Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, March 31, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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For Value
'.. will riadir purchase where rbu receive value for
.Vur ionif Yotf can always set ft for leu at
Variety Store.
Opposite the Oregon City Bank
Qooda aaonabl and up-to-dt.
i .did' 'and Children's Spring
m.rv at bottom pHoaa.
lS ra.dyto.waar turbsns
,l.L.h.'do.ora. 13.28, S2-.0 and
JOU h.t..2..60c.nd
cHiuBHiN-t dresses-,
. Mreaia wlf mada. alaaa
14 Th "a.
?J.nt of pattarn. and atylaa
-, Hats are stylish, and cble. Mla
forth latest nnwiiwi in nniiuri
lafl pa Ml" t Uoiunmitu.
Da Hn. "f PTtl"nd. waa In Ore-
pt City on
aialner, (if Heaver Creak, waa In
Uli' city on Thursday,.
... role li ft on Wedneaday for
thr OrK. where he aocompan-
ir waeks surveying.
. k to rhance wnen you
J, fl..or at lltrrle Grocery. Wa
.. ...... ..U'' Lin!) n,
tarry oniy nn-f
V4 . . . . ...
, frank Hunch naa . maue several
UBrt In the Interior of bla store,
alttng for convenience and appear-
pried frulla r getting acaece, -but
M.r Kill Belling thoea fine dried
imIm and parha at 10c pel" lb at
Hurta Grocery.
1 atudeman. one of tba well known
Li prominent farmera of Bhubel, waa
UMDC tn lJre"n .ny uuainraa
lion oo TB'iraoay. .
ru Duolla of Mount Pleaaant achool
-ih -u. an entertainment on Bator.
'day avenlng. April 1. at tlie achool
bouM. AdtulHHlon will ba 26c.
W. J- Kerr, prealdent of tba State
Airkniltural Colic, will apeak at the
Hiriecbwil Forum thla morning at 11
o clock, Frlenda ana patrone or tne
Wtool ra Invited.
HUmrtte lleliekah Lodge will hold
la apecUl meeting thla evening In Odd
rtilows kail. The business session
viD ka followed by a card party and
U awnbera are requested to attend.
n. annual meeting of the member-
Lilt of the rreabyterlan church will
Ai kM Monday evening. April I, It
to tab a hualness meeting, wun eiec
Wo of offlcera. and la confined to the
tmberihtp of the churcb. '
a C. Dre, who preacbea at the
t'tloa church on Molalla avenue once
BMMitk and who will occupy the pul-
Mt Svaday evening, will take for hla
uhjMl, "Coiiaervatlon or American
I 4 alar rm be given at the Electric
hi fir en April IT and II for tba
kaBKft af the Flremen'a Monument
fatd The affair la In charge of tba
Ira companlee of the city, and no
MM there will be a large attendance.
Ur. W. M. Proctor, paator of the
:ormilonal church, will preach In
M-t'nlon church on Molalla avenue
it 1:U -p. mr Eaater Sunday. Hla aer
no will be to boya, and have aome
hlif of explanation of the new work
hl kaa recently been taken up In thla
mtry and England In the Intereat of
ha boya.
Attorney C. Rchuebel waa a bualneaa
klaltor to Hlllaboro Thureday.
Jodie J n. Kelao. of MUwaukle, waa
In Oregon City Thureday on legal bual
ICN. Mr. and Mra. gtagmajin, of Bhubel,
irt In thla city on Thureday return-
mi to their home In the evening.
Mr. and Mra. N. Guenther. of 8hu-
W. were In thla city Thureday on
Mtaa Hazel Prancla left on Wednee-
dy for Portland where aha will Tlalt
with friend for a few day a. --
Conncllman William Andreeen la
ipendlna; a few daya at Newport, an
Joying i much-needed raat.
Mr. and Mra. O. Falrchlld. of La-
Croaaa, Wlaoonaln, were In Oregon
City oo Wedneaday and Thureday and
irt regiitered at the El ec trio Moiei.
Mra. Lillian Raundera. of thla city.
111 leavt on Haturday for Iowa, where
bi oea on a bualneaa trip, expecting
k gone for about two monthe
Mra. A. Goettllna- and daughter. Mlaa
c. who have been vlattlng with the
lormert aon Charlea Goettllng and
"ta In Albany, have returned to Ore-
Mr. Harrv Mnlnn. rnrmnrtv nf thla
but now of Pertland, a linotype
opirator on the Oregonlan, waa In
Onion City on Thureday on a bual-
ft- M. J. Brown, of Salamanca, New
Ladles whit walsta. Oood
quality, neatly trlmmod walota
at a8o. Attraotlva paturn. op
rvwork daalgnl at Tic. Vary
flnoat quality, handaomaly nv
broldorod and lse-trlmmod
walats, perfectly f)nlhd, only
r-tadlaa' allk and llala glov.
