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MORNIWO ENTERPRISE, TnunDAY, MAY 4, 1911. ' J l': Z .
..3 ' v
Parents Wijlake Pleasure
In noticing thebeaatlfttV assortment ol boys' new
,prlo suits and "Mother'.. Friend" waists and blouses
in our north window,. .JWhilc .these are only a tery
few of the many patterns we carry, it will five you an '
idea ol the fine quality and styles we handle. Brin
the dot here tp fill all his wants. f . ' .;
' '. Suits $2.50 to $10.00 '
Susptaslon Bridge Corner
n. R plmlck. of Canby. wa In thl
city oo
Ulisllien Wdnesdy.v,
fo, i'0mlr Hat at I'opuUr Prtc,
HIM 0. Ooidsmnae. . v
S risers r new ,m. ""f
f Wednesday. . t
; gm. rhsrle Blreet and Mr. Hay-
tlrd of Clackamas, apeni je.iru7
,Hb Mr. H. C. Btevena.
u.. Noveltlee In Millinery every
iif at Mis C. Ooldmltba. ,
wn W.-K. Marenau, of Moniavuia,
IB Uliem ui mil. nwii nwut-
worth, of Cauemah.
uim Helen Pollock, of Willamette,
j.(t ui nlKlit for California, where
J, WHI remain for a year with her
mnt, at l Angelc.
Loul, Funk, of Reaiana. a wan
known rui"niT 01 m"i :h"h, w
trinttrtlriK liuiili.eta In Oregon City
i M War lft on Wrdnnaday
urnlni fr Philomath, whera b will
tiiii with hi lf and Rtv.)Var
)gr a tew uaj.
' Mr. an?l Mm. Joawph Wlllrtt, of
Birluw. hava arrived In Oregon City,
ma iiinlta their noma for aeveral
Bthi, h-r the former la employ
lira 8 Mohler, who baa bean
flitting with relatlvea for a few daya
m Vancouver, Waab.. returned to ber
(ua In thla rlty Tueaday,
lira. W. A. Bhewman, of Rlaley, wbo
ti been the gueai or Mr. ana jura.
f. A. Sherman, jr., or tnia city lor
tfreral itaya. returned to ber homa
jMitrdiy afternoon.
About UK) of the membera o the
JsBkMr Ugiin of the Bapttat church
M at the church pa flora on Tueaday
vcalng. and had a aoclal lima, lea
traa and cake wer aerved.
; & U Davldmm.'of Oawaao, a prom
ant drtiKRlat of that city, waa In
Drna biialna W1neiiltty.
ir. Davidmm waa fonn-rly a pboto
tphar xif thl city.
;Charlea Myera, of Portland, who
vu among the entbualaatlc nlmroda
liking at the falla on Tueaday. and
tko lurcrcded In catching fowr ChW
k aalmon, waa again a vial tor to
ftt city by the falla. and caught two
hrga aalmon.
ir. and Mra. William Money and
bally mored toHha Roaka realdenct
Eleventh and Waahlngton atreata
l4netdy, which waa recently va
at4 by Mr. and Mra. C. U Zlegler.
ko have gone to Portland, where
Ay will niHka their homa.
Ctrl Lntourettt. who haa bean vlalt-
Mr. ftaeaevelt' Saya a Oeed Ward Far
' - i Them. , ... . .,t .
i-rraaldent Itooaevalt la Injavor
of womau'a cluba. . lie aald ao to the
toembera of tbe Ladlee' Uterary club
of Urand Itaplda, Mich., whom ba ad
dreMed fecentt.' r ,
1 Tha woman' club." aald be, "aerrea
a blgh purpoae. believe' Id equality
betweuu men and wouit-n. If the club
la. a food 'tblug for the tuuu It la a
good thing for tba women. If tba club
mterrerea with tba bom It la bad. If
Bier' 'fo? fhelr 'aap'port'ltil treaeiiry
aontalna enough money to pay all
dabta, but of couree, ther are lota
of Improvemeoti to mak both on tba
filayground and In the club room, and
t will -tieod money to do tbla, but
watch ' tba Damaacua Itema., An en
tertainment will ba given moat every
month and yon can't afford to mlaa
them for If you want to apend a moat
enjoyable evening come to the enter
tainment given by the D. A. A. 0. '
D. A, A.. C. ball team croaaed bata
with the Boring team and walked
away with the long end of the aoore,
9 to 6; tbe game waa wall played, but
Bcbmldt of the Cluba out pitched Hen-
WlrtiV leetutw" at Ttrwxxt Sunday
evening. ' t '
A moat enjoyable evening wa aapent
with the Held family Wednesday of
laat week, there , being a , aurprta
party given to, the! bonor.' '
Ed. Wolfe, of Sandy, waa a Dover
vialtor Sunday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. 'vV. Parker, a
daughter On Monday, April 24. Both
tot her and child are doing well.
