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Oregon City Enterprise
Publlthed Every Friday
E. E. BRODIE, Editor and Publisher,
Entered at Oregon City. Or., Tost
office aa second-class matter.
Urlmcr la charged. If every other
Senator la lalnicil, and for thai reason
votes to protect Lorimer, It will In no
I way change many voters' nttttmle to
wards htm, or towards those trying to
find evrnse for him or his crime.
! Many people aro in earnest at this
time as reinmls tainted elections, and
i Itoosevclt Is not alono in fooling thai
i ho cannot associate with I.orimer and
! his kind socially without In a measure
excusing the crime.
Subscribers will find the date of x-J
piratlon stumped on their papers tol-jje While ou one hand we aro given
lowing- their name If last payment Is i (ho npw8 u,lnR of rottcness
not credited, kindly notify u. and i , . .
the matter will receive our attention. ls bPf,!S f,,,,ml ln Cannon home
Advertising Ratea on application, j ci,' nml m- m 1,10 otl,or wo nr
. i told of the success of other men who
aro striving for better conditions In
One Year
8li Mentha
Trial Subscription. Two
, $1.50 1
, 75 1
Months .25;
When the people, and the President !
as a leader of the people, insists thuv ;
any reform be undertaken it is clearly ;
tho duiy of Congress to put aside nil '
objections and put the reform to the i
test. Hut when that is the case and i
the interests on the other side demand '
that "well enough be let alone." whom !
think you will Congress obey?
This question is called forth by the
present attitude of the President and
Cougress on the question of reciproci
ty. Tho President is for reciprocity.
and he emits no uncertain sound in
his effort to make Congress and the
country understand. And that tho I
President is honest in his convictions
one can believe from the fact that he
has just been given something of a
drubbing by the people in an effort to
waken him up.
On the other hand Congress seems
determined to put the Presidents reci
procity plans on the shelf, and without
so much as an effort to satisfy the
people or to try to find out what the
people wish In the matter.
Why, you ask? It Is generally con
ceded that the interests were certain '
to call a halt in the Taft plans. Have '
they been able to do so; have our'
Congressmen been so timid as to take :
their tips from a few large financiers: I
will the efforts of the President come
to nought because the big manufac
turers have been able to tie the Presi-1
dent's hands? !
If this Is true, as the dispatches of
the past few days seem to Indicate. 1
then will these same Interests suffer
more from an attempt to stifle than to
direct into a healthy channel, as both
the President and people wish to be
directed. But if the President and the
government and preparations for gov
ernment. We seem to be gaining
ground; where we lose it is material
while where we win it Is moral vic
tory. If flnr victories could all he
moral and our losses material It
would not be long until these material
losses would cease of their own cure.
I The Clackamas members of the
i Senate and legislature have boon In
the front rank of the fight from the
very start, and are accomplishing
much. It matters not If a man does
not agree with his home member at
all times, still it Is some satisfaction
to know that he can do something
when he sets out to do It. The names
of Jones, Carter, Magoon, Chatten and
Ditnick were In the papers In several
places yesterday, and Clackamas coun
ty was surely on the map.
ExPresident Roosevelt finally broke
his silence, and when ho did so hU
first utterance was on the side of the
people and against old methods
through which many evils can he set
in motion. He Is in favor of abolish
ing the antiquated electoral college
the machinery the old Revolutionists
put into the system of government In
fear that the man who had won the
victory In the Revolutionary War
! might get too much of a say in govern
mental matters.
