Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 21, 1902, Page 6, Image 6

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Legal Noticea.
Tttle f AdmlnUlmtor U
Krai lXate
Uotice is hereby given that the under
igned, Joseph K. Hedges, administrator of
(Mediate of John Myers, deceased, will
from and alter Mommy, theLMtti day ol
February, 11)02, prvcred to aeUIhe real
HUt of the said oescribed estate as follows!
A partol the Samuel N, Vane I). I C.
Ko. M. in TPS S, R 2 E, of the Willamette
Meridian in Clackamas County. Oregon,
Slr,iniiing at I lie NE corner of said claim
Mn. 61 in said Township, running thT"JT
W.25 chains more or loss to the N b.
corner ol a tract of land sold by said Vance
to John Post as described indeed at page
lir'oideed records No. 2, of said county;
thence S. 2ft deg. 30 nun, K. IS chains;
thence W. 18 2U chains the tj W . co.iier
of said tract; llience N. 25 .leg. 30 mm Vt.
on W. line of said Iran 1 6t chains to the
8.K corner of a tract of land deeded by
John M vera to Addie While by deed re
corded in Book 6i at page'-D of said county ;
thence W. 18.71 chains to the W l.me ol a
tract ot land deeded to John Myers by
Joseph Hedges, by deed recorded at page
76 of Book 1', records ol said cunty;
tbenceS. U deg. 4.S min K 2011 chains;
thence S. 40 deg. K. fi.00 chains; thence 5).
46 deg. 30 min K 1A.S7 chains to the N. .
corner ot a tract ot lana sold to loin 1.
Hamuli bv John Myers ts describe! ui
deed on page 154 of deed recorif No. S3 of
aid county; N. 41 deg. 15 mm K. 10 W
chaius to the most northerly corner ulaaid
Kaudall tract; (hence S. 32 eg E. 1 I 3
chains; thence N (12 deg 30 mill. fc.. 14
chains to the E. line of said Vance claim
Ko. 61, being the 8. K. cot"" ol a tract
conveyed bv said Yanoe to EHaJ. John
eon by deed recorded at page 87 of Book 0
deed reconls of said county; thence N. 17
leg 12 min. E 32.47 chains to the place of
beginning ,' ,
Also beginning at a point from which a"
oak tree 24 Inches in diameter bears N. 48
deg. W. being the corner of a tract of land
sold by Samuel Vance and wile to Kl'ia J
Johnson, wile ot Thomas Johnson, along
the line of said tract in an easterly lireciion
to the cenier of the county road known as
the Lalourette road; thence along the
center ol the said road In a northwesterly
direction to a point 1.25 chains to the center
of the old teirilorial road; thence S. to the
place of beginning containing 'A cres
more or less, ... .
Ali-o a part of the Holmes' claim No. 38
In said Tp. and a pari of the Newell claim
in section 5 ol said Tp and a van of said
Vance claim as conveyed to said John
Mversbydced tecorded at paie 41 of book
1 deed records of -sid county, io-wil ; He
ginning at a point 6Vi4 chains N. i f the i
ikwi between sections 4 ami ft in said Tp,
and K .running tlie.ire W. 12 80 chains;
thence S. 15.50 chains; thence W. 14.24
chains; thence S. 251 eg. E. fi.0 chinns;
tbeuce E (W leet; i hence S-liX ,le.
6.25 chains; thence K along the N. hound
airy of Samuel Vance claim 25.11 chains;
thence N. 16 chap s to the place or begin
king, containli g 20 acres nioieor less.
And that said sale shall he lor cash or
on the greaiest possibe payment ot casu
with the baai ce remaining unpaid on not
more than one year's lime io he secured
h mortuara on the properly sold, the
balance Pi bear interest at the rale of not
leea than (i per cent per annum.
Administrator of the estaie of John
Myers, deceased.
Notice Tor lMibliratiou.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878
United States Land DMce, Oregon Cily,
Oregon, January 14 1002.
Notice is hereny given that incompliance
with the provisions ol the act of Congress
Nil e 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the
aale of timoer lands in the Slates orCalifor
nia, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington fer
rilory," as exeinled to all the Public Land
Stales by act of August 4. 1K92.
of Portland, county of Multnomah State of
Oregon, has this day filed in this office his
worn staten.enr No 6584, for the purchase
of theNof NWaud NVV of NE' of
ttecuon No 12 in ii.Wi.sldp No. 4 8 , Kange
No. 4 E., ami will oiler proiit to show that
the laud sough is more valuable for iis
timber or stone than lor agricultural pur
joses, and to establish his claim to said
land before Ihe Register and Receiver
of this ollice at o-egon 'Vv, on Saturday,
the 2l).h riav of March, 1; 02.
He names a witiies-es:
leoipe 1 Brown, ol Portland, Or.'gon;
Henry Epperson, of Eagle Creek, Oregon;
O. C Fields, ol Oregon City, Oregon; F. ti.
Morris, of Portland, Oregon
Anv and ill rson claiming adversely
the above-described lands are requested to
file their cMma in this ollice on or before
said 29th day ot March, l2.
