one of the bridal attendnniM at the uinrrlni:e of Vivien
Gould and Lord Declea.- Young Jay Gould Inherit, d tJ.tJtMt.tMNt from liltrMid
father. Thla fortune haa been cunxIderaMy lurriiel ihmiuh Nkilifut In
vestmeata of tbe young man's father. The sUive i lure wax uu.J a few
days before the marriage of Mr. Gould and Mi t'nitiutu.
J h la well pCHy U.lvaiiUliea
Tof. the , taa y lUaslonncrly In
charge of tbe Irromeae.'aera imrwi
or the HarrTruaa-Uoea .with headquar
ters at iHtriland, and baa been two
years wtreeident of Batter, where he
has boett one of the'pronilueut mem
bera of tbe Commercial club of that
city, 'tie will make the trip by auto,
mobile, traveling In one if the Hud
son cars, and win leave roruauu ,
about the middle of May, expecting
to be gone about six months and poa: ,
albly longer.
Mr. Ashley haa already been extern!- :
td many luvltatlona to give his stere j
optlcou lectures Id many of the rttlce
ba la to visit, one of which la. before
ta National Land Men's Aaaoclatbui I
of Chicago, and also before tbe Land J
Show to be given at Omaha In Octo.
'ber. '. . I
Tbeaa Iwturas will no doubt tend !
to bring many to the state of Uregou. ,
All points of interest In Oregon. In-'
eluding many of the Southern Oregon I
towns as well aa Eastern Oregon and
Central Orvgou towns w'll be-whown.
R. W. & R. S.Ward
Wa do general repairing. eren rnaelilnary mads
work as new. Kaperta with aasellna nlna.
Phonss: Main ItH Hama MsV
te I
Oregon City Wood and Foe! Company
Your wants Supplied with any euentlty 4 feet or Is Inch wat 4.
Ilverad te any part of City. Prices, reasonable.
Satisfaction guaranteed. r your sraVi
Homets llV Cor. 6th ana Cwt.,
Padfle Main 3502 Orsgan city.
the possibility cfyiijig to run for hostess served refreshments to the
office again, unless he knuckles following members: Mrs. m. n Ijir.
r Yon have heard of foolish questions.
And their answers, too, galore;
Ilut however many you have heard,
You are always finding more.
down to popular clamor on every
question that may arise.
Tbe Enterprise believes that County
Judge Beatie and Commissioner Nix
on Blair areatriving to do their best
for the who'e county, without regard
to and without favor for localities.
Tbey have no doubt made mistakes,
aa any public official will, and we
wouldn't care a tinker s dam for the
man who don't make mlstakea. He
would Weed be a paragon.
No recall petition can be filed on
theee two officials before July 1, six
months from the date they assumed
office. We are of the opinion tnat
some noisy people are only stirring
up trouble for themselves. One piece
of advice The Enterprise has to of
fer, for which there will be no charge,
ana that la for the county court to
astertaln the identity of the road su
pemsora wno are secretly trying to
create a false Impression among the
taxpayers, and then promptly fire
those men.
Clackamas County needs system In
Its road construction. The personality
of tbe men who are looking to that
end is beside the question. The ex
rendtiure of hundreds of thousand)
of dollars annually is no trifle, to be
used carelessly, without regard to
uurette, Mrs. . Hugh Hemdnr. Mrs.
WalteT Wells, Mrs. C. H. Melssner,
MJsa Helen Daulton, Miss Bessie Danl
ton. Miss Clara CauDeld.
avoided, aa
Either ex-
aeea you
There's the friend wbo
From your snob marked boot and
Flower 8how Thla Fall.
At tho meeting of the St. Paul's
Guild of the St. Paul's Eoisconal
Church held at the home of Mrs. G.
A. Harding on Thursday, it waa de-
blooming at that time of the year will
be on exhibit, and prlzea will be
awarded. There was much enthusi
asm manifested, and tbe hostess ser
ved refreshments to about 16 mem
bers of the organization.
Been buying something newf
"Why, no," you sweetly aay to him,
"Tbese shining, botite you aee,
Were made way back in '76,
And they were willed to''ttJT"---
'! Overfeeding must be
I Tiur" also underfeeding
young atock. . .
Can t expect to succeed with broody
bene. Incubators and little chicks.
