Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, April 29, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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Two Strikes and A Home Run
ban i by v that ' ,h ,y th,y fl0 oul of ,hl, ,r
"'" . i -I..- ft S kjn All ... ...I.k '
W of one ' eur boy ,U't' whloh ean looted ,rom our com
'h'"gprlng lint of ulU In all the now oreye, browns and blues In
loubH breasts " "orf0"' 'ty,M- .
Mothr nd I ever "" p.e assortment of
yt'aulta. -v .
' Prices $2.50 to $10.00
Suspension Bridge Corner
tOCAL PRicrs
iV i 'SJ? c,,y
l rfidy ii'"iwd
J5'a 8ir. Masonic Tempi.
w.ird Hi nmn. of Portland.
W" t-rldav.
a -
waa In
imeiiy on
. . n,Mi of Hubbard, waa In thUi
Mlk JbM'. f TIaZ? 1
tlloo nm.l bualntat Friday.
u lf Shubt-I. waa In Oregon
na on Friday.
u Kirk ('aseeday. of Coma, waa
iZ trt . to Oregon Clly on Friday.
t crmlller. of Shubel. waa In
sJy Kri.lay iranaactlng bualnesa
j, Biim. f muwf, w- m .....
itfoar"7. i ln
i U Jones. i r.iuur.
r,r City on Frway.
William Daniels, a wen aoown ir.-at-Heaver
(W. wss in Oregon
.... frlilllV.
Tbomiia iwia. one 01 mm y........
(trmrre 'f Co". ,n i.""
mSih CHy" Butter awaya aweet.
W lk r"-ht nvor 60c pr "
liarHs' Grocery.
rred lirai..of Canny, an eiermcia
that city.
Sa. NoLw.yJMackerH 15c. Fat
lonndland llerrtn( 30c per down
Li Harrla1 (irocery
recorda; two recorda by the fnmoua
Kuanlan flalnlulka , Orrhentra; Kima
from Plorodora, aema from Krmliiln
and many otbet delightful troaia. You
ar Invited 7:80 to 1:30.
A Iodic of the Knlghla of the Homo
waa Inatluted In thla .city Krliluy
nlKlii. A delwgatlon of about 75 cam
from Portland to analat In the Inatltu
tlon, and there were about 80 who took
the Initiatory work from thla lty.
The 1'ortliuid vlxltora brought a floe
band with them and the munln fur
nlahed proved very enjoyable.
Kor Bale on Weat Bide
1 lota, g(HKl houae, barn, lota' of
fruit, aplemtld view, for only $1500, H
raah. balatire terma.- Bet me aljout It
Cor. gth Ml Main, Oregon City.
wild And. doniaatl animala from- all
parta of tba world are proaonted ln
now and novel acta, under the dlreo
tlon of foarleaa male and female train
era In threo rlnga, ateol arena and on
elevated atagaa, all going on at the
aame time. You will aee monater
llona ride horaehack; Arctic aea llona
that play on mualcal Inatrumenta, play
football and do other funny atunta.
Peralan Ivoparda, tlgera, llona, pumaa,
Jaguara In grouna, directed by Udy
tralnera, performing wonderful trick a
and unheard of feat a that bold tba
audience apell bound. .Blameao ele
phant e that dlaplay buman Intelli
gence and their art alone la worth
the price of admlaalon. Dongal tlgnre,
the moat ferorlona of alt cat animala,
In complete auhlnctlon, highly edu
cated. "Maud," the champion kicking
mule, famoua the world over, made ao
by Mucnonald of the New York Her
aid, never fade to bring ahouta of
laughter. Over 100 ponlea, doga,
monkeya and bnbboona are preaented.
Two military banua, free atreet pa
rude, given dully at 10:30 A. M. Come
to town early and enjoy thla gorgeoua
apectarle. The Ilarnca Clrrua baa the
reputation rf being one of the moat
brlhteat. rli-aneat and moat educa
tlohtl ehowe traveling. Remember
the date. Monday May 8th. A atreet
parade will be given at 10:30 A. M
llrlng all the little folka and aeo thla
aperlel feature.
IP Bohlender. of Beaver rreea. waa
niiaiilng liuHlneea In thla city on
y . ; . -
rA u'nurmi. of C lairmoni.
aoii the Oregon City bualneaa la
Hum oo Friday.
