Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, March 18, 1911, Page 4, Image 4

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Ooprrltit br Aurina Praee An
eavuoa, uu.
I H H I M M 1 1 1 1 1 1 I H 1 1 1 1 1
' Walter Dixon wmii graduated with'
the highest honors and. having itwwa
, J', remarkable promise In a literary way,
.wu seat abroad to study tb literature
f different eountrle. then given tba
chair of that department la bla alma
mater. But Walter waa a delicate M
- low. ami ala physicians told bla that
IX be cared to remain on eertb be
. would better- Hod aome occupation to
take bim out of doors. Walter took
the hint and aet himself up for aa ad
vertising broker.'
One morning be etepped Into tbe
tore of John Uobeoii A Co, Importera
of foreign fruits, etc, presented bla
card to tbe aenlor member of tbe Arm
and asked for patronage.
. "Young- man." said Mr. Ilobson. woo
waa uneducated, "I'm aglu advertie-
Inf. Tbere'a so many adrertliiemeata
that there Isat anybody reads "em."
"If people didnt read them, Mr.
Hobsoa, tbe periodicals and newspe
pars would bare to close up."
"I say people don't read 'em, and
that's all there Is about It I'm busy;
get out o" here."
"I see, Mr. Ilobeotj, tbat I can't do
,' aa business with you wltbout first
pro ring to you tbe ralue of what I
bare to sell. I will give you aa ad
' Tertlae men t free for tbat purpose.
Kladty mention the name of aome ar
ticle you bare for sale."
"Oh. take our preferred ginger and
let ma alone, I've more important
work on hand than staring off solkl
Several days later Mr. Hobeon notlc
- ad that bla null was much larger than
,' usual Tbe flrt letter be opened con
taioed aa advertisement cut from
newspaper of Uobsoa's prepared gin
ger. Mr. Bobsou first read tbe letter
UckMlng It:
, Dear 8tr I wouM call your attention to
in net tnat (wcer kx stow on
trass, aepcian m nottbiu cUmatee. It
Is a root and Is mdla-aaous to tropical
- esuntnas. lour raa-pectrullr
rrtedpal of the Iflch School
Mr. Hobsos glanced at the ad. wltb
; aurprlaa and re ration. It read aa fol-
Six feet Bine lucbee of height
a - - . .
a imiir taan soy
maa who erer fought giro Oscar
Stockley, tbe latest maa to be
boomed aa a beary weight
I -hope.' some consideration. Tola
f Florida person looks bigger than
X tbe giant tbat Jack killed. Here I
are bla measurements:
x jNeca. im. inches: across J
shoulders, C3 Inches; over about- T
wra, i acnes; cnesi raorman,
424 Inches; chest (deflated). SO T
laches; chest (inflated). 45
inches; waist 37 iuchea; abdo
men, 41 Inches; wrist. 9 inches:
forearm, 13i Inches; upper arm, T
H incnea; bleeps, 14'i lucbes; J.
cair. 134 Inches; thigh. 3d T
Inches; weight, 23J pounds; I
belgbt. 9 feet 9 Inches; reach. T
81 H Inches.
Turfmen Are looking FortH to
Actira Campaign in East
a a. aaata alsiaa r
jiiAtrr tiic niiinrilCCl city counrn ?
II1C UIUI.UILJ March. 1111. at
It ' "
Metropolitan Ceoreea Preparing Fee
ammee Meeting Jeeksy Clubs 01
farin Liberal Purses Fee ttakta,
Pimltts to Open Seaaen.
DU6AN TO 6ET $8,000
aotlst-Cov. Main and Ninth street.
Hay. 8. A. llaywotih paeuir, rve, nil
Ninth; 8. It noon. Mrs. A r. father
up ; morning earvtce It tik evenln
t H T. f. a. O. K t ie p. m. ana Jun-
fcira Mm. hour. Weekly prayer -
tag Thursday at T io m. m.
