Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, February 26, 1911, Section Two, Page 3, Image 7

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(The Largest MaattfacteMg Plaiats m the State Ane Located E3e?e
- thla splendid InMtt
til llll 1UIW
" Zurl ot "regon City and West
Lr0 ''n,
fr"''n. it I. lh linnt s
1 ? r: "f th. kind west of th
... l"i In-rplUm. Tb. Oregon City
II HinifM'i Company wo'
f '', ! ,, blankets, steamer rugs auto
P'M blanket, bath and loung-
ru" .n..n i.Unknts. comforts.
-i.irta caaalmer over-
rnnP . ' nvrshlrts. flannel in-
Miiri. ' Mackinaw-
H..rcir, i ; . . - .
r Mackinaw miina.
W " . .,..1
iirri"T r.n.lvnd Ilia highest
.".Ids wherever Itiflr product haa
C! exhibited. 'rom "'" t;"nll
r r ....... in vii nuo unia in isio.
canal incra
i a.x'ka, caa lunar socks.
- i - u.,u 'ri...
uncus nun ni" b1"'""' "
Best 1 1 and Bpokan, from which
points Iba trad la supplied. Tbr
U always a damaud for men and
woman In thla flna factory, at good
waKiia, and aa conditions ara aa nsr
ly Ideal aa It la possible to find tham,
her In Oregon city, newcomers, and
particularly young married people,
fluil lucratlva employment here wbara
I ho general surroundings ara moat
congenial, and the coat of living no
higher tban In cities of similar size
anywhere In I lie country. The man
agement tukes an active Interest In
the welfare of Ita employes, ami sanl
tary condlllona are provided In all
part a of the plant of the Oregon City
Manufacturing Company. It would he
hiird to find a more contented lot of
people employed In a plunt of I hr na
ture, than those working for thla In
atllutlon. Notwlthatanillng that I In
business Ini a been long ealahllahnd
and the giMida are widely and favor
ably known, there la no question thai
a large part of the credit for success
m.U U-" aai ltd hi fc . . 71, I'M
Oregon City Woolen Mills
nnri l the AI-iuipii-i niiB r.-
Mini. II ill heauie. '
In Hi. i.peratloua 1 It furnlah.-a em-
.lit nifiil lo alxnU .l.'iti Mien ana
fcoliien . I'pwarua i iu -niuiiwi
wiuiuli f w".'1 '' nnuaiiy, ao
hat' II "y eaaliy te aern mat ine
,r..,,n CHv .Manufaclurtiig Company
Lm fur r ajiliig luflueiic In thla
urt of I"" couuirj, iiiamua
ultnlaed la due to the efficient man
agement and bualneaa acumen of A.
It. Jucoha, the genial prealdeut and
general manager of the plant, lie la
a gentleman of exceptional huiMncaa
nunllflcHllona, enterprlHe, and with
the, moat progreaalve Ideaa and baa
alwava lii-cn a at rung factor In the up
bulldlng-of Oregon City and Clurka-
maa County, lie la thoroughly fa ml I
Oregon City. la th home of tha
third largnat paper making eetabllah
ment In the United Htatea, and one
whoae product la uaed all over the
Pacific Coaat country and tha greater
portion of the entire Weat. It baa
been In operation for many yeara and
enjoya a moat enviable reputation In
trade clrclee for uniform high quality
of product. Thla la tha Willamette
Pulp paper Company, whoa m
menae plant la arranged to utlllx the
furllltjea furnlahed by the Willamette
river and fulla at thla point. . The
il mil la one of the moat modern and
ara uaed annually, and getting tbeaa
out of tha timber la another Induatry
In Itaelf, and meana tha employment
of many men, ao that taken aa a
whole, tha operations of tha Willam
ette fulp A j'gper Company undoubt
edly mean mora' to tbla particular
part of the State than any other one
Induatry. Throughout the entire ble
tory tha management baa been one of
progTeaalvenesa, the moat modern
bualneaa Ideaa being, applied to all
tranaactlona, while the gentlemen In
(h.irge of the local affaire of tha com
pany ara known aa diatlnctlvely
among tba moat enterprlalng and aub
atantlal cttUenehlp. Second Vice-
men to whoea energy may be attrib
uted much, of tha mora recent phe
nomenal prosperity of Western Ore
gon, and whose efforts will aaaure a
atlll brighter future. Oregon City
without tha Willamette Pulp Paper
Company would not be the commer
cial center ah la today. There la no
paper company In the Weat which la
better prepared to give prompt atten
tion to ordera of any magnitude than
tha Willamette Pulp & paper Com
pany, a fact which la very generally
appreciated, and which haa contrib
uted largely to the high degree of auc
cess attained. Ample transportation
facilities have been provided for the
W 'n"l'iiiiiii
M? l fIWJHfcJSInr,'' View, of WllUmett Pulp & P-per Company's Mill.
