Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 14, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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! ii- . .,i olrcla wtr wuil rirnmitel at
I ad of the iriiiiiMmlng partie
I,- ilia Han Koiicl rlub, at t lie
11 i y iHi Friday evening. A number
1 ,i, . ...nl young tMiD vuro preunr
in I iMovhiik gnpata wti In atluiidniictt :
. , i ! Mr. C. I. Litimrflle, Mr. J
a, W. E LewtliwaiU', Dr, mid Mm
1. 1.. li,ii, Mr. Mini Mrs. Itiilpti
r. C'lmrlf l'oi'n, Mr. 11. H.
L.iy, Mi
' ,., l.i-.Ul
hm Kiilly, Minn Amy Kully,
tliwaito, Mm Albriiilit, .Ml-
I . . Albrlglit, MIm W..d,uf I'lirt-
id, A i I'om, Mim I'miyar, Mias
iu;i (oiivera, Mint I.ippilt, Mi
di, k, in Harding, Ml Hmlih, kihI
, r i n, of Portland; Ml Dault'in,
', ,!iy, Ml M l lie Drapur, Mini
' .I hi k, MiM Maggli' lloodfrlluw, Mm
1 'Ki ,i,-n . MU I'rait, Mi Untile Mary
" in, :.)i- C'hhii, Mlu Ktlitl CttOfUtlil;
if. K. ('. Cliapman, John I., l.nwlli
. ,)i, II. l.i'tliio" Kelly, J. Nelaon
,11.1 r' JMwaid KvawU Hrodm, Hnraca
,fJiK, lUiland .laikaon, Jaine W.
Hflurti.Tom I. Kanrall, Jowpb (5ood
rfi., WllUnl More, Hurry Drapr,
!' ilioii Harding, Howard Latonrnlte,
lk ('jnliuld, Uyrin (Jllmon, of Tort
,u. Malcolm McCown, F. Hmitli,
rli n 15 Piait, 8ul Uard.', Mr. ltapp,
, ; TKACIlaV CM'B.
It tlm malting of the Twailier'a Club
Inline ol Mis Amlim liolluck Tnes
f fvi'iiiny, thi nuln qnralion ol ilia
1. 1".! n il ibe Importance of trarbing
r ili ml ItiiiDMK-". TIih prlnclpkl
r tnkii ere Hupnrlntendniit ol County
' .,.:-, J. (J. Zuiimr, 8upfrliitnlent of
I g i'VIiohIi II. D. Wilcox, City Attor
II f, A. 8. I)ieer. and Kov. A. J.
, ith' "ini'ry. UihereUiok part In tlie
Jjtn4on. Mr. Zinwr apoke in favor
(,Jt-rt. hiu t lie ded lali(naiie In order
!t.'ll tlm iIitIvUiioii ol word and a a
red drill. Mr. Vre-m-r llioiwht that
1 1 Cihm ifnl on the ani'itnt tounje
(I I Im Ittitler empluyod by applyliiK It
Urn uiitHtry of the KngliHli lanitntge.
"jrr fl icker! had view pro and con.
i tt Ma mil explained In an luterentiiiK
. liiiiT the slide rule unviI by aurveyore,
1 MtH Miry Caae enleriained the
I tnh.TS hy the reiidilioii of two vocal
n&n, "liandoler" and "Memorie"
t next ineeiinK of I he club wilt be
d at the renidence of Kev, J. II.
1 'ivun.
s. i i
Im. El Hhnhau entertained the mem
''a of the Derthici club at her home
H inlay evening and a very interesting
Vram ii rendered. Tliecluh la now
parinK for a grand concert to tie given
, .he ei!y part of March In whirl) the
; t!i'i,t o( I'ortUnd will participate,
n let cd ly local talent. There will be
k pciiil meeting of the club Monday
ininu at the reeidenre of Chai. II.
"jlicld to complete arrangementa and
6 imrtii'iilai will be puhliehed later.