Mr. Alva Cbown haa gone tq Mo
Mlnnvllle, where ba .will ylalt rela
tlvea. ! ,r -
M. J. Lawleea left laat week for
U dub Uf. of you worn.,, make, for tSSr&ZX EZ? Wl T.i' h W "
Ing with hla parent. Mr. and Mra.
CbarU- . Latourette, of tbl city, re
turned to KiiKne on Tuesday even
ing, whore be will roaume hla atudlea
at tbe IJnlveraltjr of Oregon.
Kor Bale on Weat Bide
IVb lota, good houae, barn, lota of
fruit, aplendld view, for only $1500, Vb
raah, balance terina. Bee ma about It
Cor. gtb a Main, Oregon City.
Mr. and Mra. Dudley Woodward,
who have been, apendlng the paat
week at Molalla, at tba home of Mr.
and Mra. Bchatzman, will return to
tholr home In tbla city today. They
went to Molalla for the benefit of the
former'a health. Mr. Woodward baa
been Buffering with typhoid fever for
many weka, and la now Improving,
Chailea Pool, wbo recently arrived
In Oregon City from California, and
wbo purchaaed the A. F. Parker bar
ber ahop, look poaaeaalon on Tueaday.
Walter Wentworth. who baa been
connected with tbla ahop for aeveral
yearn, will atlll have charge a here
tofore. Mr. Parker will devote hi
time to hi bualnoaa at Uladtone,
D. C. Fouta, of Logan, waa In thl
city on WedneeUay. Mr. and Mra.
Fouta are arranging to take an Bant
ern trip, and will In many cltlea
of tbe atate of Michigan, their borne
atate, Including Lakevlew, Urand
Kaplda, Mlddlevllle, Walen, Mlllbrook,
HI l-g. Band Lake, Cedar Springe.
At tbe latter place they will vlalt
Mr. and Mra. Link, the 'former, wbo
la editor of that city. They will re
turn to their home In Oregon by way
of California, and will vlalt many of
tbe California cltlea before arriving
here. Mr. and Mra. Fouta left Michi
gan about alg yeara ago. and came to
tbla city, where' they. have been re
aiding at Logan. ' ',' .
Intellectual development It la a Dotent
faetor lu placing tbe borne on a higher
Tbe purpoae of the women'e cluba
ahould be Intellei-tual development for
the hoiuemakcr-tbe mother. Tour
children will reniMM-t you more If you
keep your bra Ina active. Earn tbe re-NH-t
of your children by yonr mental
activity. ,
"After having traveled abroud innch
recently I have concluded that Amer
ica la tbe greatext home builder of tbla
age. In our race development tbe wo
men are beginning to realize that
while they perhnp uiuxt bear tbe
greatent abnre of tbe burden, their hue-
band alao uint be dtH-eut.'
The Oak Grove achool la preparing
for tbelr final examination and cloe-
Ing exerclaea. School wlll beout earljr
In June.
Mla ' Ollove Rlaley entertained
friend from Portland Sunday. The
young folka took a drive over the
country In their new automobile.
- aBKakeawaawa
The entertainment given by Damaa
cua Amateur Athletic Club on the
Road Bupervleor Cooke; la working
the road from Rock Creek Bridge aet
to Damaacua and will aoon give ua a
fine graveled highway.
Mra.' Theodore Schmidt, wbo haa
been feeling 111 for ome time baa
gone to the Hot Sprlnga near Tba
Dallea to recuperate.
