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E. C BRODIE, Edltoe and Publisher.
' ApMcattoo mad for sacond class prtvl
- Ur at tha Postomca at Oraon City,
Oracon. undar tha Act of Congraaa of
March a, 1S7.
Ona Year, by mall IS 64
Six Months, by mall It
Four atonlna, by snail l.Ot
Par ink, by carrier It
First Pas-, prr mm tirat Inasrtlon. . . .lie
Plrat Pace iar rnoh addvd Inaarthma. .10c
Prrrrd position any past, per Inch
flrat Insertion 16c
Frererrrd position any paga. par Inch
added Insertions 10c
Run paper other than flrat pace, par Inch
f'rat Insertion...,......-;. lie
Run paper other thanTTrst paav, per Inch
added Inaertlona to
' Luteals 10' per Una; to regular advar
tlaers c line
Wants. For Sale, To Rant, ate. ona
rant a word first Insertion; one-half cent
ach additional.
Rates for a.lvartlaing In tha Weekly
Enterprise will ha the aitme as In tha
dally. foe. advertisements st especially
for the weekly. Where the advertiaempnt
la transferred from the dally to tha week
ly, without chant, tha rata will be tc
aa Inch for run of the paper, and 10c an
Inch for special position.
Cash should aocompany order where
party Is unknown In business of flea of
the Enterprise. '
Legal advertising a: lrral advertising
rates. sdvertlslng and special transient
advertising at He to 60c an Inch, accord
ing to speclnl conditions governing the j
"Fire Sale" anf Bankrupt Sule" adver- i
ttsements iSc Inch first Insertion: aJdl- i
tlonal Insertions same matter 76c Inch.
- News Items and well wrlt'en articles
of merit, with Interest to local readers,
will ba gladly accepted. ReJ.-cted manu
script never returned unless accompan
ied by stamps to prepay poatre. I
Mr. and Mra. James Hammond Return
to Mt Angel Home.
Zlda, the little -daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James Hammond, who was
brought here by her parents a few
weeks ago to consult a physician for
appendicitis, has so improved that she
was able to be taken to her home at
Mount Angel this week. The child
lias been under the care of Dr. H. S.
Mount, and it was not necessary to
operate on the little one. While In
this city Mr. and Mrs. Hammond vis
ited at the home of the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Hammond.
i .
A Happy landing f wis).'
am ' and Old FesMana.
;," ...
; i a" r 4
a -. v' i .ijf , i i i
i r mt t-i ii I
T;.:.?: '
I III .-. ,- . : v, - I
Waf-V 1
At the Portland Theaters
First Department- Commander Orms
by Present at Saturday Meeting.
Past Department Commanders S. B.
Ormaby and J. T. Apperson were hon
ored visitors of Meade Post No. 2
Grand Army of the Republic, at Its
meeting Saturday afternoon. Both
past commanders gave short talks.
The Post decided to purchase 20
stand of arms from the Rock Island
arsenal, to be used on state occasions.
The next meeting of Meade Post will
be held Saturday, March 4. This will
be Pension Day and a camp fire will
be given, to which all old soldiers are
cordially Invited.
Mr. Orfsby was the first department
commander In the State. In the ab
sence of Commander D. K. Bill, who
has been very sick, O. E. Cheney acted
as commander for the day.
Mr. Kellogg, of Summer Post, Port
land, also spdke as did several mem
bers of the local Post Meade Post.
East to Tickle Palate of
H. Gregory's Friend.
George H. Gregory, of Molalla.
shipped a 52 pound Chinook salmon
Saturday night to George Barrell, of
Skanealeles. N. Y. The fish was
caught In the waters of the Wilamette
River by Harry Aune and was packed
for shipment by Ed Rechner and
George and Tom Brown. It is the
custom of Mr. Gregory, who Is a well
known- teasel grower of Molalla, to
send his friend, Mr. Barrell, a big sal
mon every year.
In the charmingly girlish dance frock
Illustrated are. blended the modern and
old fashions that are prominent In the
season's modes. The rather scant
straight skirt is trimmed with three
ruffles of graduated widths. It is at
tached to a bodice veiled with gold net
and white chiffon and trimmed elabo
rately with bullion fringe: A moire glr
die defines the waist at the front and
sides, while the chiffon tablier at the.
back la draped In a manner to lend uu
empire effect to the costume. Hand
embroidered silk gloves match tbt
shade of the girdle aol the silk foun
datlon of the gown, ubit-h bt Ameri
can Beauty color. Th lltt'e carriage
card la of lace and liUrty satin.
