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Correspondents are requested to
ww their work. We will supply all
creaawry stationery. The new from
yonr neighborhood utionKI appear in
then columns every wk, The busy
season in past vou should renew your
correspondence work.
John Sttowhriilito has bought the old
Cap place.
A J. Kitimiller la shearing sheep (or
Jo. IVMiaser.
Mm. Frank Selman ha been on the
aick lint for the past two week.
Mr. F.lli.tt, of Fall Valley, has
bought track of land on Deep creek.
A. J. KiUmiller and Joseph IVSIiaser
went to Oregon Cily one day lliii week
on bubiness.
Sunshine and rain and tine growing
weather. Snow ia going ott the moun
tains verv fust.
Clara timer is home agun.
Tomniie Pa via sient Sunday at l
Chris Huliard of Oregon City spent
Funday in tVus.
Cora .ln'ir was (he gin-ft of Sara
J one one any nt week.
M. K roll anil family, of Maple Lane,
were guests at Mr. Fauci Sun. lay.
Meed a men Erickon and Faint anil
daughter railed ou Meiidaiiies Gardner
and Lindsley Sunday.
Carus lias a new minister who preach
cd quite a riermon Sunday evening to
a large croad, which appealed to the
hearts of many and was appreciated by
Wesley Hill visited
land Sunday.
friends at High-
Mies Lena Hornshuh, who is visiting
at Salem, will return home next week.
Rev. A. A. Englehart preached an in
teresting sermon in the r vangelieal
church Sunday.
School wlil clove next Friday, and
there will he an enterta'nmeut and pie
ocial. Everybody come.
Nearly everybody of our neighborhood
went to Oreiion City iVcoraticn Day.
All Mid they had a tine time.
Miss Latra j in t her, who has been
Timing her sister, Mis. C. Cirasier, at
Oregon City, has returned home.
Dnlon Hall.
Mr. An?enon and pife pasred through
here lant Sum'ay.
Joseph I'erringer is running hi own
larni and alo Mr. Dimick's farm.
Several from this place attended the
dance at Canny last Sal unlay night.
William Johnson had llie uuHforlune a
lew dya kgo locul his nand hndly with
a ciohn cm taw.
Alvin 1'helps is cne of our hucineBu
men here ; lit-i iniiiuiig t ne (arm and
Lia wood Ha Ihis summer.
Our new road in the.-e parts is going
through very rlow ly So lar, as Mr. l!or
ilig, our tuj.ei vitor, baa not showed up
Adoljih Ythnke, t tie voungest son of
Mr. Yoebtike, of Mouiit l'leaant, called
tin Joiio ruin tun iaruily a tea days
Mr. Kui-eell was down to Mr. Adkins a
few (Jays a to transfer ir.g bees from the
old stands lo new ones. Mi. Kui-t-ell is
an expert bee man.
The fieople of this vicinity are goini
try ana Have a belter mad in the ne
future. There are too manv blind trail
in thin country that go by the name of
Mr. Wilkerson is running his farm
and aieo the Hess farm. The men in
thece parts are not all idle. Mr. Wilker
son has commenced a war of extermina
tion on tbegrai squirrels and chipmunks
to save his ciups.
Eagle Creek.
A few warm days last week.
W, J. Douglas has returned from East
ern Oregon.
Elez Baker and wife have moved to
Gerlinger saamill.
George Howlett ia back in this part of
the country again.
Fred Huffmaster and George Judd
Lave the measles.
Guy and Lottie Woodle was np at
Pleasant Hill recently.
Mr. Cabilland J. D. Woodle have been
repairing E. Foster's barn.
Biily Cook was aeen nn the streets of
JCairle Creek Ine first of the week.
W. J. Douglas and wife and Mrs. A. J,
Douglas went to Firwood Monday.
Khihley's health
is improving
Election day was very quiet in Ibis
Miss Ora Lewellen, of (jalifornia, is
not improving in health.
The Handle-Vaudike-Seiverifood mil
is beink? moved in J. Shibley's timber
Those who are tralnlncr flesh
and streriKth by regular treat
ment with
Scott's Emulsion
should continue the treatment
In hot weatheri smaller dose
and a little cool milk with It will
do away with any objection
which Is attached to fatty tiro
ducts during the heated
9nA for free mpV.