Improvement alill go orr here. Mr,
Terry, of Duane at reel, baa built a
new porch to hla houae.
Mr. Wm. Beard la building a porch
to bla bouae and other Improvement.
Mr. R. M. C." Brown baa bla new
houae nearly ready to move Into.
They are going to have a model home
and garden. . :'
Mlaa Metta Hubbard, of Portland,
ylalted Mra. J. Oprhett laat week.
Mra. Wallace, of Mullno, I staying
with her atater, Mra. J. Pariah, tbl
week. . ,
Mr. Wm. Buckner returned from a
two weeks' trip to Eaatern Oregon
laat Thursday.
Mra.-J. H. Qulnn and daughter, Bee
ale, spent laat week among frlenda at
Mr. Geo. Ingram la Improving after
bla aertou lllneaa
Millard Glllett la In California this
week taking tbe West Point examlna-
the navy.
Mr. A. Malar alater-ln-law haa
been visiting ber for a few daya.
About twenty-five frlenda ana
neighbor gave Mr. Ida Hart a pleas
ant surprise on ber birthday, April
h. All spent a pleasant evening with
music and gamea.
Tbe Flrwood Sunday school will
meet on tbe Sunday' that Mr. Wlrta
lecture, every two week, tbe next
meeting being on Mar 1. I
Mr. Robert Gardner and Otto wack-
low vlalted over Sunday with W. F.
Fischer. '
J. G. DeShazer made a bualneaa trip
to Oregon City Wednesday. ,
Mia. M. Reed waa quite seriously
Injured laat week,, by being thrown
from a buggy. She waa drivlnr? a
atrange horae, and suddenly ralaed
tbe buggy top, frightening the horae,
(Cauaing him to run away. He broke
looae from tne buggy si maiara cor
ner, and ran toward 8andy, but was
caught near the mill by the Wend
lund boys. It I reported that Mra.
Reed will not be able to be brought
home from Sandy, where ahe waa
taken, for about a momb being In
jured about the abdomen. It la hoped
that ahe will speedily improve ano
they have the aympathy of tbe com-j
munlty. They had lately moved ontp
a ranch at Dover.
evening of April 29th, waa a com- tlon. he will also vIhU frlenda there
nlete euccesa In every way, and all
Jlhe club members felt fully repaid for
the efforts they put forth to make It
a time to be remembered.
The hall waa packed, 400 people be
ing present according to the door re
The committee on amuaementa first
nreaented a one and one-half OH)
hour comedy entitled "The Great
CatBHtrophy". Each character
faultlessly represented.
Next was a glove conteat followed
bv a wrestling bout which was en
loyed bv the maacullne part of the
audience. A aplendld recitation waa
rendered bv O. Krotach.
liaaketa of lunch brought by the
ladlea were then sold; thia part of
Schoolmates Surprise Joe Alldredoe.
Joe Alldredge wa tendered a sur
prise party at the home of hla par-UIe
en Is, Mr. and Mrs. Alonso Alldredge,
on Tueaday evening,. theoccaslon-be-luaT'hia
birthday anniversary. Tbe
young man, who I a student of the
Oregon City hrfch achool, waa prepar
ing hla leaaona for the following day,
when the schoolmate walked In and
reminded blm that he bad had a
In gamea and music. One of the fea
ture wa the building of a huge bon
birthday. The Alldredge anus waa
aoon In poaaeaslon of the young peo-
'pie, sjid there waa a good time spent
Are, tud"fresh roasted marahmallowa
were served.
A luncheon waa aerved during the
evening to about 30 guests. Mra.
Alldredge being asslated by her
daughter Mra. G. J. Howell, and Miss
Dorothy Meade. v
Mrs. K.JA. C. Brown In on the sick
list with a lame foot. It la rheuma
Messrs. M. J. and Willis Qulnn are
hauling wood down at Mel drum at
tlon this week.
I The Messrs. Bualnette Club met In
the fire bouse Tueaday evening. Tbe
regular bualnea waa transacted.
Dr. earn co ana wiie, or roniana,
waa came up In their auto last uunaay to
vialt Tom Carrlco and family, jura.
