Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 07, 1902, Page 8, Image 8

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I iews oi tiie eek
Friday, Jan. SI.
Boers are not aidiog the peace negotia
tions and demand independent. The
initiative on the part of Holland la said
to have been instigated by Queen Wil
lielmina. Bill for creation of a permanent census
bureau passes the bouse. All employes
now upon the rolls will become eligible
for transfer to other departments or re
tention in the permanent organisation.
Negotiations for Miss Stone's release
are si ill pending. A correspondent Bays
that the Turks prevented her release by
sending soldiers as far as Kaslog. to pre
vent the ransom being paid on Turkish
Treasury Biirplus is lare enough with
out the war tax and it is safe to lepeal
the measure. The bill of the house com
mittee will take of! all the taxes except
that ou mixed flour and the tea duty will
last six mouths longer.
Half a million dollar Are at Norfolk,
Va. Several buildings in the business
district burned but there was no loss of
life. Explosions of whiskey barrels in
Brown's saloon blew out the front ot the
first and second floors and drove the
flames across the street.
Saturday, Feb. 1.
Secretary of the Treasury Gane retirts
from the cabinet.
Jack Wade and William H. Dalton,
murderers of James Morrow, were
hanged in Portland.
England replies to Holland's offer of
mediation by a polite refusal, but the
door to peace is not wholly closed.
Proposed war tax reduction is unpop
ular in the east and the senate will not
accept the bill. The determination is to
leave many of the taxes on and attach to
the raeasuro a Cuban reciprocity amend
ment. Edward and John Biddle, who es
caped from jail in Allegany County, Pa.,
yesterday, were caught by a posse. Both
men were killed, Mrs. Soffel, the war
den's wife, who aided their escape and
was with them, attempted suicide by
ebooting herself in the breast. The
Biddies were under sentence to be
Sunday, Feb. 2.
The public debt statement shows a
decrease of nearly six millions in Janu
ary. Er-tiovernor Leslie M. Shaw, of Iowa,
took charge of the Treasury portfolio
Explosion in a mine in Mexico kilU 95
men. Seventy-five miners arestill buried
under the falling debris and tbe shaft is
choked up by falling earth. .
Dowager Empress and Emperor of
China receive the wives of foreign diplo
mats. Mrs. Conger, wife of the Ameri
can minister, made a speech. Tbe old
empress was much affected. She wept
bitterly and repented past events. She
says that China will abandon its policy
of isolation and adopt Western ways.
Monday, Feb. 3.
A fevere storm sweepsover the eastern
Campaign for Willamette University
fund opens. The debt is $33,000 and all
Methodists of the state and graduates ot
the institution are asked to unite in rais
ing that amount.
, Fires in the business section of Wer
bory, Conn., result in a Iobs of $2,000,000.
Many commercial houses and tenements
were wiped out. A gale fanned the
Was Sick Elplit T
Fcmalo Trouble and linally
Cured by Lydia E. rinkhams
Vegetable Compound.
"Pear Miw. Pixkham: I havo
never in my life (riven a testimonial
before, but vou have done so uuicli lor
me that I foci called upon to (rive you
this unsolicited acknowledgement of
President of Oakland Woman's KiJIn Club,
the wonderful curat ive value of Lydla
12. Pinkliani's Veprotable Com
pound. For eight years 1 had femnlo
trouble, fulling of the womb and other
complications. During that time I was
more or less of an invalid and not much
eood for anything-, until one day I
found a book in ray hall telling of
the cures you could perform. 1 became
Interested: I bought a bottle of Lyditl
12. rinklinm's Vegetable Com
pound and waa helped; I continued its
use and in seven months was cured, and
since that time 1 have had perfect
health. Thanks, dear Mrs. Phikham
again, for the health I now enjoy."
Mrs. Jesxis O'Posskm.. 279 East 31st
St., Chicago, 111. -i50M oz.-l iff
tutimonial It not ftnulnt. i
Women suffering from any
form of female ills can 1ms cured
by Lydia 12. Pinkhain'a Vegeta
ble Compound. That's sure.