IK ' " City hae not enjoyed a fint elaaa
1 1
"u ert fijr tome time and It la IioiumI
I the idta of the Derihio club will be
, ."rid into execution and that the
)!ic wiil welcome Ilia efTurt. The
,M rti;uliir meeting In March will be
iti at I Im reiidence ol Mr. and Mr. C.
JMiiicr, on Main etreel,
, " kALVATION Akiv.
c 'h i.;T.rr8 In charge of the Halvation
'ny in thiacity have received farewell
and will conduct their laat meet-
',. iiii Sunday evening next. Coffee and
:e iil l.e acrved on Buturday night,
I t!o bund of I'ortlund No. 4 Corps Is
M'cu-d to be preaenl, Everybotly la
"diully invited. Lieutenants Vidalin
' I Kichinond, of the Salvation Army,
fdrettt'lling on Sunday nigut next,
1 Kill K'J to Kaker Cily. They w.ill be
Ki-fdod here by Captain Bogue and
amnnt McAllinter, whoee welcome
. eting will be next Wednesday evening.
.rlr. (1. W. Church gave a duligbtful
ti TuoHilay afternoon. Games and con
.SHtion were enjoyed and delicioua re-
ttnncnts were served. Among the
lira present were:
M rs. T. 8. Laurence, Mrs. Henry Mel
fiii, Mrs. E. O. CeuhVld, Mrs. Henry
Oku, r,?ra. William Howell, Mm. Kate
.vt'iii, Mra, Frank Barlow, Mrs. Geo.
ace, Mrs. Will Aldrich, Mrs. Llliian
enpar d, Mrs. Kate Athey, Mrs. David
Diiuir l, Mrs. Wallace Cole, Mrs. Amos
m. in, Airs. Bertha Gtbsoii.
i Bi-c-iril meeting of the members of
I Dr'liii k club is called for Monday
mm, February 17, at the residence of
a. Chat. Caufleld, to make final ar-ig-iin
-Mis for their concert which they
'?-('t l) ivesooo.
r o i'licampinent No. 4, 1. O. 0. F.,
.!! t ih" :a 10 new candidates tonight.
I' . ' a of the business meeting a
P" '. ill be served.
rii Kalghti and ladies of 6ecnrity
M k'i interesting entertainment,
i r a id dance at Willamette ball
'ii: ty niiiht.
1 'i v ' number of the United Artisans
rt v. t i ir hall last night, the occasion
i' : a r ilar monthly social.
eccas are preparing to give an
i i.ment Friday night (this even-t
ial Happenings. FRATERNAL
After (he routine work of the regular
meeting of I'lnneer Clinpler, 0. K. H.
Tueaday evening a w.Ul lime was spent
in playing pruvrenHlve whist. Thoa. F.
Hyan was awarded the gcntleineu's firnt
prliee and Mis Faircluiuli lu ly'a pri.e.
Hiifrealuueiili were served, Thone pres
ent were: Mr. and Mr. T. F. Kyan,
Mr. and Mrs. J 11. Walker, Mr. and Mis.
0. W. (iraie, Mr. and Mr.. Fred Miller,
Mr, and Mr. J, It Huiiipliaya, Mr. and
Mr. UK. Fri.m.ll, Mr. K. T. I'hld,
Mrs. Jacob Caaaell, Mr. J. C. New
berry, Mra. Henry Meldrmn, Mr. T. &,
Laurence, Mis France, MIkh Fairclough,
Mli Lewulling, Mia Fannie Fiance,
Miss Lj.elle, MIhs (iertrude Fairclough,
MIm Clara FlHher, Mirs ItmliHimn,
Mlcaes Mary and Laura Conyere; MeHcr'.
Geo. Laxelle, T. J. (lry, A. W. France,
Dr. V. K. Chi II.
Ute Coaplc Wliu Hare Ren Mai r led
Orer 50 Yi am.