Canamah Saptlat MlMlenN. meela al
I p. Mm TLewle Conalia supt
Cahail Cnr tlt-p muA Tanlh atreeta
K. A. IllllebranJ Hlor, rea. li
Water; Low Maaa a m . IHsb Maaa
IS IS a. m . aimtHin rrU-e 4 . Naas
every morning at
Canaraaatlonat w KUtn anit Klevrnth
atraela. Key. WW M riK'le alMyl
rr o Third; 8. a. 13 n.wn, John l
ry aunt. motnln avrvU-e l . aen
ln t.10. youns- ihhU :3 Weekly
pngrar maetlng Tliurly al I I P. m.
CnHet Cv. Lutharan-Cor. Klulith and J.
Itv. I. ncnmitit
g A Jama
pastor, ras.
IS a, m.
and third
M J. Hi
Atlanta; H- H.
praaehlng arternmma or rrat
8undaa at J I" in r.nnn. i
othrr Sunday aervicea m-nlna al It Jfl
wtth preachtna; In Ceiiiian.
Chrtatlan Sahtnce Willamette Imlldlns;
Humtay aeolcvo II a in . n. S II mwin.
Wednesday seo-lo-s I i
Oi'M Ivanealkal-ror Klshth and
Madiaon streala, Ke. K. Wlevealck paa
lor. rv TU aiadwon; 8. 8 IS a. m
morning aervtoe It. pl al I
p. nt. and preach In al I p in. Prajrar
mealing Wednesday al T1 p.
Our gtegar Is growed aspedany for ua
" at Norway, picked rrein tae trrea and
' eared en tbe apot. Tbere atnt no tnsre
dlanOf airtt that woold Hurt a baby. It's
ail earafully peeled and pot to aoalt la
; esaaaar. aftar which It a boiled In lemon
joloe and put sate Jars. In this way we
Sit a Oavor that titers ain't no discount
" an.
Mr. Hobaon colored and bis eye Bred.
- Ha opened another letter:
Dsar Btr-I hare read your ad. and beg
Isaee to call your axtantioa to the fact
that there bj no -peer on singer. Tours
Of Us BUkely Cooking ScbooL
Other letters were as follow:
- That ad. of years Is a corker. I don't
. knew anything about gtecer. whether It
; bj fratn a Korway or a South American
. tree: bat. baring n toorouaH koowUda
'. at tbe Engllah language. I should Ilka to
write your ad a. for you.
u TQe mcloaed ad rertlap merit yoa hare
used tbe ward "growed" incorrectly. It
aneoM no -grown."
Tble ad. la rldlcnlooa. Tan might as
wen try te get walrua fat out of tba Car
. 'a son aa to try for ginsar m Nor-
way. .
Mt Hobsoa bad opened and thrown
Into the wastebaaket a hundred letters
atwyers. doctors, boose wlTes.
aaewfcaate Indeed, all aorta of persons
ad was about to get at bis dally
waea the poatman came in and
Another bundle. And such
waa the case when erer a Latch of mall
waa wellTered. Mr. Hobsoa was ohlle
! to open the letters lest be should
taiww Into the wastebasket something
af Importsftce, The next day there
ara but two or three comments ou tbe
aL and tbe day following none.
Ob the third day Dixon appeared.
-Mr, Habst.n fn',-ci him aud aaid.
What Co inn mean 1T dinirrailne
Craok Rider Re-engaged ta Pilot Mil-
lienaire'a Heeeae at Big Salary.