Pan-American Rsad Pregreaa.
The I'sn Amerirmi railway from
Washington to Itui-iioa Aires will I
10.211 miles loutf. of wblcb ti.oVJ miles
mllea hare I wen constructed and 4.11W
miles are to le construvted
Nsw York Repaying Debts.
Out of esrn dollar of New .York
city's budget ror lh!s year 29 rents
will be paid out on old debt account
1 wonder If It's pan or Ink
That's cross - .. .
They're vary nine with grownup folks.
Of course.
But soon as I begin to try
To writs with them they kick and fly
. And stub and splssh with all their migtot
And make my writing Just a sight.
I don't know If the pen's to blame
Or not.
It's certainly tha Ink that makes
The blot.
But anyhow I'd rather write
With Mr. Pencil, gsy snd bright.
He's kind and never twists and twirls.
I think he's fond of little girls.
Great Musical Comedy Success With
James T. Powers,
It was to a tropical clime that Lea-
lie Stuart, George Groaimlth and
Graham Hill went for the locale of
the picturesque) musical play, "Ha
vana." Thee thre English makers
of musical rontody . have turtved out
a piece even more, Sallarylng and
more colorful that "Klorodura," This
fact was borne out, not only during
the long run. of the piny In London.
but by Its engagement at the Casino
Theatre, New York, where under the
auspices of the. Messrs. Shubert, It
remained for. nearly two seasons. The
piece is now on tour with Mr. James
T .Powers In the stellar position, and
iith an unusually large company or
players and singers. Including the at
IraotUe aud much tttHctissed, "Hello,
People, People Hello" girls, will be
rfeeu at the Hellig Theatre Sunday,
February !. running all week.
Havana, A'uluf, happens to be the
scene of action on account of the fact
that seven years before the story be
gins, Samuel Nix. bos un of the yacht
"Wasp." has visited the southern cap.
itol where he marries a Cvban belle.
Hut a few hours after his matrimonial
experience, he deserta the girl. There
fore, it Is -vlth misgivings that he
enters Havana seven years afterward,
reallxlng that the first woman he
meets may be his neglected and de
serted wife. His endeavors to guard
his movements throw him under sus
picion. A party of revolutionists,
who Just at that time are plotting
against the government, believe that
Nix Is one of their own; and they not
only welcome but force him Jo attend
has attained her majority. Is sent
Boston for a musical education. Phe
treada the path of many an unfortu
nate predecessor, the path of ruin,
and on returning to her father's borne
the stern old Puritan drives her from
his roof. Ten years later she returns
In the person of great French sing
er and her Identity Is still unknown.
She succeeds In saving a younger sis
ter from eloping with the very man
who has wrought her ruin. Still the
old father la relentless, and It Is only
through the pleadings of I'ncle Hen
that the little) Ruth of the years ago
la taken to the bosom -of her old
father and encircled with the arms of
paternal forgiveness. The story Is de
clared to be aa good hs any sermon
and interesting each moment.
It la promised that au unusually
capable cast will appear In support
of Mr. Jose, and special scenery will
be employed In ' mourning the piece.
All of the stage selling, furniture,
pictures and properties In the produc
tion have been gathered by Mr. Jose
from homes In New Kngland. and eacn
piece haa some dear memory of the
old home, adding rhurra to tne play
by Its naturalnesa. Mis loulse
Kent, who wag astclaled with the
Baker Stork company of this city for
Ave seasons. Is the lending lady,-with
this attraction, and will give a recep
tion from the stage to her many Port
land frlr Js on this coming Thursday
7 iruTf.
Western Success This Week At
Baker Theatre.
Portland theatre-goers have seen
most of the late Western successes,
V;-. '
I t
leading woman at the
Gladstone Woman Had Lived 21 Years
In Clackamas County.
Mrs. Jhn Ien1sin died Saturday
looming at 3: SO o'clock at Gladstone
after an JJInesa of several months.