In the (.'ircui; Con rt of the State ol Ore
gon, for the County ol CUtkamaa.
iliich II. Lei & ftt verl
Co. a Corporation, I
A. C. Wri.ht.
State op Ohkuoh l
Cocstv i F Clackamasi
- By virtue of a j'ldgrnt nt order, decree and
an execution, iluiy Issued out of and u rider
the seal ol the a u;ve en'itled court, in Ihe
shove ent it'eil cne. t() me duly dirfcud
aind dated the 15th da.- id F'hruarv, l'ju2.
opon a jn igmeni rendered BPd el t--red in
aaid court on fie lath day of F-1 r ib. y, 1IXJ2,
in favor ot Mi'chel, Lf wis 4 Smver (Jo. a
CorKiratiiii, Piau.iill. ai d agxiuct A. C
Wright, D. lendant, lor the sum of 21.5 27,
with interest thereo at t' rale or 10 per
cent per amdini frnni the 15th day of Feb
ruary, l!x2 and the further sum of f 0 0),
as attorn-y's tee, and Ine further sum ol
$f).00 costs and di)llrselnents, and the
cosisof ai d upon mis writ, commanding
me to make sale of the tollowii g described
real property, si'nu'e in the county of
Clackamas, f-t ite of Oregon, to-wl':
TheSHofSttJiai.o NWidNK'f and
KKJ4 of N W ol nec. 12, Tp ii, S. li. 2 East
ot W. M.
Sow. riierefure, hv vir'iie of said execu
tion, judginen' ordi r and dicren, an. in
con p iai ce with Ihe nunc amis of Saiil
wr t, 1 ill, on Sntuiday the
20TH DAY OF M.UXI, 1002;
t the hour of Two o'c'ock P. M.. at the
Ironi ih or of the Ci.ui.iy C.un House in
the City ol ( r gun CiU, in (-aid County
mud State, hel a' public auction, M.ljectto
redeinpli'Mi, to fie l.ighe-t bidder, l.,r 1'.
8. gold coin ca-h In I. und. all ihe ngl t,
title and inter -at which ihe within named
defendant ha on the dale of the inurtfae
herein or since hail in or to the shove dp
cnlied real property or any p r- I hereof, io
atisly sai I execution, ju l' uei.i .,r h r, de
cree interest, cost and ad a'-cri.ioif -os:s,
SherifTof Clackamas t'ono'y.Or gun.
Dated, Oregon City, Ore., Feb. J5f , l!r2.
killiailFF'M SAI-K.
In the Circuit Court or the Stale of Ore
g ui, for the County ol Jackson.
John F. White.)
Newton Beck ami
Flora Beck,
. DeltuidaoU.
Stati of Orkoon
Coi'HTY or Clackah
Rvvirlun nf a ludgnieiil Oidrr, tlirea
and an execi tun. iluiy itied out 'of and
under the e; ol Ihe above eiilllled court
in ih iiIxivk ent, iled cause, to nie duly dl
reeled and dated the llttl day ol February,
l!t2, upon a judgment remiereo aim en.
tered in said win t on the Ufi d ol Jan.
imrv. l .. In lnor of John P. Wlille,
t. ai. tilt and aniiust Newton Beok and
Ku.r. Uvea. lViMudsnis. lor the sun. of
tl'll iih interest ttiereon at t ie rati ol
1(1 ur cent perauiium irvim the Idlli day of
Novemtur t!kH, and Ihe fui:ier sum of
jioO.'H' ait imev'a lees with interest t leieon
ai ine raie ol C tier cent per annum lioin
t ie Hid day t miliary Hi2, and the lur.
ttii r sum ol $12.00coti ami duimrseioei i-,
ami the costs ol ami upon this writ, com.
mandiiig me to make sal - of t lollowing
ileMMlited real rjrt suunt- in the
-omd, ,v rU. kii.H. aiutd of (.iri'goll to
Aii undivided One Seventh (17) interest
in ami m Donation Land Mann ol Jonil I .
ULiv. rno Kachael C.I iver and each of
in en. v.it. No. T;!0I Donation Cernrlcat
No SiKidescrllied as lollows CI dill No. 38
heii L' naiti ol St-clions lit. 30, 81 in t. 2, S
I; i v ..,, rhiio. No. 48 helm; lur ol
Jrtlnn. -1 anil 25 III T. 2. S. Jl. 3 E.
h ,n. iUd as follows lb ginning at a point
7 5!) Chain N. and 4.13 W. ot N. K.- Co r
otssid Sect on 31: fienie S. 01 degrees
ifl iiiinuics W. 5S.30 Ch.iins; t ence N. 2a
30 minotes W. 110 Chao.s; thai o
v .ai.Lor .:lii niiiimes K. ,S.:10 CuhIiis:
tie ceS. 2SI digrees 2ii niinuies E 110.SM
Chains to Ihe place ol begi lining coniaining
i(.7 a. ra-, Kxcept 1U0 a. res s.ild 1 1 iiioir.