Eddie Dugan. one of the cleverest
Jockeys In tbe country, was re-en
gaged recently by August Belmont to
wear tbe famous maroon colors during
tbe coming season. For bis service
Dugaa will recede $3,000, which la
equal to $1,000 per month. Consider
ing tbe unstable situation of racing
this salary la remarkable and proof
Wltb tbe advent of spring tbe turf
men are looking forward, to tbe open
ing of the eastern thoroughbred horse
racing season, which this years begins
at Jamestown. Va in AprlL
There will be raring al Sheepehesd
Bay, Grareseud. Belmont park and at
Saratoga, N. r 0 say nothing of the
smaller metropoiltaa tracka oa tbe
New York circuit, while many things
may happen between now and tbe
opeulug of tbe racing eeasoa, at pres
ent we prosiiect for a a u aimer 'a racing
,w . t ...... . . . .1
i tut ewi aaa not looaeu urignter in MethodleWMaln
several years. Kay
Several of" the" bbj-aiake races are to
be run on the metroMlltaa tracka this
year, and Saratoga la looking forward
to one of tbe best see. eons In her hla
tory. It la tbe racing folk that keen
tbe town going both In summer and
winter that la to aay, tbe native of
Saratoga charge such blgb prices for
everything In summer tbat they have
enough cash left over when tbe saasun
clones to carry them over until the bell
again rings In the padJock,
Tbat the outlook for tbe season of
1911 All the Vv Vnrtr l .1. I, I .J .I.. I P-Srtwli
,K . . . I - vtMMrm paaior. rea i lAvMamee; n. w
Omllnanaa No.
An ordinance providing; and compell
ing ownera of lola ntse suriuce
above the slreel. uimn aa Improved
street within the corputate lluilia of
Oregon City. Oregon, to build a ra
taming wall lo prevent the aoll and
earth from such lot or Ms from
railing or alldlutMinon the aldewalk
or Into the street; also giving the
City of Oregon Ciiy. me power to
build such ll In raati or the ra
fuaal and ue(tct, of I be owner of
any such property to do so aftar
being -hot lAvd lo do the same, and
making the coal of such wall a lien
uikiii such projierty, and providing
the manner of enforcing such lieu;
also denuln'g bat notice Is neces
sary lo property owners havlm
properly requiring such wall, and by
whom given: providing that proper
ly owners shall remove any and all
dirt from any such lot or lots falling'
or sliding upon the walka or Into
ibe stroet.-and making It a nilaJe
nieatior rof the owner or bis agent
to refuse or neglect lo remove any
y . - I . . , '
' Axe Yu n
such dirt iir lr either or both -to
when so ordered
fall to build such relalnlug w
Oladatene ChHatlan- Ilev A II Mulkey
paator. rea. Oladalniie: 8. 8 It a- m .
K. C. Ilendeteka supt.; morning ervli-a
ecrova, evening wrvUf I. IV waea
ry prayer mUna Thurolay -1.10 p m.
atrrel cor fleventh'.
ajmntormmn naator rva. etw
nuns and Waablnaion; 8, 8. It a. m.,
C. A. Wllllama, UUxlatone. aupl ; mom
Ins service IS: 41, ht worth Leasua. IS.
evealna aervkw T It ITayr meeltug
Thuraday XM p. ai.
MeunUIn View Union i Con V-n. 8 I
P- m.. aira. J. II guinn supt ; Hlble
Study every Thilraday aftemoon;
preaching T:I p. m. aecond and fourth
nunoaye u January.
eVeabytaelan ajeventh street e.r Jeffer.
auo. Key. J. R. Iindbomu(h paatiir.
rea. TIS Jefferann: H 8 1 a. in . Urn
W. "C. Rreea auptT morning sen he 11
m. in., i f. m. t K. it p. m.. even
Ing aervkw T:a. lYmyrr meeting Thura
day I p. sa.
Congregational Key. J I
shown by the fact tbat tbe West- f a. m.. Xmn v.n,-h mm : nmrkm.
cneater ttacing association and the I ""ea acn Buniay. alternating be
i wren ii a a and nil. a inrie
I.. .Kl . I, , . 1 ...m.,.,
k ' tiveiy rampauru I.
m ixiuiyu n mil n;n iietrt Bpleeeeal Ninth at
Main. Key. Chaa W. Koblnann paatnr,
r. at nectory. ,-sintn and watrr atn
" 8: II noon. Wm Mhewman aunt
Prayer meelln Wedneaday 1.1 . m
mominn rvRa li a m.. evnina
vice . p. m.
United weetheen Tor Elahlh and Taylor,
nwr. r. ciarae tator. rea. Portland
8. a. It a. m.. Krank Pvker. Mania
wm DC : nuirnietf Mrvtr 1 1 T
8. C. K. D. m . evenlne aervlca
-No regular preaching
I p. m . Mr. Jleama
for this year Include such classics aa
the Juvenile, with S2.0OO added: tbe
ladlea. for filllea, thnyeafhlarurtth
$5,000 added; tbe Belmont, with $3.0H0
added, and several other ataka event.