An unuiiual eveut wa celebrated In
(he First l'reabylerian church W'edneii
day night. The church gave a reception
to rive couple of Oregon City, who have
been married mine than AO yearr. Ihe
name of the couple are: Mr. and Mrs.
Ileatlu, Mr. and Mrs. Mile Koweu, Mr.
and Mr. Callir, Mr. and Mrr. Koherte,
and Mr. and Mr. A. Luelling.
J. C Zinacr w;ia chairman of the even
ing and the following program me wa
rendered :
Mia Ueaaie Grant
Kev. A. J, Montgomery
II. L. Kelly.
Mis. Geo. C. Brownell.
Mias Catherine McMillan. .
Mr. Beatie.
Mr. Miles Rowan.
Remlnlscenses . .-.
Mr. Califf.
Mr, Robert.
Mr. A. Lnelling.
"How Tedious and Taatelea the Hour."
A flash light picture wa taken of the
gueata of honor. Booklets were. circu
lated, in which everyone present was
asked to put his sutograph.
Drnruens Cannot be Cored
by local applications, as Ihey cannot
reach the diseased portions of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafnos la caused by an inflamed con
dition of Ihe mucous lining of the Eu
stachian Tube. When this tube gets In
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
lnierfect hearing, and when It is entirely
closed deafness is the result, and unless
the intimation can be taken out and this
tube restored to It normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused, by catarrh,
which 1b nothing but an Inflimexl condi
tion of the mucous surface.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deufness (cnuaed by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO. Toledo, O.
Rold by druggists, 7rc.
Hall's Family Fills are the beet.
Citizens' Meeting.
In response to a popular demand for a
conference of the citizens of Clackamas
County, In the interest of good govern
ment and to devise means to relieve our
people from the burdens of unnecessary
taxation, a call is hereby made for such
a meeting to be held at Oregon City,
Oregon, on Tuesday, February 18th,
1002, at 10 o'clock, a. m.
J.J. Cook a Wm. Bari.ow
M. C. Strickland II. Bhkitiiauit
Q. W. Grace O. W. Koiihins
E. E. Cuabman Chas. N. Wait
R. B. Beatiii Geo. Ogle
(This is received too late lor any com
ment this week but we may have some
observations later.)
What hbull We Have For Desaertl
This question arises in the family ev
ery day. Let us answer it to day. Try
Jell-0, a delicious and healthful dessert.
Prepared in two minutes. No boiling!
no baking 1 simply add boiling water and
set to cool. Flavors: Lemon, Orange'
Raspberry and Strawberry. Get a pack
age at your grocers to-day. 10 cts.
'I have used Chamberlain'a Cough
Remedy for a number of years and have
no hesitancy in saying that it is the beet
remedy for coughs, colds and croup I
have ever used in my family. I have
not words to express my confidence in
this remedy." Mrs J. A. Moore, North
8tar, Mich. Fr sale by Go. A. Harding
County Clerk Cooier has just com
pleted the tax rolls, Wednesday, and
turned the.tn over lo J. J. Cooke, for col
lection. Ily special effort, in accordance
with the law, the rolls were written up
as early as posalhle In order that the lax
payer may take advantage of Ihe new
proviaion and gut a rebate of three per
cent by paying their taxes belore March
15. Heretofore the ro.la have not been
ready before March 15. This year there
were six books in ail compared with the
three last year, but by woiking uight
and day it has bten poaaihle to get the
lists completed at an early period. Fol
lowing I statement of the county taxe
(or the years 1U00 and HOI.
Aseaaed Valuation lt00 ...$i,2Ho,379
Fulls $ 891
County 62,710 15
Htate 24.420 03
Road 214'.'0W)
School 21,420 89
Hpecial r-'chool 10,840 74
OregouCity 4,3o8 27
Total $147,103 8
Annexed Valuation, 1901.. 4 470,180
Foils $ 1.132 00
County 53,714 26
Special School 19.303 78
Stste 3L 333 81
Koid 35,81)0 48
rVhool 22,380 93
Oregon City 4,428 til
Total IC8,I02 30
Regulai levy 3 mills heavier thin year:
l,at year 29; this year 32.