W. G. Hall and Mra. Norah Car
rlco had an automobile ride down to
Via In atret
The Mountain View boyi formed a
baseball team and went out to Bchu
bel laat Sunday and played tbelr flrat
aame of ball for tbla season, with
the evening la alwaya enjoyed aa much Schube! They played an exc elent
ih nrorram when It la in me ",
i,.nHa ,r Auctioneer A. W. Cooke, -ever.
Hla wit and funny stories never fall of 8chubeL
to keen the audience In good humor
la the one auctioneer wno can
wheedle the dollar from the boys
parse and aendrthe- poor fellowa
home broke: but It waa for a good
cause and the boy responded loyal
ly. X
After all the dellcles were eaten
from the baskets, the floor waa clear
ed and the young people danced for
a couple of hours.
All the offlclala had their pockets
full of money nd after gathering It
all together and turning It over to the
treaaurer, It wa found to be tbe neat
urn of $9(1.75. J
pou were present rrom ouuny
having bad no practice what-
Tbe score was 4 to 6 In favor
Grandma Gorbett had
from the East come Tuesday even
The Ladlea Club met at the home
of Mr. E. J. 8pooner laat Wednesday.
8am Leonard haa left for parts un
Mr. and Mr. Wlater, of Sellwooa.
visited at the borne of ber sister, Mra.
Hoffman on 8unday.
Mrs. A. C. Kanne attended the Hun-
day school convention, which wa held
at East Mountscott tne latter pari
of -last week. " "
Quite a number of Improvements are
being made In the burg. Mr. Miller
la having hi houae painted, and Rob
ert Roaenan' home ta also receiving
a coat of paint What la ao myaterl
nua about it? - Bob ?
Mr. Boatman haa been working ror
Robert Roaenan. the naat week.
A missionary meeting waa neia ai
the home of Mra. Clarke on Friday.
Quite a few of the young ioikb at
tended the basket aoclal at Damaa-
relatlvea CMB- '' 1
to v
JSN'T it -nice to go into a
. grocery and find all jesst
as you would like it to be ?
. Polite and pains-taking clerks everything bright and clear . ;
cheerful willingness to deliver your purchaaes promptly
respectful, emillng welcome from the proprietor. All around
the grocery you find the aame delightful attention. And the '
value of the gooda Is the flneat designed, )rf fact, to secure and
retain your custom. , ... -
Such la an honest grocery thla grocery. Our first aim
I te DESERVE your trade..-It Is YOUR grocery. Com
In and let ua serve you. ' "
The following are some of our specUils this week :
r- V - I ' ' , f (
F;rcy orange, w
30c, 35c, 48e and BOc dox.
Freeh tomatoes
. .'. .10c pound
. . . .3c pound
Fred Hettman, of Highland, hauled
load of fence post from Geo. Wal
lace's, at Bee Hiua, iaai wu.
Road work In thla district atarted
over a week ago under Guy Woodle,
su per visor.
Several of the Dover people at
tended the surprise party given on
Mra. E. D. lUrth. of Flrwood. All
lck with a selge of tbe measles
Mr. and Mra. Joel Jarl, of Kelso,
lM rurA. I... wiuk hrlncrlnir uv
aide, Stone. Clackamaa, Logan, Eagle k tQ t , thelr ew.
CreeK. iwring. B7r.n1,, T" "ZT. Ir fenced naature here,
and the correspondent noticea aeventi . dr,vln to Sandy laat week.
renorted a fine time.
....... o.a.a11 mi. ra. m h.iiiAr
Is up and around again, after being arrived 'ber. from Salem, have com-
.. .. 1 mm n u tilalt Irtar Iham
J. Hvlton. of Portland, wa vUltlng
with bla iarent and brother at -Twfc
light Friday. - "
David Fancher haa soia nia iarm ia
thla place to a Mr. McDonald and has
gone to Prlnevtlle, where be la work
ing In a sawmill.
Manv of tba Deouie or iwiuani
to Rock Island on Sunday, where they
entnved the day.
Mr. and Mrs. Buiiara, wno receuny
from Seattle and Portland.