Cannation Ai r I 20 n l.W and K-c rded
V. I tu I'a-u 4tS Kecord ol De da l r
Clackamas County Orego .
No. Therefore hyvrtueol said ex-icu
li.n, imminent order and dw re. ami
ocniliance wifi the coinniaiids of
writ, 1 wi 1, on Saiurday, t ie
22ND DAY OF MARCH, 1!)02;
.1 il, hniirnf Two o'cl ick P. M. al the
Ir nit dm r ol the County Court Houca in
ttie City ol'Oiegon 0 tv, in said Com ty and
StaU sell at purine auinun, lon.jt-u, .
demptio'i, to the highest 'udder, for V. S
,.11 cash I i lit. id. all the right, iltl
mi, 1 interest which the within named 0-
r.iun i or eilher nf them, had on me 2ilt i
dv of Novemtvr 10ol, ' r since had in or t
the aove desi ribed real jr.iper-v or ai y
,ii t'.ereof lei vat sf, said execution, lildg
iiii, mri'er. decree, iitir-st, cosU and all
accruing co tj.
Sheritl of riacknmas Count t, fr goo
IUie.1 On iron Cilv. Ora . Feb. 17fi, 10 2.
police f Mrdlmiu Nitlf ol
n....... ..... I,., v.rt ip ol the aiillu rd m
v r . .... 11. . ,11... Ik
ineve-tlhv an older ol sale ma. e ny .'. , lr,,im.ira eleclloii limo i"
Cn.inlv Conrtol t ie C 'Mint ol ""'"''i ' .... M.iudaV. th 3 il-y ' !
d. t"d I"", to, i!.., i v i., v.-p . - i ,,1
111 ! Ween I lie lioura io i" ,
FKHHUAIiY 21, 1002
liOAim or ciniHisstoxiuv
Mr IIH Il'h K ifllutt N d'fe I
Iiorwliy glve.il ilni' il're will 1r vi,iU.irj T.rm film tVniHf
St i- ol Oregon,
sai I
.otlt-c lor l'libllenllon.
Depart mint of the Interior, L-ind Office
.1 ... ... I ' . I. Kh.)
at Oregon i.lty, uregun, Jan. .o n. iw-.
Notice is hereby given that the fn lowing
,,ai,,.d settler has lilrd notice of his inten.
li .ii to make tinal prool in snpia.rt ol bis
claim, and that said proof will be made be
tore Register and Receiver hi Oregon Cpy,
Oregon, on Marcli 10 11102, viz: Frank Preli
schorl; H K 13280, for tho of NE!4.
S yt ol N V.yt and SEJi of N i. Sec 12,
Tp 4 a., R. 4 E
II nmiiea the following witnesses to
prove his coniinuous residence upon and
cuitivaiion of said land, viz:
Jolin 8'raight, Themiore Huerlh. Joseph
Brtuiner, Earnest Malhieaen, all of Park
place. On gon.
Department of the Inferior, United States
Land Ollice, Oregon Cl'y, Oregon, January
17, 1902
A sulllcient contest allidjvit having been
filed in this office by Harry Sawtell, entiles
taut, airainst homestead entry No 13,201,
made December 10. P.mO, for Lot 3. Section
6, Township 3 8 , Range 5 E., by Oeorge P.
McKiui is, Conti atee, in which it is alleged
lhat Contestant '-knows the present condi
tion nf the same; also that said Oeorge P
McKinnis has never resided uiaiu, cliltl-
vated. nor improved said laud, nor has he
resided upon, cultivated nor improved aai.l
land for more than six months last past;
that he is residing at Mnntavilla, Molf.o
mah Co., Oregon, with his family, and has
been for more than six inonins last. pat;
an i that said alleged absence from the aaid
Iai d was not due to I is employment in the
Army. Navy, or Marine Corps ol the t tilled
Stales as a p ivate soldier, olH -er, seaman,
or marine, during tl.e w ar w ith Spam, or
during anv other war in which the United
States tuny he engaged," said parties are
heiebi notified tu appear, respond and olf'. r
evi.leme loiichlnfc said allegation at 10
o'cloi k a. m on March 11, I!i2, before the
Register and Receiver at the United Slates
l.a. d Office iu Oregon Cit , Oregon.
