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t Good
: V'iy Form
' v , 1 1 Is
... -J
. . Cerreet Letter Writing.
A communication or sift received by
i' person iu social life must b ac-
kuowledged. Thla la a rule so emphat
ic that It baa no eieeptlonH.
- And equally la It the nil tbat If the
eotnmunlcstln be a rani or not It
must be responded to la precisely tbe
am form. Acting upon this, no wo
" man need fear ranking a tnlstaka In
this bram-b of ber social duties.
V , A vlsltinf card, slight a It Is, should
not be Ignored uuleaa ft bears tbe let
. tera "P. P. C" In that Instance It Is
an answer t courtesies received aa
well aa an announcement of departure
.and therefore. niU'Bt be said to clone
. communication. ..
A - receipt of a card following an
vent of Importance' to the family re-
y quires a card In return. For example.
' after a birth or death or other occa
, alona leas momentous It la not uu
, .common for friends to post visiting
' cards aa Indicating tbat they are a ware
-z of tbe happening.. Sometimes merely
a word or Un la written on the card
as "Condolences." -FeUclUtlons.- ae-
.. cording to the nature of tbe event
Tbe return card, wblcb abould be sent
within a conpla of daya, may bar the
,' word Thanki" written on It. or It
may be blank except for the engraved
name and address.
It la not considered good form to an
swer a not with a card save after a
death, when a bereared family Is per
mitted to make little effort, and Its
members may spar themselves the
work of writing notes.
Invitations are always to be answer
ed In tbe same form la wblcb they are
received, so tbat If a not comes writ
ten In tbe first person tbe response
. also abonld contain tbe personal pro
noun. Mora formal Invitations, In
which tbe third person Is employed.
.. require tbe third In return,. .,.. ,
Incidentally a person who Is un
' accustomed to writing this most for
' mal communication, wblcb takes the
third person, most b careful tbat In
answering tbe response continue to
contain the third -at the end- as at the
beginning. . i
.' Mora than one person has committed
the error of beginning correctly wltb
tbe third and ending with tbe first per
- son.
A Few Tsble Rules. 1 v
A woman who gives much attention
' " to diet and Uvea up to the best ideas
" In this Una baa tbe following rales
neatly framed In a conspicuous place
in ber dining room where tbe family
may be Impressed with tbem:
' " First Five or ten minutes before
, beginning to eat a meal drink a glass
of cold water. This will leave tbe
. stomach before tbe food reaches It
and will carry wltb It any mucus
wblcb has accumulated since last eat
ing, thus leaving the walls of the stom
, acb clear and ready to be activated by
tbe newly arrived food.
Second. Never take a second cop of
Coffee. You will not care' for a second
If you moisten your food sufficiently
.- with saliva. Take dinner coffee al
ways wltb dessert or after rather than
before, as It thus aids digestion.
Third. Never wash your food down
with liquids, but masticate each mouth
ful well and It will be sufficiently
moist and will promote the flow of
gastric Juices, thereby preparing tbe
stomach still further for its work.
FourtWNever eat "until too full."
uto the matter you
will learn when to stop and thus avoid
tbe consequences of overeating. One
mouthful too much Is apt to cause dis
arrangement of tbe digestive system.
This may seen like putting it rather
strong, bat you know that even a
teaspoonful too much will cause a dish
to overflow, and tbe same applies to
tbe closely packed organs of tbe hu
man body, where disarranged gastric
fluids will produce Illness.
Telephone invitations.
When accepting an Invitation over
th telephone it la the part of wisdom
to follow it with a written acceptance,
la which tbe day, date, and hour are
repeated. Only In tbla'way can a wo
man be certain that nq error Is made
In th time, and tbe sense of security
given Is worth the effort
Telephonic Invitations will always
appear to be Informal and sometimes
are. but a woman will bav no diffi
culty In deciding tbe point If abe gives
heed to th hour appointed. A lunch
eon at half past 1 o'clock, to play
bridge afterward, may be regarded as
formal; dinner at any tlm after a
quarter to 7 Is also format.
