Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 29, 1903, Page 3, Image 3

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New To-Day.
lowest rule". ('. II. Iyit.
oney In loan " liw, ralr-a.
HinuM A (iBirririi.
lr rent,
hi iuhi..
laiiu mm urity.
UKlMiM . It I KKITII. (!., lit tha
Wrli.i.aM JlttiMi,.r.) Iiavr Ihaclmueat
Hliy, tiiliuri.au ami country n.Miny Iwr
amaWat . fieri. 1
- !
irty a'iiriiy si u per rem, atao on a-
n.med rla.t.d .ecuilly 0 II inn,, j
ai'r-y '
Hull Coy.
MNh 10 I.OAN-I 1 1 A K HK KltAI. '
aiiina n nullify hi-long-lim to privatu
Iliilivldnala ahlrli 1 am autliorlned lij ,
loan, on long limit at II and 7 x-r cent,
('oat of loan Mill be made Very reaaon.
able. II. K. I'Ki.n, attorney at law.
It. I.. Ilultinn, leading itilderlaker
lrrgtill City, tlrgMI. Marrh 27 if
Personal Mention
H. Cilintilcy, ol Hi'aKulf.naa in city
C. II. M.M.rr. went to Halein Tliur.day
...,., j
i,.. I. ii.u... i ii. i ... i.. ..., i.... i i
' I
I'. Si'lKii-Ud a a ImaiiiKaa viaitor lo j
anhy .Momlay,
tiiant MiiniMicr, of Stone, waa III !
(he cllj Tl.ura.Uy.
!),('. I.a'ouirtld ami family nt laat
'lit ii r k. In y in I'lirtland.
I, vinaii I.i-e waa in lh city Tliuraday
on liia way to The lullca.
J. I'. Kolrla iii, of halt-in, til via
itur In Una rilv Thnraday.
Jauii-a Tiairy, n( lali, had liilaineaa i
in Opk..ii 1'ily TliurtiUy.
Miaa Veda Wllhaliia Waa viaitor to
1'ortUlid lnr ll'K till- Wrrk.
Hull. Ji.Mpli Simon waa in the city
fiom 1'iiiUai il Wrdiuailay.
Will lvn waa among- tlm viaitora to
1'Kitlainl Tlinra lay rniuii.
Mia II. llrnnii.jM-li haa gone lo Wi-at
Kioto vli.il with hrr parclita.
Mra. (imnt It, 1'imnk viaiti-d
wrrk a HO rrlalivea in Sali-in.
(miI'Ioii MiMirea vmi'ed tint week with
friend" at CuMallu and Salem. 1
Join, It Winatanley, ., F.Vm. eH-i.t
Sunday with Ir.e.id. in llnacty.
I'r. Maik S hkttr, Salem, w aa in
the city lor few hour Thuraday.
Mitt in in .a Fvana, ol Ciinby, viaited
Willi liit-iuli. in Una i ly llila Wivk.
J. II. Wrelover, editor ol the Courier,
and family now tetlde at i iladatoiie.
Juliii Nobliit waa if the city Tueaday
will, a lluelv bred horae Irom taibaw.
it I !--- I iifji HI i !!!! !ti-i i tit i i --- i if 5 i - S - H4
! Keep Tooting
Iron Beds
Are rrconicil as the most
hrulthfiil, most Htylisb, most
modern, clruncst and alto
gcthrr the most deairuble.
We are allowing no less than
95 dillrrcnt styles and prices
from neat and plain beds at
f .iu to handsome and liighly
decorutf d ones at (m.oo.
Come and look at them.
r summer
RU M. fla
II II II. ll J.f
l'or porch or lawn. Lightly
made, prices enable you to have
aomething novel and attractive
w ithout much cost. They are
as comfortable as thry look. It
will wear and look right.
We have them, also window screens
very cheap this season.
T . m ft- m VI I II y B aaV
(In -M'
."HiwwwwwHimwHWWuw ,111111 1 1
Miss Kngllah, of Portland, waa Ilia
guest ol Miaa Klhelyn Albright Hunday.
Mr. (ml Mr. Calvin Gibson, of Port
ml, visited friends m IIih city Sunday.
Mr. mJMra. Isiren Harnett, of Kalcm,
vlalld Mr and MraJirae George bun-
M. Kiiulii.li, of I.alayetlii, Yamlilll
county, is visiting Mm mother In ti.in
Henry Meldrntii ami Mr. Koos have
gone toHilvertou to Inspect some limber ,
: land.
,, . . .. , . , , ,.
M'a. Jolm rw liter, of Salem, la vls.t.