Boat llala In blaok, tan or
browna, only 25o pair. Bait all-
allk glovaa Wo pair.
York, arrived In Oregon City Tburaduy
morning and la a gueat of Mr. and
MrT. W. A. ghewman. Mr llrown haa
been traveling; through New York and
many of the Raatern State! before
coming here. Thla la bla flrat vlalt In
the Went, and he la much Impreaaed
wtb the climate. .. . , .
Mra. Nellie Btrohaker- and throe
children- aj-rlved In thla city from
Mount Angel on Thureday morning,
and left In the evening for Redland,
where ahe will visit with Mra. Fannie
Keruea and other frlenda. Mra. Biroh
ager formerly realded at Redland, leav
ing for Mount-Angel about als yearn
ago. They will remain at Redland for
about two weeka.
A very pretty but quiet wedding waa
aolemnlxed In thla city Tburaduy at
high noon at Bt. Paula Episcopal
church, the contracting part lea being
Mtaa Wllbalmlna Loulae Rakel. young
eat daughter of Mra. Dorothey and the
late Frederick Rakel, of Canemah, and
Samuel BteVena, of -Canemah, Iter.
Charlea Roblnaon, rector, officiating.
Preceding the marriage ceremony
Mra. R. C. Ganong gang Impreaalvely
"I Love Yoti Truly.and aa the bridal
party entered the church Mlaa Veda
Wllllama, presiding at theorgan. ren
dered Lohengren'a Wedding March.
brldeamald. Ml Adah 'Frost, at
tired In pongee allk, and carrying a
boqucf of pink carnatlona, accompan
ied by the best man. W. R. Btokea,
preceded ' the bride and groom and
took their placea at the chancel rail,
where by the Impressive ring cere
mony Mlsa Rakel became the wire of
Mr. Btevena. The bride waa very
nreitv In her Empire gown of white
crepe de chine over white allk wlih
ailver fringe trimmings, and carrying
an arm boquet of white carnations.
Her long and graceful tulle veil held
In place by a circlet of brllllaata.
Onlr a few intimate rnenaa or ine
contracting partlee attended tba cere
mony. After the ceremony a recep
tion waa held at the home of the
brlda'a mother, only relatlvea being
Mr. and Mra. Btevena left by auto
mobile for Portland, and from that
place they will go to the Coast, where
they will epend a brief honeymoon,
and upon their return will make tholr
home at Canemah."
The bride la a most estimable youn
woman, and waa born and raised In
Canemah. where ahe haa a wide circle
of frlenda. The groom la a teller In
the Bank of Oregon City, having held
that poaltlon for aeveral yeara, and la
a prominent young man. He la the
aon of Mra. ningman, of Canemah, oni
of the early ploneera of Oregon.
Mlaa Wllhelmlna Loulae Rakel,
whose marrlagvto Mr. Samuel Btev
ena took plnc at high noon at the
Bt. Paul'a Episcopal church Thursday,
waa tendered a linen ahower at the
home of her mother, Mra: Dorothy
Rakel. at Canemah. Wedneaday night
Many of her frlenda attended and pre-
aented her with a aet or taoie imen,
and many other uaeful linen "Urtlelea.
The affair waa In charge of Mra.
Charlea Spencer, and the guesta gath
ered at her home and went In a body
t. . Dalrl tintne.
where tna even-
log waa pleaaantly apent In vocaj and
' ; a
f ClLtL.
Te have tfeem'
JS0 Price $3.50
, , Price $3.50 ST
A Holmes
617 Main St. ; .
Instrumental tnualo and dancing until
we ur. Herresnmenta
aenred during the evening.
One of the features of the evening
waa the aerenade given to tba bride
and groom to-be by tba Canemah quar-
tet, which la composed of Arch and
unueri liong. Urn I a Smith and Oliver
Frost. These young men were Invited
to participate In the festivities.
Preaent ware Mr. and Mra. R. C.
(lanong, Mr. and Mra. Duncan Bbank,
Mr. and Mra. W. H. Howell, Mr. and
Mra. C. Wblto, Mr. and Mra. Auguat
Rakel, Mr. and Mra. Charlea Spencer;
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Telford, Mra.
