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Tlio Kind You ILtvo Always Bought, and which has boon
In uso for over SO years, lias borno the pisnntvtro of
and has bn inmlo under his por-
!. sonal supervision, since Us infancy.
CiUcA-ti Allowno nnn tmloooiv.i vou in this.
AU Counterfeits, Imitations nud"Just-ns-pod"nre but
Experiments that triHo with and ciulniifrcr tlio hoalth of
Infants and Children Experience against Kxperhuimt.
Cootoria is ft harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, lrops and Soothing1 Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Xa rootle
euhstanee. Its njro is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays FercrUshness. It cures Dlarrluivi and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency, It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and liowcls, pivinj healthy ami natural sleep.
The Children's PanaceaThe Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always BougM
In Use For Over 30 Years.
mother .Attended clmrvh Sunday ev
i'iiiiKi iiiul returned to Portland Mon
day. Mi'. Waehlte rnviielied it very In
structive sermon upon tlio pnrnblo of
the woninn who lnul ton pierce of
silver, to an attentive liouse.
Wo notioo as wo onmo down tlio
rend that Mr. Uiitfe, assisted liy ,U
son ,1o!m, who Ms homo tor few
tins l:st week, was put dm; u liune
hoard wtlli bis lot tors tiiimliiir tlio
place, "The Pioneer Farm." mid own
er's name above. It Is a very Rood
plan and wo hope others will do die
Washington's birthday was duly cel
ebrated on Monday by the school', and
no mull.
Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Solium K,,ont ,m
evening at Mr. Case's last week.
Yon s llallliraith, an enlerprlslns
yontis buteher from Tnalailn, niuU.s
resnlar rounds through Stafford and
vicinity every Wednesday, and briuss
very civul meat.
Mr. Nnssbauin Is ciittlns nmd for
himself and lneldenlallv elearlns more
Mr. Nusshiuini and family neeom-
panted by Mi-s. Ilrlnk. spent Sunday
with the family of a friend on Clack
amas Height.
m. ii iw mu huhijii iw jiii ii i mm wu w iwi m tumm ' 1 iwi
J n. ......... -................ J
O ,.. ....... 4. .......... ..0
Molalla Is being worked up over the
railroad question as she never was
before, all sorts of ideas, as w rail
road building, are indulged in. It's
right down to the spot now that it
takes nerve to take a stand. Many-
can not find and more objections to
the means of building, but they pre
fer for the other fellow to make all
the venture, and by and by when the
enterprise becomes an assured thing
they will calmly, in the coolness of
the evening quiet their nerves, and
sell out some of their possessions at
a big profit, quietly scratching their
heads with the thought, how conserva
tive and wise they have been not to
foolishly throw away any thing when
there are people in the community
that set their nerve and purse to
these important things:
Mrs. Minnie Gray, of Wasco coun
ty, niece of Arthur Kayler, is visiting
relatives about Molalla and will prob
ably keep house for Mr. Kayler for a
C. H. B. Thfmas. who has been out
to Oak Point Farm for a few weeks
returned to Portland Mondav, where
he is engaged in the real estate busi
ness. His health is much improved and
he thinks with the coming good
weather of spring he will be able to
handle the homeseekers from the east
all right.
Mrs. E. K. Dart has returned from
Stone where she was attending her
father's last illness. She has been
in poor health since. We hope to
say soon that she is well again.
Molalla Commercial Club held a
very interesting meeting last Friday
night. Taylor. Des Shume and
Thomas, of ortland, were the visit
ing guests. Several papers on the
resources of the Molalla Valley were
read by members. Several new mem
bers were added to the membership
roll. Every man In the community
should attach himself to this organization.
Molalla Grange No. 310, will hold
a very important meeting next Satur
day. Twenty members are to be ad
ded to the roll.
Miss Dora Wyland and Anna Wade
were visiting friends at Scott's Mills
Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. S. Davis is spending this week
utth her son near Wilholt.
