Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, March 26, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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Hear Them Play
Bring The, Boys
goy Problem
.... .v j Shelter of Goodness
MAY SAVE TREES II For the Children
mm : ,-
. pore, of Canby. in In Or
CM on Friday.
MUUIW nr. Sal, at tba Or.gon Todd. ' Woodburn, wm In
Sciy ... Saturday.
Vorlffltb. of Clarkee, wbb In Or
' Ct. on Saturday.
tun ro slyllsh and chlo. Mlaa
n Allen. l Tucson, Arlaona, Is In
tkla city, mo res"""" ""
trkv . ....!- i.4 .
aememhrr in nn r- ai n
ir.r : .......
retururd I" hi" non" ,,rr "
We bve reproduction 01 iin
tortus Model" u- wm"B'
u Luvlnc of Seattle, Waah.. was
mm lb Oregon City vUltor on
rridty and Saturday.
Tailored ami l"na w""1 ' ,n
IttMt dKl(Ci M" uoiuimim.
Waldo CNOfU ld haa taken th agency
forth Portlnnd New, and will bandla
ttlaOW" (-ity.
r E flpenre, mater of tba State
Orante. a In Oregon City tranaact
HI builneiw on Saturday.
Herman and Eric Doldrlch. of Cama.
Mr monK tha Oregon City bunlneas
niltor on Saturday.
Hnry &rhmhorn, who naa been
tM4lng th paet "i who u..
Irotker am. aisier nnvru, kiu
tt Orwtn ('ly on Bturday. .
Tlsi tell" tha atory. Seventeen
nan ll'trrls' Orocery began to
Ornlia lhn.lxvt la our line and wa
tftltlU at 11. r
T cataio of J. W. Millar waa ad
Itlrd to pnibaia Saturday and Har
rWMIIIfr r appointed admlnlmra
fix Tbe miaia la valuad at 1000.
,C Bitnrtfll who llvaa naar lllghlnnd.
ru'li Oropm City on Saturday. -- Mr.
Bnnnll l one of lha prominent farm
ofHIhl"iid. firmeri wit vary buy yaalerday
ud fw ramo to tba city to trade or
Nrlilt; tho weather waa too fine to
Imt home and work unleaa thera waa
nreMlm n-d falllnc one.
w u.ithi.'H ked permlaalon of
rnwwil RiiurUa to build tala walka on
Slith ttreet of wood. Ilia lota are
wtthla tba rement walk aone. but aa
tfct tvmt bait Juat been filled In It la
not u to build cement ana so pr
mtakM m given for wood.
ItAt Warohe. tba Auatrlan aervlng
u itn for cuttlna- an acoualnunca.
ud to did Rood work on the atreeta
fMiknu- weeki. waa Klven bla liberty
gitvdiy by Recorder 811pp. Working
wtll m he did on lha aireeie wunom
bdD WRtrbed It waa deemed beat to
iwomi- hla fidelity by reducing bla
r r Thnroni. who waa formerly
Mulcted with the Bier piano bouae.
mh beadquartera In thla city, la now
iik the Knhlnr-Chaae Company, and
tetjimt roiurned from a trip to South
ri Orenon. Mr. Tberou after attend-
lif to hiiMlneaa, mattera in mia cur
Ml on Friday evening for Butherlln,
wber, he will remain for aoma time.
-Mr. -J. C. P. Weatengfrd baa r
turned from a Ihree weeka' trip to
California. He vlalted In Ia Angelea
and other polnta before returning
Mr. and Mra. Dan Fraxler. of Port
land, war In Oregon City on Friday
vlaltlng with frlenda. ' They left on
Friday evening for Eldorado, where
they will vlalt tba latter'a mother, Mra.
Mra. IT. 0. Inrteep and grandchild
have mm to Oregon City to make
their home, and are occupying one of
tba Cheney - cottagea on Madtaon
atrret. Mra. Inakeep baa realded at
Carua for many yeara. She recently
dktpoaed of her -property Intereaia
Mra. C a Allen aad little daughter,
of Portland, were the gneata Thureday
at the home of Mr. and Mra. C. II
Dye. on Ninth at reel. Mra. Allen la
one of the dlrectora of the Portland
Monday Mualcal Club, and la a leader
In the affair of the mualral and lite
rary aet In the Rom City..
