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Out Cot t espondents Come I
Brid Bib of Gossip From All Partsoi th County. J
R. L. Jones and family, of Benton
county. spent thin H vlsttinr Mends
and relatives, returning Saturday.
Cams base tall nine defeated the
Windy Molalla" team Sunday. ior
to 14. There wll b two match furor
at Carus next Sunday. June 6; Carus vs. '
Shubel and Carue v. Ely. Refreshment
will b wrenl on the rrounds.
Frank Klnnery i laid up with a
broken finirer.
Edith. Jessie and Letha Jackson and
Mr. and Mrs. Ptanpler called on Mr. and
Mrs. F. M. Manlng- Sunday.
Pick Pavla ha purchased a new
burry and harness. I
J. P. Martin la shearinj: sheep th'.s j
Cnas. Bowman came home Saturday
night from Aurora.
The social and dance at the Teasel
Houm Saturday evening was O. K. The
boya cleared aomething like 130.
Lillian Cans spent Saturday and Sun
day at Al Jones.
Jones A Sthoenborn purchased e,ch
a new mower Saturday
Mrs. Robert Shubel spent Monday af
ternoon with Mra. Cora Smith.
We are having f.ne weather. Or;
looking well, but beginning to need ram
Mr. O. T. Kay and family made a
flying trip to Vmon Mills last Saturday.
Mr. R. r. Cooper is the owner of a
fine colt. It is a dandy, too.
Mr. Wm. Siandinger has finished his
logging Job for Mr. Austin's mill
Mr. R. H. Snodgrass took a number of
fine beef steers to Oregon City last week.
Mr. Snodgraa Is one v.f the best f.irme.-s
in the county.
Mr. John Deniso.i was at Miu.ii:a one
day last week.
Mr. A. S. 1-irkins and family were in
' Oregon City last Friday.
We are going to have a new bridge
across Molalla river near where the
Woodcock creek empties into the Mo
lalla. Mr. Cooper is at work hard for the
Fred, how is the shingle mill
on? See you going up every
c.n.v and s.imerimes when it is not
H. Dodge & Co. have started down the
Molalla with a drive of ties f..r Russell
& Co.. to be taken out at Barlow
Mr. R. P. Cooper and family went to
jUulino to church Sunday.
L F. Kay was at Mullno Sunday.
Mra. Mary Kay is some better.
Mrs. Mandy Overon is quite feeble.
There will be preaching at the Meadow -brook
school house the second Sunday in
K. O.
Say, Mr. Voter, have you in mind that
"figures won't he." and that man can
"make figures lie. 7"
When a man oita the Democratic
ranks (and many did so in the olden
times of Cleveland) he is denocunateu.
often through Jealousy, as a "wanned
over Republican." Therefore, when you
hear of a luke-warm Republican dodg
ing around and working for the election
of atright Democrats, you (an set him
down for a "boiled over Republican." The
former, food in the skillet; the latter,
over in the fire. Those "a.x-8 tj srrind"
are kept well out of sight.
Died. May 27th, of heart failure. Clar
ence Engle, at his home, at the age of
48 years, t months and 16 days. He
leaves a wife and three sons to mourn
bis departure. The remains were laid
to rest in the C. C. cemetery. Elder L.
B. Trullingtr conducted the f jneral ser
Tices. The Harles Bros, have sold o-t the
ganders, farm to a Linn county gentle
man. The Junior brother is thinking of
returning to Indian.
Well. Mr. Editor, next wee there win
a Republican election, a forer-nner
for November next.
A number from here attended the ser
vices at Orgon City on Memorial day
Mr. Piatt and family, of Gladstone,
have moved into our miil't.
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper railed on Mrs.
Dodge Sunday.
Chas. Rennet and Alex Coose departed
last week for Hood River to pi'k Mraw
berriea. Agnes Wa'.lact ftpent S inday at her
home at M ilino.
Hiram and Enoch Dodge ere'.wl them
a fine boat at the mouth of WoocUck
creek. The Job was completed Monday
by the warthy boat builders and after
wards christened by an old residenter
and a bottle of champagne we will give
you the name tomorrow. As we have
a little more space here we'll tell you
that we are really human bemgs, al
though we don't live in mansions. We
treat visitors the best we know how.
