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Untimely Death of P. H. Hatch, a f ormer j
Koaltlent of Thli City.
P. II. Jlnlcll, l n.ilhf of I lii'KOll I'll y.
wlifH' hi n ai l. ,1 for tminv .!, waa n.
luwl liinlmilly klll.d In ISiiiI lust
Hh t hi tin y nrii iiiiiiin. Mi. Ilutcb'wna at
wink nij llni ground l,,r In b flve-almy
Imllillnii, wh. ii n tlmlx r hi'mme dituWiiil
frniii tlin lup riiMir. dlrlkltiK Mr. Hatch In
H ili'Mii iii. ' Tin- Injured iimn wna tnki'ii
tllirrt to Ilia li . i nl, tut lived only
thirty iiilnuli'i following thu bv IiI lit.
Mr. Hutch Kin bum in tni-iion City.
April 7, l(,t, iin,l went tu Riilcm with lila
Imr.'iiH, Mr, uiiil Mia. I'cli-r II. Hatch,
In tha early Cos. I In ni uini l li il tn Mlsa
Trill Kcyatcr In the ICiilacopal church
at Oregon City about twenty-five yxara
. and till wife ami one ilium tiler, Mia.
L'hna. Ithtx'der, of Kant Portlum), aurvlva
blm. I la also leaves a ajri-al many rla
tlvra. ainmiK thru) two slaters. Mia. John
Karrnr anil Mia. teaan A. Manning, of
Hiiliiii. und Hire brntlii'ia, tlon. Kdwln
T. 1 1 t I .. of S47 Mnllry avenue. I'mt
IiiiiiI. I'nit, l.i.ert l llntch, emplcpyi'il
with Hull li lima., attainboat men, uf Hun
rruuclm ii, und (leo. IC. Hutch, a Iik-hI
liuill ran lir uf Hiili-in,
"l'nt" lliilili uard to lie one. uf the
alroiiK'Nt nu n. physlrully, n ml bl won
derful fen in of Hircimlli are atlll lulked
of unions' old Itinera.
Mr. 1 1. ih h wua one of Yuiihk Oi,n,,ns
amis, mid lie Ima arrfi a icicut deal of
Oii'iioii'a lilnl.ii-'. Mr. Iliilch'a fiunlly Ima
Often been the vlctllna of aecldenla. Ilia
mother In oilier, J,,,,i J.wiy, lout bla
llfn III til ixplonlon of lll lll-fiiled
aleniner Henutor" lit dh unit City a
numlii r of yenia rniu III father luiiely
taiapid il.nl h by N fall from the f, until
't..ly of the old tliiiiiliiH mill lo ur the
falla lit Oreiiun I'lly. Ilia brother, Her-I
l it. ut two dltTerciil llim-a uffi-rrd a '
fin, lure of the kin' cap while aleaiuhiial
I n K mi the WIHutnelte ilvcr.
1 ii I -r n h ii t waa luid at Moiiiilulii View
rriueteiy In tlila city .Muii.lny Mfteiuoon.
Kuneliil aervlcea Were held III OlcKoll
City .Mini, lay.
"I wai troiit.l.d with How
a-(ilr Mil,:,., rtieclliird illUek.
I'riAiiliL a. ,1 inn im,r good
la iiw n.'k limn ail tlm iloo
br in. !, ina I t ",k In a
year' M It A . HA 11 A II K.
U1IU'II.I,(, Kll. ttmill., lad.
quickly in .iniatei tlm ao
tiun of tlm atiitnmii ami
fiireufveii chronic ruses uf
lidltfeatinli. f you will
tnke a small (Iiim of Tlicd
furj'i lllmk I 'rauyht ut
siuimlltr you will keep your
stomach and hvur La per
fuct couJiliua.
CoiiKh and cold down to the very
bordttrluiitl of consumption, yield to
tlio soothing, healing Intltioncos of Dr.
