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Now To-Day.
par cnnt Farm security. U'Roo
A Bchubnl.
al lunii of Dionoy boloniflni to pri
vate Individual! which I tin author
lied to loan, on long time at 6 and
T per cent. Coat of loan will be
made very rnitaoniibln. H. E.
Cross, altorny at law.
""WANTIU- Hpm lul 'rt.pi eatuituliie In
1hl county and adjoining territories to
reprvaent and advertise an old establish
ed butlnna house of "lid nuancial
landing. :i weekly, with Kxpenar ad
vanced earn Monday by chock direct
(ram haduiut-rs Horse and boggy
furnished when n'muiury ; poaltton per
manimt. Aldrea llli-w Ilro A Co.,
Dept. A Morion lllilg., Chliago, 111.
jBt4kJ0l.au A. !.,? Oi JaV,
Flowers reduced. Mlaa Qolilamllh.
A rluaa of about fifty young pnple
thla wntk took the nnulnr iimirly p
aiiilniitlmi before Hup'rlutndnt .luanr
for sls'e and county paper aa loai-her.
Koom for rnnt oppoHlto the riarolay
8chix.l. No. 712 12th Ht. 8 20 1m.
On Wednesday, August 17, Mra. Mails
IloppH will conduit a pulillo auction of
II her houat'hold furniture, dlxlua. etc,
at nor homn, cortur of Fifth und Monroe
alroi-ta, Onion t'lly.
Mixed drln ka a specially at the . I'lanf t.
Oardo building. Heventh and Main treet.
Kelly A ltucoiilch, prop.
Mra. Mule Itoppid la advertising tha
public auction of her nno SO-acra furin,
which will bo Sold to the highest bidder.
Thn aulu will Im- held ut I lie fur in. which
la locuti d i, ne half inlli- west of Aurora,
and a glowing hop nop will be Included
In the aulu.
For Hint tired frellng try a lima of
Welnliurd a cudebiuted Columbia, beer at
(he Mullet, Kelly & Itucunlch, propa.
J. H. Wlntlell, a mining- ri-rt for the
National Mining und lifvelnpmi-nt Co.,
of I'oilluiid. ricintly vlNlted the Ogle
Creek mining dlairlct and haa uiude a
Ualleilug repoit to the Intereated puiilea
aa to thn proliulile value of their hold
ings. He etutea that the veins all lie In
a well iiiliKTullxeil belt with a formation
of black and blue Imp and Andealta.
The cooleat gluas of beer In the city.
The 1'l.inet. Kelly A Ituconlch, propa.
The manliiKo of Mr. Uruigu It. C'ullfT
und Mlaa Klna McCurmack. both Of thla
city, waa pwfoi mid Wednesday evening
by Mayor Iilmlck at the home of the
groom parent, Mr. and Mra. (irorge
Callff, Br., at Caneniuh. Theae young
people have the beat wlehca of a lioat of
friends. Thry will realdu In thla city,
where Mr. CullfT la employed oa one of
the fiee rural mull carriers.
Old Crow, Planet and Red Top Rye
the flneat whlaklea made. The Planet,
Kelly A Ituconlch, propa.
K. K. liohall,' a veteran of the Civil
War and for fifteen years a resident of
Oregon City, died Thuraduy morning at
Ilia home near thu heud of Seventh street,
after a tlire montha' lllnee. He waa
aged about 66 ypare and la Survived by a
wife and three children. The funeral ar
rajtgementa are not completed.
Everything In the millinery line below
coat at Mlaa Uoldsmlth'.
Several member of the Fraternal
Drotherhood, of Portland. Joined their
lodge brethren In thla city Tuesday even
ing and gave a social dunce at Cunemuh
Among the notable featurea of the Ar
gonaut for Auguat 15th will be "Play
wrlghU aa riuyers." a London letter by
Jerome Hart, who telle of the produc
tion of a Gilbert burlesque, the different
porta being taken by playwright: "Hot
France and the Cool Alpa," a letter from
Qeraldlne Bonner, deacrlblng aome of the
Inconveniences of travel In Franco; "For
ever," a Hawaiian atory by Kathryn
Jorboe; "The Wit of Kurly Bohemia, " a
number of evtrai't from papera read at
Bohemian Club Jluka of the seventies;
and criticisms of "The Toreador" at the
Tlvoll Opera houao and "Joseph Kn
tanglcd" at the Columbia theatre, by
Josephine Hurt l'hclpa.