Come and see u. dear friends; you are
Johnny Mulvaney had misfortune to
upset his rig a short distance from here
last Sunday as he was returning home
from the ball game, but nobody waa
Th- Tiveit summoned to the home
of Eph Dodge Monday, owing to the
latter getting bis hand cut on the shingle
saw. There are eymptoms of blood poi
soning, but we hope there's nothiDg seri
ous. Chas. Thomas was sen in our midst
last Sunday.
Mr. Charlie Thmas was a vieitor at
Molalla last Sunday.
Mr. Wilkerson, of Canby, was visiting
relatives and friends here latt week.
Born, to the wife of Mr. L. P. Burns,
a 9 1-2 pound boy. Mother ar.d child
are both doing nicely.
Mr. Ross I'eelc-g, of Portland, was tile
guest of Mr. J. H. Burns and family last
Mr. and Mrs. Otto otik! at vict
ors at the residence of Mr. John Burns
Sunday last.
Mr. J . U Thomaa has enclosed hi
house with a nel wire fence.
Mra. A. Wing and daughter, of lVrt
land. are visiting Mr. I- Klgg and fam
ily. Mis F.liaa Hum waa the guoat of
Mra. U Klgg last Sunday.
Mra. R. R. Feeble, who ha been quite
ill. la very much Improved at the present
Mr. John Hurna l working on Mr.
Ferry Bums' road.
Mr. t. R. nimlck. of Oregon City,
called on Mr. J. Adklna lat Sunday.
Mr. George Main. father la vlaitlng
hr at the present time.
The birthday party at the home of
Tho. Fish waa enjoyable, with an at
tendance of fifty of his friends and
George Mallatt left for Cedar Island a
few dnya ago. where ho will work for
E. P. IVdge.
Mrs. Katie White is visiting her par
ents. Ernest Mallat Is 111 of typhoid fever.
I.ee Jones and family are visitor here
now. after being gone for a number f
Mrs. Cora Striker and son. llek. spent
Tuesday with Hea Kinney.
Mr. and Mm. Maples were visitors at
Liberal Sunday.
F. Erickson and family. Wm. Wallace
and family. Mr. and Mrs. Fish and Chaa.
and Ida ltornton spent Sunday ut the
Sell henie.
The last rain is very beneficial to crops
Political speaking is the order of the
Most all of the farmers of this com
munity have received their R. F. L.
boxes and axe well pleased with a
daily mall.
A large number from this section at
tended the services In Oregon City on
liecoration day.
The West Side, Oregon City, and Col
ton will play ball on Shubel grounds
Supervisor Shannon is busy grading
the road here nt present.
Jacob Hohlander returned from bunch
grass with a few horses.
H. Etabln is expected home soon.
Showers of rain are bringing needed
help to all vegetation.
On Sunday last several young men of
this place went to the base ball game at
E. O. Hayward. of Portland, was In
town Saturday on a short visit to his
The grange will observe Children's day
Saturday. Jun 4. at Odd Fellows' hall
and grounds. Extensive preparations
are being made for a pleasant and profit
able occasion.
The ladies of the Congregational church
have secured the use of the kitchen at
the I. O. o. F. hall. They will serve din
ner at noon on election day. June S.
They will also sell lemonade. Ice cream
and cake; during the day.
A voiinc Mr. Stone, son of a former
resident of Viola, is visiting with August
James Walker had the misfortune to
cut the end of one of his fingers nearly
off. Our merchant, W. D. Brown, dressed
the wound, and It did well.
Rev. J. F. Black and wife and daugh
ter, of Maciuoketa, Iowa, spent Wednes
day and Thursday at the home of A. 8.
Black In Viola. They greatly preferred
Oregon to California. In fact they were
so well pleased that Mr. Black Instructed
his brother to look up a tract on some
street car line for hlra to buy for a future
home. The severity of Iowa winters
drives them thence.
Mr. Brock and family, of Redland. visit
ed at the Tenny home on Sunday.