Wood's Norway 1'lno Hyrup.
Mora lirlinraaiicaiiiHvlby
eonitipnlion tlun If any
oilier lielln. 'llnilfof i '
Iiim k-l'riiulit not only re
lieve" rotuNpntion Imtcurca
(liarrlio'H nml ilvncntcry and
koi', the lowcU regular.
All drti((lti aril
S-0nt ,,kaai.
ThodforJ'a Dlack-
Drnuulil in (hp l,, t incli
cin to ri'i-iiliiii' (lie bowi la
1 llUVH V' r lueil." M ( !.
A. M. i.KAN'f, buuad.
furry, N, C.
Giand Mttslm Under we a? Sale
We have been fortunate enough to secure a large quantity of the famous
at prices much under the market and place them on sale as stated. Only at OUR Store
do you have an opportunity of getting garments of this kind at these prices. You pay
only for the material at THIS SALE, we throw in the labor of making the garments.
These prices are such as only stores handling large quantities can make. Don't wait too
long, a few days at the most will clean them out. J J f
Sale Commences Monday. June 20th
ADAMS BROS, golden rule bazaar
tlila the Kicat Borrow of my life, I tender
my emiient mid heartfelt thanko.
To the in, nil, ei of the K. '). T. M. my
kmtltude will end only with life. At
mi, h momenta iik thl" It Ih iih. Ii k to try
to rxprena how Kuileful I am to all, and
here how nppioprlute It Ih to nay:
"Oh, M'-moiy! Why havij 1 not, In IohIiik
all I loud,
I'Ht Thee a a well?"
School Board Adopta Flattering Taatl
monlal on Taachar'a Resignation.
Ou'l'i, 'l w"i'l'l arMit, tojfive t xrinptlon
from the ili''iM v. lm ii jury iijmiii Die
rrHlilriltH i' tin, I. is niiul,itnl cillea.
Hut tltrrc it no i cii:iti,,ti (rum iliriw,
ami in the co:m ', ,n i;i tlip city, one
nuiv rt tin clieekH ,' hollow ami the
ryr jjruw while tin? ft.iine wntci
auv with that trrnlilc iliwaw?, cou-
i'-. luni-H ate t't.i 1c dlroni; hy the
UK "I Ir. I'lcne'a I'eilili ti Meilirnl Iha
covrrv. Il cure oIk itule uipI atuhUirn
Coiik'1". '4. mh' !n t ih, I, Ui , Inn; of the lutil
and other vttititi)int which, if nrllcl"l
or tin itk ill 1 11! I y Ire. ted, terminate (utility
in oniiMiiiit!,iii. 'I'lie in lion of (foMt-n
Mclical piM'ovrry in tlir cnritiK of wnt
iliK iliHciken ia entirely iliiloan)liic.
Einarialioii, ami cnr.M-iUrnt loaa of
weight. lire ninnni; the niout atriking
lymi'totin of what are known aa wut
iiiK iltscuca. The ImkIv in not fwitia ale
qmitrlv nourialieil. anil tlif cniiac of thia
luck of ouris'iiii'-nt n not lack of fixnl
hut lack of a'lility in tit? Momuch and
the other ori;;i m of nii'i niion anil milii
tioti to Jireparr 111,- Ax-,1 lor the IMaiinila
Hon ami niitntioti 01 the tHxly. l)r.
lierce'a (iolilcti Melical Iiiwovery curci
iliwasc of the Htumuch ami the oraua
of (liettion iitnl tiutrition, ami ao cu
alilcs the lioilv to In? nomUheil back to
Urcitejlli in the only way by which
lrrti ;th ran come ; tli.it ii, by food per
fectly ihijcslcil an,l nisinnlaled.
Ir. I'lercc'a t'.ol l 11 Mnlical I)ico-ery
la a temperance mi'ilii'iiic. It contain
no alcohol, neither opium cocuiue or
any other narco'.ii.
