Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, January 28, 1911, Image 1

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    ' Th only dally niMINr h-
twee Portland and la lam; lr
latss In avory oootion of Clock-
mil County, with a population of
JO.OOO. Aro you ait advortloorf
i. 1 No. 18
Per Weejc, 10 Cents
rtptlons for the Morning
1m will bo received for
Jlmlted time at a epselsl
nd In your order today
I oansflt of low price.
no un
(AkUJ IHOnl IrtvlAL .
i i -'
,.0n Chanea-to Invoetlgate
port Baforo Furthor .
Stops Will Bo
Oreioo City and portlsnd -Occasional
rain; aouth to woat
wlnda. - '
Oregon Occasional ruin; cool
er, Interior south portion; aouth
to woat wluda diminishing In
force during tho afternoon along
tlio ooaat. -
C11Z1 Or.. Jan. J7.-(8pl.)
il t"l aayluur controversy still
t -Ml (' trirds here, and tho falluro
if t if 3rmlnod to probo matters
t C " " to eecuro a resolution
t:" JUrinrr to appear before a
I i ".too and etplaln tnattora
j J .1 , . K " ; to put a atop to tbo row.
t L Z wtlvo Reynolds thla after
!"-"" -r. a rraolutlon aaklng In.
r f j t j,ar ,lext Tuowi.y at io
i '. - t t "r I bo members of tho
tl ! "V Hut tho committee to
M "Wlutlon waa referred do
1. r report It bark to tho
tZz .Hlon tomorrow. If tho
rinded It la aald tho com
report adversoly.
. js-tho roaoluilon argue
v , committee, appointed to
'law ould Jo given a chanc
to I x any further action la
Hfiiator Wood today
vi "war la reference to thai
,1 .t of the IfRUIutlvo com
1 11 I) tho limnngHiiiiMit. Htolu
1 to run across Wood, who
1 r - fOmrulttM that made an
1 Of tlir sityfiitn aomo tlmo
' '
itxL '
r: t 'rt
"Bf 8ION. T
'TON, Jan. 17 (Spl.)
A la not. making mirh
ila effort to a'Turo rir
on thla rountry and Can
) lalng hld up by mombera
rjrty to CoiiKreaa, and If
may yet bo forced to
V j Domorrata to aM In car
a i.cjram throuah.
aiaaumea to know aaya
1l to tho frurioo to a
ty not only In thla aoa
a next, and oven go ao
: t Bpoclal aeaRlon If ho
c; t
XN. Jan. 27. A atar
f of tho nearneaa of tho
t Panama Canal to traffic
(, f tho latent laauo of the
uat received here, which
o form of an appendli
aent, the lawa governing
the Panama Canal,
pna follow tboae In force
inal and preacrlba with
tho llahta to be carried
jlnnnU to be given by
i otherwlae, and other
) held by approaching
'.were prepared on the
re approved by 8ecre
on December SI laat.
theiw-baa already- by t
, owing to the growing
I of the approachea to
firm with tho colta and
atrong haltora.
in lime of feeding and
jauao Indlgoatlon.
lie that we are offering
Values in jdds and ends
Vcaring Apparell
y '
1 makes such as W, L.
)hoes L System and
m Suits and Overcoats,
s. Yorke Shirts, Etc.
I fully 40 per cent; can
Come in and let us
) Brothers
t Like Othora
' and Main St a. 1
Indulged By the Minuet Club, .Thura-"
day Evening.
The Minuet Club gave an Informal
dancing party at the Willamette Hall
Thuraday night, which proved a moat
eujoyablo event. Only incmbero of
tbo club attended and dancing waa In
dulged In from I to 11 o'clock. Tbo
miuhIo waa furnlahed by Harry Karmor
and Oacar Wood fin.
Tbo following were preaent: Mr.
and Mra. A. Showman,. Mr. and
Mra. K. W. (Ireenman, Mr. and Mra.
John Adania, Mr. and Mra. John J.
Tobln, Mr. and Mra. rTauk Ituwrh, Mr.
and Mra. C. H. Noble, Mr. and Mra. K.