Mrs. Piukliam advises sick wo
men free. Address, Lynu, Mass.
flames. The origin of the fire is in mys
Harmon Hartrodt, alias Frank Woods,
alias St. Louis Frank, is arrested in
Portland charged with the shooting of
Policeman Robinson at San Francisco,
January 21. He had received two pintol
wounds in the San Franciieo affray and
these wounds had not been dressed.
Tuesday, Feb. 4
Reports from Nome state that there is
much scurvy there and the camp lan
guishes for fresh veiietables. The desti
tute are a heavy tax on charity. The
past winter lms been veiy mild.
A plot to kill the empress of China is
discovered. The conspirators form
plan of rebellion which would break
down the whole empire. Roy brenks
down and tells all. Wholesale arrests
,are exoected.
Governor McBride, of Washington,
dismiss ihe Board of Pilot Commission
ers, who are blamed for the bad service
at the Columbia River bar. New men
are named, and all possible will be done
to aid shipping and prevent delay.
Representative Babcock introduces a
bill to reduce the duties on steel. This
was an amendment to the war tax rt
duction bill and was defeated in commit
tee by a vote of seven to six. The ways
and means committee order a favorable
report on the war tax reduction bill.
The minority report also favors a repeal
of the law and the latter wjuM not let
accumulated wealth off.
Athena, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1901.
since t.-ie nrst appearance or me
mermen they were very irregular and I
I milHtirnA tilh ........ i Lin.
- B--v K1" iJ1 ulJ utf",
Dacs, stomach and i'-'ga, with terrioie
be-tring d(.n pnins in the abdomen.
During the pimt monta I have been
taicicg Wine of Orclui and liiedford's
a..-ii4uKi:i,iiu i pa.-ea ine monvn
ly period wiijout pain ior the first time
in yean. Ni.vxia Davis.
What it lit worth to a woman suffer
ing like Nannie Davis fullered? Yet
I (here are women In thousands of homes
lo-day who are bearing those terrible
menstrual pains in silence. If vou are
one of these we want to say that this
I will bring you permanent relief. Con
sole yourself wi'.h the knowledge that
1,000,000 womc:i have been completely
cured by Wine cf Cartful. These worn
en suffered f;on Ir.iccfrfiwa, h regular
menses, h??c?:he, tsckcl:?, and
bearing down pains. Wine of Cardui
will stop a'l tt-esi aches and pains
1 for you. Purchase a $1.00 bottle ef
Wine cf Cardui to-day and take it in
the privacy of your home.
VnrmArrit - . .1 ...
. . . .... a .TIT.O-
"I:a bwu.1' .l'm;y i"!4,nint.
.... I 1 . . .. u l.tUtlll ,1,1'llt
Senator Mueneu nan mi " ,
adopted to the deficiency bill which I'' j
-i.i... f... ii.- liivLHtiuaiion by the seeie-,
Ury of the treasury and the payment of :
the whole of the Oregon, California and
Nevada claims. If this l 'ld m rntr-1
ence, it will mean when the matter is
adjusted, atK.ut $34,000 for Oregon.
WhaiMiall We Have Fr l' itt
This question arises in ihe family ev
ery day. Let us answer it to itay. ny
JelLO. a delicious and healthful dessert.
Prep-red in to minutes. NoUoinngi
no baking I simply add boiling water and
set to cool. Flavors :-l.emon, Orange'
Raspberry and Strawberry. Clet a pack
age at your grocers to-dsy. 10 els.
A Hreimiu'stliMe Cull.
"I stuck to my engine, ahhough eveiy
joint ached and every nerve was racl.ed
with pain," writes C. W. Ucllumy, a hi
comotive fireman, of Burlington, Iowa
"I was weak ami pale, without any ap
petite and all run down. Aa I was ah ut
to give up, I got a bottle of Kleclrio Bit
ters, and, after takintf it, I felt as well as
I ever did In mv life." Weak, sickly,
run don people always gain new liie,
strength and vigor from their u-e. Try
them. Satisfaction guaranteed by Geo.
A.llaiding Price 60 cents.
Soim-th i' ft That Will D Y- u od.
