Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, March 10, 1911, Image 1

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) ,u Jl will be rilri
'" ! benefit of low pHce.
jus) amy mm
tweeit Portland i
ana and Salem; elre 4
latee In evsry Motion Claofca-
imi County, with a papulation e
10,000. Are yew an eavertleerf
TMI Hlo" 'n,l'u Thal ,h ,n,U'"
net thill Not Given
4 Aid from This Coun.
WASHINGTON. Msrcb (Bpl.)
k ( out now that Iho cause for
a. itMlnf of United State troops
... ... ! iKirdrr la to tlon fill-
torln eipedlllona from Ihla aldo
ika fcirocr ana 10 pu v
Li if tha duty of tha National Oov-
... (a uilr-o In tha flrat otare.
p4 Id lb second plsce tha cutting
of of tha SHPI'lieS I"" inrrwn
... t.i. fh rainilar envettiment to
-I down tha rebellion, which Is want
i M tots sdmlnliitrstlon. ' '
jj aatniin!''1"""
ib epHl H Mn "N "f ,B- Quickness
HI whirs tt l moblllxlng troops on
... u.(n frontier. And tha abort
tim ovce' to do ihla work la's
fh ovrrmnonta of otbar na-
tooi that w can 1 Quick work on
rtort noilca It wo ntoa to, ana mat
u mil what tha cauae for it
TIkm with Ihe thought of foreign
lifailuo of (he l nitaa Kieies win (im
rKlr. . . "
TU story la going tha rounds that
cat president IMai aboold dla at
tin Urns It may bo necessary for thla
Niitno to take poaseaslon of Meitco
A-r tn kwn ixara amonK tha cltl-
triii of that nntlon and for tha pro-
irtloa of Ameriran inYomora.
(Tba Bua4y acboot room of tha
Piitijrrt church waa tba acana of
a wjr pnltf affair Tburaday aftar-
I aoua from i to 4 o'clock. 1 D occa-
tiua m (As banquet nivrn for toa
IkwIumt' rlaaa of tha Hundar achool.
TIkm lit I la tola range from (brea to
li tun of ae.
Tkr wera alxty children to alt
toti t( the Ublea and forty pa re n la
itrt prftont.
i n Droaram conalalad of aonra and
rcrlitUona by tba Uttla folka followed
by i map bubble blowing conteat.
I Oa rlitnr from the tablea tha Uttla
Mil vara lined up tn a grand march
iriin4 "Four and twenty oiacK oiraa
taM In a pie,"
The pi warf bakud In a irlani pan
ia 4-oralfd with black blrda. Tba
mag of thia pia waa a aaca ot canaj
taMrh tot nroiMtHt and tha little onaa
matl? enjoyed tha grabbing.
After tha dim rlbu lion of candy tha
rtlMren wera. taken borne by tba par
ol. 4
Mr. Ch. Kly la tha teacher of thla
All who ware Dreaent enjoyed tba
fair eicewdlngly.
lankat Shipped to T
8T. LOUIH. March 9. Ordert wera
'waived today at tba United 8tatea
OonoiliMry Department bera for tba
mmnllate ahipment of 1S.0O0 biankata
o Trxaa. Captain C. W. Wllaon, aa-
littnt depot quartermaster, aald tba
lock of blanketa In tha depot will
"'Pply an army of 100,000. Bit car
liwdi of prorinlona wera alao ordered
io Tma.
WABHINdTOV. March rSnl )
Tb Rppubllrnna In Congreaa wlU bold
eocua and organlie on April S.
Cwoon may be made tha Republican
iwnar m the llouac. A atrong or
tnlMtlon U to be effected In an effort
iccompllah all poaalbla for tba Ad
""olitration. IP Yoo Want To
y Well Posted
Mw1!'. ,nd, l00k oy,r th M"'
"w.t eraatlona In atyllah weap.
Nw aj 8 PPrel.
to rw. ,k fl and Inofuctlva for you
Uil, ' ,h dlfferam atylaa created
"on In man'a and young man'a
Price Btfotheis
th and Main St a.
