Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, June 27, 1902, Image 1

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nltEllT A
M! U.Kit
V .wniiMtV AT LAW
In nil Cotina i)i inc puiie
Wrlhhard Wdg.
. i ,ri .
i 'fillet -" ,
ill mi'i
1 r.,Ti Hull
Oregoit City, Oregon
,.rc,UTu... Court 1I..I..C lllm k
' (jtrgon City, Olegull
.ivv stii'I'
Attoknky at Law.
' ,.-. CITt.
I ,,,Mtlr.l l'
L Pa p.o. uTocwtna,
L.ua Ab.lraia cTlll.U Mousy, for-
n A. STt'AKT, M
om.-in wiiimi"iw ni'i.
Oriri City, Oregon
,iboori: 10 m.iolJm., tuip. m.
n4 7 to n
Intention paid lo lU.tumallini anu
finnis intaea.
('II matrtti day or night
Drug Prices
You See
On anything in tlid drug lino is quite apt to bo a little
higher tliau our pricr. Our lirnl aim id tom-o that you
get pun! goods and get what you ak for; our next aim
and cllort in to SAVE you nomc-thing on tho COST.
No one ever will and can mil you for lew than our
price. Wo cavu for you not only on a few loudly
heralded item hut on almost everything druggists pell.
IJC lb.
Everyday Prices:
Cut prices on Patent Medicine.
f !.( IYrutia le
i fl.ur llawley' Catarrh Cure "tic.
j uo Swamp Koot HOc
i y& Caatoria (Genuine) Sir
sc Carter'! Little Liver Pills Iftc
1 All fl.o Aattima Cures. H."m'
I f 1 .110 Tierce ' Golden Discovery .... lit
. f i.io Tierce' Favorite Prescription ,75f
ijc Poroue lllutcra . 10c
TEESH VACCINE f 1 '"' llik"i' VeKttabIe Comp'd 74e
I JJC Pierce's Pellet I'tf
15c j fi.vu hi'IicMip a Medicine
9ci l'rar'a SfMli
1 for 25c t,-00 I'aiue'i Ulery Compound
Be! Water Bailies
$1.00 regular
Now 64c
GnJusta of the Northwestern I'nlwr-
til v lnul Kelio4. t'lli iro.
iAttifion t ollrncol lnul hurgurr,
Willamette Wotrk. Oregon Vlly.
mntPTti !. bahbik rai-
i... .,!. mill ilicnini't. -i
anumi. anfi and anlla arttani on all pnl
llUnlll KlaiM, Riirope and llnni
Imnllt nr4 nililM't lo ehwa Hi
Iron It. a. ioir. K.
D CUTOl'KITTf. PrMllit.
r. J. MaVEH Cailner.
fl.oo regular
Now 65c
Now jc
... l'ie
. ...BOc
... KOc
30c 1'ry'a Squirrel
V Waklee'i M
f 1 00 Wotxl'l Saraaixrilli ONLY
fi .iKiRe.l Line " "
JSC Comliliou l'owderi
fi.ou Tanay I'UU
l.SC Cuiuiira Soap
V I'.lectric Bitten
fl.oo " "
Snaps In Cameras
and Supplies.
JH no Cyclone Magazine, almoat new, f
ft 00 II row 11 ie Canierai Htlc
f 00 I'remo "A"
.Stamp Canl Mount, 6" Joen
llrownic " " etr fine, 10c iloz.
An emllcas variety of 415 and 5x7 mount
II colon at itwcial price.
Druggist's Sundries.
Srxni Re, ununl price 5c, our cut pric 4r
SponKea, nxular now 6c
Tooth llrule, loc, 15c, 5C, JSC,
now &c, 10c' lie. 2oc
Kuivr ami Raron reduced from 10 to
yi per cent. fee our $1.50 guaran-
teed Razor.
Sc lb.
15c n.
loc lb.
4c roll '
7 for 3JC
autauqua Assembly
I 77
- I
t ''' V..
r -
. - ,. K-
1 Hi -hi r, ....-3
Box Statloierj
iix: box
3 pkg. 5c
Cut Price Reliable DrugKlta
'Phone 13. Mail Order Solicited.
