Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 29, 1903, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise
cm am nu'XTY otmia ivuku.
Published Evoiy FiuUiy.
Subscription Rates.
1 (X
On year
Six months
Tii il subscription, two months -'
A discount of ."0 cents on nil subscriptions for one
vwar, "J" cents for six months, if paid in advance.
this en tiro section. The claim of Mr. UeiuneH tlmt ho j
will Im in jmoition, if elected, to enlist Pemoeratio (
suport for measure currying appropriations for thi.
district, is rather lliutsy and improbable. Willi the
large majority tlmt the Kepuhlicanit have- in the W
tiomil It'islatuio, the majority party does not reipiire
lVmoeratio oo-operntion in tlu interest of any public
Suhsorilvrs will find the date of expiration stamped
on their papers following t In i r name. If this is not
changed within two weeks after a payment kindly no
Ufv us and the matter will receive our attention.
Kntrrod at the jxstoV:ee at Oegou City, Oregon, as
second class matter.
USII."n ,lBt
Mr Klhcrt Carter, a post gr.i hate student at Yale
niailc a study of lynching in the I'nited States
du i inn the last Jl years. His paper is inter. sting.
It shows, in the first place, the fallacy of the idea that
m.ist of the victims of Judge Lynch are negroes. Of
the Il.J ' lynching that took place in the country be
tween January 1, 1"-, and January I, l'.HK!, aKuit
three-eighths, or 1. -')'", were white persons, 10 not
st.i v I. and 1.S72 negroes. This gives a yearly aver
age uf 8'.' colored and "'. white persons. Of the total
it is surprising to note that tI were women, the ue
presses numbering This is one of the most strik
ing facts brought out. for the execution of a woman js
net onlv so abhorrent that the death penalty is now
seldom imposed by the courts, hut it seems an exceed
ingly rare occu-reiice for the summary execution of a
woman to be chronicled in the public prints. How
ever, Mr. Cutler's figures arc undoubtedly correct. Of
the total number of negroes lynched, only ;; per cent,
severed for the crime of rape , smaller proportion
than is generally supposed. The digest of tint paper
which has readied us does, not s'n!- however, whether
combined outrage and murder is included in the li.-t
under the former or the latter heading. In the South,
very curiously, the months of January, February
August and November are marked ,y few lynehings
The most occur in iKeember, when the holiday season
incites the negroes to idleness and festivities that re
sult in violent crimes. White men lynched for rape
(institute l'l fT cent of the total.
Mr. Cutler's .statistics are more interesting than the
d dti -tion he draws. It ij, however, somewhat sig
nilicant that few lynehings (cur in states where mur
di rcrs 'are promptly tried, convicted ami sentenced,
and that the number of lynehings since lOl has
show n a steady decrease. 1'erhaps the strnnge.-t de
terrent to the excesses of mobs that has yet been found
is a law making the county responsible in damages to
the family of the victim.
TiiK people, for whose direct benefit and relief the
referendum amendment was enacted, have failed to
invoke the law on any legislation within the required
statutory time. Signers to petitions for the reference!
of the Lewis v Clark Fair bill, 'lhe Ibilles portage
railway, the corporation tax bill nnd the tav exemp
tion act, lacked by approximately "JHH signers the
number necessary to cause any one of the measures to
be submitted to the people. Some question existed as
to the constitutionality of the amendment but all con-!
trovcrsy ov-r the legality of the uct has been deferred ,
for the "present at hast because of the failure of those j
desiring to place the referendum in operation to obtain (
the required number of petitioners to accomplish the;
relerence of any legislative ad There was during ll
of the controveisy on the subject serious doubt that;
the referendum, under the construction of its own pro-;
vision.-, could be applied to any a.'t of the legislative
sosjon at which it was enacted. One regrctlab'c i-ir-.
cumstaueo aUut the referendum is thai the initial-,
though futile attempt to employ the act should be di-.
reeled against an institution of such great worth to the '
slate and every citizen as is the Lewis A Clark K.po-j
Professor Powell; of Washington, D. C
Recommends re-ru-na.
