Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, January 12, 1911, Page 4, Image 4

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Of CtW Aad Its AdVutfafae
. Ovwr TW Ties ,a Madiad ,
Csrr1-tit. Ml. M itawlna Fra
Aaeockatwm. .
Hon. ' II had dmml hltnaeif with -rasual
car and had blushed to detect
blinaetf bewltatiag over lb raoic of
necktie. Now that be iraa ready
0.1 waiting b waa exv-eedliigly nvrt
aim aud wished heartily 'that be bad
impressed Jliu llu.too Into hi -service.
Jim a ready K Bud'saturat Utt
whirr voiwn were wmuil would, j
be of Inestimable benefit to bU more J
diffident friend., ' . j
la this case to thfr.k waa tit atV-aod
3:30 fobrnl IVfrr III a j-lephone hon a f
Can a Projected jRoute to
The South Pole Be Stolen ?
Tniua ryfin!fiirrr Jim -HTt.ifl-r.Tr
met Mtn at the aiaila afoi-e. -.
" "tiff down bore Is-for ik for hear
en'n aakwr p'eaded ihe woman titter (
"Keep cool. viJ man." lutut.-it !!! !
mm. . -I'll. le there 'without f:iJ i
ittk a the Sri.-re luuUeJ cauu. UI-m- f
f U,,J - kMu4 pole , nuim m, a
' U ' WoS'totr Ariion. It a ; ivlMH.nlcd Ihe soon-fw
Cunat Vlllices waa a utan of tbe
world not a ioung nuuv. lrv.iuiit..ig f
. ciuh. theaters ami other Vtk!i places' lit to a, standstill Jim HihN.iu hurst ,
for getting away with the tin pie-- i"to 'low. Hi eyes rnci. tiiwcy".
antly. but an eMerly pcnwn who w : and then together they i VrMly
thinking about lh ai).ltK'u of bk I down th )l;ilf.rm twanl thr imwr.l ;
rbildrva tor thetr jrrt.i aUvautk I that w pourimr frm thf .
Om tuonUnj tbe count ra!H bl - 't ' i.'auw.r b aw her flp". .
daorbtrr fcoub Into ba nu.ljr and atTPlns like a .v.un Jiff ;
waa atandUif wl& rartil .tvtull lr- 'v,:.'' M" rnlnlv Tor a 1 1-
for flrvtac w Imu be rntrrvd. mHiar fa.- ami fitullj- lmvilm: hi In
"Io wlU be tltfnr-u nxt wwk. I i trou'Ml In.jitlr.T. lrotu' tSr crown rf
brtWe. lxbte- hpvald. rrrflxhis t!lo f Wu b t!i uf h. r
remark wiib an abrm. Iidk-aiiiic ltil ' r''ot leather Nxh be a th. int
err t"n. lit drew a Yirp brat!i
and ln.tnity frct hU illrtl-leiy-e. Il
a rwnrrllaii of ' Jhl wonderfully
beautiful lri: .
f A VM if""" I ful INniO j
IWvJ k WiA of roliu-ntlrtii a I nMh. Int
rji-lili.iu to-lne rron'ii
(ld lift ixiiniuif on the
a be il.-lr.-.! t xit me
ovtte ty:i rain h.ollni; t on tM e
b vaa alniljr rrvariue tbe wajr for
n Important AmKiuweHieut.
. 'Yea. iapa."
. "You ar aware (hat our eJt-. 1e- 1
log atuaU In' nnnrtla to the-ntliul- i
ty of tbe faiullj- title aud tbere betnx I
four frla ta be prvx-Med fr. one bium '
took out for matrimonial advantage '
Now, I bar recently met an Amert i
can In wbom I beraaw tuterested. He
la younger tban I., but you Jinow I .
,bT a penrbant for youug tueo. I i
worldwide coa
I r a. i e r y . t
tei-n I Vary anl
t'ook - not "" Tu
the HAi:ie y,
h.'en; but
lviie three
esp-H'ioim will t ktrnttiir f'r ttH
aou! tern lionora, aud one of thi-ru limy
be atvuool of Moult 11 4 ttu- rA'ole if irrr
t ber.
thf fWrttun that ht i-mm u:Mrtl t In
King taaaitf't Dauablara N
' tl, Warha Art
kin eopotil of ItiUium aued a
KvmoI deal of troot.le hlle waa
, alive, ami. b I" aia mnt oullMUln to
' i tUH ' truiit le tboiiKU he It'a'a beeu
dead many oiitha. Ilia thrve deUali I
, trr ni-enlly liava lnu(br allt Ml
llielr failirr a'' klow, lle tt.irU'' ,
1 aliw'ui). who ItxhiK i'Ulu xJt it'MU t
f, Hwllieourt. eit tun br tlia-uU i
blua )ut l (uie hu iNmiUvV .
