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Oregon City Enterprise
Published Every Friday.
Subscription Rates:
One year $1.50
8tx months 73
Trial subscription, two months. . 25
Advertising rates on application.
Sub6crilHr8 will find the date of ex
plration stamped on their papers fol
lowing their name. If this Is not
changed within two weeks after a
paymctt. kindly notify us. and the
matter will receive our attention.
Entered at the postoffioe at Oregon
City, Oregon, as secondelass matter.
FRIDAY, JUNE 3. 1904.
For Congressman
Binger Herman, of Douglas county.
For Supreme Judge
Frank A. Moore, of Columbia
Dairy and Food Commissioner
J. W. Bailey, of Multnomah county.
Circuit Judge, Fifth Judicial Dis
trict T. A. McBriiie, of Columbia.
District Attorney
Harrison Allen, of Clatsop.
Joint Representative. Multnomah &
Clackamas Counties
George V. Holcomb. Jr. of Mult
nomah. For Representatives
C. G. Huntley, Or ton City.
Frank Jagger. Cam.
J. N. Bramhail, Bull Run.
Commissioner T. B. Killin. Killin.
Sheriff J. R. Shaver. Molal'a.
Clerk F. A. Sleight. Canby.
Treasurer Enos Cabill. New Era.
Recorder Henry E Stevens, Milwau
kie. Assessor J. F. Ne'e r.. M'.iiino.
Surveyor John Y. yeldrum. Oregon
School Superintendent J. C. Zinser,
Oregon City.
Coroner R. 1 Hoiman. Oregon City.
Justice of the Peace Livy Stipp.
Oregon City.
Constable H. W. Trembath, Oregon
City, No. 1.
record each has made during his first
term. A moot rigid and critical In
vestigation of the records by a fault
finding IVmoeracy has failed to dis
prove the claims that the adminis
tration of affairs for the Inst two
years has boon all that could be asked
by the most exacting constituent.
The campaign as a whole has been
comparatively free from personalities
and that which partakes of mud sling
In?, although there has been shown a
disposition on the part of some of the
Democrats to distort and misrepre
sent the actual facts In an attempt to
discredit the claims of the Republi
cans. These endeavors have fallen
miserably flat.
The candidates on the Republics
ticket from justice of the supreme
court to constable are representative
men, farmers and business men, who
have made a success of their respec
tive professions. They are deserving
of the large vote that will unquestion
ably be cast for them next Monday.
Every voter should make It a point to
go to the polls and vote. If you have
failed to register, go to the polls any
way. You will find the necessary num
ber of freeholders at your voting place
to certify to your voting qualifications
ors thereof dared not spring them Vnder the caption of "Meddler
during the campaign when there ex tlreene." the F.ugene Register lias the
Isted an opportunity for the Intelll- following editorial comment on th"
gent discussion and Investigation of; recent appearance of (.roenn at a
such charges. The circulation of ca IVmocrntlc tally la this city:
nards at the last minute nut only dis- rial Agent tireeiie. who has lived off
credits but reflect on the cause they I the government during the past two
are presumed to serve. . years, trying to work up land fraud
o leases, and which are postponed from
DEMOCRAT FOR REVENUE ONLY, j year to year to make (ireene's job last
Eight years ago Starkweather was j longer, Is now taking au active part In
elected on the ropullst ticket. Four (Oregon politic. Ho even went so far
years ago he tried to set the nomlna-'a to take part In the political speak
tlon for superintendent as a Repub-i Ing at Oregon City In aid of Watch,
lican. This year he has flopped again, candidate for congress, and secondinl
o J Veatch- attack on llermanu and Hen
Strange that any Republican In thelry Meldrum. Meldrum, who wax pros
First district should be expected to I ent, called tireene a liar and a coward,
vote for Mr. Veatch! He Is a Demo-! and both epithets seemed to fit the
crat who has contended against every-' case exactly. This Greene Is busy
thing the Republican party haa stood j editing the Portland Journal while he
for, all his life, and will do so as long draws a government salary. Rixwie
as he lives. He began life as a Demo- velt's attention should be called to
crat of the pro-slavery type, waa with ( the action of this fellow and he
the opposition during the Civil war. ' should either attend strictly ti bust-
has been a Grecnbacker, Socialist ' uess or be ordered to quit the job
There are ou (he official ballot for
Clackamas county four propositions
oa which the voters will have a vote.