Kay Wyland is tniprouiing quite a
bit on his new ranch.
Mrs. Dan Groshotig has been quite
sick tins week.
Frank Haun, one of our neighbors.
is about to sell out and go to Cali
Some of Mrs. Shawl's relatives
have come from Canada to live with
her as she is a very old lady.
.Miss Myrtle Wyland of Wilholt, Is
visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ed-
wad Wyland. of Marquam.
We are very sorry that Mrs Pit
man is worse again.
Rain, rain, is the order of , the day.
The young people's meeting at the
P) o'clock church is quite a success
and would like to see all who can,
come and join our meeting.
Miss Inas Snodgrass is the guest of
Misses Kate Snodgrass and Blodwen
Phillip Stelner was over to How
ard's flour mill one day last week.
The Beaver Creek school will give
an entertainment and basket social at
the Beaver Creek Hall, Februay 27th.
Girls, bring baskets and the bovs are
always willing to do their parts.
Laura Pary has gone to Portland to
Minnie Smith is home from Port
land on a visit.
Rev. Quinn and wife visited at Mo
lalla last Sunday.
The sick of our neighborhood are
all improving. Let us hope the nice
weather will last, that al may be able
to be seen out soon.
Wm. Melton made a flying trip to
Oregon City last week visiting hi
son Fran':.
Mrs,. Joe Simons is very poorly
again, not being able to be up, but a
few minutes at a time. -
Several of the Teazel Creek school
children have been afflicted with sore
Cascasweet Is for banks and child
ren, and is especially good fo.- the ills
so common u o!d wi-r.thcr. Jjm.k
for the ingredients on the bottle Con
tains ro naimfil -Vug. s. H by
Jones Drug Co.
The Farmers' Institute bv far sur
passed a!l our expectations, both in
the amount of valuable information
derived therefrom, and in the great
merest which our farmers and dalrj'-
men showed In the meetings by their
questions and absorved attention to
everything that was said. The speak
ers were introduced by A. C. Millinor,
of Firwood Progressive Association.
James Withycombe spoke first on
general agriculture. He spoke very
highly of this country as a fruit, gar
den truck and dairying district. Pro
fessor C. E. Bradley then spoke on
the chemistry of the soil, which was
followed by an enthusiastic discussion
on the plants adapted to our soil and
the fertiiizers required to keep it in
good condition. He also looked at
some samples of soil brought him and
pronounced it very excellent. He had
some samples sent to Corvallis and
will analyze them and In the near fu
ture will send a report to us, and place
the samples In the slate collection of
Mr. William Schulmerich, of Wash
ington County, and George Wolf, of
Dover, talked of their respective dairy
ranches, and gave us a great many
valuable poins. An interesting
discussion followed In which it was
brought out that vetch and kale were
the best and cheapest dairy feeds for
this country. Professor C. I. Lwis
told us a great many things about or
chards which will be of great value
to those who follow out his sugges
tions. In the evening we received a
lew short talks on the Grange by Mr.
Mrs. Herbert Wilson, of Portland,
who has been visiting wlih her brother-in-law,
W. IV .lacks, for the past
month, has (tone to visit her aunt at
Lafayette, after which she will go to
I'tah to spend the summer with her
Mr. and Mrs. It. F. Allen made a
business trlp'to Canity Wednesday.
Mr. I. Morgan has just returned
from a visit of several days, with his
folks in Portland.
On Monday evening, at the Central
Point Church, a gitod magic lantern
entertainment was given by the min
ister, for the bi-nelit of the Methodist
Mission in India. The pictures and
lecture wore very Interesting and In
structive. There was n dance at the home of
Mrs. Penman on Saturday evening.
The weather has boon hindering
every body from beginlng their spring
William Todd Is home on a ten dav
furlough. He will return to the
Bremerton Naval Yard. Ills advent
In the neighborhood was a pleasant
surprise as he has been In foreign
waters for four years.