Oregon City and I'ortland
I'alr; variable wlnda, moatly
f oaalerly.
Orejon Fair; norlheaaterly
Program Planned By Thoa Having
Affair In Charga.
E. 8. Warren, of Oak Orova, ao
companled by Heattr Arniatrong, Jaa
ala Spldnll and Margaret 1-awla wera
In Oregon City on Wednesday aelllng
tlrketa for tha concert to ha given at
Oak drove on Saturday night. March
II. by tha Oak Orova band, tha little
glrla being members of tha band. They
dtapoaad of many tickets.
Following Is tba program to be giv
en on that nrcaalon: Helactlon, Oak
Grove Girls' Hand; piano duet, "Rib
bon Polka," Mlaaea Arniatrong and
Kill: recitation, "An Order for a Pic
ture,' Mlaa Ada Htarkwnather; vocal
solo, "Tbrea Uttla Cheatnuta," Mlaa
Mary lltirna; violin solo, aolacted.
Prof. Brhuff; vocal aolo, "Almond
Kloasoraa." Mra. ft. F. Drlscoll: vocal
dut, "larboard Watch," Mrs. Marble
and Mr. Oreene; recitation, "Our
HI rod Girl.' Mlaa Gladys McCuley;
vocal aolo, "Ma was a Prince, Mlaa
Rae Wing; aflactlon, band; comet ao
lo. "Klllarney,- Prof. 'II.' F. Drlacoll;
vocal aolo, "Anchored,' Mra. Fay Mar
ble; recitation. "For Her Country,"
Mrs. U. F. Drlacoll; vocal aolo, "I
Won't Play With You." Mlaa Jesale
Bpldell; vocal duet, "The Land of
Klowera." Mlaa Wing and Mra. Mar
ble; nlaoo aolo, aclocted, Mra. U. F.
Drlacoll; Scenes from tba laat Days
of Pompeii, Mr. Frank H. Iawton;
selection, band.
A Few Real Estate Deala.
K. P. Elliott A Co. have been doing
Imalneaa tha paat week regardleaa of
the fart that buatneaa baa not opened
op yet. ' They - have sold the John
Htokea place, B mllea eaat of thla city.
the paaaold farm near Molalla, the
F. C. Uurka farm of 80 acres at Molal
la. 22 acres at Willamette to Mr. Mat
thews of Portland, 20 at Willamette to
Mr. ntlita of Molalla. 20 acres at Wil
lamette to O. W. Wreatlcr of Salem,
and 48 acrea south of Oregon City to
Mr. Iliillard of galem.
Wm. Brhullt. grocer on Seventh
etreH. made a bualneaa vlalt to New
berg tba flrat of tha week.
Three Re-Appolntad and One Falls to
Receive Endorsement.
SALEM. Or.. March . 8pU Sev.
eral appointments on tha General Mili
tary Staff wera made today by Gover
nor West. Colonel Samuel White baa
received the appointment of Judgo-Advocate-General
and Major Creel C
Hammond, of tha ""mirth Iitfantry.
Captala Hiram tl. Welch and Captain
txiren A. flowman, of tha Third Infan
try, have all bran commlaalnned on
tha General Staff. Major Hammond la
the onl yono of tha four not reappoint
ed. He la named to fill a vacancy on
the staff which baa been In existence
for several months. - "
Bryan Talka to Bay Staters.
linftTON Marrh S William J rtrv.
an today 'addreaaed the two branches
of the Lrglalature after ha had lunched
with Governor Foea and nearly 100 of
the Democratic leadvra In this atsta.
101 PfR HILL
An exciting runaway occurred on
the steep grade of Singer hill Thurs
day morning, and several men had
narrow escapes for thalr lives. The
borses attached to a farm wagon bad
started down tha hill when a chaaffuer
In charge of an automobile following
blew tha horn for the driver of tha
team to. turn to one aide. Tha borses
hearing tha nolae of tha horn became
frightened and ran down tha blll'at a
teriiflo rate, but tha driver remained
In tba seat and held to tha reins.