Sheriff Cooke stales that he will re
ceive taxe Monday, February 17.
Petition of Sophia Miller, administra
trix of the estate of James N. Miller, de
ceased, praying for an order to sell the
leronal property, coneinting of saloon
bualness, license for conducting same,
cigar and liquor stock and leaoeof build
ing, with furniture, granted by Couuty
Jude Ryan.
Ordered that Geo. J. Currin, adminis
trator de bonis non of estate of Wiley P.
Boyer, deceased, submit without unnec
essary delay a final report, making an
itemized statement of money received
and disbursed by him.
8. J. Garrison, guardian of the ettate
of Orpha Albert Garrison, ia authorised
and directed to sell at private sale the
real property of said ward situated in the
in the town of Canby.
In January 12 deeds were recorded, CO
mortgages filed and 02 releases granted
in Clackamas county. The receipts of
the recorders offiVe for the corresponding
month were $22.85.
W. J. Lewellen, Albert Taey and D.
M. Uridenslein appointed appraUers of
the estate of John S. Green, deceased,
Tom P. Randall, adminiatrator.
The receipts of the County Clerks of
fice for January were $190.25 ; for the
same month last year, 137.
A gi and ball was given in Milwaukie
Saturday night by Ash Camp, Woodmen
of the World in their new hall. The
hall is not yet completed. The walls of
the upper floor being unplastered. The
dance was held npstaire while a grand
supper was beinn prepared down stairs
a large cake was rallied off at five cents
a chance and. after supper a number of
others were sold. Delegations attended
from the Portland circle and Oregon
City. The funds will go to the finishing
of ihe hall.
The Enterprise $1.50 per year.
When a
woman is
nervous her
and threat
ening shapes to
the moat fa
miliar ob
ject. By day
she starts in fear
at every sudden
or unfamiliar
sound. By
night the furni
ture of her room
takes on af
frighting forms
of ghost or gob
lin. You can t
reason with the
nerves. Neither
logic nor love
can quiet them.
Thev must be
nourished and then the outcry of the
nerves will cease as naturally aa a hun
gry child ceases to cry when fed.
For nervous women there is no better
tonic and nervine than Dr. Pierce'a Fa
vorite Prescription. It cures the dis
eases which produce nervousness in
women, irregularity, debilitating drains,
inflammation, ulceration and female
weakness. It tranquilizer the nerves,
encourages the appetite, and induces re
freshing aleep.
When I brain taking Tour medicine I wit
not able to Maud on my feet ten minute at a
time." write Mn. Hnltie Borradnile, of nj
Boring- street, Nashville, Tenn. "Had filling
of iitemi, and kidney and liver diaeane, and wi
o weak and nrrvoua I could not keep ttilL
Would tnke nervoiu nel! and almont die at
iimea. j nad teverai inherent doctor attend- !
ing, but they could not do me any good. The ;
ll one I hail taid I would never get up again.
Told him that I wu taking your ' Favorite Pre
acnptlon and 'Golden Medical Ditcovery,' and I
he Mid, 'Mil'IU jimt at well take that mncb
water each dy.' But I thought I would give th
medicine a fair trial. Before I had finished the
first two bottles I wat able to get outude the ,
houte and walk around the yard. I kept on '
taking the medicine! and they cured me."
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure biliousness. I
Tat Waf a Dim Swindle Wa laeesa
fall? Worked lu furl.
! .A number of Parislnn financiers were
recently defrauded of a very consider
able sum of money by n swindler who
' relied for the suecea of hi scheme en
jtlrely upon the peculliir properties of
Iodide of stnrch. Poxiiia; as a mini of
coiiHlilernlile wen It h. whose money wa
j tied up In such a uiniiner I Lint be could
not rcnllze without heavy Iohkcs and
I pretending to hnve the option of some
vnliiiilile coucchhIoij In China, he oh
tnlnci vnrloim lurifp flini)iii of money
In excliiinge for bills dutVd to stand
for thriT months.