The St. Louis Globe Democrat thinks
, it is extraordinary that there should
be a session of a Democratic Congress
; without the members of that Congress
demanding an extraordiary session of
It. Perhaps it was extraordinary con
ditions in the country tliat led to a
Democratic Congress in anv event.
people are thwarted In an effort to get ; xhere was an extraordinary loud wall
that which is right the big fellows may j went up fr a chan;:e bcfore ,he pe0.
as well understand that the people p)e nt (he coura,,e ,0 vote a
are certain to rerorm their ranks and ciiangl.
make a second charge and that In the ;
second charge, they are not likely to
sleep while this road slips through1
your fingers? Itememner, tno state
Capitol was onco located In this city,
and It got away,
(American ItnlletltO
On ,' inuary S, tho .Kntorprlse. of
Oregon City, Oregon, appeared as a
morning daily, a bright newsy paper,
four pages of a seven-column. Ore
gon City and .surrounding country Is inlle, which Is a lll.tl estimate, would
growing lapuiiy. ami i-.uwnru moiiie. give ;im miles or rust class, netonii
(Cont lime J from page 1)
mile of inacndaui road, to nt onco l ent
ire tho truth of the slatenieiit.
Tho present so-called monev ry-ilciii
was Inaugurated In this comity In
IS'.tj, and since that time tho money
appropriated for. anil spent upon the
roads In this county ninoimu to up
proximately (lie enormous sum of lvo
million dollars; this at Jin.rtoo per
publisher, has thoroughly canvassed
the Held and concluded the time was
right for a dally. Mr. ISvotllo has met
with great success In publishing the
weekly Knterptise, ami we wish him
equal success with the dally.
Gladstone Council met Tuesday ev-,
enlng with all members present. There
were eight ordinances passed, the
City Pads being kept In session until
a late hour. I
Ordinance creating a general fund i
and providing for payments from It j
passed third reading and became law.
Ordinance regulating the width of
sidewalks was referred to street and ,
public property committee for further '
Ordilinni-n ft-tiii satm-l. renriler I
flcally built macadam trunk load,
whereas, the- fact Is, l hero Is not one
continuous mile of such road In I ho
At J'.'00o which amount Hhoiitil clear
and turnpike a mile of ordinary ill it
Mad, wo should lufvo oni thousand
miles of such roads In the county.
We fall short of the realisation of
either proposition; probably even the
50 per cent Is too small.
Itoad building Is a seiotuo, which
has been i-tadually hmi'. up and de
veloped through two thnnsiud years:
the laws governing the mieiice of ro.ul
building are laid down In numerous
tel hooks and can be mmlle-l and mi
derslmxl by those having tlK time ;Mi
Inclination to learn.
It is only reasonable t i il.Uo that
one who has studied nn I demonstrat
ed thes.i laws for a number of year
Is better qualified to build :i road,
than one who has never read of, n'
seen demonstrated the proved best
method of road construction.
The essentials of a good wagon ro.i
1. Kasy grades.
L'. Thorough drainage.
:t. A hard mid smooth, surface.
These essentials cannot be secured
without an Instrument, or without a
man behind that Instrument. This
man should also be backed up bv
enough money to make his services
oe as cunsiaeraie as w nen ine iray hers nf the flreunn fitv Pri.lt nml
first began.
Congress had best listen to the voice
of the people as expressed by Presi
dent Taft
Produce I'nion, with the discussions
and addresses, promise much. It is a
question of the people of Clackamas
county getting interested they have
the soil and the climate. A few
months of study and research and
Clackamas county citizens will be In
President Taft has come to the front
with the statement that he is a Repub- line for anything good in fruit grow
lican, that he is for reciprocity with log.
Canada and revision of the tariff for
all nations. And he says the robbery
that the Interests wish to perpetuatj
Is not republicanism, and never was
what Republicans taught.
The President charges the present
tariff is robbery, and that the robbery
$150, treasurer $50 and marshal $:'j
Ordinance forbidding smoking lu
Council chamber also passed.
Ordinance fixing regular order of
business and another against fast
driving in village passed.
Committees were appointed as fol
lows; Finance T. C. Howell, K. A.
llurdon and K. S. linker.
Klre and Water K. A. llurdon, F. S.
fiakor and T. C. Howell.