.'these daya, unleaa we stay close at
home to meet all emergenclea.
j Feed very little soft feed and you
will raia more chich,'lf ydo must
feed sort stuff don't throw it upon the
ground. Feed It In small trough or on
a clean board.
- In heavy-soli localities, gapes are
apt to attack young chlcka, especially
when quartered on damp, heavy
ground. In light, sandy soils this dis
ease a practically unknown.
Saturday brought forth .too changes
In th, it.-, it rr, f lt M r k . t M A I f tr I M
eiu.or K C.hiew. 'cr"' a.rawuernea on.usu.
e ..or ix '--a$9 ln rl,nd market yester-
paid for a single crate of Oregon ber
rlea lu the local markets.'
. Quotations for Ore son City.
POTATOES Heat. J.60; good.
12.26; common. 12 Buying, carload,
select, 12.10; ordinary, $I.y0.
. FIX1LR AND FEE l Flour la
steady; selling from 15 to 15. 59; very
little of cheaper gradea. Feed is
higher and rising slowly, llran brings
from f 2S 60 to t.'C.M). abora 121, roll
ed barley . $31 U 132, process barley
$.13. whole corn $31 to 132, cracked
corn 32 to $33. Wheal 32.
MAY Hay la going up. All gradea
are from ft to ft 60 higher than when
WANTED Two furnished house
keeping rooms for man and wife.
Call Enterprise office.
Tho' Your Sins
Be As Scarlet
At The
last quoted. Timotny iiv to i.'i; till to; turnips. i 210I1.M-.Vh.
clover, $15 to 116.60; oal bay, f I8 60 to ! II SO. . '
117 50; mixed. $15 to fit 64; alfalfa, j VKGKTABUCH-
OATS Are , higher, gray selling
from 27 to 3U, while from 1X7.60 to
f .10 50.
Hl'TTEM Ordinary country btinga
from 16c to 2tc. fancy dairy front lot
to 22c, and creamery 22o lu 8Sc.
KGG8 Are ranging from Mo to
2oc; according (o grade. . .
rOCLiHV Firm with little
at.K k iifrffered. Urns will bring 14c If
In extra good condition more, old
roosters are poor at Be to loc. broil
eta bring from 22c to- 24c, with Rood
WOOL Wot.l Dilcea are
from lltrto 14c. I UNIONS -Jobbing prlrea; Orrea
MOHAIR I'rlcea on mohair have
been way up some having brought as
high as 39c locally. Quotations are
374 aad time demand. '":'" ..".'"'
HIIE8 Gre n hldea, 6c to Cc; sail
ers. 6Se to Sc; drjr bides, 12c to
14c. Sheep eltanJc to 75c each.
DRIICI) ntt'lTB Local prlrea are
nrm s fr-.m c tn 10c on apples and
! prunes, reaches are lee.
I SALT Selling 60c to ftoc for fine,
1 50 I" eack. half ground 4nc; 75 for
.100 lb. aarka
j Pertlan'4 Vegetable Markets.
$1.250 $1-60 per aark; parsnips, $1.25
A "parasite. va
11.79 perrrater etti,bata, a, m
hunLdweght; taulltlower.
$1.75 erdoien; celery, rallfoffuifSc
II SOc par doirn, rurumbera, tM '
$2 25 per dose'n; rrm-Unt. Sc m. v
garlte. tocri2c - r pouatf; kn
toe per dnana; hothouse letlwe, ft M
i as m . ...
tr ". iva, argui m.
lUHIHll a. 1 . . . n .
u jse per anal;
. radlshce, lie .wr .orn; rbube.ra, S4
I fl Je ier pound; sprouts. K: tosutan
i$2$a. . .
I "POTATOES Orr..n b.kKU. u
;$I 5I per buudred, new-aoutoai, a
r-..aln.l P0""" "
I - I I ssaaBaasjaaBmaaBajaJBsH -I Blt tldl 1 INI I
k ' - -a m. " f
X i X li'jTTfl rvsi I
ii - i KmuYmmamBMs-ssss
IBBTI - 1IIIIIK' raj I IB? aaas - ' -aaaaw -'""T mi mm mi maiiii. r
X vr III BMitlTt-BaBRAKfl7..n .T-7.7-; -4,um-mt !