SCOTT & BOWNJi, UiemisU,
409-415 fearl Street, New York,
aoc aod $1.00; all druggiita.
"I nave used Ayer'i Hair Vigor
for over thirty years. It ha kept
my scalp free from dandruff and
has prevented my hair from turn
in gray." Airs. F. A. Soulc,
Billing, Mort.
There is this peculiar
thing about Aycr s Hair
Vigor it is a hair food,
not a dye. Your hair docs
not suddenly turn black,
look dead and lifeless.
Butgraduallytheold color
comes back, all the rich,
dark color i: used to have.
The hair stops falling, too.
It M Mm. All !
tf your ilruciM? rruiti.it tly run,
aeiul 'u en.i u.ili tt ami n mil rl.ra
yo.i a lxt:.e-. lit i ie i?it iiauia
i )uut urret rcre i tn-. Aililrma,
J. I'. AYEK 111 , 1-owvll. .u.
John Kit I and James Mnrchbt.k are
moving on their (aim tliat were hmutd
Mr. Yakman, from Cslifornia, ha
bought I tie Sirite hi; in, 1:0 acre,
Fimy Comer, F'rma Sliibley and Farl
Slnbley attended Pecoration day exer
cise at Oregon Cily.
ltranch Tucker, James Niarclihank,
John Stormer, John liird, Win. Smith
and Al. Curry are building.
IVcoration day was olwerved at tlie
Springwater reinetery and ibe fence built
up that wa burned by (orent fire.
John Storuter and family, James Sliib
ley and wife, Iiella (iutri.lurt and A. SI
Sliibley attended tlie State Grange.
Mrs. KsleMa Hard went to Portland to
coiult with Or. llu kinin about her
health. The doctor Said she was not
pat redemption.
Tlie Springwater baseball club played
the F)l wood hoy. The KIhooiU came
out ahead. They will play at Spring
water again on the 13th int.
Kev. Itruce, from California, take the
field of Clackamas Firct (lieaver Creek).
Hedland and Springwater churches and
will move into Springwater niaiite this
Jan:es Dubnyce's friend received a
letter from him receelly Ironi Alacks.
He and two other men took out of their
mine two nuggets thol weighed over
Several of our cilizens to to the moun
tain this eek to look alter their timber
claims and ininiiw interests.
Molalla (trance No. .'110 will not ole
serve Children's day at the regular June
meeting, as previously announced.
Last Saturday liitfht Molallu Aseiiilily
No. h'J, United Artisan, gave hii enler
tainmeiit and treated kjiiih l't0 penum
to ice cream.
HI. lor J. H. Moore prom lied fare-
well sermon lal Sunday. He ami his
family nro iron u to h ave the country to !
reside in the near future. ,
That f hi0 Sontln-rti Oregon robbery
may turn nut yet like Ihe f liitrhmau's
turkey enteririe, "ull giibble fur Kain."
1 lie tiarK cloml in tlie lionzon ilon t eon
ceal the "nigger in the wood pile."
here I
DeinorrBCV carried all llie votes
fnriiiuL' nu vi. urnl blr..ui.t J'l 1uu, ...... I
polled 1 10 votes. Hut say. whose 'Vnr
den seeds" srd "still dead" today any-
way. Miss llemocracy anHwera "still !
dead, by a tliousHnd or more " The old '
"compound hand shake" makes a lively j
corn?) for one that is "slid dead," ac-
cording lo prophesy. Has "sornelliinir.
dropped ' in old Clackamas comity? Il
appears that way. Election passed olf
Very rpnelly where rolls the .Molalla,
with about a iwo ttiinls vote.
Mr. Clsynon, of Coneord. visited his
daugtiter, Mrs, bias, last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden were in Oregon
City Iecoratiori Day, the guests of Ails.
F. bleight.
Mr. Nolan, of Dufur, Eastern Oregon,
is spending a few days with Mrs. C.
Barney Cronin is erecting a new house
on the projierty he recently purchased
from Mr. Blount.
The cool weather keeps the strawber
ries from ripening fast, and as yet they
are not very plentiful.
, Mr. an I Mrs. Brown will soon occupy
the house recently vacated by Mr. An
derson at Second and D streets.
Mr. J. Wilkinson ami Mr. Hkinner
have bought out the blacksmith 1I100
formeily owned by .lerman Vorpahl.