The sui I conteMai.t hal ing, in a proper
affidavit, liied January 7, 1002, set I. nth
Tacis which show that alter due diligence
personal service nf this noll e can not be
made, it is hereby ordered and directed that
such notice be given by due and proper
Department ol the Interior, United 8tales
Land office, Oregon Ci y, Oregon, January
17, 2
A sufficient contest affidavit having been
filed in this ..Hi by Jacob ii Schmitt, cm
testanl, against homestesd entry No. 12 230.
made Ju y 12, 1808. lorSE of Senium
Towiislnp 8 Range 1 K . by Lester E Sa
bine, i-ouiesiee, in which it is alleged that
I'onieitani "knows Ihe or-sent conuition of
the same; also that said Lesier E. Saliiue
has anandoi.e.l said land lor more than six
months last past ; that he liae not resided
upon, cultivated nor improved said laud to
more than s x Months last ait; that in
fact said Lester E. Sabine has never si ce
making sail Entry, resided upon, culti
vated or improve': any portion of said land
in any manner whatsoever, nor has any one
dune so lor him, and that said alleged ab
sence from tl.e said land was not due to his
employment in the Army, Navy, or Marine
Corps of Ihe United States as a private sol
dier, officer, seaman or marine, during the
war with S: ain, or during any other w ar in
whWi the United States may be engaged,"
aid pari iei are l.ere'y l oll lied In a i pear,
le-poml and offer evidence touching said
ai!eg,ittoii at 10 o'clock a in., on Marcli 1,
l'i"2, before r lie R gis'er and Receiver al the
United btales Land Office in Oregon City,
The said contestant lisv'ng. in a prnper
alii lavit, tiled January 17. V-f'l, set forth
facts which show that alter due diligence
personal seivice of Mils notice call not fie
made, it is hereby ordered and directed
lhat such notice be given by due and proper
lyon s French Periodical Drops
Strictly vegetable, perfectly harmless, sure to accomplish
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b--t.ii r .t-:
r .,r.
t. 1, ;
: -r t V,
f ..in'erfePi irnl Imlurtons. TTiennlnelspnt op onlfln pateoVw-4 Jf-
l.i - '.,i,, nvr.u.nru uu iaa Ol ine im.uir. inua:
Mls ii v t'.S :- A. title, apd.D.'i'O.
a. II al pilvate sale fie l Hwing des.rlbe.1 1 lkr,.,. likl'J,
re..lesialeo wil: An Undivided S Ini'-l
In and 1 1 U-ls No. I ami 2 m HI No. 21 , o i ha a. m
in t ie (own ul( aouv aa me ine ri" '" iiiaiiue.
i .. . ii 1 niai iheieof which l. ,
iV.luly -eroed to .huffier of .he H '""'
Conler of conveyances of -aid ( Uckamas B, .igliti
and 4 o'clock p. M-
Foiiniain Hohh t'i inin a
ofr.K-or.1 ny Hie llic.inl plal iheieof which I .. , ,,r,w,.rll Sevelilli
It, t,.rl.,ii, John Lewelleu and T.
Klllln, !iiiuill"iieia'
Until pisl No. I
II Mover, g ral fmiil
Ii iieen ilii'luii I'd l ua tlin
Comtv. The ..id ssl wji ' i polling pliu-e. At eai.l mni' am " . j c,,.,,,., !!, road luinl
Sohi.eh.lln Oregon fit.- In said Cunt r, t t ,y rt .'uic.l in . A tl t"""""1
ul l.-cl io the ixii.llrini.ti- of t'.e ( oi.il !,.,y 'l. key
n.l in I. hst I. met.ldaw.il be ie.xlv.al .1 goon s .'
. ... i . , . . t i . .. . 1 uji.I ,a tt W lis
William MiiIm
Oiuer MM)imni
ili-ti Dm lavy ,,, ,
J V, MaiiiONin.,
J (J Maiiiiiain
lioail Plat
C 0 lick, general luml
Colp lima (.-'J
ltuml lht
No ."0
., .ii.- ..i !; ten .t Mutiut Im-i. Mrrg 'ii
Cltv. tire. Ihe t. r.na of sl will be lor
cash in ban... . j. 0ARItm.tS.
Oiurdian of the person and eit t' of
Orpha Allieit (larr.son. a mm. r.
ol . ol .u;irUiH Wulol l.nnl.
Und. r and by virtue of the ai.t u rily in
,., v., 'e.l hv so order of sale made hv I e
. ; 1 1 l.ll.l .'n. !
due ( liil'i r.ngiiivrr. "ii-
gine. r ami tlire iiienibfiH of Fi e l out
nilsHioneis, all I-.r III H'rm ol 'n year.
Thu loilowlng M'tsiuis I.) al a Jmlg. a
ami Clmk ol a. I I ehvilon Imvc he. II ap
poinl. d by ilio Hoard ol l"n Cotiimia
aioners ;
Ml 15
:i mi ;
4 Ml .Tualatin Mill Co, h'neiallu,M i
Ulll.lt....... "f
J t'oiikti..
J It Hay
coiiniycurl of Clackamas ,i'"",1' ' ! r,.rt. J. . Ilowanl
r:':;;;.;r: :tzv, puhiished .r,i,.r n... oi n.0
house, in Oregon City, at 10 o'elock on
March 21. HK'2, tile fo0olng decr b..d red
estate, Io wit : The N.V,' of ine S K.Ji d the
SW .'; ol Secnon (I, T. 2 S., R. 4 K. i W . M.
