Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, February 22, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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local URicrs
,1 Ladder Co. ball thla iren-
. ...L Mil
''p. d r..o w I'or
..vHi.-r ml Tue.dsy Mi
IT Miurney . Juhn''
Portland bual-
nd continued
where he
' . . i.riilmr.
i.. ftindaloii i.nrii u-.v .--.
H.!.Vr t""kln-
iii.kuv I lb first purchaser
tb-ww C T. Tooi addl-
U."" S new house. It will be the
",. iiuiid-ri Huppfy co h
a n new tMin aud la getting
K'" """""''i ,
u,u a concert In W. O. W.
I .. m 1,-n-m
. II Tili'Kllliy eveillliB ...........
Z "i , njoysble and profitable.
. .... ulllumalf. la mak.
...... I V imnrovcmehia on hi
'I?-- i.v eroding na w,h'
Jr,l- Improving the appearance of
Jl, pn." 'iy. .
ir,l Kiiifiirn haa ,u""
1,11ml II lllinnni""
buli'i'ii". ., .irMl. Kanaaa
1. 1 m nil mi ri "
mii u win ' 30,40 nd rw,rllni
,o ii.. i"""1 ,,f ,'unlow rt-
fha I I'Hi'" oi t mi" v-
TuKHiliiv iincrniMMi. .
wr .nu rialnlnic nddriM on th IU-
r Too" ba purcniiaea iu
. i II VUw anil la hav.
ir-' . . nln liana
In It ri'llimil'lliMi k
f,Mr..p. y. Wb.-n lh work la fin.
UmI II win nioat convenient and
coniiiKxl1'"1 bom-.
Tda viiiiiik iwoplB or in UBIDOlia
phunh ''r,, """" n,"B""'
m.lllnn i.t Invlmtlona for lh"lr dance,
wb- ii Monday v..iiln. rbruary
j7. l-hiioi . are making for a vry
plon ulfulr.
Th,.n. un a Iiuncn or nir bium--
rrrl-l TiiitMly from local grower
b lh "111011 and aU bav bmvQ
nuid.. (,f n.-arly all of ibm. Tba more
fruli and proluc the t'nlnn hat for
tiilr lh'' more mijcra. win u
Thd'yimtiK'-r a-t of luda.look It upon
Ibemn-lvia lo charivari a 7011111 mar-
rlrd coiipl'' oil rcnier iroet, wuu nan
bei-njiiarrlfil for lhre nionlha, Tuea-
dv evirilnit Having arrn i" moor
Mboy In no'ir riiwi" v
l,h- lh IliHe.Wlowa followed auU
nd ulsrli il In on people wno nan own
. 1 ...Mk 1 1 tiava liajin (nil
Tha littiiirv nifHlng at Twilight
Haliirtliiy nlKbt.waa well attended and
ih prorriun Kve inmeral aallafartlon.
Ke ll.ivworin, 01 m nauiiat
hurch. h""1 ln preartlon a tleora
WuhliiKio" Hi-rvlce for net Munoay
vn!iiK. "hlcli time h will peak
on tha t"pi . "lieorge WTiahlnifton and
Th Wlnu- UkIiI." allowing tbe moral
Ids tn tiw llf ana lire wora.
Th a;lrlH hi die Congrcgallonal Bun
iij ailiool nr.. planning for a bard
tlnn a";iiil l ihe church parlora on
Friday evening. The purpoa la to
mike nmni v for the piano fund. In
whlrh ihi-y re conteallng with the
boyt nf Hi,. h hool. There will b a
pri for the JK-at hard tlmea coituma;
Hlan a rKT mil and randlea and re
frelim ni fur aal. All are Invited.
Mrr I. R Kaylor and daughter, the
furnior a rich tlmberman from Port
land, iurt calling on frlenda In the
city Tuemlay.
