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Highland Defeated.
Editor llnleiprlev
A r have been In the habit of nail
ing the rvotd of the Hmhl.ind bitff ball
nine for soxenil n-ok past and lime
I m feats that they will not )ia t. un
to m'.m ibe rio; of to.- l.,-i -iii' in
which Ocy ph.ic.l-Sunday, M:y -'i1-!
will write It for them. They met the
Elwood t.'.xm with Kivat contldcnce. but
nt tte close of the pinte m:v A laid
kvl.;..,; ; .i tl .-ir f .'. m the scoiv
tood lii to H In favor of Elwood. I
will cud l ., ik thai UiKlil.tnt bus
had (ho honor of winning one Cut game
this eason.
liM.IVNl I'!'.
Nalllnan-Loveil W'e!Clr,o. !
At o'clock ..iiicso.iy i'i ii;m;. Juitc
1. occurred the Minn isu of Mis lusy
Lov.il to Mr If. V. lufiinm. botti of
tl.ls city. The ccicinoi.i was kuoiiii.J
at the residence of Ibe bri.!e a sister.
Mrs. Churl.- Speii .vr. at C.iner.i..l.. !
Kcv. J. H lv.iv.-n. of II... Ful lH'tl.-t
church, in the presence of only small
company of invited ft tends. After a
brief tup up the v.itl. Mr. and Mt
llalliu.il) will latum tj tlu .a. whew
they will reside. They haie. the best
wishes of a wide circle of fiieiuls for
much happliiesu.
L,ccal Xoti
Notice Is hereliy Riven to the leit.il
voiers oi ScIhk.I I'isiiict No. 6'. Clack
amas county, state of Oregon, that the
annual sch.wl meeting for saiJ district
will be held In the county court room,
in the county court house in Oregon City,
at the hour of 7 3J o'clock p. m . on the
Jrd Monday, being the 20th day of June.
for the puiixwe of submitling the
annual report of the directors and clerk
and the transaction of general bu.in.s.
this the T: i .!.. of June. !:'.
District Clerk.
C. O.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the under
aifmen nas been duly o:'p.:ntel as exe
cutrix of the estate of IVnnis Jerger.
deceased, and ail persona having claims
against the said ealate must presr.t
them to the undersigned, duly verified,
within six months of the date of this
notice, at Kelso. Oregon.
rated May iz. 1?0I.
Executrix of the estate of Dennis Jer
ger. deceased.
In the County Court of tlie state of Ore
gon for Clackamas county.
In the n-.alt.T of the guardianship nf
Benjamin Harrison Jdcu us and Mrtle
Maigai'eite Jacqu.-s. minor.
To Kliza WH-em. Henry ViHwrn, h-r
husband. H. M. Maion and Mrs H.
M. Ma Ion. hi wife. Iter.jamm Har
nsiMi MUoUrb a:id Myrtle Maiaietw
Janjues. to all other next of kin and
persons known and unknown interested
In ("iid guariiiansiup, grueling:
In the name of the slate of Ur.i; in you
and each of v.m are hereby cited and re
quired t.j h-!ir in the above entitled
court at the c-i irt room ther.if at Ore
gon Citv. Oieiion. on the r-h day "'
July, 1'uH. at in o cloek a m , of said
day. th. n and there to show cause, i
any exist, whv the p-tition rf the guat l
ii.i. ..' :J n:::.- v- ;vall r.-.i '' grai.wa
and an ord.r suoiiid nut be made pur
suant to said petition directing the sale
of the folow:ng described land. to-w:t:
The undivi'l. d tw o-thirds Interest of the
above uinlors m al.j to tl:e ind equ
aled In Cla' kumas county. Oregon, de
scribed as beginning at a point HIM.' feet
from the northeast comer of the P.
r'onlel u. L. C. B.d fMill.t being on the
north line of a lra-t of Ian'1 !. rilwd In
Bis.k "K." page 17'). deed records of
Clarkamas county, Oregon; thence west
on a continuation of said line 4vt f. et
to the count road and to the northwest
com-r of the tract of land owned by
the Jacques heirs; thence southerly along
t;-- - of th'- o'.t'v f-..d f 2 f-"t
to the enter of another co.nty road;
thence easterly (.23. 5 fett along said last
mentioned countv road to the center of
the O. W K tc Ky Co. s right of wac;
thence northerly 67i 7 feet to the piace
of beginning, containing acres of
land m T. Z S.. K. 4 K.. W. M
Witness the Honorable Thomas F.