There wera several teams going In
tba opposite direction, on a of F. T.
Darlow, which was driven by Mr.
Cbsrles, wbo Immediately turned bis
team, and escaped from being struck
by the frightened horses by only a
few Inches. Tba horses proceeded on
their way across tha track ana down
towards tha river. At tba corner ot
the 8ulllvan property tha horses
turned and ran Into a large Or tree.
Had It not been for tha tree they
would have gone over tha bluff Into
the river, taking the driver with thara.
It was recess at the McLoughlln
Institute and many of the children
were playing In tba street nearby
when the horses dashed down from
the bluff, and the youngsters bad a
narrow escape. . Tha borses had no
mora than passed wer the railroad
track when the passenger train cam
along.' ' ' ' ;' " '
Read the Morning Enterprise.
Firemen Think Officer Cooke Was too
Haaty at Sunday Fife.
During the Are' Sunday' morning
there was much rowdylam on tba
streets to the annoynance of the fire
man and to the discomfiture of the po
lice. As an outcome Officer Cooke
arrested a fireman who was at work
on the lire under tha misapprehension
that ha was Interfering with tha work
of extinguishing the blase,
' Complaint was made to the Mayor
In the matter and the subject was
brought up for discussion at the meet
ing of Council Thursday night. There
Is to be a closer watch kept of who
are and who are not at work at the
Ores and by what authority men are
working. The firemen felt outraged
over the deed and no doubt tba officer
felt ha waa doing his duty.
oreqon city, Oregon, frijjay, march
Good Music, Jolly Crowd, Spsclous and
Wall LlgMsd Hall Makes for
' v ' a General Good
v" Time. '
The Willamette Club, an organisa
tion effected for the purpose of giving
four danrea among the social people
of the city, gave Ita flrat dance In
Buarb'a hall Thuraday evening. There
waa a large and enthuaiaatlc crowd
present, the number embracing many
of the society people of the city. A
few sent regrets.
Those present declare that the
event waa one of the moat successful
aver witnessed In the city. There
waa much of quiet refinement mani
fested and those present being from
among those who are wont to attend
social functions together made for a
happy time for thoae who participated.
Paraon'a orchestra, one of the moat
popular musical organizations In Port
land, furnished tha music for the oc
casion. The refreshments were of a
high order, toothsome and dainty. The
hall was nicely lighted with ample
room for all. Those In attendance
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Price, Dr. and
Mrs. C. II. Melssner, Mr. and Mra. O.
D. Eby, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Latourette,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Greenman, Mr.
and Mra. Harry O'Malley, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. II. Howell. Mr. and Mra. John
B. Lewthwalte, Mr. and Mra. John F.
Clark. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Fields, Mr.
and Mrs. John Adama, Mr. and Mra.
D. C. Ely, Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Latour
ette, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Gay, Mr. and
Mrs. A. B. Wllmot, Mr. and Mrs. Chaa.
J. Hood, Mr. and Mrs. John F. RJaley,
Dr. and Mra. Clyde Mount, Mr. and
Mrs. C. O. Huntley, Dr. and Mrs. A.
L. rteat!e, Mr, and Mrs. Geo. M. Han
kins, Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Avlaon, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. LaSalle, Mr. and Mrs,
Arthur C. Warner, Mr. and Mra. Linn
E. Jonea, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Balls
bury, Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Rands, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Spencer, Miss Cls
Pratt, Miss Anna Shsw, Miss Eva All
dredge, Miss Mary Ellen Long, Miss
Trost, Miss Bess Warner, Miss Brown,
Miss Madge Brtghtblll, Mlaa June
Charmsn, Mlaa Marjorte Caufleld, Mlaa
Minnie Rakel. Miss Murdy, Miss Alma
Alldredge, Miss Merle Keck, Mrs. Wm.
Burkhardt. of Salem; Meaars. Rotwell
L. Holman, Wm. J. Wilson, Lyonel
Gordon, Percy Caufleld, Wm. B. How
ell. Elbon Long, Harry Gordon, M. J.