Death was due to pleurisy. Mra, Itan
Isnn was born. In Sweden and was
about 50 years of age. She had re-
..:w-- if A
which you buy
may g up r aown, but you can always depend on th
very dollar you deposit In our savlnas deoartm...
bo a dollar plus the Interest It earns.
Your principal will always bo available, which cannot be ay
forma of Investment.
The Bank of Oregon City
I). C. I.ATOURBTTB Proaldeat
r. J. slEVVt .
Fo ur Te mperamental
Types and Four Types
of Disposition.
their councils, and It Is while at a
meeting of this nature that the police
enter and arrest the leaders. Nix Is
carted off and given a nasty trial.
His sentence Is death the following
sunrise. Then it doesn't maiter'Ydry
much whether his wife turns up or
not, but It happens that It matters
very materially, for at the crucial mo
ment Mrs. ex-Nix enters with a docu
ment which, founded upon Cuban law,
declares that a husband who deserts
his wife for a period of seven years
is pronounced extinct. Therefore,
being dead. NIx cannot be shot to
death. Even the mayor recognizes the
law and Nix Is set free. His Cuban
belle of seven years ago seems more
attractive ihan when he met her first,
but (his temporary hallucination is
quickly dispelled when Mrs. NIx
urmgs on a intie nix who Is even
more red headed than his much-trav.
such as "The Girl of ,the Golden
West," "The Great IivlUe.'! "Tha
fiquawman." "Tha HelrUJTjthe Hoo
rah," and several others! of ilka cali
bre, but next woek for the first time.
Edgar Selwyn'a adaptation of Sir Gil
bert Parkers superb nvel, "Ple,re
and His People," renamed as the play
"Pierre of tht plains." will be placed
Upon the stage of this theatre. It
was recently played by The Alcazar
Company of San Francisco, and Mo
rosco's Iiurbank Company of Is An
geles, and Its success was Instantan
eous running several weeks at each
city. Two seasons ago, Edgar Belwyn.
who made the clever adaptation of It
for the stage, appeared on Broadway,
playing, the title rofo.'-and scored
heavily for over one' hundred per
formances. Hut "Pierre of the Plains" anneals
! especially strong to the people of the
West where lis wild
- i U'AUt WhASXs, i f I 1 m... -J a
The music of "Havana" was written ""h . I "J . " .
by Lean, Stuart, composer of "Florr, a " . ' ZJ.n7"
The piece contains over flf- ,, .... 'a .v ' "T
toon n.lmhor. .,KIV V..,- . J- " " ' 1 UCir C KUtfrn BPS
" ' "unn ueru UV It 9r.w .wa r-.. .1 - ,
Glared bv musical nnrt. m h .m. " "r"1 we " Pre"
of the flrst water. The "Hello Peo-
slded In Clackamas County 21 yours
and wasfor19 years a resident of
Meadowbrook. For the last year and
a half she has made her home at Glad
stone. Mrs. Denlson was married In
18N9,at Portland, her maiden name
being Miss Annie Johnson. Two chil
dren survive her. a son. Amml Ix-nl
son and Miss Mildred Denlson, of
Gladstone. The funeral will take
place at 11:30 o'clock Sunday morn
Ing from her late residence, and the
Interment will he In C lackamas ceme
tery. Rev. A. II. Mulkey, of Glad
stone, wilt officiate.
sented by naker Stock Company, they
nle. Peonle Hello" nrnv. ' P"wr jusc as mey aia
Kifii-ri B-cunaiiifii 1. Man in r lOrQ-
dora" sextette, and the winning "busi
ness" of the winsome little girls who
sing the number has been copied In
other productions, but never equalled.
ror tne Shuberts' production, Mr.
James T. Powers himself revised the
book. The scenery there are three
acts In all Is an' exact copy of that
used In George Edwardes' production
at the Gaiety Theatre, London.
'IIERE are four ba
typci, of disposition
position first:
HERE is firt the AGORES-
v' SIV disposition.