Rev. Charles W. Roblnaon. rector of
Bt. Paiife Eplacopal church, will leave
on May S for New York City, and upon
hla return will bring with htm four
people, one a man of. conalderable
mean, who will prouau.y Become
permanent realdent. Mr. Roblnaon e
pert a to return to Oregon City on May
Mra. JoeDh Msrere. of till city, who
haa been at the home of Mr., and Mra.
rtllaa. of Molalla. for the paat week,
baa returned to Oregon City. Thera
ar ali caaea of typhoid fever In tha
miM famtir. and Mra. Mvera naa wen
caring for Mra. Hla. At preaent ther
are two trained nuraea in aiienaance
at tha Illlaa home caring for tha pa
tient. Mra. Myere baa brought tbe
Bllaa baby to thla city, where It will
remain until the mother recover.
Kit Mary Ellen Orace baa gone to
Portland to vlalt with frlenda.
Mt. nrnr Unit. prominent aaw
alii man of Colton, haa been In tbla
(ity on bnitlnea.
Mr. E. V. Bcott la Buffering from a
ever ait nrk of aclattca at bla home
oa nil View.
Wr. w. J. Mrljiren. owner and pro-
Pritor of the Wllholt Bprlnga, waa In
Oregon City on bualneaa Saturday. -
Mli CUra Flold. who baa been
vtaltlng with the Mlaaea Armatrong,
of Canby, him returned to Oregon City
Hn. fl W nnn left RaturdaV for
Nw Kr. where aha will be the gueefj
lor a few dnya of Mra. LUIIe Wink,
Mr. Fred Tuho. of Seattle, waa
rutt the pnnt week at tba home of
on mother, Mra. M. E. Caae
Mix Ruth Utourette. who la at
'wdlna the MeMlnnvllle College, haa
in Oregon City to apend her
Mr. pearl selble, a atudent of tha
McMlnnvlIln Pollere. hn returned to
0"non City to apend his vacation at
bom at Mountain View.- '
Attorney ll.iwnril rtrownall. nf Aa-
J1, calling on hla parentsAt
wtiay and Mr. 0. C. Brownell, on
Jf. and Mr, c. I Zlegler left Sat
y nlKht for Foret Orove, where
will vlnlt until thla evening with
tatter' parent, Mr. and Mra. I
tall-Jnnp". wno baa been very
W at th hnm. nf .( mnlKa. In Ttaf-t.
", wa n t ti la cltv on Saturday on
" WIT Un. r, ... . . I
Where they will be Interred. The de
cerned waa 84 year of age and ha
been a realdent of Molalla for some
Several American Cracks to
1 .. r't j
Mr. Babcock to Oat Signature Permit
ting Treae to Stand From Oth- ,
er Raaldenta en the
There waa a fpeclal meeting of
Council Saturday, afternoon and the
purpose of tbe meeting was to con
alder tbe queatloo of earing tbe band
aome trees on the O. E. Ilabcock prop
erty on Washington atreet. Council
man Burke was tbe first to take the
floor when order waa called by Mayor
Drownell and he was in favor of sav
ing the tree. He said they were SO
yeara old, handsome, and ao far as he
could see would In no manner Inter
fere with tbe good appearance of the
A Baby Llsma and
His Knae 0raa,
. . v.v.v) 75.-1
iv.'V I F.
ter, ectlon I, township I south, range
1 cast, 40 acre; SUM. - ...
M. C. and Nancy K. Donahue to 8.
E. Toepelman and Geo. D. Pettlgrew,
west half of aouthwest quarter, sec
tion 3, township t south, range 4 east,
10 crea; fBOOO. ' '
Richard H. Mason to Stella Mason,4
trsrt 4a Concord; $3000.
Thomas C. A. and Myrtle I. Llveaay
to 0. Mathlaon, 9 acres, township 2
south, range 2 east; 3iOQ.
E. M. and Anna Howell to D. IL
Leonard, part of block, 173, Oregon
city: $200.
Joshua and Onnthla Oorbett to Hen.
deraon and Minnie A. Newman, lot
IS and 16. block 6. South Oregon City
No. 1; $:0.
Martin and Elizabeth Peavoy to
George E. Kline, 112 acree. township
3 aotith, range l east; $70o0.
Superior Lumber Co. to John Brown,
west half of southwest quarter, sec
tion 18. township 4 south, range 3
east, and north wet quarter of south
east quarter, section 13, townsaip
south, range 2 east, 134.74 acre; 10,
050. '
B. T. Mail, aheiiff to Minnie Leete,
north weat quarter of northweat quar
ter, aection 6. townahlp 2 south, range
S east; sheriffs deed. .
elizabeth tirsnt Bruin to Eawara
20. townahlp
ir.n acrea: $10.