T. Harlow, Mr. and Mra. W. II. Howell,
Mra. M. Aadrowa, of Cleveland, Ohio,
Mra. Nleta ilarlow . Lawrence, Mlaa
Anna Hhannon, Meaara. John K. Clark,
William Mulvoy and Roy Armatrong,
Tho ICaal Bide Mill Lumber Co.
and the Oregon ')oor Co. have filed
tnochantca' llena agaliiet properly at
Oak Urove belonging to Jamce M.
.HII and K IX Olda. Tbo amount
claimed, la 302.91.
County Court Takee tho Initiative But
the Votora Have a Chance:
to Approve or Re-
The rreabyterlan Brotherhood, re-
orgnnlxed ten daya ago, will have
another banquet on the evening of
Tiii'Mlny, February 7, In the church
parlora. A committee waa appointed
Thuraday 'til it hi fo have the affair In
charge. It baa Wen aarecd by iM
committee that the ocraalon ahall
commemorate the life of Abraham
IJncoln. and to Ttiat end a Lincoln
program will bo prepared.
Mayor Ilrownell la a great admirer
of IJncoln and he baa been Invited,
and accepted the Invitation, and 'will
apeak to the aubject, "Lincoln " Oth
ers will talk to the aame aubject,
while every one preattnt la-lnvlted to
alvo a IJncoln toplo' or quotation.
There wtll alao be several mualcal
numlera aa part of the program .
Two. Speakers From Abroad Will
Adorn the Program.
The second monthly banquet for the
men of tho Methodist church will be
given In the parlora of the church on
Tueaday evening, January 31, at 7 P
in. An Interesting and entertaining
program la being arranged. A male
quartett will olng. Mr. A. King Wil
son, a prominent attorney, and Or. C.
K. Cllne, a well known minister of
Portland, will spoak. Mr. Wllaon and
Dr. Cllne are both live men and will
both make addreasea that will atlr the
The Ladlea' Aid aoclety will provide
tho banquet. All men who are mem
bora or friends of the church aro In
vited. The first banquet given about
a month ago waa a big success but It
la expected that thla will bo oven bet
ter than the other.
President Todd and Superintendent
Qary Greeted By Crowds
Tha educational rallr at Poring
u'utnuitK nl.hi st which President
Todd and Buperlntendeat Oary spoke,
waa a decided aucceas. Despite the in
clement weather a good audlenca waa
out aud much-Interest- manifested.
Borne teachera and othora driving
many mllea to bo present
The Boring school la aayng gooa
work Under the management of Mine
Lovelace and Miss Hansen.
The ralllea for the last day of the
week will be held at Drown s school
house Saturday.
Indian Blankets and Trlnksts That
Awaken Much Curloeltyi
George Young, the second hand
dealer on Main street, who has a gen
eral collection of Indian relics In one
of hla display wlndowa, thla week se
cured many Indian curios from the
Indian Reservation of Dakota. Among
the curios he bought were 11 pairs of
Indian moccasins, with fancy beading,
a cross made of beads, man's beaded
belt, of beautiful design, besides aomo
Indian baskets. Noticeably among
hla collection that la aeon In the win
dow la a fine collection of jade Images
from China and Japan, rattlea from
the rattlesnakes of Texas, California,
Eastern Oregon, and one from Hood
River, bash eta made by tha Molalla.
Walla Waffa and Warm Spring tribes.
beads of many descriptions brought
here, by the Hudson Ray Company, a
Navajo blanket, Indian bowls, una o
which waa found while moving the
Dr. John Mclxiuglln homo from Main
atreot, and which la tha largest In the
collection, a large piece of wood, tak
en from the first telegraph pole In
stalled by Ben Holladay, a ellver wat
er pitcher found beneath tho Dr. John
McLoughlln homo, an a, which was
also found beneath thla house, a pet
rified plug of tobacco, ahowlng where
the user of thla had taken one bite
therefrom. Thla waa found by Mr.
Bowers, of thla city, In a mineral
spring, who sold It recently to Mr.