Mra Young, of Tortlund, accompan
ied by hi r daughter, Mra. Dale Koreit
Youna. if flellwood, arrived in uregon
City thl week, to attend the Went-
orth M.irihall wedding, wnicn w
mlemnli'd Inat night at tha Canemah
chipel; "
Hon. Frank J. Miller, one of the rall-
rod ciiuiiiilNHlonera who cam to thla
city Tin'Bday morning to attend the
hearlnx of the paaaeiiKer rata of tbe
0. W. r. Hallway Company, la the
went of Mr. and Mra. Ma Ilollack.
Mr. Miller la accompanied by hla wife.
Mli Nellie Derby, a clerk In tha
IE Meet ri (f T heat r g
Walter Sigfred . C. A. Lancaster &
OH YOU JEW ' ' PAT , o
In Thol funny Porcc
Everything different, nothing repeated. New
songs, new dances.
TWO SHOWS 7;30 and S:45-1 5c, 20c
Sitire G&an of Pi-ogtam Again Ffiday
office of County Recorder IJojd Will
uma, who baa beea 111 fur eeveral
daya, waa taken to her borne In flalem
Tueaday morning by bar parent, who
arrived Monday night In Oregon City.
Mlaa Darby will ralurn to Oregon City
a aoon a he I able to reume bar
gan Thl Morning and Yoy Can't
Afford to Mlaa It
la Adania' apeclal remnant aale, ad
vertlaed In (ha Morning BnterprUe
and Weekly Knterprlae, opened up to
day. Thla la the aeaaon of the year
when the wlae marthant goea over bla
Block and mark down many good
gooda that happen to lie aeaaonahle
aome montba In tha pait. Tbeae
gmida are Juit aa good now aa a momh
ago but Dame Kaahlon decree that
you muat march on fat and hence
ttieae anlea are dealgned to ae you
thlnga that would aoon go out of atyle
while yet Id atyle. In Ihla aale there
are many thlnga that are great bar
gain Ibat Mr. Adam la willing to ael
at a close figure to make room for
new gooda coming In. You 'may aa
well participate In theae bargain a
to let your neighbor get all the good
thlnga. The gooda are at 111 new, they
are yet In atyle, but they mutt be sold
while yt aeaaonablo to make room
for newer Block. If you have not read
hla advertisement you should do ao,
A Oli-I' Naw Yaar'a Rtaolution.
I'm going to be glad. Who know
wbut nlee Ihliife-a tuny Ih Juki around
Ihe corner T 1
I'm going lo b all dreaiWHl before 1
leave my owji room and then forget It.
I wuu'l alt bin In a street car.
I won't gimalp ao, It liurtM any onej
Juat nice liilereallug, hariuleaa little
1 won't always tell all I know."
I won't tell my friend of bole In
their clothe wheu they are far from
I won't fuaa over thing I cannot
help. .
I wen't burry more than In If of the
I'll try to I plvaannt ami not He, but
I won't Ha' to bo pleaaant. . A good un
to red liar makea every one mad In the
long ran.
I won't lend money. I'll Junt give It
and get Ihe credit.
When "In company" I II talk, wheth
er I have anythlug to aay or not
111 try to keep all my old frlenda and
make a many new one a poauibje.
fur some of the old will surely drop
out' It I" better lo be on wllh the new
before you are off with the old.
laiat. I ll try to keep some of tbeae
resolutions, all the easy uue anyway.
An Ironing Beard In Disguise.
When yuu bare read about the won
der of the Ironing board aeen In tbe
cut you will think It la tbe most prac
tical, economical and handiest conven
ience you bsve seen lit a long Ume.
When not In use a an Ironing board
It forms tbe mot practical aettee that
could be Imnglned. The banifx-r under
the Ironing board form the aeat part
of the settee and Ihe Ironing bonrd tbe
back. For une aa an Ironing bonrd tha
wooden knoba are thrust throiigb thl
holes In the loard pmper and tut
atand. and there you are. The under
pert forma a convenient hamper elthf
for clothea to be Ironed or for tho
that bar undergone the treatment.