Ix I it? "r-i-ira rcrc-rrcci iz
X X i1lr9ir.i'l: -,7,r- r-rr7il
X x r-.,i'l.'''.u,'r.bUwi . 3
IMIVKSrSsWHaaja, eS7"H"
II ,i.i I - II r l"tA I.Vt7i'lr1.'l !u' 'V.W e M par pair. All oin. Ipi
I Don't throw your magazine sand I h'--"
I periodicals away. There is I I 'iv-iHKaS
I much valuable information in I rV'S
them that will never be publish- I aSSte?
I ed elsewhere. The cost is little jj LurX.'Zlrt"--. vj-
'"in""TOttP : r It' Wouldn't Pay , to Advertise
I A Poor Article- ' J
ii . y
... I
in x x ii n
II S' . X
$2.50 per 1 00. AuNtrslisa. XM m
100; aTeaa, $125 p r cratai Ctlir
nla. per crate. , 1
" Oregon City" Stock" Onaati"'"
HOtiH Hoa are quotas t lae
From 125 Iba. to 150 Ibi. Iwa
160 Iba. to 100 ll. ISo.
VEAL- CAI.VKH VVal calrts Win
from Be to lic accirrllng to rtii.
BEEF STEERS Beef atam (a-,
tha local markets sr fetching IV
He live weight
SHEEP Are flrm-Kl 4e to U f
BACON, LA III mid HAM, art Ira
X . -T W W-
?u7...,'l'ilifTi4tn'i a mi4. Uua ai
WcWa rurtiMvMl by aa. Oaraeanuanvraaartanauaf
ybh-fe ubm
II rum era
V n M mmimt
trJli'Vl?1.'?" TB" ' PMiTBOla-iai
I Herri .hlnhil.TZ.' . laniaiq or au not WUB W MW as
FASTCXl Pa2S W f.".rn'" to blsbart arwtajawrlasb
Tou aava 110 to ta ml.Wl. nwn ptoiu araa
Mtrr t eu.rantM NM raf
tint n roa rr ra oar eaUharnaa arid k-.rn uur auatanl 1mm
...n . " . "w w a uicyriaae a
The controversy be' ween F. J. 9.
Tooze, euperintendent of the Oregon
City schools, and H. M. James, princi
pal of the Estacada school, and head
of tbe debating team of the Clackamas
School League, has aroused no little
interest among lovers of fair play.
Mr. Tooze has a full and fair state
ment of the matter In the curren
issue of The Enterprise, and we rec
ommend lis perusal to anyone inter
ested in the matter.
The council haa passed the now gas
franchise ordinance by a unanlmoua
vote, and negotiations will now be
t opened, so The Enterprise Is reliably
- Informed, to furnish gas for all
. " purposes to the people of Oregon City
t a reasonable rate. Away wlih the
, hot cook stove In the summer.
". Oregon City haa a new Home Rule
ordinance that will soon be In force.
'. The occasional drinker will be care
fill to take hie drop elsewhere than In
' a saloon where) hla beat girl can
. .. watch him from, tha gldewalk.
- - Oswego Man Faces Year's' Sentence
r for Non-Support.
.' Charles Brlcker, of 0wego, who
" was arrested March 4 last, for failure
to support his family, and who was
1ater released upon a promise to con-
tribute 20 a month toward their sup
' port, was rearrested Saturday, having
' t failed to aaalat hla family alnca hln
, release twa months ago. Brlcker will
now make a (rantle effort to comply
with the order of tha County Court
and be facea a year la tba county Jail
; yr If he falls to raise bt money.
:','' ! 1 . . V .i ': '
Nor a proposition, of daubtful nierlt ar honesty for aoyo
nowadays, are DISCRIMINATING. Thoy know valt'oo-4hoy k"
uamuiNc thlnoa. aonulna anaartunlilaa. - '
Any article which ean ba iold by advartlalns la, by thst
GOOD article. .'YOU are aafe In buying thing which hai -"
the fire af nuhllaltv ' .. . .
.... , - . , ' v. n. ..... f
Tk. . '',..;' . . . '.. . - itv. Is '
:'. w wioeiy aovertisea snioie, eo"
wy en trim fop hls life. He eannot ehtrk, nor ehP M
-p'roduet-and thla Is the beet possible protection for the onw"r;
V?u are SA PI In buying advertised things It's ha I!1 .
nowadays business conditions.
: r---- xi i . -