Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 29, 1903, Image 1

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It U Utti r
t. ;
Oregon '
Vol.. .'''. NO. 31
yin1 Title, mi'l I-iirul Office
iiinliMrnn II Hpcelnliy
Will piaetlc ' " Court of the Bute
Kooui J, Wrliihard ltldg.
q,. Court House, Oregon Cilv. Oregon
i IT
nn it iTTni rv 1 ;
.srraacraor ri.rir ri'isiNi.
nm ra ntl to Orviun IMtf Kn r-r-
' K. C. lllt'iWNKl.l.
(lirilim City.
Oregon .
Will pr-lir In H courts of lli alate. :
(Hike I" t'auh'ld I'till'lH'K
At Krd .'mill. Court llou.c Mock
Ukk" City, Oirgoti
AtT'UINKY at Law.
Justice of the Peace.
Jaggef lttitC.. Oirgon Cl'J
T l-.CAMrHKI.I.,
Will praeilraln lllheourtif thsslata. Ol
lo, iu l uftrH Hi.-diu.
The Shoe Man"
Of Oregon City. Will Dispose of his Entire
Stock of Boots and Shoes.
Sale will Ix'jrin on Tliurwlay Mar. 1'Jth, at 10 o'clock
a. in, aiul will eontinui! until all pwlrt are hoM. Wo in
vito all our frieiulij (anl that int-anH everybody) in
Orcpm City, throughout Clackamas County and in
Tortlaiul; U alti-nd thin balk. All our goods are
new and up-to-date, We will not quote price he re
but if you incd anything in the shoe line within the
next t-ix months, it will pay you to buy now. We
take thirt opportunity of thanking our many friend
for their liberal patronage during the last 11 years.
We are very worry to have to break the many ties of
friendship that has exi-tcd between us for ho long a
tiim but deem it wise to extent our business to
broader fields. Anyone finding themselves indebted
to us will please call promptly and settle their account.
Any parties holding coutons had la-lter uc them an once Every boot
and .hoc iu the bonne will I marked in blue-pencil figures-so vou can
are at a glance what the goods will coat you. A sample pair of every
kind will I ou an open table o vu can pick the ahoe you want in
alanlly. We will have a nutnlier of clcrka on hand o that all can be
waited on promptly. The earlier you come the more choice you have.
Please remember the date-
Thursday March jothiooj
Your to Caramtnd,
McKITTRICK. '-The Shoe Man"
Next Door to Bank of Oregon City
Slate (J range .Meet in Annual
Sens I on.
tVe'enmed T Thr ( It by R.diert A.
JU.Ier Wedrrful (Jrowth or
Order liaring Yrar.
v I. ri. ..I ...;it ....war in Knndava Orrvonvm
t 14 ' J
aim rT oaaoon city, oaktio.
turtilab Abairarta ol Tin. Loan Miiaay. fora
cluaa atrl" '! Iranian Ueurral
1. Itnalaraa.
(J A. Sit'AUT, M- D.
tilllra In W lllaiiitl HIil.
Ortilil'II.T. Oregon
Office hours: 1 a ni. to I:' in., t to 4 .. in.
ami 7 lo p. in.
Hril attention l-altl lo Bliaiiniallmii aim
Kemal llirara.
Call answered tlay or iiIk'IiI
See the New Spoon Hooka, 10 and 15c. Deer Tail Hook,
joc. Mack Out Hook. 15c a pkg. 4 Jointed Bamboo
Villi Poles, ft. 25 l'aient r-inkera fic. to 5 for 5c. Alum
inum Ho-.k llox, J' Ordinary Silk l.inei, Reli, etc.;
an endU-sa variety at Cut Tricei.
Oxford Iticyclei, i J Motcl, $.V. reduscd to $15.00
IlicycUa Suppliet at Cut Rate Prices.
or iKr.ii'N en y.
lcali vfir llllii lur.nililr.l Xkei'l-Ir.-M.im
Huti li'l icll" rtrhtnitc 011 all l "liit
hi ilir fnlirrl !!. Kiin.m n.l M"H Ktr
lr-..M. ti.i-. i-.-. I u !).'. I U rhe. k Hank
o h Imiih t. a l4 r.
ti C, I.AllU KKITK. ff.lilnM
f. J. Mk.YKIt l'a.ar.