Rvan. judge of the County Court if
Clackamas countv. Oregon. witn tne
seal of said court arr.xeu ir.ia jisi uay
of May. U.A. p 8LEICHT
First publicr.tion June 3. Clerk.
Last publication July 1.
.. - . - .
In the Circuit Court oi meniiie oi vie-
gon, lor Vllltnaiuae .uuoi.
Berio-.e i-eVIei... I a.r.t.1;,
v'' (
George F. DeMenies Defendant. )
To George F. leMe'.ieu, defends-1 above
named :
in the name of tl. K'.at of Oregon. V on
are hereb7 re.)i.ired to api.e&r ai.d. ai.i-aer
i ,., .:.': f ol i.i: V. a it. the
above ent.tled feuit on or before the la-t ilay
of the time prescribed in the or ier for tiie
publication ot this summon, to-wit: Un
or ...e.i iil. iiy of Hay. V I. ai !
dale being the expiration of bix weeks from
the first publication of this summons, and
if you fail to o aj.pear and answer, tor
want thereof, the plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in the com
plaint, to wit: For a decree dissolving the
bcr.rt" - atrimony ard marriag coi:tract
existing betaeen you and plaintiff.
This summon is published by order of
Hon. Tbomai A. McBride, jndge of the
ab-jve named court, which order wa made
and entered on the 13:b. day of April, 1J04,
and the date oi the first publication hereof
it the 221 day of 'April, V.M.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Jwotire tor I'ubllrativn.
(Timber Land Act, June 3, W,H.)
United States Land Office, I
Oregon City, Ore., March 14, 1004.1
Notice is hereby giren mat in compliance
with the provision of the act ot congress of
June3, lf!7, entitled "An act for the sale
of timber lands in the states of California,
Oregon, Nevada and Washington Terri
tory," as extended to all the public land
state by act of August 4, K'J, August E.
Sperling, of Portland, county of Multno
mah, state of Oregon, ha thin day tiled id
mis office hi worn eta ement No. ft'JJ, for
the purchase of the m of ejofection
No. 17, in towrhip No. 2 south, range No.
7 e., and will offer proof to how that the
land sought i more valuable for its timber
or t-me than for agricultural purpose, and
to establish his claim to sail land before
the register and receiver of tnn office at
Oregon tity, Oregon, on Thursday, the l'itn
dav of Jane, I'M.
He names as witnehee: Jotepb L. 11a
yerl, Henry A. Jdautz. James J. Brown, A.
B. Lind'julnt. all of Portland, Oregon.
Any and all person claiming adversely
the above described lands are re)ueted to
file their claims in this office on or before
said I'th uav ol June, !t.
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Notice I hereby given to the legal
..lot's of School Oisln.t N. '-' Chick. -nm.is
county. slate of Ona-m. thai the
annual s. h.vit election for mi. I district
v..'l 1..- belt at til.' I'".'- h.,tl Ol' goll
City. Omro". to Ixiiln at the hour of
o'clock . lit.. nnd continue mull the
hour of o'clock p. nt . on the 3id Men
div. being th.- '.'lUh day of June, tWI.
wl.'.cl; anll.'ii Is for tt'..' I'Uil'.w f elect
lug ono iliivolor to wif for th'- leim f
IVitcd this ;l!t day of J me. l'.'"l
In the Circuit Court of the i
Or. si n. for C!e'r.amn. Count
.Vkctsan Law soli rinhitirr.
Charies CatJInell. Krt.lcrlik A.