ConiuiiiiiiR 20 acres nmre or less, Sil.l sale
to oe lor can aut'Je.'l Io the approval of the
county com t. j.w.R.h.rs,
(inardlaii of the persoi and esiaiaot An
gll Kaliuan, an insane person.
li. i. I'M No, 2- .
J II Meter, general fund 13 ho
i.,,i nut No. :i
S jt J ilni on, Ki'M'tuI fun I
K.uliliiii Urotlicrs. . ,
II W tl.iltln mail luml
W W CiMHikii
a I i 11.11..
Judges-Walla. e CI. Aiwi-l V.moa; . J' . ' , " l t r r y . .
Entire Tor I'ubllrutloai.
D psrtmei t of the lit rinr, Land Ollice
nt i r-gon Cdv, Oregon, Feb. 1-t, l!2.
N. tice Is her'bv given fiat the loilowlng.
named ai i licant to pi r hase umh r e torn
5, Ai t of ( o-.grjss of March 3, s7 has til'd
in tice ol Inr li t"' tion to inaKe tlnsl rmif
In snpia.rt of h.r I ifm, a"d fiat said pr ml
will be made b.f re the Kegi-tir and lie
peivi r t Oregon C ty, Oregon, n .M.-roh 17,
1002, via: M. M. BiiiKhatn for the NW',' ol
N a j;, Sec. I, T. 3. S. ol H. 3, tCa-t W. M.
She names fie lull owing w t 'khh ti
rove In r r g't ti purchase said Und. V'i:
Alvui ( I rk. of Newberir, Washing! .n
n ., li......,.,,. If I m .1 r i,r lie rr.
Washinct in Coui ty, Or gi.ii;'l.. T. B r o, ry "'
nf Portland, Oregon; K. C. St.rk, of Port
laud, Oregon.
O. U. DIM U K, I'.eHi.l. tit.
UlU I'K ('. I'l'llKV, Sei r.-nr. .
0 en m City, Oiegon, Knh, 12, I'.K).'.
Or,ioti('l iiiiitii'.Minim .r f r l'.Hll.
The lip'an Irinp ratipo f"' Hm year
over the wlmle St ile was 61 0 tlegicca,
or 0,(1 il.ig. shove t lt not mal. The high
eat mean wan ,15. 1 (legreea, at ('il(-ail'
Lock", Whmh county; lowest, 42 4, nt
Ju-ct.li, Wallowa county. Tl.o iiih ' mil m
t.'inpeiuturv (nr the year was MO Icgreca
at Junction Cl'y, Lane coiiniy, iiml Wi'Ht
Fork. Dongliia county, ami It occip red on
August 4th, The tniniiiiiim l.-rn tn-rnt uro
for the year was 20 dcgi.'ca helow Rcro,
at Silver Lake, I.ke county , on IVhrn-
Police to 'r'litori.
Notice is herehv itiven lhat fie under
sinned nas been di.ly appoli t-d execnt r ol
ihe last will and testament ol Maicelane La
Bell, deceased, and any and ad persons
having damn against the said est tie,
i.iu-t nresriit them at my office, in Oreiinn
City, Or gnu, within six months from the
date ol t is m tice.
Datid Februar. 14, 1002.
0'Ren A Sclinebel
At ys. lor Execi.t ir.
Iotlcr to 4'rrdHora.
Notice Is herehv Jven that the under
signed Mary C. Shank has been appointed
the executrix of the will of (leorne W
Shank, deceased, by the County Court of
Ciackamas County, Oregon, All persons
holding claims against the said decedent or
his estaie are hereby untitled to present
them, within six months ol the publication
of this notice, ui Ihe otllrea of Hedges A
(iriflith, O'egjn Cilv, Oregon.
Dated January 30, I0O2. '
MAKY c. shank.
Executrix of the will ol Oeorge W. Shank.
ueceas.l ,
Attorueis Inr Executrix.
AtlralnlNtralor'si .ollre.
Notice Is lirhy giren t int t ie iimlir
signed has been di.lv appoint d Adnilnia
trat r of the estiti of John f. ( r-en, de
ceased by the Count C'ot.rt, ol the ttitrof
Or -eon fi r Clickamas Com ty.
Allp. r-ons having cliinn airainit snld
est ta f lorehy lirtilled ti I reset t the
same di.ly v, rifled, tig.t.er aiti tie
Mr vouch r, t.trelir. t fie under
signed at the Recorder, office, in the Court
hous. in Oregon Citv, Oregon, within all
unlit is Ir mi fie dat ol t 'is notice.
D.ited t lis 7t1 ol February, 1002.
Admini tr tor.
Att t.iey.
Notice ol Final HHtlemriil.
Notice is her. by given that the under
sigoed executors or the will of Klizaheth J.
Hedges, deceased, have tiled in the County
Court for Clackamas County, Oregon, (heir
final Report and Account, ai d lhat Mon
day, Ihe 24'b dav of February, 1002, at 10
o'clock a in thereof, at the County Court
room in the County Conn House in Oregon
Chy, Oregjn, has been fixed and set by
said Court for hearing objections or excei
tlonsto s ml final report and account and for
settling the same.