UiiiJTI'Im KiamlnH.
IMi, M.iriKKurt prawn.
Atra t M'l.
.Moliry Uianed.
orrn i uvih
Batik ot Orr(oii t'liy.
oirnoon City, ok.
I.ID'Iii 0. Bchutbel
Attornryu at Law.
peutfdjcv jlbvoltat.
lllprcilr in ail rouria. niakt culleclioin
li.d triiltnipula of Kaiatta.
riirtilih alwtrarta of till, lend yon money
M leiut your money 011 flrt mor(rK-
Office In Enterprise Building.
Orenon Cltv, Orenftn,
Flour is a Necessity
There are many kinds of Hour. But none so good as ours.
Try it and be convinced. Made by patent process. Pure,
wholesome and of a superior grade.
Portland Flouring mills Co.
I K time for the onin of tlin CbanUtqn Aawm
lily ol 11)02 i only ahum twelve dy diHtant and
tboi-e who exiiM't to attend throniib ilie awtion are
lnaklt j( rrHKf merits to go. The altraciion tliia
Vftur are o fiiniif C'liH and varied lliut it ifiiuirrn
il ,-le aernti: V ol the jnoKraiMiiis covering Hie
lmlo IwelvH ee4ion, to delect tlm leuturea
inoHl pleaainu to'iliH indiv dual, ho many depart
ment are Iniorporaled. Into the fcruhly' pro
lirauuiiH tliMt ail ta-itea will be aatinlied. Mu-ic
line yetir will le nnUer Hie direction ol frof. W. H.
lloyer. ol 1'ortUhd. The Cliemawa Indian Hand,
o( twenlj -five piece, will be prtaent all throinli
the reion ai.d will give concert every day.
Mi Mary Conyers will aims at 2 o'clock Thuraday
alleriHion, July 10, and otlier aoloirtg will render
iwlrufion during the region. On the evening of
Saturday. Jly 12, grand concert will (liven
under liof. Dover' direction. Mr. Walter Ueed
will be the aoloiet and the Hnitzner-Koorad It ring
Quartette will aeaiht. At 2 o 'cluck on Tneaday,
u y 10. th C'bautaoqna chorua will render "My
Country, 'Ti ol Thee." and on the evening ol
Wednesday. July ltt. llie oratorio "Elijah" will be
uiven. 11. ne will be chorua of 60 voice and
I the aolult wol Iw 'ra. May Dearborn h.-hwati. Mian f.veiyn nciiev, narry n.
I Hogue nd liol. I. M. Glen. Mr. W. E. Tin-ma wl I be tbe accompanist.
The Heintiv will oin at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday morning. Julv 8, witb mmic
'hyllieCtieinawa Hand. I'reaideul W. C. Il ley will deliver the adJreg of Wel
lcome and tbeVwponae will he made by Dr. C. K. Cline, of Portland Tbe remain
!der ol the morning wi'l I e devoted to ihe organirati..n ol claeee end the announce
ment of ii.irui-ior. With the exception ol honday. July 12, the morning eeanion
Irom 8 to 11 will be given to clasnea, which re tnuruerated at thecloee 01 ihe pro
rn,- . ,u fK.
Uaaeoall Will have a proinnieni pari jn ine aneriiuuno ui mb rmriu,,.
.111 ,u. . o..... mi rtav at 3 :.') P. M . extent Sundav. and five team have eo-
jtered to compete lor ihe IW p.ix-. Three of the team are the Vancouver, whicb
Iwon laat yeai'i cup, the 1 hemawa and the Mount Angel team.
The PorlUnd ilinn-lerial L'ni'in w ill have charge of the programme during
'eight ilayeol the aeaaion at the hour of U . M J.T. Moigan, tbe Portland labor
man Rev. Alexander Blackburn, pai-tir of ihe White Temple, Portland, Rev J.
K Ohoruiley, D. D , paaior of th First Christian Chorcb, Portland, Rev. Huber
Fermigon. of th I'nited Prwtby
Uerian Church. Portland, Kev. K.