Earlier than these hours I consid
ered to be Informal.
Bridesmaids Gewns.
.It Is customary for bride to se
lect th style and material of tbe
bridesmaids' dresses, and If tbe girls
ar not wall nougb off to bav many
dresses she should assuredly be care
ful to choose styles that are not too
pronounced, so that the dresses may
be worn on other occasions. Com-1
nlalnt. ehnnt .
from girls wbo bav acted a brides-1
Sialda when tbey were obliged to buy !
ressee tbey could never use -again
on account of the combination of col
ors or the exaggerated mod fancied
at the moment br the brfaU.
sii uvi , luirvnjuvui 1 ,
At c You, a Stibscf ifcet to the
Nc7 Daily?
. , ''... . '
If Th Morning Enterprise Is to b aa aucceaaful aa th Interests of Oregon
- City demand It muat need hav th support of all. Th new dally baa
a big work befor It In boosUng Oregon City and aackamaa County. Tour
support means mor strength for the work. '
Vill Ycti Help Boost your own Interests?
For a limited tlm th Morning Bstorprla will b sold to paid In advanc
subscribers a followa: . i N
py Carrier, 1 year........;
Ry Mail. 1 year..... .(..;.
tend In your nam and remlttane.
For the Children
X Leeemetive Entirely
Cevered With Apple.
At a horticultural fair In Bebastopol,
Cal.. on of tbe moot lutervstlng ex
hibits was an apple locomotive ou an
apple track on apple ties, say the 8t
Nicholas, from which the accompany
lag picture Is reproduced. It required
several thousand apples to make this
nnlqu design.
The framework was twenty-sli feet
long and six feet high, and tbe engine
waa complete, at 'least as to Its out'
ward appearance. The driving wheels
were operated by a concealed electric
motor. W-ben the power was turned
thla fruit engine moved along on Its
Making teraa Beeks.
The very best kind of scrap book for
the nursery is one made of linen, color
ed cambric or muslin. -Cut four pieces,
24 by 12 Inches, and buttonhole switch
tbe edges. Then stitch down tne
middle, fold over and stitch again
along the folded edges to make tbe
book atay abut Tbe edges may be
scalloped Instead of buttonholed. Ad
vertisements may b cut from news
papers and ma xs tines and . by combln
Ing Jbem make very funny pictures.
Another kind of scrap book can be
made from a blank book which baa all
of tbe leavea cut across about a third
of; tbe way down. Cut from picture
cards or old books flgures of men.
women, boya or girls, and, cutting off
the heads, paste the bodies on the
larger part of the page and tbe heads
on tbe smaller part so they Just fit to
gether. By only turning part of tbe
pages, either tbe upper or lower, at a
time, each body can be made to fit a
different head. But you must be care
ful to paste tbe pictures so tbat any
head will Join any body. A linen book
can be made In the same way.
Make the paste by mixing on bait
cup of flour with cold water to make
smooth thin batter. 8tlr continually.
Bemove from the Ore. as soon aa It
bolls and add three drops of clove.
Joke en tn Joker.
When Professor 8cbeffel,tbe Oer
man poet waa staying In Italy for the
benefit of his health tie received from
friend in Berlin In unstamped let
ter containing nothing but tbe fol
lowing words: "I am quit well.
Tours truly. B." Annoyed at having
to pay double postage, the poet pack
ed In a cas a very large atone and
dispatched It to his friend by express,
collect Tbe latter. In tbe belief tbat
th package contained something of
considerable value, willingly paid th
high charges nd opened tbe case.
Ills feelings may be better. Imagined
than described when he saw tbe stone
and tbe label attached to It which
bore the following words: "On re
ceipt of tbe new as to the state of
your health my heart waa relieved of
thla load."