We know of no way in which we can
lie of morn service to our readers than to
tell iheni of something Ibat will he of
real good to them. For this reason we
want to acipiaiut them with what we
consider one of the very beet remedies
on Ihe market for coughs, colds, and that
alarming complaint, t roup. We refer to
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. We
have used it with such gol results in
our family o long that it hat become a
household necenaity. By its piompt u-e
we haven't any doubt hut that it bus
time and ag iin prevented oronp. The
testimony is given upon our own experi
ence, and we suunest that our reH.lert
especially V 0e who have "1111111 children,
always keep it in their homes as a i-afe
guard against croup. Camden (S. C )
Messenger. For Bale by U. A. Harding,
Druggist, ,
la, J
4 C,,.yM, Cmiloe
1 OUllll) Oiuuo
He llrd.
"Colonel." the
fair grnsa wld
O w s k e d ,
"hnve you ever
hud u duiiiti.
linmeli'sa dn'iid
of something
"Yca," he an
swered. h'iM
lug over t tun
ale ruck and
thus getting
nut of the cor
ner, "but It's
pone now."
Chicago Rec
ti rd-Hernld.
llappr Kie.
I 1 '
Wenry Willie -Oh,
papa, let ua rejoice!
Your denr Willie tins
come homo to you nt
hist. -New York Jour-mil.
!)!-m err.
FamlHur Tblnm.
Kailna a I'lneapple.
A Florithi fruit grower stales that the
nntlves of the plneiipple district never
think of cutting ii pineapple iicross.
They pnre It. cut It lengthwise, slice It
r not. mid. with the trlnumtl crown ns
a IiiiihIIc-. rut It much as n New Kng
hinder does his greeu com. rejecting
the tore This, the writer smtes. not
ouly improves the ttiivor, hut lessens
the strings of fiber that get lu the
Jarb and Ihe Oabr.
Elennor-Whnt wns the hnhy crying
a lout Just now? Did he want the
moon npiilu?
taroi.vu-.o; jnca wus trying iu j
make hi in smile with the glove stretch
er. Philadelphia Telegraph.
C'hlciitfo News.
"C Ii a r ley.
denr." an Id
young Mrs. Tor
Una. "isn't It a
pity that the
ncwspiipcnt lire
no much be
hind time?"
"In whnt r-
'Why. they
neer print the
iinines of the
winner of a
lidrse rnce un
til the next day.
when It Is too
lute to bet."
W a a hlngton
Milter Kn'eaani.
An Aailons Inqalrf.
When little three yen r-old Ada waa
told the story of Lot's wife being turn
ed Into n pillar of salt, she asked her
mother anxiously.
'Is oil salt made of
Wednesday, Feh. 5.
Nine meu were killed in a St. I.ouis
fire. They were fighting the fUun a
when, withoat any w arning, the building
Steamship Knight Companion is
wrecked en the Japan roust. Her pus
sengers and cew were saved. She sailed
from Portland January 10, witb a f'!00,
00a cargo.
Pacific Northwest Woolgrowers' Asso
ciation is in session at Helena. Oregon
is well represented. Uovernor Toole, of
Montana, attacks the trusts and Ihe rail
road merger. .
James Neill, the actor, is in troublo
witb the Benevolent and Protective Oi
der of Elks. He alleges that be suffered
indignities during the initiation at Spo
kane, and was hit with a stuffed club.
He is roundly censured and is called a
"sissy" by the Elks.
Thursday, Feb. 6
Gas mains blow up in Chicago and 1.3
lives are los'. Ab jut one hundred per
sons are injured.
Governor Van Zaiit asks the Minne
sota legis'ature for an appropriation to
fight the milroad merger and commends
Attorney-General Douglas' efforts.
Woolgrowers' Convention indorses
oleomargarine and denjunces the Mc- j
Cleary bill, in return for the livestock J
association's suppoit of the Grosvernor
anti-ehuddy measure. i
Resolution introduced in tbe hone by '
Representative N'ewland", of Nevada,
inviting Cuba to become a p rt of the
United States. It also authorizes a re-1
duction of 25 per cent of the duty on the
present mgar crop.