I .,(.1 Unix Men'a Neckwear, 50c
Vtwy for am;,, The l,aple'agj.pjri
Manalc Tern pit.
I Wiroer Grange will give o danc
TikU aIllllg? all ha hall In New Era.
.rrwiidi of the order will bt made weH
( Cktrlra Ely. who haa been very 111
W abM-raa of the bead, la allgbtly
flawed, and hla condition Ja now
'nedTiivorable; ILX
I hiniai timiherhtxMl ba nonet waa
V.. ...kii for laat night, at
Attorney C. T. Tooa ha Been on
the alck Hat the poet two daya.
Mr. raaaie Evana. ofX'nnby. waa In
nrearni City on Friday vlaltlng with
frlendo. i ...... . .
Mra. M. U Drlgga left on Krlday for
Lport land, "where ahe will vlalt witn
frlenda for aeveral daya.
Mra. Anna Kruae haa gone to Sa
lem, Or., to vlalt her daughter,-Mlao
Mildred Kruae, who la teacher in toe
blind achool In the Capital City,
, Mr. and Mra. W. C. Bmlth. of Caatle
Rock. Waeta.. wero In thla city on
ThiimiiD and Friday reglatertnt at
the Electric Hotel.
Mr. A. M. Mllle, of Waahougal.
w..h who haa been vlaltlng with hla
elefer. Mlaa Mabel Mllla. of thla city.
and with frlenae at tarua, n
turned to hla home.
Mra c. o. T. Wllllama left yeater
rf.Hafiernoon for fiend, where ahe
will remain for aeveral montha v(alt
Ing with her daughter, Mra. J, M. Law
Mra ioHnh nvrom and Mra. Plank.
of Tualatin, wa.n..
In Oregon
Kawi hall, with o good time pro-
Madtiro'." The return TO ihla country of
Bernardo Reyeo la aald to bt looked
upon oa o dlaturblng condition by Ma
dero. '
Two Beootoe Meeting Scheduled.
The Clackamaa floutWeru Ry, Co.
haa two meetlnga acheduled for the
future Tueaday- evening at Maple
Lane and Wedneaday evening at Clair-
mont. There ahould be large crowda
at both aa tbe future good of oil tht
country through which tbe railway
will paaa dependa on the eucceee of
building tbia line.
Judge C. N. Walt, City Recorder C.
K. Romlg and Copt. Almaby, o com
tult tee from the Commercial organiza
tion of Can by, were aent to Interview
Judge Beetle for the purpoae of get
ting him to poatpone action of dla
poalng of tbe Joaalyn bridge acroaa
the Molalla River, leading to Canby,
aa advextlaed.
The reatilt of the Interview waa that
tbe Judge promlaed to do aa reqneated
and give thoae proteatlng the aale of
the bridge an opportunity to present
their reaeona next Friday at the ae
alon of Court why thla bridge ahould
not be abandoned.
Heart to Heart
Whltlly, onlie North Boa eoant near
Ipeda. kngland, haa been the home
of the J' Induatry of England. Jet la
oat 111 mined there and mndo up Into
ornanienla.ToT peraonnt wear but only
to a limited extent. Fifty yeara ago
It waa a flourlahlng Induatry, giving
direct employment to 1500 people fn
Whitby. Now not over thirty are en
gaged In Ita production, generally old
people, and no otbera are taking it up.
The price of rough jet haa fallen In
that time from 25 centa an ounce to
from 75 evnta to. 2 90 a pound. One
old Whitby worker now pllea bla trade
In Leeda and .expoaea hie warea for
aale at tho city market twice a week.
He la the only one ao engaged In thla
city. Some gpanlah Jetr-wwh la nara
or and more brittle than tbe Engllah
variety, la Imported In England.
Trial en Charge of Making Threata.
Hamuli Rohrbacker, wnoae caae waa
Bet for Friday afternoon on tbe charge
of threatening to nee a knlfe,waa not
tried from lack of jrccurlng witneaa
In time. W'tneeaea were found and
the caae will be tried today. Jamea
E. Uage waa the complaining wltneaa.
JJcenaeJ marry haa- been nranie4
by County Clerk Mulvey to Sadie M.
Cary and Jack Irland.
Tbe local Methodlat minister waa
thrown by a horae laat week and ao
badly Injured that be went to Port
land fur treatment and It la feared be
will not be able to return. Rer. Mr.