Pretence of Mind.
A startling Incident la related of an
officer In tbe Twelfth hussar regiment
who was riding with the troops In the
neighborhood of the garrison of Mers
burg when suddenly bis horse, a high
mettled charger, took fright and bolt
ed. His efforts to restrain tbe animal
were fruitless. Giving tbe horse tbe
spring from the saddle. To bis dis
may, tbe animal auddenly swerved to
ward a piece of level ground wblcb
ended In a cliff overhanging th shore.
In a few moments both horse and
rider would be over th edg. But a
bright flash was seen for a moment
and tbe saber of the officer fell wltb
deadly effect upon tbe bead of bis
steed. Just In time tbe officer leaped
from tbe saddle and escaped.
What Luoy Knew.
Mother was very busy dusting and
straightening up th bouse. Llttl
Lucy waa helping.'
"I declare," said mother, 1 never
saw so much dust I wonder wher It
comes from."
"If I knew I'd tell you," answered
Lucy. i
"You don't even know what dust
"Oh, yes, I do, mother! It Is mud
with tbe Juice squeezed out"
When Msry Reads.
When Marr reaMe at school, you know,
She speaks the word off very slow-
, "l see-a-boy " and things like that
And Thoinas-have-you-eeen-the-estT
And teacher says (don't ever tell)
That Mary can't read very well.
But when the reeds to Bob and me
We scarcely want to stop for tee.
She reads the moet surprising thlnirs
Of birds tbat talk and beasts with wings.
And mother always smiles to see
When Mary reads to Bob and me.
It doesn't matter what the book.
Dear Msry only Jiae to look
To see the nicest stories there.
She took Bob's epeller, I declare.
' AndLsweeter tales there could not be
Than tnoss sne rM to BOO end met
And so we're sure mat teacher's wrong I
And Mary'll head the claee ere tons. V-4
For, tbouah the trosAi folks all can tab
What words th harilest letters speU .
Irs wonderful a air! so small
Caa read what Isn't there at all I
Tooth's Ccanpanloav
. ,i
Woman's World
Ne Career Greater Than Mme"
making. Say Miss Tarbell.
9 by J. B. Purdy.
This fs wbut Miss Ida Tarbell. tb
biographer of Staudard Oil and author
of "Life of Lincoln." baa to say about
woman'a civic duty:
Th most valuable cltlteu In tbe
world la the -woman who stays at
bom and properly brings np a family
of children.
A wuaaan'a flrat and most Impor
tant duty to tb atat la the same aa
It always baa been sine tb begin
ning of things tb rearing of good
cl Miens. - .
"There Is no achievement, literary.
artistic, what you will, which a woman
can perform that is of the same vital
significance to the nation aa tb rear
Ing of a family of mentally, morally.
physically healthy boya and girls.
There la no profession containing such
real honor fur a woman aa that of
bomemaklng. . And It la tba great na
tional Job for tbe majority of usr Let
us see tbat w stick to It. We can't
do anything better."
Miss Tarbell'a Interviewer here In
terposed tbat It was not possible for
air women to marry, and she was
asked what civic duties were best per
formed by tbe slngl one.
Mlaa Tarbell sold: "Tbey still serve
tb atat In many ways. Tba highest
service tbat tbey can perform Is to be
come teachers. Women do excellent
work on boards of hospitals, reforma
tories, prisons, asylums and schools.
Indeed, there should be a proportion
of women on all such boards, though
tber should be men also.
As factory and milk and tenement
house Inspectors women do apleudld
service. Tber should be many more
women probation officers. All state
Institutions taking care of women and
children should belargely admlnls
tered by women." ,
Household Economies.
To make biscuits light drench with
gasoline and Ignite before serving.
To keep servants chloroform and
lock In tb cellar.
To get rid of peddlers buy all tbey.
To remove fruit stains from linen-
use the sclsaora.