( People who do tiling for
, themselves, taio the initiative, are
of this type. They are not neeea-
wnly great, but they are at least
Seconds-There ia the INSTI
the person who instigates action
y-in others. They are either too
lazy or too fearful to be aggressive
'fSoT themselves. . .- ' r
j. Third. There -fa the AUS-
. u sw a bj- " v a s.v nrm . s
-t ifltw are me
-eI," dotoihRTng nier tirtfallf ' Bar
row a pprijjwVat J&ruUL'But wfih
'that counts. ' ' . ' y
; Fourtti.'--There 'is ' the CR15-
" -- x oopio. who
thlS dumrmitinn am iiiITa;..!
, 1 , v .umuiiui UUtU
1 thflma1 vaa Tn a' m. al. .1
- '- . U T1 m T IfUCT IIIRK H
. y
; their own laws. .
sic temperamenUl t-pes and four distinct
I-t't ua take the four basic types of di
F the teraneramentjil fTrrwssi
1 J -o
nrst comes the SAX-
OtTINE. The person of
sanguine temperament sees the
bright side of life, i interested in
many things, skips lightly from
subject to subject and does not
delve very deeply for meanings.
The person of MELANCHOLIC
TEMPERAMENT is, of cours,,,
directly the opposite. They tako
Typical Old New England 8mithy Is
Feature of Play.
The quaint and lovable character
of a typical old New England smithy,
Just such a one perhaps as the poet
wrote about generations ago In the
famous old classls. "The Village
Blacksmith," will be presented In the
rural drama, "Silver Threads." at the
Bungalow Theatre this week starting
with a Sunday matinee. 1
Uncle Tien la the Ufa it tha vllWa
tlfi? sunshine of the community, the'
peacemaker In time of trouble, tha I
-oracle to be consulted on points of
learning., He Is whole-souled, good-
natured; he Is a sweet singer; he Is
a leader In ttfervlllage choir In fact
Uncle Ben Is tha pride of the village,
nothing short of that enviable and
lofty position In the hearts of his
. ' countrymen. Thla la tha nart that la I
me seriously, care for few people to be portrayed In the hearts of his
Md few things,-but care for these cmr'ma- T"1" Prt that is
,l.l- m. iruieM t0 be portrayed by the eminent tenor I
neepiy. iney are steadfast and and leading man, Mr. Richard J. Jose,
true. . . an ln this part he Is said to be given
la role that admlrahlv fl him knih
'The CTTOLERIO PERSON" temperamentally and physically. Dur-
h f'W.Vl V.r" V. ' ' Ing the course of the play UncU Ben I
V.v mperamental sings a number of famous old songs I
types, 1$ eager, nervous. - hichlv tnat fQr KneraUons have been dearj
"truneT greatlj interested in life, land folks, among them "Abide With
The fourth fWtn. PTTTT?n' M-" "Home 8wet . Home," "Silver!
Vr" tivuu- TkM .lmm. 1. .-A !..
MATIO- PERSON is dull , and but not least, "Daddy," the last men-1
nonea oeing panicniany appealing in
Its tender melody. .
The atory of "Silver Threads" re-
volves about, tha career of a New Eng
land girl, little Ruth, who before sha '
"The Wolf." and others that
have drawn from the great life of the
wild places for tbelr Inspiration. The
scenes of "Pierre of the Plains" are
laid In the Montana country, and
Pierre Is a halfbreed. gamester, reck
less, handsome and picturesque a
strange, mysterious sort of character,
and the plot of the play, which we
have not spnee to describe here, deals
with his effectual attempts to thwart
the mounted police In their efforts to
capture the brother of the girl he loves veteran.
and deliver him up to Justice. It Is
unlike all other Western plays, and
Its ending is just as weird and ro
mantic as Its beginning, for Pierre Is
seen consulting his well beloved cards
as the last curtain slowly descends
on. a- scene of 'wild, romance, -and his
secret thoughts, no. man can fathom.
Entertaining Patriotic Programme t
Prepared By Woman,
The Gladstone Ladles' Aid Society
has arranged Its tiroa-ramme fur the
patriotic banquet to be held on net
Tuesday evening. . The doors will tie
open at 7 P. M. and none but holders
of tickets will be admitted. Toasts
will be responded to as follows:
"Patriotism In the Home." Rev. Chas.