Dorothy Rakel, Mra. Helen Smith,
Mra. Hunter. Mra. Tletse, Mra. John
Carol hera. Mlaa Ada Bedwell, Mlsa
Adah Frost, Mlaa Mary Ellen Long,
Mlaa Meryl Long, Mlaa Nora Hannifin,
Mlsa Ella Whlta, Miss Ilunny Owenby,
Mls EllatWhIU, Miss Minnie Schata,
Mlaa Jennie Schata, Mlsa Let ha Jack
son, Miss Margaret Shank, Mlaa Eve
lyn Hedges, Messrs, Louis Smith,
Arch Long, Gilbert Long, Elbon Long,
Oliver Frost, Herman Rakel, Bamuol
Hteveue. -
Services at the ' Mountain View
Church last Sunday were held as a
funeral service Instead of tbe regular
preaching services. Rev. A. Wilson,
of ChshulU, Wash., and II. 8. Pate,
of Dayton. Waah., conducted the fu
neral services of Mrs. Sarah Owens,
who died at her borne Friday even
ing, - March ' 14. - Interment In Moun
tain View cemetery. A great many
people attended the funeral.
Mr. and Mra. Dan Frazlor, of Port
land, were transacting business In
Oregon City last 'week, Friday, and
went out to Eldorado to spend a few
dava with Mr. and Mra. A.' L. Jonea.
Pearl Belby came home from Mo
Mlnnvllle last week to spend bla va
cation. P. M. Ware, wbo spent the winter
In Philomath, la at home again and
hauling rock for the Improvement of
Duane atreet .
Mr. and Mra. Cribble, of Barlow,
were, ahaklng handa .with .old frlenda
In thla burg Sunday, having come
here to attend the aervlcea of the
Primitive Daptlat denomination.
Tbe Mountain View Church waa
given the second coat of paint Mon
day. A new carpet haa been pur
chased for the church.
Walter Griffin, who haa been work
ing on tbe new Court House In Port
land, la at home thla week wlih a
broken finger.
Charlie Dickey and wife are mov
ing Into their -new cottage on Molalla
avenue,, near Duane afreet.
Measra. A. L. and Will Jonea. of El
dorado, were called to the bedside of
their mother, Mra. J. P. Roehl, Bun
day morning. A. L. Jonea returned
home Sunday evening, but Will Jonea
la attending the week here, trimming
treea for hla mother.
Curtis Selby made a bualneaa trip
to Portland Tuesday with hla brother
Pearl, who returned to McMlnnvllle.
Mra. Preaton. who Is ataying with
Mra. Allison, waa called to Seattle
Tuesday to visit a sick daughter.
Mr. Payne and family, on Seventh
and Taylor atreeta, are moving to
Wawhlngton. - - ;
Geo. McDowell and family will
move Into the house on Seventh va
cated br Mr. Payne. 1 !
Mra. Charlea Stuaat and two boya
of Carua, were the gueata of Mra. Will
Mav Saturday.
Mr. Stewart la working In Oak
Mr. and Mra. . K. Morrte were
..l.l. In jf. mrA Urc A fanl Iftat
Mra. L. H Newman la Improving
alowly, but ahe la not yet able to do
ber houae work
Mra. Henry Brand la on tbe alck
Hat. Dr. Mount was called Saturday.
Mr. Rlmpaon la able to be out again
and la In tba blackamlth ahop wlth
Ralph Grove. -
E. W. Imbler will eoon have hla new
houae ready to live In. It la a aquare
Mr. and Mra. Earl Miller, who have
been visiting their parenta, left for
California the flrat of the week, ex
pecting Mra. MUler'a health to be
benefitted by the cllmatw.
Walter Frost and Alvle Chown, of
Bloux City, Iowa, are visiting at the
home of E. D. Hart.
Mra. W. F. Fischer apent a few
daya In Portland the first of the week.
At the annual meeting of the Fir
wood Progressive Association the fol
lowing offlcera were elected; A. J.
Morrison, president; J. O. -DeShaxer,
vlce-prealdeitt ; .Clair Corey, secre
tary; Victor jey, aaalatant secre
tary. A. C. Irrvfllron, treaaurer; A.
Malar, manager; Ood fried 8tuckl, as
alatant manager; Mra. Malar, libra
rian, and Christian Christ, assistant
M. Walton, of "Portland, apent a
couple of daya looking over .hla
ranches" the flrat of the week.
Mr. and Mra. E. D. Hart, Jrtlss Le
Grand, and Mra. 8. B. Dili were Dover
vlsttora Sunday.
Robert Jonea. of Portland, paaaed
through Fir wood Saturday In hla auto
on hla way to Welchee. -
C. Corey haa been apendlng aev
eral daya In Three Six.
Will Alt came out from Portland
and brought aeveral visitors with him.
The Brownell Reed Co. la aettlng
out a large commercial orchard.