The club feel grateful to the peo-
$125 1M PRIZES
to the person guessing the
nearest to the total number
of inches of display advertis
ing that will appear in Satur
day Mornings EJntorFirioG
We will give a check for $25; to the five guess
ing the next nearest count $ 1 0 eoch;,to the ten
guessing the next neal-est Count $5 eoch.
AH checks to be applied on purchase of contracts for oor
three new Soathern Pacific Towns of
Use Thts Goop'oneHher by mail or at otir office
V WiWaiwanw)wwej " - - -
, ' f. ' ' t '
Gentlemen: '
I goess that the total
number of tnches of dlspUy adver
tising that will appear 'fa Saturday
Mornings Enterprise will fee
Mra. Reid's horse become frightened
and run away. "She waa thrown from
the bmev and waa severely Injured
A few more aquatters on tne ran
road land have entered tbe neighbor
hood among them being Mr. Loomis
and Mr. Lew la.
Misa La Roche was a Portland vial
tor Saturday and 8unday.
Don Bod ley went to Welches Satur
day evening. (Fishing.) ,
Mra. Essie Brown Is keeping nouse
for her brother. Jim Wolfe
ranch here. No more dish washing
for Jim. '
Mr. Alex. Bewa went to Portland
Monday to be gone aeveral days.
Yance Cooper bought a telephone
of the Dover-Flrwood Telephone Com
Vic Bodley weut to Portlandt Mon
day morntna- for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Hart, of Flr
wood. were seen driving up Bodley
avenue Sunday.
- Mr a. J. Morrison attended Mr.
nanv visit In them
. . a a .1111
Mrs. W. H. Blckeil ana two cnuu-
ren. or Fort ana. are aueuuuig "
week with Mra. Cnrtl Dodd, of Crys
tal Kor I nun farm,
Adolph Joehnke, who waa recenuy
hrourht home from the St. Vincent
Hospital for four months, is no Dei
ter. and bla condition I enous. .
a nuot Can social will be give
on Saturday night at Twilight Hall by
the Twilight Dramatic CluD. "ine
Amertcm Harem" will be atagea ana
no doubt will draw a big crowd. There
111 also be recitation ana vocai e-
wtlnna There will be a namng ponu
and lunches wilt be tound In boxe at
thA .nd of the airing, and in tneae
I. . i... .v. ill h found
hla i nnipi wiin mtv u n v u.
uu u.i i - - . . .m w
dust cap. ana partners win u
cured In thla manner, aa there will be
nn. for the adv and one ror tne gen
tleman. A general invitation win oe
given to all
,Yotr Res'y. ;
i May 5th at 9:30 P. H. ; "
No person connected with The Enter
prise or the Consolidated Three Town
Co. allowed to compete in this contest.
Present Your Coupon at this
office In psrsbn or by mail.
' .- Jm ' Em
tarn ova. (4 Knmml 1 per mth. -
Caah nut motomvmmr 9r4r ewlMS en.
baa ait ope ucmM w1i Um er. Ne
flaaaKitol raepoulbUlty far arrora; wbwa
rrora occur tr correct?' I. otic wtU .
prtnM for patraa. V aUnlmaaa chavaje ISO.
Th. ahowera of rain we are having
now are quite welcome to the farmers.
Carl Dahlstrom na Deen out imm
Portland visiting hi parent at ka
IT. S. Dlx waa hauling potatoea irora
E. Berglund'e for hi, nroineri.
ur w k Ronnev reiurneu itoiu
Oregon City, where he haa Deen on
ury the last week. .
Mr and Mrs. Will James are making
preparatlona to leave for Alaska aoon.
On Saturday evening a pleasant little-
nrprlse was- given M'' "
Mrs. I. O. Dlx, who have returned from
8buhle. at their home In Colton. The
evening wa devoted to gamea and
music which were followed by a taffy
pull. Those present were aa follovra.
Misses Haxel Freeman, Nellie Vallen.
Pearl Stromgreen and Malvlna nail,
Messrs. Walter Cox. Adolph Freeman,
num. Ron Marshall. Oatla Val-
wlll aell round trip tickets from 1in Robert 'puts, Marlle Freeman and
" I wt. - ..a fnllrj flat
Stanford cox. me
parted at a late hour, everybody say
ing that they had enjoyed themselves.