V ' S
1 r v.!.,
Pras Agant Per the Dig
. show In N.w Yerk City.
Mas. CHAxxiaa roLUx.a.
"Sba'a tbe best press agent In tha
Country,'' so aald a man recently who
la la a position to judge of uch mat
ter concerning tbe publicity work of
Mra. Cbannlng I'ollock, better known
In tbe professional world aa Mia
Anna Marble.
Mr. I'olliM-k coini-s of several gener
ation of atage folk end .accmed pre
destined for a career aa sn nrtreaa.
but aa atie heraelf auya, "I bad no
hankering for the limelight, but my
relative- kept bending Uie toward Ihe
atage. Filially John Duun persuaded
me to become preas agent for 'Flora
dor.' which be, brought to AnierU-u,
and my work baa been cut out for me
ever since." f
From that time on Miss Marble has
bandied the publicity for Oscar Ilnra
suerateln'e grand opTa. prea ageuted
several vaudeville bouaes aud weut
out 00 the road ahead of Naxlmova
when she first came lo this country.
At present she Is press sgeut for New
York's mammoth abow, the lllpo
drome, and In odd moments she writes
vaudeville sketches and magatine
articles. ,
Brlds ss Business Woman.
Certain busltaml now ronieud that
brides should be educated In business
method. They are not sstlaOcd tbst
tbelr wives are excellent cook a, air
perb bouekeeiera and gracious aud
tactful at Ihe dinner table. ' They
think womeu alau should I hi sufficient
ly acquainted with bualtieas to be
compsuloua to them lu'affulrs of vltiil
ImiHirtauce. ' Bald one man: "1 think a
wife abould le educated In bUHluei
tlf wife Is a erfectly ukkIuI wouiuii
lu every way except that ahe cannot
help Die In any way In a Imnlneoa mat
ler. Hhe cannot underatand bualnesa
Imply hticnune alio never bnd any In
Biructlop. In It Now, If my wife bnd
studied a little about architecture she
could have given me ImiKirtant advice
on the que-tlou of letting a contract
lo a builder for the construction of
our home. I certainly think wives
abould have a practical knowledge of
business matters, lucludlng Ann nee."
Have youoverworked -your nervous
system and cauaed trouble with your
kidneys and bladder? Have you palna
In loin, aide, back and bladder? Have
you a flabby appearance of the face,
and under the eyea? A frequent dealre
to paaa urine? If ao, Williams' Kidney
pill will cure you-Dnigglat, Price
Boo. Wllllama Mfg. Co., Props., Cleve
land, O. For aale by Huntley Bros,
and Jones Drug Co.
,j. ', ;; . ;-. ... . .if'-, ;,-
15 '; -j,.. V -
1 J
Tbe Friendly Hlbl class of the
Presbyterian church, gave It annual
baiupiet on Monday' e'ventng In the
parlora of the church. The banquet
waa set for I o'clock and at that hour
a merry throng aat down to enjoy the
feast of good thing, knowing that the
flow of reaaon to follow was to be
equally aa refreshing to the aplrltual
man a thi bounty before them waa
the physical. Following was the menu
Stuffed Datea Warfare Jelly
Cold Ham Ieg of Mutton
Pickles Fruit Balada Halada
.Hrown Bread Itolla
Coffee Assorted Cske Candy
The tables were set length wlae of
the church parlors, and between them,
banked Into every available apace,
were green feme while on the walla
were clam pennant, clans pictures and
si reamers'. In red and while and blue.
Buspendod' from the celling were air
fern a a flnUhlng touch to the pretty
decorations for the occhhIoo.
After the Joys of the banquet came
he pleasures of the program, given
a follow:
Invocation Rev. Iatndshorough
(Greeting Mr. Andrews
'Be a Live One" Miss Dalley
Piano duet. Misses Vol k man and Hyron
Bird of a Feather" Ilalph Eddy
Piano solo Oscar Wood fin
Address, "Ideala" , .