W. Robinson; "In the Church," Rev.
A. H. Mulkey; "Dixie," pastime quar
tette; "Patriotism In the School,"
County Superintendent T. J. Gary;
"In the City," Mayor O. K. Freytag;
song, 1 ramp. Tramp, Tramp," audi
ence; "Reminiscences," W. T. Kerr;
song, -iiea. White and Blue." Mrs
Nieta Barlow Lawrence: "The Plaa."
juukb iavanaugn: "Mtar HDBneled
lianner," Pastime quartette: "Wash
ington, Rev. E. F. Zimmerman; song.
I L) . . . 1 A M . '
nwuru or minxer 11111." hv an od
Transacts 0nrsl wanking Business.
Tha following transfers of real es
tate were filed Saturday In (he offlco
of County Recorder U K. Williams:
Frank and May Ijuie to Kllisboih
Lrydo, northeast quarter, section 30,
lownshlp 3 sou lb, range 5 east, ItlU
acres; $11000,
W. A. and Ida V. Alcorn to A K.
Trogen, lota 6 au 0. block 14, llrlght
wimhI; $10.
James R. and lUrtmra rjkilstul l
John pick, part of J. V. Iloftii donation
land claim; $25.
"W. P. and Kva A. Ilawley to Trus
tees of the Fetitacosjal Church of tha
Najarciie of Barlow.l ot I, Mock 8,
lUrlow; $S.
K. T. Mass. sheriff to Kastern In
vestment Co, lot s, block 6, Harlow;
tax deed. '.(.
SaraH C. Wlckbam to Grace K. ah
er. lot 4, block ISO, Oregon City; $1.
Ilnrton IV Whliaker to Peter A.
Kane, lot 3, block 18, Mllwaukla park;
$75. -
George . and Melissa O. Owing
to Hen and Uittl I Stanton, J! acres,
section I, lownshlp 5 south, range 1
west; I220.
George V. and Melissa (). Owlngs
to John and Charity K. Kropp, 3 ac
res, section 1, 10 wnshlp 5 south, range
I weal; $300.
John W. and Grsca K. IMler to
JnhnniiliT Jolinson, soulheaaterly half
lot C, tract 57. Willamette Tracts; $1
John aud Carrie Krlon and Samp
and Kthel fMwards to Henry A. and
Maggie M. Heck, tract II, Root's ad-
dlllon to Boring JunrtUn; $1050.
Robert A. Miller to llc.rtita U lUt
dorf. lota 7 and J, M:k 13. (llsdxtotie;
M. ,-
Johanbls Johnson to John W. Uxlcr.
trsct i, south of county road, and lot
A, tract II. Willamette Trans; $1.
J. N and M. M. Pearry to Alice
Fschrelht and William J. Paiton. block
28. South Oswego; C00.
Sarah J. Parrlsh to R. C. Hart and
W. J. patton, block 24. South Oswego;
J. N. and M M Pearry to Amy J.
Fraser and William J. Patton, block
10, South Oswego; IG(H).
Oregon Swedish Colonization Co. to
Carl A Johnson, southwest quarter
of northwest quarter, section 35, town
thlp 4 south, range 3 east, 40 acres,
excepting to foot strip for road; $536.
C. I), and Dora 1. Sloe urn to James
K: Watdron.-lot 22, Jennings ldgs;
Oasn fram 1 K
with IMS best rash nffr
corninsnds $1 05. csnIi o-J
HAY "lover hav b,,,1..,
cash.,,.. b,y$l4 5.l.: :.7"4''ll
timothy 117.50. mlxn.l tlV
KGtlS-Market ; J .
Ho. w"4 1
OreBon City Quoti0n(
Market conditions Rra
changed the past ,,u ,. J!?.
but in jlne. nearly rlhCi'S
ara upward lendm. la, uL
marked. . .H IN
Tha trad Is great 1, ol
the success of the br..,?"
and Produca Union. . bi.rtv Z
(ha Union will i.a .1,1.. L V:.1 W
better g radios of f.r-
the past there, b., b .T
tempt made to propyl rJr"
Hack fruits anil 1.1' " 7?
sequence merchanls hav, cftsi ibH
forced to go outside of the 8uiai2
wishing good produce fro a
lo pack and not from lack efi
slock raised. .
APPIJCS The apfln markatksi
firm wllb large storks atlll si m
Dtniand la good with priras fnJ?
to II.
Correct anJ
Artitic Decorstion at
Moderate Cot.