Tne Canby lodge I. 0. 0 F. elected
officers last week, noble grand II. Itair,
vice Brand, Adam Kniuht secretary E I.
Bias, treasurer, A. Kocher.
The election here Monday was verv
quiet. Of the votes cast, Keamea, demo
crats received DJ ; Hermann, republican,
Elmore, prohibition, 13; Ingle, so
cialist, U. j
Miss Marian Hwanhy closed her spring!
term 01 school at Kiversnle last Friday.
The exercises were held in Clausen's
grove After the program was rendered
ice cream was served toall in attendance.
Election was a very quiet day al lia-ma-eus.
William 'iiUiam. of Henner. i visitirnr
old friends here this Week.
Weather is fine, crops are grow ing and
prospects are tiood for a line harvest.
M... r.i..l L'. ... .10 .1
-Mii-s l.lhel ro-ter, of lioring, was the
guest of Air. ami Mrs. A. VV. loyke ,Sun-'
Warren (ireenwell has so far recovered
from an attack of pneumonia that be is
abie to he out again.
Lewis Forbes and wife, of Monfavilla.
were visit ng Mr. and Mrs. Del Forbes
Saturday and Bunday.
Mr. Julia Young, of MiUaukle, was
visiting her son, b. ('. Yountt, and slater,
Mr. II, F dreenwrdl, a few data last
J. A. Hover and wile, Henry Hilleary
and daughter I'earl ami Mm rwhlua and
Kuby Cooke atteudeil church at Logan
Son. lay.
Hon. O. H. Dimlik, of Oregon Cltv,
lis heen secured a orator ol I lit day on
July -tilt, llHKI. at Damascus, I'arkpliue
hrana hand w ill furnish iitimti' for the day,
I'lulil W III lie Milter.
Thou .who ersit in clumiig their ear
H M I t tlie continual reroiuiiicudalion nl
Or. King' New 1'iacovery lor Comoiinp
lion, will hikve a long and hitter lltilit
Willi their troubles, il hot ended earlier
by fatal termination. Head what T. 1J.
Iteall. of ltea.ll, Mm., haatosav: "l.m-l
fall my w ife had every oviuplnm of eon
niiiption. She link Dr. Kmg'a New
Discovery after eveiythiiiK ele had
failed. Improvement rame at once and
four bottle entirely enred her. tiiir
anteed bv (ieo. A. Ilsrdiint, I rivt(Hl.
Criee AOc and l IX). Tiial bottle tree.
For Young Ken and Voting Women
There Is nothing that will aroiiae the
ire of a yt ung man or wnman soipiick aa
to have infeiior lamnlry noik put olf on
Idem. They limv diesa ever o well,
but il their shirt front or shirt wuist is
'iiiinnr. ttirir lit-fti ai'i'f-aritm I' is f-itiii
1 lie Imy Laundry makes a apt'culiy tn
Indies' and L'rli!!i'ii:en'a llun work.
! Tbeie ran lie no heller amk llntn i .lime
at the Irny. I-ave ymir ot.leia at Julin
sou' barber shop
('I. Ilrulsea sail llurn
iliilrb Hrwlr.l
ChamlHrlain's l'aiu It m I in ia an anti
septic liniment, and when applied lo
cuts, tiruises and burn, i-iie them to
heal n limit maturation and miicti mote
tpinkly iban h the Usual trealliieiit
For sale by (i. A. Harding
If you don't get the
don't gut the new.
Ota: IT Ol T.
Ileslilenta of O r- it Vlty
Nliawn I lie Vny.
Only one w ay to cure a bad buck
Liniment and plasters may relieve it ;
They won't cure il.
Itai kacbe means sn k kidney,
loan's Kidney I'llla cure all kidney
liead a case of it :
Mr. J. 1). Kennedy, who resides at
"SOCorU'tt street, I'orllnnd, saya: "1
have been atllicted with kidney trouble,
for thirl y )eais, and for the past laenty
vears 1 have never been entirely free
from it in some form or other. 1 suf
fen-d terribly from backache and could
lurdly stoop over ami get up again.