"'a: In this city, the gueal of Mma Hurwe
Mra. James II. t'l.lon, .f rortland.
aa the guest ol Mra. i,'. I). I.alourelte ,
M ,., .,,,, fK.
irei.tion to Preal.tei.t lt,-,...vl t at Malum
j Ual Tliurwlay.
Miaa Iminia, of Kuiinne, tiaitrd with
hrr hroiln-r, Frank, In thiacily teve,l
daya Una ari'k.
,n ' ma i.naa iiaa rntiiriiiMl from ban
Krani-iai'ii alinra aim In, l,n i.n, .,,!,,, I
! Imr atnllit in art.
i i
Mra. IMllrker, of Ottawa. Illlnoia, la
IviaiiiiiK in ilna ciiy.thn gut ol Mra.
Mary M. ('Iiaiinan.
j ll.m. W. K. irace, of llakr City, waa
Jin the city Wpduaday, viaituiK hit
'hrother, i. V.tira:.
J Ilarvty K. Croia waa In Halem Thura
ilay on hutineaa cotinrcti-d with the
C liautauiua AaaiM-iation.
I. hinaheiiner, ol New York CitV, ia
viaitinin tliia rily, tlm utieal ol liia
.1 11 L fV L. ll
tlaotrhlrr, Mra. K. t. Fli-lila.
,. (i"':""ri ' "r""' of NE.
the city riiuraday lo attend the cloauik-
I avaaiona ol the Stale Orange.
K ,I,'J'' "f ""i"- " ln
the latter part ol Ual week, the Kat of
hir aialer, Mra. J. V. Noiria.
mt t),jni, of "(folilendale.
VahiOtiin, ia vieitinK in Ihia city, (lie
.1 II... L' I . l . '
Fred C. Ilorton, of NewUrg, waa in
the city Inal wk gui-at al Hie home
ol bin uncle, (ieo. F. Iloilou.
Mr. and Mra. C. W. Pu and daugh
ter, M iaa Jjinra, attendi-.i Mra. Mann'a
recital in 1'iirlland laat Friday evening.
Mr. and Mil. W. P. (ieorge were in
i the city Una week from Salem and were
the gut-eta ol Mr. and Mra. Jeeae (ieorge.
Mra. K.J
arahall and damt iter.
Mi.iir.,..l,..u,.,,.in ill.. ..- , .
.....-... v i'7 iu
ri-maiii. (or about three wreka with
Miaa Adelaide (Juinii retifriied to Ore
gull City on Tueadav. alter a abort vit.it
with Miaa (icririiln lUilior. Salem
! f harli-a lliiiniihrey, who haa a poi.
tiun Willi the t'oatal Telegraph Company
'in Portland, tlx 111 Mindav with reiatlvea
, , .. T .. . ,
I .ii r. aim .lira, i . r . i owing, j r. , went
to I'orlUnd Tl,ra.lay U-t and w.t ted '
he dfimtiiatralion in honor ol l're,.,lenl
I iAtwr 1 .-1 1
Mia Mctirath, .( Seattle
waa in the
the Mlaaea
citv thin week, tlie gii-at ol
Hart. Miaa Mctirath it en mule to San
Franciaco for a viait.
4.' W. Ihaperam! Ilenry Meblruiii re-
turned thia week from a trip to the
watera ol (lie Clackartma river, where
they have been looking over limber land.
W'o want your attention that's why we keep tooting our horn. S
We have the things to Lack up the noise we are making, and
we believe you'll he willing to say so yourself after you've ex- t
the ollorings
r m
is so simple it almost keeps itself in order. We .would
like to sell you one for almut f7-5' but of course there
are cheaper ones, not quite so good.
long. That' economical. We'll aell you the kind you
want, but advise the best.
Extension Table, 6 ft. fS 50
a$c per foot
K. C. KUplea, ol Portland, was In the
oily Wednesday.
Jacob Hull li, of Shaw, Marlon county,
was In I lie city Wednesday.
C. C. Hmlih, ol Canby, waa a business
visitor In Hilarity Wednesday.
Heiijamin J. Goodman anil Fred J,
Dongl.ty, Ixili ol Independence, were in
the 1 1 y (liia week making Dual proof on
their homesteads In the Hileix district.
VV. Hcfilt H :'jrtli, business manager uf
l'cill: Homestead, waa in tlin city
Irom Salem Una week, attending the ses
sion ol the Stale Grange In the Interest
of liia paper.
Charles liurkliart, of 1'orllatid, J. K.