Runyon filled the pulpit laat Sunday
I f. H Wettlaufer haa filed ault
aiaa charlea Ftacher to recover $60
:m kalance due on o note for I7B
pnt (r the payment of o cream
(tu Dramalto Amueement Club, of
Waarua. will give an entertainment
ku ...u,ir at g o'clock. In addition
tT.i.iiin work hv membcra there
illlb a Play entitled, "The Great
trtutrouhe. '
I Ti regular meeting of Clackmaa
Inage will be held today, at which
in ihr will he a nlcnle end open
Wing. W. 8. U Ren la the speaker
WrUk day and be will talk on "Single
I The achool at Bhubel. Mlaa Pearl
W teacher, will give ft baaket ao
rial this evening. There will alao be
i literary and mualcal entertainment
a th early evening. Juatlce Bamaon
U1 be nreaent and aell the boaketa.
I The Banquet committee of the Con
VmUonal church met after the prey-
jw Meeting Thursday nlht.. Pung trt
Vktni for tbo spenkero at tbe coming
Wnot but It la loo early to announce
Iiwm with certainty.
Hirry Y. Miller, circulating man
Mwof the Oregon City. Dolly Enter
frlM, arho hna beeft worlirnf; for !"
vnl daya In the aouUitMateru tort of
jeounty in the In tercet of tbe daily
were in .m i...-.rH inln
City on Friday Vla1ttnrhhe-t;-- ".
mar'i alater-in-IBW. an. uuine "
of Herentb atreet.
mm Martha linaaworth. Mra. Chloe
ltlrd. Mra. Belle Uaira ana eon,
Coo county, have arrived lu thla city
and are vlaltlng with Mra. C. M. M.y
era at Mount pieaaant.
- Porolhy BtafTord. little daughter oj
m and Mra. C. 1. Stafford, of thla
elty, who hot Juat recovered friro an
attack of meaalea, la now 111 with
chicken pox. .
Mr. and. Mra. Lewla Barry, who were
married In thla city on Wedneaday
morning, have returned to Oregon
City, and are making their home at
Green Point.
this week.
The George Ketch general merch
andise store, which waa closed by R.
U sabln in February tor tne iercn
anta' Aaaoclatlon. has been bought by
A. Mimeioy. who win resioca ii ana
conduct the establlahment. ' He na.
moved hla. lewelrr gooda irom tne
Horimtedt A Ruegg atore where lu haa
been for two- yeara and will continue
his work alone tbot line. Tne esiruca
an nrathers. wno ownco mo
nra atinwed to take tne nxiures.
Mr. WahmanB, of the Firwooa mm,
waa struck on the band by ft falling
at t
Fine weather at III prevails. .
Mutton and beef huyera are seen
quite often In theae parta.
John Bartb, baa gone over Into the
State of Washington to look for land.
1 Guy C. Larklna baa gone to Salem to
attend the aummer normal to be gone
Ave or alx week a.
Died near Marquam Mr. ' Benja
mln Jackson, she came to thla coun
try In the early Oft lea and ahe lived
and died on the old donation land
claim. She waa more familiarly
known aa Grandma Jackson. She waa
88 yeara old at -her death.. She waa
burled at the Miller cemetery In Mar
lon county, April 25. A large crowd
attended the funeral
Bert Btaata a pent aeveral daya wltn
hla onrente In Oregon City the first
of take week.:
A. Flaher, tbe drugglat. returned
lorhe Sunday, oner several days in
Eaatern Oregon.
Mrs. Maggie Johnson, of Mllwaukle,
wsa here Wednesday on business.
Theo. Wortblngton Is hauling ce
ment for W. Cederaon who will erect
a fine residence aouth of his mother'a
houaa in the aame.jraro.
Road Supervisor Harrington, of
Gladstone, baa charge of tbe work to
finish Center atreet.
W. A. Hanson, of Mllwaukle, waa
here -Wednesday looking after- nia in
teresta and dm atore.
The Reals Felele club of young lad
lea will aive o social in Green's ball
Friday evening. May 5. Invitational.
One of our young men and popular
Oregon City" young" lady are"Wbe
married Saturday:
Mra. Alf Allen, of Rlsley. waa ft
rtRsoNineD radium.