, The riiM'eiMHi 1iim, ht '.iHiile j
aiut t'l'liHMIIlne ultV.i.lj li.iV'r ri'i ri e.1 .
uiore tttitii rm h fiimi lln'ir
' CKarfxIiit N Art (."
Oiwa an ' ArtUt't !.
'Mull, t
tbe IVry 'ooi .miiiivi -r) "."l-y.
iit the. lii-OM tiu ei'4Mii-r
tlreetiland. ti. It w Ul l e rvnwinl rr
ed. vUlmetl he bud li-ft bin reorxl lu
1 !... ... I- ... V.... .t. ... K.'.u I.. tt..i
allure a writ am Mine orki-ieHi laHH
rhare of XYbltney. w ho a to f
them to Auierb-a - . k ' ' I1 r 9
W hittle? h i lllel the art tlii f-or j
tl m-, bl aioat rrovnl , nll U-lrtji a
buutliiir trln durlni: the uintiier of ;
1X In niimny. vtllh I'aiil J Kjtlji'ei',
. . w tba. youaa t kvUul uiituiiiiliv. jul , ; i
. . . . fu.i(M If la h - --- .... V.
rnici ! iiiiorviiii ooeno.i
' , ' -r' 0 ;
:y Wei
j l.-, ;i .:Poinis
"IltTe be 1. Jim. he mM, eltnwlnir
hl way t-iwnr-1 the'pir! lie whlpiHI
off bU a:id took bor ba from ao
aurestatlnt; - hand. "XU Sinii.ii.
am ture." be ald cwllally. "I ara
Peter Ramsey .' a iuin of Mr Fee
rU. Ai we c-i downtown I will e-
wraa relllnr hliu tbe other tlar ahnut : P'" uy .ouln Nary ivulj not be ,
oar family wben he Interrupted me by i bPr " "iJ ' ths raplJly, not
aylns: , , wUhins to atartle rbe clrl with aud-
-Why wCI "yon n. jlra ue one of, dn '"un',""'nt of Mm Kerrtv
your dautbtera for a wife, couutr i dtf,th- sh him l ' " :
TTiese Amerlrana are rery blunt ' w''l' for an and then '
yum know, aoij nU take offense at ! brok fr her fa.-e. - ;
bla croda way of niaklng hU applka- I m urv thT ? olu' nil-take." (
, Into tbe hold of ttotntte t'mf a jtoJoi-i-'
e! nxile to the ixMith yo5e be nnfeaj
Heretofore thore oeer""nj tvn a
lar.V enonth field i.f. ont.l.ini In n
Hlar daub to aro-.iM auy Ui-h -ut-n
j-.Uon a to rvMi'e. .Now it K different,
and the AaKTlcitr ejVHtltL'Ji li pruo-tloaMy-
avued (f Wiitiiii a ti-rm.m
route. tbe'atviiM-r N-liia an nclixti
man at pn--iit fin m.f among- ant
antle exphM-i-r- '.
.. .Apparently the field for the antantu-
Ivrt-y baa alintnereit dow a to tbrve ao-
. lUrtleit. w!m thirty flie. eonui of
a family of eafrvr. lie H a Halite
of Newfoundland and l a eolit-e
doKtliml for t!titie hut tio ihiiUI
not jet tbe anell of nail out of M'
Utrll. He hi'jfiil ticfore liie luasl L
doa. Bealdea, be had nerer area too
or yonr stetera. So 1 merely amtled
a ad went on -with what I waa aaylug.
Bat be stopped me to repeat bis re- !
oaest Tben t took tbe matter op j
aerioosty and asked bim aoina que
Uoaa a boat bla Income.
he was boclnniug when there wa a
ruihlnj: whirlwind of nklrt aud Peter !
Ramsey was awept aside to m.ikt rrtu ,'
for half a dozen (riris who Bung them- '
selves on hU dlvl'ulty with little shrieks
of delighted wek-orue.
"Yon dear old Toliyr th-y were
Oh. we Amertr.n. Mi m.m ! MJln when Peter awoke t-tbe bor-,
-that way be repIU-d. . -We marry tarirorot th lt'""0''- : bad apprvieh-
tore. But that doesn't mean that we ' ,tranCe lr D ""n ' bng
watt to b atroek wUh It as by light- j m--aad? of hmelf altogether
Hint. If wa wish to marry we look Jlm nn' tP oa his arm ;
about as for what we'ra after. If a ' drrJ hlm H7. Vner." '
giH aeeepts she takes tbe ma a f,r ' chonM "yu made, a
better or for worse.' t mirt'- 't you Mow. Here b MUs :
I eplle4 that 4 bad but r.-K- L Mm;n. i guessed ber at on-. w
ter of a marriareable age and I would
' ha happy to Introduce him to ber. lie
will rail this afternoon."