coniplt-te from a manufacturing atand
point, to ln found anywhere, the
luteal machinery and appliances hav
ing I'.ti Installed. Print paper la
. . - .ft- . , l ...... - f . j... . , j . . IMUlli.f lli I. raa.l I.. .nut niiunll. 1 am 1 1.
Lii,t fur the sliecu rsiser 10 uiaiuj mr -wnn an conuiiiona. anu uoes mil i - '
bis ool at home anu ai nigneai 1 neanaie to einpnaiicaiiy announce io ; " .u- wun inn
ilfge garment factory ia . poopin living elsewhere tnat ttiey will " ij "o ."is m-
hi connection w It h the doubt leas be better sal af ed on the """" rum over .nn,.;.Mi. aim
bnanufarlurv of gooua, ana as me
I.H'tnry Is conuuciea in n mumi
tllh the iimnuisciur 01 imwi, buu
the factory throughout la equipped
la lib all of the laleat and moat lm-
vrd mm-hlnery ana appliances,
Ihriw canny nice, coin iw n iu
h.rtls qmillty and nnian. tunesrooma
trr maUitalncl In N York, Chlcggo,
Ln hTam iw o, a Angelea, Portland,
President N. p. Lsng. and H. T. Mc
Italn, aaaiHtaqt" treBHiircr. look after
th operation of' the immense plant
find the bualneaa of the company here.
Mr. Mcltnln Is a member of the pub
licity committee of the Commercial
. Oregon City la the home of one of
tba Immense planta of what Is gen
erally acknowledged to be tba largest
paper manufacturing concern In tba
entire. West -the Crown-Columbia
Pulp and Paper company, and Ita oper
ations here have long exerted a atrong
Influence upon the general prosperity
of Oregon City and contiguous terri
tory. A large number of men are em
ployed In the- Oregoa City plant and
tb company contributes In large pro
portion to tha annual pay roll of
1730,000. In addition to tb Oregon
City mill the company operatea mills
at Warrendale, Oregon, and Camaa,
Washington. The product comprises
a complete line of high grade newa,
manilAa, flbr, bolldlng, tissue and
fruit papers and paper baga and the
trade of the West has come to depend
upon this progressive company for
whatever may be needed In tbe paper
line.-' Newspapers In all Western
states use Crown-Columbia Pulp A
Paper company's product and Jobbers
and dealera find Itjo their own ad van.
tage to handle the lines manufactured
by tbls company. Tbe Crown-Columbia
Pulp Paper company baa adop
ted a yellow label, bearing tb words:
"Manufactured on the Pacific Coast,"
and all rolls and shipments of paper
are so labeled. Utyal residenta of the
Pacific coast have come to know and
look for thla label, thereby lending
encouragement to home Induatry.
Large quantities of fir and other tim
ber are used annually and this part
of the Industry furnishes employment
to many hundreds of men. The mills
are equipped with the latest machin
ery and appliances. Insuring unifor
mity in quality while shipping .facili
ties are adequate to assure the buyer
of prompt shipment of all ordera. Gen
eral offices of the - Crown-Columbia
Pulp & Paper company.gre In tbe
Commonwealth Bldg.', Portland, where
all business Is transacted.
prompt handling of shipments In any
direction, while, because of the ex-1
lenitive operations of the company, I
prices quoted are always on a basis i
which Is a strong Inducement to the;
trade. Probably more newspapers of i
Mr. Theo. B. Wilcox; Secretary and
Treasurer, Mr. T. Osmund.