Streets and Public Property K. S.
linker. a S. Williams and C. A. Bax
ter. Health and Police Hrenton Vedder,
T. C. Howell and C. A. Baxter.
Cemetery C. S. Williams, P. A.
Hurdon and C. A. Ilaxter.
An ordinance against spitting In
public buildings and on the sidewalks
was given first reading.
Certain people in Holds addition sent
In petition asking for the opening of
a 20-foot street and the establishing
of three crossings over the S. P. Hy.
Referred to the street committee.
The ordinance for the prevention of
the spreading of contagious diseases
was passed. Also the S o'clock cur
few ordinance.
i worth while.
IjisI year them1 was spent on the
; public roads in this county, approxi
mately. $170,000; but this money was
so scattered that It was sadly lneff- t
' Ive; the same can be said of tho $?,-
000,000 spent In the last eighteen yers
In Ibis county.
J The reasonable deduction Is that an
engineer, with the proper backing by
the County Court, would show a great
i Improvement In the county roads In
the next four veurs.
A few minutes' delay In treating
some cases of croup, even the length
of time It takes to go for a doctor,
often proves dangerous. The safest
way is to keep Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in the house, and at the first
indication of croup give the child a
dose. Pleasant to take and always
cures. Sold by all dealers.
perpetuated was put there against his
wishes. And he wants people to un
derstand that a man can be a good
Republican and no't stand for tariff
robbery or any other robbery. And
he seems to think that there are not a
few robbers in the Republican party
simply from the fact that they thought
Horace Greeley's family lived on a
Vermont farm so poor that later the
family abandoned it. People are now
learning that these poor farms have
a living in them to the man who will
use a little sense along with his
muscle. v ithin the past few years
many a poor farm In the East has been
set to work under conditions that are
proving profitable.
The R"publirans In Missouri are
howling lest the Democrats gerry
mander the State so that the Repub-
the robbers had the party where they lk-ans can't get as many Congressmen
wanted it.
If one reads between the lines lie
can see that the President wishes to
stand with the people and for the peo
ple and the inference seems strong
that the President sees now he was
in the wrong in his quasi submission
and is penitent in the matter.
All of which will not be good news
to those who have tied their ship to
the robbery which many supposed was
to be continued under the fostering
care of the Administration.
Iorimtr threatens revenge anil
promises to make it warm fur those
Senators who have not talked and vot-'
ed as he wished. Perhaps here is the
secret reason why so many who ought
to have known the sentiment of the
country and that it is against Lorimer,
have been so careful to say only good
words for Lorimer on the floor and in
the lobby.
Put those things will in no wise in-'
fluence the people towards an "over
looking of the grave crime with which
as they wish. Both parties have done
some scandalous work In gerrymand
ering in the past, but just now I
seems to be the Reprblicans ofMis
souri who find their chickens coming
home to roost.
President Tafr is learning that what
the country wants may hot be what
the politicians want. He seemed to
be much Impressed with what the
politicians wanted his brother as one
of the head advisers until he received
those November returns. Since that
lie s'-ems to have learned that the
nolitician is not so numerous as the
good old solid "common people."
It Is only a few short weeks until
Congress will be Democratic If It con
tiuos in session. Well, it can't raise
more of a discussion as to what it will
do next limn the Republicans did the
last few months before the November
What about that electric railway
into the Molalla country? Will you
Portland Markets.
Receipts at the Portland Union stock
yards for the week have been, rattle
2715: calves, C'i; hog, CG3 : sheen.
C291; horses, 25.
This week's market was an up and
down affair. Strength developed on
Monday only to weaken on Thursday,
when an enormous run appeared. The
market Friday was fully a quarter off
and steady for the lower basis. Prime
steers were offering more freely and
hiuh prices ruled on this class. The
bulk sold around KM. Butcher cat
tle were steady to lower after Thurs
day. The hog market was a shade higher
If anything. One lot of extra quality
sold at $s.i;s, but the extreme top to
day is considered $S.50. Receipts were
light and all from coast points.