-'"Tea. papa," waa the -laconic re
aponae, though It waa all that was ex
pected from a French girl to whom
matrimonial plan had been announc
ed, aad a be demurely walked out of
tbe room. '
The name afternoon a card was car
ried tn by a batter oa whkh was en-
U 1 l
1 : '
ner uame on a Dag ana Introduced my- i
self. She read of your rousiu t death i
In atrrold .newspaper en route and!
wishes- to fi Immediately to a hotel, i
Come on and meet yonr wardi"
"A hotel! I won't permit IL A
Irtrr" Peter Ramsey turned pale on- j
der his bronie as Jim Hu.lson le-1 blm
np to a tail, rawboued young woman. I
unmistakably In ber middle thirties I
painfully plain as to feature, scanty (
l. Ine Pr-. -w.ui .u ' IH-'U" or tn-fwi"!
teva shoes.
This was the tender, delicate -lrl
Peter RlUlut hrtA artw..l
, This was bis fair yoane ward .h,!"" ta " Jl,'r'- l'rty UfWed-i
11UTIWHT, t. B
' in At k i tro.
9 Win. if Amertran pt
Tor America aud a llruumi exilifkn
commaUded by l.ieutenaut t'Ui'huer'
",U!L.' mikadi'a. repretwntatlve
biafe not yet aariotl and the e-iulv-ment
is Ukely to be rsufli.-ieiit it U not
iaT rars stbofea s mthoi or couu r- i
v. . -.- . WO." j
frraTed tbe najtie of George Carutbera, '
Colorado Springs. C. 8. A. Tbe i-ount-esa
welcomed tbe caller and after a I
few minutes Mile Louise entered. The :
position of a young lady of the French i
aristocracy looked over by a common- i
ar from tbe wild and wtx.ily west for '
a matrimonial purpose in not coDdu-
are io a iDow off of any of her iwluts
be bad begun to take exceeding Inter-
. est in:
. " "This Is Terr rood of Ton Mr nam.
t aey.- bis charge was saying In a deep .' rp-,'ond dangerous by -dentist.
Toice. Tre Just been telling your; " i-mwui me kuuuikio is like tnu:
friend Mr. Hudson that I would Ilka c"n,aln I ha" started, lesvlng New
to go to a hotel Immediately" . Zeafand and following Ueiiteuant Kr
j CerUlnly, MUa Simpson. said Pe- Dent 11 Shackleton'a route. The "tier
I ter faintly. "I bad er engaged a m"nj" will sun during the summer
room for yoa at the T. W. C. A., you , nJ ,ne Amerb-ans alwtit fall aud both
know, I will countermand that order i tTom South America .and using -the
j if you prefer to g to a boteU1-' i Mme starting ir;t on anur tic sbores..
! "I'll - to tbe asimclatlon tnnli-K ! Lieutenant Sliackletou on henrlnir the
since you hare been so kind as to American plans criticised thorn for
make arrangements. Now. if you'll doptiug tbe mri route. aa UeuUmantJ
Just pht me In a cab I ahull Jo Tery rbuer bad selected, and If Interna
well If you'll direct tbe tnqn,. Ou. no: tbrnal rounesy U . .
I m accustomed to . irareling about rra,'T resj-eoted In
alone f was so shocked to bear almut ucl1 niatter and
dear Mrs. Ferris. I was quite devoted ,ne ,BW" "l Irts
to ber. you know. Come aud see mo manshlp detnxnd
tomorrow, do. Goodnight." such action liart
Miss Gu.wle Slmiwon was gone. Bndeft at" Whitney
wben The last Bicker of tbe brown r likely to
wing in her bnt had disappeared Pe- "nange their tenta-
ter Kamsey turned and looked Jim ; Mv' ltiuray.
nuoson in me eye. ine Americana
anil re until he
gt lit .rapt.ilu's
NTtllVnte HertMt
ent n.vrth Uli'
Peary In li.
agalu In r.KC and
tbeM on the f.i
mous rtt wh e n'
the pole was
Thene two hate
alrendy U ked jitt
their bi-an -'old
N e iv f o ti nil land
whaler- ai.d h?ve
laldoul ttiomyfite
lUiatlse of Kiott i
b a I U g sele- teil
route from New Zcala
to try for the - pole
, aWe. So If ..they bate cred th
- tier man plans It Is likely . they will
' map another anault.
I They eipen t to sail from New York
In Septemlier. ISMI. tiT PnirTa Arenas.