There'e radium.
What wonderful reservoir
forces In ft tiny fragment of It!.
Bummed up. somehow wltbln tbst
mysterious aubetance la tbe essence of
light and beat and healing.
And-aatoundlng fact-It gives out
these qualities constantly and loses
apparently no lota of Its strange po
tency. Year after year, without ap
preciable loss. It senile out Its mar
velous rays.
Great 1b radium. But
Infinitely greater than radium la
Because there are forces within you
stronger than In radium; because, like
dlum. you ore capable of pouring
out from your inuer self light sod love
and healing. And
Tblnk of It! When you send out
from your aura the rays of strength
and bealtb and hopefulness you not
only do not lose, but gain power. '
Understand 7
One aide of It la atated this way) ,
"To blm that batb aball be given."
Which Is to aay that If you have wltb
ln yon force or virtue and use It right
ly there shall be added to you virtue
and power. '
And the other aide la: -
"From him that batb not ahail be
taken away even tbat which be bath."
Which Is to say If you hare power or
helpfulness and worth and do not use
It rightly even tbat power aball die
out 'In you.
Note the ifT"
If yon correctly nsef your .life yon
ore oof only greater than radium, but
you are ' rreater. better and higher
than aoy created thing. " If you use It may become not only
lees, than radlnm. but leas toan any
created thing.
The mjstery of It!
Whence and bow and when and
where the active energy waa ronceo
trated In radium we do not know
Like the positive forces of buman life,
we know only tbat all of It comes
from the Source.
Bnt we:knowJbiav4f we-artTHw-
or. buoyancy, virtue, charm, they were
jrlven to na to he need again.
If we dA not giro out to our renews
our strength tot neiprnme. our
charm for rlrtne's sake, we cannot
keep those potencies wltbln us.
Which are yon7 '
Are you greater or less than thtnl
AT last they are iattshed !
Thli " young "liotfsewtfe ;
, searched . the town ,- high . and , t " ,
' low for the right kind ot colfee. v. h ;
that coffee with the iicli colicc
grance. with the delicate ting . that
makes coffee a joy o drmk and sends hofcby away Jn
the morning with the feeling that he has a good hreak-
fast-and all Is tight with the world, y ;
We aell M- We had your taetea In mind when we bought ( -f ,,
- " t. Our blending la perfect. . A trial order will make voir ; ... t
a constant uer. Call In and let ua tell you alt about It H
or phone your trial order at once. We atoel cutj your eof- , , ,
. fee on our own steel cut mills. - . '..',''' I.'
'Some special offers this week f; .
Royal Club 40o pound, S pounde
for $1.10- - .' i V ,
Arlington Club 40c.
White i House 40c pound.
Edwarda Dependable 9 poundo
'.for $1.00., . Vf
White 8al 30c pound. , . .
Our Special at 25c the beat In
town. ', , . "," .
J. E.
1 ' lit. i
v..-i r
On the G. '
WPr, returned to Oregon City on Frl
r moxning.
Hy Victor records' will bt ' ployed
oiltkt at Huniley Broa. Co. There
i iome wonderful new , Tetraanni
wiin.m tiannlfln and aon Her
bert, who have been In thla city vlalt
Ing at tbe home of Mr. and Mra. Her
bert llanninn. of Fourteenth atreet,
Jeft on Thtiraday for their borne.
Mra W. A. Showman will o to
. a friends In the early
daya of May. Thla la the old home of
the family and they have many frlenda
with whom Mrs. snewmawwui
Barnes Big Three-Ring Wild Animal
Snow 10 coming. t
h nnv1iv rtf anv deacrtDtlon Is thor
. . 1 - a a aiainAa,lallW
ougmy appreciaira .,
... in ttia amusement line, oi wmcu
there are a few. The one that tnjoyo
tht distinction of possessing ruauj
more novelty ond interesting feotureB
la. iurnea Big. Throe-Ring Animal
Clrctnv which txhtblto In thla city
under monater tenta on Monday, May
'Barnes Showa ftlwoya haveXoomt
tblng new to preeenj ond thla year U
no eicepUon to ttfe rule. In fact, no
v. t.niMi organisation In America
.a. aa manv sensational acta. Tho
nreas of California pronounce Barnee
k. -Trir rn the-Weetrwnd
their tenta -were pocked ftt ftll the
... .itia In addition tO ft &um-
i... .nttMal attractions, over 200
UTI B-jrw- -w , m
good Vb,ewV.irrumli!aBr
when he aaw a large Umber 85 feet w 7 Ju lfl
long and three teei mica, romng - --- - ... .ration of alx
unon him. The log rolled under him - ,
and he wa. not injured. : W ' rrn
George Hamby waa operated upon 7 I 'comnlalnt. for
Oregon City Wood and Fuel Company
fc . . J.; .,. ' "" "" .' . ' ,
Vw wanta auppllod with ny quontlty of 4 foot or 16 Inch wood do.
