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Tis Steely Piano-Buying Time
Join One of the Five 'Big Eilers Clubs Today
When splendid, strictly brand-new, fully warranted Pianos
are obtainable at the remarkably easy tearms of only $1.00
weekly, and the very finest of highest grade Uprights, Baby
Grands and Player Pianos Kimball. Hallet S. Davis, Deckers,
Piano-Autos, and even the' glorious Chickering are obtainable
for only $2.50 weekly, Isnt it surely time to seriously think of
securing a piano? It's an opportunity unequaled, unheard of,
and unprecedented in the history of piano-selling.
The low prices and easy terms are made possible by the col
lective or co-operative Cub plan of selling. You join with
others in wholesale buying. There's no dues, no red tape and
no waiting. You dont even know the other Club members. You
simply join whichever Club suits your convenience, make the
initial Club payment of $5 or more, and Piano will be delivered
at once. '
Club Plan Makes Big Savings Possible
We state without fear of contradiction that prices and terms
have never been so low anywhere East, West, North or South
as obtain by joining one of the five big Eilers Piano Clubs.
These are bold statements, but easily proven by a little inves
tigation. Our reputation is back of every claim and statement
in this announcement. Please bear in mind, too, that our rep
utation is too dear to us to make any misstatements for the
sake of selling a few pianos.
But don't take our word or mere say-so. Ask your friends and
neighbors, who have Investigated and already joined one of the
Eilers money-saving, co-operative piano clubs. Already nearly
three hundred memberships have been taken out. This, in it
self, proves conclusively that the Eilers Clubs are a success a
tremendous success.
Summed up in a few words, the Club Plan means you buy as
a dealer buys. You join with several hundred other piano buy
ers and practically make one big purchase In other words, it'a
the wholesale principle applied to the retail department. Ask
any business man if it's cheaper to buy singly or in large quan
tities simple, isn't it?
Remember, too, your purchase is protected in every way. We
guarantee quality and we guarantee price. Pianos must prove
exactly as represented, or money back.
Club "A" members secure a $350 Piano for $-37. upon pay
ments of $5 down and $t weekly.
Club "B" members secure $450 Pianos for $J97.50 pay
down and $1.25 weekly.
Club "C" members pay $1t upon joining and $1.50 weekly,
and secure a $550 Piano for $359.
Club "D" members obtjin any $650 Piano for $467.50.
terms are $15.50 down and $2 weekly.
A Player-Piano and Baby Grand Club
Club "E" members secure an $8 SO, latest style, 88-note
Player-Piano, with private library and cabinet to match, or they
can choose a magnificent Baby Grand Piano for $586. upon the
unheard-of terms of $21 down and $2.50 weekly.
You owe it to yourself and family to investigate the Eilers
Piano Clubs at once today. Never again will pianos of such,
grade and character come as close to you as this. Just think
of it, virtually 10 cents a day will bring the most cherished of
all worldly possessions into your home Immediately.
Willamette Morldini, Ore-noil; (lionet!
S. Mi iinrtH M iiilmiU-H K, It chs
lo stake in ii point N, Nil iIi'hivhh
:o tulnuics V, mill lid elm. dlHtmit
fmm the ijnurtcr See. corner on K.
Hue ur hiiI, Sec, J7; thence N, 21
elm. to tho center of tin1 hIoiirIi on
1lu S. Ilu of tho I i:ift of liiuil not olT
lo Kiln Mondonhall; thence tlown said
slough In I In' fonti'i' of 1 lu ii in lit
I'liillini'l llioivof 10 llio WllliiiuolU"
Ulvor; thi'iiro up mild river In tho
place of lii'KllllilUK, containing S
acres, In Unn t'oinily, Oregon,
All undivided nue-hiiir Interest in
llio following property, hIiumIi'iI Id
lYitilloton, I'niiiilllii t'oinily, Oregon,
to wit; Ut 2, block 'J7, Reservation
Addition; IuIm S. ',1 iiiwl 10, block. Hi
Reservation Addition: lolM a, 4, f, tl.