()t W. KAST1I AM
Land Till" KiamliiiHt. Ali'trai l Ma.le.
I'mU, Muritiaura Hrawn. .Money Loaned
nrrii iivkk
lUiik ori'k'nn City.
(iKri.c! Cut, Ok.
...Notary Public...
Real Knlate, Inauraiur. Titha I'lamin
ed, Abstra. ta Made, leed, MortgKea
and l'.tc, draw n.
Iioiled Oil and I'nre Lend are lower now than they have
U-en fur years. SjK-cial prices to parties who contemplate
painting 1'iitit r s I'mc l'repared I'aint f 1.V5. our cut
price fi.bo jut k1. All' Shade. Color Card l'ree.
J. w. Noams
J. W. MiWLt
riiyslclana and 8urgtnna
lUmma i Ml
(lar.la WilK.
Orenon City. Or
W. B. 0'Bti - fl'kitbil
AttorncyR at Law.
Btutrditr awltrtt.
Will praellc in all 0011ns, niaka collection!
and artilenietila of Ka'ataa.
Kiimlsli altracls of HU. lend you mom 7
and land your money on Ural morgana.
Office In Enterprise Building,
OrK" City, Oregon.
Near Huntley's Prun Store,
Ureat Britain and America.
tlMlUdtJiirlaa licmlfofl
Owing to my failing health I have de
cided to dispose of my entire stock of
The SUtli anrrial aeion of the Stale
(iraiik.'M a convened in tlnacity at 10
o i-x k ltlfmUV inornini! regions
wcie lield in tlie Woolinen hall and
adjournment wa had Tliuraday even
ing. About ISO tlwieKatet "re in
alu-iidanre. Jlany ol tlie delenalea ar
rived iu the city on the train and boats
Woiidav eveniiiK. B l-eed) , of Ti-
tia'dvilie, la the present Stale ilaaier,
and Mil!. Clara Huward, ot Mulino, this
county, ia tle sei retary o( the atale or
aiiiiaiiori. l.iitie of imporiani-e came
tielore the meiMinit of the Orange this
year. 1 lie Ul-ennlai eiecuou 01 oincern
bavniK taken place lat year, there aere
nooltaeiato name at tti s ineetii g of
the Orange.
A pnblli: meeting aa held Toeaday
a(iruou, ben Ibe Orange a forui
al J welcomed lo tbo city. B. U. Leedy,
Hiate Mae er, of Tiardvil e, presided.
Kbrt A. Miller, of this city, gave the
address of welcome and assured the
members of the organization a most
....r.tii.1 r.ii.iuin to the historic CltV of
Oregon L'iiy. Mr. Miller apoke of tlie
value oi the Orange 10 me aiaieaaau
agency for the development ot the coan
1,. .ml nra.lir.tiwl that the members o(
this order will take a more active part 111
the development 01 ail seciiona 01 me
country in the future. The tiller of the
toil, said the ioeaker, have alwaya been
relied upon in every ureal e pocn in ine
world hietory. There are force in
operation, heaid, that dispute the posi
tion occupied by the farmer, but the
riculturiet i able to cope with these con
.tin.. 1. iiirniwti nrvanizalino on an intel
ligent and educational basil. M'. Miller
remarked Ibat there is no use forth
faruir I 10 try to keep step with tie
progres of toe world unlet they grow
.1...... Imi.i iJ menial ai-tivitv. He
' " - " -
...,..1 ll, in Immnve their method of
farming and raise only the bet stock,
superior quality of grain and produce,
and keep their fence and property in
good, serviceable condition. It it only
by aiUinng a liberal education, ne con
tended, thai the farmer can expect lo
con-batwiiti the cooditions wiin which
he I i-oolronted.