Ileilgi's, C. (i. Huntley and Harry
,ui,(. ,,, nmu,itaiii streams iiU
jviomly, of tola city, aoeiil last hiimlay
(ion a good catch.
Judge Gordon K. Have ha accepted
an invitation to drlivrr tlio Mfinorial
)iy aildritaa al lliltiliard. Judgx llayra
la one of the Iwnt aptakf ra in the Val
ley. I'.ohin IIikwJ Court, Foroatfra of Amer
ica, oill hold nicniinir on tlm firat,
ond and third Friday eveninira of ai'h
month. Tlm rt-milar elm-ttoo of officer
.11 i.l. .1 i ;
in vo fi,to m kilo liinv UlrcilUK III
JnneC. Nnyea, a prominent timber
ilealt-r of Polntli, Minneaota, and liia
hroilurr, Jolm F. Noyea, of Portland,
wereinthia ;ity during the week on
lniini-na Itelore the Oregon City land
lioland Jackaon, of I'ortland, waa in
the city Sunday. Mr. Jackaon, who it a
former Oreg.in Ci'y Ixiy, returned only
rwii-iitly from Calif jrnia, where he Iiaa
tii-ii folluwing hia hunine, that of a
Howard llrownell waa in Kelao toilay
w'icre he had liuainena in the juatice
court tiefore Juatii-e .lonarud. Mr. Brow
nell waa an attorney fcr one ol the par-tit-a
in a civil anil drought for the recov
ery ol live head of al'x k.
Kdwanl Murphy, of Portland, waa in
Oregon City laat Sunday. Mr. Morphy
ha juat returned Irom MiaM'OW, iilaho,
where he haa heen attending the Idaho
Mate Cuiveralty. Idiring the laet year
Mr. Murphv waa captain of the Idaho
Univeraity track team.
Oovernor Geo E. Chamberlain waa a
naaaenger to I'ortland on the afternoon
overland Monday. When the train
reached Una city he waa occupying the
engine cab and charing the aeat with the
,1 i. i - ,. ,
, .. : r,..n
i'w "Ki'ie nu leiurnru w me I uu-
John Knapn, a atudent at the State
agricultural college at Corvallia, viaited
rela'.ivea in tl'iacity tlm latter part of
laat week, being on hi way back lo Cor
vallia (ruin I'ortland where the cadets
of the agricultural college aaaiated in the
deinuiiHtration iu honor of 1'ieaident
A l.lllle Ijtrly Itl-wr
ow ,,, ,,, x j,,,, mi vun ,.
-t i ,,.,... Hli.mene-a and liver troubles
lieVYitl'a Kittle Karlv Kiwra are the
Union little pilla that com by the Bee re
tiona, moving the Ujwela gently, yet
lTectually, and giving auch tone and
atrength to the glanda of the atomach
and liver that the caue ul the trouble ia
removed entirely, and if their nae Is con
head-'tinned for a few daya, there will be ro
return ol the complaint. Sold by (ieo.
A. Harding.
- Si4 - - i - s - S - s - - vs4 - 5 - - i - i - i - i - - H" - i
V-TW Lawn Mower
X That Mows
There are imjierfect lawn mow
ers and perfect ones. We have
the perfect kind. A little deter
mination1, a little push and the
mower almost 'yoes itself. It
Hose Quality
There are good, bad, and indif
ferent grades of garden hose.
Poor hose rots, cracks and bursts.
In two seasons yea need more.
That's expensive. Good hose
coat a third more, and if prope
ly cared for, lasts rour times as
We guarantee our
Granite Ware.
If yoo want atrlrtly op-torlata Milli
nery, call on Miaa C. Ooldsmith.
P. 0. Kealer and wile, who have occn
pled r'Ximt In tii Prof. Gray residence
moved to Hellwood yeaterday.
Thonipaon'a liarglan atore for elnee
pricea on I)ry Goods, shoes and clothing.
Company A, Third Uegiment 0. N. 0.,
of tina rily, will bold ita regular monthly
husioeaa meeting next Monday evening.
A ft . L L It'. 1
. iiiirur itaiiir! ,i oaMe-iait ia acnei
II led (or t'anemali Park Sunday after
noon, when a team roiiinofteil of 'he
barln-ra and clerka will croaa bat) with
lr. J. B. Mixirn haa returned and ii
prepared to anawer rails day or night.
Apply at drug atore, Seventh Street, on
the hill. May Z).
Hon. (ieo, C. Krownell addreaaed the
votera of Needy VVednemlay night in the
interest ol Mr. Hermann. Lt night be
waa at Indea-nden:e and tonight he will
be at Milwiutie.