To keep rata out of tbe pantry put
all tbe food In tbe cellar,
To entertain women visitors lot tbem
road all your private papers.
To entertain men visitors feed tbe
To keep children at borne lock 'em
In th garret.
To keep hubby at borne lurk np all
his clothes. .
To prevent accidents In tbe kite ben-
nll tbe kerosene can wltb water.
To stop leaks In pipes send In a
hurry np for tbe nearest plumber.
To economize on coal get .a gas
range. ' ' - r
To teat freshness . of eggs drop on
bard surface.
To propitiate tb Janitor you can't
do lt.-IJpplncott'i. :
Large Waists.
Tbe Venus of Mllo dressed tn Pari
sian modes might pass muster now.
Thirty Incbea la none too big for a
waist Parta mad tb law, and every
one followed It Joyously. Even' tbe
ataya. pull aa you may. will not give
you a small waist It Is even rumored
that Frenchwomen pad tb front of
tb figure to cause It to appear atralght
but tb on desideratum Is to keep
tb hips to tbe straight line.
Catherine de Medici when she in
troduced tb bone corset made thir
teen Inches the right sir for tbe
waist and many, a woman at court
saciiAcad ber U7 to attain It There
la no necessity to have long bones' to
keep In tb hips. Coutll or brocade
may be cut no as to confine tb dimen
sions. Digestive organs are now left
full and easy play.
Women and Suffragettee.
On bla visit to America father
Vaugban of London (called by Ches
terton "tb Mayfalr priest wbo makes
th comfortable clauses feel uncomfort
able") waa asked, "Would you give
votes to women?"
"1 would mak no difficulty aboul
'giving vote to women," he answered
"But you understand." bd added, with
twinkling eye, "one you glv vote to
women tb auffragette would b want
tn them alao."8occeaev
Read th Morning Enterprise.
, I . WORK. ' .
Best of work and satisfaction guar
anteed. Hav your horse shed by an
xpert; it pay. - ,
All kinds of repair work and amlthy
work. Prompt service; greater por
tion of your work can b don whit
you do your trading. Olv m a trial
fob and a If I can't pleas you.
Cor. Main and Fourth its., Oregon City
'j rs :'V-
itlAttn TUr nil tnrilCC
aotlet-Cor. Main and Ninth aire!.
llw M A lU.wnrlh MJIllT. rve. Ill
Ninth: A. ft. 11 mm. Mis. A. F. I'erk-r
eiint.; nimnlns errvlce 10. J, eyenln
;J, T. f. a. C. K P. d Ju'
lore eame hour. Weekly prayer mei-
ln Thureday at T:lu P-
Morning subject "Cod Strengthen
ing th Weak."
Kvenlng "The Itlak Element In Re
Canemah Saptlet Mlealon-M. ft. meeta at
x.DW p. at., Iewle i vnaun
Kev. A. HllWIiranil I'aator. ree. u
Walvr; mw Mk a l lllh Miiaa
l:S a. m., afteiniMm nrvlil Ma
every morning al
C onre oat lena I 4" ir .
Main and Rlevenlh
ireer. Key., wm. i. rnwiw r"""
ree. Third; 8. 8. U noun, John Atm
rv iuil i ninrnln ei.rvtc even
M. Pnwloe paaior,
. tn 1:3K youna Ih'I Weehls,
lreyer meeting -muriumr m
Morning aublert -"The Conservation
f Uoyt and Girls. '
Kvrnlng "Soul Hunger,"
Chrlat Rv. Lutheran Cor. Klalilh end J.
u. Atlanta trv't, liev. r. ncnniim
tutaiiu. I'm Mtia J o Ailitma: n it
ID a. m. : nrvarhlua aft"rnuona of firal
- and third Hundnva at t:ld In KnalUh.
other Munday aa-rtk-ra mornlnsa at is 3
with prvachlnc in uerman,
Sunday suhl.'ci "Th Trlul ' of
Faith.' .Matt. 15:312.