Austin T. liuxton, the state lecturer
for the Orange.nf forest lirove.respond
1 in ii.i liiirexa of welcome. He
showed that ibetirangei working along
educational line, aa tuggested by Miller,
and is accomplishing much in the w ay of
tillering tne i-onuuion 01 me uimri
ti,o . n.l tin. rnnt.trv are more close
...V vt.j ' - - -' v - ---- -
ly associated now than ever wore, anu
Ihrtxigb the agency of the Orange. t
coniinued, the rural mail routes have
been established, rural telephone lines
have been constructed and the Urmers
throughout he country placed in direct
communication with llw busiueas and
prole.-sional world to their great advan
tage. Alter foine uitisical numbers, Mate
Master Leedy read bl annual addret-s,
w hich includiHl also a brief reiort of tne
national meeting of the Grange that s
held at Unsiiik. Mirliigan, in Novem
ber. l'.HO. The Grange, said the speaker,
is the greatest agricultural order in ex
istence, and ia recognized as a leader
along questions o! lekilxlauoii atlecting
an, 1 national interests. The
growth of the Oregon Stae Grange dur
ing the past year Wat greater, oe eaiu,
than for nv onu year iu the last quaNer
of a century , while the financial stand
ing ol the order is better than ever anu
the order never exerted a wider influence
for the better. The growth ol the organ
ization in membership has been steady,
every Grange, with tew exceptions, Hav
ing added many new names to the mem
bership roll. A higher Biandard of work
,i , .,., rittiiiia nave oeeu an-uiu-
plished bv the Grange during the last
5. .....I Cola Maalr I V . W ho. In
concluding, recommended that the by
laws of the Oregon istate orange roe re-
vieetl. . ,
Theseions ot the Grange Wednes
day and Thursday were devoted to rou
tine work. The Grange concluded it
work Thursday with a oanquet.
Ili.aj. I ...! Ihal llta) f)ra.in StiltM
Grange favo's the enactment into law of
Ifoiise Hill No. rii'i. knonn as the Harris
I bill, and providing lor an eijiml ra'e it
; asaesainent for the taxation of express,
! telegraph, telephone, railroads, l oll 111 nn
; or slepini( cars, relrtgerator car and oil
1 companies, and lo create a state hoard i f
j appraiser and sesor for snch pur.
i nosea and nrewritie their duties therefor.
"Kesolved, that the filala Grange of
Oregon is in favor of a primary law pro
viding for direct nomination of candi
date lor public olllce."
Special memorial aervice were con
ducted Wednesday morning in honor of
the three deceased members of the Stale
Grange who died during the pat vear.
They were: Mr I,. II. Clark, ot .Mull
noinsb No. 71; Mr C. H. Wagner, of
1 faletn No. 17: and John Errant, a char
ter memtier Jordan Valley No. 42. The
reading of the three memorial was fol
lowed bv the offering of touching and
heanlifui tributes lo the memory of the
departed br the following named Gran
gers: A. F. Miller, l:ar Katon, Mrs.
Hrown, Mra. Mary 8 Howard, J. S.
Casto. W. M. Hilleary and II. E. Hayes.
The report of Mrs. Mary 8. Howard,
ili(istxt afi-rntarv. shows the oriraniza-
; tion if nineteen new Granges in the state
t. -.. . 1 1..
uuring the year, wiin tne losaoioniy
three. Inthis state the Grange now baaa
membership chwely approximating cxhju.
There are now 'jti Grange in the state,
and the combined increase in the mem
berdiip for the past twelve months wa
120O. The report of the treasurer thows
the state organization to he in pood
flnsniial ronrlition. On Mav 20.
there was a balance of fiMlu.34. During
the year receipts amounted to J-t.Xl.J6;
dishursemenu, $1756 51 ; balance on
band, 13113.19.
Cliatitaiiqua Hoard ol Dirt'ct.MH
Hard at Wotk.
C'hemaw Indian Band EngiK'il Mif.
Walter Ke ed In barge of Mulc
Admissiua C'hargei.
Thnrsdav waa an extremely buT dev
with tin, Kuta Gramre. An almost con
tinuous session was held throughout the
day, concluding lam nigiiiwun me con
ferring of degree on a number of can
di I ate and the serving of a baeqnet.