The purpose of these proposed meas
ures is not generally understood, and 1 acted entirely within his rights at
we submit the appended brief state-1
Populist, Sllverlst, and ardent sup
porter of liryanism. He Is a man of No one need despair of voting be-
giKHl personal character, no doubt, but cause he was unable to register. All
a common place man. of no notice- i that Is necessary is to produce at the
able ability, firm In nothing but hi polls the acknowledged certificate of
opposition all his life to the prlncl-Jsl fr-eho!dcr that the applicant Is
pies and purtioses for which the He- i qualified elector Every legal
publican party has contended lllv,l,, r h" I ""' registered should
party has embnuvd no political ' make full calculation to avail himself
j heresy, has ente. turned no economic of this provision In the cities this.
I or financial fallacy, that he has not
j jov fully accepted and eagerly con
tended for. So It will be In future
I It's all very well, of course, for he has
The Kind You Have Always Hoagbtt and which lion br
In Uft fur over 30 yearn, haa borne, (he) lirnatnr f
ana hu brfu nifulo under hi pe.
aonal aiiperrlslou slnr It lufWy,
Allow no uno todoccdve you. In thl.
All Counterfeit, Imitation and Jut-a;ool" are, bat
Ripcrluirnt that trifle with and endanger the) health of
lafk&U and Children Hiperlrnoc aeaiust Kiprrlntent,
Caatorla la n harmless substitute for Coator OU, Par,
forte. Irrop and Soothing Hymjwi. It I I'lrajtatit. It
contain neither Opium, Morphine) nor other NarcwUa
ubUnc4V Km ago U It guftrmnte. It destroy Worn
and allay IVverUhncn. It cure Puirrliuu niul 'Wind
Colic. It relieve Teething Trouble, cure Constipation
and Flatulency. It asslnjllutc the Food, rrguhite the
KUtuuM-h and ltowel, giving healthy and natural
The Children' lanacca The Mother' I'rlrnd.
Genuine CASTORIA always
Bears tbo Signature of
Declaration of Principles Adopted at
Clackamas County Convention.
We, the Republican party of Clack
amas county in convention assembled
ote with pride and pleasure the ad
vancement, prosperity and progress
of the nation under and by virtue
of the policies of the Republican
We endorse the aggressive and
broad statesmanship of Theodore
Roosevelt, and hereby o, ""ard his re
nomination for President of the
United States.
We endorse and commend the ac
tion of President Roosevelt in creat
ing a precedent for the settlement
of labor disputes by arbitration.
Whereas, we cave watched the
course of Hon. John H. Mitchell and
Hon. C. W. Fulton, in their efforts to
develop material interest in the state
viewed with pleasure their strong
support of a canal across the Isth
mus, which canal when built and con
structed will be the greatest monu
ment, next to the abolishmen of hu
man slavery, of the Republican party,
and, Whereas, we have viewed with
satisfaction the able manner in which
these two members of the Senate of
the United States are representing
the state of Oregon and the North
west Therefore, be it resolved that we
hereby endorse their course in the
Senate and appreciate their public
service In the state tnd nation at.
Resolved, that we endorse the pri
mary law which is to be voted upon
at the June election, and hope that
it may become a part of the stat
ute law of the stae of Oregon,
sincerely believing that the greater
participation the voters can take in
governmental affairs will be of larg
er benefit to good government and
otir delegates to the Ftate conven
tion are hereby instructed to intro
duce and advocate the adoption by
the convention of a resolution recom
mending the primary nominations bill
to the people of Oregon for their approval.
Resolved, that the development of
Clackamas county requires the con
struction and maintenance of good
wagon roads, to the end that the
people may be enabled to deliver the
products of their labor to market
wjthln a reasonable time and with
We therefore demand a liberal and
progressive policy with reference to
good roads and safe bridges, and we
pledge the nominees of this conven
tion to the full and energetic sup
port or snch policy.
Resolved, that we are in favor of
ejecting road supervisors instead of
Paving them appointed, and hereby In
struct our delegation Id tbe Legisla
ture to support a bill to that effect
ment concerning, each for the Infor
mation of the voters.
The constitutional amendment per
taining to the state printer proposes
abolishing the office of s;ate printer
and placing the election and control
of that officer with the legislature.