7. S, !) 10, II ami I J, block ICS. Res
ervation Addition; lulu I. II, 4 ami
'i. block ii'.Ti, ItoKorvittlon Addition;
loin 1 to III, Inclusive. Mock 2117, Hea-
ervtitlou AiliiUlon.
Said property will lie sold nil H
whole, or In separate parcels, us will
Ih'bI serve (lie Interests of said
minor's estate.
l'liti'd this iHt ,av of July, A. IV
MIN.NIK (i. llltOWN.
lliinrdliin of Aforesaid KkIhiiv
In t lit Circuit Court of lli Still" of
Oregon for Chirkainns Counly.
KU.ru II. -hi. plaintiff,
K. K. ItcUI. defendant.
To K, K. Hold, llio itliovo minii'il do-
111 llio inline of tho State of Oregon,
you are hereby reunited to upponr
and answer tho complaint llh'd
against ymi In tho nUivo entitled
court and cause on or before Satur-
day, tho Utli day of August, I'.H.l,
Ami If you full so to appear mid an
awer within tho mild time, In default
thereof, plitlntlff will iiiply lo the
court for tho relief prayed for In the
complaint herein, to-wlt: Kor n de
cree forever dissolving tho bonds of
matrimony now and heretofore exist
lug between plulntlff and detcinlant
ninl giving and granting to plantlrf
tho care, ciiHtody mid control of the
minor children of plaintiff ami de
fendant, to-wtt. Kay Murlo Hold ami
Florence Vivian Hold, ami for xuch
other mid further relief a lo the
court may mm meet mid oniiltiihlo
Service of thin summon and null.
llcatlon thereof Is made by order i f
Honorable tirant II. lllmlrk. iii.luo of
the County Coiirl of Clackamas
County, Oregon, iiwulo ami entered
Juno STth. min, and directing thai
said piilillratloii lie made In Tho t)r.
gnu City Knterprlso. u now'snaner of
general circulation. puliltNhcil at Ore
gon City, ClackiiiniiN County. Orecoii.
ami mat said pulillcatlon be mmlo
unco a week for six successive weeks
prior lo August Uth. l'.MO
Tho date of tho tlit pulillcatlon of
this summons Is In tho Issue nf ituld
paper of July 1st, iim
Attorney for Plaintiff
Ill tho Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, fur tho County of cluck,
Nettle V. Richardson. I'liilntlft.
tiny L( Richardson, IWendaiit.
T (iuy I.. Richardson, defendant ;
In the name of tho State of Oregon,
you lire hereby required to appear
and answer tho cuiiplalnt Died
against you In the above entitled suh
on or lief,iro tho -t day of the time
proscribed In the order for the puli
llcatlon of this Summons, to w. It : (in
or before tho Kith dav of August. 1!I0.
said dale being the OMilrntlon of
seven (7) week from the flrst puli
llcatlon of this Summons; ami If vim
fait so to appear anil answer, for want
thereof the plaintiff will apply to the
Court fur tho lollof ilenuimlod In Ihla ioiupliilnl, for wtiut theioof tlm plain,
cotiiplalul, to wit: lAir a decroo dla-lln will aidy lo (he court for llni lo
soIvIiik tho bonds of tinitiliiioiiy and i lief di'iiiniidoil In the coiiiplalnt, to
miii rlatio conlract oxIiiiIiih hot ween ' w II :
plaintiff and dofetidalll. j Kor a ileeioc illnsolvlliit tlm linliiln
This siimmous Is pulillidieil by or- of malrliiiouy now oxIhIIiik hetwoou
dor of the linn ,, C. fmnplicll, .IiiiImo Hio pin I ii 1 1 IT and dol'emliiiit. Thin
of llio above nuiiieil court, which ' kiiuiiihiiin Is pulilliihoil by order of
nr. Id was minlii ami eilloioii on llio Hon. Cnilit II. Illmlck, ,IiiiIk of llio
I'Stli day of .J u no. Unit. icoinilv Court, which order was miuln
11KO. .1. CAMKHON.