Mr. Thomas, of Bull Run, waa a
Three Six visitor Monday.
The Fir wood school closed Friday.
An ouPof-door dinner had been plan
ned, but on account of the weather,
waa eaten In the acbool house. Coun
ty Superintendent T. J. Gary arrived
shortly before Boon, and greatly
pleased tae eniwren Dy ataying to
dinner. Several of tbe parent were
also present.
Victor Bodley ana Lea Morrison, of
fOover, apent Thureday evening at E.
v. nana. -
J. O. DeShaxer haa been - hauling
potatoes to Boring.
J. C, Smith and- aon Oarfleld are
apendlng a few weeka on tbelr ranch,
making a fence and Improving It In
Oak Grove baseball team defeated
the rrwln Hodson team of Portland.
Score (-3.
Now that tbe ball season has
opened the fana are busy. Oak Orova
haa aeveral good teams, and want
games with amateur teama. Address
Jack Warren or phone Red 17, Oak
Grove, Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brant returned
home Friday from Tacoma, Waah.,i
where they have been visiting their
aon and wife.
J. A. Peterson, of MUwaukle was
here Tuesday on business.
Dr. Walker, of Forest Grove, who
formerly lived here, wag visiting old
friends Tueaday and attended the M.
w. A. Smoker in the evening.
The M. W. A. held a smoker Tuea
day evening In Green's ball. A large
number were preaent and all enjoyed
the evening. Dr. Walker, of Forest
Grove, waa preaent and made a fine
apeech. Also aeveral others gave a
few remarks for the good of tbe Or
der. .
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hill attended
the funeral of Mra. Mary A. Ilusa at
Montavllla Tuesday. Tbe tw6 faml-
ltea have been frlenda for a great
many yeara,
Mra. I E. Armstrong waa In Mon
tavllla Tuesday to attend tbe funeral
of Mrs. Mary A. Ruas.
Mr. and Mra. J. II. Graham are en
tertaining old frlenda from Alberta,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Neal, who apent
the winter in California, are now en
route home, atopplng along the line
to visit frlenda and relatlvea.
Mra. Berry's puplla gave a fine pro
gramme Kr way anernoon at tne
. Church Notea.
MfE. Church.. Rev. Henry 8peia,
Paator. Sunday achool 10 A. M.,
preaching at 11 A. M.. by Paator, boy
and girl claases at 3 and 4 P. M. Sun
day afternoon.
Ladles' Aid meets Thursday at tne
church. All ladles Invited. - -
The Electric . railway from Canby
to Molalla and other points, la the
much tallied of topic on the atreeta
here. All that has .been done on the
part of the promotera here and capi
talize at Seattle la kept ao quiet that
the-publle doea not really know much
In regard to tbta enterprise. But It
la known that Mr. Gorham, of the
Canby Canal Co.. Is now In Seattle,
and it la conjectured that hla mle
alon there la to rush the project
through with the greatest poaalble
haate. The aurveyora are busily oc
cupled making mape et.ctbeeuryey
work In the field having been com
pleted. We also learn that the peo
ple through whoae land the road la to
pass are willingly giving the right of
way through their rarma. no capital
la being aollclted aa mat la an ionn
coming from Seattle financier. More
of the detail will doubtleaa come up
thla evening at a meeting of the new
Rooster Club, known aa the "cnam
ber of Commerce of Canby."
George Keelrlng and W. R. Por
ter have formed a partnership and
together they are doing all tbe dray
work at Canby.
S. N. Rtruhhar haa bought a lot and
a half from J. B. Manley, and now he
has ordered lumber for a feed atable
100x66 feet. Lumber will be on the
ground Saturday.
Mr. Hill, who came here from Mln-
neaota this week bought from Mr. J
Saltmarsh, through the canai com
pany, her town property, conaldera
tlon $1800. We understand that Mr.
Hill la to have poaeion tn a iew
White a Bcheer purcnaaea tnrougn
the Canby Realty Co. the two lots In
brock four which were owned by the
Methodist Episcopal Church of Canby,
the' consideration being 11200. An
automobile garage win be -erected and
thla property will henceforth be head
quartera of these two enterprising
bu sines men.
The City Council meets next Mon
day evening.
Mrs. Andrew Kocher and Mrs.
Adam Knight attended the DUtriet
Convention of the Rebecca I. O. O. F.