Trouble Jroin the kidney sacrellon ex
isted. At time I wa irrea'lY bloated,
my feet welled to twice llieir naiural
si.e, , ltd 1 whs eliliini wilhoiil a laster
on my buck toeiii (he iniu. I iiot tor
ed a great ileal and lle. mole Ine.ll
'Hies llian any i.iih person could carry.
I bad lend so much alsiut I loin's Kid-
I iiev IMI that I coin I in I oil to give them
a trial ami iii-t a lux. I w as a good sub
ject nil a case of ii Ii long landini;, j
and I thought if lliey lielie, inn I could
safely recommend iliem to oi,ris. I
u-ed lliein f ii'lilully and tin results
-r sa'i-l u-tory in every .iv. I'u.in's
Kidney Tills are a onder. They ilid
me Inure (fix
CUT ilsed "
him any other remedy I
I'lentv more proof like this (rum Ore-
" j goit City M-ople. Call lit C. Ii. Hun!-'
ley's dm store and ask what bis ens-
totneis reiort. !
Kor sale by all dealers. I'rlce ,rsl cents.
Mill, urn Co., Lnll'.ilo, N. y,, mil,. I
ajreiils for the I'niled SLiles.
Hememher the name Onati's sn 1
fak no substitute.
Oregon t llr Market Uciorl.
(Corrected Weekly.)
Wheat No. 1, 70c -r bushel
Flour Cortland, M IK) s-r hbl
rWr hhl. ,,-hfi'
per sk. Howard s H
Oil's in sacks, white
cental, irray, 11 10
Hay old Timothy, bales, (lri per ton;
loose, 8 to fll per ton. Clover
Oat, $10; mixed hay, 10.
Millstulfs Bran, 2 00 fa r ton.
shorts, IL'.I 00 per ton ; chop, fL'1.00 per
ton, barley, rolled, $L'U (K) per ton,
I'otatoeM 40cto&0c iier biiiiihed lbs.
Ftrgs Oregon, Mi: to 1jc perdor-en.
Butter Kanch. :t(lc to 40c per roll.
Onions, choice, 5d to 7.rc tier cwt.
Dried apples,: to 7c r ill.
I'rones, (dried) petite, 3c per lb; Ital
ian, large. c er lb. medium, 3'uc;
Silver. yt:
Cabbage (new), 2'.r, per lb.
lUitibarb 2c lr pound.
Gooseberries fie er oiind.
Apples, 7.rx-. to $1.
Dressed chickens, 10 to 12' c per lb.
Livestock and dressed meats; beef,
live, M 00 to $4.50 per hundred, llotrs,
live b)i to 6 eta; hogs, dressed, 8 lo 84'c;
sheep, 3to3c; dresned, 7 to 8 els ;
veal, dressed. C lo Dc; lambs, live,
3.jc; lambs, dressed, CJ8'c to 7
Wanted Competent atenogranberand
(ypewriter. Boa ,'i4i, Oregon Cily. Ore
gon City girl preferred.
Dyspepsia Cure!-
Digests what you cat
This preparation contains all r,f the1
di(estarits and rll-st all kindH ot
food ItKlveslnsi,:,r r-ii.-f and never !
laim 10 cure. iLwi'mspiu mriiiui
thp mA ...... ...,. nh(. ,'llst ,t vn '
h . . 1. i.l . 11
BLOOI.li.lin call LdKi; i u. J 111 u-h; iiiduv ,
Ithotmanrli r,f dvnr'r;ti"i h.tvrj been
mred after everything eNe failed. It
M unequalled for all stomach troubles.
It can't help
but do you good
Prepared only by E. 0. lis W itt A Co., 1 nlemfo
Tlx al. buvucvttalii2)i times lb Soc uaa
YtllQ CANNOT 03 OUntO.