Accept tl) milmtiHite fur " IHscovrry."
There is ni ' itiK " j'ist as ool " for )',
th(iU(.'h many lianas may pay the dculer
a larger prolit.
"Thefif-t i!nvif t hi vrr."writrd Mn. Kdt
Hhtv "I "I'' M I'.itll Avniiir. 1i1wniikr,
cuiiK-it n Hmvv cul't, wltii h KTltlrd on tiif
luttK" ' lTniyht on n lnnnrrhKe- Front
that (iinr 011 unlli the fimt ol April 1 bird from
Biv luitj five ilitfrrcnt limp. I w m wruk
nrl imoone I omltl only 1n the MKhleM work.
The (toctor lnU me I whi gin$ into con iu mo
tion My tirmlh wa nhort miu ut timet I could
hinlly ffet tnjrhre.ith at all. Thin la the state I
wat in when 1 tx Run to take Ictoe Hercc't
Oi)Meu Meiliral iMarovery. After the ft rat
bottle I waa much tieiter, aurl I ctnild walk two
or three Mk ka wilhHit troute. My tiraaia waa
Dot n ahort and I waa much improved, After
taking four Utt1ea I rmiM work all rtajr, and I
never frit bettrr in my lile. I think ynr medi
cine the heat in the world and I recommend It to
11 who are troubled aa I waa."
"I waa tick 'for atioul thrrc moot In, had
chills. ft-r, and coughed a great deal.'wriua
Mr. W. L. Brown, of Mi'Draniian, Jachaon Co.,
Ttnn. "Mot of my nci(hlora and frtrada
thtaivht I had cotmuinption. I waa reduced in
Seih. and waa erv wmk inly weighed iia
Cnda; my phynlrlan thoiiKht there waa llttla
iof my rcovery.
'My wile went to the store to vet aome antU
Jrhrin. quinine, etc.. for me anil a friend of mint
iMr. W. W. Mcllenrmnnl. who had been takitif
)r. fierre'e liolileil Medical liiecovery reeoin
Aended thia medicine for inc. Hinnlly I decided
to aae it, after my phyairian told ma that it
would he a?nod for me. I aent and ant one
tottle. and before all waa tnkrn I wr lulled 14a
pouada a fain of it p,uinli. 1 am atill taking
the Golden Medfcnl IHscovery. have taken
nearly two bnttlea. and now wftith iftj pounda,
which ia more th,nl 1 ever weighed. I am atill
gaining atrenifth nn I laLuur t lie ' Iiicovery.' I
wish to aay that ttii i n recent revovery. that
only two montlia ago 1 only writhed atiotit 11a
"I can and will tnnke nfTiilnvit to thia full
atatemant anv time. If vom i"i, h to uwe thia aa
a laetimonial do an and I will anawer all letlera
a?om iciqiunug aulferera."
Dr. riarce'a Common Senae Medical
Adviaer, containing; 100S poKea, and over
700 illuatrationa, ia sent frre on receipt
of afampa to defray expense of mailing
only. Send ji one-cent aumpa for the
book In TMDer coveri. or V centa for tha
jook in cloth bindintr. Addrtaa I. SL V.
iarca, Baflalo,
', N, V.
Offlee of lloill d of I'llrctoia of Hehnol I
Dlatrlet No. C Clio kaniaa county, Ore
gon. Oregon I'lty, Oregon. June 14th, lwi.