Young. In thla collection aro many
fine specimens of agates, many of
which wera found at Newport, ona at
tracting no little attention In thla col
lection la a likeness of George Wash
ington. Mr. Young states that many of the
tourists passing through thla city Visit
hla store and are shown tha curios,
nd many of these have been Bold.
SALEM, Or , Jan. 7. (Staff Cor-
raiwknifn-4i t Th flAfimtit I his sf.
Upniifln Iimmajm! fh Kill rraafln tha
State Highway Commission and, InJ
orably on another measure providing
I or i no worsing oi convicts on wi"
roads. Both of these bills win meet
with determined - opposition ln the
House. " ,
n.i.kMuul Ia fham ' In fha Inwsr
branch of the leglslatdre have ap
nea red two bills oroooslng methods
f hlghwsy construction which have
the Indorsement of the Stste Orange
and the Farmers' tin Ion of Eastern
rirnri Ona nf ihesa bills was In
troduced by Representative Mariner,
Gilliam, it proviciea mai me oiaio
Knglteoe. shall have advisory super-
n all roaila In ha constructed
la whole or in psrt ny msie aid or
OB " II 1 V "
with money spproprlsted by the cou
i Th I. Ill nmvliles further that
return for his services, the State En
gineer shall be compenssted $1200 per
snntim In addition to his present sal
sry. This official Is also lo have an
anslstsnt at an annual aalary of I2t0.
Tbla bill la preferred by the Orangera
In the hlshway commission plan
which provldos for the employment
of a highway commissioner at Itooo
per' annum.
Another-blll . which will facilitate
road construction In the aoveraXxoun
tles was offered by Ilepreaentatlve
fin nf it....! utvor It nrovldes that
on petition of 25 per cent Of the legal
voters of the county, me t ouniy i;oun
shall calr a special election to deter
miue whether or not shall be Issued
for the construction of permsnent
roada petitioned for. The petition
must state tho amount of bonds to be
Issued, the rate of Interest they are to
bear and the length of tlmo they aro
to run. It must also be apeclfled In
the petition what the beginning and
the termlnua shall be of every road or
roads to be Improved.
When 'the Improvement of euch
.kail Ka authorised at the spe
cial election, and theae electlona may
be ordered by the rounty t ouri w mi
out the formality of a petition, the
members of the County Court ahsll
Immediately communicate with the
State Engineer who ahall assume ad-
..i . ...K.,.i.lnn n I ha work. Only
TIW'I J puii ,.-. - . .
one auch special election can be neia
In esch county annually. - la marfa In the GUI bill by
which a apeclfled amount of county
warranta can be Issued to meet the
expense of road construction. The
method of determining the amount of
their issue is to bo determined In the
same manner aa In the case or a oona
Ineue. ,A A
Another bill calculated to facilitate
i -r.i..n r iha initiative and ref
erendum appeared in the Jlouae to
day. It was Introduced y Repre
sentative Abrama, of Marlon. The
bill provides that all petltlona aubmlt
ting bllla under the Initiative must be
tiled with the Secretary of 8tato four
mnnttii hefore the date
of tho general election. All ench bllla
are then rererrea io me ru
bers of the 8upreme Court who are
Inst met od to digest each measure and
. .nnplM alatament on each.
fl'ii v a v,w. -
explaining Its legal and constitutional
meaning ana errect. tr ensciea. mo
statements together with the bills are
to be returned to tne wecreisry oi
State In time to enable him to turn
vr tn tha Rtata Printer for
printing In the official pamphlet ta
aued by the atate for the Information
of the voters. The atatementa pre
pared by the supremo uoun concern
Ing each measure shall be printed In
the pamphlet at tho expense of the
atate. If, In their Investigstion, ine
members of the Snprome Court rina
..... nn.nn or snv nsrt of any
measure la unconstitutional, that bill
shall not be placed on the ornciai nsi
In, nalihar shall the text of the bill
or the atatement of tho court concern
ing It be printed In the ornciai pampn-
aatn. nimlck has won the nrsi
round In the fight for an eight-hour rift Ut for employeeB In all
manufacturing planta running 22
hours out of every 24. The Senate
committee on commerce and labor to
day aubmltted a favoraoie repon ou
hla bill which may come up on third
reading tomorrow.