So unlfoimlv "MitTMftil Im lr. Plrrrr's
Favoille pli MMiitliHI plorn In 'l li'lni
M I t mule Weak lit . Pi"l.tisiis. in I ailing
Of W.miiIi, mi. I I .e in hi i In o, lli.il, nlli l over
a llnnl of a cenl in rtiei letter ill rill In
the Kurt cut of til ill lirieiltiir and
deliilll.illlnj a ltllellH !). PlrttV IHOV (i t la
hillv .in mint III nlMinij to pav ,mi in
Ciitl Im anv .) of l!itr iliscuac wlilill
hr cjiiiml i hip
lr M.vM'i Ai oitt --The "I'avmile Tie
Kni. Ii. in" l,ui.U alone, a I lie one and
onlv leiniiiy li.r I'm r tin liriniily com
lit. in U.fti i.f tri ai.ni -i, pnfin n .nl nf iiill
pnHilivelv sprcliie t-iininrr pinprilira a In
W.iit.iul IN tii.ikin III iiiipiiiiitf, and
biii.ling ilitti.. lr In nit il. as e, lite
Un.l' i- .v i .1 po'inn Mis of tlirtl mi. Iri lul
rrtin tlv In t I'v il.i. in i m Hir sum of Ivo i
III IrH il ntnlfV 'f llie I I'lled Si lies III any I
Time of tlie ulunr ill r.tr III wllli h allel a
fill and t Mt thle tli.it i l mil liralllli III. j
We lull to ttllr olllrr IllrillelllP nr
the cine nl wiiiitiui a priuli u ailtiiritla Is ;
Uickeil ty ".Ii a ii iii.nkalile ginnatilee j ,
no t It t ii:' ! u I lie fi.i meiioiii's l!l I. ma- .
trd nf I'k' liup.lt itli h d clltalivr it"- '
rme tli.il wiiiild Matt ml lis iiiaiiufaeliiin f
in rtt.ikin it. 'i an 1'1'fi ; hu oilier reineilf ,
lia iii Ii a it eotd ol i mr ou It nil to has j
tut II a ii-tii.o L.tlile oili r.
pu anr i i.
IllMlll I'lUI
fufit lli. H
llililrt III
Ili-.l -II I
rri ..i.l ol I
In. ii i . ! i
f . K I'l. i
In . -. .
a -'I .t.-i.
slion' ! ' . i
the ' 1 ,o i
by all i!i"i;
mi. .. oil nnvilitf' i. lletee a
if'tioti an. I linn yout tiVk
tlr ilet w hit wiillill
I' t I I
e.' hv nil. in
he ! 14
.III. He
.::!' II. . Il.it lllil
111 l "ll i ln-1 in i
f! U ' " 'tit h
I'-n a
M II II if
I' 'Hi It
i f
' .' v
itMtf t i'tlli
.. I
1,11 I
.t p - i pi.
Stnl i
Wimi n
. ii
h I
1 luM'l
COtlHlltl 1 .
Ciltrettoii .
A.!. in : f
ll I'll II
i e
:.! . t i.
k v p.
' I I. :
The Kiilerprise I sir yrsr.
If r"t oifeft i ft retftiiar. hiiihr miveimt tf !
irv djr. lotirs 111 i.f lU , K'p rur
b..wi ofn a)4 l Tm. U ihm that- 't
Vl-rti i hyatr r ll ttir'tti. TK ,
tmiXflhral. bxmIbcI, H)il ff irf Bllta ,
llt b.iwli slr ftotl fl4B la lo tj
PWa.inl, f.l.i.l.l. p.,i.n, T..1. Onml, V
"l. h.ii.r Slek'S. Wk.o i.f llrlh.! , u .1.4
So ut. .r Ikii. V.' rlu fur fmsajula, aa4 "
ll o h..nh. A4JnH m
Slarllnt Raawfr Con, Oka r R Tort,
I'rj Iiijj rsrnl1ntiM simply derel.
opdry raturrhi lliey dry lip tliB sin-retiitiia,
ulnrli a,, 1 hero to thti iiiemt.rnim and ilocom
iosa, cnusilig a fur inure noun trouble than
thn ordimiry form of inlurrli. Avoid all dry.
ing inhalants, fuiii", ainokea ami auulla
and use lluil wlii.'li eli ansi s, soollon and
1 li"i!a.
I'.l v's I 'renin lUlm In sueli a reinriljr
11 curt catarrh or cold m ll.n lm.il
' niidy and iilsasantly,
A triul aiii will I n
iiuiiled for ll) i snls. All ilrut'iriMa ar 11 llm
II lha
, N.V.
! ai.e. I'.ly Urolhers, fill Warren St
The Ilnlin ouroa willinut piun, dm a imt
irritnlo or eansu snssing. Jt spn ails K. If
over an irnlnle.l uu.l angry siirfurn, relief.
'K Immediately tin. pninful iiillanniiiition.