An expose of the "British legond" has '
been made by the German foreiga office. I
Germany's attitude before the Spr.i -Ii i
war was peaceful and Rueiia is stid to
have been the power (hat broke tiie Eu- J
iOean corubinatiou to interfere. I
Poahlna In I'rraubnlator.
Mrs. Uiiskins-I saw your ImshnDdj
today In a bicycle suit I didn't think,
you'd let him ride.
Mrs. Strongniltid My dear. Unit wns
not a bicycle suit, although It might j
properly be culled a "wheeling suit."!
You see. I went him to he Hppioprliite-!
ly garlH'd when he takes buhy for anj
niriiig.-l'hllinlelpliln Press.
Aftrr tEe IIhII.
She How nice to he at home ngnln!
I Whnt it crowd there whs! I ilun t up-
pose Mr. Knukler knew one-half of his
He-Didn't he. though! Why. he hnd
four detectives In evening doilies there.
i l' '( fir
Poet-Well I've got out five lines of
mv HM-r' iilreii'lv. Martini
Ills VI f -V rnl I've got out seven
llie of my wiiiLlii'r.-llo-'ton llcruhL
Ilia I'ntaekr Day.
Hardnppt Wigwag Is rather super
stitious, isn't he?
liorrowell-Well, lie refused to ae
commodate me with a loan lliis morn
lug because It win Friday.-I'lilludel
phla Recurd.
WIIIIbb Worker.
Jjtdy Why don't you iiiu begging ',
and tn'come iiie of l lie working penph if
Trunp- Well, ilium, ef I nln'i wm kin-1
peopii-. den I J it ii no who Is.-Chicago
New. 1
Ilia Mlae.
He Often when I look up nt the
stiirs In the tlnnnnient I cannot help
thinking hnw siiinll. how liisignitlrnnt.
I flin ufter nil.
fhe Gracious! Doesn't f licit t liotitrlit
ever strike you except wheu ynu look
nt the stars lu the tlriii;iineiiii-i;x-eiiiitige.
In the year R. C. 12S eight hundred I
thousand persons perished liy a m-siI
lence nrlsing from the putrefaction of !
greut swarms of dend locu.sta. !
"Are you the
Jefendant in
this r-nsei"
"No. sir: I'm
oi'y he nmn
w!io committed
th theft.
New Y or
"Wha mrde
von tell Hie.hm
Itor the temper
oture was Just
rlghli' xnld
Mrs Wiley.
"Hefniiae I
know the n iil
tor' dlsposl
tint," Hnsw.-r
ed herhiis'uiiid
"If we limke
him believe ve
nr thoroiigldy
rtrnifcrtiilile. he
will hustle
around mu1
make thlrigr
different "
W n a h I ii g t o n
To Areonimoilata,
I f
Tim I dd - If ynn
pl"iiH". Mrs P.ourdhi.
I'mi getting rather tir
ed of hush with my
coffee ll ud tonsf for
Mrs. P.oardl.lll-All
right. I'll tell Hie girl
I to give you imMilog
J lint coff"e end tons
ii'ter this. - Chlcngo
la all lu tge, 1 S
J w w tf M III VHIII,
clcanaea, ioouiai and heali
tiia diaeaaed membrane.
It core catarrh and drirea
away a cold In tlx bead
Cream Balm It placed Into Ui no.tr.la, apreadt.
otct tbe mcmbraoe ar.d U abwirbcd. I:e!.cf li in
medUte and a core follows. It U not drying doea
sot produce arieezing. Large Size, 80 ceoU at Drng
gltt or by mail ; Trial Size, 10 cent.
r's V: ri
o i - i . '
KOfjil croixt, rood
cruDa make mriri phi. l
crop and cualomers bava
frown freator. Thal'a tha
ecret of tbe Ferry fame.
More FerrT'a Haade anlii
!na sown man any other
kl.J CU, i. .
a Bum, mm oj an aatera
i u. m. rem a. cn.
I j uerroit,
L r anion.
No lubr ever came Into the world,
howevorwrak and frail, hut held a Its
U.thright the prrcloiia dower t
mother'. prlcrlcM lovr Hut v. can
tlo ao little for the weakling t hlld eacrpt
pity It and H.riow lor tta lu lolwliraa.
tlwt the mother who had looked forwai.l
to the care of her child with happy -UclwUon
finds It a task that "'";'
devotion, to tare for a puny, fretful,
waiting Ubv.