Then at Saratoga tbe association will
run tbe Saratoga special, tbe various
hotel stakes which in years past were
for flafllO each- I ha rinna,rtil .tw ! '--
for two-year-olda. and many other IIOZE!? if- f
classic events which bare made the "-
" ... i iiij ruiw . a nwnw
throughout tbe world.
In Maryland tbe outlook la brilliant
for a season of blgh class sport. No
attacks have been made upon tbe turf
game In this state.
While tbe first meeting of tbe year
will begin-Jn Jamestown. Va, tbe sea-.
eon of 1911 In tbe east will In reality
begin at PlmlK-o In' AprlL Such prom
inent stable as vnose of Herman
Duryea. R- T. Wilson. James ft. Keene
8am Hlldreth and possibly narry j r- Armstrong, of Redland. waa In
Payne Whitney and A. Belmont are i Pres;on Cr t'rlday having brought
expected to race at the meeting. i n ,u Tr or B"P t "en Iav-
With tbe stables of such world re-1 t'I'T''. Ar.n of
nowned American tnrfman . apple growers Of tne
gleet Lutheran Cor Jefferson and Klahlh
airr-ria. tier. w. K. Kravoerser paa
loe. rea. Tie Jetferaon; 8. 8. ( ! a. a .
Rev K rax bar far eupt-r memlna aervlca
i . evening T li. iJiiber La-agua
p. m.
Choice office rooms In Gamhrlnus
block; steam heat. Bee J. J. Tobln
Sell Well
Because They
F rem aismiah.
Ar Free
J- rm
osssa a EXT KkAsoa.
my boatnea by putting In that ad
about my preserved ginger? Only an
Ignoramus would bare aaid what Too
"The question is not u to ibe writ
ing of the ad. I don t pretend to
know anything about ginger. I wished
to prove to you tbat ads. are read."
"Young man. I'm convinced that peo
ple do read ads. But I d like to know
where you got your learning."
"I'm a college graduate."
"Well, all I've got to say Is that
they'd better burn down tbe college
where you graduated. A college grad
uate as don't know any more than yen
about ginger and how to write com
mon language bad better put his head
to soak."
"If you are convinced that advertlee
mepta are generally read and will give
me an order you can write tbe next
ad. yourself."
"You bet I'll write It myself. I don't
want no more such wrong Informaticn
and bad wrltln' about my goods. Set
down there a few minutes and 1 11 talk
to you."
Wxon "act" awhile, but It paid bim.
Ha left tbe store with a thousand dol
lar order for advertisement. ' And
. Hobaon was convinced from the sud1
aen dropping off of the letters be bad
received about the test ad. that adver
tisements must be repeated to be of
value. Th order was continuous.
"." The business thus gained proved the
foundation for a large clientele tbat
waa very profitable to Dixon. Con
atantty out In the air be grew rugged
V and well to do at the earns time. Tbe
; Ingenuity ha displayed In getting Hob
aon A Co.'s business waa developed In
positive tbat the chairman of the
Jockey club considers Dugan tbe name
"old champion." Dugan has rlddeu
the Belmont runners for several years
and baa given satisfaction to their
owner and to tbe turf world.
Dugan la now at Garnet, 8. C.
where Belmont winters bis string.
There are thirty-five thoroughbred
down at tbe farm tinder the care of
John Whalen. The rider will break
In. lii ian-irlt. t .hT rtdi!le and
also teach them the tricks of the bar
rier. At the same time be will have
plenty of opportunity to get down to
riding weight, 107 pounds.
mora the eastern season of 1911 will
have a most brilliant beginning.
Will Give Incentive to Rseing During
th Coming Season.