Trade in the sheep house broke un
der the strain of a mutton avalanche
felly a half dollar and grain fed year
lings and wethers are quoted from
(.',(."n 4.75. . Iimbs $il.0O'Ti (',. 25. Buy
ers are indifferent to anything but
strictly top quiUlty.
Trade in the horse market was com
partively quiet as the supply on hand
was very light. Demand continues
good for heavy drafters.
Representative sales have been as
fl7 steers 1155
2li'. steers 1175
118 steers lOfiS
ITS steers 1 0.10
18 bulls .1155
.'152 lambs 72
1 ftr wethers
75'5 ewes
ii9 ewes
25 rows
20 cows
57 cows
2.'! cows
4 calve;
. . in
.. 1VI
.. 18
. .11 10
. .1051
. . SOS
. . H'.5
, Kdltor Knterprlse: It Is our opinion
that among the many things lu Clack
amas county requiring a system, and
the system rarled out. there Is none
of them so important as I be mutter of
road building. A larger sum Is spent
each year on this work lu Clackamas
county than In any other department
and we are assured by those who
.should know that in the past from 35
1-3 to .10 per cent of Hie ntnount ex
pended each year has been wasted.
The County Court, comHised lis it Is
of only threo men. has more duties
to perform than their lime will allow,
thus preventing them from overseeing
the work of the 55 road suiiervlsors
appointed. It Is not, therefore, the
fault of the County Court, but, ns
someone else has staled, the fault of
the system.
There Is no business conducted any
where satisfactorily and economically
without u head and the matter of road
' building Is a business In Itself. Roads
can be built properly for a certain
sum per mile that will last for years,
while, at the same time, without pn-
, per supervision the cost might bo the
same, or even more, and the next year
repairs must be made. Railroads al
ways provide experienced engineers
to lay out and supervise tho work to
: be dune and so It Is in every properly
conduct. d business. A farmer does
not employ a lawyer to supervise In
his absence I he work on his farm bill
secures tho services of the best farmer
he knows of; a mill, no matter what
, Us product. Is left In the hands of men
experienced In that line and so It
should be with our county roads.
! A road eimineer can build good
roads for less mpney than wo are now
i paying for poor ones nud our Counly
Court will be relieved, In a measure
although si ill responsible for the work.
We will have roads all over the county
built along the most approved lines;
the road supervisors will be parts of
the general system, although still In
charge of the road building In llnir
various distrlets, and no one will be
If in the past year one-third of the
road fund was wasted, or In the
neighborhood of $50,oiio, tho count v
could afford to pay a mail engineer,
as salary and expenses of his depart
ment, one-third of the amount wasp-d
and tlin balance can be saved and ap
plied on the general Indebtedness,
thus allowing the county soon to have
its tax rate where it should bo and out
of debt.
Yours very truly,
. T. .McBAIN.
N. W. and I.IIIH llowbind to Arnold
Alltuan, 10 acres, towiuhlp ; south,
range ;t east; $750.
Ida M, Mundhenko !o Walter K.
Mumlhctikc, land In township 2 south,
range 2 east; correction deed.
Kllen M. Uookwtiod to John A. Mur
ek, lot R, block 10. Ardenwald; $lf.0.
J. R. Hays to A. Fortner, lots I, 2.
5 nod tl, block 17. South Oswego; t!00,
Joigarog Investment Co. to Adam
(Inssmaii and Jacob Klein, f, m-res,
sections 27 and 2S, township ;( south,
range 1 oast; $1:00,
John nud Huttto Uirson to Otto
Uirson, lots ; and I. block Ul, South
Oswego; $.0.