Willamette Falls Co. to Hannah H.
Bnldow, lots 8 and a block 13, Wil
lamette Falla; $350.
Selena Scharff to Adellah Mowery.
Cfiunwiu aut aj i v w " "
Price, east half of eaat half, aection
LtQwnshlp 6 south, range 8 east,
Compete In English Evants.
In an attempt to cure a bad case of
knorkknees a unique mechanical eg-
1. .. . li. ma . f-lnlnnntl Hn VI Sim I .
aooi "X : H. persist in r townahlp 4 uth, rang. 2 east
Mayor Brownell agreed with Mrl blng bla fore knees together Various J ?v", ia irriTfii-eimrV
Burke, and thought It would be aacrl-j waye to correct tbe fault were tried. I d Earl Mowery, part of Harrison
Leading Racket Wielders From Antlp
de Will Be en Hsnd ' to Give
Yankee and Britieher Chsnee te
Win Davis Cup.
lege to destroy the trees. Dnt Boi nn,n the steel Torms with their Wrint donation land claim, section
Councilman Andreaen was the I ..,,, wore mdji and annlied was snv I .n a in nH ? tnnnhln 4 south.
.klM tUmt ArtmAt.A th lira " I . .. "." ... . " I io' "' . ' Zl . - .
"," " " 1 mnam nnlMl Ttie llflle ICI OW.DOW I rin.o 9 AYfrnt 70 SZ SCTeS ZIlEitt.
on without having his knees bother
blm. The mechanical device win be
continued until be bas outgrown tbe
It would be a shame to destroy them,
and waa loth to vote to that end. But
he bad been In Council for aeveral
yeara and recognized that a man a
chick would often come home to roost
and be did not want to batch out a I
freah batch of chick a to come home
some night and Utter up hla front
The Admiral and the Sentry,
When Admiral de Horsey, who soma
porch before he had time to get up years sgo bad command of the British
and ahoo thera away. In other words, I th. Vaetfte waa admiral of tbe
American lawn tennis player are it waa poaalble to ahlft about until you rth Ati.ntic souadron be waa on
to make a conquest of English court eatabllahed a precedent, or to shirt tvenln uning on ahore at Port Royal,
tbla mason, according to Information about until you e"troyed a .good 1 pre- j ,c, 0 returning to bla boat hi
revived from London recently. Not cedent ; Armly eatabllshed. He did not f- A
want to mill irouon in i iu i i - . . .- , .
some future day on aome other Inv Martentrj of one of be Wt iDdta
provement matter.
County Yraasursr Gats Big Sum.
Sheriff Mase Saturday morning
turned over to County Treasurer Tufta
$193,219. Tbla la the last Installment
of tbe money that wa paid during tbe
rebate period.
node th firs nam of Story A Thaa-
aa, having been dissolved by lautaa
eonaenC all liabilities of th Srm ar
aasamed by 0tn O. Thonaa and all
account due th Arm are payable to
the aforesaid Owen O. Tbomae.
-, Dated at Oregon City. Oregon, thla
24th day of February, 1911. ,
' E. F. 8TORTr.
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Notices nndor theaa elaaairia4 headhis
will Vm IniciM al on uant a word, flrat -Inaartki'i.
half a cent additional lner
llona. One Inrh card, tt par month; naif
Inch card, llna II per month.
Cah must aceompany rdr anl-aa on
rTkd kn open account with the paper. Ma
financial r aoonalblllty for error:' where
errors occur frae aorrectrd nolle wlU wa
printed for patron. Minimum charge '-
WANTED Small advertisements for
this colvmn. Prices very reason
able. 'See ratea at head of column.
cent an hour. Call Pacific State
FOR 8 ALE By owner 2.71 acrea,
four room bouae, barn, cow, horse,
chickens, well, fruit trees, small
fruits. Concord Stat to. telephone.
Oak; Orove, red 214. '
lHcTe-ttinvuton St., 6 room
bouse, bath room and basement,
barn, chicken house, orchard and
small fruit, city water. Price $1,300.
- Term. Clyde A McRae, 1008 Mala
atreet. . , . ,
a 4 t
rivr.lN CLEANED OUT adu
STONE. Or..March 25. (Spl.) Th
oil well here la down close to tbe 1100
feet mark and atlll "going down." Pro-
gresa haa not been ao rapid tbla week
aa laat, not from lack of capacity on
the part of th drillers but from tbe
fact that there have been cave-Ins
apd water to bother and things unforeseen.