What a dillciriue when the latby 1
Wi. healthy and happy I W hat a joy
I'lirrot I've often wondered w hr
monkeya hnd such long inUal-Chlcago
r . f ' "yv't'i izsr ,m v. n
mm W
iielghUira and ahe tried ItnJ,
la a big, hcMlthy j(l
jtablrB Ufoie this nti r ,, y
aftrr Bhe had auflrrnl im
Wie feels verv gratrful for Um ,
Such testimony aa tint of j
muat titiry tonvU lli.a to tin v
every woman who read h,
be rrmriulrreil ; there ire n . .
such teatimouull to tilt
Pierce's ravotito 1'rra. T I
weak women atnmg md , "
wrll. ThetV is llldrnl inrr,
of dlaruae tx-culiar to wi,n,,,
aide by mrdii'ine whiik W.
to lll ue of " l'avonte I'm,..
" I was vrry weak and
rommriii'rd t-iVing I r. l'in-,,J ,
l't ran r lllKn and M'.ol lrn
covery ' loul a yrMr r
M. 15. livnttii
foid St.. WV1"
"I had Wrti wn
even long t e. '
lmd tiikrn Inn! ...
phyaUUn all i;
II arrinnl to it T I
Itiuch wotar, 'V'
waa lad I w pi, -(
lite), and tnj t,
ill nu ll a uu i
atart at the W
felt lnital.le t1'"
waa not alte i. .
my own hn
to keep lirlp j
How 1 sutffi,
ttiyaelf alonrl
tftentiy tlnsw 1 1
I CoiiiiurlHl ,
mrdlanra, t
five t.
(fp vorile I'rrai n:
X ' UuMrn Me
to watcb the growth of the sturdy little
tne, who- gurgling laughter fuula an
echo in the voice of every mcmlicr of
the family.
Tiie question la, are the conditions
which drtermined the strength or weak
ness of the child unalterable J is It
twoaible that a mother who hui Uirtie
several chil.lren and lnt thcin all le
cauw of inherent weiikneaa, can I
strengthened that her children shall be
healthy and hardy t
to that question, writtni by woman
who is certainly comH-tetit to apeak aa
to the remarkable strength giving power
of Dr. Pierce's l-'avorite Prescription.
Mrs. Ale Kjer. of Cordonvtlle, Caj
Girardeau Co.. Mo., wntea: "When I
look at my little ly I leel It my duty to
write to you. 1'rrhapa some one will
uiy tratimony and 1 led to use your
Pavorite rtearription ' and 1 bleaned
In the tame way. Thia i my fifth child
and the only one who lived ; the olhrra
having died from luck of uouriahment
o the doctor aaid. I waa not eirkly in
atiy way and this time I just thought I
would try your ' Prescription.' 1 took
in ljuttlrs, ami to my surprise it
carried me through and gave tie as fine
a, little boy as ever was. Weighed ten
ml one-half pound. He is now .five
months old, has never been sick day,
and la ao strong that everybody who sees
him wonders at him. lie is so playful
and holds himself up ao well. So many
have asked me. 'Do vou think thoae
are the testimonials of the people, or has
Dr. I'lerce just made Iheni up and printed
them?' that I should like you to print
" I do hope that if any women have
the same trouble that I have had they
will try Dr. Pierce's I'avorile Prescrip
tion. We recommended it to one of our
cry,' alto lwt.
lerce a I'ln.
can highly n .
1'avorlte jr
and '('ohl B k
covery ' to .'
aa I did. v
dated frointk-W
loal child, w,,
me day i);pi(r
My own lift,
thread for wet."
miti tj,tH
ravorile prt
sure my jir Iwhv wiw:
alive t d.iy. 1 aulTrinl t
tfure ahe was !. 1 v
health than I now eiijn?
owing to Dr. Tierce's iun jfJiiii
Dr. I'ierce'a I'avorile s
a aafe and sure iiinluiBt'
It contains no alcohol, ri
coeaine nor any other Jreg
talahlUhea regularity, dr.
which weaken wolileo, bit
turn and ulceration, and
wrakneaa. It IS the heat -tV
maternity trauiiilirui( L
rouraglug the ajrtitt r..
refieauing aleep. It CWfi!c ,
eapeiienced by many woe
pate maternity, it luctru
ral vigor and vitality, soli.