Both houses today aaoptea resoiu
tlona calling for an inveatlgatlon of
the state Insane aayrum and Ita man
agement. The Senate reaolutlon pro
vided for a Joint committee consisting;
of three membera from tbo House and
two from the-Senate while the I louse
resolution provides for a aeparate
committee of five membera from Ita
own bod. It la expected the two
housee will get together and decide
on a Joint committee to havo charge
of the Inquiry. Under each resolu
tion, tha committee to be appointed la
Instructed to make a report of Ita find
ings to th Legislature prior to final
adjournment on February 17.
s '
A Talk Especially for Boya.
A service of special Interest to boys
and all friends of boya will bo bold at
the Methodist church Sunday evening.
Mr. J. C. Clark, director of boya' work
for the Portland Y. M. C. A., will
Ilia talk will ha lllnatra t ait hv
Btereoptlcon views. In these views ho
win show aomo practical tnings mat
,.n V.a Anna tnv tha mAril anil nhval.
cal welfare of the boya of Oregon City.
PJ- frS r-r (PNDJOTls!
' ' " r's Ait'' '
( - A WfKK'ft TIAT.1tSil . 1" I MM A MiTAKE IHWM
MENT Will nc i lW-. SNV f- ' I DlAtMOSIS VCSTERDfty Mi- twSSt
' wa 1 u"
MoCutchoon in Chiosgs Tribune.
Salary of Health Officer Commen
oorato With Duties In Hanv '
. lot of 400 or 500
Tho health committee of Council
haa Ita hands full in an effort to clean
up the town before the apting weather
aeta In In earnest. Councilman Burke
waa running around all day looking up
people who are maintaining nuisances
with a view to giving notice that a
cleaning up must begin at once.
Chief among the placea wbere the
people aro tempting fat and disease,
which terms are synonymous Is the
small house on John Adama street,
between Seventh snd Eighth, that la
occupied by Greeka and Italians.
There are three tlmea aa many oc
cupying the few rooms of which thla
house is composed aa should do ao.
but that la not the worst feature of
the case. All about tho house and. the
yard la much half decayed matter and
filth that only awalta a few warm
daya to set up sn active cholera con
dition that will beggar description.
These people were given notice to
clean lip. which they agreed to do.
Councilman Burke aaya he proposes
to see to It that they do.
On Fourth street, near th,e Southern
Pacific tracka, Is even a worse con
dition than that found on the bill.
Hero over thirty people are living in a
small house, and filth and garbage la
tying about In every direction one may
look. As an evidence of the ahiftless
ness and laziness that prevails It Is
only necessary to say that to avoid
labor these men had bored a hole In
the floor aqd Instead of carrying out
wa.ter and alopa they were permitted
to run down through thla bole. From
the odor arising It waa evident tht
nature calls were a feature of the con
venience. These people also a treed to olean
up, and -when the dangers lurking
about present conditions were ex
plained to them the promise was most
profuse Certain It Is that unless
I something Is done quick the people of
r Wnrrli la tha haatih nffloar at a
aalary ao amall that it la scarce worthy
of mention. The Doctor insists his
salary must be 'Increased If he la to
continue In that position. Require
ments on his time make it Imperative
for a raise or some one else can serve
the city aa Ita health officer.
In view of the fact that unless the
Greeks and Italians do clean up it will
be necessary for the city to do the
work. In which case the city can
charge the expense up against the
property, it behooves the owners of
property occupied by Greeka and Ital
Una to see to It that matters are
cleaned un within the next few weeks.
The health committee of Council
seems to be awake to conditions, and
to what must be done to remedy con
ditions. There la no need for an epidemic
thla iprlng If reasonable care la taken
to aeo to It that the common laws of
hygiene are obeyed. With the spring
rise In the river certain properties are
overflowed, but thla may be made a
blessing if tbo citizens will see to it
that there la proper drainage later:
notao-1f-the water-Is-allowed "to
stand In poola and become filthy.