Wednesday morning there waa a
cave-In tha filled tbe hoi np for 150
feet, and water came In with a man.
A new cable waa mad necessary, ana
Installed, and since that the time haa
been ned to clean out and pusn aown
th casing.
Tb wll. haa been cleaned out and
th caalng wit down to th bottom of
th well and littles water ahowe. There
la a tittles that force It way through
tbe aand that th drill is in. nut not
enough to glv trouble. Tbe drill la
In a black oll-bearlng aand not an
oil aand but an oll-bearlng aand and
haa penetrated thl aand flv or-ar
feet. It I full of oil but ther la water
In It alao. Th driller hav not paaaed
through tb vln so that It depth I
not known, but It haa oil In It and th
wafer haa been able to force It way
through It a It I light.
Drill atlll going down; prospect
fair. ' - '
only American, but alao Australians
and South AfrU-aua, the challenging
tuitions for tb Dwlgbt F. Davla In
ternational cup, are scheduled for tbe
All England championship at Wimble
don. London, next June.
William A. Lamed, Maurice E. Mo
Loufc-hllu. Thomae C. Baud and Mel
ville Hammond L0114 are to le (be
Aruerkan force. In mentioning the
Invasion of foreign players tbe official
publication -of the Kngllib National
Lawn Tennis association eaya
It. W. Heath, the brilliant Australian
player, whose prowesa haa recently
been the talk of tbe anttpodea, an lied
rn,.n,.iiman Mrers thouaht that Mr. "Wbe come darr Great waa th aa
Babcock had been fooled in the out-1 ulral' annoyance to fiud that be baa
come of hi atreet Improvement; not I neglected to get the password before
that the Clty"Dada had so intended 1 leaving tbe ehlp. That a all rigntr
but that aa to Mr. Babcock the our- be Mja carelessly, boning to overcome
' ' ; awaawaaawawawa ' ' " " V
These fine spring day make tbe
farmer amile.
We havent seen ' any snakes oat
regf&ents halted blm at tbe gat with yet, but a tramp, one feminine ped
come was the same. Mr. Babcock bad
been led to refrain from protest under
the belief that bis trees would ne
saved, now he waa at-Oh mercy of
rvtiinr.ll and he Mers oeuevea in.
tiim receiving; mercy.
Every other Counciimsn preaeni
.aa ariuut that Mr? Baljcock. had been
led to Bleep on hi rlghta In the belief
dler and two medicine vendera have
toured thla country. . . '
Dusty road In March and real dnat
at that ; put It down In your diary.
Henry Huber aerved rerreanmenia
acr, nice l,v Indlfferenc. th r- Now that Henry
-TP l ...tJT baa broken th "apell- It'e'up to some
mor of Logan's "eliglblee" to follow
suit. "It Is not good that man should
live alone" ao look around boy, there
are lota of 'em aome where.
O. D. Robbins has been having a
vacation, nursing a very sore hand;
FOR SALE 10 Acre orchard land,
7 acres planted to apple trees, 7 .
room house, small barn, 1 mile -from
Oregon City on good road,
$3,500, terms for quick sale. Tele-
LOST Brown wool coat' for boy 10
years old, at Canemah Park, Satur
day afternoon. Finder please call
Main 2223 or A-222, and oblige. '
12th Street Sunday, two whit rab
blta. Finder return to- above aoV
dreaa. Reward. - " ' :
tbe man's
"Ton know wbo I am." "DtinnO no
body, sab." replied the soldier sternly.
ion csn't psis here." "Why. I'm Ad
mlral de norscy:" The rutin evidently
tboaebt be was br-l -g wide fun of. and
he replied qulcljly -Welh-jwn -c-nn't
nam I don't cru I ru're Aduiirsl de something like a felon on one finger,
Donkey r And the v.iiiriup whs that W are sorry to bear of tbe lllnesa
. . ... . Kilt u.
ina irm wvib uj w ... . v. , - , ...... . , ...
from Melbourne for Etiro in the P. r.i tsklnc th sam view of Mr. AO-I the admiral had to R.-t Uie order of the of Amos Leek, of Reoiano..
and O. ateumnlilo Malwa on Feb, IL I .r adverse to establishing afflrer of the cuartl lo nitas blm. lowed by compneauous.