IMrtd to any part of City,
fctlafactlon guaranteed.
Homo B-110 ' "''V: ' ;
c'flo Main $502 .
frlcea, reasonable.
Phone your ordoro.
Cor. 6th and Center,
Oregon City.
Portland vialtor Tuesday. Also ft cal
ler on Mra. Ed. Taylor of Seliwooo
Several of tbe young people attend
ed the Oaka Monday evening guests of
tbe railway company.
In the Circuit Court of tbe State of
Oregon, sfqr Clackstaae founty
Ella Cronln, plaintiff,
U'llllam rronln. Defendant.
To William Cronln, the ftbovt named
.-.... .V. Otata nf Dra. 1
ree. breaking tne imie bop . ' . hilM,h- ra-ulred to an-
k inkn.n. mill nrnvM nimseir a - - ... .
"Yen riy vnu seldom spend an even-
ins et homeT" '
-Tea ." i replied Mr. Meekton. - -i n
out moot every night."
"But doextft your wife objectr
"1 don't see how she can. I never
oo any ulace eicept where Henrietta
la mnklng ... a apeech--waaningTn
Bur .
P r c fi e t o n S t'al lion
Of eeoh City, in Fafmets' Feed Bain
PrlidrPP. Sired by Polly; iirrt dam, Wedam-
aUne. Colorr dapple bay. Weight 1800 pottad.
by r WhUIng at the Good B.morit.n pe " "T" BurrKI wll apply to
Kl'tal. Monday, for appendlcitl. ond S?VmiSSS&
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Notteea under these claastrieO hatn
will be Insvced at one cent a word. rir'
Inerrtlon. halt a cent ddlt'J.. tar'
tlona. One Inch card, tt per month: al!
th t li hbm 11 oer BMmth. - ' -
r..k .. nrdar anleas enr
baa an open acoount with the paper. No
financial rlonl)Ulty for rror
ermra occur rree eorwirw imir.
prtnUd for patron.- Minimum bw
Tormc. To Instire snare with foal $12, isingle unlet $8.' Sea-,
I CI 1113. un j10 To in,ure colt to itand and anck $15f . Care
win be taken to prevent aeddenta, : but will not bt re-poaaible
should anv occur If mare is removed, sold ox traded, money be
comes due at once. '
G. W- Boyer, Owner and Keepet
iTTT. ,
Article. ,
It Wouldn't -Pay to Advertise
" ' . fi if. t,,U !' " '' '
A Pr.r
w. m . . .... ad-readero, i
Nor a proposition of doubtful merit or honesty-or .
""doyt, .ra DISCRIMINATING. They Know voiuean., e...- .
ClNUINB things, genuine opportunities.;; Li
y article which can' booold' by dvertioW V by Jhal' taat. a ;
'l04,rtlc..rY6u:frt;.f guying , thing which' h.aHood ;
fir, if publlolty."'' '". , li'UU. ..- :,; .r.-Y
Tnomokof 'of .'widely .dvertHod ortlclo. or 'commodity, le el-
on trial for hla bualnoao life. 'Ho' 'cannoV shirk, ; not; ehaapan hlo ,
uct-a thiei, h, voat Fosalbloroteotlon for the ooMiim-r. ,
W'Sea SAFE Irt buying adrertlaod .'tnlngo-lf. ' tho,' ,'fUo o' ,
la recovering.
Mr. ond Mra. Parker are tne parenia
of, o baby, born Monday.
11 ORE8HAM. 1 ;
.John Fox. who, In a demented con
dition, wandered away ana woe iw
for two days In tbe woods near 8a.
lent, baa been rouna ana ms munm.
Mrs. C. Harmon, of thla place, waa re
lieved to receive thla word from the
Marlon county sheriff.