Knun.i J. M.L'nii in. J.vklyn
J-rr.lerl.'k lletirr Soliw.il. John
S.hwa!. M.itic I.ni. S.-hw.ih.
..it. s.liwub. KuJolph Luther S
( .HIT !. 1. rw i. .. a" .........
I In the Name of the Stat of Or. .m
r. rL.'..i.liHl.
To Kr'.l. rtck A. Helm. Kmnu J
L.tuuiu. JoiU'.yn JtolJ. Krchri.'1
SchwaK John P.iM.1 S.hal.
Louise S liw.it, M.ioetta
hwab and
litidolph Luth.er
Schwab, above name!
You and each of your are hereby re
nulred to appear and answer the com-
tdainl filed against you In the auoi
..nioi...t court and cause on or befjre
the 'Jltli day of June, 1I. that being
the hist day ordered by the Court for
the publication of Una summons.
And If you so fall to appear or utirver, 1
the plaintiff, will apply to the Court for
relief demanded In the complaint on ,
rile herein, to-wlt.. A decree de:.::n;r.- 1
ing the rlghta of the se era'. i
hereto, and the partition of the f.diow
ng described real estate, to-wit: A part
of the Helms D. U C. No 4'?. Not 73".
In sections !). Zi an.! !0. In T. 3
S , R. 4 E. of the Wllla.ti. tte Meridian.
In Clackamas county, Orefc: !". planing j
at the most northerly corner of s.ii.l ;
Claim and running thence south V .leg. j
ii min E. along the northe.ist. i'c hn-
of said claim to a point In sud li-ij of
said c'aitn N. ii l-S- 15 mi.l. W. 5:
chains from the meat a.crl coiner
..f Mid claim: thence south 45 de 15 ;
min. west Z'Z) chains t the Iln-j f-era- I
rating husbands from helm ot lf.: h .'.
of said claim: thence n rh 41 1. g. 40
min. west along said diiMm line to
the northwest. rly line of said claim;
thence north 44 dej. east 1 chains
to claim corner; thence north 55 deg. east
to claim corner, the place of beginning.
This summons is published by order
of Thomas A. McBride. Judge of said
Court, for a period of six S) consecutive
we.ks. the tirst publication to be on
Friday, the !3th day of May, !. and
the last to be on Friday, the Cf.h day
ot J-ni. :?oi.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Notice Tor Publication.
Timber Un,l, Act June 3 1H7S.
Co t,, Mates Und Ullice, Urejson
Citv Oregon Vnnl 19 l'.HH I
tity. Ureg m, A .r I t. ,:
notice is iieieny Kieu i.oii ... v....,-..-.
-n, thermovision,, of the act ol !
i,rtf,.t,l JuoeS. 1STS. etili'lea " An I
for th .ie nf timlier Ian. '.8 in the I
1 Ules
f l'alii,,rnii. Oreiroii. .Nev.ida. I
ar.u asiitnviun ieirnr, as e.Mroo. o ,
.... ... . i ...... i.. . ,
as extended
1 to all Hie I utiiic kino laies a, , o,
Aiwn-t 4. IS'.'.', hnk Wik, ol J'ortiand.
county cl Muitnouiali Mate ol Oirtf.'O,
has thin (!av filed in this office his morn
statement No. fi40i, for the purchase ol
the NE;4 irfsrecti'iD No. 2i in Township
No. 4 S, Hanne No. 5 F.iM, ami will oifer
, ... . I .1., tl... tun.l Br.l'jlif IU
V'Z : e i " limlsir ortore !
than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to laid land before
the P.eg;'er an I Receiver of tbi ctlice
at Oregon Cily, Oregon, on Friday, the
bill DAY OF JULY, 10. 4.
Ke names as witnesses: A'exander
Beck, of Portland, Oregon; Carl Peter
son, of Portland, Oregon; Josephine
Peterson, of Portland, Oregon ; Christina
Wik, of Portland, Oregon.