"Black Cat" Stockings
W. B. Coraeta
McCall Dress Patterns
Brainerd & Armstrong's Silks
Banner Brand Shirt Waists
Defender Brand Muslin
Dr. Reed's Cushion Sole Shoes
"riorosis" Underskirts
II Oa redncl. Mlaa Ooldamrth.
1' 'a K-nm n il CI fenrn Ilallut bar
lien gruntvid lloaiiaa to wad.
A aon waa born Tueaday morning to
Mr. and Mia. W. II. Zumwalt.
For Hale. Two yearling colta and one
mlluh cow, Holateln, at Jennlnga atatlon,
elvctrlO line. C, Hooney. l-2t
Monday the eight montha old child of
Mr. and Mra. C. A. Kranklln died very
auddenly at the family home on tha hill.
A llcenae to wnd waa laaund Tueaday
by Deputy Cdmk Oreenman In favor of
Addell Allloon and Jorle W. Ualnea.
lr. J. W. Powell hue aold hla 71-acre
furm two nillea aoulh of Oregon City to
V. F. lllackwood. The cotialderatlon waa
Newton Ilelmoru, who received painful
Injurlce while bliiMtlng for the Willamette
Pulp & Paper Co., one day lat week. I
Of the forty-one young people who are
taking the teachera' riuiuluullon before
Huperlnteiident Zliieer, there are but
three young gentlemen.
Wanted A good, atrong girl for houae
work In Portland. Apply at office Crown
Paper Company, Oregon City, Oregon,
bleu grunted llcenau to wed.
J I take thin means to
announce to my pa
tient! ami the gem-rat
public that I will be
almeut on niv vacation
from AuUHt the bth
to Auguat the 17th.
I also with to an- ,
nounce that on Aug.
17th I will open up
New Dental Offices
in the Willamette
llliljt. over Harding'
Drug More, where 1
will be pleaHed to wel
come all those v. lull
ing dental work done.
The rule of giving
go xl, lioilCHt, guaran
teed work at moderate
pricea will lie adhered
to in the future a in
the puat. Having in
stalled additional
equipment ami furni
ture the new oliicei
w ill he modern in ev
ery particular. : : :
Dr. L. A. Morris
At II Auguat term, the county court
laat Frldny appointed H. W. Shaw juetlce
of the peace for lUatrlct No. , to succeed
Chrla Moehnke, who tendered hla resig
nation. SPECIAL. Indies' handkerchiefs, I for
10c: child' handkerchief, lc; pin, 10.
paper; cosmopolitan pattern cut to tc;
ladles' black hose cut to tc; tc. and 10c.
atln ribbons now tc and Sc; trimmed
hats. 17c. up; uutrlmmed. 9c. up; cou
pon given for dlhe. Red Front,
Dee Wright wo In the city from Lib
eral Wedncaduy and report the killing
of eleven fine mutton aheep belonging to
himself by dog belonging to Portland
SNAPS. Cream cheese, 10c; atarch, lc;
odu, 4c; cuffeo, 12 l-2c; rice, la; crack
er, 8c; lemon or oranges, lc; tea dust,
12 l-2c; English breakfast tea, 16c; 8 tor
or Horseshoe tobacco, 47c. Hamilton,
Ucd Front.
Additional pride haa accrued to J. M.
Price, the clothing merchant. In the In
Btalllng of a modern 1500 National cash
register, In hla large and well equipped
clothing house. The register la of the
very latest manufacture and Is an ele
gant piece of furniture.
SNA PS. Babies' 60c. shoes 37c; chllds'
76c. to 96c; misses' shoes, $1.10; ladles'
12.60 ahoea for 11.80; slippers cut to 69o.
Red Front.
Why Did the Big Store Succeed
T r ..if Ji l. - T - -i D if Rxrlnnce In Clroernn fVf-ir 'J
BECAUSE We buy and sell more Merchandise at retail than any other firm In
Oregon City. We buy more because wa cell more, and we acll more
because we sell cheaper. And wa sell cheaper because we buy cheaper.
BECAUSE We buy for cash only. We are wedded to no factory or manufac
turing donoern. We buy for cash, and where we can buy to the beat
BECAU8E We sell at one price only. We give no discounts, no rebates, no pri
vate arrangement of any sort, to any one. A child can buy here
as safely ss an expert
BECAUSE We refund Money. It's our greatest Safeguard. Whenever you do
not like your purchase you can get your money back, quick as a wink
at thla store.