Laxelle, Emll Gordon, Bothwell Avl
aon, Llvy Stlpp, Harry E. Draper, Ray
Acmatrong, O. T. Parker, Samuel
Stevens, Dr. A. T. Murdy, Rea Cole,
Burt Long. Carl Schrew.
The next dance by this club will be
given Thursday evening, April 0.
People Trying to Sustain Lrfe By
Using Things Not Food.
WASHINGTON, March 9. More
gruesome stories of the horrors of the
Chlneses famine reached the State De
partment today from the Consul-Gen-eral
of Shanghai, who sums up condl
tlons at the beginning of February.
One traveler reported paaslng 13 dead
bodlea In 13 miles on the road.
The missionaries tell of the natives
eating cakes made of leaves and
stems, mixed with millet chaff, which
they buy with the allowance from the
government of three cents apiece.
Trees had been atrtpped of bark,
which had been eaten.
Is Fined S50 By Recorder Stlpp Wlli
Probably Pay Out.
John Narobe. "the Austrian who cut
tho clothing , severely and the flesh
Regsrs in New York Herald.
slightly on tha person of Frank Do
Isjo, Wednesday, waa taken before
Recorder Blivp Tburaday for hearing.
After listening to the evidence In the
case Recorder Stlpp fined Narobe $50.
which be and bis friends at once be
gan to try to accumulate.
It la a hard matter to get the true
facta In the caaa with the difficulty of
understanding the foreign Jargon, and
the efforts of part of tha wltneaaea to
cover up evidence, so that the sen
tence probably cornea aa near meeting
j the emergency aa la consistent with
the difficulties.
Wrestling at Armory Friday.
A wrestling match will be given at
the Armory on KTIday night, March
10. at which time Peter Buznkoa wIM
meet "Auk" Smith on the mat. Bu-
aukoa agreea to throw Smith four
tlmea In an hour or lose the match.
There will be two good prellmlnarlee
and the match commences at 8:30
o'clock. v '
There Is no doubt but Buscb's ball
will be filled to Its capacity on Satur
day night when the Are companies of
this city will give a grand ball for the
benefit ofj firemen's benefit fund, the
orocwos oi woicn am to oe uavu lor
hbe erection of a monument and foun
tain combined In a conspicuous loca
tlon In Oregon City, one of the places
that has 1 been' mentioned being the
ooutf house yard, provided the county
court grants the privilege of erecting
same. The 'Intention -of the firemen
Is to erect a monument the city will
be proud of, and there Is no doubt but
all will give the fire laddjes a helping
hand to do thla. '".
The committee In charga of the ball
to ba given on Saturday night is com
posed of members ot tba ' different
companlea of the city and la aa fol
lows: Hook and Ladder Thomas
Qleason. Charles Burns; Company No.
1 j. Oeborn and Al Cox; Company
No. t Llvy 8tlpp and C. Croner;
Company No. 3 W. A. Long and O.
ErtckHim: Company No. 4 George
Hanklna, M.' A.' Elliott; Company No,
5 C. Slmmona and U. Griffith.
Farmers' orchestra of six pieces has
been engaged to furnish the music for
this occasion, and from all Indications
this will be one of the most succuess-
ful dancea to be given In the City.
2', acre tract In Clackamas Hslghts.
tt acre tract on Mass Hill.
1 Block, Improved good S-room house,
16x24 barn, elty. water, on S'tteenth
Corner lot on Twelfth and Jefferson.
Both streets Improved. Good S-room
16 lots on Seventeenth at reef.
Corner business lot on Sixteenth street
Lots in Gladatone and a fsw on Fam
Ridge. .
Large lot In West Side Addition.
Prices reasonable. Tsrms ta suit pur.
T. L. Charman
10, ion.
mm asx support
Much Time Devoted to Needs af Vol-
y?',,rl Fireman and Matters
Will Be Further Con.