1A a. a .ihI . alK. sa utawt.- 1 m a, a W . w-s.lss'Vtl' srlvA fffHlnhlA I . " .
pet In . tb French covered court, i.ter and even encroach on the law In , A pr Diver,, Poriu - quite i with , appendlcltU. Dr. Mount
cbamidoniblpa and after that at thcaa. .. ' , .fc W all love penrls. yet few of u I ftn Mnn,.. March So. tha Clear
Queona. remaining In England nntll E"KinfJ 7 tr and tolt thaiy I w-H tlw-iwrlta f dlwlBkif for pMrta. c,, creamery Co. held. Ita tenth
after tbe championships.- to tnj n th Tbe au.-ceful diver mtiHt be coor- annual stockholders meeting. Tbe of-
BesMea Heath. Australasia will b errata oa ' I .u, .etlve and have rreat Dres- fleera elected for ensuing year are:
It Wimbledon. It la said. "T1' ... .- f mind A diver onre eucaeed In W. P. Kirchem. H. S. Anderson, F. W.
.1 svini n mw narginK. tnt.. - 1 - - - . .
by Norman Brookes, Dunlop, Marsh ' . .;, " ' stnrr thouaht Mr. I nearl flsherles In tbe gulf of California Rtckhoff. Seth Young ana L. u. Mum-
snd. of course, by tne rnsmpion, a. r. 1. .. tn nnaitinn to receive I t.iia thi atnr of one of bis manv ax- i power, ooara wi -
Wilding, while Amerka win sena aama)!, if the city went ahead ana parlance
Lamed. McLnngblln. Long ana nun- cut treea. Waa or opinion mat
Vf. P.
Kirrhem. nresldent: H. S. Anderson
. a.i.j ..u .. vice nresldent A. O. Holltngswortn,
ay. Tne Ausirsia-taus. -or wnm v the aignea iim. - .a waa about to ascend wnen, iooe- " '. 11 fln(i .k. toii amount
From tbe secretary's an-
them at lest, will probably leave cured from ail tof up. I aw . big man eating abark u te7made during tbe year to be
Enaland with tbe Amerlcsns for the I to permit tree to Btand If that waa "j" r.m r
8tatea In time to comiHjfe In tbe Unit- tb way "t- " Andresen moved the surf see would b fatal, ao I moved ceVed. 471.357 pounds; butter fat,
ed Statew cbamplonahlpa. A team of Aa a J T; ,"fPn...d ret quickly to tbe opposite rocks, atlrred 151.861 pounds; toUl receipt. $63,153.-
i'f - KoM.ra nn a eTeat cloud of mud. rone In the averaee nrlce paid for cream, 81c;
the aignatur 01 lu w r -: - - - ... . ,k. II.' for bntter. 340
on th street isrceiun in iu n-i ui iu mum i..-f.- ----- - - - -
ahould aUnd. Thla waa carried and boat Just In time to eacap the Jawa of Perj"'d- . ' .
the b g flah. Had I hesitated an In- - ,t.CIi 1. thl
.Unt In doing what I did I would of the work acwmPUahed In tb . ton
phone Farmer 212. S. R. Cogan.
R. F. D. No. 2, box 139, Oregon
Clt, Oregon." ..J:' ,
FOUND Bunch of keya; call and
prove property and pay rpr notice
and receive them. v
HARRY JONES Builder and General t
Contractor. - Estimate cneotmuy ,
t1en on all r lines of building
work, concrete walk and reinforced
concrete. Res. Phone Mala .11L f
O. D. EBT. Attorney-at-Lw, Honey
loaned, abstracts furnished, land
title examined, estates settled, gen
eral law bualnee. Over Bank of
Oregon City. ' . :
Australian rolfcr will also tour
America Blmultaneonaly, nud Normnn
Brookes will play for It
The Brltona are lioomlng along the Mf pjhcocjt so Instructed.
game at a great rate, iue.r unTi
club team haa jnat returned from stir
ring play In South Africa at tbe Wan
derera club. Johannesburg, and at
Pretoria. General Lord Methuen la
the leading spirit of th sport there,
will Attend Church In a Body.
Tha Woodmen will attend service
In the Episcopal church Sunday even-in-
at K o'clock, with preaching by the
rariw Bev - Chas. Roblnaon. The
hav paid tb penalty with my Ufa."
.. . . . . .t..l. h.ll . 1 lui. uennuuniiM
ana. accoraing to report, it wsa uue wooamen wm I cold -eatber and then a little warm
. a mm .a, ca .... a i- a .. i a'hiamii aninff rrtiin intrti in 1.1113
v w ? . iJwiv vThai Woodmen weather, and then cold again in York.