Chile, the southernmost htMii South
America. From-there they Mill try
. .. . . . . . . . . . .
i iw. n-i a o is ijina. in tne antarctic,
"7 tefiTrTiitTTia.Ortartiw trr tVbra
This laud was dlscovereil lo.KM by
the pu-otrh eipriutlon under llrure, (ml ,
no Uniting waa made, so It U all)! '
terra iuivgnlla If sjs.le. a landing !
will be made and the polar dash le- ,
gun. Tbla will I a distance of Si
miles, a bniger distance than Hiarkle
ton had to absjge. If a suitable an -4
rborage Is found the ship will lie
: there all winter; otherwise it will re
; turn to South. America and theu pick
op the eiplorers the followtug year
TV. l..l. . . i.
. i aucb as used br I'eartTn hU il.-.-m...
ful qnest-wlll be oel. aud arctU dogs '
will draw the sledges aud fioT onles. '
a In Shackh-ton'a cast Itotb Whit
ney and HartUrtt rouaMet iunkH too
heavy, often breaking through cmsf.
The explorer InTllie south pole re-
gion hate one advantage over thie '
i f , . a. I V
ims or vwa aar iin
- Gas, nil au-l elrslrk- laixs In the
' very n-r an r. .1 jloevl style
are here lllnstmled I'eifM'tl; fast I
Hating I the liinijijl ni(( of rttl
llh al 'empire ajXiTte of piliL silk
- And tlu'.Jsslt.s.niAanilliHitt. it. wbi.!
y the may l-e llllisl with r'-r
, trh al attii biiietii if in-il-.tii sjc -,
rtflre the co'.-ninl e.T-s I, are ej new '
I with rhrlr lihl shield f..r the flsme.
Ira,-unr1ef-arf.l-f,, .
r"J .tHdilag apples, slrsm (rtJTi
water until just temW, ,rl J
rtsiklu with three uuan- ... """i
f ful of auaar ami a gratm , Jl
I -ee and just mah f
t Julja to keep Iba appbH. frm 77
log Wbeti .,ulte dry tat , , "
Melt f.HiMal.learmiW!,-,,f i.JjTjf
rook In It iaba.wt n(
etar. li Add gradually ihe t.,tlm TM
ami id. ika of Mr Jri
sllglitly. C.,h ovr bo, w.i.e ,.i
the eggs ar art. then
Ml,..-. l... ...... . ' Wt
dip Into egg and rruwu and fV. ill
- , - ii iim no. not m-u, k
Use ao many engs. three III 4.
aillxtltullug more rin.lsr. h . ui
ai.rui fur a.. b eHB. ,.Mr fu9 tZl
!" rf r . ma aruua a
toasted rlsrult ulMllitii. iheajs
tbe eggs and Ctu.i.r, , lb.
lute U as -.rt as , M
die cnvenleiitty. Thest. u,,.
' rwasi or potk .if
. . i i
atid Klu.a irlsius
Tbe artlatlv hyuvewlfe tis.tlea h iaawiah Nswal.
lighting of ber home as-rar. ftly nut Ingredients are oie end' a half ct.
adaia as she .I.h-s, Ihe on lun1 lu of tul ut l- Sugar. Vmehalf
.-.... - ..... isl. alrun Umlt
. ... I iiit-mia. iir biiv uiii . i ii hi ii uiw u r " . -iv m art 1
fj V ' of the 'rouir. rt of lionw .leH-u. U-ll f' S. utMt lMa..M.tirm MMl'a,aJl
) ' anllabl lights as oi-il matters thought ewpful . I.,,hh mlint nut kersa
f",v : t I of! luote esaeUlUI liii.rtsn- 'Ui sugar. slr and walef stim,,'
J V ' '-- " - - - . t fbt'T t-vasioaalli. Wtwu i... f i
I New W-m.e.'. Call.g. n C9yH. lb. ".fi UllVJ
Mbsckletoo 'ijf (t
lid they i.h-,.I ,' .
from the other i ' il aSaTajswa
. i I W'
Tbe new Muiiian .N-n muj lut
port snt factor In oldlVj V " A. toiu
mi cjjlcre has Item atartml In Cairo
Capiat ik Kub
I V ' .