Council met in special session
Tbursdsy evening with Messrs. An
dresen. Burke, pope, Roake, Hall and
Michaels present and Mayor Brownell
In the chair. ' City Attorney Story
acted In the place of Recorder Stlpp,
who was absent
Tba request for the transfer of the
saloon license of the Miller saloon to
J. A. Butler waa referred to tba police
committee for action. Aa all licenses
are up for acceptance at the next regu
lar meeting It waa deemed unneces
sary to hurry In the matter.
Matters of Interest to tha volunteer
firemen were up for consideration.
There was the question of putting the
bell on the bluff so that when an
aUrm was sounded all could hear It.
The question of paying each Are
company $100 a year instead of $25
wss duly considered and referred to
eommlttee for report.
The question of who Is to care for
the dirt and rock that falls on tho
sldewslks when once a cut has been
made along a property waa up for
consideration. Ordinance will be pre
pared causing the property "owns to
build retaining wall or continue to car
ry dirt away.
Mr. Howell wished to have the as
sessments made on Washington street
so that property holders might go
sbead and Improve property- now and
get benefit of conditions existing and
not be forced later to pay assessment
on improvements.
Ex-Chief Koerner thought there
ought to be phones In all the engine
fire company houses.
Mayor Brownell asked Council
consider the matter of providing three
public lavatories, one on the hill and
two down town
J. F. Hodge wished to rent the foot
of Sixth street on which to build an
addition to his present barn. , An
ouncad willingness to pay $6 a month
on five year lease. Referred to public
property committee
C. Schuebel waa present to present
a remonstrance against changing the
grsde on Sixth street after It bad been
once established and the damages and
benefits once assessed; said it could
not be done without another appraise
ment and that his client would not
uermit of It under other circum
There wss much discussion relative
to the Are department and the fire
apparatus, etc. The Bremen wish to
have the Are bell put on the bluff, so
that everyone can hear the alarm.
With this Council agreed but there is
yet a question as to what Is best to
da As a Portland Arm are to give
figures as to the cost of establishing
10 or 13 alarm boxes over the city it
wss thought best to combine the two
matters Into one and consider them
There was talk of paying the chief
engineer $100 and requiring him to
collect the water rents. This led to
much discussion as to what could be
done, what the water board would do.
how he could be put on aa special
policeman and what the firemen would
do In case the city choae the chief
rather than the men. About the only
thing accomplished was the reference
to committee of the several matters
discussed for the committee and the
city attorney to see what can be dona.
The whole discussion oi me volun
teer firemen's needs and rights
brought out the fact that the volun
teers are doing much for tba city and
without pay; that It is a esse of non
property holders fighting for the pro
perty of others ana mat tney snouiu
at least have the expenses of the com
pany paid without being forced to give
dances to get money to pay them.
The whole matter will be threshed
out In committee and then Council
can act Intelligently, me wnoie
Conncu seems
illlng to do what is
fafr In the matter, and the volunteers
can rest assured that all will be done
that seems reasonable to the City
When the city began to Improva
Ninth street It was found that tn cer
tain portions ot the street the city did
not own lands making the street 60
feet wide, but only owned to tha mid
dle of tha street. That tha city might
have a street tbe full 60 feet In width
the purchase waa made of the addi
tional 30 feet in the settlement with
the property owners.
Tbe Congregational church owns a
lot on Ninth street which will be as
sessed along with the other property
oq the street. This lot was given to
the church by a former pastor, Rev.
Atkinson, but at tba time of the dona
tion he did not give the 30 feet half
street to the church nor to the city.
Seeing that other property holders
were settling with the city on the re-
leasement basis members of tha
church secured a quitclaim deed from
the heirs of the original donors and
then the church waa In a condition to
trade easement for improvement as
sessments. But when tba matter waa broached
the City Attorney reported adverse to
the claim of tbe church, and was fa
cetious In bis remarks as to the hold
ing quality of tbe claim.