One of the chief Incentives to blr
yacht racing the coming season will be
the Commodore Clark gold cup for an
ocean race for schooner from New
London. Conn., to MsrMebead, Mass.
as announced at tbe annual meeting of
the Eattern Yacht clnb recently In
Boaton. The cup la ten Inches In
belgbt and tbe top Is In tbe form of a
Spanish galleon. It Is to become the
property of tbe yachtsman winning It
three times.
The horse meeting at Tampa, FT.,
bleb was originally scheduled to
close March 11 has been extended to
March 25.
Wealthy New York turfmen are ral.
ing; a fund of $230,000 to continue tbe
port next summer. Admission at tbe
gate will be $3, but tbere will be free
admission for tbe public.
Harvard added another big game to
ber football schedule for next fall
when the Carlisle Indians were given
the data for Nov. 11. This game will
take tbe place of that at Cornell.
Alfred W. Dunlop. the Australian
International tennis player, captain of
than A wtai.lUt A ... . iL.l .
other direction., mo that It waa nt rUr" !" LJb
long before ha had all aa eouid attend lanA Jmi. , tl, m Z m Kn
ta finally hnvtar a-taV v,. l?1 Wt this country th coming
uea.,h ha gar. p bla .lta7. TSSXJSLS. '
wu alVWiniif UlVJJ
will be Hayed In August at tha eaalno.
), . a a mad hla chair at tha university.
Afe You "a Subscribe to tbe
If Tha Morning EntsrpHse la to be) 88 aueeeeaful aa tha Intereata of Oregon
City demand It must needs have tha eupport of alL The new dally haa
a bl( work before It In boosting Oregon city and Clackamas County. Tour
eupport means mora strength for tha work, ...
T7 ill Yon Help Boost yotif own Interests?
a limited time tha Mora lag Enter priae wfU be sold to paid la advance
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nana in your name ana remittanee.
. ' ' . .. ' ; I---
International Match Will Probably Be
Played In June.
At tbe annual meeting of tbe Pole
association In New York recently lt
waa announced that a date Id Jane
would probably be agreed upon for ibe
match with Hurllngham for tbe Inter
national cnp. Tbe old officer were re
elected and tbe following date allotted
for club tournaments: May 15 to 24.
Washington Tolo club; May 22 to 27.
Squadron A.' X. G. X. T.; May 29 to
June 3, GresPNeck Tolo club; June S
to 10. Philadelphia Country club; June
12 to 17. Bryu Mawr Tolo club; J tine
10 to 30. MeadowLrrmfc polo dlnh:
June 20 to July 1. Ievon Polo club;
July 1 to 15. Kockaway Hunting clnb;
July 1, to 23, Uamson Polo club; July
17 to 24, Myopia nunt club; July 24
to 20., Southampton none Show as
sociation; July 24 to Aug. 19. Point
Judith Polo club. Including national
and open championships; Aug. 21 te
28. Westchester Polo club: Aug. 23 to
nepr. z, iraffalo Country club; Sept 4
to w. ueanam rolo clnb; Oct. 2 to 4
Kanaaa City.
county, ana although he baa not a
large place, raises enough apples to
. vi . . .
am mm an aeason ana enougn to ale
pone of. He received a good price for
me appiea yesterday aa tney were
wimout nieramn.
Mr. Armtsmug stales (be apples
nave not Kept as well ibis yesr aa In
former years, aa the summer of last
yesr was unimtially dry. He disposed
of the load of appiea In a ahort time
after arriving h-re.
Oregon City does ordain aa fol
lowa: .
Section 1 Kvery owner of. a lot
or lots within the corporate limits
of Oregon City. Oregon, abut t lug ,
upon an Improved at reel, where the
surface of such lot or lots or tract
r mna la atxtve me auriace ot a urn
Improved at reel and where the aoll
or earth from such lot, lota or tract
of laud Is llaule lo, or doea allde of
ran into me street or upon the aide.