Voters generally understand the lo
cal option measure which proposes to
give each ward or precinct the right
to say whether or not a saloon shall
be maintained in that district. In Its
present form this proposed law is
objectionable in thut it is said that It
will prove practically prohibitory In
its operation.
The proposed direct primary nomi-
citken; but It Is remarkable that any
Ri publican .should I ;rcted to
vote fur him. What would he do !f
elected? Simply light Republican pol
icies and measures to the extent of
his powers In the house i.f represent
ntives Oregoman.
matter will take rare of Itself. Hut In
the country districts throughout the,
! state the Voters should Uttelld to III
by pre urrani;eme:it Owhig to the
trouble of a special trip to the county
seut. many farmers have not rcg
terel It will be very easy for them to:
iii- et together at the pulling places mi j
election day and certify to each ,
nth, r s ipiulltlf allium, an. I Oils should ,
lie svHternatlcnllv done, j
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Ringer Hermann should have t(o
largest majority ever counted for a
congressional or state office in this
district. He has ever proved him
self a capable congressman, an able
worker for Oregon, during the years
he has been In congress. He Is well
recognized in Washington as a man
who wants something, knows what he
wants and how to get it for his state.
nating law contemplates the naming ' To satisfy one's self, if any one ran
of candidates for political office by ' possibly harbor a doubt in the matter,
direct petition without the formality 1 It Is easy to learn from the general
of conventions.
Another proposition to be voted on
is: "Shall stock run at large In Clack-
and special appropriation bills of
those congresses wherein he has been
a member. His services In the con- county affairs
We would ask the unprejudiced
voter whut the I leiuiM rat 4 i f Cluck
a mas county have to commend their
ticket on Their platform Is lacking
of a single substantial plank Kvery
charge that has been preferred against
the Republican candidates has been
refuted not only on the canvass, but
by au investigation a.s to (ho records
of the county. Th Itemnrrat are
without Issue and have absolutely
nothing on which to go before the Vot
ers of Clackamas county and ask their
suffrage. To say the least. It would
be largely an experiment to relnstato
the IVmocraM In the management of
We believe (he Intelll-
e Bt IMMIIf. It uMAV tTMO, TM tf
Price Reasonable
Do Your Work w"rk
Wo ilo ix (lener.kl Hugn'iis'"' aii'l Transfer Husine.
Safes, Pianos ami Furniture Moved
Ollice OjiMMte Masonic llmMing
T'X".:.:r '.If1 Williams Bros. Transfer Co.
amas county." This Is calculated for gresslonal session Just closed have , gent voter will be slow to lend hi
the benefit of stock owners residing
in the rural districts where stock can
have almost unlimited freedom with
out trespassing on improved lands.
This practice is regulated in incor
porated towns by the city authorities.
also been of such value to Oregon as
to overcome absolutely the idea that
he has passed hln day of usefulness
In Washington. Mr. llermanu has
ably and satisfactorily represented
Superintendent Zmser has not
deemed It W ise under the presi nt
Oregon In the past, I Just as ably and ' conditions to ask the county court to
As the Knterprlse remarked a few
aid to making such a radical change i ' ago, the i(. mliln nns of ( lack
at this time. lamas county must e, that Mr Her
0 ! nuinn for congress receives a major
ity of tln votes cahl net Monday. A
year ago Clin kumun county Republi
cans, because of their lack of activity
j satisfactorily representing Oregon to-
day. and will continue to r present
Oregon In congress fur the next term.
In its last wek's issue, the Courier 1 Oregonlan.
denounces as false the statement that
the office of assessor under J. F. Nel- j The Knterprise would not Insist on
son, the present incumbent, cost less the election of the Republican ticket
than did the same office under his
In refutation of this, but little argil-
levy the library taj. but has secured
additions to school libraries of some
'i volumes by other means. His
Democratic opponent criticises him
for thlrf. Would Mr. Starkweather
compel the county court to lay this
additional burden on the shoulders
and Interest, allowed the Ifc-niorruflc
candidate to carry (d,, county That
inut not be rejM'ated at this time.
Mr. Hermann will lie elected and
Clackamas futility should swell th"
Tarly In hli term Supt. ZliiHt
learned that the preetie of hnAt
and other obntructious on the school
grounds are not conducive to the f.ii4
morals of the children, ninie lh
teacher cannot io-o what Is going on.
