Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, June 19, 1908, Image 8

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Can by and Southern Clackamas
The Molalla Light and Power Co.,
bag filed Its articles of lncorparation
under the names of John B. Hurst, W,
S. Hurst and Fred P. Hurst. The cap
ital stock Is to be $10,000. Their
principal office will be In Canby. They
will flume water from the Molalla for
Irrigation, household, fire and power
purposes. The company also expects
to generate electricity for Canby and
the surrounding country. The plant
will be situated one-half mile east of
the town and the company will employ
a force of men at once to Install the
machinery, etc.
W. H. Balr is tearing down his old
warehouse In preparation for the new
building. The new warehouse is to be
50x100, two Btorles rlgh, with a seven
foot concrete basement. It will be
built on the refrigerator plan having
two 6-inch air spaces and being lined
with two thicknesses of frost proof,
tar paper. This will make the whole
building completely frost proof. Mr.
Balr expects to have everything In
shape for the fall crop. As soon as
the Molalla Light & Power Co. Is
ready In fnirlsh the 1nlce. he will In
stall a motor and a new feed chopper
and mill.
Remember the development League
meets Wednesday, June 25, and it Is
vnnr rintv tn tin nrfient.
The committee on grounds for the
County Fair Is waiting for the lease
before they can begin to make things
hum on the fair grounds. Judge Ryan,
who Is to draw up the lease is waiting
for a description. Everything will be
moving In a few days.
At the school meeting held In Can
by laBt Monday night, H. J. Wang was
re-elected as director for a term of
three years. Wm. Knight was re elect
ed school clerk for a term of one year.
Mr. Knight has full confidence of the
people and has held this office almost
continuously since 1870. The only
times that he has not served as clerk
were tho fouryears when he was sher
iff of Clackamas County, two terms,
when he filled the office of school di
rector and two aditlonal years.
Mr. Pfeister, of Seattle, agent for
waikin's Stock Food and Medicine,
baa rented the new bouse owned by
Mr. Zeek.
Mrs. CaflSV liivans nf Portland vlnit.
ed her father, William Cantwell and
relatives tnrs week.
Adam Knight is building a new
house on the old home place.
Canby came homo from St. Paul
last Sunday with the laurels of the
nay. Tiie score stood canby 9, St.
Paul 6. How'g that for a game on St.
Paul's home ground?
Canby's second baseball team beat
Mncksburg by a score of 6 to 1.
Next Sunday Canby will play the
Union Meat Company. The game will
be called at 2 P. M.
The young people of Canby gave a
party at Knight's Hall last Thursday.
Dancing and games were Indulged In.
Mrs. A. Martin returned Saturday
evening from a visit with her son, J.
S. Martin. Sho brought her grand
Bon, Tom, with her.
Ida Krueger went to Portland last
Saturday for a short visit.
Mr. Smith, of Harrlsburg, ia visit
ing friends here.
Mr. Porter's team ran away Wed
nesday mornln? tnrnnri ifnui-- ah am
corners at breakneck speed and then
slowed down of Its own accord. Noi
damage was done.
I Mrs. H. Falkner and daughter, Vio
let, are visiting Mrs. E. Saltmarsh.
! A. M. Condlt had the misfortune to
severely lacerate both hands In the
gearing or his logging camp the early
part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Wlngfleld
camo In from the mountains Wednes
day to do some trading.
Real estate has been moving this
week. Mr. nones sold his home place
of 70 acres to M. Haines. The con
sideration was $110 per acre.
Mr. Rones purchased ten acres of
unimproved land-east of town from
Mr. Calflatz and expects to Improve
It and build a home.
Cantwell & Co. sold two of J. S.
Dick's lots to Miss Lottie Swanaon.
M. E. Church Sunday school, 10 A.
M. Preaching, 11 A. M. Children's
class, 3 P. M. Epworth League, 7 P.
M. Prayer meeting every Thursday
evening. Ladles' Aid meets every
Wednesday, usually at the parsonage.