walk, or both. 'shall build a retaining i
all. the outer side of which shall
be on Ihe line separating .such kit,
lots or tract of land from such Inv i
proved street, and such wall shall
I be so constructed aa to prevent the
soil or earth from such lot, lota or
tract of land from falling or eliding ,
Into.aurh atrevt or upon Ihe aide
walk, or both, and the owner of any j
auch property ahall keep such wall
in good repair. I
Section J. It ahall be the duty of
the owner of any auch property a
mentioned In Sectlwa 1. herein. And
In raae such owner Is a non resident,
then the agent or other person In
, charge of the same, to remove from
the alreet or aldewalk or both aa
the caa may be, any and all earth
or dirt falling on or eliding Into or
upon the same from tbe said prop-
-erty aa aforesaid, and lo build and
maintain In order at all tltnea. the
retaining wall aa aforesaid; and up-j
on the failure, neglect or refusal of
auch land owner, the agent or per
eon In charge of the same to clean
as ay auch earth or dirt falling or
sliding from auch property Into Ihe
alreet or upon tbe aldewalk or both.
or to build auch retaining wall, ahall
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor'
and' upon conviction thereof, be j
fined In any sum, not exceeding 10
or be Imprisoned In Ihe city jail not
exceeding IS daya or by both such
DAI L ?;
Notice of Application for a Vacation
of a part of the Alley in Block 113,
or Oregon city, Oregon.
Notice Is hereby given that the un
derslgned have filed a petition wltb
the Recorder of Oregon City. Ore
gon, asking for a vacation of a nor-
tlon of the Alley running through
Block 112. and extending from the
property line on tbe easterly side of
Jefferson Street lo the property line
on toe
wesTcrly side-oradtsoiH snrh owner or sgenl, wsea-auch-adJ
9 atat Ir4 a" It a Tk a I . a T 1
A. A. U. Aquatie Championship Meets,
The championship committee of the
Amateur Athletic union announcea the
following date for the national swim
ming championship:
March 15-Breaat stroke and fancy
diving championship. Chicago Athletic
March 24-Flfty yard champlonahlp.
Argo Athletic association, Philadel
phia. March 25 Hundred yard champlon
ahlp, New York Athletic club.
March 28-Two hundred and twenty
yard championship, PIttsbnrg Aquatic
club, w
March 80-Back stroke end 15d yard
championship. Illinois Athletic club.
March 81 and April 1-Flve hundred
yards, plunge for distance and water
polo championships, Missouri Athletic
clnb, St Louis.
Msy Start Intsroellegiate Boxins i
If tbe plana of tbe Polydencean club,
the boxing organization of the Univer
slty of California, bold good, this sea
eon will witness tbe Inauguration of
Intercollegiate boxing between Call
foraia. Stanford and St Marya. The
Ilng spirit in tbe movement haa
beenA. M, Johnson, vice president of
th Polydencean club and ten of the
Sovarnor elect ot California. Johnson
la a clever flgbtwetght
Read the Morning Enterprise. .
Beat of work and eatiafactlon guar
anteed. Have your horses shod by an
expert; It pay.
All kind of repair work and smithy
Jmpt Mrv,c: grtr per.
tlon of your won, can he done while
you do your trading. 0lve me a trial
Job and see If I can't please you.
street of said City. The part of
said Alley asked to be vacated being
a amp or laoa six feet wide off and
from both aldee of said alley and
extending Ihe length of the aame
through aald block. Said applies
non is now pending before said
Council of Oregon City, and will
come up for hearing before said
t onncii, at a meeting of ihe name
to be held In the Council Chamber
at uregon City, Oregon on the lth
day of April, at the hour of 8 o'clock
i-. i or said day.
Ordinance No.
An ordinance declaring the assess
ment for the Improvement of Wash
. Ington 8treet. Oreaon fit v. rirr..
from the south side of Second
oirewi to the Houth side of Seventh
oireei. '
Oregon Cliy does ordain as fol
. Iowa:
Section 1 The aasessment for
the Improvement of Washington
Street from the south aide of Heo
ouu street to tbe south side of Sev.
nth Street, Is hereby declared and
levied according to assessment roll
No. 2, new series, and the whole
ost of the aaid assessment la
Section 2. Whereas the condition
of aald part of aald Washington
Street la and was dangerous to the
health and safety of the people of
Oregon City and It la necessary for
the Immediate preservation of their
health and safety that this assess
ment should be made at once, an
emergency la hereby declared to
exist and this ordinance shall take
' effect and be In force from and after
Ita approval by the Mayor.