II j. Khl.l.Y,
OEO. A II A ItfllNO,
Executors of the will ol Khz ibelh Hedges.
Hedges A Griffith,
Attorneys for ex cutors.
Notice ol' Final Hellleni. nl.
Notice is hereby given that Ihe nmhr
signed, administrator of the el.it 'iit 11 ri
n . Cressev, dei ea-ed. has Med Ion final nr.
coui t i' said esiate In the Count (.'our' ol
the rt f 1 ot Or -gon, fi r Clackamas com ty,
ami that the Judge ol said emi t lias a'p
nol' t-d Mondav, Ihe 21th day of Man h,
1002, at the hour ol 10 o'clock a.m. at t .e
county court rnom io fie countv court
house, ns t ie t me and lace for l.earing
arid determining any and all objection to
said account.
R. SCOT r,
Administrator of fie estate of Ezra W.
Cr-ssev, deceased.
N.iloou Urease.
Notice i lieretiv given ffint I will an-
ply to tlm Cily council of Or.'gon f jty at
ltd next regular mepling In March for a
liceni-e to sell liquor at my saloon on
Main street.
Fbank Xkiiiikn.
CounlyTri'Mmirer's .Police.
I now have money on liand to pay
county warrants eniloraed prior Io Ih
cemter 15ti,18fi8. Interest will cease
on the warrants embraced In fhis call on
tlm date hereof.
Oregon City, Oregon, Fehv. 21st, 1002.
A. Ll'Kl.MNO,
Oiiinly Treaanrer.
The avi rugo for the )e.ir win 4I.8S
inches, or U 61 inclii a liclow tlm incun
aiitiilrtl rainfall ot ihe State. Tin. great
est ii in . ai i t at any station lining Ihe
year was 115 (IS Inches, al (it. nora.Tll a
monk county, niul Ilie Iciist was 7 Ufi
inches, at Riveraid.i, Miillieur coiility.
The greatest amount in any one month
waa 111 U'l iiicli.'s, at Hutu. Curry coiitiiy,
In Januaiy, and thu least waa none, Hi a
number af stations in thn Willamette
val'ey, South.'. n Oregon ami the I'iaieiiti
diHlilct, during ill" in nnlis of Juno ami
Forecast Olllcial, I'oitlatul,
Notice is lieiohy given that the County
Clerk of Clackamaa Connty will receive
sealed hills for delivering one mile of
road plaiiR on Heaver ('reck ami High
land road in Koal District No, 14. tint I
noon, Saturday, March 8th ; said luuihor
to he of good, aonnil, old growth tun her,
1(1 feet long by 3 ins thick, from 8 to 12
ina. wide, to lie delivered on aald road hv
June 1st, l'.X)2.
The Court ren-rve" the right to reject
ny and all hide.
E. II, Cooi-iR,
County Clerk.
Dated, Feh. Kith, 1002.
Nn'leo of fipeital c'Kul MectlilT.
Notice is herehv given to Ihe legal voiios
an l tax pavera of School Disiricl N , 02,
ClackamaH County, Oregon, lhat
Special Meeting for said district will he
held at Ihe County Court room in Ihe
Court House in Oregon Cily. at the hour
of 7;!!0 o'clock l M. on Monday, the
3d day of March. 1002, for the piiriKise
of considering ihe matter o( httilding two
additional dchool romna and the isHiiing
of honda (or raining fnmls for that pur
pose and funding a pa't of the present
floating Indchlednoss f tho District.
C. O. Ai.iiiiiotir,
C. 0 T. Williams, ( h iirnnin.
La'gcMt I hen a I n in Hin
l ulled Suites.
The ChicHgi Ki'cor l-Ileriilil cr joyathe
enviahle diHtincliou of having tin; laws!
two-cent newHpaper circululion in Ihe
United Stales. The circulation of The
Chicago Record exceeded that of any
other two-cent newspaper in the country,
and with Ihe addition tf that of The
Chicago Times-Herald it is easily seen
that the Chicago Record Herald is very
far in advance of any other two Ci nt pa
per In point of circulation, not to mention
the extensive combination news facilities
which have made this great metropolitan
daily premier among the newspapers of
America. The lacla concerning news
paper circulation can he looked up in any
reliable newspaper directory.
Iterortrl. n!!.
U..nd Hist. No 4
S A Douglass
A I. Bilker..
Joseph Cabill
J F. Bom t
Road Dial. No. tl
J Wewer, general fund
F A M.'l'dg
Ilciiiiail Ll.lili'ibusi'h
TliomuM ( lark
A bmi Mciiiig
ThomnN Clark, road fund.
Klij.li Coal in a u
FJ Walkley
W Wap
Alboll Meing
J II Revenue
2d 71
8 Mil
i;i im
ft 2.
i f.n
M ."ill
(tl 7ft
i i pi i ' I
i:i &o
( Id li
if i
ii ni
. . ft
. . 3 7ft
. . 3 ini
... :i tx
., HI"!