Lodge, held at Woodburn laat Thurs
day evening. They report having a
moat delightful time.- --
Mrs. Creeys father from Salt Lake
City la visiting her this week. He
and Rev. Creeay apent Wednesday of
this week In Portland. ,
Leonard Paulson, who drive Gor
don Broa.' delivery wagon, had had
aome little difficulty with Lawrence
Masterson and while he was making
a delivery of aooda to John R. New
ton'a. north of town, he met Master
aon there and they had a few worda.
calling one. another rihmea. . Paulson
waa asked to take back a name, but
refuaed, when Ralph Cox, who waa at
work, told him he would make him take
It back and then he proceeded to pull
the boy from the wgon and beat him
until unconsclou. Ralph Immediately
left town and policeman Dick haa or
dera for hla arresL ; .
The shipment of produce, especially
hogs and veal, from here. Is very
large for the past week. On Tuesday
thirty-three dressed porkers and a
doxen veals were loaded on the 9:40
train, consigned to commission men
at Portland.
Mra. Vaughn'a baby boy, Buckley,
la kept at home with the chicken pox.
N. Digerneaa la here from North
Dakota, renewing old acquaintances
He and hla family are now at Silver
ton, visiting there.
H. H. Ecclea spent Sunday In Port
land with friend.
C. E. Aahbaugh waa a gueat at the
Cottage Hotel on Monday.
Brlnt and Young are enlarging
their blackamlth ahop. Their bualneaa
demands more commodloua quarter.
J. H. Leonard, who la Interested in
race horaea, and who la caring for
aome of Mr. Robblne horse here at
Canby, moved, hla family here from
Portland during the paat week.
John Sawyer apent laat Sunday, at
John R. Newton la away thla week
on bualirfka to the Eaetern part of
the State and also Idaho.
M. J. Lee waa out of town for aev
eral daya thla week on bulnea.
Grandma Koehle haa gona to
Washington ta vlalt for aeveral
weeka with relative there.
Evangelist George Gregg and Mr.
Webb and wife, who have aeslsted In
the singing at the meetings held In
the Christian Chnrch, aet out for
Eastern Oregon Wednesday morning,
having held the last service at Canby
Tuesday evening. Their meetings
here wera well attended, and .much
Intereat waa abown.
Tbe regular Sunday services wfll
be held In the Methodist Church on
April 1st. Sunday achool at t:4t A.
M.; preaching at 11:00 A. M.; Junior
League at 1:00 P. M.; Epwerth
League at 6:10 P. M.; preaching at
7:0 P. M.
Tbe Mens' Union Prayer Meeting
will be held at the Christian Churcb
Sunday afternoen at 1:00 P. M.
At the public achooL laat Friday
afternoon. In Prof. Olll'a room, there
waa a most Interesting debate on the
subject, "Resolved, That City Life la
More Desirable Than Country Life."
Both aldea did well, and Prof. GH1
aaya that he haa puplla In hla depart
ment wbo have tbe making of flrat
clasa debatera.
John Zeek la Improving the appear
ance of hla barn and blackamlth ahop
by giving them a freah coat of paint.
W. H. Lucke bas put a large base
ment nnder the house he I construct
ing. He ha made good aubstanttal
concrete foundation, and the work of
It a erection 'la going forth rapidly..'
Charlea Warbla aold bl farm aouth
of town and la In Oregon City today,
Wednesday, getting tbe abstract
brought up to date.'
The weather continues so bright
and aunny that quite a little early
garden which will atand the expected
cool night and rainy daya of April Is
being put Into the ground.
The Delkar brothera, wbo talked of
cultivating a couple of Mr. Gage'a
fields, gave It up, aa they concluded
they could make more hauling clay
for the Tualatin Company at IS for
a ten hour day, aa they were prom
ised an all 'Bummer job.
A man from Sherman County came
to look at 40 acrea Mr. Gage had to
aell, and aeemed very favorably Im
pressed with the location and tba
Mr. RIchte, who bought, the Moser
place, aaya be baa an incubator to
aell cheap, as he only got 94 chicken
from 200 egg. It la the opinion of
your correspondent that one ha to
thoroughly learn the trade before one
can make a aucceaa of any kind of
an Incubator. He aays he has 20 hena
doing fine, and shall stick to tbe old
faahloned proceaa.
Cata have been growing fat trpon
the chlckena belonging to Mra. Gage
and Mra. Nuasbaom. Mra. Nuaabaum
caught one In the act and gave It a
piece of poisoned beef, which apeedliy
departed It to other happy hunting
Mr. Wiseman I making a week a
visit at Kalama. where he has an old
friend, the resident Methodist minis
Mrs. Relnt DeNul and her little boy
are very alck with pneumonia, also
Mrs. Ben Atby. Mrs. Demurs motner.