We have in Viola a girl of twelve who
often wears averalls, though she some
times wears dresses. Can anybody give
a good reason why that would not be all
ripht if we were used to it? Woman's
dress is an outrage on civilization. It Is
Inconvenient. She must hold her skirts
v.hen she walks. She may not ride
astride, not climb a tree. She cannot
even, scratch a match conveniently:
Our farmers are now watching, with
the twinkle of amusement in their eyes,
the antics of the politicians who are
seeking the votes of "the honest farmer,"
that they may make some more laws to
protect the general public against his
dishonesty! Such laws, e. g., as the
butter color law, the butter roll law, the
wood measurement law, etc., not tech
nically so-called. By the time this is In
print the twinkle will have passed from
the eyes of the fanners to other eyes.
The confirmation exercises at the Lu
theran church last Bunday, conducted by
Rev. Descher, were very Impressive. A
large crowd was in attendance. Eight
children were confirmed. The girls were
beautifully attired In white and the boys
wore black. Misses Tena, Lena, Rosa,
Nora and Irena Moehnke, Elsie Bluhm
and Bennie and Otto Fisher constituted
the class.
Mrs. E. F. Ginther is still at Oregon
City in Dr. Sommer's care.
Miss Blanche Pond, of Elwood, spent
Bunday with friends at Shubel.
G. A. Bchneel spent Sunday In town.
Quite a crowd attended the Socialist
meeting at the Shubel school house last
Our nchool is busy practicing for an en
tertainment and ice cream social for June
17th. Everyody invited.
Miss Mildred Ginther, of Portland, Is
visiting home.
Miss Lydia Hornshuh left yesterday
for Seattle, Wash., where she will visit
her sister, Mis. Sam Ernst.
Rev. and Mrs E. D. Honisliuh spent
a few dys at the former's home before,
leaving for their new field of labor in
Eastern Oregon.
Mercury 60 and having fine showeis.
The Sunday school picnic was an en
Jovahle success.
The Republican candidate liav been
her." oomimina the douMful one the
way to ote and 1 think they aucceeded
very well.
Rev. Iry. of IVrtlitnd, told lis why
It was best to vote for local option, and
if I had the time 1 could tell why we
should not ote for the so-called stock
On tho Ilth there was a party of about
a doaen. Including Rev. Allen, went to
Oregon City, stopping at the Kleottle
hotel. At that plac Rev. Allen pro
nounced the ceremony that made the
following persona man and wife: Mr
Ralph Tracy, a well- known and prom
inent young man of Logan, and Miss
Allle Smith, of Spiingwater, an accom
plished, lovely young woman. whom
Sprlngwater regrcta to lose, Mr. Walter
IVan. of Sandy, and Mlsa 1-en Raney.
of this plaoe. both of whom ar favor
ably known, have ulso wedded. Their
many friend Join In wishing Ihcm a
happy Journey through a prosperous life
n '
Geo, Zlegler. of ltarlow. waa set upon
by a vicious hog nnd nearly killed Had
It not been for the falthfulnesa of his
dog It Is said he would have been bitten
to deuth. As it was he waa bitten sev
eral lime and the flesh torn fr,im one
of his legs.
The eagle ill scream ut Canbv on
the Fourth of July as never Infoie,
and 1 doubt If he will I able to lalse
so much disturbance for several genera
tions to come. Eminent speaker will
be on hand and thousands of people to
Mr. I'. A. Grirtln. an old friend of Mi i
Suw from California. Is staying with
him and occasionally helping him with ,
tli ikihI ofTtee Work. I
Mrs L. 8. Eldred. the Very ertlclellt .
, mistress. Mx Wplnesdav moinlng
Mr Fargo. North itakota. to visit fiien.isi
ai'.d lelallves. f
IaioIs Gratier Is rapidly repairing his 1
property and getting it Into first -class
i. I... t1v Inlured
i lias. Illlliusi. .ni. ......... -
his foot with an ax. is rapidly recovering
Strawbrrrlc are rapidly llp-nlng aiout
. ... ... I... .. ,u.,oiHfnt
Iinl'V ailU mere se. nis 10 - "
crop of Ihe d. Melons berries.
A very exciting runaway m cuiTeo 1" !
Canby Monday, when Chris jiwreii. e s
team, of Macksbiirg. ran away. n
seems that they were tied In one of the
sheds and his dog. thinking It high time
to leave for home, tag.m barking at
their hea Is. causing them to break loose
and also th harness and several other
articles Mr. 1-awrem e declared that the
dog would be a subjeet for Memorial
day exercises next year.