'lh Hy a p ain lUlm you aro ariuod
against fiaaul Latarrh und liny tercr.
C. I.
Freight mid mrre!n clolivered
lo all parts nf tint city.
j Dancing School!
TURNEY will conduct
a (lancing school at
Beaver Creek II a 1 1.
Meet every Tuend;iy
Evening. Dance atari
at H o'clock Hharp; clone
at I '2. A (1 in i s a i o n
5 0 Cents:: : :
All dlscasss- of Kldnsn,
l.uiaer, urinary otioina.
IUi llhMfimallam B..1,
chs.HeartDlssass )rvei
Irropsy, Femala Troubles.
Don't bscome disooorared. Thsrs Is a
enreforyou. if i..e.ury wrim i,r letonr
jlZu:! r':b
. , . ...
"Flfht month In bed. Ivy Imeknette,
P;,1 '' """ a-r.. kl.lt.ey,, ul.ri,. .
mallMii. M!e r ri iiiiilii ii (alleil. Jtr. I en-
lo r Kidney 1 ;u. d 'Laelni Cum riin.l
romplelely. II. VVATl.ltM. IIhihIi I, N. V."
UriiKZliilH. tnc., II. Aik forCiok lt,k- Fr
For Ha'e by
Charman & Co Huntley Brothers
yrr candy
I Doctor
1(hh ii vt-ry lurpo rarlicf, lut it would !n nnicli
larp'r if 'ilt utily knew what an fxctilK-nt jiliysicimi
lu is p-nt'i'iilly ami lnw iiiiiilcinto am his t liari M.
TlioHt vlu lo know him tlionmlily nuiMn't l imltic
ftl to fjivt1 him up. ll' t'tunt's in all sien at all rinH
vim may Imy a hij; soft Honp fur ITw and you may
Imv a snft spoiiy rijump' for iV. You may ulxo d
soft stioiiov siionfs in
tWCl'll tllfSt'.
When you Imy a
tin' kind of a spoilt you
want to pay. Vt artM'spt'fially slronj; on rtMiip'n. ami
the knowledge we have of lJi ai tii lc i n kiiowlcdii that
h worth inoiu-y to you. Try one in your lath to
morrow try one on the luihy use it for everything,
Imijj.'V i-pollers at spi' i:itii'ift'M,
iO. R. & N-
Oregon Short Line
and Union Pacific
Tlmaigh 1'nllinaii Uinl.inl and lour
lit slrrping rulsdallv to I nnnha, Chicago
jaikaue; tiiniKt Irriiing car dally to
I Kan a t ll) ; thriiiigh l iilliiiau tour s
slrrping cara (icriiial'T romlin tnl
wrrkly to Chlcagu, Kansas ity, St tenuis
and Mi IlljdlU, lei IllilllJ chairs (arala lire
to the rail daily. I'rt'ltl I'oitUii.l
Ixnar Tl K si ll hULKi ' A. am
'lilcann s.n , i.,r, ii
I'.irlla ml. Wiirili.uiiialis.Ksii ;
Ni-wial ; rn,, M lj.,,1. !
" a in j I i,rafc- i ami K..I.
4 o ,,,
Kl .fr
Ull l ake. Ileluxt. 1 I
W oilii.l He alia Kan to.ui sin.
a I'm. M h.mi
lileso ami 1 l
s I i ll 111
I la II ii. I
St. Paul
I -t M .i i i
I. . in
t a
Spokane !
Vaila Wa Ii
loo, Nj.oka
I . ! . 1 1 1 ,
Mils aokrr.
SI .1 I ..
Portia nd to C h i c a ko
No Chuiige of 1'iirs. Tlckrta rnsl
Ma all tail, or Unit and rail via I'ort
Ocean and River Schedule
I p. in A" H'"IIK dale mill
Jeel In eliHti,'e.
Por an pnitirie
Siiil svert ft iln
I p m.
I'Mtly i:
H p. III.
hsiiinluy :
Hip. in i
Onliitiilila Rnrr
To Aa'iirin 4
I p. 111.
j K. Hun
i day.
C. W. Hringer, City Tkt Agt.
3rd and Waihingtou St.
A. L. Craig, Cm. Cass. Agt ,
Cortland, Oregon,
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
I) ly
Jmy A, fri
r.M. .M
7 ml m on l.i
Con land .