Any and all persons cUiming adversely
the ab ive-described lands are request d
fto file their claims in this office on or be
ore said 8 h dv of July, l'4
ij i,and Ofliee. Washington.!
D. C, May l'i. l'JOt. Notice Is hereby
given that certain lands in th" fJrande
Konde Indian Reservation, situated In
Towiinhips ii and '5 south. Rang..- 7 and
S West. In the Mate of Oregon, will be
offered for sale by separate sealed bids,
which will be. revived by the register
ar.d receiver of tile district lar.d office
at Oregon ''lty. On-iron, commencing
i.r. Hor. ia--. A'Je' i -t ! L"Ji. at o clo. K
a. m.. ar.d col.tin ling until Monday.
AuR'ist 1. j:t'il, at 11 o'clock a. m.. and
no bid will be considered that is not re
ceived during the period mentioned. Tho
biij will ',': o; en d by th r.-glst-r and
receiver of tne land office mentioned,
commencing at 1 o clo' k p. m., of Mon
day. August 8, ISO. The lands will be
sold In accordance with rjb-s and regu
lations, and a schedule particularly de
scribing the lands to be sold, printed
copies of which mav be obtained on appli
cation to the register and receiver of
the land ofllce named, or upon appli
cation to the General Land Ofllce, 'Wash
ington, 1). C. Each bid must be accom
panied by a certified check, for twentv
per centum of the amount of such bid,
which will be retained and credited aa
part payment of the purchase price
should the bid be accepted and the pur
chaser pay the remaining amount due
and furnish evidence of hi citizenship,
or be forfeited If the bid I accepted and
the amount due and evidence of citi
zenship are not furnished In accordance
with the rule and regulations.
Approved: Commissioner.
First publication May 27.
Last publication July 23.
Notice to Creditor.
Notice I hereby gfven that Lewi
Hauglum ha been appointed by the pro
bate Judge of Clackama county, Oregon,
administrator of the estate of Andrew
P. Hauglum, deceaed, and all claim
ant agalnn ald estate are hereby re
quested to present claims dully veriflel
with proper voucher to ald adminis
trator at Cottrell, Oregon, within nix
month from this date.
Dated May 23, 1J01.
Administrator of the estate of Andrew
P. Hauglum, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that I will apply
i to the Oregon City council at Its next
j meeting for a renewal of my saloon 11
I eer.se at my preg-nt piace of business,
Main ar.d Fourth '
Refort' Sal.
In thi Circuit Court of th Slato of
Ort'Bi'n. I'1" County ot Clack
umii WiV.lam N. llil'tt. Arlliur K. How
lott. John T. Miiwltt wnl I'ourl
v. iiowiott. riiuntini,
OV.vo K. llowlctt, Oscar How lott ami
Louis N. llnttltt, Minor. .IWoml
nuts l vlrtm of ttu ilocri iluly iu'l
and oiuorcil In tlu ah.no itilltlo.l
Couit nml Ctittso on lh' inl ly of
Mnv. 190. I will on Saturday, tlm
ith'il:iy of Juno. l'.'0. at tho hour of
;:00 o'cl-k l nt. of ibl ". (
tho front door of th County Cotti't
lumso i.f siiul Chicl.muas ounty. In
t)r.'in City, sell at ucIion
t. th li'.iiest Mddor for cash In
hand. All of th' follow lnu loscriluil
loiil property sitmit' in Clackaimis
countv. M;Ui of trKon. to wit:
!l. miliums at tho iiortln'if-t oomor
of tho Ikiiiatioti Laud Clim of Trea
ty WYa-Ii tm.t wH'o In township two
U'i hoiith of rau two U' oasi .f
tho Vtl!n:notto Moitdliin. Ami tunnlnn
tii.-noo soiijIi on t!u oast lin of nali
claim 13 n'J'1 thonco wvn M
nds; thciico north 53 1-3 rods; tltonoo
cast 30 rods to tlio iIf of Inhuming.
contAin'.ns ten (t"i acres of liiml
tmr or
ess. E. C. MAddocK,
Kirt putilloAtlon May
Utst puhlicatUm June
In tho County Court of Clackamas
County. State of Oregon.