Attorney for rinliilllT
III the Circuit Court, of tho Htalo of
Oioiioii. for Cliickiimaa Contitv,
Lena ti'N'.lli. liilntliT,
W'lllliliu D'Nelll, llrfenilalll,
To William O'Neill, ahovo mimed da
foiiilatil: In (ho umiiii of (ho Statu of OrcKnii,
you are hereby reipilrod lo appear and
answer the complaint tiled aitaliiHt
you In tho ahovo named suit, or or
hefoio the ;ith day of Auiiust, l0,
said date behiK after llio expiration
of six wrfekH from tho llrst publication
of this siiiumous, mid If you fall to
appear and answer said complaint, for
want thereof tho plaintiff will apply
to the court for tho relief prayed
for in' her complaint, to wit:
Kor a decree dlssolvlnir llio bonds
of matrimony now evlstliiu between
tho plaintiff mid deremlaiit. Tills
summons Is nulillshed bv order of
Hon. J, A. Kakln, JiiiIko of the Circuit
Conn, which ordi'r was niado mid on
tore,! on tho '.".Mil day of Juno, i,i,
and the time prescribed for pulillcn
tlon Ihei.of Is Hlx Weeks, lieKlnnlim
with the Issue of Krlilav. Jnlv l.i
I!' Ii, and niutlunlnii each week there'
after to mid IncltldlUir the Issue nf
Krbluy. AiikusI lth, iii),
Attorney for Plaint Iff
Notice of Final Settlement.
Not loo Is hereby kIvoii that llio nil
dorslKiiod has (Hod In llio County
Court of Clacknuiaa Coiiulv. (ireirmi
llnal account as Kxecutor of the
last win mi. I tostamoiit )lf cniheiiuo :
WiiKiier. deceased, and that Mondav.i
'ho 2.1Ui day of July, uiii, i, (,',, 1
hour of 10 o rlock A. M . has been '
ilxe.l by said Court as the tltno for'
hearltiK of objections lo said report.!
and tin- settlement theroor,
I'Al l, Pi:i.I.ATZ. i
i:ocutor of Estate of Catherllio Wiik
nor, deceaseds j
Till IS. K. It VAN. 1
Attorney or Kxecutor. !
ami entered on the 'J'nil day of Juno,
I'.llll, ami the limn presi'i Hied for
pulillcatlon tlloieof is six Weeks, bo
Hlnnlim with the Imsiio or l-'ilday, .luno
lilt, i'.ilil, and coiilluuliiH each
week thereiiflor to and IiicIiiiIIiik tint
Issue id l-'ililnv, AiikusI Mil, I !H0.
(IKl). C. IIHllWNKI.I,.
AHoi ney for Plaint Iff.
In the Circuit Court of llio Stale of
(iroKtin, In ninl (or Clackamas County,
Col mutes llaivlilus, Plaintiff,
('.nu Pearl Hawkins, lloreiiilant.
To Cora Pearl Hawkins, defendant :
In tho iiiiine of tho state of Oregon,
you mo hereby reunited In appear
anil answer the complain! tiled
aitalnst you In the above entitled
suit, on or before tho Oth day of Aire
list, I'.ilO; ninl If you fall to move,
demur or answer, plaintiff will takn
n decroo aiialust you, forever ills
soIvIiik the bonds or tiiatilnioiiy hero
t. if. ii ii mid now oxIstliiK between thn
plaintiff and youiseir, and fur so. II
oilier ami further relief In tho prom
ises as to tho Court may soeui just
and oiiultablo.
Service of this summons Is tun. In
upon you by pulillcatlon In pursuance
or nu order f tho Honorable (Srnnt
It. Illmlck, Couutv Jii.Ik" or Clacka
mas County, Orcitoii, mmlo on tho
'.'1st day or June, pun, ordeilux such
publication In the Orcein City Km
torpiiso, once a week, for six couiioc
iltlvo weeks, tho (list publication
beliiK Julio I ',lo, and the last
pilbllcathui beliiK AiikusI 5, t'JIo.
Attorney for I'laliitlff
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice lM hereby clvvn that tho un-dersij-neil,
exoeiilor tif (ho estate of
Krod Hakel, deceased, has tiled In the
County Court of Clackamas County,
State of Ori-Kim, bis final Recount its
such executor of said estate; tint
Monday, the ih day of July, at the
hour of ii o rlock A. .M , has been
fixed by said court as the llmo for
hearing any objection to said ro
isnt ami the settlement (hereof.