Ills vigorous campulg.i for better rue
ditioiiN found a nudy iehNiue i u th
part of (dolors and parent Ki
Supt Starkweather, having grown up
surrounded by stumps and hud
brio h. evidently had become so rcu-
rnftjorlty. This will be un opportunity1 (ono d ( them that ho never noticed
at this or any other time if it did of the taxpayers' The fact that dur
not think the best Interests of the tax- Ing his term of office he Instituted
for the Repiihlh-an of (tils county to
redeem their record of a year ago.
Will (hey do (? We predict tha! they
them HU attitude of blissful Indlf
fer lice did not tend to remedy them.
payers of Clackamas county will be ; mandamus proceedings and compelled1
ment is required. As usual, the Cour-1 served by that result. Every candi-j the county court to levy an additional i
ler is oft Its bae. Mr. Nelson s pre
decessor had at all times during his
term from two to four extra deputies
while Mr. Nelson has at no time had
other than one deputy, and that per
son is his son Fred, who has earned
and received a salary of $00 per
date on the ticket Is deserving. They
are conservative business men and
farmers, possessing every qualifica
tion for the respective offices to
which they aspire. And, again, the
result of the election next Monday
will exert a national influence that
2.7 mills over and above the usual five
mill school tux would seem to war-
J rant the belief that, If elected, he
I would also try to enforce the library
! tax.
With this week another county cam
paign in Clackamas county clones.
Tbe indications are that the entire
Republican ticket will be elected. We
can see no valid reason why snch
should not be the result The present
officers Lave proven capable of dis
charging the duties that attach to
the respective offices they have filled
and for which they are candidates for
a second term.
County affairs have been well and
economically administered dnring the
last two years, and In the canvass
of the county these officers have bad
nothing to conceal or misrepresent.
The mot convincing testimonial they
have presented in support of their
claim to a second term haa been tbe
month. In view of these facts, we can scarcely be over-estimated. As
submit to any Intelligent voter how I Mr. Hermann stated Tuesday night,
in the name of common sense could as the Oregon election goes in June
thf office under Mr. Nelson have cost I so will the November presidential
within several hundred dollars of j election be influenced. Kvery Rejmo
what it has been costing the tax- lican voter in Clackamas county
payers? , should be extremely alive to the sit-
The truth of the matter is, the : uation and do his utmost for the sue
statements that have been made con-1 cess of the entire ticket. Let's ac-rei-ning
the administration of this j cornplish an unprecedented majority
office by Mr. Nel.son are absolutely j for the state and congressional tickets
correct, as the records will show. We j and elect the county and legislative
again wiffh to quote from the para-' candidates by Increased majorities.
graph that we recently published in
the Enterprise as follows: "The ex
pense of running the assessor's office
for the year 1901, for salaries alone,
amounted to $4,850. This was the
year in which field deputies were
sent out, but does not include the
cost of the present-owner maps,
which was a separate expense. Tbe
expense of running the office for the
corresponding year of 1903, under
Assessor J. F. Nelson, when field dep
uties were again sent out, amounted
to only $3,492.95, a saving of $1,457.06
over tbe corresponding year 1901
Tbe cost of malting tbe assessment
for the 1904 roll will not exceed
$2300, as no deputies will be In tbe
There has been made some objec
Col Veatch, Special Agent Creene
and others of Mr Hermann' defam
ers should have attended the Repub
lican rally In this city Tuesday night
Mr Hermann answered each and ev
il Is essential that every Republlrao
voter In Clackamas county not only
go to the polls Monday and rule (J
strolght Republican ticket, tut also
that h work for the electlo of each
candidate on the ticket. As we have
remarked elsewhere, th! If! th rt
time In fourteen year In Clackamas
employing an alleged excessive num- audience with which he was groe'ed
berof young women for clerical work, j The enthusiasm with w hich Mr Her
ery one of the accusations that have
been made against him by his defllers county that the opposing ticket b
been made up along strict party line.
Let's make the Republican majority
a declslvn one!