. Mrs. Mary Quarnstroro died at her
km. fmir milna aaat of Greaham. pn
uw.hv - .
April 22. at the age ot 63 years. on
waa a widow. One daughter was with
ha in the home, and others live ln
Minnesota. . Funerei services'
held from the 8wedlsh Mission Church
at 1:30 yeaterday afternoon.
Tha womin'i Home MIsalQiiary So-
cletAwllI give a Lucky 8even supper
in .t.a t a n r nan. on nexi ruj
. .m U anrvail
and every seventh person win du
an aii a nnnf f fftA.
t... otArilntr. Mn Ra IL Carl
11 1 OP, ea a-w r - -
aon and Mrs. J. W. Bockmeyer hofo
mini from Newberg. where they
went to attend the district tniealonary
Uiinr vtra. nockmeyer Is confer
nnce corresondlng secreUry for this
district, and Mra. """"i
Corlaon went as delegatea rrom the
Greaham aoclety. . -
Mr and Mra. 8. McLean of Balem,
who have been visiting tholr daughter,
Mra, P. Michel, will take up their resi
dence here. ,. . i . i . i,
KL" PA80, Texas. April 28.(8pe
r-lal 1 Thla city ho been chosen as
tho place for the pence conference and
Judge Francla A. Carhojai " tne com
missioner to repreoent, the , Mexican
government. He is said to bo batlo
factory to Madero. ' pr. Vasquea Go
mes Is said to be the man picked by
hla MtnnlalBt. to-wlt
For a decreenlssoiving we douub
of matrimony now existing between
the plaintiff and defendant This sum
mons IS puDHBtiea 07 oraer m
j. u. OmpbelL Juage or tne vircun
CourfT which order was tnade and en
tered on the 20th day of April, Mil.
and the time prescribed for publlca-
tlnn thereof la six WOOKS. DegiumuB
with the. Issue of Saiuroay, Apm
Mil, and continuing each week there
ft n ana IncludlnK the Ibbuo of
Catiirriav. Jun S. 1911.
i Attorneys .for plaintiff.
WANTED Good girt or woman to
take care of bahy ana assist who
hOuBework. Phone Main 3044, or
write Box 409, Gladstone;
,.i -t
Our VM PQrt t9d"yt ?
Our 14 00 Double 'Stomp VVhlo-
,ky, 3.oa ,
Bring youDemljon-eroton-
next week's ad,,
... ... .1
"... : A ... ... I... n
During the months of May, Juno, July,
. Auguat ond September, on dates
- shown below, the '
- . .... , V. ..;
, will Mil round trip tickets from
Oregon City Via Portland
as follows:
WANTED You to know that we bny
all klnda of Curios, tnat we are iu
the market for aecond hand Furni
tore and Tools. We also have a
good assortment of second hand
Furniture and Toola on hand for
aale to those In need. Come onJ
see; perhapa we have Juat what you
want Indian Curioo ond trinket
for ui. rhean: some that are very
unique and alao very rare. GEORGE
YOUNG, Main near mo iuwi.
tn4 Real Sotate.: i Lot no handle
your propertlee we buy, sell and
exchange. . Office ' lav . . Enterprise,
Bldg.. Oregon City. Oregon., t
Entertainment and 8oelal May6 at
, . , Twilight HalU, ,v ; ,;
Tha American Harem' will be pre
aented on Saturday night. May 6, at
h. pwiiiffht nail hv the Twilight Dra
matic Club. and. there la no doubt but
th.ra will he large attendance to
see tho comedy, one or we ieiur"
FOR SALE Spits pops.
Locust 8treet.
1 inquire 442
id oitr-Voune nigs.' Call Home
nhone., " M- MaBeflrerCreeBy;;
mi v whlra Tirahmtn eggs, for
hatching fcurpoaes, B. iCuppenbend.