Guardian's Sale of Real Property.
Notlctt Is hereby kIvoii that pur
suant to nu order of Hut County Court
of the State of Oregon, fur Clacka
mas County, the undersigned Kimrdlail
of tho ih'ihoiis and ostates or Jay
i Walton Moore, a minor, will sell (ho
.' Interest of said minor Jay Walton
j Mihiio, In ami to the same, subject
' to the life oslato or Albert .Mihiio,
I Marceuna Moore .Maple ami Anthony
I Moore, which said tent estate Is do
jsiillicd as follows tow-It
I The S'- of the N K ' of Sec. :in, T.
', t S . It i K. or W. M . eci itlim 20
acres of land out of tho NW. corner
; of said laud, described as follows,
Id wit t'olnmctuiliK at the NW.
i corner of the S' of tho NI-:' of tho
said Sec. "ii, runnliiK theuco S (in
I rods, thence K. Co rods, thonco N (10
'. rods, thence W. Cill rods to the placo
'of heKliiuliiK; also cxc. -ptllu 1 aero
i of land out of tho NK cortn-r of tho
PKTKU WINKKI.. I llrst above descrlbcl land, descrlbod
Kxecutor of the Kstulo or Krod Hakel, j as follows: Itenliniliii? at ihe NK cor
Heceased, , ,.r ., ,i, jiii ,,f .i,, NK' of said
K, Kyan, Attorney for Kxo-1 Soo. :M, runnliiK thonco S .to rods,
more or less, to the rbanm l f Itm k
Crk; thence west i :i ro.ts, tlienco
In the Circuit Court or the state or
Ok-k ui. for Clackamas County.
Alice Powell, plaintiff.
vs. ,
Ij-sIIo Powell, llefiudatit.
To lsllo powell, above named de
fendiint, , ,
In tho name of thn State of (Ire
s'oti, yon are hereby reipilrod to ap
pear and answer the complaint filed
attains! ni lu tho above named suit,
on or In-fine the lilh day of August.
I'.'lo. said dale beliiK after tho ex
piration of six weeks from the first
publication of this summons, and If
you fall lo apear and answer sal.l
N. DO rods, mole or less, tlienco K.
A I .1 rods lo the place nf hcKtniilni;.
tint granted preuilen rontiilnliig ,V
The SI-:,'-, and tho S'j of tho
SW, of Sec. .in, T. B H. It '.' K. W.
M . rolitnlnlUK :I0 acres.
Also tho NU, of the NK'. and NS
of tho NW I t or Section 31. T. 5 S..
H 2 K V. M , cuitalnliiK I (In acres,
Said sale to bo on July 1'lrd, 1910.
at (ho oftlro of !'". ('. Ilronnell. Can
field tlullilltiR, Orenon City. Oreuou.
ami to bo at private sale for rash In
(liiarillan Aforesaid.
353 Washington St., at Park
Wholesale Department at Fifteenth and Petfygrove Streets
-Copyright by Eilers Music House in accordance with V. 3. Copyright Act of March 4. I !"!. All rij;lit-
"i ved.
ami (;'.iri!- Hutchinson, shirb-y I).
Mills and Frank U. Hickfonl. Matilda
Hubert and l-Ynnklin I, Kit"iifinr.
bo.-'Hiiy I)c Clow and Clay'on Welch,
'ura Howe and H. A. (Jilbcrt son.
Miss El.-de liatz, of Portland, after
havitiK tspent a f-v days caliins on
friends and acquaintances of this
neighborhood, returned hum"? last
Tuesday cveninp.
Miss K'ti'd Chiipinan, of I'fn.l!"-ton,
was voting with her aunt, Mr. R. H.
Cibson. the first of last wools.
.lames Gibson, an old and wt-11
known rosidont. of this plarj. has been
confined to his bed the past ten days
with a carbuncle on his ri;;ht knee.