". ; : -,?r
f ' : -y ,
f '
along the same general lines as an
' Amerl.'an or Fiigllah college f vr girls
.The In.iltuilou was started as a arl
J of a ntatverslty f.itiivited two years agi
."by iTtm-e Ahmed Ftiad I 'a ha. and
of the present khnllte of Fgypt Th
- prltn-v Is ruilnilstl.- alsol th new
project, atxl. fl-raklng of the a b.wl foe
i Mussniman w..m-u. be aid "lt was
an eaperluirnt which I
after )Mtr.HtHMeatiH. wlib.
fss, ani Dltl niUgttlng For at.
oriental country, where Ibe wotnen ar
Bo emanclvatel and whet of miirs.
rm..t it ml i iir fr.. tuimerli,ij
neat ana lil the while ..f th.
to a atiff wMte fMth until ii rag J
rt iimMiga wita a knif. h
l-reaklng- ta la this r-ur .riiily fc, i
io aiH.i miliar, tirwtli.g i m
stantly. The other half ..f b
still In the sn uis ii..- u
aatll oa dr.lng saw iia ,iu
It tapcomea brfiti. then br.t tbla as.
Into tbe half with th
nr. - . - " ""
.-aw aim navortua ami nut. 11..J
. . . .. r
uy a an llrml well wlih wit4
Usiper and Intw hta poor the mliiM
mr aiiow it to gt rotd fief. rattia
In rabew.
A 0e4 Dssa.rt
th afflll hmi ft.. ...11 t
. .1.1. ..' i, "swifM of Apple. W Hh a nl .
some, bur I am thankful to sy jat -1 J? ; ,TP"f ' rrr.n,, hi j
.y lb He-.lng f ITotl.teuV inCpte t fur ".w-raho. and r.p it f ,1
were very little a. and. Hied, and r,- " sul-lae. fires. It roawj
a. 1r
Jim." besnld. with cold and deadly "T' numtK-r of plans In mind for
xcept her beaoty-that Is. if a tie has ' mf,ha',,. "U you ever mention this J''" trip i h win embrace sotue fen-
any. Mr. Cam then talked with the
eoonteas and cast an occasional glance
at Loolae. Every glance made her
feel more nncomfortable. and when
. the iuitor roue to go it waa plain that
the visit bad been a-failure.
A few days later the couuf"anur,unc.
d to hla daughter that be had other
plans for ber than a marriage with tbe
American, which the girl well knew
meant that Mr. Cnmibers bad declined
her for 1 wife.
Some months later the American
minister gave a ball, to whh-U Mr
Carnthera. Count aud CouMesa Vil
liers and their oldest daughter -th.
only one yet Introduced luto axletr
were Invited. Mr. Caruttien was '
standing with Lis arms clasped 11, Ind
hlin looking at tbe pnssing tbmns
when -be felt a rap on bis knuckles.
Turning, ha saw Louue Vtniers. who
had tapped him with her fan. looking !
Yin a film k. ! . . . . . .
11 " TprT weasant smile. ! " owuer
-"" evening, monsieur," the said. T of w
, ion took bored. Doobtlesa you are
wubin. yimrseif bacg m your own
W hat a change from fha Mile. VUliera
-uo nag aai op ,lffl, . balf
a 1 a - .
in. iuenr 10 me or any one else I'll cut
you deud-undcrsmndT'. .
"Yes." grinned Jim. "I aay, Peter.
If I may sk. how did you attach your-
seu 10 mat i..ig? lujn it-It doesn't
mres not ue.I by Sha' klet.m when he
came within 111 mltt-TV th. lU,;i
pole, but wbi- b were found Invaluable
in Peary conquest of the nonherfl
tielong to the -the first Miss Simpson. I"'b Wbltney and Kartleit are
does It r be burst out. , known not only to the world of aji
- " uwueu aoiemniy. It floes, i
be an Id.
"What are you going to do about It? j
I saw her go off' with a-whole semi-1
nary gang of girls."
"I'm going to find ber." said Peter'
slowly, "and offer I find her I'm going i
to marry her ? Kinre.l de-
C intly ot his astoninheil friend.
"Peter:" g;is,d the other. 'That's
going s.,.T?,. f.,r .., tuu.Ti 1ri-t ;
It? All in one evening too!" . -,'
Hat Peter h;;. left, him nnd wns
strM.i.g t.,w:ird n t.ixl'-al within which '
be Htndll the ,i,-,.r h.JUI,U)!l fri)U.
the Irtig , carried nnd le.,rr...,l ,i...i..
wtwMnry ln-.vton ,nl. n -.n.
omhrv. kIio llvt.,1 hi .1...