The Knights and l.adiea of Security
entertained their friends at Willamette
Hall Thursday evening with an enjoy
able musical and literary program, fol
lowed by dancing.
The members of the Junior Endeavor
fjpcit-ty ol the Firat Congressional church
gave a aocial laat F'riday evenrtig and
feel well tdeaaed w ilh their efforts, which
netted the society treasury about $10.
Bob, the three-lotirth) Percheon atal
lion, w ill nuke the. season of 190:$ at my
place, 2 ', miles northeast of Cornnsville.
Term : f i to insure in foal, payable when
mare ia known to be in foal or parted
with. J. W. Dowty.
All Pattern Hat reduced.
J5 Miss C. Goldsmith.
Sunrise Lodge No. 43, A. O. U. W of
Wilsonville, will give a dance in their
hall at Wilsonville on the night of the
Fourth of July. Keil's orchestra will
furnish the music and the Workmen and
their friends of Wilaonville and vicinity
aie counting on having a good time.
Garfield, Springwater, Logan and Ea
gle Creek Granges propose to celebrate
the Fourth of July at some central point
and each Grange ia requested to send
delegates to the N'eefus place, near the
upper Clackamas bridge, on Saturday,
the 30tb of May, at 4 o'clock p. m , to
make arrangements tor the celebration.
The theme nest Sunday morning at
the Congregational church will be "The
S-one oi the Christian's Thought and
Influence." The evening bour will be
devoted to a number of standard Hymns.
Suiwi a service was given tome time ago
and the requenl haa come for a continua
tion. The castor will give a brief ac
count of the llymnotogy ol the remotest
Clyde W. Phillips, aged thirty years,
died at the home of b a grand-lamer,
Win. Phillips, at Clackamas station,
Wednesday night, of consumption of the
liowels. The deceased waa for a number
ol years employed as height conductor
for the Southern Pacific Company. Fu
neral services will be held F'riday mottl
ing and burial will be bad in the Clacka
mas cemetery.
Children's Hats and Baby Caps a
specialty. Miss C. Goldsmith.
Henry Irving's production of Victo
rien Sardou's "L'ante" on May 1 was
one of the most important theatrical
evente in London in recent years. "Pic
cadilly," who witnessed the tremendous
reception given the actor-knight at Dra
ry Lane, descrioes the brilliant audience,
the play, and the entrancing stage spec
tacle in a gossipy letter in the Argonaut
of June 1.
The Oregon City nine w ill play its first
interstate league game with Schiller's
team, of Portland, at Caneinah Park
Saturday afternoon. It promises to be a
good game. Manager Shark has strength
ened i tie local haseball team by tne ad
dition of Patterson, of Portland, who
will occupy the pitcher's box in the
(.ipening game. The borne team will
lay a return game with the Schillers in
Portland Sunday afternoon.
G. W. Pursifull, of this city, on Thurs
day caught the largest shad that was
ever captured in the Willamette river at
this point. It weighed 9 pounds, 15
ounces. Shad were planted in the Wil
lamette at Oregon City anout 12 years
ago hut this variety of the fish family
did not thrive and are not very plentiful
in this Valley stream. The catch of sal
mon, however, continues to be good.
A TfRKtsii Wkddino. County Judge
T. F. Kyan officiated at a somewhat un
usual event Wednesday afternoon. M.
15. Hansen and Mrs. A. K. Snyder, both
of Portland, appeared at bis otlice armed
with a marriage license. At their re
quest the Judge performed the cere
mony. The parties to the ceremony are
both subjects of the Sultan of Turkey,
and were accompanied to this city by
four of their countrymen who witnessed
the service.
Sailors, Shirt Waist Hats in all the
latest styles. Miss C. Goldsmith.
Algernon S. Dresser, register of the
Oregon City land office, reports that over
sixty applications to hie on homesteads
have been made alreadv this month
through the local otlice. This record al
most equals the amount of business that
was tianeacted in the early days of set
tling on public lands. The clerical force
of the otlice is swamped with work. A
great many protests are still pending in
this otlice, where cases have been set for
bearing daily until late in August. The
junior contests of W. G. Howell, ol Port-
landagainst 82 of the famous Hayes'!
lands, will not be beard until early next
Major and Mrs. William Haucock
Clark, of New York, arrived in the city
Thursday afternoon and are the guests 1
of Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Dye. They will
be the guests at an informal reception to
be tendered them at Willamette Hall
Friday evening by the Oregon City
Lewis & Clark fair club. In addition to
an address of welcome by Mayor G. B.