-Dan Luis has recovered from his
Illness and Is now home.
Nixon Hlnlr Is quite sick this week.
Russell Chase is home for a few
days, he has been cutting wood.
Mrs. Sehnlde has recently been In
Portland having her eyes attended to
by a specialist In that city.
Mrs. Choate was united In mar
riage to a citizen of Washington bv
Judge Samson.
George Leffler called on Miss Plair
Sunday evening.
Newton Stanton and famllv called
on Mrs. Todd Saturday. i
Frances Yoder a high school In
structor in Woodburn was home on
Washington's birthday.
Lydia Lais Is home from Newport
for a few days.
menial music, llaiel 8.; recitation,
"How to be n Gentleman." Martin 1..;
recitation. "Tnigody of ten little
boys," selected; dialogue, "Hold
Clerk." selected: recitation, "Going
for the Doctor," Henrietta Trouo;
recitation. "Curious Coutinsl." Rob
ert ti.; dialogue, " rim Clover Seed In
City." selected; recitation, 'Dutch
man's Day," Frank Kherhart ; recita
tion, "Valedictory," Nellie Xlustavl
son. The baskets brought something
over $ 10.
Mr. Adamson has broimht his wife
homo from the hospital. She stood the
rhle well,
Miss Cit'bortson Is trying lo organ
Uo a singing class at Suuiiysldo.
Mr Stanton has set bis three Incii
halois. Mr. Sodorbors has nlso set
Many of the old settlors will he
pained to hear of the death of John
Johnson at the hospital tn Portland
Monday night, Some of the doctors
culled It pneumonia, others wore of
conflicting opinion, y
Mr Ostorbnok has sold 2tl acres of
his place, and was having papers
inndo inn .-,s( week.
All ho ready with their bells next
The Mnllno shingle mill marled up
iiitaln last Wednesday,
School opened again last Monday
with Miss Mlolioncf, or Portland, lis
The telephone lino has been giving
a good deal of trouble lately, but Is
working heller nt present.
Mr. Lee took it trip over Into Clark
County hist week to look for a locu
tion for a homo.
The MiiIIiio boys have secured
BmuiiiiIm or Mr. Smith for u tuiHohall
diamond and I suppose will soon bo
plat lug ball again. It Is to bo hoped
thai they will not crlpplo anyone (his
The village blacksmith lots got
tired of batching and Is hoarding at
Mr. Crook's,
A genuine Hiirprlae parly was ten
dered Mia. John AIMns at her pleas
ant home on February ;i There
wore about thirty present and an en
joyable evening was spent.
W ill Wallace lelt last Monday ior
Kasteru Oregon, where ho will work
the coining summer,
X.i'r .. --i'.J v
i :,
Rev. Schauror. presiding elder of
the Evangelical church of this dis
trict, preached in the Shllhel church
Sundav afternoon.
William Hettninn purchased seven
head of cattle fiom Mr. thiol, of
Chirks nt bargain sale price.
Mr. and Mrs. Oss of Portland, are
spending a few days with his father-in-law.
K W. Hornscliuh.
The mill boys at William Moebuke's
saw- mill have their commodious res
hleiice completed and they now In
vl'e their many friends to call and
spend an occasional evening
John Heft continues to blow the
sunups to with dynamite.
Henry llettman has moved his en
gine and saw to Highland anil Is
clearing land with It for his brother.
Fred. .
The Shllhel School Debating Sof'
etv debated the niiestion ltesnlve.1
That bees are more profitable than ln-;l nunluy
II. Holcoiuli is pulling up a line
wire fence iilound his premises,
J. Il, Johnson recently sold his live
acres of land west or town to a Mr.
Leach, who with his family lately ar
rived from the Fast, For the pres
ent. Mr Leach and his family will
occupy one of the Chapman cotlngen.