'?ll'm. an ,'i r,M'nin.-ie at eollege '
old Tudor lirevton
. J'T u",r'" wnl'Ts to foll.,w '
this, f ,he ,((Vpjr ,,(,y l
-n..-r. 11 mi I CIl-r I'aiil
;4f i-
'3 '.'C''-X
f " e Y
t .- t a- .
t -atr" - a "r 1
I ::J
aocress w ft as.ium Tb you tig ladle
ar ordinary meiuticra of h rninaiunl
ty who are not tatrtulcl f.r any rn
ftsMVon In' fact, bay ivt a t
any drgreew tttber In law o la udl
rta. aitbotigtt thai will cxiv lmtr
long. I ho. with a suitable Inrrswa
of th means at our dlHal. - lc
ture on the history of wouianktnd, on
motbrrbiHHi. on bouaennbl Hf. on by
glaoe. and so rortb. ar lh atapl
olariy. In a country Ilk l-jtypt "
) glaoe. and forth. ar th si
Items In th teaching on th fei
aide, and I1im on uutbtbmsl I
alder of vital luiHrtani-e. nior a
a Nlttrss1 dish about, three InraJ
hlghrf1e It -a ale shaj. level k'
smooth Have ready a aite inartjat
la.1. very tbbk. kill with It fse'
tnlka .ii .. ' . '
' ' '- fii wsi, .rat.
plere of butter ami a piict .f ail
warm It ihi Ihe stove; then t.k n
white r four egg well w-hifve4. ad
ery lightly with th msrmalad. ft
live wbol In th middle of th rue
a.t to a 'mnderatrty ble. ana
W hen th auwrR tiar high assWks
tal.l at once of ttwm fall
enukt bold a salauatHler over k tat
. at.. . .
ovior taaiug into lb nmtn.
'lu Hrshair Chair Cevacsr
There are mi V tilue bors.- nnlstde
Of dream books bul there are several
rilled Ceeales.
Cram together on cupful of
aad,to;ihirta cupful of butter.
ole egg. Two I bint tawapuonful rrvtu
s..srs vr.iM4s aau riTZTtOic
t t xawaTir.a, ttiaa aau arrrutsia ,
I try which came from q royal palace
I at Ijckrii. Her conteiitiou. of tour:
la thai ihe king gave thetu to ber. but
( tbe roy al heirs claim that the lot king
1 ant no right to alienate these-1
, shins..
, pal tiu horse rUalra In.fiwtluenlal.,.." "' "l'iui creai
MeuKri,i hall, on W.lilngt.m fur ! hi leaspooBfol soda, fwr
nl.lied ami l.-twiie. ou huti.rl. al niisl i
els by Ihe Marylamt rhapter of Ibe I
iHtughler of Ibe Auterkao llrtolu
; flon The chairs are after a pattern
still extant In Ibe Hamilton Fish fain
lly of New York. The frames ar of
deep mahogany, and aH hate great
glass claws and well carted edestala.
The aidetsant U of dark, cartel Dia
hogany. au l on each aide are big nia
hogany reetn.-e tor knltes. f..rk
an. I sHMins. 1 her are roomy settees,
and th table an doubt wilt furnuu
the model f.,r Ibe honeaeea.r tiu In
lu..i..l..l- - . . .. .
i 11 stei utlia. OBe tee
ful vanilla, floor to make Btlff; rk
, .-. . ".7 ima. poi niung oa on root;
' lay another over It Uke ta taki
ovea, ' , .. 1. -' ' ,
ruling For Killed c'ooklsa-
Stew one half H.und dafea' BBd BarH
, nair cupful of milk and water togt
: with one half cupful sugar and aat
, half cnpful Bhrwdded cocoa nut 18
datea ar soft. tW before
(a 'lln.Jtii.t. u
CArraiJi r a.
Daughtse ef Carman Ambassador ta
Wsd-Yeuea Attach.
OfflcUl Washington Just now la In- i ttim tn the n.w-t graceful and iiM-ful
tereate.1 In a diploma tie mmnitce that ; mo- uf 1 1 colonial banquet hall
baa resulted lu the atitvoiMK-fmeut of ' Tli draplngs-are l. t of -bin, lu
the engagement of the Countess Alei colonial prints. btuIK fr,,m ,t,r ni,.v.
auiiFce.uin rrames wild h were so dear
J to lh ancient dame f the republic
rnUiera should have known that 't
was a vast difference bete eeu a girl
, trotted out to t abown like a bronclw
for aal aad the earn perso- free from
. aacb embarraaameat . Bat ha did not
consider the causa, nor did It occur to
hlm that be had declined to accept
thu aame girt for a wife. The only
obvMt thing about It all waa that
during bia call aba waa uninteresting,
while bow who, waa rery charming.
boar wuhoot : cxpe;-;;'";;!
the little bag to Its .mnl " Z '" '
,. .nerwnrd MW r,vmi, , ptoration. but t,
r".u"',n rnnrmn to China. ,Dd hee tecause of ft.eir '
uonng relatives. Peter and IV.... . ; w,.rL f.., , . '1 ' ' 'H,,ar
w.i. " ' . """f rn" w anr
Hotoa t.t axtahctic;, tka vau
the world th'tnueral
nrrk-.l The .trn. ,.""7 Lr "
nevee rf """.'T? """" ."""V,u,rT-'l" Tnr of m d
W had mdV ber' Z ZZ. 1 SJ.""". bl" rlf,. ha
. iiu. -lyuirnr or wifi mmt r.r hi
' w Bprlnger to John and ElUtav
"Tia wamoH KWB 7. f and 11, block
I. Robertson; 1171- '
Mag W, and Mlsah Davics to Wal
, Uca a Davlea, Tract D. Sandy; 25O0.