Is approacheil witlumt ati
baby's advetit la nixie pri
leaa. Y
Dr. I'ierr Invites wneie
from long standing lnr ,,
him bv letter, 'ft. All
ia helil as Mrlctlv prtU '
K. V. I'lerce, lluffalo. N.tjycr
Accept no sulsiiitiite for T
acriptioit." There u do v
atiluting eicept to tnali t
make out of lus cuttonieiSf , g.
profit paid by leas tnrritur-.
Dr. Pierre's CommoB St
Adviser is prieeltw In "..,.,
it pricelena as being ,t
priceless as Isring witlioc.,,
the lest popular workfill(1
anv price and It coatsnctS-k.. ,
entirely Jrtt on receij V
einar of mailing onU. f
cent stamp for the txmk if-"
or only i rents for It l 'rni
Address Dr. R. V. I1era.lvwl
On JcIIIcj
prraiTvtt urn a.rend
a tlila eutlii( uf
mt HtFUiED
Vn krep (I:, m nlanluul ei"Mim ail
t" ' I f ,.l. I'.ll lu II, -nl rr..l;i:. IN a.M,
I- i il l.l K li'jli-H 1M ll r HI., N Ml, .1 u.e
Ii,ua-1. 1 Uil tltrriloi.i, I i r, tj iv, kua,
Su:J I'Vuiy w uvrv.
''" jeore.; s
"7'h CC"-
Sunday Services.
Mellio llnl Kplncopal (,'hlireh Rev. W. H.
tirlni, iia-lur. Mnrnliig aervice at 10-45
Siiintay Hi IiiiiiI at l'l:i. I hu meetliic aliei
miirnlTie erlce. Krelif n aemlre at
Kpwurili league meetuif Hiin.laj evrnnin ai
K hi. I'rayer Mi-edni rhuraday reiilnc ai7 Mt
traniteracorillallr InTlled.
Kt. Joln.'a.CHil.olli Ki-v. A. Ilillehrai.rl,
patUir. (Hi H.ii.ilay, ni- ai 8 and lic.'to .
m. Thlril HiimUy li eaeli iniiiilli, (ieruntn
aerninu after H o'ciuek in; at all ntlur
ina'SM. KliKh'li eriiiona. uiiilav aehiHil
l I 'Hi p, in. Vesper. a,nliiKiti(-al snlijc
ami l'-i ,nl int I, ,,i ni 7 ;jo p. hi,
tlerinaii Kvanitilirjl Lniliersu Iininaii
nal-tWiie, Kicli'h ami J. y. Adama aia.;
Ii-v Krnim J. . Muck, fa-tor. hiurUy.
i'Ihhi a( 10 a. in ; et kly nerviiea rerv
riinrnilnj at H i. in. (iriii.uii ai:!,iHi every
HuiiPlai frt.m Ii, . Kvery li Ij invlteij.
M. K. Houih-IIev. T. I. Havnea, pa'of.
ilihd Hciinlay hi I'niieil Itieih.eii cluin h
i. Mnni;iini.Ty. l'Pt,,r Herrieei al II a a m,i
7 SD r. m , Hlil,ath Hehiml at 10 a. a. Youni
Feopie-mnetety l Chrlail.u Kmloarnr nieeu
evi.-ry Hiimlay eveiilnj al i.. Ui
evenlrsi prayer meeting at 7 mi Heata (ree
KVA.VfiF.t.frAl. fllfHiU-Cumer ot
r.l-lil!i ami Mnili-i.h alieei. U V. rt. Copley
I a- or Heriirea eiery H ,M.iti al 11 a in
ami 7:4.r p. i. H,u,.ls. e ,, )(, a ,
I'rater meeilnr a , ,, A I aie on ,
8T J'AJTI.'H KI'ISCdpai, CH0RCH-.-.
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