In tho niatt-r of tho Estato of John
l.ondor, IVceasol
T tho Holm of John Lender. IV-
ceased, and to All IVrsons Inter-
I'stoil. Crivtlug:
In tho Name of tho Stato of Oro
gon. vou aro tnrcy cited a1 rjulr
id to appear In tho County Court, of
Clackamas County, Stato of Oremm.
at tho courtroom thereof at Oregon
Citv, OroKoti. on th" 1-ith day of June.
r.'Ol. at 10 o'clock a. in. of said day.
thou ami tix-ro to show cause. If any
exist, why tho petition of adminls-
of the Aiivo entitled estate
should lit I'O granted and tin oruer
should not be madi? pursuant to said
petition, directing the sale of the
following described real property, to
wit: The southwest nuarter of
tho northwest quarter of section
IS, township 3. south of range
3, east of the Willamette Meridian,
Clackamas county. Oregon
Witness. The Honorable Thomas F.
Kyan, Judge of tho County Court of
Clackamas County, Stato of Ore
gon, with the seal of the said Court
ffiel this ;th tlav o! May, t.to.
V. A. SLKKiilT. Clerk.
First publication. May S.
Last Publication, June 3.
Notice fr I'ublleBllon.
i Timber I.t"l Act, June 3, liTS ;
C. S. Und Other, Orepm City, I
. Marc i in. !' )
,otue .. hereby s '
mi.c, w , ,. '. , . -, '. ; , i,i n
congress ol June .,, 1S entitle, An
.,,, the ml ol timber Ian l in tl
- . .
ftat, t alilorr,,, r'if n
Nevada ami
Wasliintf'ou Territory
as exleii'i'-u to
all the pnn.ic
land status by act ol Au-
gu'i I
'2. Jame" I. louts, ol
countv id M'lltnoitM'i, .-'Hte
ol Oreiton, has this ilsy tl! i" tins otn.e
bis sworn s'a ement N ) ti;!7'.. (or the
purchase of trie n ol nw !4 "( h,c. No. S,
in township No. 0 s. range 3 e, and will
offer proof to show that the latnl oui?lit
is more, valuslile for lis timl er or store
tlmn lor agricultural purjHw, Dd to
estAhlisli Ins claim to s.ml Isml belore
-he r,iM,r ami receiver ol -his olhce at ;
Oregon City. Oregon, on rrniay, tne
10th dav of JuDe. l'.HI4.
Ho name as witnees: Clementine'
C. low. of Molalla, (Oregon ; frank Pa
sold, of MoUlla. Oregon; Alfred l asold,
of Mijlalla, O egou ; Fiank A. Piersoii, ol
Molall, Oregon.
Any and all person claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
rerjuested to file their claim in this of
fice on or before said 10th dv of June,
for Llcenie.
I To the
It .n. Cour.t
Co'irt. Ci
', Oregon.
We, your petitioners, b-g.il ot'H of
Eagle Creek Preclr.ct. sail coun
ty ar.d state. respectfully pe
tition your honorable body to
giant tr.t Landwet.r ar.d Haus
lelter a IKens-s to sell uplntuoiis. vin
ous .-ir.4 malt H-fJo! in b-ss Tiantltles
than one gilior.. in sail K'ig!e Creek
i're.in't, for the I
El. OV.ar.der
P.. V.'. Cary
V. F. Car
Aug.. I! .;;!
A. Havens
G If Grimshiw
B. Campbell
Van lleeks
"W. F. Kinsey
P. O ConnOr
Geo. Burke
J. Corrlgan
V.'. Eayler.
M. E. DeSMell
G. R. Week
John Zobrlt
Jno. B. Miller.
C. Dickey
D. N. Brldenstir.e
H. E. Muck
W. Jone
8. W. Wolf'!
Ray Haven
C. Moeller
K. Kaler
Mod of fir. month.