The Greeks and Itallana are a men
ace to the community unless they are
comprtlW o live with due regard to
the lawaof nature. When they are
given to understand wbat they must
do. and when they must do it, there
la little fear from them. But whoev
er ia tho city health officer It wants
to be Impressed on him that It la to
be his duty to see to it that these peo
ple do aa he Bays, he having first told
them Just what he wishes them to do.
A Few Frlenda Gather to Celebrate
tho Occasion.
Mr. and Mra. A. H. Harvey enter
tained a few of their flrends at their
home at Twilight on Wednesday even
ing, the occasion being tho 63rd birth
day anniversary of the former. The
evening waa pleasantly spent In pro
gressive whist. In which the first prlxe
waa awarded to Wallace Johnson, and
the cotjsolatlon prlxe to Mrs. Frank
Black. One Of the featurea of the ev
ening waa the delicious luncneott
served by Mra. Harvey, who waa as
sisted by her daughter, Miss Marie
The house decorations were of ever
greena and ferns. Miss Marie Harvey
rendered several piano aelectlona,
which added to the evening's enter
Present were Mr. and Mra. A. H.
Harvey, Mr. and Mra. Wallace John
son, Mr. .and Mrs. George Lanelle
Mrs. William McCord, M raw Frank
Black, Mra. Shlnall, Miss Ruby Mc
Cord. Miss Marie Harvey. Thomaa Kal
ian, M". J. Laxelle, Clinton Black.
Bring thla ad and we will tell you
how to get a sample of this tho
On Dye For All Goods
Sixteen Colors
Ten Centa Per Package
We Fill All Drog Wants
A Full Lin of
A, D. S. Remedies
Proscriptions and! Family Receipts
.Filled With Pur Drugs!
Quality and Prlcoa Right -
City Drug Store. -Next
Door to Eloctrto Hotel.
Paclflo Phono IS v Horn Phon 43
Promoted By Wolla Fargo Co.
Fred Mllea, son of F. A. Miles of
Oite city, hsa Just boon transfered and
promoted to the agency of the Wells
Fargo Express Co. at Medford, Or., and
left for that place Thursday night.
Ho will be joined by bis wife In a few
dsys. Mr. Mllea haa been In the ser
vice of the company 11 years, starting
In Oregon City, and haa been tho agent
at Forest fjrovo for more than a year.
Every window should hsv shutters
to close tightly at night to keep the
cold ouL .
Mrs. May Byerly Miller, of Portland,
gave a reception Friday afternoon In
honor of her sister, Mrs. Luclelle By
erly Miller, of Omaha, Neb. It waa a
gathering of literary people and wai
composed of a choice company of kin
dred spirits who had a most enjoyable
Mra. Eva Emery Dye, of thla city,
waa present aa an Invited guest and
gae an address on her recent visit
to Hawaii that was well received- She
told of the customs of the people In a
very entertaining manner and her talk
created more than usual Interest In
the Hawallana and their mode of
dress and manner of life.
Mra. Luclelle Byerly .Miller, In
whose honor the reception waa given,
read several of her own poems, which
called forth very enthusiastic compli
ments. It proved a very enjoyable occasion
to all present
Directors .Will Be on Hand."1
The board of director of the Ore
gon City Fruit and Produce Union haa
been called to meet next Wednesday
at 2 p. m.. in the parlors of the Com
mercial Club. Next Tuesday la the
day that the Union expects to open
business-and -the-board -of -directors
will be on hand to answer questions
aad atand around In the way of the
men doing the actual work ort of
look wise, ao to apeak. Already the
Union haa been offered more than
200 sacks of potatoes and It will on
Tueaday' begin to accept and ship all
kinds of fruit and produce for Ita
Annual Reports snd Election.
The Friendly Bible class, of the
praahyterian church. will hold Ita an
nual election of offlcera on Tuesday
evening. In the church parlors- Tnu
meeting will mark the close or tne
first year's work by thla clasa aa an
organization, and the reports of the
work will likely have mucn or interest
to the membera of the clasa, who are
all urged to be present.