Read first time and ordered pub
lished at a regular meeting of the
Put Yourself in the
Ad-Readers Place...
nX7PM fl Ttrnew a o -
, I Cor. Main and Fourth ts, Oregon City
When TOM write vour elaaatrta
ad or any kind of an ad try to
Include In It Just the Information
you'd like to find If you were an
ad-reader and were looking foi an e
ad ot that kino,
If you do this to even a email
extent your ad will bring Re- e
line and imprisonment.
Section 1- If the owner of a lot !
- or part of a lot or tract ot land abut-J
ting upon an Improved alreet,- where
the aame require a retaining wall
to keep the earth from the aame j
from falling or eliding upon the aide-!
walk or Into Ihe at reel, falls or re-!
fuses to build such wsll upon his j
own motion, or In case of a non- J
resident, then the agent or person i
In charge of auch property, falls or
' refuses to build such wsll, tbe street
superintendent ahall post upon auch
lot or part of lot or tract of land aa
aforesaid, a notice to auch owner or j
agent aa the raae may be to build
Ihe aame, and be ahall file with the
City Recorder hla affidavit tbat auch
nolle waa poeted on auch property,
giving the time and place. If the I
owner live upon the premises, then I
such notice aa posted shall be suf-,
flclent, but In esse he does not live
upon tbe premises sffected. or If he
be a non-resident, then tbe Recorder
noon receiving the affidavit of the
Street superintendent, shall mall a
copy of auch notice to the owner of
auch property. If known,' or to the
agent of the owner, it known, and
directed to the prwtoffice address "of
Is to be as successful as the inter
ests of Oregon City demands it
must needs have the the support
of.all. The new daily hafa
big work before it in boating
Oregon City and Clacks
County. Your support meis
more strength for the work.
dress Is known to the Recorder, and
If such postofflce sddreas be un
known to the Recorder, such notice
shall be directed to auch owner or
agent at Oregon City. Oregon. No
notice for the owner or agent to re
move dirt from the aldewalk or out
of the street as required In Section
2 hereof, and any owner or agent of
any auch property falling to keep
auch dirt off the aldewalk or out of
tbe atreet ahall be deemed guilty as
set forth In said Section 2.
Section 4. If after tbe expiration
of ten daya from the Riving of such
notice aa aforesaid If the owner or
agent be a resident, and twenty
days If he be a non-resident, such
owner or sgent fall, refuse or neg
lect to build such wall aa reoulred
herein, the same msy be built or re
paired under the direction of the
street superintendent, snd the cost
of the labor and materlala required
'to. build tbe same or to repair It
"hall be reported by him to the
Council together with a description
of tbe lot or part of lot or tract of
land which aald wall la built or re
paired to retain the dirt or earth
from falling on tbe sidewalk or Into
the atreet, and auch coat ahall con
stitute a lien upon such lot, part of
lot or tract of land affected, and
ahall be collected In like manner as
saeaamenia ior street Improve
ments. Read first time at a special meet
.?,.0,th Counc" held In thu City
"L1'.01 City, Oregon, on the
15th day or March, 1911, at the hour
of o clock P. M. of said day, and
ordered published to come un for
aecond reading and final paaaago at
meeting of the Coun-
ell to be held at tha City if.n in
Oregon City, Oregon, on tbe
uny oi - 1911. at the honr of
Will You Help Ui
Boost Your Own
For a limited time the Morning
Enterprise will be sold to paid
in advance subscribers as follows:
S o'clock thereof.
19 li.
CHy Treaaurer's Notice.
N?U"?R,E? 1VEN that
- - """ runae on kand
L th Tr,MUPT of Oregon City to
STm 0'w, pr,or t0
Alao all Road fund Warrant. M
. "" oireet improvement
Knd.U Bumb . . .
'" ; M. D. lATOURETTB,
Treasurer of Oregon City.
By casciet, t year $3X3
By mall, I year 23
Send in Ycur Name
and Remittance