Miss Ulna nouflass i-p"iit last week
with her sister, Mrs. Jim Ix-Shazer.
Klder and Mrs. J ). Norman, of
Lents, wore on the hill Saturday.
On Sunday, June 2'i, a few of Hie
people of this plaee gathered at the
scboolliouse and urbanized a Cnion
Sunday school. ,
Mr. nrnl Mrs. Howlett and Miss
Nettle Wixiille were ti:e iruesrs of Mr.
anil Mr--. Ft. Ii. (iilson Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. liuntlimton and Ar
nold Iiiniihani tool; dimier with Mrs.
Viola Doimlass Monday.
Eau'e Creek played with the Jirriok
Ivns Sunday aft moon and defeated
thorn by the score of " to 2.
Quite a number an' making hay.
Joseph DeShazer and family are
visiting friends on Columbia .Slough.
A lawn party was much enjoyed
Saturday evening at the home o' A.
.1. Morrison, (lames wen- playe.1 by
the light of a huge bonfire.
Any Woman
Can Have
Children Cry
Estacada Teachers Elected.
II. M. James has been elected prin
cipal of the Kstaeada school for the
corning year. The assistant grade
t.-acbers are Miss Jlable Glover, of
I'or'iand. assistant principal; Miss
Avioe linciiaiiiin, of Hood Iliver; Miss
Ellen (.'. Moi-hnk"-, of Oregon f'I'y;
Miss Kva Primer and Miss Mary
Jori'-s, primary teachers. Next term
'her' vi!l b'- two moio teachers than
lor tin- oar ju.-t closed.
Many women ilo not realize the at
rriictions th'V possess beeaii.-i., ifiey
do not. giv"' proper attention to the
The women of Paris an.- famed for
their beauty, not because 'heir facial
features an- superior to t hoi.tr of other
women, but because they know how
to keep young by supplying- vigor,
luster ami strength to the hair.
Throe yars ago Parisian Huge
could hardly be obtained in America.'
I'.ut now thin ilelightful nair tonic and
dressing ran be had In i vory town
in America. Huntley liroi. sell it for
.',) cents a large bottle, and they guar
antee it to grow beautiful, luxuriant
haw-; to turn dull, lifeless hair into
lustrous hair; 1:, stop falling hair; to
stop itching of the scalp. Ask for
Parisian Sage.
lu the
to ri-ji-Propos
v r k i
of Ihe
July li
City; a:
her lam!
K. C .
. "5 cords. The successful
.ill be required to ill" a bond
iti outit of $."'in. The right
I any or all bids Is reserved.
Is miiHt be placed In a scaled :
arked PltOPOSAI.S FOR '
and must lot lu the hands
n:iderHigned on or before
1 9M, at :. P. M. K. K.
District Clerk.
o some acreage
from owner din
ire Knterprlse.
ami tlm
( tly. Mrs.
Wool sacks for
CoinliilsKlon Hons
sale at Oregon City
J. C.
I". rywheje ijf(
safe through th
New I.lle Pills
letism-ss, I)v ipejisiu, Indige
Troubles, Kidney Diseases
Disorili'rs. They're easy,
ami pi rlortly hnlld up the
Life Easier.
is being made more
wor); of Dr. Kirtc's
In Constipation, Jiil-
ition, I.iv.-r
and IJowel
but sure,
and J. Cabler
Under Arrest.
itr'-ot for .sale; reavmalilo.
A 7, Knterprlse.
uu ii-rslg:,
ami the .
minor, by
County r
Oregon, in
imc jMh
soil at ,,n
o'clock A.
Clio, to il
in hand, ;.'
Main . ire.
i ho i- r 1 1 a-
in ami
n-al pin
one tw-t
inir: !;
Guardian's Sale. t '
- hereby given t hut I, the 1 1
-I. guardian of the person '
.-'ate of ,li;rrold Ashlon, a j
Irtue of the order of the 'I
ii rt of Clackamas County, j J
, e ami enii-r.-il of record j I
y of June, A. I). l'.MO. will I J
,at.e sab' on and alter lo,(
M., Monday, Augusi 1st,
highest, bidder for cash
the ollice of c. H. Dye, at-1
(Invest corner Kightii and
i, Oregon fit v, ( li'-gon, all j
I Interest of the Haid minor !