Pahen;er 8rllwo4 Car Surprised
By Three Bandlu.
At a stecial meeting of the board of
directors of the Willamette Valley CbU
tinqna Assia-lation held in this city Sat
urday forenoon. Important detail were
arranged in connection with the annual
Chautauqua Assembly to he held at
Glad'tone Jti l'.-Jt), inc'tKive. Con-
tracts were signed with the various lec
turers and entertt n-ia wh have btien
been sewn red lor the season.
The Chautauqua Association has this
year engaged a number of prominent
people who will participate In Hie thir
teeu days' session. Among them are
Senator John I". Uolliver and Congress
man Champ Clark, who ate recognized
as the foremost political orator of the
lay. l- ach of these gentlemen will de
liver two lectures. Mr. and mis. uuo.
ert J. Hurdette, of Pasadena, C liornia,
have also been secured. Tlie former
will lecture and Mrs. Burdette will have
charge of the Woman' Parliament.
Karl Germatne, a clever map nun, win
be here. The board baa completed ne
gotiations with Mr. Harriett Ccburn
rannderson, of the Saunderson School of
Kxpression of Seattle, who will be the
instructor in dotation and conduct a
ladie' physical colture class. The nitia
ical pari of the programme hat been
placed in the Land of Mr. Walter Heed,
of Portland. Chsmawa't popular band
ba been engaged again this year. Hits
1 .-.-!.... f 1 , . m u I, ui I nAiiairt
for the Chautauqua for aeveial conaeco-
tive eaons. lo the reatauranl com
mittee waa referred the matter of provid
ing ample accommodations, with inatruo
tion that if satisfactory arrangement
cannot oe made with some caterer, to
conduct this adjunct under the Uwect
management of the Chautauqua Associa
tion. .
An improved transportation aervice
will be furnished by Hie Southern 1 a-
citic Company Ihi year. Two et!Ul
traina will be operated between this city
and Portland. '
The question of admission wax also
settled at Satorday't meeting of the di
rector. Stockholder will be obliged to
pay one hall admission. For a number
of yeare all stockholder in the associa
tion have received complimentary tick
ets. Season ticket will this year cost
', with single admission tickets a cent
each. o return checks will he ten.ien
except to those holding season tickets.
Single admission for children will be ID
cents, or fl lor the season. Members of
thelioardof direcloisol the association
feel encouraged with ihe proset:t lor
the success of the meeting this year.
More expense lies been contracted in te
eming laige atliaciiuii" for lh Clian'aii
qua, and tlm-e laalr-ady aheurance ui an
lucreased attendance.
Three masked men held op the Pell
wood car, No 33, .t Midway station,
Tuesday nig bt, securing aboul$100and
a urA m-at,.ii Tlia itiwritifin of the
men, as near a can be learned, tallies
very closely w ith that of tlie three men
who held op a ancouver car aiay m.
km Iha, Ka.lla.-rwt i-ar neared the Mid
way station, three men appeared on the
plailorm ana hailed me car. ine mo
torman fa led to see the mask worn bv
Ibe men. in the darkness, and stopped
the car at the station. Two men board
ed Ihe car in front and one at the back
and ordered all the passenger as well
aa the motoiman and conductor to line
op. While two of the highwaymen
stood miard ovrr the passengers the
third went thronvh their rockets, help
ing himself to ail the n.oney of the con
ductor as well as that ol the passentrers.
It is ihoimbt- that be got about 10U in
cash. L'. IJoynton, assistant superin
tendent of the Oregon Water Power
Kailway Company, was the heaviest ,
loter, parting with IM and his gold ; MLSic WILL BE M ElUI. r E T I KE
After having searched everyone on the .,- K(.f(, w,j ir((i,e it-
tractive Pribram for ( liuutiiuqii;!.
and many articles will .he sold for less
than cost. Sale commencing May 1st and
will continue till all sold out.