" ... .1 I OtCIt lrl
r.': : t&tiU
(sYb. SL'Pt public mwuycs r
TUKSIIOM- Koo-O'S n r ma le ll decidedly favorable
impression on his audience in this city by the remark
able plainness of his drc-v lie appeared on the car,
platform attired in u plain business suit ami was bare- ;
le aded. One honest -looking till' r of the soil was
overheard to eXpre-s his surprise to see the I're-idetit 1
of the country in so ordinary a co-tunic, he had ex-;
peoted to see President ltoosevelt in a tailor made uit ,
of broadclo'h with silk hat to match. As the train :
pulled out of the station, several basnets of Oregon's j
matchless rost s were thrown at the chief executive j
who, instead of trying to evade the f iling to which j
he was subjected, stretched forth his hand and man- j
aged to catch one hum h of M-es which he waed to,
and fro, repeatedly pre-sing them to his lips, to thc(
unspeakable delight and gratification of the blushing
young woman who was the donor, 'resident lloo-c-:
velt is unmistakably a man of the common people j
and with the presidential t .nation, that can hardly I Pmf. W, H. ! 11, of WM,l,.,, -.. U on. er . "?ZMw
" 1 1 i. .i v... lift. , ii iniri I hi Us ii siiom i int. ti t ft llm I uMie
dare be denied him, he will be retained at the Lite . N.lli-lU llf v,,li.-.; N.ti. w hleh 1. . s.n.i...r.l IJm I .l.m In ilm t'lul
House for the four years following his pn -eut term by js.a(l),. i'rf...,r r ..i .1 M ll.o niil.or vt iuiml-r ft eh.,l t..k wlileli ro
:l m-jon.y w.thout precedent. I n,.t tu, ,.,., !... t,..u
' "s I otmnl!. - frl' iiils an.l ii.-.nm! niiin.-. nil ev. r llm Cnlll Mu-. ta rc-'iil li-tn-r
(Ink di-s not hear so mueh from I lemocratie sources . rvm ,,, ,lr,..,1( v. w., s i1iiiKi..tj, I i.e., to It. It annum, hr urn
now concerning alleged strained relations between Mr j PcrsuttJcd by a friend I have used IK-runa a tonic, and I take
Hermann and I're-ident K w.-.-vflt since the I're-ideii' j pleasure i it recommending your remedy. I vruntt li Inde ed a good
, , ,, ,i tnl.iioii of such 'medicine and should be in every Aouj.tjoJ."Vr. U. IVWLLL.
made an announci-nieiil in contra'lu iioii or sin u
olrirt'es. Another incident that tended to still further i
explode this bubble of campaign argument was tin-1
fact that upon invitation of President Koo-evelt, M r- j
Hermann joined the presidential party at Salem audi
was the personal gue-t of l're-ident lloos.-v. It to Port- QQQQQ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
ami. 1 liese arguiiienis, which nave oeeu jirowu 1 ' , Q
ie entirely without foundation, are really about thej
lrlnlilfnrwnt KTtitsnr. ,
lint Uivrli'k.s. ial ,,
ii nf tiKllntuI eriiiiiiii,.i,. ,,..,
fiiiilii.iili li ii1 in nvnry liiMi.. ),,,
II la k itlilllrniii fm ,, t, ln,
I. I. m .l....lrt...... f... ...
' i.ii.ii' i.iiv i m intt iri. r,.a.
mitiliiiiui and uuiluiil-uj , jjo
I'uriin In nf nallotnl f tnm u a p.i.
rniiusly. It la tlin enly un rn
I" in in ratal rh rinesly known to i,
leal Ji.if"al..H, t llmk.-a llitt,,,)
c-.iiia iiikiiiI tam-a nalllir, lnilr j
tlid iiiucoua liiriiil.rano lining Ui ,
tliroal, lioiK", almiiaeli, klilm-va i,r
litnraiia. It rur-a arl.,n. 0l.
all llii'ao orcana, Ims-humi I wi t Ii IrO
ll.nlllai'f inaiiklllil am linn In rai
Wllh Imaliliy noieotia tin inl.raii.
matin dl.. a l...o ll.iUf U ro.r, II,
trill la rnalilisl to IhrnW efl iv.uUi;
ami ln-allli (ollowa turvllaMjr.