1. Our Faith Is Tried.
2. Why It la Tried.
Chrlatlan Science--Willamette hulldlns;
8unlay eervlura It a. m., 8. 8. 11 noon;
Wvdneeday rt I era I p. m.
SJornlng aubject "Matler."
German IvanaellcalCor. Rth'h and
Alaillaon alreeta. Krv. K. Wleveelck paa-
lor, n jU MaJiaon: 8. a. i a. m.
Herman nnrauir. ionre irT,
miimlni errvlo II. yuena peoplo at 1
p. m. and prearhlna at p. m. ITayar
meeting Wedm-eday at T l p. m.
Gladstone Chrlatlan- llev. A. II Mulkcy
iiuitkr. rm. fllatlatone: 8. . 10 a. m..
N. C. Ilendrlcka aupl.; morning erfh-e
- II o clock, evrnlna eervue 7:j. wee.
ly prayer ravelins Thursday 7:19 p. in
Methedlet Main atreet ror. Heventh,
Iter. IB. r. Zimmerman rax lor. rea. eur
8lxth and Waahmslon; 8. 8. a. m..
C. A. Wllllania. Uiadalone. aupl i mora.
Ins aervloe 10:15. Riiworlh League :10.
evrnlns eervlce t:M. Trayer meeting
Thursday T:St p. m.
Mornlns 8ermon by Rev. C. U
lUinllton. of Central M. E. church.
EveningSecond sermon by Dr.
Meuntaln''lew union Con )- ft.- 9 I
- p m , Mrs. J. II Qulnn aupl.: Itlble
8tudy every Thursday anemoon;
nrearhlng 7:10 P m. second sad fourth
Sundays In January.
Preebvterten Srvmth alreet cor Jeffer-
' eon. Her. J. It. Landabnmush paaior.
.-roe, 71 Jetreraon: 8. 8 it a. m.'Mre
W. C. Ureeo aupl.; mornln service II
a. m.. T. P. 8 ' R. p. m . even
In arrvlce 7:10 Prayer meelln Thure-
day I p. m.
Morning subject "The Art "of For
getting.'' -
- Evening -Friends and )es of Our
Nation." -Y,
P. 8. C "The Dangers and I'sea,
of Money."
Parkplaee Cengregatlonal Rev, J.
Junri vaalnr. rre. t'larkamaa; 8. 8
a. m.. Kmerv Krenrh aunt.; preachln
rnlm a, ultrrnallne be
tween 11 a.' m. and J S0 p. m Chrla
turn Endeavor Thurada rvenln J:l
p. m.
t Paul's Kplacopsl -Ninth at., neer
Main. Kev. Ohaa W. Knblnenn pstor,
ree at Keetory. Ninth end Water ata.;
8. 8. 13 noon. Wm Hhewman supl.i
Prayer meelln Wcdneaday 7:10 p. m.
mnmln eervlt-e lis. on., evvnlng ar
vice I p. m.
Evenlnn. 5 p. m. Woodmen of th
World will attend In a body.
Ienten service every Friday even
ing at 7:45.
United Brethren Cor. Plant h and Taylor,
lu-v. 1 K. Clarke paaior, era. Portland;
8. 8. 1 a. m.. jVank Pnrker Mapl
lne, npl ; mornlns aenrlre li. Y. P
8. '. K. i p. m., evening eervlce 7.
Willamette M. C No regular prrarhln
arrvU-ea. 8. 8. S p. m., Mra. Keema
eupt. ;
ZI6n Lutheran Tor, Jefferson and El ah I h
alreeta. llev. W. K. Kraaherser pita
. tois. ree. 120 Jefferaon; 8. 8. :! a. m,
,' Kev Kraalieraer anpt. : mornlns aervlce
10:10, evening 7:41. I.ulher league 7
p. at-
Morning stibJect--'The Devll'a King
dom and Ills Conqueror."