Dimick, there will be brief remarks by
several prominent business men. The
speechmaking will be interspersed with I
musical numbers by local talent. Mrs. :
Half Price Silverware Sale
Our Annual Sale of Table Silverware will afford
housekeepers the opportunity of buying highest
grade silverware at half price. The only exceptions
to a straight one-half off on every article in our stock
is on table forks, tea and table spoons. On these
three items the discounts are one-third instead of
one-half. Unless otherwise mentioned every article
is best quadruple plate and fully guaranteed. The
stock is not large.
Butter Dish Foil Bornl-hed 3 25
Bon Bon Dish Gold Lined 2 50
Salad Dish Gold Lined 1 75
Salad Dish Gold Lined Large 3 50
Bread Tray Satin Finished 3 00
Olive Diah Gold Lined 160
Bon Bon Basket Gold Lined 1 25
Plain Tray Burnished 1 00
Frnit Basket Satin Finish I 50
Cake Basket Satin Finish 1 50
Heavy Table Forks Set of 6 2 50
Medium Table Forks Set of 6 1 75
Heavy Table Spoons Set ol6 2G0
Medium Table Spoons Set of 6 ..... 1 75
Heavy Tea Spoons Set of 6 150
Pie Forks Set of 6 2 25
Oyster Forks Set of 6 200
Soup Spoons Set of 6 2 25
Oravy Ladle 65
Berry Spoons Gold Lined 1 25
Cake Lifter Gold Lined 1 25
Butter jfnife 60
Sugar Shell 40
Napkin Rings S8and 50
Salt and Pepper Triple Plate Set 1 30
Salt and T'epper Glass Set 35
Salt and Pepper Sterling Tops Set 25
Four Pieces After Dinner Coffee Set Gold Lined
An 118 Set 9 00
Children's Cnps Triple Plate Some Gold Lined
Values from 40 to 75c Slightly Shopworn- choice 15
Sugar and Cream Dishes Triple Plated Shopworn
Regular 50c 15
Sbaving Mugs Large 75
A F"ew Sterling Silver Table Pieces Left your
choice t off
Sterling Silver Toilet Articles discount from regu
lar price. off
Edith Tozier Weathered and a number
of the other prominent Lewis & CUrk
Women's club workers, of Portland, will
attend the reception.
Notice to Contractor.
Sealed bids will be received at the
court house, by the county court of
Clackamas county, Oregon, at the of lice
of the county clerk until 2 o'clock p. m.,
Wednesday, June 3, l!K).'j.for the furnish
ing of all materials and labor required in
making changes and building record
vault addition to the Clackamas county
court bouse in accordance with plans
and specifications now on exhibition at
the said clerk's otlice, and at the office
of Delos D. Neer, architect, 133 first
street, Portland, Oregon.
A certified check in the sum of 10 per
cent of bid. made payble to the county
clerk, must accompany each bid. Said
check to be forfeited to Clackamas coun
ty in case the lowest or accepted bid
der fails to sign cont-act and furnish a
security bond within ten (10) days after
the awarding of the contract.
No bid will be received after the time
set, and no bid will be considered unless
accompanied with said check.
By order of the couuty court, Clacka
mas county, Oregon.
Attest: F. A. Sleiuht,
County Clerk.
May 29.
GO CO coco cecco coco
gftTTEflTI Of4
The only first-class Second-Hand Dealer in Furniture
Stoves and Utensils. It is worth your time to come
and examine the stock. You will find a full line
of New and Secoud-IIand Furniture, Stoves, Crockery
Hardware, Etc
Highest cash price paid for second hand goods.
I. To Ipola v
One Door North
f w w W W WW
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as men-urv will auralv ,1atnv ih. unu
. J . -..... ...w ovi.nv
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering it through
she mucous surfaces. Such articles
should never he llaed airont nn nn.
acriptions from reputable physicans, as)
me damage tnev will do is ten fold to
the good you can possibly derive from
them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufac
tured by F.J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
j O., contains no mercury, and is taken
j internally, acting directly npon the
j blood and mucous surfaces olthe system.
I In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure
i vou iret the ronninA Tt ia takan In tup.
nally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F.
J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists, price 75 cents per
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Treasurer's Notice
I now have money to pay county
warrants endorsed prior to Nov. 1, l'JOO.
Also road warrants endorsed prior to
March 3, 1J03. Interest will cease on
such warrants on the date of this notice.
K.vos Cahili.,
Countv Treasurer.
Oregon City, Or., May 15, 11W3.
of Commerlcal Bank