BECAUSE We Give Quick Service, quick deliveries, and are quick in adjusting
claims without lengthy argument.
BECAUSE W Have a Smaller Expense Ratio than any other store that we know
of, and can, therefore, afford to sell cheaper. The larger the business
the smaller the expense percentage, and that means lower prices
for you.
In the raffling of a ticket to the Wo '1'
Fair, together with 1100 for expert, i,
Dr. W. K. Corll held the winning nutn r
HI and received the prl. Th-.-e
were 200 thancea.
When completed, Onler atseet will be
th model cruahed rork atreet of Oregon
City. Th flnlhln touche are now be-
ing applied to thla thoroughfare by the
ounty'a heavy ateam roller, which haa
been aecured for thla purpoae.
A formal demurrer to the complaint,
alleging Inauiriclent facta to conatltute
a cauae of action ho Wn filed In the di
vorce suit of Agnea Hlhera agalnat Uef.
T. Hllvera by Hedge tc Griffith, attorney
for the defendant.
Adolphu Kotxman la aulng Leonora
Kotimaii for a divorce on the ground of
deaertioii. The purl lea were married In
thla county In 1X99, and the plaintiff al
legce that the defendant la now realdlng
at Norn. Alaaka. Harvey K. Croae I
tha attorney for the plaintiff.
An application, preaented by Frank An
drew and A. K. Front, and aaklng for
framhlae granting them the exclualve
privilege of erecting and maintaining tel
ephone llnea over all of the road of the
county, wu illarnled by the county
court before adjourning luat week.
A defective flue cuuaed the burning fit
a houae In the 'euat part of the city Tue
duy evening. The building belonged to
Inuuc Prlndle and wu occupied by a
family named Howard. The content I
Were all aaved, but the building, which
wua not Inaured. waa entirely burned.
The flunduy chool of the Flrnt Pre
hylcrlun church will give a lawn loclul
at the home of 0. Hahucbel tonight. A
tlcllichtful muaical program will be ren
dered by liurmelater ac Andreaen'a lateat
plioiiogiiiphlc liiHtrunient. "The Newton
Talking Machine." and a good time la In
An order ha been made by the county
court directing the airext of uny and all
pi-raima driving acrox Wright bridge
on the Molallu-Wllholt road fuater than
on a walk. There ha been made con
aldeiable coinplulnt to the court recently
concerning thla nbuae und the court ha
decided to take thla atep to protect It
Inlet eat .
In a card to friend here. C. H. Wll
lluma. the Telrgrum correnpondent. and
W. A. Klmlik. who are camped with
oiic frlenda on Wllmm river, report g(jod
aucc-aa In their queat of trout. Judging
from their extravagant claim, there 1 a
grave probability that till Htream will
neceeeuidy have to be rcatocked with
trout thla full If thla apecle of the flflh
family la to continue extant.
Timber lund patent that have been
held up at Washington for aeveral
month have arrived at the Oregon City
lund office In favor of the following
numed eltlera: Wm. M. Powell, Robert
It. Newton, Lizzie Vohi, Ethel M. Curtis,
Herbert K Newton, Teckla J. KoonBt,
Idu K. Dlcklnaon, Andrew J. Btllwell and
Hannah E. Borennon.
We Are
W know a good many
people from Clackamas
county, but w want to
know more. W want
your business acquaint
anca and solicit your
banking In all branchaa.
I '
The Bank of
Oregon City
Oregon City,
Golden Rtde Baaa?
In Boilding up the Largest Retail Business In Oregon City? '
Personal Mention
Dr. L. A. Morrla la at Newport.
Mrs. E. A. Bommer la home from New
port. Mrs. Ed Fortune hft gone to Cali
fornia. Attorney J. E. Hedge hi at Seattle for
a week.
Adam Knight, of Can by, waa In the
city Monday.
J. C. Bradley, of Boring, was In the
city thla week.
W. It. Borings, of Boring, waa In the
clly last Friday.
Miss Alvena Horn la apendlng her va
cation at Seaside.
Edgar Hhaver, of Marquam, was In
Oregon City Tuesday.
Chris Hartman and John Moore are
rusticating at Reaslde.
C. H. Caufleld and family have gone to
Mt. Hood for an outing.
Mra. Kate W. Bingham, of Oawego,
was In the city to-lay.