M. Bharp. A, M.. paetor of
I the Mount Tabor Prebyterian
(Church, Rev. 11. J raltH)ti, D.
! D.. the new paator of the Taylor
atrnet Melhodial Eplcol
Church. Portland, Rev. L. E.
; Rockwell, presiding elder. Port
laud dietrict. M. E. Church, Rev.
11. L. Boardman, D. D., presi-
ident ol M.M.nnvI.e College,
I eD W. N. reirin. Ph. D., Pa-
Iciflc University, Koreat Grove,
!Rev. W.S Holt, D. D . ay nodical
jmiaaionary of the Prebyterin
Church, and other leading clor-
'gy men of the Ute will partici
pate in the diacnation of the re
liglou branch of the aiucrahly.
A caretul peroaal ol the pro
-gniniutf alll give the reader an
idea of the led urea and enter
tainment, scheduled for the
! menial benefit of the public
Hon Henry Watterson, editor of
the Louieville. Ky., Courier
Journal, will deliver two ad-dreM-er.
On the evening ol
Thursday, July 10, he will lec
ture on "Money and Moral, '
! and on the afternoon of the fol
lowing day he will deliver a lec
lure on Lincoln." The intio
ductory addres will be made by
Hon. Harvev W. Scott, editor of
the Oregon ian. s
On the evening of Thursday,
July 10. Colonel John feobieski,
the Polnh oraior, will lecture on
II, n "Riw anil Kail of Poland."
On the afternoon of Friday, July 18 he will lecture a second time.
Dr Roiiert Mclmyre, who ha attained national fame as a lecturer on soldier
topics, will deliver two addresses, one on the evening of the opening day, Tuesday,
Julv 8. Hi aubiect will be "The Battle of Life." On the afternoon of Wednes
day, July 9 he will lecture on ' The Sunny Side of Soldier Life."
On the afiernoon of Tuesday, July 15, the programme will be devoted to
Lewi and Clark Centennial. Hon. H. W Corbett. of Portland, will preside.
Two sermon will be presi-hed by D. Thomas McClary, of Minneapolis, on Son
day, Jury 13. In theafteuoon he will pieach on "The Evolution ol Spiritual Life,"
' v
II r-1 - 1
Am,, h
Will sell Tan Shoes, for men, that are .worth $3.50 a
pair for $1.65. The are
Kid andOalf Congress, jfee Vesting ; Top, the
latest styles, yet $1.65 will buy a pair.
Something fop the liadies
850 pair of Patent Leather Lace Shoes or Oxford
T?es Goodyear Velts. hand sewed up-to-date
style, worth 53.50, for $1.65, at
Tk. Coofflm- Sale of Shoes
a C4vvwi. jr
Three Doors North of Electric Hotel.
j. MORRIS, Manager.
and in tbe evening on "The Chrietton Mission of tbe Railway," a sermon for rail-
n ik. .iinnnn nf Mnmlii. Julv 14. he will deliver a. lecture on
way uifiu. vu vt'v. R"'iu"yu . i - ---j
"Sunshine In Ubor."
The lull programme for the assembly follow:
3 :30 P. M. Baeball.
Opening Day, Tueaday, July 8.
10:30 A. M. Music, Chemawa Indian
Band. Addree ol welcome, President
W. C. Hawley, of Salem. Response,
Dr. C. E. Cline, of Portland. Organiza
tion ol classes and announcements Dy
1 :30 P. M. Band concert, Cnemawa
Indian Band.
S V. M -Lecture. "The Lawyer in
Public Life, or "A Layman' Tribute to
the Legal Profession", J. T. Morgan, ol
3 :30 P. M Baseball. .
7 :30 P. M. Band concert.
8 P. M. Reading, Professor 8. 8.
Haroill. . .. .
8:15 P. M. Lecture, "Tin uaiue oi
Life," Dr. Robert Mclntyre.
Second Day, Wednesday, July .
8 to 11 A. M. Clasee.
11 A. M. Portland Ministerial Asso
ciation hour. "Tbe Church and the La
boring Man." The Ministerial Associa
tion bas invited tbe labor unions of
Portland to present their side oi toe swry
a to wby so many laboring men are
losing sympathy with churches, and J.