Mr. John Stalnaker. our rustling livery
man. lost a very fine horse on Sunday
evening. ;ur. ro.ioi.in'-i
to know what was the matter, as the
bursa- died very suddenly. II" hud taeii .
offered $150 for It but a few days before
G. H. Hampton wrestled with the goat
In the third degree of the I. . . E.
lodge last Friday evening fanby lodge
Is growing right along. The new offi
cers elected aie as follows: H. A. l-d-man.
noble grand; C. T. Hates, vice
grand; K. T. Si is. secretary, and An
drew Ko" her. treasurer
Every one said that It was a beautiful
rain we bad on Tuesday. I guess It must
be so. for we needed It very mueh
Andrew Kim her has recently sold a
new lr.i hav b,.l. r to Brush Itros., of
M.i.ksbing. He has also sold a full new
threshing outfit and also a new sepa
rator, not of cream, but of wheat.
Carlton & Kosenkrans seem to be doing
H very large business this spring, as their
store Is crowded ull the lino-.
The Socialists have made their cam
paign speeches here and, as usual, re
hearsed the history of the two old parties
and lamented their Inability to get hold
of P. J. Morgan's and Rockefeller s mil
lions, but they have about completed
plans for getting hold of the railroads If
they succeed In time we expect a free
ride to the World s Fair at St. Louis.
Misses Nora and Zoa Fish spent Satur
day at Woodburn.
Percy Rltter visited at KusselKille last
Our school closed Friday with appro
priate exercises. We thank Miss Nord
hauser for the good work she has done
and wish her success In all her under
takings. Dave Wolfer and family spent Sunday
nt Mr. Montandon's.
Call on Jack Taylor and learn an easy
way to peel barberry tres.
Colonel Bail' and relatives, of Canby,
visited the Zimmerman cemetery on
Decoration day and spent the' day In
decorating the graves of their dead.
The Sunflower grange rendered an In
teresting program n Haturduy, May id,
In celebration of Children's day. Mr.
Eckles, of Canby, was In attendance arid
honored us with an Interesting talk.
Mrs. Fred Will, of Aurora, visited her
parents on Sunday. .
Mr. 8. C Glesy, tA Portland, visited a
few days with friends here last week.
A dance, with be cream supper, will
be given at Thompson's hall on June 4.
All are cordially Invited.
Farmers are wishing for rain. The
continued dry weather will make a short
age In hay crops.
Wednesday, May 2&th, at high noon,
Mr. E. T. Davis and Mis Maude, E.
Holder were married at the home of the
bride's parents In Garfield. W. H.
Holder, the father of the bride, gave the
bride away. The Rev. Mr. Muckley, of
Portland, conducted the ceremony under
the ritual of the Church of Christ. The
guest were limited to relatives and per
sonal friends of the bride and groom.
Thursday evening an lnfalr was given at
the home of W. W. Davis, father of the
groom, which waa well attended. All
report an enjoyable time.
Saturday, May 2'th, a son was born to
W. W. Davis, Jr., and wife.
Mr. Robert Duncan was elected to the
office of master of Garfield grange, to fill
the vacancy made by the resignation of
W. H. Holder. Robert Is but 27 days
over 'i years of age, and Is undoubtedly
the youngest grange master In the state.
He is a capable young man. Waller
j mori Writ elected HteMald. Mr. I- iin.n
Is also eighteen.
The Odd Fellows elected E. F. Surface
noble grand; K. T. Ula Mo grand. K. I
M. GUI worrtary; J. J- I'aUs treasurer
The Hev. Aaron M. Hray. of IVttlnnd.
preached at the Garfield actio..! house
u.m.l.iv. Mav ilsth. At J 30 p. m. he ad
dressed Ihe people at the Gal field hall In
behalf f the local option bill. Ill" l'c. n
mi well received.
V. M. ill IX.
Mrs. Mlolnbetbsm, of Viola.
Thou art gone In the grave, but we will
not deplore thee,
Tho' daiknesa and sorrow encompasa
th tomb;
Thy Saviour haa passed through II por
tal before Ihee,
And Ihe lump of hi love was thy guide
through the gloom.
Thou art gn to the grav. and we no
longer deplore the.