Mrs. Horn and son Carl have gone to
pi"inayl"iinla for a visit.
Roy Clurk, of North Bend, l visiting
relatives In Oregon City.
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Wright, of Liberal,
were In the city Wednesday.
W. E. Marshall, the Highland mer
chant, wo In the city today.
Pearl Moaler, now of Seattle, visited
Oregon City friends Monday.
Claud Butler, a former Oregon City
boy, visited here last Buturday.
Miss Nellie Caufleld ha returned from
a two week' visit at The Dallee.
It E. Huye. of Mt. Tabor, la thla week
visiting hla son. Judge O. E. Hayes.
Miss Mary 8. Barlow and Miss Tull, of
Barlow, visited In Oregon City Sunday.
Wm. V'ltk, road aupervlsor for the Mo
lulla dlmrlct. was In the city Tuesday.
Pat Duffy, of Beaver Creek, waa trans
acting business In Oregon City Tuesday.
W. II. Engle, a leading farmer of the
Molalla country, won In the city Tues
day. Mrs. H. M. Shaw, of Eugene, visited
with her husband In this city over Sun
day. ('has. Schramm has gone to Long
Beach, where he will remain about two
Hherlft J. K. Shaver has been spending
a few days with his family at Wllhoit
Miss Bertha Goldsmith has returned
from an extended visit with frlenda at
Mil. A. H Hamlin has returned to
Rom-burg after a visit with Mra. C. D.
J. L. Wuldron and fumfly are enjoying
an outing at the Toll Gate on the Mt.
Hood road.
Miss Murybella Meldrum haa returned
from a visit with Mrs. 1). P. Thompson
at Vancouver.
R. I. CJurrett. a farmer of the Needy
neighborhood, waa In the city on busi
ness Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Straight are en
Joying their annual outing at Nya Creek,
near Newport.
Chtts. Pope, Wm. Koerner and Jack
I.atourette have returned from a short
outing at Seaside.
. Rev. Ellott, the well known Unitarian
divine of Portland, was an Oregon City
visitor Wednesday.
Miss Zilpha Galloway, of McMlnnville,
visited Oregon City friend the latter
part of laat week.
Mr. and Mrs. Piatt Eldrlcan. of San
Francisco, have been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. A. N. Munsey.
Elmer Bashor. of Salem, waa the guest
over 8unday of his sister, Mlsa Gertrude
Bushor. of this city.
Frank Brown, chief of the fire depart
ment, and Theodore Miller, are recuper
ating at the Seaside.
W. R. Logus, local operator for Pos
tal Telegraph company, Is spending this
week at Wllhoit Spring.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Holman and daugh
ter, Edna, returned last Friday from a
few days spent at the seaside.
W. M. Stone, a prominent farmer of
the Stone neighborhood, waa a business
visitor to Oregon City Wednesday.
Mr. A. J. 8uwtelle, of Molalla, has re
turned from Klamath Falls, where she
has been visiting a daughter, Mra. Lewi.
Mrs. Barney Dionne, of Seattle, ha re
turned home after a visit with her sis
ter, Mra. C. A. Miller, on the West Side.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Adams have returned
from a two weeks' outing at Fulda, In
the White Salmon country, Washington.
H. L. Bent and Francis Feller, two
prominent hop grower of Butteville,
were In the city the latter part of last
Mr. and Mrs. Con kiln, of Indianapolis,
Indiana, were the guests several days
this week of Mr. and Mrs. T. Leonard
Chamian. j
BECAUSE We are Attending to Our Own Business. "With malice toward none,
and charity for all," we look straight ahead and attend to our own
affairs. We are not Jealous of competing atorea; we do not hope for
nor do we predict the fal ure of others; we have no desire to plant
the ascending star of our success In place of the descending star of
another store, but are happy to live and let live.
BECAUSE We Do Not Misrepresent In the store or out of the store, and we do
not permit our employes to do so either. We say what we mean and
mean what we say, and live strictly up to the letter and spirit of
our advertisements.
. BECAUSE We Permit No One to Undersell Ca. We consider U our special mis
slon to sell "Better goods for the same money" than other stores,
and. come what may, wa will fulfill this promise.
BECAUSE We Sell No Eastern Job Lots, Auction Remnanta or Factory Seconds.
BECAUSE We Sell for Cash Only. Our Customers are not asked to pay an ad
ditional profit to cover eost of good sold to others who never pay.