er, Main 80. ''
am rrmvTBP 11T8 14th and Center
atroata. one block from car line,
OTt aavan room house, oil moaern
improvements: born and chloken
Mr. iskoO! terms. "Clyde
McRae, 1003 Main Street
Chloago ...... - w
Council Btuffs 00.60
naaaha OU-OU
Kansaa City ....... .v. . . . A
St. Joseph 1... 0.50
St. Paul ' . i ;....' ow-oo
St. Paul, via Council Bluffs .... 64.40
Minneapolis, direct
Mlnneapol a,V a Couno I Bluffs 64.40
Boston 11000
New York ; 100
St Louis Vi.r.i U...... 70.60
Washington, D. C. .........; lOB-w
Mal, 17, JS..19, 22, 23 &W 25, 87, 28
,; and 29..; v in '. ' .' '
June 5. 1, 9, 10 12. 16, 17, 21, 22, 28, 29,
; and so.' '"l; , '' ; ' "''
July I.' t, 8, 4, 8. 6, 19, 20, 26 27 .nd
. 28., .,,! i'f i,'i - .. ,r. I
August 3, 4, 6. 14 16, 16,' 17, 21, 22, 23,
September , 3. 4, 6, o 4.7..,: i ,
Stop-overo within ilmlta In either dt
, reetlon. Final return limit ;s . '
October 81st. , -- , '
For fares one way through California
i Inquire, of any Southern Paolflo
u ogent, or write to -,.(. .
';;;;,'!. ';;.Vwm.'; mcmurray, ; ,; .j ' 1
General Paesenger Agent ,
'':i'l ivc Portland, Oregon.' '
HARRT JONES Builder and General
nr.rnr Eatlmatoo 1 cheerfully
riven on all classea of bnlldlng
work, concrete walks and reinforced
concrete. Ree. pnone as
O. D. EBT. ' Attorney-at-Law Mono,
loaned, ' abatracts furnished, lano
' titles examined, estatea settled, gen-
i i.. h...nMa. Over Bank et
Oregon City. ' ' . ' "
of the evening wUl be a rdust.eap"
social. There will be two targe bas
kets filled with dust caps, one of which
will contain capa lor tne men, woue
the other win contain caps Jor the
. . bbm. that atimfairb.
tain merit will o tcrwaraa tne wa-
walk fund, th sidewalk to be exteja
ed from the Twinht echool to fhe
soutlveiid road, Refreahmenti will be
.-J . JHJ.a i avsmiIhsi . hv lb
Bvrveu ' utai iu skv k. w b
ladles of Twilight. uW -ll.v! r
What Is It that work while i we
"sleep? .-Yeast y ,yt,.tr't W
a. hnitftTuiiraA Attorneyoat
i .. nmitichtr Advokat wlU prac-
' tlce In all ooorto, make collecUons
, and.aettlementa. . Office in enter
prise Bldg, Oregon Cltf. Oregon.
FRBYTAO MONBT. ; Real 1 Kaiate
. Dealers, have choice bargains
farm landa, city and suburban
t". Homes, w ii an r--
ranchea.'- See w ror'gooa- umr-
wear a. r. "iwu - . y-y.
) ( . .. rl It. -
;l I i. t f
V.R. HYDE, Abstr ct Office
" Land 'title'.' Investigated, conveya
' cine, notary public.
i2:ar& c:::it:dto f i.
Room T. Barclay Bldg Oregon City
There's Sixty Years of Stove
Experience Built into thi
That's why its product
bears this
i - 1 .;fi-;i. .'i
A guarantee of the very
best in Stoves and Ranges
vv.s. I
ThorU ft skill tnd experience In
rnakino; stove desifims'Bhd ptterns, ' ,. , .f -and
selection of material, that has taken A Bf etime .,
; develop. (! , . ..inn 1 ,l : y-:'- :y'v
!v There' an organization of workmen that has token over
half a centary to ct together. ." -Vw ' ''' 1
There are methods employed in this plant tJi;
WfWnnInn J A mnmif nofiirino Rnd VertPCUTlg OI
th finished 'product tUicould only be velor byyears .
I- - r. ZhAo or.fl ihn renditure of bundreaa oi .
thousands of dollars. ' ; i,',rV.;'".V -.'-rj: ; '.
flow yoa knout why Favorilt i c.7 tj t t
toord imolie a it rtlats to afocrj and tz
nr m Aiii iJnA nf Favorites. Come and t
vi o cuir n - . , . i l i
.,,rrrr , . loornul hnvr COOa WiCV EJ.K. I 1 I
r5S?.S thethtier makes, they vrH U
it i
business eendltlono.
421 Main atreeVj;..;
K. H. COOPER, For ' Fire Inauiancf
.1 'I'i