Mr. A. T. Wt, ML hurling,
i Ilea I
l or mmny ytan I ht hern ,
tcrtr tnun catarrh, a nj hat tf
lime ami money Ith phytklant
uvil many klnJl of rvmrdlct a I
era guaranteed aura turn', bu
avarr cata It an money thru n at
reaped no beitetlt haleycr t,
them, lit my aetmlngty tain art
tor relief I puixhatctl m htttila ot
run, having nocontUtema In It ai
rt-rr at the tlntf. 7 hla wai almut
year ago, and I began fom,rolf
ahla to attend to my butli
a Ithoul he I it t constantly hampeixt
every k InJ of pain k turn n In a but
being. My hearing, hhh fat aln
entirely gona In one ear, got rery m
heller. 1 ho meJhlnc n4 only te,
to cure, but to prevent dheaie.
'Ihll Inter when every one
Buttering from la grlpp. I atood in
Hon wall, absolutely proof agalm
I am nut a believer lit 'patent m
ilnet,' hating found the malutH,
them fair a, but I do not betltai,
rexommend leruna aa the hett m
i I no tur lalarrti the world bat
acen. I keep a bottle ot ll at hi
constantly and ahall continue to do
because I believa It to bo the bed a
klne on earth. I never leao bi
thai I don't put M bottle ot H la
grip." A. T. H00J
Mr. V.ran I. lUiwrn, !.! flty, K
'..ti.ttt.-ur on tli A. T. A H. Y. R.
ill. I "I liara l.awl raunh ut tliati
lu ll (iiraovvit jrrara, au.l I l-;nU)U
that I nevnr K"l'iB to lruml.
ttiatlmol l-U-ail Ink. littt rruna,l M
all tu mako tnura lliau nuaorlwut
m Ilia roa-t at a Uitm, ix-l l-lnj a!.:
kerp anytliiiiK on mr aleitivii. 1 I
Mrltltiisl I'.s j oi n.la. 1 hava l n U)
IVruna allien Ual Umo anj liaram
l.-t a trip, aii'l ii'JW wola'h lUpuon
- Kvan I. llowrn.
If T"Utlu lioldnrlvo promplanilai
fiu'tiny r- aulla (r-nu (liuao(ln
w rllo al mesa to 1 1 r ilartman, RlTIt
full atatfitti-nt of jfniir riw anj ha
L i. iuhs Ui K'vo Jou lila valuaUc
vlen Kralla,
Ail.lr.-aa 1r. Ilartman, IVaklrm
Tl" lUrtiuail hanltaltuai, I'vium
. i it., it . ....
only reasons inivanceu ny uie iiunoiiiy ji;iny
the election of Mr. Hermann.
Mil. Hkkman.n will be elected and by a good major
ity: hut to give him such a majority as is due from
this district, nil KepuMiciins must get to the polls
next Monday. Clackamas county must do Imt share
Kvery Republican voter in this county should consider
it his privilege and duty to go to the polls in his pre
cinct Monday and vote for the regular Republican
nominee. That is the only way to support the Na
tional administration. If individual voters do their
part June I, Clackamas county will be found in the
Republican column as usual with the average major
ity for progress and an endorsement of the National
In the te ndir.g controversy over the South Kiel
road as to the feasibility and practicability of its con
struction, the Enterprise has no personal intere-ts
other than should the local paper of any community
have. At the outset of the discussion, this paper
took the s'tand thatjr.he building of any road into this
city, it matters not from what direction it comes, so
long as it opens up to the city u new section of county,
is a ljenefit to this city. The Enterprise still contends
that hi position is correct. It is now up to the mem
bers of the city council to determine if the expense of
building the proposed road is justified by the increased
tr;.de and benefits in a commercial way that will ac
crue to the city in its construction. There are some
citizens w ho honestly differ with us in this opinion
and fjuefjtion the advisability of constructing the road
at this time. The main opposition to the plan comes
from the Southern Pacific Company, which has threat
ened to enjoin any attempt to build a road that will
cross its tracks in this city. A dispute as to the ex
tent of the right of way that was granted to the South
ern Pacific Company is now pending in the supreme
court. Having been given the use of one of the streets
of the city for its track, this company now assumes to
dictate whether or not the city dare cross its track.