The little one Is very low, but they J
here a trained nurse now, and every-1
one hopes for the besL
Mrs. Zack Ellegsen, Mrs. Gage ana
others from this vicinity attended one
or both of Mortimer Whitehead's lec
tures at Oregon City in tne afternoon
and evening of the 25th.
The Stafford boya are quite Jubilant
oversaving beaten the Willamette
boya on , their own ground 10 to 8,
which was rather remarkable, as It Is
always conceded that roosters can
light better In their own barn yard.
Mr. and Mrs. Powell returned from
their trip to Grants Pae on last Fri
day, much benefitted tn health. He
thlnka he wouldn't trade hla place for
aavthina be saw below Cottage Grove.
It la hoped for the good name oi
Stafford and tbe future well being of
certain boy who are trying to act
the hoodlum, but do not know bow
to carry the Idea out gracefully, that
the achool board will do it duty and
suppress all such demonstrations aa
the law abiding element was suDjeci
ed to on last Sunday evening during
service at the achool house. There
Is law which deala with the dis
turbers of any nubile meetlnga, and
in nrh a ease as this It should be
Invoked. We are certain that none of
onr boys are vicious, but If allowed
to go on they may drift,.lnto some
thinrthev do not ndw contemplate.
and It Is time now for .them to be
rnnnlT enoueh to call . a halt them-
elves, before belnr brought up with
a round turn, which they may not
rellih any more than we relish being
itiotiirhMl when tiring to listen, now,
my boy, don't put on bravado and
say, "We don't care, for really yon
do care, and be manly enough to ac
knowledge It by keeping quiet or stay
ing at home out of the way of tempta
Mr. and Mrs. Will Jennlng have re
turned to their home In Seattle after
a menth'a atay at the old homeatead.
Wm. Rose sold some of his prop
erty to Mr. Martin, of Sellwood.
A number of our people attended
the Gladstone minstrel on Friday
evening and report a aplendld enter
tainment by home talent, -of that
Mr. and Mrs. John Roberta have
decided to name their little daughter
Mr. Lynch, of Minneapolis, has
msde a number of trips to the Lodge
recently In quest of a location, being
very favorably Impressed with the
land at this place.
Herbert McGovern was a caller at
the Lodge on Wednesdsy.
Mr. and Mrs. McFarland and chil
dren visited with friends at Vernon
on Sunday. k
W. TJmbdenstock, who recently pur.
chased river front property of Mr.
McClure, received a load of treea last
week and ' hla household goods will
arrive thla week.
k Walter Beckner called at the Lodge
on Saturday prevloua to hla departure
for a visit with hla brother at Loa
Angelea. Mr. Beckner will also visit
at a number of Southern California
eltlea and will vlalt at Coronado with
the Fred Terry family.
Mlsa Ellerton, of Portland, visited
with Mlaa Mable Morse last week.
Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Newell were
Portland visitors on Thursday at the
home of Mr. and Mra. Olin Ford.
Rev. Heverllng will begin a aerie
of revival meetlnga at the Grace
Chapel on Sunday, April , at 7:30
and continue for two week. All are
cordially Invited.
H. R. Smith and McQregory, of
Oregon City, and I. Rivers, of Wil
lamette, were at the Lodge .on Wed
nesday of laat weeki
Mesdame Vollner, Cassou, Hare,
and Garretson, were delightfully
entertained at the home of Mrs. Jack
Hampton on - Wednesday, returning
on the 6 o'clock car to their homes
In Portland. ,
. Hugh McGovern and family', and
Ml L. 0. Jier..end Curtla Miller,
removed to Gladatone last week. Mr.
McGovern la president of the Jennings
Lodge Community Club, and will be
greatly missed aa will also Mlsa Mil
ler, who waa our post-mlstresa since
we were granted a post-office at thla
Mlsa Ethel Hart haa resumed her
tudlea at the Jennings Lodge achool,
having been out aeveral weeka din ac
count of lll2B.
Mis Marl Toiler. became enrolled
In school during last week.
Mr. and Mrs. StouL of Denver, Colo
rado, and Mr. and Mrs. Manson and
children, of Portland, were delight
fully entertained at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. H. J. Robinson during last
Mr. and Mr. O. D. Boardman, who
are enjoying a visit with their on
In Sherman County, will return thla
week. ..
Mr. and Mr. Varney have moved
Into their little cottage which they
recently purchased on Addle street.
Daniel Boone Morris, of Yacolt,
Wash., will spend a few days at this
place. ,
H. C. palnton haa just completed a
drilled well for Mr. McFarland at a
depth of seventy-eight feet.' At pres
ent be Is drilling on tbe Rlsley trsct
for Mrs. Backus. "
Mrs. Bohlln was a Portland visitor
on Friday of last week, and was ac
companied home by her little nephew.