Mr. Phlpps
. . Miss Maxwell
. . . Paul Burrows
Wilbur Andrews
Vocal solo
"How to Catch Flah
Clarinet nolo
Harry Petera aceompanlat
Address' Rev. LandsborQUgh
Selection Double Quartet
When Dreams Come True"
Mlsa Kidder
Harry Miller waa toastmaster for
the occasion.
Rev. Phlpps, who was the principal
speaker for the occasion, made an ad
d(es on "Ideals." He said: "I be
lieve that the success of this class In
ihe past haa been due largely to their
Ideals. I am very certain that your
snccess In life, not only aa members
of thla Claaa but aa members of so
ciety and of the great human family.
depend upon your Ideals. You are at
a time In life when ideals' mean a
great deal to you. Whether you have
the right one or not you are taking
upon yourselves some kind of an Itn-
press. We are going to bear the im
press In our after life of the one who
haa been our Ideal
Mr. Philips went on to aay that
Waahlngton had been hla Ideal from
boyhood. He thought of him aa the
greatest man not as he managed and
directed the Continental army but a
the man at Valley Forge and at the
crosalng of the Delaware, especially
so aa he led hla men to prayer. He
had esteemed It a privilege to visit
Washlngton'a home a short time ago.
He. thought It a fine thing to put
Ideala Into the lire of any human be
ing. He paid a high tribute to Lin
coln, to Lincoln's mother and to tbe
Influence for good which these lives
had bad In molding-ate lives of others.
The pnrtlng word to the class waa
"God haa aet before you an Ideal a
face and life, a splendid life, the one
vou study In the Hlble class, that of
the Incomparable Christ; aa you study
that life and take that Ideal Into your
life you are going to take upon your
self the Image of that life, and men
and women will know you have been
with Him because' you have taken Into
your life tie Ideals which are to de
velop Into the splendid character
which w o r.ot only predict but expect
from the members of the Friendly
There we a full attendance of the
clasa and ihe event proved to be one
which cabled with It more than or
dinary interest. The addreas of the
evening, together with the other num
bers on tbe program, were eacn well
received. Thla class has done a splen
did work In the short time It haa been
organlxed but If the enthuaiaam of
Monday evening la a token of the fu
ture there la to be a wonderful work
for good In tbta community by thla
After the banquet and tbe program
came a short season of social con
verse, followed by the warm good
cheer-of the partings of the evenfng,
and another milestone In the life of
thla clasa became a part of the paat.
Read the Morning Bnterpiiae.
Mra. O. W. Bentley la alowly Im
Rev. Mr. May'a wife la no better.
A few caaea of measles In our neigh
borhood. Our schools are progressing fine
with a full attendance under the man
agement of Mlsa May Hewa and MUa
Madell. - . " "
. Fred My era ha several men aortlng
apples and getting ready to ship.
It la well nigh time that the people
of Oregon City were waking up to
their Interests in regard to an electric
railroad leading up through Ihla coun
try. There la a movement now toward
a line from Woodburn to Scott'a Mill.
The people of Scott'a Mllla are quite
enthusiastic over the movement that
la only 2tt miles from -Marquam. If
that la built the trade will go to Wood
burn Instead of Oregon City.
Potato buyers are around contract
ing for the California market.
Quite a lot of Improvement la going
on in the way of clearing off land.
macksb'urcl '
Jimmy White la at home' again after
nearly a year'a absence In the gold
mines of Idaho.
Misa Haxel Lorlng la working for
the Pacific State Telephone Com
pany In Portland.
I Pat Yourself in the
Ad-Readers Place...