Mike Stauber and Robert Montgom
ery, of Hog Hollow, drove over to
Redland, and purchased a very fine
Mr. and Mrs. Redmond anil Hpnrv
Meyers and Miss Wilcox, of Lents,
were guests of Mrs. E. A. Scheer Sun
The school meeting at Prnvn'n
school house Monday night passed oft
smoothly, nearlv all go n? home nleax
ed over the results. Robert Brown
was re-elected clerk and Aliens : Stnh
ley re-elected director. ' A move has
been made toward hnlldin? an iwlrll.
tlon to the present school room which
is very much needed.
Mrs. Eastman visited Mrs Tf! A
Scheer. of Pleasant Flat. Sundav.
Mrs. Lottie Penman last Knnrinv via
lted Mrs. Nina Aleer. who has lust
returned from Cascade Lncka
Mr. and Mrs. Scheer and daughter
Alia, accompanied by Mrs. Lottie Pen
man, drove over to Henry Scheer's
Saturday nieht to a snrnrlae 'nortv
the ocaslon being Mrs. Clara Scheer's
nrtnaay. AOout 25 of her friends
were present. Music and games were
the feature of the evening, when at a
late hour, a delicious ovster Rimnnr
Was ElVen hV the hnHteHH nftor wMMi
strawberries, cream and pake wprp
passed to the guests of which they did
meir ample best. All report a very
good time and left wlshlnr their hnat
many nappy returns.
Don t foreet Children's Tlnv at Con.
irai romi, June 28, in the evening
On Saturday mornlnir. as rra aiv
ter and his father were going out to
hoe their potatoes, they came upon
a large cougar lying in the lane ap
parently asleep. When within about
uu yaras tne animal noticed their ap
nroach and in a few hnnmio h. i
ed the barb-wire fence and into the
Lrush. On Monday nieht Carl Rnr
goyne and Frank Wirfs reported hear
ing the screams of the animal in the
uearoy wooas, and on Tuesday morn
ing Messrs. Smith, Mitts and Fish, of
Needy, came down with five hounds,
but on account of the dryness of the
earin it was impossible to start any
Mrs. D. McArthur will accompany
MISS l.iura VVRlRPr as far aa Chnnhnn.
Idaho, on her trip back to her old'
home in Mlchlean. Mrs. m Arthur
will spend the summer with her son
Kouert and family.
The dance Saturday nlirht nrOB wall
attended and a very enjoyable time
is credited to it.
Harry B. Armstrong nf Trrtinr,
was a guest at the Veteto hnma InoZ
liiursday and Friday.
miss carrie Burgoyne left Sunday
tO WOrk In her hrnthnr Wprmnn'c. .nn.
rectionery store In Port and.
Robert and Grover Clements and
party, of Oak Grove, were up fishing
A surprise Dartv was clvpn Mr n.r.
Biisuu Monuay night in honor of his
59th birthday, it is needless to say
that everybody nresent was mvniiv
entertained as the doctor knows so
wen now to attend to those things.
Edgar Judy, Delle and Roxle Veteto,
of Barlow, were visiting in New Era
y? o
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Children's Day at the Grange Hall
was observed Saturday and all pres
ent had a splendid time.
WallaOft Pnrfpr tnnlr n nlntiirn nf
the Grange Hall and the people who
celebrated Children's Day Saturday.
Mra Phnrphlll anH HniMrhtar Tlaa
Vesta, and Lewis' Churchill were' visit
ing ai j. j. Mauatt'8 Sunday.
Everyone who attended the social
hop at the Grange Hall report a good
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Mnllati rnient
Sunday at Mr. Davis's.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Evans called on
Mrs. Orem's.
Mrs. Ed. Trulltnger, of Eagle Creek,
is making a visit to friends and rela
tives nere. sne is accompanied Dy
her son Millard and daughter, Cor-rlne.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mannine were
callers at Mr. Crook's.
Miss Nada Lee returned to town
Miss Minnie Trulllmrer Is visitine
at the home of Mr. D. Skeen.
A band of bunch grass horses pass
ed through here, en route for Silver-
ton. Horses are getting rather plenti
ful around here now.
Frank Grossmiller came near losing
one of his fingers one day lask week
while adjusting a belt on David
Moohnke's shingle mill. As it is, he
is laid up for a few weeks.
Rev. and Mrs. R. Staub, of Portland,
are visiting with Jacob Grossmlller's
for a short time.
I.vHIa Hnriiahnh hna rrttnrnp.-t hnma
after visiting relatives In Portland a
few weeks.