No one for a moment suspected that
there wn anything In the bust decree
Mhndy n limit the iiimi or his trim mic
tions, mid when he nuide It public that
he hud been HUceeHHful In selling bis
Chinese coiiePMHlon at a Inrge profit his
creditors felt absolutely ccrtuln that
he would meet his hills.
To their Immenae surprise, however,
when they came to look through their
pnpers to 11 nil the bills they only found
bills with lilimk spuccs In the places
where the swindler's name should have
been mid had actually been. They
clamored round him foran explanation
of the strange nlTulr. but he denied t tint
he had ever given any of them bills and
defied them to sue him for repayment
of the loans, nnd the fact that the bills
were devoid of the swliirl'cr'a signa
ture rendered them iilmolutely worth
ier. The mutter wu put Into ihe hands of
the police, who were able to discover
that In signing the bills the nian hod
used a solution of Iodide of starch,
which, when lirat used for writing, ap
pears much the same as ordluary Ink,
but completely dlmippearf In the course
of a few weeks, and, although traces
of the chemical may subsequently be
discovered, nothing can make the writ
ing show up again. Finding that bis
victims hnd' discovered his method, the
schemer decamped, despite the fact
that the chances of the police obtain
ing a conviction against blm were very
remote Indeed.
Slow rivers flow at the rate of three
to seven miles an hour.
The amount of water flowing out of
the Nile la sixteen times 'that of the
The English chftnnel Is nowhere more
thnn 900 feet deep. The Irish sea la
2.130 feet deep.
The largest gulf In the world la the
gulf of Mexico HK).000 aqoare miles
almost twice aa big as the bay of ten
gal The Parana of Brazil and Argentina
ia 2.200 miles In length and after the
Amazon Is the largest river In South
The shallowest of all sens are the
Baltic nnd the Adriatic, which average
only forty-three and forty-flve yards'
depth respectively.
Askal Chin. In Tibet la the lake
which lies at a greater height than any
other In the world. Its level la 1U.G00
feet The lowest Is the Dead sea
1,200 feet below aea level.
A Judicial Retort..
Sir William Meredith, chief Justice of
Ontario. Canada, was formerly a very
prominent politician as well as a fa
mous lawyer, lie was especially noted
for bis success ns prosecuting attor
ney, and few criminals escaped convic
tion when he addressed the Jury.
During one of his political campaigns
be was speaking at a meeting In the
city of Loudon, his native town. The
audience waa turbulent and be was
frequently Interrupted. Finally a voice
from the gallery cut luto one of his
finer flights with a sarcastic "Oh, go
ami get jour huir cut!"
Sir William, who wore his balr
somewhat longer than Is usal, was
stopped by a burst of laughter. But
as soon as he was able to make him
self beard he turned the lnugu and won
the audieuce by this reply: "My friend,
if Pin uot mistaken, I've had your
balr cut before UilaP'-Nevr York Com
mercial Advertiser.
The direct cause of fainting Is a di
minished circulation of blood through
the brain. To revive a person who baa
fainted It Is ueveamiry, therefore, to al
ter this condition as quickly as possi
ble. In order to do this the Individual
should be laid quite fiat, the bead on a
level with the body, so that the feebly
acting heart will not have to propel the
blood upwnrd. The neck and chest
should be exposed, fresh air admitted
freely, .water sprinkled on the face and
stimulating vapors, such aa ammonia,
held at lutervals to the nostrils. When
there Is dlfllculfy In restoring anima
tion, friction over the region of the
heart with the bnnd or a rougb cloth
should be applied vigorously.
Esempltrrlns an Adace.
"yes, said the old conductor, "1
have followed the railroad about all
my life. I wasn't exactly born on a
train, but I was married on one at
the rate of forty-flve miles an hour."
"That waa a good deal like marrying
In haste."