The roof -of the Floor Til Factory
of F. D. Lehman, which la run by the
water. power en the old Henneman
place, caught fire Wedneaday noon,
and were it not for the prompt as
sistance of passer by. and Mr. Leh
mann, Mr. Hllmer and Mra. Rose, It
would ' have soon burned to tbe
ground. It Is another -forcible re
minder that we are In need of Are
protection In Milwaukle.
Mr. Dyer, our affable mail carrier
on Rout , aaya If Riley quits he will
too. It Is to be hoped they will decide.
to -tay with It, aa such men are not
to be picked up every day. .
J. E. Wetzler la getting out tbe con
crete block to replace the burned
structure of J. M. Snyder, which 1
to be of cement.
J. E. M it hews, our tonsorial artist,
will occupy his old premises, with
some additional room added thereto.
Mrs. R. A. Davidson, wife of W. A.
Davidson, formerly of White Salmon,
wbo died suddenly Sunday morning,
was buried Tuesday afternoon from
the family residence In Qulncy Addi
tion, Interment In Milwaukle ceme
tery. The moving picture show Is draw
ing fairly good alxed audiences night
ly. They have changed tbe music and
now have real live piano player.
Samuel Riley, our efficient carrier
on Rout 1, la thinking of realgnlng
if he can dispose, of bis place. . He la
offering hla home place for sale at a
low figure. Thla will necessitate an-1
other examination being held In Ore
gon City. Whoever stands the highest-
will cet the lob.
L. J. Bennett has bought a lot, and
Is playing -thf role of a bachelor In
earnest jip Qt on the high ground
overlooking Qulncy Addition. Some
are unkind enough to imagine tnat
be has other things in view, and doe
not Intend to live all alone. Subse
quent development will tell the tale.
Mra. Davidson, an elderly lady of
Qulncy Addition, suffered a paralytic
stroke Monday morning, and was hur
ried Tuesday from her noma, inter
ment being In the MUwaukle ceme
tery. Mra. Davidson leave a large
family of grown up children, beside
many, friends to mourn her loss.
Mothers ana Teacnerr ciud new
a splendid meeting Thursday. About
forty ladles were presenL The high
school pupils gave a aenat on ie
question of the day, and the lower
grade pupils gave an exercise in calis
thenics. The teachers servea tea ana
cake after the regular routine of busi
ness. The afternoon will long be re
membered br all present
The bova' club will entertain tneir
narenta Wednesday evening at the
clasa hour. In the City HalL All the
parenta should attend ana encourage
the boys In their work-
Mrs. Ella Maple la anie to sit bp
and her frlenda are glad and hope
ahe will fully recover.
Mr. E. Lelghton and Mlsa Delia
Mullln were quietly married Saturday
evening. Mlsa Mullen la the dansjter
of F. F Mullln, and quit well known.
Mra. Ola Bell, of Hood River, sis
ter of Mrs. Geo. Wesslnger, was down
Tuesday to attend the funeral of her
aunt, Mrs. Mary A. Russ, of Monta
vllla. City Council will meet Thursday
evening and act on the petition for
the Improvement of Washington Stl
Advertising for blda for the improve
ment of Main atreet will be ordered,
and any - other bustne that may
come up will be acted on.
The dance gWen by the Women of
Woodcraft, waa a grand auccesa, both
anciallv and financially. Everyone
had a fine time and look forward to
another dance.
Mr. Homer Mullln and Mlaa Nellie
Buckner apent Wedneaday in Oak
Grove on business.
Milwaukle Band will give a concert
and all night dance at Eatacada Sat
urday evening, April 1. A car na
been chartered to carry the band and
othera out there. A good time la ex
pected. '
The guarda of Linden Circle, Wom
en of Woodcraft, are drilling for the
encampment In May at the Armory In
Portland. '
A. L. Bolstad. the cashier of MU
waukle State Bank, waa In Oak Grove
Monday. . al
Judf Kelso haa been attending tne
Hasslng case in Portland all this
W. A. Hanson, our druggist, waa in
Oak Grove Tuesday, looking after hla
drug store there. '
Geo. Wlsslnger, who haa been quite
sick. Is improving.
The children of Geo. Atwood have
the measles. '
Church Note.
Evangelical Church. Rev. E. Rade
baugh. Pastor. Sunday school 10:30
A. M., services 11:30 by the Pastor.
Y." P. A. at 7 P. M., preaching at 8
P. M. Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening Teacher Training Thursday
evening. Choir practice Friday even
ing. Wanted At Once!
Oak Grove '
Llbersl . term to huatlar. See Mr.