Mr. Haw ley 'has had a wld experi
ence la th paper Induatry, and tbre
Is ne question that tb material auc
ceaa achieved la due to bis progrea
air methods and bualneaa ability. He
Is one of tb cltlxens actf?ly en
gaged iu developing the latent re
aourcea of this part of tb Stat and
In bualneaa circles Is regarded as on
of our foremoat and substantial bual
neaa men.
A large number of men are em
ployed In tb plant and Ita operation
meana much to tb commercial Inter
est of Oregon City, of tb annual
payroll of upwards of a million dol
lars tb Hawliy Pulp A pap.r ,,,.
pany contribute a .rK proportion.
One of the latest and nfost lm-
a a a ri.i. a
Club, and active In promotion work ! the West uae paper mada by the Wll i P"al " ""jn
for . Oregon and the Pacific North- I lamette Pulp & Paper Company tban Ing eMabllshmenta la Ue Hawley Pulp
wont, with ttMKMal effort directed
whole If they mm her to llva. Ore-! ninm w-ry much. Indeed, to the com
gon City and Western .Oregon fully merrlal liit-rests of Oregon City and I toward the further upbuilding of Ore-aiiiireclates-tbe
vaat beneflta accruing ! Western Oregon aa a whole. A vast t gon City and development of Clacka-
from this flue plant, and recognUea' Muantliy of logs, about 40 million' feet, ' mas County. He Is one of those young 1 ably of a pleasant nature,
. . .. i i .. . i. . . . . '
in 9ir- iai-wiiB unv wi mo inrniiiimi in- .-y.-- ... . . . . .r... . , .. .. . . ,
fluent lal cltlxens of this part of th " " r ' T
country. If you contemplate locating ; rvn 1 hhilwht, kiwn i
anywhere In the pacific Coast country i POWER CO.
and require work thmughout the year
all othere combined, and universal ua v....nuy.
satisfaction results, while trade rela-1 manuiaciure or paper aa uuuw:
Hons with the company are invar!
come to Oregon City.
Thli branch of the Commercial
hub -i Oregon City Is In charge of
k ciiiiimiitce of five meinbe-re wno ar
kppoiaied by the Hoard of Governors,
the present commltte Is composed
bf . K. Cross. II T. Mciiain, u. i.
fcliy, tr'riink lluwh and I K. Jonea.
Tbe dlrn'MoM of in omc is in
hrxi' of M J 1 iJi'elle. who naa ien
larly that ixirtion lying In Clackamas
county. He Is In possession of 'all
facta and flgurea relative to what may
lie accompllahed In any line of agri
cultural pursuit and what newcomers
may expect to find upon their arrival
her. This Information he Is always
ready to Impart upon application, and
In no Instance will It be found exag
gerated or overdrawn. Facta and fig
ures furnished are based upon his
own observations and experience and
the expurt knowledge be secured
while a student of the State agricul
tural college. Mr. Ijuell la an en
application and further- detailed In
formation when desired. There Is no j
queatloii of the materially beneficial Th
Influence the company has already i r
exerted upon Portland and the sur-
kith the Commerrlsl Club for some , -1 Hassslnsst l and conscientious worker
buie as secretary nd auveriiaiug ,n brnBlf f a (;rt,a,rr Oregon City.
Wxnagit . and the further development of the
The' rapid growth of Oregon rrn tl,nt reaources of Clack-
inJ Clscksmas county during in past i county and Is by long odds the
rears, nua been largely tbe re-1 -Miil,r,.nr anrretsrv the Com-
ults of the extensive advertising cam-1 ,IPrP,B (-ub or Oregon city has had
There s no gainsaying the fact that
tranaportatlon facilities exert a great
er Influence Uxn the upbuilding and i rounding cltb'S.and territory and with
progress of a city or community than the great Influx of people In the Im-
' any it her one element, and only those j mediate future It will have a still
'cities which have modern and strictly more - Important - bearing - upon " the
j iiHo-laie street car systems are ac-1 growth and general progress of Port-
counted modern aa that word la un- land. Oregon -City and the many aub
I jlerstood In these , daya. Interurban ) urban communities, all of which are
Itnea have done much In making the r Increasing at a rate which Is beyond
"Hack to the land" problem possible; j the belief of those not Intimately In
(for they bring acreage tracts Into I formed of actual conditiona. Write
close ' communication with, city life j the Portland Railway, Light aV Power
and the markets for products raised. Company If yon are Interested In
Portland and vicinity la most excel-1 Western Oregon,
lently served In this respect by the"
Portland Railway, Mght A Power , CLARENCE SIMMONS CONTRAC
Company. Aa a direct result of its j TOR AND BUILDER.
operations the suburban dtstrlcta lu '
National Bank
mas County.
in Clacka-
.inn tlisf baa been carried on by the
fubllclly Department.