I) 40
m :
N 21)
7 A4
7 4(1
II 10
10 0ft
B A2
8 lift; 0 Oft
....Unhls .
. Italnler .
. . Maygrr .
.. Quinry .
. lainkaiiis
. Msmlilmiil
.. Weiort
.. t'lilton .
.. Knsppa .
. . Hvenni
8 2D II IS
8 3M XS
n 44 11 40
i r,
11 (m
H As
H Ml
11 mi
H am 10 0 )
11 oh in 10
7 :w
7 2H
7 17
7 (12
II 42
(i :i2
(i 20
(i pi
0 II) 10 L'l
H 4'l
II 37 id :vi
n in
h n;
7 AAl
7 4ft
10 no II ft
in oh 11 in
10 '-It! 1 1 Oft1
John Day
Ml Willi .V) Ar . A .ton. I
11 .1.1 a. 111
. 7 to . n,
I 00 (.. n
..l :ia. 11
. A Mt,. n
.12 'I0p. 111
7 '.ti p. it,
.. I 'to p. 11.
. . a. n,
A AO p. 111
II :0a. m
H I A a. tn .
(I IA a. m ,
2 :to p. 111 .
A no p. m
II 40 a. ni
j rK,
a h 1 n i-:
All traltiB makeehiae Pllllllt.fllli.i.a. I, .11.
ai.l, .11 Northern IVilic Ir.in, , ((P ,r,
llie Kant or Honml poim,
tj A),"rl11""1 all traim leaving Tnlo:
Al Astoria ailh I. It V ........
rail line, ami Mleatner T. J. INiller, i, J '
Irotti llwaro and Nnrtli He , p()il
Ticket otllee, Morrlaot, ,t., , , , u
de,.t. J. C. M A Y( ), (Jen. Vats. Agt
Ailoria, ()r
Bubacribe for the Enterprise
diflVrfiit si.t'H
and prices Im
sponpt from
u you K't jiiMt
want at just
the iiritt) vii
& JONliS
are no b ghrr t ban tlnw in nr oilier
trade, and our) ate no higher than ser
viee rendered deinanda.
hat we nndeltake lo do In a Ihomuyh
and atifitiiry inannrr. There ai
lint be found alter Mir Workman get
lliiMIdi Willi a johariv delrnUr )oinla,
leak) plH-a, .Hae roll 11 ei llmm or other
rvidiMn ra ul " amped" wnk. I- very
pail l!l be peilret, and look pnilr.t,
and hen the hill coinea In you'll not
ak for any deduction,
soniinn i-acihc hailmay
m ii r 11 not mi
' :i u a in.
' a. in. ( AHuiity Local)
Id p. in.
sot rn Mot Ml.
' a. in.
4 :.Vl p. 111. (Albany Loial)
t' U p. 111.
Daily RiVer Excursions
Ut rH.uN ( I I V l ATS.
Usir riiltTI.AMl
Font Tavhir nt,
Ur (illHiliX l'IT
Kool Klh'hlll ft.
11 .'IO
,1 ll
A. M
7 on A.
I HI I".
4 .10 "
C. M
Orrgian Hjr Trittiaiiirlllon Co.
Portland and The Dalles
Ptcamers "Reirulator" and "Dsllr
Citv" b-avi- Al,l..r VI ai,( Pnrllal.'!.
daily at 7 a m. for Moiritt's and M.
Martin's Hot Springs, Cascade Locks,
Stevenson, Collins, llood River, White
Sainton, Hinger, Lyle, The Dalles, and
all intermediate pniuta.
Steamer Metlflko" leaves Abler St.
wsrf daily 7 a. m. for nil points on Mid
dle Columbin river weal of Warrciidale,
All stramrrs arrive in Cortland at 5:j(
p. m.
Stunners make direct connection at
Lvlewith Columbia Kivcr .V Nortlirra
Kailwav lor WahkineiiH, Dtilv, Center
ville, (.iibh ndalc and all Klickitat Val
h v poiiiia.
Excellent Mrals
JU-st Servir-
Cor detailed information of rates,
berth reservation etc, call or write to
agent at warf.
General Offices, H. C. CaMHiKU,
Cortland, Ore. Manager.
rv CI fh
I . t 1T A l .X