Wbeit yon write your claaslfled
ad or any kind of an ad try to
a include in it Just the Information
you'd: like to find If you were an
ad-reader and were looking for an
ad of that kind. r
If you do thla to even email
extent your ad will bring Re-
Copyright by American Praaa Aaao-
Tbe Countess Paula Kronevna step
ped from ber gondola and went Into
ber iMilsxzlo. Not that she lived at
Venice; she lived nowhere very Ions'
at one time, but li.wsa rl h enough
to b're a palace now at Rome, now at
Florence, aud when she wss In I'siia, ,
Berlin or Vienna, there being no pal
ace for rent In those capltnlx, the
would usually take soma notabledwell
Ing. Tbe countess bud no more fixed
position In society than In the mutter
of reaklence. ,
Entering her drawing room, she
found man waiting for her. There,,
was nothing In his aparel to lndliate
that he had called upon tbe countess
as a visitor. He was ten years ber
seuior, but looked twenty years older
thsn she. Ills balr was perfectly
white. His face was furrowed and bore
traces of having eodured suffering.
Ills eye gave evidence of tbe saine
"You wish to eee me?" asked tbe
countess, scrutinizing tbe man aa one
who fears every stranger lest he come
on an errand of revenge or Justice.
"I have waited an hour for yon. But,
the afternoon being One and your lady
ship doubtless having enjoyed your
trip on tbe Grand canal, I would not
bave hurried you for the -world. I
have been ' looking forward to thla
meeting for years. Barely minutes, even
an hour or two, could not make much
difference." i -,) '
"I do not know you."
"That la not aurprlHing. One doesn't
retain a smooth cheek at Kara. Be
sides, I have been through a number
of hunger strikes. Then traveling
through an ice wilderness for montba
would not bring lbs same ruddy com
plexion as being rowed by a gondolier
on the Grand canal at Veulce."
The bloom In the countess' face was
whitened like a rose touched by a
frost. Bhe knew now who the man
was and stood listening to him with
out reply.
"You remember little hoi Id, the
daughter of a peasant living on the
estate of a nobleman In Russia? No
flower In bis conservatory possessed
the exuberant beauty of this child Jutt
about to bud Into womanhood. And
she bad a mind to use It, too, to what
ahe considered tbe best advantage.
During her early teens she captured
IwlthJt the son of the nobleman on
whose estate she lived. She married
"But, bla people not rellHhlng their
blood being mixed with the peasantry
and being convinced that her motives
wece not of the purest, would have
nothing to do with ber. But they paid
her well to stay away from them and.
ber young husband discovering that
ber heart was as cold as the bloom Jn
her cheek was wsrm, let her go. In
deed, she did not ask Win to go with
her. .
"The next be heard of his little wife
waa at Bt. Petersburg. She had more
money than she had received from ber
husband's family, but it waa not
known from whence it came. A cer
tain grand duke waa attentive lo ber,
ao much ao that, since grand dukes
marry only with royalty, her reputa
tlon Buffered. But she waa playing a
bold game. She willed that her Impe
rial lover ahould marry her. But, hav
Ing a husband already, this was Im
possible, it might not be lnrpostdble
If ahe could get rid of her husband
"One day when out shooting he waa
attacked by a party of men. Having
captured him. they took him to tbe au
perlntendent of police, and he Joined
the next caravan setting out ror Bine-
"Hla wife bad made a failure. lie
waa to have leen executed, but the
cxar would not consent
"But if she might not be a grand
duchesa ahe might at least possess
enormous wealth. Iler Imperial lover
lavished millions upon ber millions
that her husband, among others, was
taking from the Kara mlnea, impelled
to work, whether able to do so or not
by tha knout For twenty yeara he
helped to add to these riches that were
lavished uKn his wife. Then ene day
an opportunity occurred; he escaped
from tbe prison and started for a land
of freedom.
"And now be la here to quit once
more bla peasant life."
' lie ceased to speak, and the countess
stood waiting for him to continue.
Since he did not she asked:
"And what are your Intentions con
cerning met"
"I. bave no Intentions concerning
you. But mere is a iransacuou mat
has not appeared in tbe atory I have
told, and the Russian government has
Intentions which will be made mani
fest through the king of Italy."