1 ho ciileitalnineiit given bv (lie
Clackamas Grange last Friday even
lug Was very enjoyable. The attend
anco was gooil rousiderlng the bad
weather. Net receipts Were JI'J.Sil.
Mr Uiihain's ikatlng rink Is well
patronl.'od. A masquerade w as git on
last Monday evening.
The Unites' AM of (he M F. chinch
was oiiliTtalned last Wednesday lit
the homo of Mis. UiiiKcnhcrg. A
New England dinner was served,
Mrs. Man K Mills, of Montavllla.
was the guest or Mrs. Leo Harrington
last week.
The grip Is quite prevalent III this
locality especially among the school
hespii'lul school meeting was held
afternoon us llilter-
i' (
! i '
u ::.
' V?.1t
I m
I !
M mI
j vx.
. .e
1 f n ';:' Ji
fl iv ! It N- .', j.'v
We nrc l! c I'Mit ami Int knotvn miictly
v!l"V.'!ii hull i: i.t the Neilhttcil.
1 or -II M'.n i mill, Iimiiislv III huiiu- ri,;ht
htw in l'liiidind.
i- hid now inul.init rndnnl i!i pitrtiue.
Ill llltl I'UM'ilIc Vtl'n'c 1 1 1 1 Ml! U'lllhlc III
uri'hnr.i C Kl.'S Ntyl-l.lv u m oiii to
i II ihrrtt mitt 'l ive )i u i i.i-icv,
INn i. lore d.inj:er el i illid liotilea.
Ni more il iiii.i.r nl not i;jiiiiiii tho rcul liiii)(.
y uctiol rnliovAii finnu dlliik iitf ft
Pure- o'd--!ien. -,t vvliiM.iv hnilli-d by I ho
!i-n !l r .. r.n-iy u'"V (linn untied,
lu-piiic el mi)1 h.tnV ui liutt I'liuipnny in
Ori'ivit u t-i our t.nuliMf.
f.IU'r. II' 4 lev Hi v,.. Si , 'iU,. fw
1 1 " ' Mli t.l II
W. J. Vn Ik-i uttir & tu., rui OifiM
l-.lMhl rkM 11 1 1 U41U pUMa m.J w
IM v,L,1C,ht i.1 KUk Nolll fc.
NM ,, .. ,
I'M Klm .... ..
along nicely under the rare of Dr.
There Is Home talk of a drama mid
social to bo given soon, Co ahead,
we're nil ready for II big basket, l H
peolsilly if there Is plenty of fried
I'hli'kell 111 It.
Ceotgi- Held Is hunting that pretty
chickens last Friday afternoon. The ,ls,''. It was decided to re consider girl w ho sent him a valeiiiliiii
question had to be rontlnued until ' y"' action of the prcvloin meeting, wish him siieees.
next Tuesday after debating fori""' motion carried to build a four- Fsnvrada telephone people seeui to
Mrs. McMlnt s Is on the sick list.
Miss Anna Mumpower. who has
been working for Mrs. J. Hughes, has
accepteil a position In the Pacific
States Telephone office at Oregon
Messrs. O. O. Rank and F. M. Mam-
en. formerly of Marsheltown. Iowa,
have bought the Acker rami and
moved there last January.
Charles Hooper has bought a quar
ter section of land in Alberta, where
he went a week or so ago, for $r12.
He will move his family there this
All had an exciting time nt rir
Grtve school at the spelling contest,
last Friday eve. Miss Hazel Kerr and
Donald Allen, pupils of the srhool,
did not miss a word out of 73.1. Need
less to say the school children thing
it great that they could down the
married folks In spelling.
F. liaurer. from Colton, visited Mr.
Kern last Sunday.
Mr. Pottemlller's family has me
grip at present.
Mr. Schernible cieanea o;u uiu
other day, to sow.
J. Putz visited Mr. Uottemilier a last
Sunday afternoon.