Klleu K. Ilackett to A, K. Boiih
wick, southeast unurter of northwest
quarter; northwest quarter of mint li
ens! quarter; west 10 acres of norih
east quarter of southeast quarter, and
nortlicast quarter of southwest quar
ter, section 30, township 3 south, range
7 east, 130' acres; $1,
Albert (I. Hedges, et al to William
II. Rainmo, lot (', block 1'.), Oladstoue;
The following transfers of real i s
tate were filed yesterday In (ho office
of County Recorder U IC. Williams:
S. W. and Alice (1, Weaver and
.1. 1. and F.dslo A. Culvert to U'vl
Roth, 59.5 acres, township 5 south,
range 1 west, liaoknnias mid Marlon
counties; $3000.
C, W. and l-ydlii Cassedy to II. V.
Hart, 25 acres, section 2H, township
2 south, rango 5 east; $2000.
O. A. and Lillian S. I'lilnTer to Ceo.
K. and John It. Knox, laud at Bor
ing Junction; $2000.
O. A. and Mlltau S. I'aluier to J.
It. and Draco Knox, land at Boring;
J. A. and A1111I0 Nelson to K. Wil
liam and Ottlllo Yes Ice, lots S and 0,
section Itl, township 3 south, range 2
east, ttl.li; acres; $3500.
The following trasfers of real estate
were filed Saturday In tho office of
County Recorder I K. Williams:
I. It. and llattle It. lleln to (loo. I.,
Win.ier, land In section 9, township 4
south, range 1 east; $5500.
John W. nud liraeo K, ljuler to
Sadie A. Callualth, lots and 10, block
2. Mllwaukle Park; $i.
Henry nn.l Annie I'orret to Casiiar
Junker, land lu section 13, township
2 south, range I east ; quitclaim.
Caspar and Katie Jutil.er to (leorge
A. Wolf, laud In section 13, township
2 south, range 4 east; $11110.
T. I. Charmnii. truslee et ill. to
Frank K. Andrews, lots I, 2. 3 and 14.
block 111, South Oregon City No. I;
Kllen M. Rockwood to (i. K. liar
greaves, lot 12, block 12, Ardenwald;
i 100,
I,. I. and Oni Porter to Henry W
Flllott. lots II. . 12. 13 and II, block 4.
Windsor; $500.
Clara and Nathaniel Smvihe to
(ieorge T. and Kmtnn B. Craft, lot 5,
block 25. Falls View addition to Ore
gon City; $1.
Thomas F- Ryan, agent to Hubert
Warner, lot 3, block 3S, Oregon City:
1'. F. Ilelueck to 1'wis J. Johnson,
north three-quarters hhx-k 7, and
blocks X and i, Mt View addition t"
Oregon (ity; $10.
C. H. and Amanda Johnson to I'eder
Cregerson, east half of southeast quar
ter of southeast
township 1 souih
acres, ami 21 foot right of way; $15n.
('. II. ami Amanda Jiihausou to I'.iii
Paulsen, west half of southeast quar
t"r of southeast quarter, section 30.
township 1 south, range 4 oast, 2u
acres; $1500.
Miles D. Brucp to Rosa A. and K
W. Jackson, southerly half of part of
Willl:'tn .lloliues donation land claim,
township 3 south, rango 2 east, 2 15
acres; $10
Anna J. nml Albert J. I.ewls to J
M. Charmau, part of donation laud
claim of I,. 1). ('. Ijitotirette. townships
2 and 3 south, range 2 east; $1.
J. M Charmau to Anna J. and All eri
.1. I'wis, part of donation land claim
of U D. C. Ijitourette, township 2 and
3 south, range 2 east; $1.
I. T. nml Clara Hart to Hilda C
John-on, east half of northeast quar
ter of southwest quarter, section 3",
tnwi.hlp 2 south, range 5 east: $1.
.1. M. Tavlor to Shirley rtuck, lots
5. Ik II anil 12. block 22. lots II a'nd
12. block 23. lots 7 and K, block 21.
Milwaukle park; $M.