The countess caught at a piece of
furniture near which ahe stood and
swayed like a reed ahaken by tbe
"A generation baa passed," the Tls
ltor continued. "The 'grand duke la
dead, and there la a new cxar of Rus
ala." The woman summoned voice to aak:
When will they be here?"
"Not aoon. enough to occasion undue
haste on your part, but too aoon to
enable yon to leave Italy."
The countess walked to a cabinet,
opened a drawer, took out an Ivory
landle4 revolver and; putting It to her
temple, pulled the trigger.
naif an hour later tbe government
police of Italy entered the countesa'
pe.laxr.lo and found ber lying on the
floor dead. There waa no one else
Everybody and bla dog baa a cold.
O. Frederick lokt one of hla horse i
this week.
Those attending the ball at Logan
report a very enjoyable time.
la O. Oerber and wife, of Bellwood,
also Mr. and Mrs. Wot Hells, of same
city, attended the dance 8aturday e-
nine- at Lostan.
Mr. and Mra. John Duae, of Currlna.
vllle, visited their daughter, Mra. N.
U Klrchem. over Sunday.
One night recently a faraaer wa
awakened by bla dog barking., He
went to Investigate tbe cause and aaw
man leaving bla barn with a sack of
something on hla back. He haa a pat
lock oh hla granary now.- otbera arv
doing likewise..
Jacob -Babler, of Ban Francisco, a
brother of Henry Babler, haa been
critically III at his home there bat Is
reported allghtly improved.
T. Gerber waa around looking for
gravel for the concrete abutment lo
tbe new bridge at Fisher's Mill. TU
bad time for tbat kind of work as
the gravel has to be hauled from too
Clackamaa River, making a long haul;
heavy and expensive haul, too, but
the people are In a hurry to get the
bridge. . '
B. C. Hawley, a former resident, of
this place, but now of Corvallts. I
down on a visit and to pay taxes.
President Taft seems to think the
farmers of the United Statee are not
worthy of any consideration. If reci
procity with Canada la good for all
concerned why do they not have all
other thlnga duty free? Meata, auch
aa the farmers have to sell cattle,
hogs, sheep, poultry, etc., are to be
uty free, but protection for tne
ressed or prepared article. Manufac
tured goods are protected. It la tne
farmer who has to suffer the loss all
round, nay, oats, grain, etc. i no
oat and hay market Is now on a de
cline with the Increased nae or the
utomoblle. Auto trucks are fast sup
erceding the horse draya. Then, doea
Mr. Taft think that farmers In the
United States can compete with Can
ada In the dairy Industry? They have
cheap feed, and labor too, there. Here
It la different. Here the people Dave
high wagea, high taxea, and when a
farmer has to cultivate cropa for for-
ag for hla cows he simply cannot do
It and come out even. If Canada can
flood our markets with 18 cent butter
It meana thla. that fully one-half -of
Clackamaa county dairymen will have
to quit business. Creameries too.
Having been dairying 25 years, can
speak with some knowledge on thla
matter. Farmera are not to blame
for the "high coat of living" any more
than any other one aet of individuals
Many who live In cities think it a
dream life" to live on a farm but
try It a few yeara; milk cows, raise
chickens, to raise a mortgage and fam
ily too, then, and only then doea that
"dream" get a "Jolt" and the awaken
ing soon follows. If we must bave
reciprocity, then. In Justice to all, take
the duty off of everything and ahow
a Iltle luatlce to the American farmer.
Farm Implements are an expensive
luxury too, yet we have to pay the
price or let them alone
The weather of the paat week haa
been charming; the frosty nights ad
clear'bracing mornings reminding one
of New England, while the sunshiny
days, with the song of birds filling the
air. tranaport ua In- thought to the
south of Europe.
Mr. Coleman, formerly of Macks-
burg, has been appointed principal of
the Barlow school. '
Miss .Ella Schultx la working at Mr
Roth's place. .
Mr. and Mra. Roth are living In their
new house near Nofzlnger'a mill.