The Beeson Hill road has been put
In shape to receive the rock.
' The young people of the neighbor
hood eave Mr. and Mrs. Rnhprt ain
ther a sumrise nartv last- Thnrcflnu
night. It certainly was a complete
surprise as the innocent and vacant
look on Mr. and Mrs. Glnther's coun
tenances plainly indicated. Everyone
nan a pleasant time.
The picnic given by the Lutheran
church last Saturday was a rnmnlpto
success in every way. A good program
was rendered Dy the members and a
good game of baseball was played be
tween Canbv first fchieflvl nnrt Shu.
bel first, resulting In a victory for
uanDy, 8 to 6.
The Shubel first nine nlavH tho
Liberal team on the home diamond
this afternoon and defeated the visit
ing team 25 to 7. While the visiting
team was no match for the hnma tm
they showed themselves a courteous
lot of young fellows.
Jim Fryear and family, of Canby,
visited with relatives here n few Hnva
during the past week.
At the annual school meeting, Jack
Grossmiller was re-elected director,
and David Moehnke. i-lerk
George Klrbvson and Hnrrv viriw.
son are home from the logging camps
until after the 4th.
Rev. Emll Hornshnrh nf Pnn!on,i
is out home on a short visit.
that the concrete walls will destroy
the use of the land and the Crown
Columbia Company will suffer great
Motion to dissolve the injunction
m ue arguea Friday afternoon before
Judge McBride at Astoria.
The most patient man is in a hur
hy when he wants a drink, especially
on a hot day. Jones caters to that
man at his fountain.
Seeley's Best Flour.
List yoor farms with me
Walter Hornback.
In office with O. D.Eby.
Crown-Columbia Company Stops Work
on New Paper Mill.
- The Hawley Pulp & Paper Company
has been enjoined from proceeding
with the construction of its main ma
chine room building below the Falls
ana norm or the Basin on the east
side of the Willamette River. Judge
McBride has granted a temporary in
junction, based on a suit instituted
by the Crown-Columbia Pulp & Paper
Company, which holds possession of
premises below the Rasin n. .
- . uUU Q
lease from the Portland General Elec
tric Company, rt is stated iu the
complaint that a ronditinn nf h i ,
- vi v, icaoc
that 40 feet of land north nf th -,
I Columbia Company's pulp mii 20
ki wesi ana tour ieet south shall be
kept open and unobstructed for the
convenience of the mill property and
other adjacent real property and that
a wagon road shall be kept open from
the mill to the county road. It Is
charged that the Hawley Company Is
preparing to erect concrete walls and
permanent buildings across the whoh?
north 40 feet and west 20 feet, and
Grays Will Play Wabaah.
The Oregon Citv
ed a game on the Canemah Park
grounds next Sunday with the Wa
bash team Of PnrtlnnH Mltl
ncimcr It: a IU
lM suffered a defeat this season, and
y .me up oi the Grays will be ef
fectively Rtrenirthono v... u- , .,
i . "1 we addi
tion Of several men who have been
Tri Pit. i ne "Pmakers of the
Trl-City league. Robinson or Hurd
who has been in tho h . L-fL.'
verslty of Oregon team, will pitch, and
.uanc up ui me leam f0iiows.
Shaw, catcher; Roberts, shortstop;
Hill, first base; Telford, second base;
Kruger, third base; McFarland, right
field; Douthit) center field; Long, left
bast Portland Beaten.
Oregon City carried off the base
ball honors Sunday in her game with
the Triple T's of East Portland.
The lineup was;
Oregon City. East- Portland
Shaw c Brock
Pnhfnan,, . Unrlhlirt
Craig .ib.'. Kennedy
xeiiora 2D nana
Duvall 3b Sigsbee
Iid c livers
Long if"'.' Magness
uoumit .: .ct uanscDui
Hamilton ..rf Uvb
Oregon City ... .0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 '-3
Hits ... 1 3 0 0 0 1 1 1 -7
East Portland. ,.0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 m
Hits ... 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1
Oregon City's basemen did some
fine work. Long made a very difficult
catch in the left field. The Oregon
City Grays,- who disbanded last week,
have decided to reorganize.
in every tin of
Golden Gate Coffee