Mia. N. Ho ('. Me Adam.
lieiir Mil ium : -It la with altn ete regret
Hint thia lionid liaa rtielved your rralg
nallon of the prlnelpnlalilp of the Kaat
hain Ii,h,I, to whlrti poaltlon we recently
re-electe,l you. Your aervlcea. In the paat.
have leen ao einliu-ntly aallafaetory tliut
we Imped tliut our ai lioola might have
the hetiellt of our piea'nee and direc
tion for another year ut lenal. Aa you
cannot aee your way clear to remain with
11a any longer, we can only ci incus our
regret at the loaa of your aervlcea and
aaauie you that we feci that In your
withdrawal from our achoola we lose one
of our moat valued Intaruf tora, and the
pupils a loved friend aa well aa teacher
who kind and aympathetlc Intereat In
their atudlca and welfare waa alwaya
manlfeat. The panpiita. whoae children
have heen forliinnte enough to be under
your care and Instruction, well know and
apprei lale the woik that 'ou hae done
In hull, ling up the chai inter of their
girl and hoys and Inspiring them with
the clinical wish and dealie to he and
become ladles and gentlemen, as well aa '
atudeiita. mid that the precept and advice j
that you have given tl,, 111 will he of
permanent and lasting hcnetlt. In con- !
elusion we thank you on behalf of thu I
ellli.iia of this district, as well as our- !
aches, for the valuable woik you have!
done for us In our schools, and with best
wishes for your future health and pros- I
perlty, we remain.
(Hlgncdl W. E. f'AIt!.!..
OlIAS. AI.imiOIiT.
fJKO. A. HAIUilNii.
Dlrectoi a.
Superintendent Zlnaer Awarda a Large
Number of Certificates.
Bupei luteiidcnt of SchoolB Zlnaer haa
Issued rei ttftctitce to more than fifty
young people of the achoola of Clark
amaa county who were recently auccesa
ful In passing the eighth grade exam
inations. Those receiving ccrtlllcalca Were:
Kb, ln Smith. Mae Newell. Umlse St, ,11,
Krcd II. Wilcox, ltcdland; Myrtle Tome,
Itaymond Body, Porn Body, Cora llrohst.
Hilda T,h,i, Wllsoiivillc; I.lllle Coiuiul,
Yoder: Porn Murdock, Mncksburg: K.
Unwind I user. Gem-vn litccn. Wlllnrd
Ilawhy, AV.st Oregon i'lty: Haze) Knick
erbocker. Ilernluudt Olson, Kdna 1 1111
mor, Hose Walsh, Theodore C. AVItllama,
1'oarl Utlscoll, Mllwaukle; (iertitide Har
greaves, Nellie Imol, Clarence Johnson,
Amy Ilartnill, Anna Mooncy. Iituh
Kippey, Erncat Street. Orvlllu Johnson,
Claikaniaa; Mabel ltowcrman, Damascus;
Lertha Klaher, Pearl Hampton, Pearl H.
Bel by. Canby; Lelah Dlndaa, Browns;
Etta Hall, liessle Clark, Harmony;
George Miller, Amanda Fellows. High
Inn; Oenlvleve Capen, Orvllle Hunt, Nina
Allen, Pearl Shipley, Nora Berdlne, Wil
lamette; Clell Hammond, Leon Judd,
Glad Tidings; Lawrence Gardner, Carua;
Lulu Klrchem, Lower Logan; Fred 8le
vera, Clarence Btunner, Park Place;
Clara Waehlte, Buale Bchata, Stafford;
Gilbert Long, Josephine Donovan, Evelyn
Grace Hedges, Fred Freeman, John P.
Telford, Canemah; Relta Elale, Carothera.
Well, the great event of the election
la over, and while we may aympathlgu
with the defeated who may have apent
time mid money for "time knowa how
long" to no avail, we arc glad to aettle
down to the good old prosy daya of a
v,, luminous country correspondence, and
for the first time In weeka we take up our
pen to lei you know we are all well, and
hope you are the aame.
Blnce our last writing Mlaa Lillle
W'h, attic baa gone up near Eugene to
visit a slstur a few weeka.
The public achool haa closed with good
A free beer picnic on Bhafer'a hill la
a tiling of the past, aa also the enthua
Inatlc political meetings at Frog Pond
and Stafford. At Stafford Charlie
Thompson eatabllahed kinahlp with tha
great objector. Watch, by objecting to
varloua thlnga the apeekeri happened to
aay which did not happen to meet with
his approval.