The Commercial Club win, in me
tear Mure, erect a building on Main
itreet. opposite from in County court
louse, to b known as the promotion
ifflr of the OregonsClty Commercial
lut. This will b the heaquusners
r all progress of th county. A dls-
ir nsim will be mainiaioea. snow
l to visitors th various crops that
rsgniwu in ciacganias -
III also be an imformation ouremu
ir the benefit of th people.
There Is a grest wora ahoaa ior
hose In charge of exploiting iscsa-
as county du to the fact taai tnia
kreat million acres or una is
nown to the people and but tn gum-
big hand only Is absent to piac ne
Lomcseekers, in a land of peso and
alnce Its organlxatlon. Printed liters
ture will be furnished to anyone Inter
ested In this part of I Western Oregon
tiMin application to Secretary lJielle
and In addition personal letters will
further set forth any desired Informa
tion. Mr. Laxelle la one of the rising
young publicity men of the West, and
his rise will doubtless be rapid, for lie
takes an earnest Interest In the work
and Is making a deep atudy of the
problem In all Ita phases. Kastern
.people should write to Secretary la
xelle If they, wish any Information re
garding Oregon City or Clackamas
The business men and varied Inter
ims of Oregon City and ciacaamaa
unity have come to tha conclusion
ht nnlv through concerted erron
limy they attract to thla favored sao-
J. Laxsll.
'nH flllr tirntwirl ton l K Immlirl.
Mn 'h P)l ( ln (,!.. t. k Tlanlflrt
country, and with that nd In
th r lrurr..n r-l v nmmA.lal
!UI) Was OrsanlxAil anit Is nfflcnred bv
tme of the mm) nrntnlnant and tiro-
f'feRnn. However, It Is a well tab
fact, that no business man Is
" a position to devote Ms entire time
) matters nr ,.i,ii. ih it
Iherefore deVnlVnA innn h n'rvsntr.a.
'on to secure aa secretary a man who
'hnrnilKhlv famlllai. lltt avlatlno-
pndliluns and who Is imhund with
11 Proper bona! ..auLrlt in nrnnnrlv
"k Kfter tha lniraaa hi Iha Cnm.
racial Club, Oregon City and Clack
sitias county. After experimenting
rn aifferont men who made repre-
r-uaiions of being exports In the
Vnt of publicity, Marshall'J. Laxelle
PsS Chosen aa nf -- n nh.
----- avmiiiij ui n.w
"'IT Cntnmllla. . .1 ..J. t.l Jlun.
k. a nix -uiiu cti mm . .
F"n mora haa ....nll.Kail
fnxn ever hafnra. Ua la a nallva nf
" Prt of the State, la a graduate
J the agricultural college, and Is
nOmilBhlv nnaL l. ..I.ll.a nn.
u... ' .... v. i v. wk n lu BAiav.iia " -
PHInnt and nnnnrti.nllU. In tha fa.
wifui luii.uvi ... mw -
I WHlamette Valley, and partleu-
One of the most essential elements
In city building or the development
of any given section of the country
Is that of adequate transportation fa
cilities. Oregon City Is particularly
well altuated In thla respect for, in
addition to being on the main line
of the South-em Pacific railroad, but
fourteen mllea from Portland, ahe al
ao haa dally boat service to that city
and consequently enjoys most favor
able freight ratea. That the shipping
of Oregon City reslly amounts to
something may be gained from the
statement that freight to and from
Oregon City mllla each year totals
400,M0 tons. ,
However, It la with more moderate
affairs that the average person Is In
terestedhe Just wante to know that
he may get somewhere if he desires
and that his produce may be easily
sent to market. Clackamas county
has special advantages In thnt re
spect, resulting In greater net returns
to the farmer, truck gardener, poul
try raiser, fruit raiser or dairyman.
And, by the way, thla Is certainly the
banner dairying section of tbe West.