Joseph E. Long to Vincent B. Lapp,
west half of aoutbeast quarter, east
half of east half of southwest quarter,
cctloa II. townsMp J Booth, anga I
est, 120 acres; quitclaim. . ., '
Hubert and Haiti Kngle to R. R
' Klsa j. BawtelL wataw net., so
Bblp i aonth, range I east; $1. 1
Trusteea mil. E. church to IX If
Brldenatlne. road, township r aouthl
the Htti t 1 '
Initial- " ' ,n", ft w"
ar?re.WT'n,',b'' ,0f
th. mosTVI; from ' m'"r't to
10 most ardent woman worshiper. .
range , et. qT.lCIiTST--:
?1V: ?' :. 14. 15 and
Gladstone R pvt... '
to Jolta a B.Ker, K IoTmS m
Cladatone: 1250. 1 "
T. and Emms Rrv.i.. .. ..'
C Brkemeler, i uTt tot 1 Btrk
mler MdiUon to Ml.wao'kia f HeR
HHoa C. Blrkemeler to F Berka
meler, lota 1 j M g J?? ?
waukle Met.hi.. .. ' . w
Ufa I.. 1. 1..
hooting and siu-b adventunms eT-perl-at
home, which f ,doro RIK,
1!!PP "!,""'"rtort- sheep
Oraoor. City Ouotatle,..
.wlto fripi, t nlW other, end of -the
earth-'-', hey do not face the f rem her
oin lends of t'oatlng I,.. h, ,'
sou.i. m tne M.uih every step that Is
advanced really rounts.
The Itrltl-h ei;..flon has a long ter,,
over Its cotii tir.Ts. ( aptuin H ott left
ranliff. Wall.. j, j;,, i:,,t iU an oW
liim.l.H. whaler, the Terra Not a lit
es-ta to atrt bis dash from untarc
tJc land enrly in oil nnd hoHs to
retu h the iM.le ,v Christum.
Illg to civilian!.,,, the follou I..,. ....... ..
, .
lie eicts to Ii rve a rtriia a-.f .1 ...
-..-en aoiitt, nv. (fn, u )aPr)r,
ns the h;,ve supplj. aiKIIclei.t fw :
three years a 1, ,ni, ,,Hj,,,n '. the motor slivlire will I- iri.-t 1
NSott was nlih un..,.i,i.,.. ..... '1
. " nil. 1 pin W '
the, po-Kll.ilitl.-H t the automol.tle
mountiHi run...-rH. whf' h was gd '
l-ut not etio jh f.T a! n.H.ti.
The Germiril "r'tpwirtloii under I.eU.
tenant Fitch n-r. h,,s beet, fhoroughlv
Bnamed nnd,tte. ami exN to -
' '"e otitiiern seas In II...
summer of Ji Tber win 1. .
landing on the U'eddcll sea. il.a i...inf
..i... .... .. ' ,lJ
si oy-, lillney and Itanleff.
The Japanese ship, tbe starting of
wblch appears duhloua, according to
advices from Tokvo. la nnt .1,,... m
Imrden. and th. f..i '...Z Z I "r-rlng ., W
to be ttmlted to rio, .nd drle.1 rmti. , .1 . 'mrrt"" "l raet consldera-!
Hah.. Then thai. 1. . v . T ",w ""eresi
C..d Way t. Msed . Ru, f r,n J
; I'Ut It In tbe attic. ,ut mend the fringe
! it is very easy 1., do and well worth
j your pains.
tut off all the fringe. Bt a pl of
pnsteboard four In. hea ...a
hoi annum )( yarn ,,r , ,.t(
1 mnti-n the rug. Wind lb
Flea rSanut VYafees.
On quart of peanota. on balf ra?
ful of butter.' oo cupful of grauulaM
'augar. on ami on half rupfula a"
mmr. iwolhlrda of a copftil of aWl(
and one ieosHmf f i0, CHI
Butllu-aK ralku. i-'i.