8. N. Strubhar and wife were port
land visitors today.
John Etzel la making grand clean
up of bla stumps.
Miss Lilly Harm, who haa been aur-
ferlng with a bad felon Is, once more,
able to attend to business.
The home of Chris Nofzlnger baa
been gladdened by the arrival of
bov. weighing nine pounds.
Miss Margaret Zlnger, who haa been
working at' Aurora for some time. Is
at home again.
Mrs. Henry Brush and her son
Francis, are living In their own home
again. Francis I tearing out the grubs
like a Kansas cyclone and la success
fully demonstrating that hla high
school course, though It has developed
his brain, has not weakened his mus
Mrs. Lorenx Is enjoying a visit from
her alslter. Mrs. Maddox, of Dea
Moines. Iowa. Both of theae ladiea
visited the Macksburg high school
las! week.
Billy Miller Is working for tbe Hart.
wl Hardware Co. In Aurora. ,
The Washington Birthday exerlcses
at the Macksburg school were well
attended and everyone seemed to en-
Joy them.
' Following- la the urogram:
Sone by the school. "Marching
through Georgia:" "Washlngton'a
firsve." Gertrude Barth; "Tbe Village
Rlacksmlth." Second Grade; "A Wash
ington's Birthday Wish," George Luib-
bln: "Johnnie on George Washington,
Thuserelda Kraxberger; "How Sleep
the Brave." Bertha Koch; "Like wash
Ington," Merril Seward; song by the
school. "Columbia:" "Warren'a Ad
dress" by Herman Etzel; "The Small
Bov'a Diary." Francis Kraxberger
"The Castle By the Sea," Frieda Zlng
er: "A High Resolve," Eric Roeche
"The Daffodils." Frieda Kraxberger
song, "America," school.
The Mulino shingle mill started up
again Thursday, after a long rest
Mr. and Mrs. Claude AsnDy were
called to Salem last week by the ser
ious Illness of Mrs. Ashby'a uncle, who
was stricken with paralysis a few days
before. Mr. Ashhy returned Monday
but Mrs. Ashby Is still there.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Manning are
the happy parents of a new daughter,
born St. Valentlne'a day.
Claude Howard will aoon have nis
greenhouse In operation and then Mu
lino will be auppiiea wun eariy veg
Mra. Snodgrasa and Mra. Churchill
went to Oregon City Friday on busi
Uncle Nick Darnall la on the sick
list, being afrilcted with rheumatism.
J. J. Mallatt haa moved to Oregon
City to engage in tbe. real eatate busi
ness. '. '
C. T. Howard lost a valuable horse
Saturday. The horse waa taken aick
some time through the day and died
before night. It la auppoaed to be
colle that ailed It. r ' . -
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wallace were,
Macksburg visitors Sunday.
Wants, For Safe, Etc,
Notices uniler these claastM.d hee-IInr
will b Inserted at one cent -a word, first
Insertion, hair a ceet additional Inner
tlons. On Inch card, fl par month; hall
Inch card. 4 llnea) tl per month..
Cash rnuat accompany ord.r unloee en
haa an open account with tha paper. No
financial reaponalblllty for errors;
arrora occur free corwtrd notice will : b
printed for patron. Minimum chars. 1
WANTED Small advertleementa for
thla , coWmn. Price -very reaaon
able. Bee rale at bead of column.
to- let by contract, plana to be see
at W r. lUrrta' residence at Har
ris saw mill, out B ml lea near the
Highland road. !
FOR SALE 10 acres orchard land;
T aeres planted to apple treea; 7
room bouse, small barn; mile'
from Oregon City on good road;
$3,600; terms for quick aale. Tele
phone Farmers 711. 8. R. Cogan,
R. F. D. .No. I, Bog 1S9, Oregon
City, Oregon.
LOST Old fashioned pin. between
Fifteenth street and Electric Thea
tre. Leave at Pacifle telephone of
fice. Reward.