W. H. Wettlaufer has purcnaseii a
new stump-puller.
Mr. Shepard Is done plowing on
the Klnzy place.
There are a few farms for sale In
There are a few cases of sickness
in the country at present. We had a
hard winter this time and they all
wish for a change soon.
nearly two hours. The pupils me in
coming skillful In debate and p mil
ch' nt In language
Robert Clnther hns resigned bis po
sh Ion as teacher here and accepted
a like position In the Clarkes school
at an Increase of $ir, a month In sal
ary Mr. C.lnther will have more work
to do of course, but he has become ac
customed to hard labor.
The Shuhol Debating Society met
In the school house Inst night and de
hated the question. Resolved. That
the proposed Sunday rest hill should
become a law." After ntt Interesting
discussion It was decided In favor of
the negative.
The quarterly conference of the
Rvangellcnl Church was held nt the
home of C. Hortisehuh this morning
ti. A. Shiibel Is busy hauling hav to
When the clerk Is Hiking the school
census. It Is only common sense when
he iisi-s the telephone to call up a
patron and ascertain the number of
rniiuren or school age he has. If a
man will lie over the telephone he will
do the same if the clerk Is in his
house. The assertion that the school
setisus of this district has not I n
taken during the past five venrs Is
as untrue as It Is silly. Your cor
respondent challenges any one to
name one child In the district not enu
merated while he was school clerk.
Most of us are gifted with common
sense at least, let us hoM
room, ttvosiorv school house with I be oil tln lr 'high horse " ncalii.
concrete tw.M-mont. The matter of
laisltig bonds for funding purposes. I MOUNTAIN VIEW,
advertising for bids, etc., was put In j
i . . . . i...i. 1 1.1....1 ....i .. if..
ri'oiiv -Xi'ii'iif,' nun mill-
to the hands of the school hoard act
lug with the County Superintendent.
The Uullis' Aid or the Congieg.i
tlonal church will give un entertain
ment In the grange hall Saturday ev
ening, March ft. Admittance to the
programme, adults, is cents; child
ren, III cents; under S years, free.
Lunch of cake, codec and sandwiches
will be served after the programme.
I'rlre 0 cents.
Spring plowing nearly done.
Howard Smith cut his hand quite
badly with na axe. He Is getting
Telephone meeting at Damascus
Wednesday commencing at lb A. M.
fieorge Johnson's folks are much
better of their colds and are able to
get out to the entertainment and
basket social which was a gn at sun
cess, and the school house was crowd
ed. One drawback, however, wns the
lack of seats, quite a number having
to stand the entire evening; but we
hope to have more seats next lime.
The following programme was well
Recitation, "Something Hotter," Eva
Gust; recitation, "A Small Hoy," Otto
Moritz; recitation, "Little Hoy's
Dream," Albert Troge; dialogue, se
lected, "John Haste and Peter Quiet
Always uniform our
best product sold in 1 lb.,
2 lb., 2 lb. and S lb. cans.
Your CTOcer will crlnd It
better if ground at home not
too fin ft.
Chadwlck, of Damascus, and others, recitation, "An Anxious Mother,'
men a snort programme and two ster
eoptieon lectures by James Withy
combe and Professor C. I. Lewis, with
which everybody was very well pleas
ed. On Saturday night, March fith, there
will be a debate at Firwood Hall
"Resolved that Firwood has greater
advantages as a fruit country than
Hood River." He sure and be there.
If you can't tell us something, whv
come and hear what the others say.'
Just at present we are enjoying
beautiful weather Snr.iiu -,n,i vi..
3 day of fids wwk without rain
H ! r, Mr' A"rnl """' thrf;,; daughters at
eB.j me misses Josephine, Dollie
and Lydia, all employed in Portland
and are out home for the holiday
All of them, accompanied by their
Molalla Mondays.