In view of the tactics that bave
ben employed by tbe opposition in
tbe campaign that concludes with the
election Monday, it would not be sur
prising to see numerous dodgers and
other kinds of deceptive literature and
reports circulated at the eleventh
hour too late for refutation by the
parties sought to be Injured. Voters
are cautioned against this sort of
thing. The intelligence of the voters B'1 Democratic friends at a time not
Among the propositions to be voted
on at the election Monday is a con
stitutional amendment pertaining to
the office of the state printer. The
amendment proposes abolishing the
office of state printer and placing with
the legislature the election of that
officer. If there is to he a state printer
at all he should be elected by the
people, as are all of the other state
officers. The people of Oregon have
already had some experience with
other officers and commissions elect
ed by the state legislature, and It was
found that they did not work very
satisfactorily. Officers elected by the
people are responsible directly
their constituents for the adminis
tration of their respective offices.
In (his contortion it has been N amed
from good authority that th candi
date for sheriff on the Democratic
ticket, in event of bis ebsrtlon, has
promised a deputyshlp to a woman
who sought the same appointment
under Sheriff Shaver and was turned
down. Of course It would be all right
to employ women In the sheriff's
office under a Iemocratlo sheriff but
it Is an unpardonable offense to recog
nize the fair sex under a Republican
administration of that office!
mann's address as received becM-aks:
for him a good vote in Clackamas j
county next Monday. I
There Is one thing certain and that
is this: If tbe present Republican
officers, who are candidates for re
election, are not successful at the
polls next Monday, they will not
charge to the county and collect sal
aries for their services for the time
intervening from the first day of July
until the first Monday in July, the
time newly-elected officers are in
stalled, as was done by some of our
A Roosevelt Republican club was
organized in Oregon City Tuesday
night with a charter membership of
150, and with every prospect of
amounting to something. It waa pro
per that Captain M. D. Phillips, who
did valiant service In the Philippines,
should be made president of the or
ganization. The club will be able to
do much effective work In the Inte
rest of tbe party it represents during
both tbe June and November elec
tions by insuring an Increased major-
10 ! Ity on both occasions.
Greater evidence of tbe satisfac
tion of one's administration of an
office i not to be bad than in the
of Clackamas county, however, will
not permit them to accept with any
credence such reports when tbe autb-
very long ago. The possibility of such
a contingency being presented, how
ever, is decidedly remote.
Mr. Starkweather Is opposed to the
present law permitting the consolida
tion of school districts. Suppose two
districts should find It to their ad
vantage to unite their school Inter
ests, wholly or In part, for a short
time or permanently. Would Mr.
Starkweather refuse to comply with
the provisions of the law, the accept
ance or rejection of which is now
wholly optional with tbe taxpayers of
these districts?
Supt. Zlnser, In examining nearly
five hundred teachers, has constantly
aimed to secure better qualification
He has been called upon to settle
numerous difference between school
offlcers, teachers and taxpayers. Yet
such haa been the general confidence
in bis fairness and good Judgment
that only a single case has gone up
to Salem on appeal, and this came
from the district where Mr. Stark
weather 1 clerk and chief advlner.
It should be considered a pleasure
by every Republican In Clackamas
county to labor unceasingly from now
until the poll are closed Monday
evening that every candidate on the
ticket from constable to congressman
failure of tbe opposing political party
to name candidates for that office.
This evidence is shown in tbe candi
dacy of Judge McBride and District may row,iv 8uch a maJorlty M wln
Attorney Allen, of tbe Fifth Judicial j k.ave no question of a doubt as to the
district. iDey nave no opposition.
Tbe dairy and pure food interests
of the state require the re-election of
J. W. Bailey as dairy and food com
missioner. During his first term Mr.
Railey has done much to advance the
dairy Interests of tbe state.
strength and predominance of the Re
publican party In Clackamas county.
o .
There Is no question as to the re
sult of the election of Justice of the
supreme conrt It Is only a question
'2,000 mile of long; di
tntice, telephone wire in
Oregon, Washington, Cali
fornia and Idaho now in
op-ration by the Pacific
Station Telephone Com
jmny, covering 2,2r0
Quick, accurate, cbep
All the Hatisfaction of a
J r son a 1 communication.
Distance no effect to a
clear understanding. Spo
kane and Sun Franciflc
as easily heard ai Port
land. -Oregon Citr office at
Harding's Drur Store.
Near Hnntley'a Drug Store,
Ureat Britain and America.
plUl. ....
raiKiicTii M4LiiKiannaM.
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n ui iiBiua HUM, Barop and Hndf im
a to the majority Hon. K. A. Moore WmTi:tr?r
will receive. I :. latoubitti, Pridnt
t J MKTIR CMklar.