Bleached Table Linen
Outing Flannel
Shaker Flannel 6c and
Mercerized Satleen
White Apron
Ti..a Ul.i.l.la
'i ............-----
I.inen Towels, pair. ..HH-, H4C,
Bath Toweis, pair. . .S7c, 4Jc, . I
Silk Dress Skirta '-w
Wool " "
Wash " " 10 I-
Ladies' Muslin Hrawers'.tlc to t0c
Jersev Kibbed Hrawers 2."cto .40
Ijtdiei Chemise 'Mc to 1.35
Udies Night-Gowns...... ..
Ladies' While Skirts, UV, ..c 1.00
Infants' Sack 30
Stinbonnet....10c. 15c, !c, .25
Shirt Waists 60c to 1.25
Hustle, new style 15c .20
Corset Covert 15o to .60
AlloverEmbrodiery very nice 1.00
IVrannall extra eood 50c to 1.25
I-ace Curtains, per pr. .75c to 1 35
,20c to
lollies' Colored Skirts
Brocade Skirt Lining
Plain Lining
Boston Bags
Pretty Fans
F.mhrodiery Silk
Machine Siik
Spool Thread, 3 spools
"t'nlnmbian" Golden Fleece
ported and Domestic apong
Yarns of the very best quality.
. t on H, Snmorter. ."Klastic Web," Bells Suspenders, Beads,
AliOU- , , ,,in jj.r.. !,., Hair Pins, Combs, all kinds ol l-eaa
1. ., il. Beadinir Caps Sash Pins, Buttons, all kinds Gloves. Lace elbow
,.ng.h Tl- t '.die.' nd children, plain and lace; Whisk Brooms
Feather uslers. Needles, Pins. Curling Irons, VS r.st l ag. Agate ami
v .,1 ll.t Mns Finger Kings. Silk Mandallions, Applique Trimmings,
tSENiri U Va; Velvet Kibtan Corse., and many
other thing, loo numerous to mention, all to go at COsT.
, ur iliu riititMra nnlered the motorman
to stnrt the i ar. One of the men 8to.nl
unard over the umiorman w hile the oilier
two kept A careful watch upon the pas-
tunura lien t he car had irone aiwut
No mistake was nude by tne board of
diiectorsol the Willamette Valley C'hait-
. .. . a , ; , u1,..,'i,.r Vim
a IIMlH y 111c irm mr uii iwimn . (HlltUt nBBULinuuii liiica,,...., .......
trdf red io hiow uun nu in imrr mru t itiier ieeo. 01 1 oruauu, i'j iiivetumno
Mei-petl eff tie cr it nil disappeared in 0 muMi-al features of the Chauuu-
lliu ilurL iidttfl
I' tion reaching Sell w ood .Mr. ISoynton
iniiiiudiatrlv lelHiihoned notice head
quarters the details of the robbery. He
was able to give a aescripuon 01 omy
one man, w ho was dressed in a black
suit with a (fray stripe, brown fedora
hat, peculiar pair of patent leather
shoes, and was about five feet five inches
tall and about 24 years of ae.
icdma-iter Randall Keports Big In-
creae cf Business.
M' iVa Riata Hranire ailonted
iimurDu,, " ,
a resolution declaring for the enactment
of the Harris corporation tax iaw aim
also a direct primary law. A resolution
covering theee subjects was returned by
in legislative comuiiiuro w vuuuov..
with its annnai report.
uiaia xtaai.r R ti !eiiv. Jacob N oor-
heesand W. M. Hilleary, constituting
the committee on legislation, submitted
a report. They found more pepple at
the state capttol during the last seieion
ol the legislature tnai were imeraHvu m
the equalisation of tbe burdens of taxa
tion man ever before. The interests of
the Grange, reported tlie committee, are
areatlv aided ty me lax reioim uuui
B. "'. ... . . , .U. K.lla
ttirougnoui in siaie. aiuuu
passed by the last legislature for which
the Grange was working were the Eddy
corporation tax law and Malarkey'e in
i,.,,).,,,.. i. muaanre. "We failed in
our effort to secure the passage of a bill
to create tbe ottice 01 precinct or uisintv
......n. ava iha iHimniittee. and liro-
d.chui , on. a , f
vide for bis election by the people. The
principle of electing omcers oy uireci
VOte ia not popular WIUI ine leu oiavum.