But that subject Is dealt with else
where In this edition. In addition to
the Southern Pacific railroad and
water transportation ' the Portland
Railway, Light ft Power company op
erates an Interurban line between
Portland and Oregon City, maintain
ing a half hour service and also carry
ing mnll, express and freight. So the
question of transportation has been
thoroughly solved here and requlrea
no further consideration from the
prospective settler.
Chances ar that In coming to Ore-
mn Cltv you will travel over the
Union Faclfle, , Oregon-Washington
Navigation company and Southern
Pacific, and If so any agent anywhere
In the East will gladly give you more
detailed Information, or better yet,
write tbe secretary of the Oregon
City Commercial Club.
Do you of the Middle West and
East fully reallr.e what It really means
to pick roses throughout the entire
winter? That la wnai we oi wiw.
City are able to do.
Ton aara from todnV V0U will W0n-
der how It happened: how it was that
you did not appreciate that Clscka
maa county and Oregon City were to
....,ika such a nhenomenal growth.
Oet In and help to boost along one of
the best sections of tne country iui
lies out of doors. Send some papers
back East to people who are anxious
to get away from that cold climate.
particular have rapidly settled up un- It la the younger element Of our
til one may now ride In several direr-! business men who are doing moat Just
lions for twenty miles or more lu j now to push along development work
what has becom really a part of the of every nature In Oregon City, and
cltv of Portland. Along the line con-: this section of the Stste generally, 4
meting Portland and Oregon City j for they are Imbued with the Ideas
4 r : T 7!
That there was not only ample
room but a legitimate demand for a
second banking establishment In Ore
gon City-has been fully demonstrated
by the phenomenal growth of Tbe
First National Bank alnce It waa orga
nized, and it ranks today among the
leading financial Institutions of West
ern Oregon. According to the last
nubllshed statement tbe bank has
j total resources of f295.373.25, a capi
tal stock of 150.000, surplus fund and
j undivided profits of nearly 13,000.
.while deposits have mounted gradu
i ally upward lo the very respectable
sum of $238,818.41. The circulation is
U.S40. Of the men In charge of bank
ing affairs In Western Oregon there
are probably none better known than
the officers of The First Nstional
Hunk. I). C. Ijitourette la president.
Ijitourette vice-president, F. J.
Meyer cashier and M. D. Latourette
Wrapping. Newa, Tissue,
Wrsps, Light Maallss.
. The plant la equipped with the most
modern machinery, with an output of
35 ions per 24 hours.
The officers of the company are:
President and General Manager,
Mr. W. P. Hawley; Vice-President.
One of tbe essential features of
mru city life a an ample aupply
f. b-oln'ely Pure Ice and th pro
viding of cold storage for edibles of
very nature, that they may be kept
In good condition foT delivery to the
consumer. Insulations' of this nature
contribute directly to tbe health of
the people and Its Influence Is not to
be overestimated. Oregon City has
all modern conveniences and not least
among them Is tbe Oregon City Ice
Cold Storage Works, which Is
owned and under the able mrf
ment of Messrs. L. p. H or too
By Cos, two of our progressive busi
ness men who conduct their affairs
along moat modern lines and furnish
residents with tbe best possible ser
vice. Their plant Is conveniently lo
cated at Twelfth and Main etreeta,
and ia equipped with the lateat ma
chinery and appliances for the manu
facture of pore Ice from filtered
water. Thla Is sold at the lowest pos
sible prices and delivered to reslden
ces and places of business, as may be
desired. The Messrs. Horton and Cox
are among those who are lending
their best endeavor toward realizing
that Greater Oregon City for which
loyal cltizena are striving, and are in
all particulars among tbe more rep
resentative and substantial citizens.
People considering locating here will
nd tbe service of the Oregon City
Ice & Cold Storage Works fully tbe
equal to that furnished by similar es
tablishments where they may have
previously resided with the cost fully
as low. Perishable goeds of mer
chants and dealers are stored at rea
sonable rates, ample fact lit lea having
been provided for that purpose.
- !t
Beiutlful Wlllsmstte Falls Which Furnish Immense Water Power.