In the following described
pcrty, lo-wli; All iimllvlib-il j
it i. i h Interest In the follow-1
titling at, a stake I'll chs. W. '
at Jones Orwg Co.
Walter f;itzm!l!"r and some fri.-niis
went to the rnoutitains Tuesday for a
week's outing.
William Honoris is very ill r.t his
A. J. Morrison is entertaining his
brother from Rakorsfield, Cak. also
his (lunghter and two children from
Scholls. Oregon.
.Mr. Hews Is hauling lumber for his
Constable f. A. Miles left Tuesday
night for H'-aside and will return with
J. C. Woods, who Is wauled to answer
') a charge of maliciously defacing a
cabin on Government land. Th" com
plaint was made by .M. K. Mugrove.
who is in tin- employ of the Govern
ment. J. Cabler, who was arrested
tn the same ehar'-'o and who was in
the company of Woods, had a hearing
this woo; before Justice of th" Pear:"
S-imson and was released upon the
deposit of ISO cash bail.
gon City meets second Ha1 iirday after
noon In each month at. Kpapp's hall
In Winter and In Schnoerr's Park,
Willamette. In Summer. Gus Kehnoerr,
presid:nt; Rudolph Keller, secretary.
MIHS ADA HKOWJIX, agent for Ui
"lies' Home Journal, Haiiirday Kv
' long Pin t. Oregt ti City Knt.-rnrK"-,
ti'l oeri a!s. Kl.ocial rate on
W on, a n's
Met lilie s,
i'i for
the two.
of tin, ,.
i' l's I) l.
No. I. !
I:. 1 w. .
and pun..
Il:s.; I (:.-(.
I''. .VI I h. .
or less, in
An un.;
the folhin
ning at th
C. .r Ii:-'
and flair,
th": Wlllv
th"-nce W.
chs.; tin
I-;, corner of Jacob McDaii-l
''. No. ,'n, Not .'Pius In Hoes.
I and 12, in Tp. No. 15 K., j
if the Willamette Meridian.
i,g (hence S. ;;:! chs and '.'I
' ,, W. all " lis. iiml "I.", Iks.; i
chs. and 21 Iks; thonco I
anil !la Iks. to Hie place of,
containing Pin acr'-s, moi" '
Unn Counly, Oregon. j
.vlded oin--half interest In'
ing properly, to-wlt: Ib'gln-j
N. 15- corner of the I). I,. !
id McGully, Not. No. L"l71M
t'l, in T. IT. S., U. -I W. oft
uetto .Meridian, Oregon; I
,'12.8 chs.; thence H. ,':" ;i.1
Mirrisge Licenses Granted.
Th" following have boon granted
marriage liecm-K: Juanita K'-nt and
I-'ie.l H'.'ili. r: .Matilda A. Harki-nrlder
and Julius Paulses, Klsle ReyntiMs
and A G. Snilhamas, Mary Kricl son
V '" ' .t'.-i-r- .'r!-i-. r.-i,,.o'
ik' ii o.s.i i,s 1'ijjc j'l.j-.iy (tie u ruler-1 ens. ; ihi.ee chs. lo ihe S.
sign, d will r'-"-iv; K a(.d proposals ! corner of y,ald claim; tin-rice N. '.','.'.)
for supiilylrig Kchool Ijisirlcl No.! chs. to n;.. place of, beginning; ,.,,.
i laci.amas r ounty, Oregon, witli , taming m.:;') acri's, In Unn
I'.'i cotds of first-class, first growth i Or'-goii.
body fir wood, to be delivered before An uieoWiIcd one-half Interest. In
Sopiomb.-r 1. 1!I10, as follows: Par; the foilowin iironr-rlv to-wlt: I!...
building, CO cords; Eastlmin ginning at the H. W. corner of 1yd. 2
' e-'t-,o;: f(.,t, f-o-hcol ;-i : T. 1.". '.. R I. W. if th"
7H St. Cor. Alder SI
t.i-ii, ti.