Mtllr Circulation Department,-En-terprlee,
Oregon City Oregon.
Th partnership heretofore existing
nnder the Arm nam of Story A Tfctrk
aa, having been dissolved by aatanuJ
consent, all liabilities of the ana are
assumed by Owa a Thoana and all
accounts due the firm an payable to
the afore aald Owea O. Tbomaa.
Dated at Oregon City, Oregon, this
I4th day of February. 1911.
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Notices under ths claaslflad hadms
will b Inavied at on Mitt word, firs
InMrtkm. half cent additional maar
tlona. One Inch card. It yr aonth; ball
Inch eard. (4 llnaa) tl par month.
Caah muat accompany ordar nnlaae on
haa an opan account with tha paper. No
financial responsibility for errors; whare
errors occur fraa eorractrd notice WIU ba
printed (or patron. Minimum chars Ho.
WANTED Girl for general houee
work. Flrat class wagea. Mrs. Don
Meldrum, 1114 Washington Street.
WANTED Small advertisements for
. this column. Price very reason
able. Be rates at head of column.
centa an hour. Call Pacific State
year. If you want come plant
Oswego, Or. Price $4.00 per 1000.
FOR SALE Consult B. C. Dye about
timber lands. He has several 6.000,
. 000 feet propositions for sale If tak-.
en quick. Address him at Oregon
City , -
FOR . SALE By owner 2.71 acres,
.- four room house,- barn,- cow,- horse,
chickens,' well, fruit trees, small
frulta. Concord Static. - telephone.
Oak Orove, red 814. (;' -t
1-H't acres on Division St, S
houae, bath room and basement,
barn, chicken house, orchard and
small fruit, city water. Price $1,300.
Terms. Clyde a McRae, 1003 Main
street r
HARRY JONES Builder and General
Contractor. Estimates cheerfully
given on all classes of "building
work, concrete walks and reinforced
concrete. Res. Phone Main 111.
O. D. EBY, Attorney-et-Lw, Money
loaned, abstracts furnished, - land
titles examined, eatatea settled,' gen
eral law business. Over Bank of
Oregon City. V ,
UTtEN ft SCHUEBEL, Attorneyeet-
Law, Deutacher Advokat, will prac
tice In all court, make collection
and settlement. Office In Enter
prise Bldg Oregon City, Oregon.
V. R.HYDE, Abstract Oiftce
Land titles Investigated, conveyan
cing, notary public.
Room 7, Barclay Bldg, Oregon City.
B. H. COOPER. For Fire Insurance
and Real Estate. Let us handle
""your properties we bny, sell . and
exchange. Office In . Enterprise
Bldg., Oregon City, Oregon. rrr
FRETTAO ft MONET, Real Eatate
'Dealers, have choice bargains In
farm lands, city and suburban
homes, good fruit lands and poultry
ranches. See ns for good buys.
Near 8. P. depot '
When I moved Into my new store
I put In a nice line of NEW FURNI
TURE, which I am selling at the pri
ces usually quoted for second hand or
shop-worn goods. Come in end look
Fine line of curios snd relic.
To Introduce The Morning
Enterprise Into a large major-
Ity of the home In Oregon
City and Clackamas count v the
management - has decided to
e make a apeclal price for the
dally Issue, for a abort time
only, where the ubacrtber paya
a year In advance.
By carrier, paid a year In '
advance, 13.00.
e By mall, paid a year la d-
e vance, $2.00.
4 . People who gave our canvas-
ser a trial aubscrlptlon for one
or more months, at ten centa a
week, can have the dally dellv-
ered for a year for $3.00 by
' paying a year In advance.
4 People who gave our canvas-
aer a trial subscription, by
mall, for four month at a dot-
Jar, may have the paper for a
year for $2.00. if paid a year In
4 advance-
e Subscriber to. the Weekly
e Enterprise may change their
subscriptions to the dally, re-
celving credit for half time on
' th dally that the weekly la
e paid In advance. Whan they
choose to add caah to the ad-
vance payment equal to a full
year's advance payment they
may take advantage of tbe $3
rate. : ' -
4, We make thla apeclal ptic.
to that people who have paid
la advance oa some other daily
e .and wlah to take the Morning
e Enterprise may do ao without e
too great expense. . ""
Potato aoupi Boll a quart of pota-
.... a. Alnw Mtll . lliMnMrth,
cooked. Pour off the water. Add a
piece of butter th at a of an egg, and
beat the whole well with a fork or
wooden apoon. Heat a mart of milk
and pour over this mixture. Bait and
pepper. to taate. Keep It hot on back
of atove until aerved. but do hot allow
It to boil after the milk haa bee ad