&"b.J.Vtar An icicle formed on tbe water-
Cecil Tr.pp rd. TucKer ana v - -" .nd . 0f . certain hou The weather
ityn are nameu s me .u ... - turnout u Drobabl. - . turned warm again. Tb Iclcl fell in
of that nation. I . I tha nit
Th newa from England baa receiv
ed an enthusiastic welcome by ' tbe
fore m oat placers In thla country.
Sympathlzara Who Fumlah Arms or
Supplies to Rebela.
MEXICAU. Mexico, March 25. Th
new brought by courier that th Mex
ican federal troope from Enaenada
were marching towarda Mexican, by
way of the wagon road to th south
ward, brought Oeneral Iyva with hla
75 man back hr laat night. The re
bel garrlaon her now numbers about
125 men. General Berthold. with hi
detachment la atlll In th hill. '
Th Information which cauaed th
rebel cbleftan to hurry back to Mexl
call waa brought by Joae Oaecla, a
Mexican rancher, who aald that b
aaw the federal army 30 miles south
of here, near Valeano Lake, lying be
tween Black Butte ana ocapsna.
Immediately after Leyva'e return
th merchant and saloon-keapera were
called upon by him for anomer conin
h.,ttn. tn tha rebel war cheat.
Captain Beck, of the United State
Cavalry, left with a detachment today
for Coyot Wells, 30 miles weat of
Calexlco, to capture Insurgent sympa
thizers reported stationed there, and
amuggllng arm and supplies acroa
th Hn to the rebel force. -
Remain Taken to Vancouver.
' Th remalna of H. M. Mtcalf, who
died at Molalla on March 23, were tak
en Saturday to Vancouver, Waah
th night and mad a loud noise that
B 1 r.A . u c. r.hureh. awakened one or tn aieepera. me
Th imva- riand. of Willamette, will awakened person found that the bouse
nt.. ..r.i nnmhera at tb evening waa full of coal gaa that wbb escaping
service In th M. K. church Sunday. I through a bol la th atoveplp and
The aubject of the ewiiiij nermon that might hav killed the wool fam-
III b appropriate, to tn occasion, . u if on0 0 them baa not been aron-
ed t. Camsat. Ao.lnst "Boy Wanted." All fawns by th. faU of u,, te,cl.
' " I a. MtttktWltlai
not otherwlae engaged ar urged to be
preaent and enjoy tn music.
Ysl and Harva
Oxford and Cambridge In England.
While the arrangement bare been
carefully safeguarded, tt bas Ju it de
veloped that a picked team of Tale
and narvard athletes-track and field Triin )( th auth Drops From Bridge
men win visit Kngiana next summer nt0 River.
In quest of new honors In a Joint
a-H-a aaalnat Oxford and Cambridge. ,na ware ktl ed and more than a When a name la menuonea in owner
Tb contests are carded for July, doien Injured when th Dlxl Flyer geta n give the ound of tb animal
shortly- after th British track cham- on tb Atlantic Coart and lta down but If the word m-
plonahlpa. and will fit In very nicely, wrecaeo. on a ln,.i.a nagene or .u.u.- " ---
1 . ..a. A-,.r, River near here at 7:20 oclock thia mil. ... nD .na My. the Bound of
EEi sr
v. ...p.- ... . I..., into ins ruw 1 . t. v.nnr..iit mnn
Ttrv.11. .riiia. imumunt arlats I " . . ... , IO U teuuer. uv u --
11 uiw iiw 1 A an ra.r or tn ixem.w. ...... ... . . .
to guarantee the meeting, ther I an "klvK to T report of aom of the then feeie aoout nnu. n. ucU .
a, . a Aft. - .-a. . at I . A ekAl1l VkaBI I MMl
nnderstanaing Dy wuicn m onu i I passengers who caraw vo
th. .na nf mi and John ' Harvard l-...v am without "warning. It waa
..!.,. th rivnniana I ....a h th r,r e.k tn of an axle on
and Cantab In a eerie Blmllar to that th engln avhen midway of the long
of several rear ago. 1 Itreatl.
Botji Oxford and Cambrldg have
veara of tta exlatence. Tn plant la
up to date In equipment, with a filtered
water avstem. The management has
Little Thinas. n,tavord to make a good article.
Little things are sometimes lmpor- r,t einu hutter. and In thla have
Unt Her 1 an Instance: There wsr pen successful aa Is attested by the
ii.m.nil -vervwhere TOT Clear vreea
ht.-r Soma of the Portland firms
Who bv handled their hutter all thee
years are Town send ureamery v,..