Ed Ball and Archie Bonney were out
cat-flshlng at Mullno Saturday night
and caught 21. , .
Mr. Worden ba been very m uui
During the month of May, June, July,
Auguat and September, en date
shown below, the
Oregon City Via Portland
a follows:
- t i 1
The 'GoacoKcJatecl Tfcee
. . T5)wi Company
Teinporaty office 506 Main St.
" i; MlZZZJZTSS .t
ru aiinO. . ou.ou i "' . . L vnna
-."' ' M.80 ner-a Mill on Clear ureea,
: ..i.i,inn folk, last Hunaay.
Kanaa City so-jo nh.rita nroasmlller. of Clarkes. was
$0.60 hauling shingle, from Mr. Bonney.
64.40 shingle mill at Colton. ,
mm Mr. Sullivan, the aupervlsor of road
Thl. la the second day of May and
flnda-n. having nlee refreshing rain,
which waa badly needed.
Many of the reeldenta of Stone are
Buffering or have been afflicted with
the measles, and those not having suf
fered from the malady have oeen
fllcted with a severe attaca. oi
grippe or penumoola. Mr. axr a
family are the last to oe sunenng
with measles, and tne memoera m
family are all getting along nicely
under the care of Dr. Hugh 8. Mount,
o non City.
The school will close here wis ween.
m.klnr a alx months term. From the
m-esent Indication U ba been
knowledge session, l nere "
who had the privilege of a
ohnic in riches or knowledge. . He
chose knowledge, ana our young iwi
pie who have been laboring ior ine
past six months with theit studies,
ahow they have received more knowl
edge In these six month than some of
the old fellow have learuea n
past 75 or 80 year.
Grant Mumpower has started up his
pocket sawmill and ia slashing out
the lumber as fast aa some of the
sawmills that are operated occasional-
" , ' ',
William Mumpower ba. charge ol
getting out the stone here for the
culverta to be used for road construc
tion by Mr. Jaggar, wbo haa charge
of the work In Clackama County. It
I hoped that Clackama County will
to the front In road conatructlon.
rn of the euDerlntendenta of the
O. W. P. Company waa In tbla vicinity
nwAntiv with a crew of urveyora.
They crossed the Clackama bridge
Tha aunerlntendent claimed
that ehey were surveying for way of
transmission of electric power, ou
claimed they were taking a graue ui
rh rnaii Also.
The trustees of the Home Oil Com
pany baa at last atruck hard stone
and a crevice that turns the drill to
.M. i crooked and It ia hoped
that the driller end the board of di
rectors of tbe company might strike
some -plan to overcome the difficulty.
There is an old gentleman who comes
here from Portland, ana. wno in
terested In the well, says that where
he came from cement Is made and
the hole la filled with this and. will
tend to keep the drill straight. If
thla Is true It would be cheaper than
blasting. . Your acrlbe simply men
tions this statement.
The Clear Creek Creamery la one
of the mean of bringing tbe price of
butter down to H cent per pound.
Mr. Smith, the butter maker, could not
prevent the price from decreasing.
D. W. Simmon will preach at the
church on May 7. All are cordially in-
vited to thl aervice.
WANTED Two " famished house
' beeping room, for man and wife.
Call Enterprise office. 'T
GIRL WANTED -Girl for, general.
bouaework. . . Experience not ao im
portant a willingness to learn. Ap
ply 100C Main street, Oregon City.
WANTED Ton to know that w buy
all kind of Carlo, that we are In
the market for second band Furnt
tnre and Toola. We, alao have V
good assortment of second band
Furniture and Tool on . hand tor
ale to thoee in need. Come anJ
aee; perhape we have Jut what you
want Indian Curio amd trteketa
for aale cheap; aom that are very
unique and also very rare. GEORGE
YOUNG, Main near Fifth atreet. -T
St. Joseph
St Psul
St Paul, via Council Bluff ....