... 3 mi
. . 3 o
... 3 oo
. . 4 to
I 31 00
Road Hist. No. K
C I' Waie, general fund V to
Frank Stone 7 ft '
Irn Foiiu 3 00
J W Stoockeil 1 to
K K Sluingle H HI
Dillllo Hodge I ft '
Williutu Keglea I f
Total H l
U.H.I ihst No II-
J F. S.iiiili, mad fund I 22 IK)
E C ll ickett.
fiur " 7ft
F. F.by ft -ft
I', l,e.-k 7
K.i i.l Hist No. 12
James K Col less, general fund.
J ( ' K n lii'iu, road luml
W I' Kiu h m
1 1.1 no
Road lhat. S i 13-Si-vier
and 11 n kt'ohoihclll
(Ml Ward
W C Waul, road fund
O II Ward
7 3.1
ft 0.1
12 7ft
3 7ft
2 '-'ft
M C Ward 8 2ft
Total f4 3:1
Ro.d Hist. No I I
UF Lmti, rcneral tuiid ft 4(1 00
.1 Kveiliart A. Co
T II Havi"-, road
1. l 1) .vies
Sam B.iilev ...
John ,.f!'iiey, jr
H F (iiliiia '
James Shelly , . .
I. Howard
Homy Schnmlo. .
K R-nal. I
J H MyetH
Road Hist No Ift
K II Tal.er, mni luiid
S Tliomaa
I N Ci ilt'ser
It 11 Miller
A Warner
F W He. ker
W Criiewr
It II Tal.er, gi'iicrul luml
lllt.d (I 7ft
... 0 Oil
0 00
ft 2ft
ft 2ft
(I IS)
4 ftO
4 .Ml
3 00
11 00
f 2"3 (Ml
8 00
4 ft
3 (HI
1 Kft
4 fto
li 00
a oo
.'ill 41
Tni ul ,
Road H at Nn 10
Charles Rautuun, mad fiiml f ft 2ft
Information regarding Civil Serv'ce
Examinations, Pensions, Patents, Boun
ties, Trade-Marks, Copyrights, Mail
Routes, Govt. Supplies, Public Lands,
Govt. Documents pro. tired. Three large
libraries located here.
National Information Bureau,
612 14th St., N. W.,
Washington, D. C.
The Enterprise ft 50 per year.
I'l... ..:. rt
'I'm i-iajor-Mniggs has a rcmnrk
ihle memory for faces. He met me
Jnce. five years a 'o. nnd this mornlnn
be recognized u,e liiMtuntly.-cijlcaBo
H IUiiis.
Frank ISriggs . , .
.1 F I'.riggs
Rond Dial 17
3 oo
0 00
,f 10 fto
Adkma Itros general fund It 00
Kmil Kroger 4 fid
A F Sni'll 4 if)
WiMard Knight j Ml
1) R Ihinii k 4
Alec Tice road fund p, no
Kug.oie Faulkner :i 7,"i
I'mry I'.urtis r0
Alb-rt N.'skchner M
Juincs Adkins 2 00
Toi.il f 4:1 K4
Road I list No l:
Trullii gcr liros, general fund ... 11 ft4
(! Iloymgton 4 (
K llowuian .... ; (),)
Jiitni'S Mullat', 7 r,()
J Mulvany ; 7;,
A l.arkins 4 f,(j
I J Mallat (I I
" Perry 2 ftO
' May
J Keller
Road I list No 20
John I'm v, road fund...
Christ Kinry
I hhll'VH
Fred I'.auer
Carl Stromgri'en
I. Job iriHsun
t.' a. 11 ....
i' iiarnmeito ) (n(
lSSnll, van " ,'vi
J A blrouigreon
...f ftt 711
. . 2ft 75
. . 2 00
. . ft 00
. . 3 00
. 10 2ft
1ft H)
Road Hist No 24
P.Hgley it Dixson. general fund
C Hilton
J R (iabler
II Johiieori
K I! Milh-r
K A Montandon
f . . . .........
C C Molson
0 G HofruiHti
. 10 2 ft
f 77 hi;
. 3 r.ft
1 fto
. 1 ftl)
. 7ft
:i mi
. to ftl)
f 3'J 71
Road Dist No. 2(V
Hoc M illhelm, general fund t 0 2ft
w 11 I.'.... 1..
:i on
Tot si
Road No. 27
Wm Ml- t-ion.s'.neral
$ 5!
Road (list No 31
F.d lU'ilorf, road fund
Fnia Meyeia '
Howe lUinlen
Riwd Dl.it aft
Fn d Wagner, road fund .