Bullivant's Grocery Co.. Urfer Co. and
many other. It I said to be the best
brand of butter on the Portland mar
k.t tnriav. One ensentlal In regard to
making good butter. Is, we need com
petent Inspectors. wregon cre.""7
men are to be commended for this
in,t taken. We were only visited
once by the Inspector, yet the effect
was soon seen ana -laBiea iw.
Is strange as much a th legislature
blowed In ' this most important n
waa left out Tb dairymen 01 ur
gon pay for their own inspection oj
n,hi rnntrihutlona. In order to
have men Inspect the country dairies.
What la needed is a competent u.u
for the work. . .
H S. Anderson Is clearing land by
blowing out atumps with powder.
Mrs. Otto Bmlin naa guuw
Th Game f Manager!.
All tb players take tb name of
animals. If played Indoors tbey sit
In chairs. If outside on benches. A
leader then tell a story about animals.
OCILLA. Oa. March 25. Seven per bringing In some or tbe names chosen.
I a.ab a I www- . . ... .. I mAtktlnmaarl V rA A ktt7 D af
Complete Change of Progf am
' All New Popl
. r NewPIy -' ' ' v
' New Pictoret
Special Matte
Matinee 2:30 To-Day
.Continaotis Performance'
track teams of exceptional excellence
thla year, as evidenced by the capital
work done recently in the Intercolle
giate sports, and they made a favors
ble renlv when "Bounded" a' short
while ago as to what their attitude
wonld ' be toward a narvard-Yai
challenge for aa International varsity
T 8upend Needle In tha Air. '
Place a magnet on a stand to raise
a little above tb table, then bring a
mall sewing needle, containing . a
thread, within a little of the magnet,
keeping hold of tb thread to prevent
8om folk are forever planning tnB De,ji from attaching itaelf to the
ahat and flfftir ng now to niBae t q-h r,sdia in endeavorlna; to
chickens pay. and while they art pot- o (he mtgatt .na hng prevented
terina along with belr plana ana ' .hr..a vin remain curloualy
.v. v . their bronda are I "V .
iiKiirea wjw , . . . v, I suspended In tb air.
enwl la ao nam TO uocior aa
...... -
A rvt AT BUCCeBB Willi
t- icon at tha Oneana elnh sronnds. I line In avoiding Inbreeding.
West Kensington, lxndon. Oxford A mtle tnrk debilitated at th start
and Cambridge won by flv events by Inbreeding haa a poor chanc for
to four. At Berkeley oval. New York
In J001, Tale and narvard turned tbe
tables, winning by a acor of six to
three and duplicating the perform
ance three yeara Inter at tne yueetm
club ground by a similar acore.
-Tn London In 1804 Oxford defeat
mA Yale hv BVt to 8'. while th next
Aa the nights are still cold .lt Is
advlaable to give tn nens
.... t th. tima of setting them.
This affords the hen a better chance
to cover and warm th eggs properly,
bringing forth better results.
Th hah chick trade has grown
years "
The Hilltop Road. (
Th road that enda eialnrt, th,ky
I love th very beat.
It etarte near by the open equara.
Exactly Ilk th rest.
But then It winds and wind uphill .
Al (ar al It can so
And Hope Juat where the iky bealna
And where th poplar stow. t
I wlah that I might Hv up ther.
go clone aaalnet th eky I
To touch th little atari at night "
And watch th moon so by.
Youth' Companion.
John W. and Kat C. Thornton to
Tohn Tfl. nutson. lot 2. block A. Wil
nnrfarfiiii Twenty
year at Manhnttan field. New York, pouitrymen never dreamed of ' starling
i,-. p.mi,ri b elchtla hiiainaaa In that line, wbll now
SsToThree. bundreo. of thousand, of these Inno-
.. .11 to hav tbe brood son vHI; 1220. . -
VVArt Tn rwv'n ... I ,v h..t not alr.tlaht. It I n ..4 rrattl tl Tjnv to C
I COOPS Winu-unui "v .. - - r.- . gaum. v. ... -
of th does not tak much of a carpenter to 8- Xrnoia 30 acrea. aection 5. town
w, . - i . , i. . kmaH mnn. I . . . .... , . ijeui
nut a nan-er sia m "t- "lantn s souiu, ri a
r ..- . . . . ...... i th.v ean i . ,.
E. M. Howell and Anna nowen i
Is th Substsne
emperor et wapan. - .
. . . . . n r ffk.MM . ik. r.ninaa aa nciiri ii j ......