Oregon" Swedl.-b Colonization Co. to
Kil I.lnilen, lot 15, Carlsborg Tr.iri,,
J loo.
p3eSwl) L
Makes Home Baking Easy
Royal Baking Fowder helps the houscwlfo to
produce at home, quickly and economically,
fine and tasty cake, hot biscuit, puddings,
the frosted layer cake, crisp cookies, crullers,
crusts and muffins, fresh, clean, tasty and
wholesome, with which tho ready-mado food
found at the shop or grocery does not com
pa: c. Royal ls the greatest of bake-day helps.
royal cook DooK-ioo nrcEtPTJ-rnxE
Stnd Hamt and AJdriii.
oat ea. to.
On nearly eei hum. summer np
pies have had a place "luce very rmlr
dais, and vailetlc.i have buell devel
oped extending the neanoli of tipple
production over lb- eiillie Hummer, as
well as autumn While as u rule tbN
fruit has I a gion t,ir family con
sumption, I he surplus bun found It"
why to market. The market decline
III the piixltii-t ton 'f peaches within
the past few e.u Ims brought about
a considerable extension of the euiiy
apple Industry on a commercial scale,
wlitcll evletislon has been most marked
III tint Middle Atlantic slates, where
fspei-l.illy iolanl.u:.-oiiH tr.itinportiilloii
routes, toil h i. ill and water, and the
proximity of bilge markets luivit stim
ulated liie enterprise, which bus Its
center In Hie truck producing regbm
near Philadelphia.
I .OS ANCKI.KS. Feb 1 1 - iSpl I
Cllplall, charged with being one of
three men who blew- up the Thin- of
fbe last September, b is been iresti-d
lit Mabel, tll.la lie but been it irte.l
for California, lequl-oiloii p.ipeis hav
ing ticell M'curcd.
For Infuuti and Children.
quarter, seel,,,, 21. i T!i8 Kind You Have Always Bought
. riiiute t east. 20 !
Hears tho
bi'nu'-uro of I
98 hriKS Hl5
hots 211
41 hoss 103
ICS hops .. 235
Two draft horses $300 each,
driving horses $275 each."
Advantages of a
Checking Account
Oregon City People Should Know How
to Read and Heed Them.
COver ninety per cent of transfers of funds in business are
made through the medium of Lank checks, thus avoiding
the dangers incident to carrying large sums about, and the
risk of making the wrong change.
JThis method enables the business man or individual to
keep his money safely in the bank, instead of on the prem
ises or about the person, where it would be subject to
jA checking account at this bank is a great convenience
and costs the depositor absolutely nothing.
fflie Bank of Oregon City
Sick kidneys give many slgnalH of
The secretions are dark, contain a
Passages are frequent, acanty, pain
ful, Hackacho Is constant day and night,
Headaches and dizzy spoils aro fre
quent. The weakened kidneys need quick
Don't delay! I'se a Hpeclal kidney
Doan's Kidney Pills cure sick kid
neys, backache and urinary disorders
Oregon City evidence proves this
Mr. !. n. Talley, 901 ICleventh St..
Oregon City, Ore., says: "I am glad
to say that. Doan's Kidney Pills
brought me prompt relief from a most
annoying attack of kidney complaint
i mid backache. Other members of my
family have taken this remedy with
the best of results."
Kor Bale by all dealers. Price 50
cents- Koster-Mllburn Co., Iiuffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember tho name Doan's and
take no other.
Keb. 11
l-Milor Kiitorprise:
lie:ir Sir: My belief Is that a road
master, If unpointed by our County
Court , will not take away from the
county court any of Its powers under
the law as il now exists, but the ser
vices of the' roadmaster will tend only
to relievo the County Court and to
systematize the business of road build
ing. Nor do I believe that this road
8.10 master will supersede our supervisors.