Alter noting the defeat of Croisan's di
rect primary bill, the Harris, Mulkey
a id Davey corporation tax measures,
the report concludes by stating that tbe
Grange and property owners should not
be discouraged hecause iney nan nui ac
complif bed all they bad asked for in the
way of legislation. The committee held
that the paarage of ail the measures
mentioned above would have been se-
..nra.l "it Iha (irafliB had Stood SOlidlV
by the principle that large and extrava
gant appropriation would be opposed
unless increased sources of revenue
should be created and thus relieve and
not Increase the burdens already heavy
upon land and its improvements." The
report ol tbe committee together with
tbe appended resolutions were adopted :
Beginning July 1, next, the postoffice
of this city will be rated as a second
class office. Postmaster Kandall reports
that the receipt, ot the Oregon I tty omce
for the fiscal year ending April 30, last,
were more than $8,100. When the annual
receipts ol an office exceed tbe $8,000
mark, then it is entitled to rank as a
second class office. Tbe change in the
rating of the office here carries with it an
increase of from 1 1.900 to $2,000 per an
num in the salary of the postmaster,
who under the third class rating is al
lowed salarv for but one clerk. Three
clerk, in addition to Postmaster Randall
... r.miiml to attend to the business of
the Oregon City office. "Tbe receipts
of this omce lor eacn moiuu snow uui
nnt. an innraaaa in the rsceipts for the
corre.pondina month a year ago, but
in many cases are greater man ior iu
preceding month," aia rostmaaier u
dall. "If busines. continues to increase
at the present rate, tbe receipts of this
office for tbe current year will exceed
000. . . . , , ,u
This showing is an eviuence 01 too
substantial growth and proserity of
this community. A continued growth
k,..ini,uiil tba ha al office will
IU I'T -
necessitate larger and improved quarters
for Uncle Sam in this city.
mil. nnwrmii this t ear. Mrd. Keed IB
1 t'r
probablv without an equal as a iiiumd-u
in this sta e and it w ill lie her purpose
to provide the best musical progiaui this
year that the Chautauqua people have
ever had. Besides being a talented
Binger, Mrs. Keed is a conductor of abil
ity and Bbe expects ty organize a large
. ..I w . w ..f ,t.o vutu latpat
' ctiortis Clans, n ui ''j
I musical productions will be selected for
presentation during me vnauiauqua.
The music has been ordered from ew
York City and the most suitahle iroiii a
larire number of compositions that areou
.... , , f :.:....
the wsy win pe seiecteu. 111 iiii
Secretary Cross, of this City, regarding
tbe musical features of the Chautauqua
and the character of tbe numbers to be
given, Mre. Keed Bavs: "1 wanted to tie
.ure and get the very latest and best
muBicloronr work, bo that wherever
our programs go they can see that we
are right up to dale in this Ur western
On Saturday evening, July IS, the
Chautauqua management will arrange
for a grand concert nnder the direction
of Mrs. Reed. The entertainment will
consist of solos, dueta, quartet, double
quartets and choruses and promises lo
be a greater treat than was ever before
offered in musical circle at a Chautau
qua Assembly.'
Hnltb's Daadraff Ponade
.tope ilehing icalp upon one application,
ihraatnalr ismom all dandrutf and
will atop falling hair
Price 50 cents at
A new line
baby bonnets.
of children's hats and
Miss Goldsmith.
Subscribe for the Enterprise,
ot aa Kirk luy Mnc.
"I ma a tkpn severelv sick with kid-
nan I vr.it 1 1 Iu I trml ail Boris of uie.li
tines, none ot which relieved me. One
day I Baw an ad ol yuut F.lectnc Bitters
1 1 .. ..... ......1 in iro that After tak-
tliu uriviiuicu .j --
ing a few doess I felt relieved, ami soon
thereafter was entirely cured, and have
not seen a sick day since. Neighbors of
mine have been cured of rheumatism,
neuralgia, liver and kidney troubles,
and general debility." This is what B.
F. Baa, ol Fremont. N. C, write.
Only 50c at Geo. A. Harding, druggist.
S 0 A mi . "Km I
Absolute! Tro