Saturday, the 11th, occurred the Grange
picnic In Mr. Farmer'a gTove (ao atyled).
Urothera Gordon Hayea and Robert Miller
were the apeakera of the day. Tha day
waa fine, although a cold wind blew
from the north all the forenoon. Tha
Stafford band of 11 plecea dlacouraed
aweet music.
Charlie Pollvka with a load of people
atarted to the picnic. On the road ona
of bis horscg became alck and he had
to take It back home, while the ladlea
procured another team and went on, and
that night .Mr. Seedllnga colt waa taken
very alck. but at last accounts both
animals were better, and on a fair way
to recover)'.
Our enterprising young townsman.
Maik Baker, suya he put up 20 ricks of
wiwd for John Aden In five dnya, thereby
running a close second to Jake Schati'a
gasolluo wood saw.
Mia. Cain, who hna been very 111 with
nervona fever, consentient upon hurting
lieis, If so badly when a rotten plank on
the porch broke with her a number of
weeks ago, la slowly gaining strength,
and can alt up a part of the day.
The telephone line Is up and an Instru
ment put In at Will Bchatz'a. the poat
offlce and Loren Kruse'a, and we under
stand they are now waiting for tha
phonea to come on, when we can all say
"Good morning" to each other.
A child belonging to Mrs. Batdorf,
who made a aensational runaway aome
time ago from Oregon City, la to be bur
led thia Tuesday p. m. from the home of
Ita grandmother. Mra. Bchrader.
Mra. John Kruse la ao far recovered
that aha waa out to the Grange plcnlo
Hay as a general thing la very light,
and grain flelde need rain badly.
1 a.
I 4.
oldE assertion
We carry the best make of Paints, Varnishes and Painters'
Material on earth, proven so by practical tests and chemical
analysis. New Era Pure Prepared paint has been analyzed by
all the leading chemists of the United States, and over their af
fidavit found to be absolntely pure containing not over one per
cent of water, while other inferior grades contain from five to
forty-five per cent.
Ask your painter about it everybody knows the "Acme Line,"
Guarantee on every can. We submit a partial list of their line.
NEAL'S CARRIAGE PAINT for repairing all kinds of ve
hicles. NEAL'S CARRIAGE TOP DRESSING for renewing the
finish of leather and rubber tops, dash boards, sachels and
leather goods of every description.
ACME WAGON. PAINT for repainting wagons and agricul
tural implements.
GRANITE FLOOR PAINT. Quick drying and durable.
DAVIE'S VARNO-FLOOR STAIN for finishing floors, lino
leum, oil cloth and interior wood work in exact imitation of ex-
Binsive woodb. Will not crack, mar or chip off.
AVTE'S VARNISH STAINS for renewing the finish of
wood work, furniture, etc. Needs but one application.
NEAL'S ENAMEL. The kind for earthen and metal sur
faces. Gives a genuine enamel finish.
NEAL'S BATH-TUB ENAMEL for bath-tubs, walls, ceilings
and wood work of bath rooms or any surface exposed to hot or
cold water.
NEAL'S SCREEN ENAMEL for screen doors and frames.
NEAL'S CYCLE ENAMEL. Splendid for bycicles.
NEAL'S HOUSEHOLD PAINTS. Put up in small, "easy
to open, ;' cans. 25c a can.
NEAL'S POPULAR VARNISH. The best to be had, and
in most any sized can.
Poarch and Chair Enamel, Stove Pipe Enamel, Floor Paint,
Paint and Varnish Remover, Lubricating oils, Benzines and
Gasoline, Lead, Oil and Glass. In fact, everything in the paint
line can be had at our store. Now is the time and this is the
place to buy.
Howell & Jones
The Enterprise office la now better
equipped than ever for all claaaea of
book, and miscellaneous Job work.