Dr. ''. i: Smith
M. E. Adkin
E. L. Roy M-yi.-
C A. H-Aanson
Ein-st Johnson
A. S Clin
Chas. Reer
W. F. Stralgl.t
W. Bennett
F. Htone
W. J.
Jno. P.. Cassldy
L. W. Deeth
Louis Tucker
J. E. Eatemaa
Al Llndsley
J. M. Lyon
W. F. Heiple
Estacada, Ore., fay 2, 1S04.
Kotlce l hereby given that the un
dersigned will apply to the Hon. Coun
ty Court of above-named county for a
license to sell lrituoJ, vlnou and
malt liquor In Ie quantities thart ona
gallon, at the next term of the Honor
able County Court. '
For Tranfer License.
In the County Court of Clacknmas
County, Oregon, notlw Is hereby
given that the underalnr-d will ap
ply to the above court on thelst
day of June, 1S01, for a permit to well
spirituous liquors In tans quanltles
than one quart in Kagle Creek pre
cinct, said county and state under the
license heretofore grantel to Geo.
H. Wig?s.
Da'd Ma 6, 1V)4.
1 I
TKg HSoxJScfxsrnisKer
kn't .ilwavs the man who
... I., k.f r... Minor it
money; ia v r"' " -
you get the greatest values for it. In dealing with us you
second methoJ, and so by jhe first lucthoJ. too. 4
'. T
- tiVV
This hardwood rocker
Cobbler seat $1.75.
6 foot Extension Tables from
$4.00 up
W feet Robber Hole. U 50.
Toater, U centi.
Shelf Paper, 5 cent per bundle
N I'M no .in
In Ihe Circuit Court of the Hlate of Ore
gon for the Countv of Clackamas.
LeonaB. Lacey, Piainlilt.'
t, f Kummunt
John Lacey, f 'efendnt.)
To John Lacey, defendant:
In the nam of th Mate of Oregon:
Vou are hereby required to pr i.d
answer tliecomplsiiil tiled gint you in
the above entitled suit, within six -kt
from the date ol the tirt publication ol ton
summons, which time expires on the lib
day of June, I'M, and If vou so fsil to
pear and answer, the Plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief prayed for in the
complaint, to wit,-a de res illsloving the
bonds of matrimony existing betwren tne
plaintiff and defendant, to resume her
maiden name of Ismail. Homes, for the
rare and custody or her cfii d nd for such
other and further relief si to the Court may
" Thiseummolnis published Wv order ol
Thos. A. McUnde, Judge of tb ircint
.rem meet and e'iiual
, ourt ol tne mate ot 'regon mi um .umo j
of Clackamas, dated April lb, l:M,
The date ol Iirsi puoucauon i iioo ...
l'i04; and of the la-it publication. June .:,
Attorney for Plalntilf.
police lr I'ublicalloat.
Tin.ber Land, Act June 3, HXi
United Htate Land Ofllce.. Oregon tity,
Oregon, March -ith, l'SJl,
Notii:' is hereby given thai in compUsiice
with the provnion ol the act ol Congress
of June. 1, IsTs, entitled "An cl forth le
of limner lands In the Mate ol California,
Oregon, Nevad and Washington Terri
tory," as extended to all the Public Land
8tateby act of August 4. Ilfti, Alex Heck,
of Kstacada, county of Clackama, Htat of
Oregon, has this dsy tiled in this ofllce In
worii statemenl No. b-tTH. for the purchase
of the SW'J of flection No. 24 In Township
No. 4, H, Range No. 0. K, and will oiler
proof to show that the land sought Is more
valuable for it timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish Ins
claim to said laud before tne kegister end
Receiver of tin ollice at Oregon City. Ore
gon, on Friday, the
He name aa witnesses: Juliua C. Burke,
of Portland, Oregon; Kd Burke, of Port
and, Oregon ; Robert londen, of Portland,
Oregon: Jame Miller, Portland, Oregon.
Any and all person claiming adversely
the above-described lands re requested to
tile their cialm in this office on or before
said lotri day of June. I:.M
Final Settlement.