Board of Director Will Moot Feb
ruary L Whan Doors of Wars
. . houo Are to Be
Tbo Oregon City Fruit and Produce
Union held a meeting In tbo Court
House . yesterday, beginning at -10
o'clock In the forenoon. There were
upwards of fifty membera present
a ub fiva-9u wiiuiitvuv wva-it uiw, i rrosj
at length and any points ' that were
not clear, to membera or prospective -
member were explained.
O. V. Frertar. who Is tbo minir"
chosen, talked on packing and grad
ing. He explained to members what
constituted No. 1 and No. 2 pack, how
grading secured to tho farmer bettor
results, more money aaid quicker sales,
and directed bis talk to Instructing
along tho lines wherein much I to be
accomplished If tbo Union la to b a
success. ,
Potatoea and grain are being offered
to the Union for handling at this tlmo.
n Ke wise consiaersui nay sua ieea.
The door of the warehouse are to be
opened February 1 and an effort will
be made to have membera understand
bow to get the best result as soon aa
There are 175 members of the Union
at thla time, and IS new one joined
today. There will be another meet
ing In about two weeka. at tho call of
the president, at which Urn additional
instruction will b given tho to
whom the association work Is new.
One fact of Importance In tbla new
work ia to understand that the proper
grading of products will mean a good
standing In the markets, and more
money for products, and less, scrutiny ,
when It comes to moving cropa.
pne question to receive consider
ation at tho next meetlnr will be th
planting and training of tree. A. J.
Lewis, county fruit Inspector, waa
present and made a short talk. He
la greatly interested In the new Union
and Intend to keep rn Close touch
with th work proposed. - '
The next meeting will be at the call .
of the president, and In about two
weeks. Certain member are of Opin
ion that the meeting should i held
in l Be anernoon so mai -in cih m
work draga over the two .bourn
planned for, there would be no neces
sity to hold a second session.
The board of director will meet on
February 1 to b present when th
doors of the warehouse are to b
thrown open to tho members of th
Union, i
Doesnt Believe Children Can Scratch
and Study at Bam Tim.
SALEM. Or., Jan. 17. (SpL)
Stat Senator Chase haa Introduced a
bill that is nothing If not unusual. It
pertalna to unclean children and fol
lows: "Any board of director may pro
hibit the attendance of any vermin
Infected or unsanitary pupil upon th
schools under their control, and aald
board of directors may require th
(a. VwaloV nfv1aw wm alrA
an examination of any pupil who may"
be suspected of having any vermin, or
of being In an unsanitary condition of
the body or clothing, and may requlr
th parents or guardian of auch pupil
to put auch pupil in a sanitary condi
tion before returning to school." L
Party Vrom Portland Soea Fall. .
. George W. H. Bowman, Ralph Lltty,
Floyater Roes, Arthur Archibald
Kastner and W. C. McCulatop. of
Portland, were In this city th flrat
of th week, having come her to view
the falls during th high water.
While In thla city th young men .
visited with J- R Braendle, and th
party, which had brought their lunch
es with them, apent part of -the time
In the Canemah Park, where a lunch
eon waa served, and . many . mualcal
numbers were given, which attracted
no little attention of those visiting tha
park, where they had come to gain
an excellent view of the fall. There
were many people In thla city during
the early part of the week to .view the
high waters, which have now subsid
ed. . . ., . .
CLAIRMONT Plant yur dollars n CWrmont Acre-
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa age 11 Will IXlUrU YUU JDaUB, IVOU3.
With all of the convenience of the city and pleasures
of the country, it is the most Ideal place for a home. f
The present low price of the land will remunerate the f
purchaser two or three times in a short time. , t
The best soil that lays out doors. Small payment
down $10.00 per month. j
i W. F. SCHOOLEY & CO. f
Oregon City, Or. BOTH PHONES Main CO A 56 f
, I II I I I I r
Price's Chop House
Meals at All Hours'
. . a a a . I - . a . ..iiL L
If vou wonr ine ocsr, at iowcsi pi 11:3, cai winr
Our specialty Is satisfaction. ,;'tfi M;
rVIII TOM Il?Jlf - '. .-' ,
I IIL 1 VJn .re)...v-i-
Botwoon Fourth and Fifth Stroata.