"It was. And we got tired of each
other while we were making the return
trip on a freight train.
"That was i good deal like repenting
at leisure." Chicago Tribune.
' Grow llandaomo.
Would you like to be truly beauti
ful? Thorenn snys: "We are all sculp
tors and painters, and our material Is
our own flesh and bloou nnd bones.
Any noblenesa begius at ouce to refine
a man's features and auy meanness or
sensuality to luibrute them." So there,
now, you sour visaged. plain faced
people, go along about jour business
and grow baudMouie. National Maga-line.
Wh Bag-
Ptfff fMHC
lt People
re often capable
F doirie injury to
lesa poaitive people, the very emphaai
of their affirmation making up for lack
of argument and want of evidence.
And the worst of all dogmatists are
those doctors who, harking back to some
old dogma of the schools, insist that
certain patients are beyond all medical
help, because, forsooth, their diseases
are beyond the limited medical know
ledge of the dogmatist.
" When the physicians had given me
up I was cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's1
Goiuen died 'ail Lhacovery." I Hat state
ment, varied sometime in form but
identical in fact, is one of the common
expression fonnd in the letter of those
cured by "Golden Medical Discovery.'
Sometimes the statement runs ; " I wai
given up by four doctors," showing i
desperate effort to find relief in loca
practitioners. But however the story
begins, it almost invariably ends wilil
the statement, "I am perfectly cured by
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Persons suffering from weak" lungs,
hemorrhages, deep-seated cough, ema
ciation and weak nesa, have been restore
to perfect health by' the "Discovery."
The philosophy of the cures effected
by this marvelous medicine ia not hare
to understand. Life is sustained by
food, digested and assimilated. The
basts of health is a good appetite and l
sound digestion. In almost all cases o
disease loss of appetite is an early symp
torn, and this is promptly followed by
wasting of the flesh. For some cause
the food eaten is not being converted
into nutrition and the body and its oi
gans, being starved, must grow weak
There is only one way to get strenet'
and that is by food. Dr. Pierce' Golder.
Medical Discovery heala diseases of the
stomach and allied organs of digestion
and nutrition, so enabling the body tc
assimilate the needed nourishment
Thu various forma of "weakness," so
called, are cured by the "Discovery"
"weak" lungs, "weak" heart, "weak
nerves, "weak" or sluggish liver, etc.
because the organs are made strong bj
food, which is perfectly digested and
assimilated after the "Discovery" haf
healed the diseases of the stomach and
associated organs of digestion and nu
trition. PAIN ALL GONE.
I have taken your medicine with the freateat
atiafaciion." write Mr. George Rie hi, of Lock
port Station, Westmoreland Ca.. renn'a, anl
can honestly any Dr. Pier' Golden Medica
Ihacovery has cared me of a pain in my sigh
lang that the beat doctor eoald not help. M
appetite and difeation have improved to that '
can eat anything at all. and I feel better than ;
have for year. Your ' Favorite Prescription
has cured me of womb trouble that I auffere
from for fifteen year, and painful mouth!;
troubles. I can wark a whole day and not ye
tired. My pain is all gone and
pain ts au gone ana 1 leel luce a nev
person. I surrrred with aeaoacae an the tlmt
I sunrred with headac
but have no headache now since taking yout
medicine. Your 'Ooiaen sieaicai uiscovenr
and ' Favorite Prescription ' do all that you dam
for them, and more, too. I have been cured ol
troubles that I suffered from for fifteen year
and the best doctor in the State could not curt
me. 'Golden Medical Discovery cured me o'
neuralgia that I sudered from for five years. an
If my letter can save one other poor sufferer,
you can publish it."
1 took a severe cold which settled in the
bronchial tubes." write Rev. Frank Hay, ol Nor
tonville. Jefferson Co., Kansaa. "After trying
medicines labeled "Sure Cnre," almost without
number, I was led to try Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. I took two buttles and was
cured, and have staved cured.