T. Morgan ha been aelected by them to
open the subject, 20 minutes, followed
by jroporal discussion, 40 minutes.
1 :3U r. Ju. oaJHi coiicoi.
2 P. M. Lecture. "Tbe 8unny Side of
Soldier Life," Dr, Robert Mclntyre.
7 ::W P. M. Band concert.
8 P. M Lecture, "The Mission of Is
rael,"Dr. Stephen S. Wise, of Portland
Third Day, Thursday, July 10.
8 to 11 A. M. Classes.
Portland Ministerial Association hoar
"Vbat8hould Be the Christian' Atti
tude Toward the Liquor Traffic?" Rev.
U. V. Jone, pastor of Hassalo Congre
gational Church, will lead in the discus
eion of this topic, which will draw the
fire of some of the ablest speakers on tbe
1 :30 P. M. Band concert
2 P. M. Solo. Mis Mary Conyers.
Reading, Miss Minnie Hamill. Lecture,
"Paintings and Painters, Some Facts and
Fancies About Tbem," Prof. John Ivey.
3:30 P. M. Baseball.
7 :30 P. M. Band concert
9 P. M. Lecture, "Money and Mor
als," Hon. Henry Watterson.
Fourth Day, Friday, July 11.
8 to 11 A, M. Classes.
11 A. M. Portland Ministerial Associ
ation hoor: " Safeguard of the Home,"
will be presented by Rev. Alexander
Blackburn, D. D-, pastor of the White
Temple, Portland, a close observer and a
speaker characterited by sensible sense,
j 2 P. M. Introductory Address, H. W.
Scott, editor of tbe Oregonian. Lecture,
"Lincoln," Hon. Henry Watterson.
3::i' P. M. Baseball.
7.:J0 P. M Hand concert.
8 P. M Reading, Prof. 8. S. Hamill.
Lecture, "F1," Dr. Alexander Black
burn. nflh Day, July 1.
8 toll A. M. Classes.
11 A M. Portland Ministerial Asso
ciation boar: "Modern hubs unite for
the Church," Rev. J. J. Ohormley, D.
) pastor 1-irst Christian Church, Port
land, has consented to deliver the open
ing add reus on tins theme of preening
1 :o'.l r. M Hand concert.
2 P. M. Impersonation, "Shore
Acres," Charles Craig, ol New York.
P. M. Baseball.
:3u Band concert.
8. P. M. Grand concert, conducted by
1'rolei-sor Will. Bover, oi Portland, sa
tiated by the Spitzner Konrad Siring
Quartet; Mrs. Walter Reed, soloist, and
rvofesaor 8. 8. llamillj Mis .Minnie
Hamill, elocutioniHt;
Sixth lay, Sunday, July 1.1.
10:30 tsunday Sceool, under the di
rection ol James Edmonds, of Portland.
2 V. M. Chautauqua chorus. Read
ing Bible, Prufeseor 15. "J. Hamill. Ser
mon by Dr. Thomas McClary, of Minne
apolis, "The Evolution of the Spiritual
Lile "
4 :30 P. M. Sacred concert, Chemawa
Indian Band.
7 P. M Vesper service.
8 P. M. Dr. Thomas McClary, "Tbe
Christian Mission of tbe Railway," ft
terinon lor railway men.
Seventh Day, Monday, July 14.
8 to 11 A. M. Classes.
11 A. M. Portland Ministerial Associ
ation hour: "The Sabbath." o theme
of greater (iguilicance to Christian peo
ple will be considered by the association
during tne Chautauqua. Rev. Huber
Ferguson, the talented young pastor oi
ihe r irt United Presbyterian Church of
Portland, leads.
1 :30 P. M. Band concert.
2 P. M. Reading, Professor 8. S.
Hamill. bolo. Lecture, "Sunshine in
Labor," Dr. Thomas McClary.
3:30 P. M Baseball.
7 :30 P. M. Concert. t
8 P. M. "An Evening of Character
Sketches," Charles F. Craig, assisted by
Mrs. Lois Craig.
Eighth Day, Tuesday, July IS.