After a' recent meeting of tbe church
there was an Informal discussion of
tbe matter and po official action tak
en. But fcecauae of certain criticism
of tbe church and its attitude, a meet
ing waa held Tburaday night and of
ficial action taken. It was tba sense
6f the meeting, and waa so expressed
In a formal resolution, that while the
church might have legal rights which
could be established in tbe courts, It
would ba willing to waive tbem and
execute to the city a quit claim deed
to tba property In question. And a
committee consisting of L. Adama and
Rev. W. M. Proctor was appointed to
convey tbe action of the church to the
city Council. Thla waa done and tha
Mayor and tba Council expressed their
appreciation of tbe action of the
church in the matter.
There can be no reason for criti
cism of tha action of tha members of
tbe church who, seeing others given
rebate for tbe easement of tbe 30
foot strips wanted for street purposes.
and knowing that tbe city did not own
the strip in question, went to tbe pro
per doners and secured tha atrip for
qse In trading purposes. And there
can be no Just causa for criticism of
the church for asking a trade on tbe
same basis as the other land holders
on tbe street.
Insurance Adjuster Will Assess Dam-
agea to Shoe Stock Friday.
J. 8. Lageson returned here from
Nyasa, Oregon, Thursday morning,
having been called here on account of
the fire that occurred in tba Oregon
City Shoe 8tore on Saturday night
Mr. Lageson will have the Insurance
adjuster come today and settle, after
which be will open his establishment,
whicb is In charge of bia father, L. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Lageson are making
their home on tbelr homestead at
Nyssa, and the latter remained there
with ber little child.
Dr. John T. Townley, a well known
physician of Milwaukle, la the defend
ant In a suit' for divorce instituted
here Thursday by Mrs. Louise Town,
ley, to whom he waa married In Ore
gon City June 9..1902.
Mra. Townley says her - husband
called her a "damn fool," that while
they were living at Dufur he choked
her so that she was ill for six months,
that he said he wished she would
leave him and get out and hoped she
would die so he could get rid of her.
Since they have been living at Mil
waukle ha Is said to have cursed her
and kicked her out of bed. In April,
1909, tbey moved Into a drug store at
Milwaukle and rented two rooms. Dr.
Townley saying there would be no
room for his wife. During the year
following he la charged with mistreat
ing her and last December she says
he tore her waist off and scratched
her face and arms until they bled.
Mrs. (Townley states the doctor has an
Income of $350 a month and owns a
$1000 automobile and that she has as
sisted aa a nurse In building up bis
practice. She asks for $250 court coats
and $25 a month permanent alimony,
which the court granted. George C,
Brownell is her attorney.
Oak Grove People Have ' Pleasant
Time, But Glad to Get Horn.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Vonderahe have
returned to their home at Oak Grove
from their trip to California, where
they spent five weeks sightseeing.
Among the places they visited wera
Loa Angeles, Redlands, Long Beach,
Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oak
land,' Alameda, Sacramento, Riverside
and Pasadena. While on this trip
they had tba pleasure of seeing 20,
000 aclres of orange trees filled with
the ripe fruit and that many more of
lemon trees bearing fruit, a sight they
had never before seen.
Tbe weather was delightful In many
of tbe places tbey visited, but they
state the water was poor, and did not
compare with that found in Oregon.
Tbey are glad to get back to tbelr
home In Oregon, where they can en
Joy the air and an occasional rain
storm. Mr. . Vonderahe says that In
all of his travels In California be nev
er saw any prettier girts, with me
rosy complexions found In Oregon,
and especially In Portland. They vis
ited Oregon City Thursday afternoon,
returning to their home last night
Will Banquet Husbands.
Wedneaday, April 19, the Woman's
club will give a banquet to tha, hus
bands of tha members of tbe club and
to those who have assisted them in
the programs the past winter. Tha
banquet will be given at tbe parlors
of the Commercial Club, In the Ma
sonic temple.
! " THAT'S WHY f
p . . r v ' ' ' 5
Living cheap taxes low water free savings large. There are many 4
2 advantagea and privileges afforded tha owner of a Clalrmont acreage a
X tract that cannot be obtained In the city. Aek ua about them. X
Both Phonea. 612 Main St, Oregon City. 1
Peb Weei, 10 Cehtb
fish coaio;i
' " "
Fishermen on Lower River Simply
Destroy Buoineee of Local Fish
ermen Without Protect
Ing Salmon.