In the County t.'oti t of the State of
Oregon for Clarkamas County.
In the Matter of the Estate of John Al
fred Strowbrldge, Deceased.
Notice I hereby given that the un
dersigned, administratrix of tin estate
of John Alfred Htrowbridge, deceased,
ha tiled 1;. the Coonty Couit of ClaU-
" . ' rM Jtf,ew'
There .ue two ways of saving yout
saves money
ill .1 bank after vou tret it;
i 1 -
--j j , ; N'u-,- '
6 high back Dining
chairs.all hardwood
Morrischair with Pine
needle fibre cushions
Pillows $J.00 per pair
L a
. quart Milk Pane, SO eti
for t-.' dmen.
Hooa. 10 cent
Whit Metal
iima" county. Oregon, her fln.il account
us sui b administratrix of ald istat".
nnd that Monday. Hie I'Uli day of June
l'j.U. nt th- hour of 10 a in of said d o.
his b.-.n Ilx-d by uld Court as the t'.nin
of heating id olije.n.me to said fpoi t I
and the settlement thereof
HAOIK V. HTItoW Ultllsii: 1
A liiiliilxtiati IX of the Folate of John Al
fred Wirow bi ldg", I .-. . us.-.) 1
May LI.
Roller for lulllrallu.
Timber I. ml. Act Juno l7i,
I'lntcil SUtr Land Ollice, r goli City,
t Ifi-gor, April .'.", ril.
Notice Is hereby given tbal in l oii.pU
hiic Willi the proiinoiis of llio l ol
Congress of June I'., li7S, -iitit !ol -'An
act (oi the salo ol limber binds It) Hi"
I Mutes ol Calilorma, Oregon, Nevada and
; Wu-bingloii Ternlot y ," a" extended t..
all tlie PiiiiHc I.hihI Male liV ad of ilg
I list 4, lYC Cil Vleroli, of I' lrlltiid,
, county ol Miiiiiniiii.ili,Siutp (or I ernlory ,
j of Oregon, bit Ibis day tllcl ill this olio
I bis sworn statement No. till'!, for tlm
pun-base ol tlie '4 ot reciion .m. . i
in Toniisliip No 4 Hinge No o K...
and will oiler .ns,f to show tliat tbe land
sought is mora Valuable fnf its timber or
stotiH than for agricultnral mr,sf. utid
to establish bin chum to said land be for
tlm I'.cgihter ami P.ccciver of tlii ollic,.
at Oregon City, Oregon, on Friday, tlm
Htb lay of July, !'.K)4.
He bailies a witness,': Alex. I'.eck,
Frlck Wik, Julius (url(, K Uanl J'.urk,
all of Portland, Oregon.
Any ami all persons claiming ilversiy
the above-di'scrilied land are reiiiestei
to file their claim in this office on or be
fore said Hlli day of July, I'SI4.
Timber Land, Aet June 3, 1874.
United Htatr-s Land Oltlce, Oregon City,
Oregon, May 2. 1S04.
Notice In hereby given that In compli
ance with the provision of the act of
Congrexs of June 3, 1S79. entitled "An
act for the sale of timber bind In the
tat.- of California, Oregon, Nevada
and Washington Territory," aa extended
to nil the public lauds by act of August
i, W:,
Joieph H. Colt,
Of Eagle Creek, county of Clack am us,
state of Oregon, ha thl day filed In this
ollice hi aworn latenient No. 624 for
the purchase of the MW 1-4 of the
KW 1-4 of Hectlon No. 14, In Township
No. 2 H., Hang.; No. 6 Hast, and will offer
proof to show that the bind sought Is
more valuable, for Its timber or stoni
than for avrlciiitural no looses and lo
I establish his claim to saiu land beforo
the lle(lter nnd Itecelver of tbl ottlc
at Oregon 'it y. Oregon, on Monday, the.
, lOt It day of August, 1 '.oil.