When 1 think of Ihe great pain I had to en
dure, and the terrible cough I had, 'it seem
almost a miracle that I was so soon relieved."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation. They do not re-ect upon the
system and become a necessity, aa do
many other pills.
Rupture and Piles
ured without operation or detention
from business
Room U, McKay Bldg. 3rd & Stark Su.
Hours a to 4 and 7 to 8 P. M.
ltabllhd 1S8.
rranfei1 and &(jf e$,
Freight and parcels delivered
to all parts of the city.
2,000 miles of long dis
tance telephone wire in
Oregon, Washington, Cali
fornia and Idaho now in
operation by the Pacific
Station Telephone Com
pany, covering 2,250
Quick, accurate, cheap
All the satisfaction of a
STsonal communication,
istance no effect to a
clear understanding. Spo
kane and San Francisco
as easily heard a Port
Oregon City office at
Harding's Drug Store.
Orders for Candy filled after order
is received. No stale Candies
used. New and fresh Confec
tionery manufactured daily.
Opposite Enterprise Office.
Stevens Block
Now Open for Business.
13bl. Hard Wheat Flour
2 cans Oysters
Good Mop Stick
Large box white Macaroni
Box 100 Bars Diamond C Soap
Box beet Wheat Flakes
4 bottles beet Bluing
Miles & McGlashan
:2l'a. m. (Albany Local).
6:10 p. m.
9 :?2 a. ui.
4 5) p. m. (Albany Local)
9:14 p. in.
Going up, 8 :00 A. at. Going down 2 30 r at
or TH
Str. LEON A.
Foot Taylor St,
9 00 A. M.
12 30 P, M.
4 00
Foot Eigbtb 8U
7 30 A. M.
11 00
2 30 P. M.
Orf on City Tranaportatlan Cat.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
D'ly D'ly Eflective D'ly D'lr
July 6, 1901
r.M. A.M. A.M. P.M.
6 55 8 00 Ly. Portland Ar U 10 9 40
8 OA 9 05 Gobi 10 05 8 35
8 20 9 1... Kainier.... 9 52 8 20
8 38 9 35 .. .Pyramid.... 9 35 8 00
8 44 9 40 .... Mayger .... 9 30 7 64
8 60 9 60 Quincy.... 9 20 7 46
8 58 10 0J ... latskanie .. 9 12 7 38
9 0810 10 ...Marshland .. 9 O.' 7 28
9 19 10 2t ....Wmport ... 8 52 7 17
9 37 10 3!) Clifton 8 37 7 02
10 OOjll 02 .... Knappa.... 8 17 6 42
10 08 II 10 .... Bvenwn .... 8 07 6 32
10 20111 22 ....John Day... 7 55 6 20
10 3U 30 Ar.. Aaloria. Lv 7 45 6 10
11 30 a. m..
U 35 p. m..
. 7 40 a. m
. 4 OOp.m
.10 35 a. m
. 5 60 p. m
.12 30 p. ni
. 7 20 p. m
. 1 30 p. m
. 9 30 a. m
6 60 a. m..
8 15 a. m . .
6 15 a. m..
2 30 p.m ..
5 00 p.m..
9 45 a. ni..
All train make close connection at Ooble
with all fiorthern Pacific train to or from
the Eaat or Sound Points.
At Portland with all train leaving Union
At Astoria with I. K AN. Co.' boats and
rail line, and Steamer T. J. Potter, to and
from llwaco and .North Beach Points.
Ticket office, 255 Morrison St., and Union
depot. J. C. MAVO.Gen. Pass. Agt.
Astoria, ura
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
Double and Single Rigs, and sad
dle horses always on hand at tha
lowest prices. A corral connected
with the barn for loose stock.
Information regarding any kind or
stock promptly attended to by person of
Z Horses Bought and Sold.
Horaea Boarded and Fed on reasor
bit term.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and
All kinds of repairing neatly done
and warranted.
Foatofiace It Ms. Canby, Orroai