8.0ft , it seems to mo that the' roadma jter
7.15 J being an overseer may be of very
Two ' Kroat assistance to our Itoad Super
: visors, just as tho superintendent of
; construction Is in the matter of heavy
'construction workmen railroads and
manufacturing establishments and
other concerns. It seems to me there
Is little or no reason to hesitate In
this matter because the history of
business demonstrates the advisabil
ity of having a competent single man
at the head of nil large construction.
I do not think nn Incompetent man
should be appointed under any cir
cumstances, r(,r Hint would unques
tionably work great Injury, but I
think a competent man, even lit a con.
sldenihle salary, ought to bo appointed
or none.
Yours truly,
Land Title Examined.
Abstracts of Title Made.
Ofllco over Dank of Oregon City.
WASHINGTON. Kid). 11 The per
capita wealth of the fulled States
us based upon the new census figures
Is ;2I 111. I'uder the census of fiou
il was computed by the Treasury De
partment as $25.15. AcKordlng to th"
latest estimate, the total amount of
money now Jn circulation Is $:i,21 l,55i,
175, as against $.'!,125,5S7,720 n year
Basket Ball.
Christian Ilrothers Athletic Club
team defeated the Oak lirovo senior
athletic club team Saturday, .laiitiary
28, Iti (Ireen's hall. Score 38-211.
WASHINGTON, I). C, F' h. 9. The
Senate today passed tho Ilourno bill
authorizing the construction of the
liroad'.viiy bridge, Portland, and pro
viding that Irregularities In tho Is
suance of bonds, If any exist, are cured
so far as previous lack of authority
from Congress to build the brldgo Is
A Cough
Is a danger slgnul nnd should not ho
neglected. Take Dr. IiolI'D Pine-Tar-Honey
at once. It allays Inflamma
tion, stops the cough and heals tho
membranes. Geo. A. Harding, Druggist.
Chinaman Marries White Woman.
VANCOIJVICIt, Wash., Keb. 15.
(Special.) A second wedding of a
white woman to a Chinese In Vancouv
er within a month took place today
when Jim lule, of Port land, man led
Miss Katie Mason. The marriage
ceremony was performed by G. Lloyd
Davis, Justice of tho pence.
Demonntratlon to Be Made at Satur
day Meeting AddreM on Planting.
At tile meeting of il,,. Orchil Cpv
I'riilt and Produce Culmi. scheduled
fer Saturday at the Court limine, tbcr
will tie no allelic nti pliiiiiing mill
pruning of young trees. Thin nddica-i
will be fulloweil by a dbiciueilon. K.
K Strang, who Is the iiuperliuciuloitt
at I'ciicb Grove, where t limm mils nf
I'llltlg peach llei-1 uie being planted
nud who has Ir'd much ct.ricnce in
IIikmI Klvi-r, has been invited to m i l. -the
aibliesi and It Is ihotighl b- will
accept. As be lias b id a wbln exper
ience III the biiHlness, nud understand
the working of ussuclathiiiH, It In
lliounht be will make, a M-ry Interest
lug speiiker.
All effort will ulsn be made to line
a demonstration of pot.ito grading and '
packing, so thai any one i nn h e mid
iiuilertoand what Is wanted by tie
market. When produce Is prnperly
graded and parked II Is half snbl, mid
the price Is lilnnys the outside fl.-urc
for produce that show Just v-hat It
D. C. I.ATOI'Hin'Ti:, President.
U nml no need for ilimiiuut an to now
it will tutu out when mice on tli mar
ket. Sutherland' Eula Cf Salve
l Hie beit eve remedy eler offered
ill" imbllc. Il snow white ointment
pallilcns, luiriiib nml nhHnnprly
KUi'lliltllecd to Cllle, At nil lleillelS mid
Goo A. Ilatdluii, Druggist, 25c it tube
If tho hens were compelled til work
A little hinder tllcne dnva for Willi
Kill ll Ibev Kit, It Would bn A KiMiil
thing for them, '
Never fed meat scrnpa that wern
made of rullctf meal. Good, puro feed
Is (be only tiling that ever oiiKht to
tie fed In n fowl of liny kind.