Nor tread the rough path of ths world
by thy side;
lint the wide arm of merry at spread
to enfold thee.
And thl la our hope, alnce Ihe Saviour
has died.
Thou ait gone to the grave, but 'twere
wrong to deplore thee,
When Christ w the ransom, thy
guardian and guide;
He taught thee, he took thee, and soon
will restore thee.
Where death ha no power, since thy
Saviour has died
Ivarest mother. lhu hast led us. her
thy Ions ifce deeply feel,
tint 'tis G.hI that hus twrcft ii. H
alone our soirows can heal,
iHar as thou crl. and Justly dear.
Will not Weep for time.
due thought shall cheek Ihe slatting
teat - It Is that thou art free
1 Ittell lev her fllelld.
M K t
, b s I want you all reerlve my
,,,, ks In the muniier they ore Intended
to ! mad.- (That Is In u II kindness,
.....I f... ....,,. v.w..l Melt AS ittllrtsl.
.... , p,---..
I Won t ou please change your lime for
j plng ball to rtatuidavs I think you
... ...it ......... ........ ..... t-lt..r tote.
would enjoy your game U tter, and have
a i leai. r eoliselriu e. than )ou would
have bv Klavlng Sundavs For there
I u 'ibt be no doubt but you had a perfe t
ilvhl lo S.ilurdav. I BOokc til some of tin
Iwiva ill-nit it, and they said our father
will not let us liae Dipt duv. But I
believe they Were mistaken For I do
not think any father would wnin the re.
si"iililllv of Ixing the cause of his
boy s li-.slng his soul And as for the
mothers. I for one would agiee, If the
bovs wanted refreshment for Satur
days would be willing to do my share.
There Is an old saying, but It Is a true
one. nil work and no play makes Jack
a dull hoy. iur bus have their light
Cream Cheese
Kl'e. n an. I
Tomatoes, 3 for ..'5. . . .
Oysters. 3 cans
Arm & Hammer Soda.
12 I-
: for
lj. 4 for
Arm A Hammer Soda, bulk, 2 1-2
pounds, 11c; 7 pounds
Coffee, e'lual lo Arbuckle 12
l-lV; better 14
Coffee, ecpjttl to 30c goods 20
(Samples free).
Hard Wheat Flour, sai. II OH;
barrel 4 06
Extra Hour, sack 11.10, a barrel 4 25
10 bar Elk Hoary 2i
Corn Starch, sc; gloss starch.. (sS
Clothespin, lc dot; toothpicks,
box M
Oranges, 10c per doi.n and up.
Stylish Millinery at lower prires.
Better Shoes for ladles.
Better Shoes for boys.
Indies' 11.26 Patent Slippers, He.
Big lot Samplt Shoes, all kinds 1-4
Plaster, grain and feed, shingles, etc.
Trade for produce.
Mic st-el hammer '. . 2f
7!c rasps 46
Mrs. Potts sad Irons, nb ke
pi, it'.'!, set 'if 3 and stand snd
Improved handle 1 15
Sample shirts, sample lials, sample sus
penders. 1-4 less In price.
Roys' wool hats, 30c up; men's hats
4oc up.
C. GADKE Incumber
If i toil i
W i In a posi
tion to aav yon
from 10 t 8
ceml. on linilfrUk-
rr'a aupplie ol
wlilcli w tarry
t'ouipUt alock.
l 4-1 m.
R. L-. HOL7-T7.N, Undertaker & EmbaWr
Olllc: Oti.d.gr.mli ol Court llouur at Clggf Hlorg vppuglt- Ii.uk
ol D-egon C'liy.
1 5(nart Effete
Our buyr it now in Nw Yotk ami within few week t
will ha on display the tmartrt ami most complete Una
of Novcltira In U'lic' Wrr vcf hod l tills city.
2 T?lio Fair
as well as ouisellve. and ran w not
allow Idem one nth of Ihe lime Hut
iiod Ins given us for woik or play And
I think Ihe No would he willing to coll
duel Ihe game In such a manner thai the
patents and sister could visit Ihein and
enjoy seeing the game For I am ure
e ought to lake ri Inletrsl in what in
terests our Ihs
,8lnr.li A M-irili:lt
Imn'l let th llttl oi' suffer from
rciem or other torturing skin diseases
No need for It. lKan Ointment cures.