HARRY JONES Builder and General
Contractor. Estimates cheerfully
given on all classes of building
work, concrete walks and reinforced
concrete. Rea. phono Main 111.
MONET LOANED We are acquaint
ed with tbe value of all farm land
In Clackamaa County and can loan
your money on good aafe security.
Farm loans made one, two and three
yeara at 7 pr cent Abstracts of
title examined. DIMlCK aV DIMICK,
Lawyers, Andresen Bldg.t Oregon
City, Oregon.
. D. EBT, Attorney-at-Law, Money
loaned, abstracts furnished, ' land ,
titles examined, eatatea aattled, gen- '
eral law business. - Over Bank of
Oregon City.
D'REN i 8CHUEBEL, Attorneys-at-
U., Deutscher Advokat, will prac
tice In all courts, make collections
and aettlementa. Office In Enter,
prise Bldg., Oregon City, Oregon. -
V. R. HYDE, Abstract Office
Land titles Investigated, conveyan
cing, notary public.
Room 7. Barclay Bldg., Oregon City.
DR. U 0. ICE. DENTIST Rooms 4,
6 and 6 Beaver building, Main Bt,
Oregon City- Phones: Home A-19S
and Pacific States 1221.
75 acre-tract good land, no rocka, 3
miles from Oregon City, 1V4 miles
from O. W. P. car line. Good fruit.
land. Cut Into 7 and 14 acre tracts,
4100 to $225 per acre. Enquire of
D. K. Bill Co., Room I, Beaver
- Bldg, Oregon Citv. ' '
E. H. COOPER, For Fire Insurance
and Real Estate. XH,ns handle
your prbpertle we1 buy, sell and
exchange.. Office In Enterprise
Bldg, Oregon-City, Oregon.,
tate Dealers, bave choice bargains
In farm lands, city and auburban
homes, good fruit landa and poultry
ranchea. See - ua ' for good buy a
Near 8. P. depot
MANY TIMES you can buy Just the
article you want. Just aa good aa
new, at a email fraction of the cost
of new, If you go and see YOUNG,
the second band man. Hla collec
tion contains New and Second Hand
Furniture, Hardware, Tools, Curios,
etc. See him; It costs nothing to
Notice of Fire Election.
NOTICE la hereby given that an elec
tion will be held on the 6th day of
March, 1911. for the election of a
Chief Engineer, an Aaslstant Engi
neer and three membera of the
Board of Fire Commlssionera.
Election will be held at the Fire
House, at Fountain Hose Company's
hail and the polla will be open be
tween the houra of 10 a. m. and 4
p. m.
President Board of Fire Commislonera.
Electric Hofel
411 Mala. atwt:tk,inrik Itx.,
J. X T08IN, Proprietor.
; To Introduce Tbe ,Momlni;
Enterprise Into a large major
ity of the bomea In Oregon'
City and Clackamas county the'
management haa decided to
make a special price for tha -
dally Issue, for a short time
only, where tbe subscriber paya .
a year In advance.
By carrier, paid a year In 4
advance, $3.00. V
By mall, paid a year In ad-
vancvj, $3.00. -
People who gave our canvas-
aer a trial subscription for one
or more months, at ten cent a '
week, can have the dally dellv- e
ered for a year for $3.00 by
paying a year In advance. - '
People who gave our canvas-
aer a trial aubacrlptlon, by
mall, for four montba at a dol-
lar, may have the paper for a e
year for $3 00, If paid a year In
advance- ,.. -
Subacrtbere to the Weekly
Knterprlae may change . their
subscriptions to the daily, re- e
celvlng credit for half time on .
the dally that the weekly. It
paid In advance. When they
choose to add cash to the ad-
ranee payment equal to a full
rwar'a advaac payment they
may take advantage of the $3
rate -
ua anaJce thla sneclal Dries
so that people who bave paid
in advance on aome other daily
and wtah to take the Morning '
Enterprise, may do so without
too great el pens. . ;