WAStHINUlwrx, maun m,-bu ,uu . ,.y ---- - . ,.t h ahut
Uchlda, th Japanea. Ambassador, bav i i P 'T.".-
called at th Wnit House toaay ana up ourmg
presonteato rr.- r .... . t - . . fnrmul. for treating
Theresa Mlnjoulat. lot 1. 2, 8, 9 and
10, block 11, Nob Hin; si.
i m Welch to J. W. Roots and Wll
ii a uvanrf Mortnwaat nnsrtar of
aaaaor rrom Lun nujifviur vi w.L-"". I iid'. .--w i. . .ihi.i ri- i ... .. -.
The Emperor declared that h waa seed po'to'" 10 prevent bos o. "" northwest quarter, section 5, township
already convinced that b Pre.iden, the whi "eor ,w- ; . th 4 re
Strife, block S, Marshfield; $1200.
.v-.l. Cna.l tn laall fiDaKl.
Th irmnaror . wariui j i ov:i in mn . w . " . . j lu.i .k. -
President Taft'a asanranceB of friend- plant In ground that has not recently j .west quarter of northwest quar
abln between tha two countries grown potato.' s .,,-.-.. .....
U'REN tt 8CHUEBEL, Attorney--Law.
Deutscher Advokat, will prac
tice in all courts, make collections
and settlement. Office In Enter
prise Bldg., Oregon City, Oregon.
V. R. HYDE, Abstract Olf ice
Land title Investigated, conveyan
cing, notary public,-- "!
Room 7, Barclay Bldg, Oregon City.
K. H. COOPER, For Fir inauraner
and Real Estate. Let na handl
your properties we buy, sell and
exchange. Office in Enterprise
Bldg., Oregon City, Oregon.
FRETTAG Y MONET, fteal Esiat
Dealers, hav choice bargain in
farm landa, city and suburban
homes, good fruit landa and poultry
ranches. 8ee ua for good buys.
Near 8. P. depot
When I moved Into my new store
I Dut In a nice line of NEW FURNI
TURE, which I am a Ming at th pri
ce usually quoted for second hand or
hop-worn goods. Come In and leek
land for an Indefinite stay to takaround J..
. .n h. rheumatism.
UTIll.". ----- - ,V.I.
Farmers are about aone w.iu il
seeding. '
' Notice to Credltore.
Henrietta A.' Capen Estate:
xrti. u hernhv aiven that the un
dersigned has been appointed Admin
istrator of the Estate of Henrietta A.
Capen, deceased, by tbe County Court
of the State of Oregon, for th County
of Clackamas, and haa qualified. Ail
persons having claims 8'u -estate
ar hereby notified to Present
the aame to me at iJiaa ti"w
n.1r rd and WashinKton StB., Port-
land. Oregon, with proper vouchers
and duly verified, .within six months
from the date hereof. '
Dated this 18tn oay or aiarcn,
- i lmwiM W. CAPEN.
Admlnl8tr4tor of tb Eatat of Henri
etta A. Capen, ueeeasea.
Wanted At Once!
Oak Grove
Liberal terma t huatlar. Mr.
Mtllr Circulation Department, En-
terprlee, Oregon City Oregon
- i-
To Introduc The- Morning
Enterprise Into a larg major
ity of the homes In Oregon
City and Clackamas county tha
management haa decided to
. make a special price' ror tn
daily Issue, for a short tim
only, where tb subcriDer pay
. a year In advance.-
By carrier, paid a yr nt
advance, 3.00. ' -
' By mall, paid a year in aa-
vance, $2.00. ... . -
4 - People who gav our canvaa-
aer a trial aubscnpUon lor on
or mor months, at ten cant a
week, can hav th dally dlly
4 ered for a yar for I3.0Q by
paying a year In advance,
People who our canvas-
aer a trial subscription, by w
e mall, for tour months at a dot-
lar, may hav th paper for a
yr for 12.00, if paid a yr In
advance- r
. 8ubcriber to tha Weakly
Enterprls may chg their
- bBcriptlons to th dally, re-
calving ciedit for half tlm oa
th daily that th
I; .a i- adranc. When tbey'
X choose to add cash to th aJ-
vaace payment equal to a full
4 year's advance payment they
. may tak advantag of th $2
4 rat. 'v - 1
e ' w mak this apeclal price
4 o that paopbs wbo bar paid
la advance oa aom other dally
and wlah to tak th Morning
KntarprlB, may do ao without
' too (rat wpens.
The partnership heretofore existing
Bubscrlbe for tb Dally Enterprise.