Henry Bosch Company's
Wall Papers
For the Sesson of Nine-Irrn-rlrvrn
rrprrsrnt th
bet tl World sllordt
macilts ptUt
- TUn b) as aallMa w
'" a asain. a.w,
III rtclw smb4Im tiiaailaa
J. B. FOX rSSe
New 8tor for Gladstone.
Horns & Co. are nreoarlns- to mian
large general merchandise store at
t.ianstone, and a building will soon be
erected. The store will be located
one block .north .of .the .poBtofflce,
1 wining un roriiana avenue.
Heilig Theatre
7th and Taylor streets. Phons. Main 1 and A-1 122.
6 NIGHTS beginning MONDAY, FEBRUARY 50 .n..i.i e 1 ....
nsss Wedne.dsy.and Saturday Sam 8 anrf 7 .. Jl ,eJ"LP2!,e M,tl
prsasnt Amerlci'a' Funniest Com.Xn 8hub.K--Go. (Inc.)
- " musical nay BUCCSSS
80-Paopis 80 A u gms nt
By Ltslla Stuart, composer of "Florodora."
urCn.nri. Kncss Evanlnas: BiM.1 M. m. .r - """
1. 9U-1 .0O-79-5O-35-25. Ssst Sala a n - 0 ,n ""iiness:
ary 17. 1 " Theatre beginning Friday, Febru-
Canby Markets.
(Reported bv Gordon Droa. Co 1
"a YYueai selling $i, corn
lUU HL OBIS 11.40. Pavlna- tl in
7 "r t this tlma. (Iran
brings 85c sack, shorts $1.25, middlings
o, umicT 11,11. v ioiir la n. . i
tH h. V -I "l
TV iri, '
xiiivnano DDringera hm. 1 t
mA . , , - . ' I -
ar in gooa aemann. hnn. 1
-w rwsici s a Tiiunv viiris m a a
Turkeys ara quotabla at 20c, duti."
20c and goes I3c. '
Ulic at thla time and the same I, The
Ing paid In trade: miz 1. .
nt. e' r,ln v wi".
130 cash. "Itacon v. '.,'7
20c. shoulder 17c. larT; "
dried 60 to 80 uound. rn.. ".":
POTATOESPotatoV,.eri Z $l.,5, 1
rhanaa h
but a tendency to a stirfealns fc7
m n (I 1 . . . . a
i.r-s a sirs ft
shipped In from lark of cart ll syoZ
and packing of horns ttwi-tnW
$1 60. While there Is imt kxsj gZ
offers! u is not what csa Waaal
erd first class and local dJnM
buying outside for thrlr bast tna
VKGRTAIH.CT -futons art aZ
nt do iruiiti; rarrois, psrioipi islt
nips plenty with selling arkae-i
Laac.k; beets 3 bunches for 1st aw.
01 an bidub dui marii-i rra. (ka
and celerjr all California ttnek.
riX)L'll The Inrllnstioa It js
ward In sympathy 'ih vhati, vst
Is off ona ewnt a busbaL Loral
$5 25, hard wheat brand IS.M,
COIIN Selling $1 toa rnssDasa
Ing rates l CI to $1 .75 baaarH fJ,
about aarn prices hna u, aan
$115, barlay $1.20. Tbert la a aMi .
decline In quotations taostt KSas1
that Is noticeable. ; I
HAY Marehanis paying $14 k
clover, $17 for timothy, ss4 tU ti'
oat hay; tailing alfalfa tbr pf a t
Plenty of hay to meat 4aMbai
BUTTXri Bhows a UU laaW
and a weakanlnr la itmtX W
I goods still command 75fl roll. Mtar
gradea caanot hold op to BarMp
tatlona Cheese shows at Mftal
bat about holds lis own. '
EGO8 Have made snnthar tfrar
and ara up 4a In price ovsr tatt
iions. 1 na iod ui ine msrisiBB
firmer and tha good slock tsaaaat
33e. : I
11KANS The market for teat
very stiff and Ihe price rlttn lar
shipments of stocks stored It fcnt
eountrlea ara being sMpp4 kt K
(York, and their return meant! a:
j profit to thoaa who have lba h
abroad. . 'I
j HONEY 8tork all used
I w hite honey 00 the market; tVaV
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