Evening, 7 :4S Luther league, topic
John Wyellffe.
Meade Pont No. 2. O. A. It. met In
regular session Saturday. There was
a good attendance and two new mem
bers were mustered In. Comrade Mor
ton asalMted In giving th obligations
to the new members, and Comrade
Achley acted a officer of the day In
giving them th secret work.
The Post vofed to accept the Invita
tion of St. Paul' Episcopal church to
attend services there on the Sunday
preceding Decoration Day. May 28, at
10:30 a. m.' And also to attend ser
vices the same evening at the naptlat
church at 7:30. In this connection
the Post voted to Invite Department
Commander Ormshy to make ' the
Decoration Day address May . 30. and
elected Mayor Browne!! president of
tb day and requested him to' make
the address, to th unknown dead at
the cemetery.
Chas. H. Dauchy has given the Post
a picture showing a panoramic view
of Anderson prison, and the Poat has
had It framed and hung on th walls
In tbe meeting room of tb Post. Af
ter viewing the picture the Post gav
tbe donor a vote of thank for his re
membrance of the old soldiers of
Meade Post No. 2.
. Carry Concealed Weapons.
t.vman rtnlnnd seed 18. and fTharla.
Holmes, aged 11, were arrested Fri
day on tbe charge of carrvlns con.
cealed weapons. When taken before
t Put Yourself in the
Ad-Readers Place...
When you writ your classified
ad or any kind of an ad try to
Includ to It Just tb Information
you'd Ilk to find If you war an
ad-reader and were looking fot an
ad of tbat kino. . 4
If you do this to ven a small
extent your . ad will bring R
. . . .U Hie.
wa. released on hui own re
Holmes waa committed to tb Juve
nile court
Lenten aervtcs Will is Held at th
Maleatl Theater.
"The nrotherhnol of Ht. Andrew of
th Knleeonal church of Portland will
hold iionii-dav 1-eutou service on v-
ery week nay from April s to 10, in
elusive. The servlrea will bealn
nromtitlv at l!:to and cloa promptly
at 11:40 n, m. Th servlc will b
held In the Mnjeatlc theater, whlrh ha
leen donated for lh aervlcea. men
will be good iiiualo and you win ne
made welcome. --. -
Hev. C. W. Hoblnsiin. of 8t. Paul a
Riilaconal church, thla cltyr-w4ll make
I h addreasea on April 0, 7 ami a.
CltUena of Oregon City wbo happeu
In Poriland at the hour of tbeao ser
vices will b mail welcome at any
aervlc. The services are for tooth
sexes and all axes.
Choir offlr room Id Gamhrlmia
block: ateara heal. See J. J. Tohin,
Ordinance Ne.
An ordinance providing and compel!
tun owners of Iota whose surrac la
above th atreet, upon an Improved
alreet within the corporate limit of
Oregon City, preiton. to build a r
taliilng wall lo prevent Ibe aoll and
earth from such lot or lot from
falling or sliding upon the sidewalk
or into tb street; also giving I tie
City of Oregon City, th power to
build such wall In rase of th re
lusal and neglect of the owner of
any such property to do so aner
being notified to do th same, and
making th cost of aurh wall a Hen
upon such property, and providing
the manner of enforcing such lien;
also defining what notice la uecea-
sary -to , property ownera having
property requiring such wall, and by
whom given; providing that proper
ty ownera shall remov any and all
dirt from any such kit or lot railing
or sliding upon tb walks or Into
th street, and making It a misde
meanor for th owner or hie ageut
to refuse or neglect to remove any
auch dirt or for either or both to
fall to build auch retaining wall
wheel ao ordered.