(Continued from page 2.)
news, aa It will give employment to a
large number of men.
The output of cordwood at thia place
amounts to several cms a day, and la
fast becoming a most profitable line of
The Kntcrprlse la the People'a Popular
Paper out this way, and Ita appearance
la awaited with great Intereat. It haa
the newa the people In thia aectlon want,
from all over the county.
Mra. H. M. lialon atepped on a nail
Sunday which penetrated almost through
her foot. Bha Buffered aevere pain, but
at thia writing la Improving rapidly.
A Card of Thanks.
To the many friends who by their sym
pathy and attention cava aaalsted ma In
Oregon City, Oregon
7 - TV . V -a "''',.'?
It is just a common cold, people say,
there's no danger in that. Admitting theii
statement, then there are uncommon colds,
colds which are dangerous ; for many a
fatal sickness begins with a cold. If we
could tell the common cold from the un
common we could feel quite safe. But we
can't. The uncommon variety ia rarely
recognized until it has fastened its hold on
the lungs, and there are symptoms of can
sumption. At the first aymptoma the careful person
will heed the warning by taking a mild
laxative ; aome vegetable pill that will not
disturb the avstem or cause griping. About
the best is " t)r. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
If the cold starts with a cough, and it
persist then aome local treatment for thia
condition should be taken. A well known
alterative extract, which haa been highly
recommended hy thotisanda of users, is
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Ptcoverr.
This tonic compound is compound of an
extract of roots and herbs and ha a sooth
ing effect upon tin- miicou membrane,
allays the irritation and at the nme time
works in the proper and reasonable wav.
at the seat of tiie.ttfnihlu the ftagnaltJ oi
poisoned blood.
It contains no alcohol to shrivel up the
blood corpuscles, hut in .lu p.i:e tidi red
Dr. Pierce's lono page illustrated book.
"The Common Sense Medical Adviser, "i"
sent free in paper covers on receint of if
one-cent stamp" to pay cost of mi.iiricofv
Por ji stamps the cloth bound volume will
be aent. loii pages. It was formerly sold
far $i.jo per copy Address Dr. JL V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
This office waa never before better I
prepared to do Job work of all kinds j
on short notice than it Is right now.
Send In your work.
It'a folly to suffer from, that horrible
plague of the night. Itching pllea. Doan'a
Ointment cures quickly and permanently.
At any drug store, 60 cents.
hi to ta iilil
All kinds of Building
Material, Sash, Doors
Moulding, Ete. - -
O. R. aV N. Summer Book.
The handsome 1904 summer book,
"Restful Recreation Resorts," Issued by
the Passenger Department of the Oregon
Railroad ft Navigation company, la Just
out. Tells all about the summering
places of the Columbia River Valley a
brief description of tha trips up and down
the Columbia River, to the mountains,
beachea. Inland resorts and fountains
of healing, where they are and how to
reach them. Tha book has a apeclal
designed front cover, printed In two
colors, and the Inside pages are splen
didly illustrated by costly and beau
tiful half-tones. A copy of this publi
cation may be obtained by sending two
cents In stamps to A. L Craig. General
Passenger Agent of the Oregon Rail
road ft Navigation company, Portland.
Job work that pleases at thet En
terprise office.
Baanthe TtM KinrJ Vcm Haw Alwars Bfltffi
tkT"Z ...
tan a, a Tin Kind Yob Haw slum Bo!i)iJ
jj Tin Kind Yob Haw slwas
Ely's Cream Di
Eu7 tsd pltaunt to I
as. Contains do in. I
jurtoat drug.
It i quickly absorbed.
tiivM Relief at once.
1 tiu.naa arlunu.l
Heale and froiecta the Membrane. Restores tl
Besses of Taste and HmelL Largs Site, (0 centa at
Dnggists or br nail ; Trial Sls, 1 tests bv mall
IY bUvTlUtui, M Warn Sow,, ft lotfc,