Minneapolis, direct
Mlnneapol a, v a Coune I Bluffs
New York
8t Louis
D. C
May 1, 17, 18, 19, 22, 2 24, 25, 27, 28
and 29. -
June 6, 7, 9, 10 12, 1, 17, 21, 22, 28, 29,
and 80. (
July 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, 19, 20, 26 27 and
August S, 4, 8. 14 15, 16, 17. 21, 22, 23,
, 28. 29 and 80. , -September
1, 2, 4, 5, 6 a d 7.
Stopvera within llmlta in either dl
. rectlon. nnai return inuik
I . . October 81at '
For farea one way through California
Inquire of any ootnnern rsm
' ' agent, or wmt
. Otnsral Passenger Agent
Portland, Oregon.
dlatrlct No. 20, with a crew of men
and aeveral teama. haa been making
remarkable Improvement on the
roads In upper Colton the paat week.
Grandma Dlx pnt Thursday after
noon with Mr. J. Puts. .
Ed Ball wa an Oregon City visitor
last week. '
I O DU ba been Improving bis
place by putting a. new wire fence
along the road. ' . .
Carl Stromgreen made a trip to
Clarke for aome bay Monday.
Henry Warner visited with Charlie
Swan at Elwood last Sunday.
Mr. and Mr. Axene left for Canada
laat week. Although we were sorry
to see them leave, nr. )."
health, wealth and prosperity In the
new country. .
Miss Haiel Freeman, of Elwood,
called on Grandma Dlx tba latter, part
of the week. .
- Mr. and Mra. I. O. Dlx took a trip
to 8h'uble last Saturday.
' Mr. B. Burghund 1 on the aica
list '
Misses NelH and Myrl Bonney at
tended church at Elwood 8unday ev
ening. , .
FOR SALE Spit pop.
Locust Street
Inquire 441
FOR SALE Young plga. CaU Home
phone, a M. May, Beaver wreea.
FOR SALE 2 line thoroughbred Jer-
aey bull calves, 5 montns oia. n.
L. Badger, Oregon City, Or, R. F.
D. No. S. Phon Beaver Creek Cen
CLOSE IN 4 Iota facing Madison St,
grand view, very cheap; $440.
Terma. CLYDE McRAE, 1083
Main 8U Oregon City.
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Weetaas Mhr thaae elaMtfl ha4nf'
will b. inwrt'd at on. ctnl i word, . fir
lnw.rUon. bait a dmttmml.J??St,
Uona. one Inch eard. II W month i hail
HARRY JONES Bollder and Oenaral
Contractor. Estimates -eheecfaJly
given-on all elaaaea ot building
work, concrete walka and reinforced
concrete. Roe. Phone nam ui.
O. Dt KBY, Attornert-Law, Moner
loaned, abeUacta furnished, land
titles examined, estates settled, gen
eral law bualneaa. , . Over Bank f
' Oregon City. - , " :.- f t
tTRJSN SCHUBBSTL, Attorneya-at-.
Law, DeuUoher Advokat, will prao
tlee In all eowrta, make cell action
and aettleraeai. Ofllee , la Iteter
prtoe BMIg-. Oreajoo City, Oreon.
Deler,i have cholee bargains In
tarn lead a, city and a-etmroan
hosnee, good fruit land audi poultry
ranches. See ua for good buy.
Hear 8. P. depot .
E. H. COOPER. For Fir taauraaer
and Real Betate, Let na baadl
your pappertlec we buy,' aell and
exchange. Office In - SbiterprlM
Bld, Oregon' city.- Otegon- ft ; i 'j
P e r c :n'ei r o n S t a 1 1 o n ; .
.Oregon Gty, in FarcscrsV Fcc Dn
Dalift poo Sired by Polly; " Aun' Q0""? CTf
pedigree: 2j nlt b,y. height woo y,,
Te "Ta taBi "r with foal $12, Shigle Ntvic S 'j
I erniS: Ma 10. To Insure colt to tAnI sad m VV,. CU9,
urrjj be Uktn to prevent gcddentg, but trfilS-be,:sa6t'slMit
should any occur. If mare Is removed, ol4 or traded, money bt .
comet due at once. . . ; . AZ MZ-
G. V. Boyer, Owner ded Ic'