Clara Btoll; song, "School Days," by
the school; recitation, "Little Law
cob Straus," Walter Moritz; recita
tion, "Outside and In," Nellie fi., se
lected; recitation, "Heeause," Rae
Hubbard; recitation "Hickory NuU,"
ydand Johnson; recitation, "We Are
Seven," Clara Moritz; dialogue. "How
to Keep a Oood Resolve," selected;
recitation, "Mrs. Foggertie's Cake,"
Hazel Stradley; recitation, "The Run
away," Frank Kherhart; recitation,
"Sisters Ilest. Feller," Richard llir
ricl; dialogue, "A Matrimonial Ad,"
selected; recitation, "How lin-r Rab
bit Lost His Tall," Martin Lehman;
n citation, "The Dredful Hoy," Karle
Johnson; recitation, "Love Lightens
iibor," Elva DeardorfT; recitation,
"The Coming Rulers," Ivan Ilnnan;
recitation, "Sue and Her Kimono,"
Hilda Htoll ; dialogue, "Wonderful
Eggs," selected; recitation, "Who Is
She?" Lester Newell; recitation , "The
Bad Hoy's Bravery," Stockton Paul
son; song, "Then I'll Marry You,"
Clara Stoll; tableaux, "Three Angels,"
selected; recitation, "The (Jrecdy
Fox," Adolph ; dialogue,
"Sailing," selected; recitation, "When
I'm a Woman," seven girls; lustru-
We have enjoyed some quite fine
weather the past two or three days.
Will Douglass nnd his father went
Ashing one day last week nnd caught
a fine salmon.
A. 1). Chapman, of Pendleton, hns
been visiting with his sister. Mrs.
R. R. filhson, and relatives for the
past few days. '
Miss llina Douglass, accompanied
by her father, attended the enter
tainment and basket social given nt
Firwood Saturday evening. They re
ported a fine time.
Miss Elsie Hutz went to Portland,
Friday evening and spent Saturday.
Sunday and Monday with her parents.
She returned to Eagle Creek Monday
evening to resume her duties as school
Mr. Charles Murphy was pleasantly
surprised last Thursday by some of
his neighbors in honor of his 501 h
birthday. Those present were: Mr.
and Mrs. Howlett, Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
P. Woodle, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Woodle,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Clark, Claud Woodle,
Murray Clark and Joey Woodle.
Ray Woodle made a business trip
to Kstacada last Saturday.
Isaac Gordon, of Ilarton, passed
through this neighborhood the other
ly on his way to the Sell wood Lum
ber Co.'s mill.
Walter Douglass and his brother-in-law,
J. If. Whipple, of The Dalles, ar
rived m the home of Walter's pnrenls,
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Douglass, Sun
day evening. Walter Intends to build
a barn anil In the near future move
his family back to Webfoot.
Mrs, Victor Ilerg called on Mrs.
Lydia Woodle Sunday.
H, F. Gibson, of Ilarton, was on
the hill Sunday, calling on relatives,
Henry Udell made a business visit
to Ilarton on Monday.
Dick Gibson hauled some rock down
to H. F. Gibson's small farm, hereto
fore known as the Murphy place. II.
F. Is going to erect a house on the
place soon.
Mr. Ijizarns moved his phone from
the office to the cook house on Mon
day, so now It will not he so difficult
to make them hear when one phones
to them.
J. P. Woodle Is papering Mr. Row-
cliffs house.
W. J. Douglass, A. I). Countryman,
Walter Douglass and J. II. Whipple
paid a -visit to the Sellwood, Lumber
Co. s mill on Monday.
Roy Douglass made a business trip
to Canon the first of the week.
Miss Myrtle Voodle returned to
Portland Tuesday morning after
spending a few nays at home.
Report of School District No. 50.