8 to 11 A. M. Classes.
11 A. M. Portland Ministerial As-soci-ation
hour : "Tim Outlook of Christen
dom." Thi is Missionary day, and a
number of returned missionaries will be
present. Tbe round table will be inaug
urated by the scholarly pastor of Mjunt
Tabor Presbyterian Churcu, the Rev. E.
M. Sharp, A. M.
1:30 P. M. Band concert.
' 2 P. M. Cbjrus, "fly Country, Tis
of Thee," Chautauqua chorus. 'Lewis
and Clark Programme," presided over
by Hon. H. W. Corbett, of Portland.
3:30 P. M Baseball.
7:30 P. Ai. Band concert.
8 P. M. Reading, Mies Minnie Ham
ill. Lecture, "The American flome,"
Dr, Thomas McClary.
Ninth Day, Wednesday, July IS,
8 to 11 A. M. Clasaes.
11 A. M. Portland Ministerial Associ
ation hour: "Preaching of tbe Present
Day." A large number of pastors and
college men are expected at tbe Chau
tauqua, many of tbem lo camp through
out, and a clean-cut, able address will be
given on preaching by Rev. 11. J. lal
bott, D. D., the new pastor ol the Taylor
Street Methodist Eiiscopal Church, of
Portland. He will be followed by a moet
ntereeting discussion, 40 minutes. Lec
1 :30 Band concert. Solo. Woman's
day programme. Auuounced later.
3:301'. M. Baseball.
7:30 P. M. Band concert. Oratorio,
Eliiab." Soloists: Mrs. May Dear-
borne Scbwab, Miss Evelyn Hurley, ti.
W. Hogue, Prolessor 1. M. Glen. Chor
us ol 70 voices. Mr. W. E. Thomas,
accompanist; Professor W. U. Boyer,
Tenth Day, Thursday, July 17,
8 to 11 A. M. Classes.
11 A. W. Portland Ministerial Associ
ation hour. "Trend of Matters Educa
tional." Rev. L. E. Rockwell, D. D.,
president eider, Portland district, Metho
dist Episcopal Church; Kev. L.
Boardman, D. D president McMinnville
College; Dean W. N. Ferrio, Pb. D.,
Faciuo University, Forest urove, ana
other able educators will participate in
the discussion of this paramount ques
tion in Oregon.
1 :30 P. M. Band concert.
2 P. M. Recognition day. Grand
march through tbe Golden Gate. Read
ing, Mies Minnie uamiu. jiecognnion
exercises. Lecture, Dr. E. P. Hill, of
of the First Presbyterian Church, of
3:30 P. M. Baseball.
7 :30 P. M. Band concert.
8 P. M.-Reading, Professor 8. 8. Ham
ill. Solo. Lecture, "The Rise and Fail
of Poland," Colonel John Sobieski, the
brilliant Polish orator.
Eleventh Day. Friday, July IS.
8 to 11 A. M. Classes.
11 A. M. Portland Ministerial Associ
ation boar : "Some Things in Our The
ology in Need of Special Emphasis."
Rev. W. S. Holt, D. C, sy nodical mis
sionary of tbe Presbyleria Cbnrcb,
gifted as a terse, sensible speaker, open
this discission.
1 :30 P. M. Band concert
2 P. M. Reading, Miss Minnie Ham-
Ill. Solo. Lecture, Colonel John Sobieski.
3 :30 P. M. Baseball.
7:30 P. M. Band concert.
8 P. M. Musical, literary and athletic
Oram me by tbe Y. M. C A. of Port
, Oregon.
Twelfth Day, Saturday, July 19.
8 to 11 A. M. Classes.
11 A. M.Programme by Chemawa
Indian School.
2 :30 P. M. Band Concert.
2 P. M. To be supplied.
3:30 P. M. Baseball.
7:30 P. M. Band concert.
8 P M. Grand closing concert.
Music Professor W. H. Boyer
English Literature. ..Prof. B. J. Hoadley
Bible Study.. Dr. Alexander Blackburn
Junior Bible Study... Rev. J. H. Beaven
Sunday school normal.. James Edmunds
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