If It poiedbly can hw done, clean up
Hie iliuppluR'i each day. It Is work
Hull well rcpavi) one. Never Allow
this denning to be delayed longer
thin a week
Inning the Phils to ftKht their own
hnttlci ngalunt lice nnd other cue.
mien may , aunie work, but It will
rust miliie rev.; Mini eggs are Worth
money these d;ivn,
I si net delay m y lolicer (he Job
of culling out the poor slock. It Is
a mistake to keep even n single un
profitable fowl Have the Block up
111 quality ruthi-r than In quantity
A-Mie weather grows colder. In
crease Hie supply uf corn. K Is n
hcmliiK food Hut never feed It nloiic.
A :o""l grain iiiUlnre fur wlnlir I"
two pint wboln eorn, one part each
wlo'iit nud oats, la. 1 1 well lulled.
Stall up the trap li.-nln. They lire
Invaluable 111 pointing nut i,e pro
ductive hens an well tin the drums
They make It possible, by picking
out the poor layers, In get more eggs
from n fewer number "f heu. Hint
Is economy - It navcn f I nud It glvea
the wot Kits mote r'xitn.
Can Eaally Po Slipped Also Dandruff
and Itching Scalp.
If Parisian Save iloenu't atop falling
hair, llcblrg srnlp. and eradicate dan
druff In two weeka, Huntley Urns.' Co.
.lands ready in refund nnr money
without argument or red tape nf nny
Parisian Sage will put n fascinating
riiillmice Into any woman' hair III n
few dais.
Sosanne Cilialiiin, of Hotel Itoynl,
lliievrns. oblo, on March 25, l'Jlo,
wrote: ' 'Mulder's Inilr began In come
out very badly nnd her sculp was so
sore It was very bard to do linvlhlng '
for II piirbilaii Hngn proved n GUAM)
SI'I TUSH every way. rr hair stopped
coining nut, dandruff nil disappeared,
Hon iiess all left the sculp and her hair
Is coming lu ngalu very nlci lv." Large
bollle f,n cents m Hunlley Urns," Co.
K. J. MICYKK, Cashier
The First National Bank 1
of Oregon City, Oregon
CAPITAL, $')0,0O0.C0.
Transacts a General Banking Busme.a. Open from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.
Painless Dentistry
U our prll-our hflhr-oar tttHjr tor rru Hurl
Dow our miKirn, nml -nr ) lha bial pain (raw work
to ) fi'tin-l nywhrr, nn inaUar how much on
pf. Cotupuj-u our 1'rlc m.
W flnli.li .Into me
v i tci. i... i: t
J'inlM ajitrn. U- n
.! mil trn piftifN iif
iprMKM work In nnlr.
,'ta 'j'- J J r.k.i.li.i,.. 1...
'x '?JEriiii.1 Fillinct 1.00
Jh't.A iff- -'-a1"' Filial .50
ON. W. A. Will, PMiwtn m Miami PainUit Eitr'f Jon , 5 0
M mil imttmu ruruM T MITHodi
Al! work fully minrtintNl far riftn rnrs.
Wise Dental Co.. Inc.
Painless Dentists
filling Bulldln , Third md Wlihlniton PORTlaNO. ODE
Olllc. Uo.n; U.ll.toir.U. IuuJ.7., IU1
Office llolh I'honna 22 Uealtlence I'liouo Mnu 2U24
Pioneer Transfer Co.
ICHt.bll.bed 1806 BiiceHBOr to C. N. Greennmn
Hate. RoiiHonublo. IIiiKBiibo Stored 3 liny Kreo of Charg.
Agency for the celebrated MT. HOOD BEER
Careful of Your Property 8
One of Jhe secrets of our success
in the Baage and Transfer Business W
Safes, Pianos and Furniture Moving
Williams Bros. Transfer Co.
Phones, Office 1121, Residence 1833 525 Main Street 5