Those neither absent no tardy for
the last month: I;wls Rivers, Roy
Douglass, Malcolm Woodle, Carl
Douglass, Russell Jones, Joe Cahlll,
Ernest Iloffmeister, Armeda Murphy,
Mary Woodle, Ernest Palfrey, Willie
HofTinelster, Perry Murphy, Myrtle
Hoffmeister, Mary Palfrey, Iva Udell.
J CT-v
mj 6010103
3JD11MJ3A oTjf t
IsoBuoi eji'OM
II osnojoq puo
oqi u Kodootp
0011131110? am iv
aiqpuoiiuoa ls-oui
ha vi
rented Mr. Marrow' house on Dunne
street and Mr. Walker Is papering the
bed rooms fur them.
A family rrom Heaver Creek have
moved Into the linker house oil Roose
velt street. Wo have not learned
their liumo.
Mis. W. C. Williams, of Soilwood.
was visit lti her son, Horace and
family, Sunday.
Mr. Moehnke has put a new wovn-n
wire fence iilound bis property on
the corner of Roosevelt slreef and
Molalla litemie
The Dlx Urns, hnve iiuide many m
provi'ineiiu nmuud their lumber vard.
Untie mid Hoy Hamilton of Port
laud were ijiiestii ,,f Mr. Torreneit nnd
family last Saturday and Sunday,
Mrs, Nellie Hall, of tlswego, spent
Sunday and .Monday here wlih her
mother, Mrs (iottberg. Mr. Hall
eaiii'! Monday and spent the holiday
with Hi
Mrs, Hall and Mrs. Maggie Currnn
drove out to the Superior saw mill
last week, Thursday, to visit with
Mrs Noiah Carrlco and family, and
returned home Saturday.
Messrs. Ed (Iottberg mid J. W, tier
ber nie building r new house for Mr.
Moran at Meldriim station.
Misses Hargraves and llessle Hub
bard, of 1'ortliind. were gnosis of Mrs.
(iottberg Sunday for dinner,
Mrs, Mary Cook, who slays with
Mtf Ilurd, was staying with Mrs
Liilldshoroiigh last week.
Jack Hurt, tho ex blacksmith of this
burg, was III this vicinity last Tues
day. Mrs. tlnmoiid's biibv Is better, bill
.Mynm Skluuer Is ill. Mrs Skinner Is
ttiih her daughter dining the child
ren's Illness
Miss Alimi Murk Is staving with
Liua Skinner while Mrs. Shlnncr Is
lu town.
Thorn will be preaching at lb"
Mountain Vle- church again Satur
day and Sunday.
DlrttuUy Party.
A party was feiidereil Mrs. l, F.
Linn on Hut urday evening, February
"a. It being In tumor of her birthday,
Mr. Linn entertained with n few se
lect loin on the gniphophonn, Mrs, K.
C-siper gnvtt a lew vocnl nnd Instru
mental KolcetloiiN. and all present hnd
a Jolly lime, Mrs Linn wns irseut
ed with a beautiful cut glass vase.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
K. J. lioodfolliiw, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Willed, Mr. and Mrs F, . Cooper,
Mr. anil Mrs II y. Linn, and Dewlo.
their grandson; Mrs, H A (illicit.
Mis Rider, Mrs, Mary Freeman, Mr.
and Mrs, Harvey and two children.
Well. It has been iulti wet for Hut
last Week.
C. k SmudliiKer hns moved back
lo Fred Schnfer's snw mill, and will
start to work sisui
O. T. Kny called on Mr. Hall Sun
day evening
Mr. Hnll Is building a new fence on
Ills place,
Mr Fnrr was out In the country
last week looking nt soine mutton.
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Hare Always Sought
Bear tha
Signature of
Wherever Wheels Turn
No Matter What They Drive
Or Where They Are
A Saving in Power A Reduction in Expense An
Increase in Output An Improvement in Product
Some very decided improvement always results when
Electric Motors turn the wheels.
Land Titles Examined.
Abstracts of Title Made.
Office over Rank of Oregon City.
Portland Railway Light
& Power Company