Oregon City doea ordain aa fol
low: Section 1 Every owner of a lot
or lota within lh corporate limit
of Oregon City, Oregon, abutting
upon an Improved atreet, wher tbe
setrfare of auch lot or lota or tract
of land la abov th curiae of auch
Improved atreet and wher tb aoll
or earth from aurh lot. Iota or tract
of land la llaol to, or doe slid or
tall into th street or upon in aias- 1
walk, or both, aball build a retaining
wall, th outer side of which shall
be on the line separating awh lot,
lota or tract of land from such Im
proved street, and awh wall ahall
be so constructed aa to prevent the
soil or earth from such lot, lota or
tract of land from falling or eliding
Into auch street or upon lh side
walk, or both, and tb owner of any
auch property aball keep aurh wall
In good repair.
Section I. It aball be th duty or
th owner of any auch property aa
mentioned In Section 1. herein, and
In rase auch owner la a non resident,
then the agent or other person In 1
charge of tbe aame, to remov from
the atreet or sidewalk or both a
tbe ras may be, any and all earth
or dirt falling on or sliding Into or
upon the ssme from the said prop
erty aa aforesaid, and lo build and
maintain In order at all tlmea. the 1
retaining wall aa aforesaid; and up
on the failure, neglect or refuaal of
auch land owner, th agent or per
son In charge of th aame to clean
away such earth or dirt falling or
eliding from aucb property Into th
atreet or upon tbe .sidewalk or both.
or to build aurh retaining wall, ahall
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
and upon conviction thereof, he
fined In any sum, not exceeding lot)
, or be Imprisoned In the city jail not
' exceeding 25 days or by both such
One and Imprisonment.
Section 3 if the owner of a lot
or part of a lot or tracfofTahd abut-
ting upon an Improved atreet, where
tb same require a retaining wall
to keep th earth from the aame
from falling or sliding upon th side
walk or Into lh atreet, falla or re
r.ises to build such wall upon his
own motion, or in case of a non
resident, then the agent or person
In charge of such property, fall or
refuse to build such wall, the atreet
superintendent shall post upon such
lot or part of lot or tract of land as
aforesaid, a notice to aucb owner or
agent aa the case may b to build
the same, and he ahall file with the
City Recorder his affidavit tbat such
nolle waa posted on auch property,
giving th time and place. If the
owner live upon the premises, then
such notice-as posted shall b suf
ficient, but In case he doe not lire
upon th premise affected, or If h
be a non-resident, then the Recorder
upon receiving th affidavit of tbe
atreet superintendent, shall mall a
copy of auch notice to tb owner of
auch property, If known, or to the
agent of th owner, If known, and
directed to th postofflce addresa of
auch owner or agent, when such ad
dress Is known to th Recorder, and
if such postofflce address be un
known to th Recorder, such notice
shall be directed to such owner or
agent at Oregon City, Oregon. No
notice for the owner or agent to r
mov dirt from th sidewalk or out
of the atreet as required In Section
t hrof, and any owner or agent of
any aucb property falling to keep
such dirt off the sidewalk or out of
tbe street shall be deemed guilty as
set forth In aald Section J.
Section 4. If after th expiration
of ten daya from tbe giving of aucb
'notice aa aforesaid if theeowner or
agent be a resident, and twenty
daya If h be a non-resident, auch
owner or agent fall, refuse or nag.
lect to build such wall aa required
herein, th same may b built or re
paired under tb direction of the
street' superintendent, and th cost
of th labor and materials required
to build th same or to repair It,
shall be reported by him to the
Council together with a description
of th lot or part of lot or tract of
land which aald wall is built or re
paired to retain the dirt or earth
from falling on th sidewalk or into
th treet,' and auch cost ahall con
stitute a Hen upon such lot, part of
w tr8ct of Und a,ffactd, and
ahall b collected In Ilk manner as
asaessments for , street Improve
ment. ' Read flrat tlm at a apeclat meet
Ing of th Council bald In thu City
Hall Oregon City, Oregon. on th
18th day of March, 1911, at tb hour
of o'clock, pi M. -
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