..-.Hir!. ims i
bolter, add th sugar gradually sal
lea ontll very, very light. Add alt
ami nour alterimfely. rlien tb vanBh
continually, Irop on grsasK
m the end of a knife, fla.-lni
Ibeio very far aistrt. I Hi aot hstoi
more than all at a time, aa -turyafvil
io tie tloiit.led over while hot. audtbrj
. banlen qnk-kty
lor to
1 . -" ".II Ultf
, sy annum tne pasfeM.ard n ,,r all
j times and slip It off Then e
end of tl. ylirri ir,Mig, the end of
the nig Rii'tg.1111 ihe other end through
jand climb it. .Keep up -
(ft all the wny aT.,s ihe ,,f
; rug If only n lie tJ- torn and y.,11 can
match Ihe. fringe exa. fy y do tn.t
em orr ail tlinf a thers
uieuiiMi. of coiirs.
any fuhrlc' fringe
ootgTtKB aLKXasbna tu aaiMttarr.
andru von Bernstorff. the only datigh-
"ertiinn amlasinor to in
j Oevil'a Feed.
I one cupful of bitter rhnrolat
j one cupful of sour milk, one cupful at
1 brown sugar and set aside mull
Bent tn a cream one cupful of graai
lafed sugar, one scant capful of bat
r cr; add Ihree eggs, writ tieaten. ti
jon cupful of our milk. After thts
j baa teen beaten add your rold rbor
: late. An i.miM'i.i ....111. tva
Vers. una ..,.1 .... : .
ia u..a1 . ; ""e nan niprill or llolir, suien.
'it fVt I wilt, a 1. R.
"""IttiHIIIII ffl 1MI ME aTMetl.
lirV ti) IMA laatfltia Aaast n.a tiftk-
. 1 - s--"" ai aws-tin iru "' '-
- 1 lb powder. Than twat all logetber
Baa In 1 layers In il ht oven
When Ouuii
For a gn.i ii 1, 1 r.i,i,.i ..' .
,fn-"ts con,,. In tMint. winter evenlnS f" ' 'u,vZ
V7 serving them with cruller. m.,A .Jl . . . . . '
Me cider and - .1... .. 7 ' "w "n" "-miir rupfula of Pro.
co.Mi. J ' " . i ow t
. os iu : sugnr. one i n.,r,.i r iIMa mr
HTSI inn iiuihi.H . coniriinaii..M . --o I...I.T-., ii..-.
! rn.,.,, iZTJtJS d-n-c. core ai. ZUlZtX oTL V
, Po.irt.le., , ,.mng .ct,e of ,h,.,;.r.;-PP'-. Ml the croiera with any jd folTf ? vZ XtSt?
I m.n embafc.y. The wedding wilt lake I Purred fruit and bake rarefu ft. ? - ,,,nn, .n 'nT
Mac In Mareh'Vrf Anrll .,,.1 . 11 -J .prlnkktl over with . m.. f' f 0,M, '"pnonfitl of dn
iisblngton. 00 t"P of each. in lea-poonni.a.
ledltlon proJetfH. so IF axil start tlier.
will le flvs n the rai-a.
the United Stai.-a 1. 1
" in- met that th in..n,M 1
countess. Snd tlte atepmofher cfj
The Lev Cur.
Dried prunesGood .tn.b , r..
nes la becomln "'."'r""n
anavavmawn i a .
7 a buahei: U"U"a ,Z: rt"S
Hoar, local wheat kKi . '
rioor from h.rV t".::"'-
Bran, by sack J
. SO
Bhortfc, eack..
nariey, aack..
rotint Poiirtalea both were Americana.
- s v r.t I'rTYVDTl Ttt) F m mmtAt.
eoolln lor-t .I--.-"-." " -maiy
"i'l'iovuii B.
Timothy hay, ton
Clover r... . 1
1.1 S
Clover hay. ton.";:
neer mdea ..
Calf skins ;
Sheep pelts...,. -' :"'"
Erca. oVi. ' 65c lo
Mutter, roll ! f1
Caeeae. Bailing.. ;
Pork, dresaed.;... J?
Veal, dressed..,, ''''''iiu;',';,0
dreMed... , 2Lt
lr4. Bailing,. .... v'
Annies ..... .I&e
Potatoes, lb "oioi.2,
Oalona, lb.... '' "
Carlleh. IB...."""-
tM pplea. IVlnV:".V.V.Vo''to Jo
.:20,8alt-LIvarpool .
..... .
Uasd af enbena.
Urge ralaln aeeded and stuffed
minced walnuts make a nice awert t
aerv instead of bonbon at tb and (
Waeat, b.. i a..,
Corn, ton...... .,00.,.,,
Oata. ton "" to $30
n..i .
Woo . Kaatem Oregon. . . . . .Igfl to He
i to l4c
I2 to 2.B0
Hldea. dry.
i '.' ' ' i ' 1 ' - . . .
.. - . . . ', Q .
Try tts Qatihcd Cclc cf 'tis
; 2000 nenDil'y;
roster, itg. torkey, n, "0