SALEM, Or., March I All tha
atreams tn Clfttaop and Clackamaa
counties are to be closed from March
15 to May 1 by a ruling of tba State
Board Wedneaday afternoon, the de
cision being such that tha cloaed sea
son on these streams will conform.
alter March IS, to the season on tha -Columbia
River. Tba season on tha
Columbia River 'for salmon fishers
closed March 1 to continue until May '
1 and U was the original plan to eloaa
the Willametta from March II to April
IS. ! , :;',
Considerable difficulty arose last
year over the closing of tha Willam
ette, the river being closed after a
fight It was aald that If the stream
waa allowed to remain open It would v
be a breach of faith with tba State of
Under tba ruling made by the Board
for this year,' not only the Willamette,
but tha Clackamaa River in Clacka
mas county, the Young's River In Clat
sop county, and In fact all of tha
Clackamas and Clatsop county streams
will be closed from March 15 to May
1. This adds 15 days to tbe original
closed season for these rivers but still
leavea them open 15 days longer than
the Columbia.
The Board assumed tbe attitude
that It was the Intention of the law to
close all of the streams In conformity
with closed season on tba Columbia,
to keep faith wi,th Washington.
The Clackamas county fishermen
are exceedingly dlspleaaed over tbe
above order of the State Board of Fish
Commissioners In closing the Willam
ette and Clackamas from April 15 to
'May 1, and say that aa a result thous
ands of dollars wUI be taken out oi
their pockets. ' Representative M. A.
Magone telephoned to Governor West
Thursday afternoon protesting against
the commission's order.but tba only
satisfaction ha obtained was the state
ment of the Governor that tba matter
waa closed.
Local fishermen will probably not
attempt to violate the order closing
the streams, but manifest extreme dis
appointment They say none will be
benefitted, as tbe uppvr rlvert become
. warm during the latter part of April
and the salmon become lary and make
WUe effort to go over the fish ladder
at the FaUa. and He In the river and
die. The Willamette and Clackamaa
flHhermnn contend that tha order
works against tbem to tbe Interest of
th Columbia River fishermen, but
that it does not protect the salmon.
It is said that on account of tha mud
dy condition of the Columbia late in
April there la no demand there for an
open season until May, but that simi
lar conditions do not prevail on tbe
Willamette and Clackamas and their
Claim tha CHy'e Scheme of Draining
Seventh Street Hurte Them.
W. W. Myers and Mra. Kate New
ton, living at Monroe and . 8lxth
streets, object to the present methods
Of draining Seventh street on to their
flow on Seventh street is turned down
Monroe street and the aewer on that
street not being large enough to car
ry the accumulated water It overflowa
on the property of complainants' and
they now insist that the city must do
something to save them from tha an
noyance. The scheme of the street commis
sioner. U la claimed, is to take the
water into the stream that flows down
between Fifth and Sixth streets, but
this Is "a theory and not a condition,"
and because ot this fact tha property
holders flooded are making a kick.
Two Soclallat Meetings Scheduled.
The Socialists of .Oregon City will
hold their regular meeting on Sunday
afternoon, at t' o'clock, to. tha office)
of W. W. H. Bamson. The Quarterly
meeting of the county organisation
there are three societies, at Oregon
City. Canby and Molalla will ba held
at Canby on 8unday, April 1. at which
time the routine business of the or
ganisation will be transacted.
Charged With Selling Bear,
E. H. Harris and Walter Harrta, hla
son. of Oak Qrove. were arrested Wed
nesday for selling ' beer 'without a li
cense. They were taken before Re
corder Stlpp for trial and atter hear
ing the evidence In tha case) th Re
corder bound tbem over to court in
thd ' sum of $500 each. Tha officers
think that they hv a clear case and
feel certain that they will be able to
convict tha accused when they come
to trial. , , , .