Owing to the fact that we are going to move to Portland
September it, we are compelled to sacrifice our entire
stock of new and second band goods to save freight to
Portland at
50c on the Dollar
Cook itove from 3 00 up
$5.00 to $30.00; Matting
machines $2.00 and up.
Sale Lasts J 5 Days Only
Fifth and Main Streets
Prof. W. O. Beattle and family have re
turned from Eugene, where the Pro
fessor was an Instructor at a summer
A. W. Baird. who has been pursuing
his medical studies at New York City i
three years, Is visiting with his relatives
in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Guild, of San Fran
cisco, are visiting with Oregon City rela
tives. Mrs. Guild waa formerly M!
Huldu Holden.
G. W. Church has returned from Mt
Hood, whence he accompanied his family
and County Clerk F. A. Sleight and fam
ily for an oiltlng.
Southern Pacific Agent and Mrs. J. P.
Frissell have gone to Nye Creek, near
Newport, where they will spend their
summer's vacation.
Mrs. E. E. Latourette, of Harvey,
Wash., will reach Oregon City today for
a visit with her brother. City Treasurer
Myers, and other relatives.
J. A. McGlashan and Tbos. McGlashan,
accompanied by their families and Mis
Rakel, have been rusticating at Ocean
Park, on the Washington coast.
Carleton Harding left Tuesday night
for Berkeley. California, where he will
attend the University of California and
take a course In mining and engineering.
Ed Schwab, former clerk at the Crown
Paper mills, but now employed In a
railroad office at San Francisco, visited
Oregon City friend one day recently. He
is in Oregon on a visit to his relative at
Johnnie W. Roppell, Ida M. Roppell and
George C. Roppell leave In a few daya for
Peoria. Illinois, where they will visit
their grandfather "hji grandmother, for
several months.
E. T. Fair, the freak animal show man,
was visiting In Oregon City thla week.
Mr. Farr haa just completed a circuit of
the Sound with his show aggregation
and reports a successful trip.
J. W. Burks. Jr., assistant bookkeeper
at the Oregon City Manufacturing Co.'s
plant, left Monday for a visit to bis old
home In Tennessee. He will return to
Oregon City about September 1.
LEX US Prices Reasonable
Do Your Work Work 0uaranteed
We do a General Baggage and Transfer Business.
Safes, Pianos and Furniture Moved
Office Opposite Masonic Building
Tc?imm Williams Bros. Transfer Co.
to $20.00; bedroom suites from
from loe per yard up; aewing
Call and be convinced.
I Harry E. Draper, of tho firm of Hunt-
ley Bros. Co., and Ted Osmund, book-
keeper at the Crown Mills, have gone to
Newport for a two weeks' outing. Xbey
made the trip overland and expect tc
hunt and fish en route. '
Mrs. Llzile Roppell will leave for
Washington. D. C, as soon as she con
cludes her business affairs here. Mra,
Roppell goes to the national capital to
accept a position in one of the de
partments and will remain for some time,
Victor Dickey, of Dickey's Prairie, waa
an Oregon City visitor Tuesday. He re
ports that some farmers are threshing
their grain which is turning out a bet
ter yield than was expected. Much of
the late grain is now ready for tha
Drs. Beatie & Beatie. Dentists; room
16. 17, 18. Weinhard building.
Drowned Today. ' 1
Tou can drown your sorrow today by
going to Howell & Jone. the druggist,
and buying a box of Palmo Tablet.
They make you strong and happy: Pile
50 cents; six boxe J2.50.
Eby & Eby, attorneys-at-law, Oregon
City. General practice. Deeds, mort
gage and abstract carefully made.
Money to loan on good security. Charge
always reasonable.
The Board of Directors of School Dis
trict No. 3 will receive bids for painting
the school house at Canemah up to noon
Aug. 18th. 1904. with two coats best Pio
neer Lead and Linseed Oil., outside only.
Including roofs and outhousea. By order
of the Board. .
The Board reserves the light to reject
any and all bids.
Welnhard s celebrated Columbia 1
the purest and best beer In the market
The Planet, Kelly & Ruconlch. prop.
Crouse & Brandegee Clothing
Monarch Shirts
Arrow Brand Collars
Brown's Star-Five-Star Shoes
Dr. Wright's Underwear
Strauss Bros., Tailors
Selz Royal Blue Shoes
Stetson Hats
"0 u