In its contention, the Southern Pacific Company can
only be actuated by (selfish motives and a desire to
control a monopoly of the street over which its track
extends. The attitude of this corporation towards the
proposed road is making friends for the road. It
seems a pity that the city should dare assert iU rights
in the premises.
Conokkssionat, Committkeman Uyan reports that a
canvass of Clackamas county reveals a favorable out
look for Mr. Herman, who will have the usual Repub
lican majority in this county. The Democrats are
employing every influence to carry this county lor
Reames. Republicans and progressive citizens of
every party cannot afford by any negligence on their
part to make possible such a thing. It is simply a
business proposition so far as this community is con
cerned. Oregon City wants a public building and the
Willamette river is in need of improvements in this
section. In event of his election, Mr. Herman has
given his promise that he will do everything in bis
power to accomplish both of these things for this part
of the district. Clackamas county has a normal Re
publican majority of 4o0, and we certainly cannot af
ford to have that majority reduced. Failure of the
Hepublicana to carry this county for Mr. Herman, Thk Jews of this city raised about lloO that has
will prove disastrous to the interests of the people of been forwarded to their suffering kinsmen in Russia.
An active interest in the Lewis it Clark fair is being
taken by the women of the entire state. Over thirty
women's clubs have been formed in the interest of the
ExjKisition. The purpose of these organizations is to
encourage the making of exhibits at the Eair, the col
lecting and preserving of historical robes and land
marks and the promoting of the civic improvement of
their respective localities. Woman's co-operation in
puhlic enterprises is essential to satisfactory results.
Okkoo.n City will follow its usual custom and hold
a grand Fourtli of July celebration again this year.
The falls city regularly celebrates this glorious anni
versary and this year as in the past extends a cordial
invitation to the people of the surrounding country to
remain disengaged for the day and join with us in Yhe
proper observance of this anniversary and what it
Mr. Rkames has solicited the votes of dissatisfied
Republicans on the ground that he can do no harm i
elected so far as affecting the political complexion of
the National legislature. The Democratic candidate
may be under-rating bis ability and has plenty of
company in the classification to which he has assigned
himself. Rut the first district will elect a man who
can do something and something worth while.
It may not have been generally noticed but all of
the laws enacted at the last session of the legislature
went into effect on the day that President Roosevelt O
visited Oregon City.
f M !!!! H ! ! t ! N i i i ! i i i H ! ( ! i 1 I I H I I j M I I Q
(looil L'lumlry Sii;ij, H liars 'J.'r.
(!imm1 T;ill( Syrup, J krallu t.a j,-K.
WuhIi'mio Powder, 1 pound "tf.
(iooil Roast ('ollee, U pounds 2"ic.
Cood (lin n ("oll'ir, 2 " 'J.V.
YoHoiniUt CoTee, per pko He.
Sopcila-saino as Sapolio, (1 liars 2"c.
English l'.rcak fast Tea, 1 pound :;k-
Lemon and Vinallo Extracts, (Bring Bottle)
1 oz. fa.
Pox Lye, 2 cans o"k
fJ round Spices (Bulk) 1 pound 2."c.
Liquid 1'duing, 1 hottlo fe.
Wheat Elake, 1 pounds o-)(1
Good Maple Syrup, I quart 2"c.
Wo Trado for Farm Produce and ShingU-H.
The fed Front
ff AA.-&AAAAAAAA.Ar'k'Ji. "rW
' Hi-- cl
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