The Messrs D. C.
small towns and villages have inruni: of nroeresalveness which " mark the assistant cashier.
up and a large number of people who ( Kenernl trend of affaire in all parts jsnd C. D. Latourette are practicing
previously lived In the city have built of the world today. Of those who are attorneys who have followed their
splendid homes where more land Is j PKhing nara along mono nnea tocany
available. Here they may engage In ; no" mor deserving of praise than
poultry raising or truck gardening , Clarence Simmons, general contractor
with the knowledge that at any time ! builder. Although engaged In
they aro within easy distance of one ! 'hat line of business It Is not from a
Of the most metropolitan cities of the nm"n mieresi aioo- inai mr. oim
country, and markets as good as may
be found anywhere. Along this line
there are Innumerable opportunities
for the people who desire to engage
In' these or slmllnr pursuits, or who
mons believes in making things go
some he Is endowed with a spirit of
progrcsslveness and energy which
atuates his motives and causes him
1 t'i make things hum whenever and
desire to have suburban homes away ! however possible. No man In tbla
from the bustle and turmoil of the
city and yet easily accessible to all
the advantages of those who make up
the urban population. The Portland
Railway, Light A Power Company
maintains a half hourly service In
each direction over the Oregon City
line a line which la doubtless as well
patronized as any In th country a
fnet which demonstrates that people
are not slow to take advantage of the
Ideal conditions existing In tbls part
of Western Oregon for the kind of
life which seems naturally to appeal
part of the State la better equipped
for general contracting and building
than Mr. Slmnlona. He furnishes com
plete plans and estlmatea for resi
dences or structures of any size and
has ample equipment for handling the
contract for their erection. He has
built many of the best residences In
Gladstone and Oregon City and other
nearby places, entire sstlsfaction re
sulting In every Instance. At Ninth
and Main streets Mr. Simmons main
tains an office and woodworking
plant where he manufacturea his own
.... - I , . , u I . . . . 1 tn 1
to all alike. In addition to the aplen-1 mienor iiniBn. u..s. anu un
did street railway service this thor-1 tores and In fact, any and everyth ng
onghly progressive company furnishes ! ' the woodworking line. Includ ng
electric light and power In Portland I "ne furniture of Oregon fir Mission
and Oregon City at rates which leave tyj and either burned or -talned Jo
no cause for complaint, oren uiiy "" .. ..m.... .....
Is as well lighted as most cities of Simmons has taken the Initial steps
itiwnru mv ti Kiiimsutiu ui a uuimmn
and loan association here, and while
Its size In the country, stores, public
buildings and residences being Illumi
nated by thla modern method. The
service In 'this department.! main
tained at tbe very highest standard
of efficiency and Is eminently satis
factory. But the feature which will
doubtless most appeal to people . of
the East Is that concerning oppor
tunities In the suburban districts. For
their accommodation the company
conducts a land department -vhere any
desired Information may be had, finely
Illustrated booklets being sent upon
' :
he has not yet succeeded In interest
ing a sufficient amount of capital
there la no question of the ultimate
success of the venture, those really
Interested tn the welfare of the city
realizing that homes for people are
one of the greatest assets a city' has.
Anyone contemplating the erection of
a residence should not fall to secure
plans and estimates from Mr. Sim
mons, for there is no doubt that he
Is able to save money and atlll per
form first clasa work, . I
a . -"
Education along the lines f 'the
proper use of beer during tne. past
few years bss done much Jto,. teach
tbe American people with reference
to the proper use of that beverage,
and as a result well made beer la now
recognized as distinctively a'footf" pro
duct, a strengthener to people who
are In a .weakened condition from
sickness, snd is prescribed by the
liest physicians in many esses.
Throughout the Pacific Coast country
the product of The Weinhard Brew
ery, of Portland, is recognized as tbe
highest standard of excellence tn beer
and is widely used aa a popular- bev
erage, while many of the leading fam
illes In every city keep a case con
stantly in their homes for private use
and on all social occasions. einnara
beer is fabricated from the choicest
bops snd barley, by brewmaaters who
have been educated in tbeir profes
sion tn the leading brewerlea of Ger
many. They have at their command
every facility to turning out the best
beer possible,, Jo make, with ample
storage capacity for properly ageing
It one of the most, essential, features
In really 'good beer I The manage
ment of the brewery keeps fully
abrtast of the times in the matter of
progressive Ideaa, and no expense Is
spared In the outlay of iwhich the
standard of tbelr product will be
maintained at the highest point, or
which will In any manner facilitate
the handling of their immense trade.