Road lHt No Mil
Ivan llroadw ell, road fund,
Revla Graham
Denton Kllliii
George l.cli.'r
Walter lmg
S I, Miller
Olie.1 Miller
John Owiuga 1
N Stanton '
Dud Tlioinpaoii
In the matter id clalnii presn .
allowed, a,'
W K Cailt.lnsal.e ,
II S MiMHly, K1f.11 111 School . . I
W II ('mk.., road and bridge,, !11
It K1hiM.1t, auper f
II FGihwin, Stale v, ( has V.:,,
1 men, J PIMM No 14
A D lliirncit, do
Shank A lliaeoll. p j 11 per
C W Itaghy, psnia-i I
!; P Rands, n.rvei or . , , (
J Vaiighan, pauper i.
h.Mli.l IIIIMI'll ri,mi Mllll llllin'A
J din F Moiitg.iineiy, imiper
Psi ilic Malt a Tel A Tel Co, C
W A Holme, pauper.
Tidii P Randall, reaoider...
('dalles Kaitert ( ircuil ennt
I ieo A Harding, pauper
W I'. Cat II, liisai
J W Walls, rrn.ll ami bridge
il llielil nnpt, jury liat J Pilist!:,,
A'lethell rollwS. HO 1
J A Rover, do f
llun lev Iboa Court House M'
Mary llaley, paiip'r
liood Samaritan Hospital, patip U
tire City Kuler pr le, t'o luinllin
t)u Cily Kilter priae, stallnhcrj f
J M Waruock. paupi-r ?'
II II liynian, p..iiair
T M llaknr, paiipir fcl
A W Cheney, county prlutii. L
tl , T
u iiuuiiny eiauoiiery
M J Vaughaii. miunur ....
liughv ami 1'ixs.jii, rand b ..
I So ling, pauper
Geo II Rate A Co, r and b
F.lmer Dixon, rriil-iralioii. ....
A l.u.icy, r and 0
J C Sins 111 .ker, pauper ,,
CiiiIioiiA Ruei'iikrai.a, psilr fe
I II K'lhn. r A u, f'Jj rmii, 2J j,,
I) R Diiiiick, .oinr i,
J J Cakn, lioaiding prisoneti . J
Fiank Hum h, Court House
W II Young, aheriir
J I' I it No 4 a 1
W II Ream, r and b
a. ..' t .-,...
1 eier .cl.ri II, 1, II J.l.-I,) ; Ii, (( J
MN Karon, tax, tderk
Kl Williams, asaesaor.. .,
J (i Purler
Ann i Wllliaina, '
V K Hyde, "
Fred (ileemiian "
I. K Williama "
J W Norris, insane
I C Zuiaer, Sopt
Rolls Pierce, lax, clerk
I.llltl llshklns, lair, clerk...
toa M Chase, tax, iletk ...
J W Powell, iiatiiirr
J W McAiuiliy, Mala rati Urnt:,
II ft Misaly.St va Geo Kioto . 1
II S Moody, Ptvs Ki.hlMcArUn'r
J W McAiuiliy, do t-
II S Moody, st va Win Uultork H
J W M .-AiiiiHy. d I
I W McAnuliy.St va Fred HrnHM
II S M.saly.d'o i
J W MtfAmiUv. St va II DHoj!"'1'
II K .M.saly, do d
I W McAiuiliy, 8 va McCormul -(
II S Moody, .1.. j,,,
.1 .1 CiHike sheriir .... ... i
J If Morion, r and h, f (1 ; 1 ow H ,,M
John l'wellen, rnmr 1"
r and b." .a
Frank Ridings, sbenir 1
A I) lliirnelt, alien ir '
l'i.eA('o, Road Ihal No 2:1 .. Ill
Wilson A Cooke, Road IislSoJi s
Kly Kn s, pauper '
C F. Ilurns. insane V"
F. I, Shaw, Shaw, Insane
Jetlie Msainso, pauper,.
John Ieellfn,rouir....
I R Nlorion, comr.. , .. .
J K Morion, comr
T II Killin, roinr
(Continued next wmi ) ! m
f( lioul 0111 -rr', AtirnllHde
In compliance with resolution' '
lant year, the undersigned cof 'or
vlte all school (.Hirers to meet d)
Court House, Oregon City,
March Ist.atlloVlm-k. 1
Slate Kutierlnten'lent J. H. ifl in
w ill address ns on the aiihjecl l ' R
Sanitation and Decoration. 8
sot je ts will ho disrnssed a ; 'r''
lulerect to Ihe schools. It li""irn'
every district will be represent c
J. C. Z oU
T. J. e
Coun. ; I
T j i
.Mr. WlieHer Jot Kl"in
ltllrulllnlls" tt(
"Poring the winter ol 18 ''
lame in my jointa, In fact a" "' i a
body, that I could hardly liol'1''"'. V
when I bought a bottle ol Ch""b'
I'aln Kalm. From the first spr1 'I 1
begun to get well, and was t n"
have worked Steadily all ll T1' '
WifmakK, Northwood, N Y. ' !
by J. A. Harding, I'ruggih '
OABTOrtlf .
-It. .A Vm kl""
ZunlL. Jt l" '" ' "11-
. I...I hi u.
f'Jti'i. ,
. 25 m 1