Can't harm th most delicate skin. At
any drug store, til rents.
Prying irriartloiia simply iV
oji dry catarrh ; lUy Ury up Ilia Mcrettima,
hub aJlier to to insml'rana anil doo.
M, causing a far nior serious troubl lUaa
Ui ordinary form of catarrh. AoM all dry.
fug Inhalauta, fume, amok and antifl
and use that wliieu clean, aootbo and
bel. I ay s Crm IWm la such a mmsdy
and will cur catarrh or cold in Ui bead
easily and pleasantly. A trial al will b
mailed for ID rsnta. All drugfUts sell tli
50o. u. Kit Urolher. M Warren Ht., N.Y.
Tha IUI10 eurea wmwui rain, ws o"
I.,tt nr ransa ineozing. It Spreaais lUHiu
ot.r an Irritated and angry surfac. rb.
U ImmliaUIr th raitiful InflammalloB.
With Ely's Crewra Halm you ar armed
against ha! CalarTb ana Iley r ever.
Tha Enterprise, 11 to a year, and wurlh
th money.
nTTT A 17 T7 0T vegetable Sicilian
A splendid ionic for the hair, mates the hair crow lone and heavy.
Always restores coiorto Cray nair.au mc aari.rlch color or youih.
Stops falling hair, also.
I for
We) have) removed Into our larger
Twelfth streets;. We have added con
OiorotiKlily e'lulpiu'd to handle all
Building and Repairing of
Saw mill supplied, ahoftlng, tW and
and high gradoa; emery stands, swim
band and made to order. We also
business. Plow shares ground and
First Class Work.
Twe,fth flnd MaJn st5
W r utiiler
small asp n...
Hava no niKlills
Mian l ay. own
our liitar. ai j
will Iteal yoiilair,
VM I'Mlt'K To Alt
Swell Lace Collars just
WIHIMtW nisrt.n)
Disastrous Wrtck.
Crt'litira U rtiiHinslti'.t for
many railway wrrclt and lh natu
cause ar making human wrecks of
.uftciers from Throat ami l.ung I rou
ble. Hut alnrn tho advent of n.
King No" IMcoY0!7 for Cooiua
Hon. Cough ami C0I1U, ftron lb
orl raao ran bo cured, and hobs-
1 f resignation Is no l"iiKr nicv
' . , .. r . IL ..1...
ary air, lau 1 iil.l, ut isuruw
tr, Mas.. I tmo nt many whoa
HI waa aav1 by Dr. King New
liiscxivory. Tlila ttmat' rrtnedy is
giiataiiioct for all Throat ami Lung
diseases by Cliarinan Co, drug
gist, rncn too. and 1100. Trial
bottle trt'.
Indigestion Causes
Catarrh of the
For many yaaa It has bn supposed thai
Catarrh of Ih Slomach cauaad liKTfeitlca
;arid dyxpapda. but tha truth Ii aisctly tha
ppoali. ind ition cause caiairn. r
pld attacks of Indication inflames lha
mucous membrane tlulnf th stomach and
sipossi lha nerve ol Ih stomach, I hu caus
ing h f landa to stasia mucin If .siead sf
th )ulrea el natural digestion. Th a I
called Catarrh, ol lha Stomach.
. . aw
relieve all Inflammation ol th muceu
anambranaa Itidnf tha stomach, prefect lha
sjanraa. and our bed breath, sour rUlnri. a
strut of fullness alter siting. Ind!'ailt
dyspepsia and all stomach trouble.
Kcxlol Digits What You Lit
Mad Um StotnacJi Sweet
Mile ?. Kstuisr K 1 1 00. kn4t IH DSMt
I Iks IrUI whkk tell fr 10 cesia.
y I. 0. OeWlTT OO., OW. , ItV
'Hold by li. A. HAKIM NO, llnwtfi.l
fifty years. '"frTjrarrjzw
and tiettnr building at Main and
Hlderahlo new machinery, and r
cIuhhos of work.
collar In atnek; Babbitt Motal low
aaw frames and harbors; pulleys 00
do a general machine blacksmlthlnC
saws gummed.
Prices Hoderatc.
Oregon City, Oregon