. branch of the Weinhard Brewery
Is maintained in Oregon City under
the management of Christian Hart
mann. who has had charge of the
business here since 1894. He is a
gentleman well equipped for the posi
tion. Js -popular with the trade, and
regarded aa a business man of Integ
rity and standing. Not only does he
serve a large number of the saloons
of Oregon City, but many private
families buy case goods, keeping
Weinhard beer constantly in their
homes. The Weinhard Brewery owns
one of the best business buildings In
Oregon City, and. Is always ready to
assist In all legitimate ways in fur
thering the general Interests of this
part of th State. Local people are
promptly served by Mr. Hartmann,
deliveries being made anywhere In
the city. '
chosen profession with the greatest
success In this part of the State for
many years past Depositors and pa
trons of The First National Bank,
therefore, have at all times the bene
fit of the legal knowledge of these of
ficials In protecting- their Interests.
The policy of officers of The. First
National Bank has always been one of
progresslveness and anything tending
to the betterment or upbuilding of
Oregon City and Clackamas county
is Invariably loyally supported. The
bank stands solidly btffitnd the busi
ness interests of the city, and every
courtesy consistent with sound bank
ing Is extended on all occasions. A
general banking business Is trans
acted, letters of credit Issued, collec
tions made anywhere, foreign and do
mestic exchange bought and sold In
fact there Is rj facility offered by the
large banks of Portland and other
larger cities which Is not furnished
by The First Natlonall Bank. The
banking house occupied Is one of the
most handsome and complete In West
ern Oregon, mahogany fixtures and
furnlHhlngs presenting a view of rich
ness and stability. A very consider
able part of the management of this
splendid Institution falls upon the
very capable shoulders of Cashier
Meyer, a gentleman whose experience
has particularly qualified him for this
Important position. The First National-Bank
Is a distinct credit to those
responsible for Its organization and
management and of Inestimable value
to Oregon City and Qlackamas county.
Three cropa of vegetables of all va
rieties ar raised on tbe tame ground
each season In Oregon City and
Clackamas county. Is It any wonder
that landa are worth more than back
Baatt ' ' .
The Floor Covering for Hard Wear
CONGOLEUM is especially suitable for places
jvhere there is exceptionally hard
wea?r such as in stores and offices, around bil
liard fables, in busy passageways, etc. Where
ordinary linoleum cannot" stand the traffic and
something tougher is needed, buy Congoleum.
ESPECIALLY good for nickleodeons, theatres,
etc ' ", -'' '
I7ONG0LEUM will -;notjbut:n. Matches, cigar
VH" ashes, lighted, cigars, or live coals will not
ignite it.
i ' '
West EsdTrsst Buildisg . PWIsdelpWa, fa.
. w-". :;" Cbk-sje
There Is no other element of city
life which is of more Importance than
the well conducted transfer and ex
press business, for there Js hardly a
citizen of any community who does
not at some time or other require the
services of the expressman. Oregon
City Is fortunate In the possession of
a reliable transfer business which Is
under the capable and efficient man
agement of Messrs. Dwlght Bain and
E. E. Crises, men of enterprise and
energy who have the Interest of the
city very much at heart, and who are
counted among our representative
and substantial cltlxens. General
transfer and draying Is done promptly
and at the lowest possible prices',
heavy hauling, piano and safe moving .
being made a specialty, while house
hold goods and merchants' hauling la
also given prompt attention. A num
ber of wagons are employed with cap
able and reliable men, and every ef
fort Is made by the proprietors to
please and satisfy their patrons. Mes
srs. Bain and Grlsex recently pur
chased the business from Mr. Green
man, who formerly conducted the
business. In addition to tbe transfer
business, sand and gravel for build
ing purpose are also to be had In
large quantities. The office of the
firm may be found In the postofflce
building on Main street and they may
also be reached by telephone, their
number being 12. Prompt attention
will be given to all ordera at any
time. Being men of strict honor and
Integrity as well as ability, it Is safe
to predict for the firm a very success
ful future. In addition to their dray
business they are agents for the Mt.
Hood Brewing company, and furnish
a number of saloons with beer aa well
as many families. A sufficient stock
Is carried to Insure the prompt filling
of orders, deliveries being made any
where In the city. ;