I He names as witnesses: Adelbort FleM,
(of Portland, Oregon; Hen Korlster. of
j E.ikI" t re.-k. Oregon: John Forister, of
'fc- 'gie , 'ie..K, i.Meg'.n; A r! i "Hi "f
; "iqI
Strainer Mill,
I) cents.
other Is to buy where
.,, i .
will save money by the
Large size Kitchen
Treasure Flour bins
& drawers allhand
fitted.iinished golden
fir, fancy trimmings,
Others for $2.50.
Warranted Sewing Machine
Hjttr.it for i Kitthen, 1 ct
Heavy Oarden Trowel, 10 tit
Table Spooni, I for 11 centt
I'crtUiid. 'regoii.
I An nnd nil roiie , homing n tiers.
I ly Ibe 1. bo di I r. I . 11.1 lire rr.iet-
I e. p. til.- tb. ir cUliim In Ibis m on or
lef,i ill 1 M t, dm of August I
AI.'IKHN" . M lUtlHKIt.
In the I ircint Court of tlie rila'.e
., Or.
lion or the County of I 'lsrl.m'.
F.:!ier Luthrrford. P'intlff, j
r.ole.-t I'.i.tl.erlord. OcfeliiUut.)
To I'.obert Lulherford. also himed
1 1.
In the i nn.r of the Ma'e of Oregon, you
ars herebj r ' 1 1 1 1 r r . I to appear ami ""r
the r, o. i mi in I i.ied again at ton in the aboi
eot.t e I nun. in the siiovs mineil Court, on
or beb. re I- rlilnv, June 'I, I'M, Hie same be
' mt il weeks Iioiii Ibe lir-l piiblli stioii of
ibis .ii"iii-oin. and ymi will lase iiotlc
I liisi if ion lull to o i, lo-sr ami ner sid
' lou.p u.nl, ,e I'iaintill will Biddy l'
j I'ourl to. the r, Ih-I ili'iiiBiu I in '
pls'u', to Unit the IhiiiiIs ol n-ntri
I iiion y e . i' if g del aeeu you and PIsinlH
j be dlsoved.
'! Ins summon Is puhlUhed hy Ibe order
jot II, e II, .p. ') boa. A. Mcllrlile Judge of th
j 1 iltb Jinn, isl I'lslri, 1 ,il the Mats of be
( gun, in tlieoregnn City Kiitrrprlse. a aeekly
iiei.sper of general circulation In Clark
1 ma I mi nt v for tlx bii,sI weeks, com
I insi cifLT KrulMV Ai.nl Tl. I'M. Bin! con-
litiiiibK to and inclinling Friday. June
r'i. Oho. c. ititow r.i.i.,
Attorney lor Plaintiff.
.'twtlre lor I'libllcatlwu.
(Timber Land Act, June. 1, I'd.)
United males Land OIHce, '
Oregon City, Ore., March M, VM-l
Notice I hereby given that in compli
ance with the provisions of lb act ol con
gress of June .1, HTM, entitled " An act lor
the sale of timber land In tlie stsles of Cal
ifornia, Oregon, Nevsda and Washington
Territory," a extended to all the public
land Hales by art of August 4, ls!r Joseph
L. Mayeri, ol I'orllaiKi, county of Multno
mall, at of Oregon. Iibs tin day Kled in
tin office hi iworu talement No. tJ.'lS, for
the purchase of the wj of w, of section
No. 17, In township No. 2, rng No- 7
nd will offer proof to how that th lnd
ought i mora valuable for It timlieror
tone than lor agricultural purpose, and to
establish hi claim to id liuil belor th
register and receiver of this office at Ore
gon city, Oregon, on Thursday, th l""1
dav of June, l!M.
lie name as witnessei: August E. Hper
ling, Henry A. Matilx, Jame J. Brown, A.
ii. I.iii(biiit. all ol Portland. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
the above described lands sre requested to
file their claim In till oltlce on or belor
said loth Uav of June, I'M.
A LO Kit ON 8. DltKHHKR.
March '!. Hegisler.
S'ibicrlbe for The Enterprise.